[WATCH] Siberian Fireball Lights Up The Night Sky

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Headline News | 15 comments

A bright green fireball whizzed through the sky in the Russian city of Novosibirsk in Western Siberia shocking residents. This fireball seems to have baffled social media users and scientists alike.

The flyby was spotted by locals in several areas of the city on Tuesday morning when the sky was still dark and luckily clear. These circumstances made viewing the fireball incredibly effective. Videos showing the green glowing meteor quickly started circulating on Russian social network Vkontakte and on YouTube.

NOTE: The meteor can be difficult to spot. Look to the left of the row of street lights that appear toward the middle of the screen near the median.

According to a report by RT, scientists say it was likely a bolide – an extremely bright meteor that explodes in the Earth’s atmosphere and has an iconic dazzling tail. Nonetheless, the planetarium has asked all locals with any visual evidence, such as photographs or videos, to send them in to help nail down exactly what happened.

This bolide (seen in the video above) is believed to have burned in the atmosphere and no traces of space rocks were found on the ground. Dozens of meteors fly over us every year, but most of them go unnoticed. This time Siberia was lucky to see the stunning space object streaking by above.

Astronomers have been somewhat bewildered by the appearance of this particular phenomenon because there are currently no active meteor showers. It can be either the tail of a [Leonid] meteor shower or a lone meteor, we need to find out,” deputy director of local planetarium told Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Russian media source.


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      • Bill McGill

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          • Maranatha

            Kelly, KY is north of Hopkinsville and about seven miles away. Cayce was born in a tiny place called Beverly which is south of Hopkinsville but appears on no maps as it’s unincorporated. This is not to be confused with Beverly in Christian County Kentucky which is hours away.

            Eons ago, Frank Edwards circa 1959 wrote strange stories about UFOs, Edgar Cayce, and Fortean Phenomena among lots of weird tales about mysterious disappearaces and time slips. That was way way before such things were widely discussed.


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    1. rellik

      So what?
      I see this stuff all the time.
      I have a very nice view of the Pacific ocean.
      At least I’m not sitting in traffic
      on a very cold highway.

    2. William Pershey

      That looks like it was green ice, especially if it left no traces. It was waste ice from a plane, you just witnessed shit burning in the sky. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times. I didn’t think they allowed it anymore, but who’s to say what plane & who did it? All traces of “EVIDENCE” are gone.

      • Genius

        Ha ha ha, the ol’ blue ice bomms LOL!

      • Infidel

        No it was just me lighting my fart again. Sorry.

      • Stuart

        Accidental release from an aircraft wouldn’t “re-enter” and streak across the sky. It would just fall straight down, relatively speaking.

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