Watch: Socialist Exceptionalism: “Americans Who Look To Government To Save Them… Fail To Realize It Was Government Who F%*ked Them”

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    socialismFormer British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once famously said that the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.  As of this writing our national debt is over $18 trillion and our unfunded long-term liabilities have been estimated to be as high as $200 trillion. Yet, despite this massive and unsustainable borrowing many Americans have been convinced that the party will continue for decades to come. And in the off chance our nation is ever faced with financial or economic crisis, our benevolent government will step in to save them – just like they did in 2008.

    What most don’t realize, as highlighted in a new micro-documentary from Future Money Trends, is that it is the very government they have entrusted with their livelihoods and those of their children that is responsible for the disaster in the first place.

    Americans for the most part suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, a medical diagnosis where the victim identifies with his or her attacker, even seeing reduced abuse as an act of kindness… Take, for example, Americans who got bailed out of their mortgage in 2009… At the core of the housing crisis is government. So the Americans who look to the government to save them and even gleefully thank the government for helping bail them out fail to realize it was the government who f%*ked them in the first place…

    The reality is we know who the enemy is. They have given us a corrupted society where our children graduate as trained assembly line cubicle employees to the oligarchs in power.

    The day of reckoning is upon us because debt financed socialism and corporatism isn’t working. It’s time for all thinking minds to opt out of the system.

    Watch: Socialist Exceptionalism

    (Watch At Youtube)

    Eventually, as Margaret Thatcher warned, the money will run out, the consequences of which will be a global collapse of such immense proportions that it will be written about for centuries to come.

    It’s time to government-proof your life.

    For more micro-documentaries, interviews, and news subscribe at Future Money Trends.


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      1. I guess the article title just about sums it up!

        • The last sentence of the article summed it up for me…

          “the money will run out, the consequences of which will be a global collapse of such immense proportions that it will be written about for centuries to come.”

          I have studied history and I’m hard pressed to find a period in time that it will be comparable. Because America has been DE-industrialized and has the Reserve Currency.

          God help us but it could be analogist to the fall of Rome?!?!

          • Justice, this country has been declining very similar to the decline of the Roman Empire and the parallels are scary, to say the least. I’m in the system to a lesser degree than a lot of people out there since I don’t use credit for anything and am debt-free. Someone on the last article said I was an idiot for not using credit, but that’s OK, I just take it in stride. I can get more supplies at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. My prepping is my top priority and I won’t let anything interfere with it. When those EBT cards stop working, etc., that’s when the party begins.

            • Pictures of the Pompeii volcanic eruption keep
              running through my mind as I ponder the fate of
              our direction.

              • I see it too, OutWest.

                But, I also read about it in the Book.
                It is called a great shaking, whereby the powers of this world are shaken down. It will hurt a lot of people that don’t have their “real” insurance policies up to date. Ain’t talkin’ about homeowner’s.

                It will be a physical shaking of the earth in many,many places. It will displace many people that aren’t physically killed.

                The spiritual shaking will take place as well and includes the Heavens. Heaven will be a disrupted place for a while when Ole Lucifer and his little army of evil angels are loosed and battle with Michael and his army.
                The battle will result in Lucifer w/ his army, being cast down to Earth. That will be at the very end though, and we are still a ways off from that.

                Before the end, the shakings will move every mountain and island from it’s original place. That my friends is a lot of continental plate shifting.

                I read in Jeremiah 49 of a prophetic event that will soon shake Iran. Here it is referred to as Elam. It’s residents/exiles will be scattered among the nations.

                I wondered what could/would cause such an exodus of peoples and it hit me. Nuclear disaster. Radioactive release into the lands. The catalyst for such a release may not come from man-made bombs, but a supernatural event linked to the seismic activity there.

                It could come from a supernatural, and natural, chain of events of earthquakes. Iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world, being crossed by several major fault lines that cover at least 90% of the country. As a result, earthquakes in Iran occur often and are destructive.
                It is said that Iranians are storing their active material inside the mountains that run near the Bushehr Facility.
                Wonder when the shtf in Persia? What will be the ripple effect? How is it linked with the explosion of Iranian mooslimbs converting to Christianity? Per capita, Iranians are converting to christianity more than any other place on earth. Consequently, here in USSAG, the mooslimb population expands everyday, while the christian population dwindles.

                • The super volcano that erupted near today’s Philippines caused what a non-scientist like me would describe as a nuclear winter that lasted decades. No plants grew as the sun was blocked by debris in the atmosphere. Some think it may have been what caused the death of the dinosaurs.

                  It’s almost impossible for most of us to achieve totally but getting off the government and corporate teat to whatever extent you are able to now, will I think make the transition easier once these systems of control crumble. It may help prevent you being carted to some camp, during the transition too – none of us wants to be in the position those poor people found themselves in during Katrina. I cannot imagine how mothers felt, helpless to prevent the gang rapes of their daughters, or to feed and protect their babies – but prevented at gun point from leaving such a hell hole.

                  If you are young and don’t yet have a mortgage, then look at ways of making intergenerational living work for you today and in the future. Families are the strongest unit in a society and we forgot the wisdom of millenia in just the last few years. That doesn’t mean mooching in your parents basement like a parasite but being a productive member of the household. Elders can homeschool children, while adults of working age can be bringing in the fiat we all still need. Can you extend the existing family home? Could your MIL be a blessing rather than a curse to your survival if approached in the right way?

                  It’s time to look HARD at what you already have and start to work out how to make the most of it. Is a college degree in your chosen subject worth the student loan? Is there another way of getting where you wanna be in life without selling yourself into debt slavery? The old work hard at school, go to college, get a good job for life to support your family paradim has already broken down. Being a good, compliant little boy or girl for the system will result in disappointment now. Being as independent as possible is the ONLY way, and the chances of being fully self-sufficient as a lone wolf are pretty low.

                  Finding a social circle of others who are also weaning off the system is easier said than done, especially if like me OPSEC is rising higher up your priority list. However there are ways of quietly building up a local network that still go under the radar of the authorities reasonably well.

                  Think about joining:-
                  Home school groups
                  Community gardening or conservation groups (allotment societies in the UK)
                  Historical reenactment societies
                  Scouting groups as a leader or for our children etc.
                  Outdoor pursuit groups – hunting, fishing, camping, rambling
                  Conservation societies
                  Bee keeper groups
                  Sewing circles etc
                  St Johns ambulance

                  Use your hobbies and interests to build skills, but keep your name off the list of anything with military connotations as sadly veterans and the like are targeted first for gun control measures and accusations of being “terrorists, extremists, or lone wolves”. This also isn’t the time to be listed as having skills too useful to the parasites (the scientific, and inventor death toll is rising year on year as the authorities wipe out any perceived threats to their regime)

                  Be the friendly “Grey man” who is seen as a threat by noone but has quietly acquired a helluva lot of skills and contacts to survive outside their system of control without drawing attention to themselves. We are seeing in the UK that people now live in fear of having their children snatched on spurious accusations, & that this works well as a method of control. Don’t put your loved ones in that kind of harms way.

                  This story helps show what I mean – bear in mind that radicalisation covers more than just the Muslim community, it can be extended to mean “anyone who is different that threatens the status quo,or disagrees with our system of control”

                    • “Take, for example, Americans who got bailed out of their mortgage in 2009…”

                      Really? Name one American family that got bailed out of their mortgage in the meltdown? They didn’t. The banks did, got to keep the money, foreclose on the homes, — they put the people in the street with the added tax burden of paying everything back to the banking cartel. Perfect textbook example of crony capitalism and corporate fascism. No free market there.

                  • Be afraid inglisher.

            • Maverick – Definitely NOT an idiot. We have frozen our credit and have absolutely none. Don’t want it, don’t need it. We advance pay our bills a year at a time, and although that crimps the lifestyle from time to time, as our income is not fixed, as part of our work we encourage people to think about their bills and their debt in terms of yearly expenses, not monthly. All of a sudden you realize that cable tv costs $1000 per year, and your new car costs $6000 per year, and that smart phone – $1000 per year. How about eating out, and tips? $1500 per year. Oh, and let’s remember those pesky credit card bills… $2500 per year. That seems to be about $12,000 per year. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can do A LOT with $12,000 each year. Like pay for my health insurance.
              It’s a lot easier than most people believe, once they get past the shopping fix, and the 5 hours a night of TV, and the ability to surf the web while driving and make certain that the NSA knows there whereabouts every moment of every day. And eating $#it food and paying a tip for the privilege to boot. Forget it.
              Rant over.

              • Hammers, thank you for that. I’ve NEVER had the right amount of income to qualify for any type of loan or credit card. I don’t have a FORTUNE to give up for a vehicle. And, yes $12,000 can buy a LOT of preps. My prepping is my top priority and I won’t sacrifice that for anything. People out here drowning in debt on cars, homes, etc. and I’m an IDIOT FOR NOT BEING IN DEBT ON SOMETHING? Go figure.

                • Right! We have simply made a choice to NOT be slaves to the bankers and the government, at least so far as we can. They do NOT get to enhance their lifestyles on our backs any more.

          • Gubmint can’t give us anything that it doesn’t first take away.

            Batten down the hatches…

            • @US; Exactly!!! Well said.

        • It’s not just coming, it’s already at hand. Bad thing about it is that there is no turning back.


        • No matter what the content is, Future Money Trends video appears to have been made by 12 year olds. If professionals had made it they would neither need nor want to use profanity to make their point.
          One more example of the lower American societal standards.
          Schools no longer teach the difference between professional polished and polite speech and street punk speech. And this is what we end up with. “Professionals” who don’t even know how to speak professionally or “editors” and “writers” who no longer know grammar or spelling. (Not talking about Mac but so many other sites look like they are written by kids.)

          • It’s called “fee speech” when it isn’t directed at someone else. What’s the difference between “poop”, “shit” and “s#it”?


            Everyone knows what was meant. It’s referring to the brownish waste that exits your body via the colon and rectum. No matter how you misspell it, or how many creative substitutes you use for the word, SHIT IS STILL SHIT and everybody knows it.

            Words are the LEAST of our problems right now, Cara, so are you also attacking our thoughts? If I think something is shit and I actually call it shit, it upsets you. So can I think it’s shit, but type poop instead, are you still offended?

            Can’t you find something more important to be offended by? Lord knows the list of potentials is pretty long these days…as for me, I’m a professional bitch.

        • Like religion, the only thing the government wants and needs is your money and devotion.

      2. Yes ,the govt. fucks with us(Hard!),and will probably only get harder,the blame for why this is happening starts with looking in the mirror!Do the best you can to be ready but also fall off the grid as much as possible and also starve the beast as much as possible.Within your means learn to grow your own food/hunt/fish,work towards off grid goals that in long run may save your life but in short run cut back/delete powers bills ect.

        Tis been awhile since I hit the forum up,am in the land of fruits and nuts”California” doing a job.I will say despite it’s many drawbacks missed the blizzard that hit the east coast by 2 days and the mid 60’s days and high 40’s nights temps. a pleasant change for a northwoods New Englander.I hope all is well with the folks here in these interesting times and remember,the smalls add up/goldfish crackers/live for today,prepare for tomorrow ect.Take care all,will be on occasionally but have a bunch of busy work for the next month or so.

        • Warchild, good to hear from you and be careful out there in commieland. Hope you can at least get goldfish out there. Just finished some earlier.

        • WC, good to see you bud, hope yer hangin in there. If you ever have the need, I will give you a bugout place. Plenty of crackers and fed ammo lol. Make it to the west and yer home. Good to see you my man, Genius

          • The same goes for anyone capable of critical thinking. And has a supply of food and weapons. Feds need not apply 🙂

            • Thanks Maverick,the people for most part have met and dealt with very nice,just a screwed up govt.(plenty of them!)with the entitled crowd.Genius,do you live in Cali.?!I am working Monterey and occasionally up in Modesto area with family that lives here.

      3. “It’s time for all thinking minds to opt out of the system.”

        The problem is that once you are in the system, it is difficult to get out of it intact. Even living off grid, you will likely still have some interaction with the system, even if just to procure some basic necessities. You will also never be entirely independent of the system as long as they can evict you and take your property if you don’t pay the property taxes.

        • Brings to mind the old adage:

          … Death and Taxes …

        • @Rorinon; Yep, what you and Warchild…. said. I was retired early (earlier than I wanted to) but had to be given a dump truck full of money for it. I paid off everything, which my accountant said was dumb, but he thinks the economy is getting better. I don’t owe a dime. All I have to pay is the taxes…and insurance. I do pay utilities, gas, elec. and water. I am in the process of fixing the water issue and the elec. The propane, unfortunately, will not be a stoppable item, as the house was built for it, though I do have a “small” wood stove for heating augmentation. Live on 22-23 acres, mostly wooded and I garden and raise some animals. You are right. STARVE THE BEAST. I eat better than any poor retired person I know. I am retired military also, so I do get the gubment scrip paid once a month. I shop frugally, I live frugally and manage to stay low. I pay few taxes compared to the 6 figure salary I was making. Building a greenhouse this next month and will be off the grocery grid by 90% this time next year. Highly productive, non-taxpaying citizens can fix the problem. Be Well.

          • TRipodXL
            Everything you wrote describes my situation to a “T” with the exception of the land. I only have 17 acres. The only semblance to freedom I have ever had was when I finally got debt free. peace

            • Yep, exhilarating, isn’t it?

          • so you retired earlier than you wanted to? before the age of 59 1/2? That means you had to pay penalties on any retirement funds you used. You use your money to pay everything off? that means you have to pay income tax on that money that if you had invested in a retirement fund and then took out in small increments after the age of 59 1/2 you would not have had to pay the income tax in such a big amount. I get that all of you believe the “crash” is coming and are trying to prepare for it but Good Lord, you don’t know that for sure, nobody does. Prepping should include financial prepping as well. Have all your bases covered. Use your head. Use the system to beat the system. All you did is pay the max to “the man”! You didn’t starve the beast, you fed it a 6 course meal. You may think you are bragging to those who are younger and don’t know how it all works, but I am retired and know the system. what you did and your advice is foolish. Seems to me, you are the one screwing people over encouraging them to throw their money to the government. just calling a spade a spade.

            • He never said he used retirement money. Sounds like severance to me. If so he’s got it made. Young enough to still do something else than just sit around & leave a pile of debt to his kids.

              • Severance not rolled over into a retirement account means BIG taxes on income for that year. He gave his money to the government! I can’t help but think there was a better way to handle that. Grant you, it would have taken some time but I guess he is gambling on the crash happening sooner than later. it’s all a crap shoot anyway. I just would not advise that for anybody.

                • TRipodXL is following his own path, as all of us here must do. God’s blessing on all of us who read this forum. Just do the best you can.

            • @jm; Suffice it to say that my situation was more complex than that. Didn’t want to be overly complicated nor overly precise in this forum. I was recovering from an injury for which I had surgery. I was on disability (untaxable) well into the year, so I had no taxable income for the year with 2/3s gone. The company I worked for used the event to nullify the restriction on relocating returning deployees (under USERRA)and were going to relocate me as soon as I was cleared to work again. They didn’t realize that the corp. policy allowed me to take severance instead of moving. I took the severance, almost a full years pay. So actually I didn’t pay anymore taxes than I would have anyway. Regardless, at that point I wanted out of the system and would have done it anyway as the relocation would have created a severe financial hardship. You certainly have the right to do as you wish with your finances as I do mine. I sorted it out, weighed the pros and cons, and paid off the land (non deductible), paid off 9 years on a 15 mortgage, and some smaller bills. I also used the cash balance retirement fund from the company. I gained a $2000 a month cash flow advantage, no more interest on the mortgage, and reduced my future taxable income. The retirement annuity would have bee $600 a month (before taxes) and I would still have had to pay the mortgage. As far as gain versus loss, I came out ahead. The outflow for the next 9 years would have been way more than what I paid off. The cash flow gain versus the $600 annuity payment was a net of $1400 and I didn’t have to go find a job. I was able to do contract work for the military at my unit and had the same amount of disposable income. Win/win. I also took out my 401k and bought a lot of gold and silver ($290/$4.10) in late 2001. The market peaked in Nov. 99 at 15,218. 15 YEARS LATER THE MARKET PEAKED AT 17,823, UP 2605 POINTS. AN AVERAGE OF 170 POINTS A YEAR. That comes out to less than a 15% (simple interest) gain in 15 years…versus a 5x gain on my commodity investments at London close today. I can see how I really screwed that up, with my simple minded, unsophisticated investment strategies. The interest savings, peace of mind, and multiple gains in my nest egg incredibly outweigh what little tax advantages and paltry 401k performance YOY I would have realized had I not “panicked” and changed my investment strategy. I suggest you figure out what to do with your money and not mine. When the gubment confiscates your “investments” you have worked your whole life for (of course they’ll return it in kind as a gubment annuity payment of high quality), remember how bad my investments were and how good yours are. I don’t wait with bated breath for the financial collapse of the the world, country whatever nor any catastrophe for that matter. I prep because it makes sense, and I DID A GOOD FUCKING JOB OF IT. I have all my “stuff” as much as anybody can have their “stuff”. So keep your FREE ADVICE, AS IT IS WORTH ALL THAT FREE SHIT IS WORTH. My preps can kick your preps ass!

      4. Well you can get pretty close to being government proof but eventually there is that knock on your door when everything you’ve prepped for will show how well you’ve done.

      5. History repeats itself but never in history has there ever been anything of this magnitude. It sounds like a broken record but use this time wisely to prepare. But don’t forget to enjoy life along the way.

      6. Where else can you go to get off the system? What safe countries are there to go to? they will also be in the same boat since it will be a world wide problem.

        • There is no new frontier, we have got to make it here.

          • Illogical dude… What about the final frontier!

        • Hey Jim inVa, I’m Justice in MD. I agree there is no escaping what is coming. However, one can try to avoid the worst of it.

          For instance, moved out of the Columbia, MD area to Western MD. This allowed me to get out of the Washington Baltimore corridor (I am much safer in Western Maryland). Plus, I was able to downsize my mortgage (in half) and greatly reduced property taxes.

          My next month prep, is to finally get my Passport. I want to at least have the option to flee the country if necessary (Canadians are at least less blood-thirty than Americans and it’s a BIG Country).

          • My point about Canada is America may very well Balkanize given it’s current demographic trends. I don’t want to be around during an ethnic civil war!

            • Justice

              Why don’t you stay and fight for your country and people instead off running off to Canada?

              Maybe move to a western state like Oregon…….

              • Oregon is just about as socialist at they come.

                • Actually I should say western Oregon, Washington and California are socialist. The eastern sides of each state are more centrist or right but changing fast. And the state governments of each state, that controls the entire state, are far left.

                  • What about Idaho?

            • @Justice; I presume that western MD means that skinny piece that sticks waaayyy out over to near WVa/NVa. Isn’t that a rather……non-Balkanizable area? I understand what you’re saying, but the “Balkanizing”, IMHO will be restricted to “certain areas”, typically MSA (metropolitan statistical area) areas or widely “suburbanized” areas. If you are rural, and have the ability to survive, I would stay put, IMHO. We can say all we want about “here”. I’ve traveled the world in the military for almost 40 years. There is no place better and if you do go somewhere, you’re still a “furiner” when you get there. I’ve talked to people that “live” in Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras, Panama and Mexico. People who have lived there for years….they are still “el gringos y nortenos”. Sort of like “ya’ll ain’t frum round her, arrr yah?” NOT that I wouldn’t get a passport, just in case. Do you not think that Canada would “Balkanize” too. Oh, don’t buy the MSM stats that Candians are “less bloodthirsty” than we are. Those are UN stats that don’t take into account various details (too much to put in here)about HOW those stats are collated and reported. In the western hemisphere, we are the second safest country to be in (yes behind canadia) and the safety level drops off VERY RAPIDLY after that. Yes it is a big country, a BIG, COLD, SPARSE COUNTRY, that has no appreciation of 1st Amendment type issues, or 2nd Amendment, 3rd, 4th, 5th…etc. I do appreciate your post and concerns. There are plenty of places and broad spaces here, with even less taxes and cold temps. Just sayin. Be Well.

              • Hi TripodXL,

                I hear what you’re saying. Yes, “western MD means that skinny piece that sticks waaayyy out over to near WVa/NVa. Isn’t that a rather……non-Balkanizable area”.

                I am a recovering Alcoholic (15 years sober) ANYWHERE I go I have “family” and will be welcomed and accepted! That’s a rare thing, that one cannot find elsewhere, even as a Christian.

                • @Justice; Amen brother. You prolly can find more predictable fellowship at AA than with fellow Christians. I’m one of those too, I just don’t go to meetings, so I’m not recovering. Wasn’t trying to be snitty (I’m just so good at it though) just to say that anywhere one goes, they will have to deal with “it” anyway…might as well be at home. Be Well sir, on the road less traveled.

            • I’ll be right here to fuck them at every move they try to make on my American Piece of Ground , Not going anywhere except IN THEIR FACE

              ethnic war , race war, Revolution , Civil war , whatever .. this American will be here waiting to give them a run for their money

          • it’s a big country with a short growing season, you’re going in the wrong direction, many Canadians are not friendly to Americans and will be less friendly when the going get tough.

          • Western MD sounds like a pretty good location. But you’re getting pretty close to the Mason-Dixon line.

            Canada, maybe not. What do they have that the US doesn’t?

            Besides extreme cold, some tar sands and that game they play on ice with lots of fighting. I think it’s called curling?

        • Jim in VA, the only place I’m going to is the family BOL in north GA. I’m going to stay and fight for my country. It’s true all of the world is in the same boat since we have a GLOBAL ECONOMY and when the collapse finally hits, the US will be blamed for it. Looking for enemies? Take your pick; there’s a whole world full of them. It’s not a wise move for any American to go and resettle anywhere else in the world. Once the collapse takes place, all Americans around the world will become targets for retribution. I’ll be in north GA with family and if/when the enemy comes into our area, it’s GAME ON.

          • Ben Franklin said that he was not patriotic to any land but only to Liberty where ever that may be. Well we have ran out of places to escape to so we have to take the land we have let slip through our hands and remold it into a Godly place where Liberty once again lives. I’m afraid the chance to do this without watering the Liberty tree with the blood of Patriots and tyrants is past. God be with us!

        • Iceland threw off the grip of the Central banks, threw them in jail! That needs to be repeated throughout the world.

          • One problem. The bankers do not belong in jail.

            They belong in the cemetery.

          • Kim, No f%^%$# jail space or free food for the parasitic banksters. Trees and ropes are the only solution.

      7. I hope you lot realise Margaret Thatcher was the champion of the corporations in the United Kingdom. She brought about the de-industrialisation and ruined the country because of it.

        Be careful when you quote someone!

        I, and many people in the north of the UK hate her and her party and would never vote for them.

        Take care.

        • Ha Hah, well said Shaun. That old bag can rot in hell. What a byitch.

          • Thanks Liverpool Lad.

            I’m from Sheffield and it’s our religion to hate the Tories – just like in Liverpool!

            Take care:)

        • If my memory serves me correctly, Thatcher played a key role in the destruction of Rhodesia and the subsequent mass torture, rape, mutilations and ruthless murders of thousands of her racial kinsmen at the hands of the murderous savage thug Robert Mugabe and his roving bands of savage African murder squads.

          If the example of Thatcher, and later the despicably evil Tony Blair, are not prime reasons to never allow a White race traitor to hold power over your people and nation, then I can not think of better examples.

          • Hello Tucker

            Yes, it’s true she played a part in the independence of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe by her role in the Lancaster House talks. All I can say is it is always a good thing that a people are independent from an a foreign power and it is regrettable what happened during both the colonial era, and in the case of white farmers after independence. All peoples should be free to determine their future.

            I am also against mass-immigration into western countries and I have voted for a party called the British National Party consistently since I became 18 a decade ago. I doubt they’ll be standing for election in my area so I wont be voting for anyone this time.

            Does the USA have similar nationalist parties that American voters can vote for?

            Take care:)

            • ‘ello again Shaun. Wish we were allowed to own guns like our good American friends on this site. There’s a few politicians that I would like to plug! Man our country is screwed. I agree that UKIP seam to be our only hope, Nigel Farage will be getting my vote… I’m signing off now. Enjoy your chinwagin with our American friends. adios amigo.

            • @Tucker; The Lancaster House Conferences occurred in 60, 62 and 63. Do you have a citeable reference of her attendance, back bencher and all that she was then? When PM she OPPOSED SANCTIONS AGAINST THE “colonies”. PM Macmillan started that ball rolling with his “wind of change” speech in South Africa in 1960. She was PM in 79, and Zimbabwe came into being in 80 via machinations running in place since Macmillan started them via the whole CAF bullshit. Your facts are a little off.

          • Someone once told me there wasn’t a bit of difference between Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

            I said “Sure there is. Tony Blair is fluent in English.”

            • Rebel in Idaho

              Thanks for that……made me chuckle:)

        • Not just the North of the UK! She paved the way for our current pitiful position. Not forgiven her for turning the military on our OWN people during the miners strikes or for totally destroying our manufacturing industries, or even for wrecking what remained of a decent state education system with the introduction of GCSE’s and the NC.

          Our infrastructure was dismantled under her iron fist – even our clean water supply was sold off to the highest bidder (Thames water belongs to the French). How the hell is that taking care of national security? She was even responsible for the introduction of VAT (sales tax) on women’s monthly necessities ffs.

          Without her devotion to their cause the banksters would never have got the iron grip they now have us in.

          The British owe the woman no thanks at all.

          • Well said lonelonemum.

            She also caused the welfare dependency by closing down mines and steel works, eliminating good paid jobs and causing despair and hopelessness. All so she and her party could pave the way for anti trade union legislation and a demoralised working class.

            The Tories and UKIP don’t like to be reminded of this.

            Take care:)

        • You mean the “de-nationalization” don’t you. There is a significant difference since national industries are nothing but entitlement jobs, a lot like federal employees (since you can’t call them workers). As well as the fact that she was a back bencher when all of that started back in the 60s, and could hardly have “brought about” the process. Though I’m sure she supported it. You’re barking up the wrong tree here. No one thinks the gubment can run anything correctly, e.g. the post office losing $15B a quarter, and Amtrak that can’t even get the trains to run on time OR make a profit. Government run industries SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF AN ECONOMY.

      8. You can’t government proof your life when they have both hands in my pockets and are squeezing me by my balls.

        I am being taxed to death. 55% of my money go to pay taxes. This totally sucks.

        • Och i dunnoo… You wanna try wearing a kilt!

      9. ALERT: Y’all better go to to read Mr. Hodges’ last 3-4 articles (the ones he wrote) to see how DEEPLY our nation has been betrayed!

        No, that’s B-E-T-R-A-Y-E-D !

        As for this article, money (fiat/paper currency) will Never run out!

        It, will, however, Lose Value!

        Weeks ago, the Russian Ruble was devalued by 50%.

        What if your fiat paper currency paycheck next week was just worth half as much?

        Thus, be sure to get (and hide off-site) silver coinage like the American Eagle Silver Dollar or the Canadian Maple so you can barter in the future.

        – the Lone Ranger

      10. “A government that is powerful enough to give you anything you want, is powerful enough to take everything you have.”

      11. the key is to get to a location / place that will weather the coming storm.

        like the ROCKY MTN REDOUBT!

        • This is true. Even though the Roman empire collapsed, it didn’t collapse equally and at the same rate in all locations. While life expectancy dropped an astounding 10 years (close to 20% of total life span at the time) in the western empire, there were parts of the eastern empire that flourished for another 1000 years or so.

          It will be similar here. I assure you that in 20 years I will still be able to play Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven while reading St. Augustine and enjoying a nice red wine.

      12. Still no sign of Iowa… Missing you already xXx

        • Was that you Iowa? Hope it was. Trust in the Lord matey. It won’t be easy, he’ll show you ALL your faults and that’s SO painful but it’s worth it… Peace brother xXx

          • Let it go…

            People have tried to help that whiny shart in the past and instead of listening to reason chose to ignore and continue on crying about his problems…either he didn’t care what others thought and just sought attention, or was just a sad little troll…or both.

      13. @Mac; Great article. No nonsense involved. A factual essay on what the problem is/will be. Most people don’t realize the gubment made the housing bubble. Now they’re doing it again..duh. The low interest rates FORCE MONEY INTO THE STOCK MARKET. The market is doing great….because of the Fed’s low interest rates, that and QE…whatever. Money with no financial safe haven can ONLY go into one of three asset classes, bonds (shitty returns for years now, so NO) the “equity markets” or commodities. Most people don’t have access to the market, so the rich really do get richer, at the expense of the nation, but through no fault of their own. I have no problem with rich people, I have a problem with the gubment sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong. The unfunded liabilities will be what brings the nation down, not the debt or deficit. They pale in comparison to the ul’s we have. AND the ul’s are dependent on the derivatives market…how could that possibly go wrong??? Thanks for a great post. Be Well.

        • And then don’t forget that China’s economy is in a “slowdown” of a proportion the we don’t know because they don’t tell. They say it is a slowdown from about 10% to 5-6%. If that is what they allow that it is….how bad is it? So if the Eu, and the Pacific Rim are in recession/stagnation, how is that going to affect us. We already have an “inkling” that we had a shitty 4th quarter (which doesn’t report for a few weeks yet) and there are a lot of talking heads that don’t see a bright future. The ONLY country in the EU that has a real economy is Germany, France is a push, Spain, Italy and Greece suck, Britain is a terminal “push”, Ireland is in the shitter. If it weren’t for Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia would be bright stars. And South America is in the beginnings of the financial doldrums. Just more bad news, sorry. Be Well.

          • I agree: the UK is a joke in the extreme. Its economy is not on a tear, despite what the government claims. Right now they are borrowing at record rates to fuel the recovery just before the May election. After the election, it will be total chaos and collapse. The UK is a very unstable place, and was seen in 2011, it is a tinder box ready to riot at the smallest excuse. It also has a large minority of the population who are violent jihadis who are ready to rock and roll when they feel the state is a bit wobbly (maybe when the riots spark up again?).

            The only European countries that come close to functioning well are the Nordic countries plus Germany and Austria. Everywhere else is an indebted hell-pit being flooded by low-IQ illegal migrants from North Africa and the Middle East (France, Belgium etc.).

            I, ironically, am looking forward to the next five years because p#ssy is going to become soooooooo cheap. And, if life has any purpose, getting a lot of p#ssy has to be it.

            • @Frank; You almost make me want to come to the UK. Hmmm! I’ve seen that borrowing thing before….just can’t think of where….? Well, when they start rioting, let them. They’re just like the rioters here. They burn their own neighborhoods down. Let’em. And don’t build them back. Fuck’em, feed’em fish heads. And if they decide to come to the civil part of town to riot, start cutting the fuckers’ heads off with dull knives like they did the military man on the street. Cut their heads off, put them in a truck, put it on TV on every channel and go to a pig farm. Bury the bodies under a sty, and feed the heads to the pigs, TELEVISED…FOR DAYS ON EVERY CHANNEL. Then it will stop. IMHO.

            • Wotcha Franko. Too right we’re gonna riot. There’s only so much austeritY the ruling classes can impose on us plebeians. Enough is enough… I threw a brick… I threw a brick through a window! ANARCHY in the UK.

            • “Love Ain’t Worth a Dime Unless It’s Free”

              Country song by Wynn Stewart from 1973.

            • Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar… I see yoor posting Mr Inglish… let me tell you cristian, we the Muslims will take your land from you with the will of ALLAH the almighty. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

              • Mohamhad.

                You have to beat the bankers to it first.

              • Mohammed, doesn’t even have the sense enough to spell his name correctly. Typical goat-raper.

                • Tell him to stay away from my goats.

              • Mohammad, if you’re looking for allah, we’ll help you find him.

                • Guess you guys have been “had!”

              • You are a joke. Nothing like a fake Muslim. Trying to incite something, are we?

                • Maybe get the site shut down for being “radical” or “hateful”? Game on idiot.

                  • Just me are you a grossly constipated mooslom or something? you’re SO full of SHIITE.

            • my frank thoughts:

              You’re right Mark–he has a head problem.

              Let the STDs take of it for him.

              And he can spend the rest of his life trying to find ‘cillins
              when the stuff htf

      14. Like the “battered woman syndrome”, the sheeple go right back to get beaten up some more. Well trained by our “education” system.

        • One of the many reasons we homeschool. Our oldest daughter has a black belt, a rifle, and a really good knife. I pity the idiot that ever tries to batter her; sort of 🙂

      15. When you make a website, all your web pages are served
        from the server residing somewhere on the internet.
        Dream – Host is an online hosting company that offers products like
        domain registration, shared website hosting, Virtual Private Server
        (VPS), and public cloud services. You can be diligent about protecting
        your website but someone else on the same server might not be.

      16. A wise man once said. “Stupid is as Stupid does”!
        Forest Gump.

        • my hero, from katrina fame

          Gen. Russel Honore’

          “Don’t get stuck on stupid”


        WW3 ANYONE ????????

      18. Obamacare has helped in speeding everything along.

        • That was the idea wasn’t it. Destroy Capitalism

          • When want fascism at the top running things with authoritarian socialism / communism to both placate and control the masses.

            In the end its about control not ideology.

          • Capitalism without compassion is nothing more than dog eat dog. Take a look around, observe… It’s the tool of the ELITE. Our ancestors who made America great would have shot this beast dead.

      19. 4 trillion for the proposed budget. Anyone think you are not being taxed to death?

      20. They are not out other peoples $ to spend yet anyone who put away a portion of their paycheck has $ for gov to spend. We are not supposed to have $ to save for the future this makes us less dependent self sufficiency is not for the common person people who do well have more options they need to take our options away. The shit house is going up in flames. They will extract any wealth people have and when they are done with that and they need more they will come to your house to see what you are hoarding and take what they deem you dont need and redistribute that. For the greater good. I’m not sure where but a gov somewhere went into everyone’s savings and took 10 percent for the greater good. They are trying to desensitize us to being robbed telling us it fair and equal pay attention to what is said. There is a agenda to take inheritances and the assets of people. In my state they can into your bank and drill open your security lockbox if you are late on the rental fee and the state keeps the contents. As soon as an elderly person goes into the nursing home they steal their social security $ they say they don’t need it in the nursing home I know this first hand with mother in law. There is no denying it this is all fact the old people were right about being distrustful of banks and hiding their $ instead. You can’t even withdraw your own $ in amounts over like $8000 without it being reported to the gov why the hell do they care I paid income taxes on it already. It’s mine period right wrong. They think it’s theirs to keep tabs on it’s all bullshit what if you wanted to go buy a car and pay cash with it. Buying a car is a scam in itself. When I do I go in and don’t mention trades I ask about rebates get the price then I talk trades they always try to say that the price is more if you have a trade scumbags trying to pocket your trade in cash. I walk out. I don’t buy extended warranties on new cars. Why it comes with one. When it comes to $ everybody wants yours but the state can get in the end they have the ultimate say in this .

        • $8000….. where do you live as I want to bank there. Where I live it is like $1500 per day and/or $6000 per week maximum before you get a report filed.

      21. The Baltic Dry Index is down to 604 and still falling.

        • Archivist,

          This is not a good sign for the global economy. It is hard to believe the Baltic Dry Index was over 11,000 in May of 2008.

          I read articles last summer about concerns at how low the index had fallen. It was 867 then.

          To me the index points to orders that have been placed and (potential) sales for the next quarter.

          Keep prepping everyone. Spend your money wisely.

          • Below 600 now and accelerating. Might beat the all time low soon.

      22. Starve the beast, it will stand up and roar when hungry enough, but it will very weak at that point. Only if we could get 50 million+ people to stand up and say NO MORE FOOD FROM US.

      23. Hey Mac,kudos on anther great article, but I would like to call to your attention to a problem the main stream press is totaly ignoreing. These ‘No go zones’ in europe. Do they look like islamic caliphates to you? You know, the second stage of jihad? And Charlie hebo was just a taste of 3rd stage jihad? Only a sample of things to come for our european friends sleeping at the wheel. So how about it Mac? feel like waking some people up? Time to sound the alarm buddy! YEEEEEHAAAAAAA!

        • Actually I did see one fox show, where the reports spoke of no go zones. She was made by FOX to issue an apology, because they are not formal Islamic communities, that’s just the way the chips fell. Yeah, right.

      24. “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and …………….. murders itself.” 

        John Adams 2nd President of the United States

      25. “The Republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”

        Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States

      26. “Democracy is the road to socialism.”
Karl Marx Co-author of the Communist Manifesto

        “The goal of socialism is communism.”
         Valadir Lenin Founder of the Russian Communist Party

        “Know your enemies.”

      27. “Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.”

        Ronald Reagan

      28. I hope by now the majority of us here has prepared well enough for what is coming. We have become use to the repetition of the subject matter even as the warnings increase in magnitude. A damn shame many people remain in a fog.

        • Beware of blind leaders… you’ll end up in a ditch.

      29. Parasites keep the host alive for sometime, but they eventually bleed them to death.

      30. The issue is we have many good souls in this country and around the world who are being screwed by one source operating as a TRIBE.

        Destroy the Tribe and world has a chance to live in harmony again.

        As a log we are ignorant or hesitant to call it as is Stockholm Syndrome is working well.

      31. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site before but after going through many
        of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly delighted I stumbled upon it
        and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

        • Dude you sound like a Brit? Welcome to the BESTEST SITE EVER thanks to the great work of the GREAT Mr Mac Slavo… Applause.

        • Relief from payday, welcome aboard, and we’ll be glad to help you with any prepping-related questions.

      32. The administration tracks Americans, but not illegals.

        Report: Obama Admin Delays Deportation Hearings for Thousands of Illegals Until 2019

        “But illegal immigrants, especially those who have recently arrived, who have received “notices to appear,” which have often been mistaken for “permisos” to remain indefinitely in the United States, have had a notorious no-show rate.”

        Report: 90% of Illegals No-Shows in Dallas Immigration Court

      33. Socialism,
        Just look at how well its working in Venesuela,
        Hell, just look at what a mess our own system is in,
        I refuse to be part of it, ill pay my registrations and fees, but no way in hell im going to bust my ass to support others,
        I am NOT responsible for others,
        So dont even think about coming in and forcing me to up my production or provide goods or services to feed the masses when it all comes unglued,
        And im not alone,,,,

        • Whenever you run across someone advocating socialism or socialist progress make it a point to ask them what are the programs they want that aren’t already in place in Venezuela’

          Same for gun control, ask them what are the laws they want that Mexico doesn’t already have.

          Best, if possible, is to ask them this publicly.

        • Thanks for giving the folks a dose of reality. When the SHTF, we aren’t going to molly-coddle the Obama-zombies.

        • It’s not socialism, it’s communism. China owns us, Putin rules us.
          Commies everywhere.

      34. Ok, so we all know the storm on the horizon but most people I speak to get overwhelmed with prepping and believe they simply cannot afford it. I would like a list of places that someone on a tight budget can go and start.
        Some of you simply do not know how lucky you are! You talk about already having the land and BOL and thats great. I will tell you, I am a Army Vet and I do have a small family and we have no place to go and no way to acquire one. I just have to hope my skill-sets will open someones heart and door to us. For what greater sacrifice can a man do than to to put his life on the lie to protect others? yes my family would be added mouths and supplies but we are also extra man-power and ranch hands. There is very little we cannot do physically, we simply have no extra income. You would be amazed at how many Vets are in my exact shoes and ya know, when the day comes all we can do is hope someone will take us in and let us earn our keep. Small pockets of resistance will be how all this starts and how well trained and how well manned those units are will determine who lives and who dies.

        • First buy 30 days worth of food per person. Walmart has 20 pound bags of rice for around $10, two fit in a 5 gallon food grade bucket that is around $7 with a lid. Several types of beans are cheap too. Canned goods can be added as money allows. Rotate.

          Second buy a firearm. ANY firearm. An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject. If I could pick only 1 rifle due to price I would pick a Ruger 10/22. If I could pick only 1 pistol due to price I would pick a used revolver in .38 special. If I could pick only 1 shotgun due to price I would pick a used Mossberg 500 12 gauge pump.

          If you can do these two things and store 30 days worth of water you will be better off than 90% of the country. I figure it can be done for as little as $500 and doesn’t have to be done all at once.

          Anything more is a bonus. If you have more than $500 to spend over the next year you can greatly improve upon my above plan.

          • Also If I could only buy 1 book I would buy the LDS Preparedness Manual for around $25 with shipping. If you don’t have a bible there are several places that will give you one for free.

      35. Socialism fails because those who call for and support it are also those who don’t and won’ produce as much as they consume. It, what the consume, has to be taken away from someone who did produce it and given to them.

        Eventually the producers get tired of having the product of their labor taken from them and given to someone who did not labor for it and start producing no more than they consume and then less than they consume as they just get tired of seeing the non producers live as well as they live.

        This has happened numerous times in history and is easily observable in today’s world, both abroad and at home.

        When there are more people making their living by taking out of the treasury than there are who are paying into it, collapse and chaos are inevitable.

      36. I was taking note of what a liberal friend posted on Facebook. he referred to social security taxes as “contributions.” I advised him that this is the wrong word to use, since a contribution is something given, while taxes are taken under threat, duress and coercion. Rather than acknowledge that the taxes are not contributions, he did a tap dance about how good a program it is and as a liberal he likes it.

        I pushed him twice on his use of the wrong word, and he skated around it. This is the usual liberal fashion, to shift the debate rather than face it point blank. This is why we are crashing – people would rather believe lies than admit the truth. They would sooner drink the Jim Jones koolaid than admit they’ve been duped.

        Keep getting those #10 cans, medical supplies, and self-defense. Keep pepper spray in your cars and hidden in the house, in case someone feels entitled to your car or wallet as things worsen. A firearm is good thing to have, though you minimize potential legal issues if you can get away with just using pepper spray.

        • Do your Best!

      37. Every time you call our system socialism, I just laugh, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. Currently we are an fascist oligarchy. The country is run by the very rich and the big corporations for their own benefit–certainly not for the average citizen.

        For example, Scott Walker, whom conservatives love, just cut Wisconsin’s education budget by $300,000–yet he forked over half a million to build a sports stadium. That stadium will not owned by Wisconsin and taxpayers still will pay plenty more money just to see a game or eat a lousy hot dog, while the team’s owner gets richer. That’s how Republicans treat the rest of us.

        • No, Walker cut away Union largesse. The 300K you are referring to was the fallout of that.

        • @ sharonsj,
          you may want to go over those facts about Walkers plan for the arena. (not stadium) even the democratic mayor of Milwaukee likes the plan.

          and as for your $300k budget cut, here is a summary from both sides.

          big unions across the country are already starting to fear his (Walkers) bid for the next election.

        • Well, what is socialism? The dictatorship of the socialist masters to the proletariat, is how it always turns out. How is that different from your “fascism”???

          The dichotomy in the West is between kleptocratic dictatorship and distribution of power to the middle class, which is what made religious and social liberty, and the Industrial Revolution, possible. Call it socialism or fascism or anything else that you fancy, but dictatorship is still dictatorship.

          Bloated education budgets are another form of kleptocracy, by the way. Big money doesn’t improve education, it just feathers the nests of school adminstrators and union kleptocrats. Locally funded schools built this nation. No need for state or Federal money except to fill kleptocrats’ pockets.

          • I like the way you think Old Coach!

      38. Yep, Amerikans are accepting their slavery in exchange for “free” $#!+. Most are too dumb to know they are being played.

      39. Eureka! Normally I walk around dragging my knuckles, drooling, belching and farting. But sometimes a smart gene floats to the top of my oatmeal like brain. I figured out why leftists don’t want us to own guns. They think we don’t have a right to life. Thus, no need for self defense. Thus, no need for a gun. Only the nanny state should protect us. And if we die? So what? The criminal who kills us isn’t a criminal, he’s considered an “unfortunate” who just needs some more nurturing from the nanny state.

      40. “At the core of the housing crisis is government.”

        The Affordable Housing Act did open the door to lower the rules to home buying, BUT Those who actually passed simple arithmetic in school knew not to buy a home they can’t afford.

        I saw in 2008 how dumb many people are. That’s when I started to seriously prepare for hard times ahead, and I was not alone doing this.

      41. Finally a article with a headline that I can agree with. Much better than those that claim the low price of oil is a bad thing

      42. I LOVE these Future Money Trends infomercials.

      43. There is no voting our way out of this. Prepare accordingly or you and your family will suffer the consequences.

      44. Sooooo, Future Money Trends ad wants everyone to opt out of the system. What’s their plan for a new system: Subscribe and Give your currency to them and they will take care of business for your well being. Right!

        Although the info is correct, the current quasi socialist/communist/fascist system is in the sh*tter. But,I did not see a solution to the problems facing the middle/working class, or anyone else for that matter.

        Hold on I’m going to read/watch again. Nope, nothing has changed.

        Q: If Americans Who Look To Government To Save Them… Fail To Realize It Was Government Who F%*ked Them will it get better if they know they where F%*ked by their elected ruling class officials?”

        A: NO, not in this life. Most people are to senseless, unless more than 3% of us can wake-up. Its the 3%’s jobs to do just that, wake em all up. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT

        Q: What if that is out of the question and the populace is comatose?

        A: Then there is only one way out, that would be ________________>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      45. Americans for the most part suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, a medical diagnosis where the victim identifies with his or her attacker, even seeing reduced abuse as an act of kindness

        Me and my ex, oh big time. Me being Mr. Syndrome.

      46. As long as the American people are well fed and well intertained with the constant lies, propaganda and trendy pop culture BS they won’t have a reason to care.

        More folks are waking up though but just not fast enough

      47. It’s time to government-proof your life.

        BAHAHAH what?? WHAT? HAH oh that’s rich. So… no municipal water supplies and no sewer and no flushing toilets and no trash collection for you then, I guess.

        I mean I’m sure it can be done… by say… maybe 100,000 people. Tops.

        • As long as there exists a list of laws that the government can use force to enforce upon us, there is no way to “government-proof” ourselves. It is really that simple.

      48. As long as people are well fed and well entertained with the trendy pop culture BS, lies and propaganda they won’t have a reason to care.

        People are waking up but not as quickly as there needs to be.

          This is what’s in store for many of us, our allies, our friends. God help us all. This is how it begins. Vicious animals like ISIS, or NAZI’s, etc., take pleasure in the horrific torture of others. Other countries stand by (the US this time) and the animals are emboldened. Americans have their heads cut off while Obama golfs. Cops are beaten by thugs while crowds cheer and jeer. Anyone who defends himself or herself is jailed, charged, their life is ruined, and then the liberals, who are incapable of feeling the pain of others, in fact they take pleasure in it, move on to the next victims they can destroy. True conservatives can feel the pain of others, which is why we try so hard to defend ourselves and our families. Liberals, who claim to be compassionate and feeling, feel nothing. I’m so blasted disgusted by what I have seen, and so angry that our “leaders” do NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL, and I feel so helpless and hopeless to do anything to stop this inconceivable brutality. I sincerely hope enough people can find within themselves the strength to look beyond themselves and fight for the survival of this country, and fight to put an end to the monstrous brutality that our own government essentially sanctions by their inaction.
          Dammit I’m mad.

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