[WATCH] Is 5G Causing The Coronavirus Outbreak & Symptoms?

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance joined James Corbett of The Corbett Report to discuss the hypothesis that 5G is responsible for the symptoms associated with the coronavirus outbreak. They go over the facts and conspiracy surrounding these speculations.

    In a YouTube video, Corbett and Broze discuss the identifiable facts and the notable shortcomings with this hypothesis, and we contrast that with Derrick’s documentary, which lays out the no-nonsense, no-speculation truth about the dangers of 5G.

    Corbett begins the video stating that even if 5G has absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus, it’s still a bad thing.

    Broze talks about the existence of 5G and onslaught of the coronavirus outbreak, but it doesn’t appear that he believes there’s a connection. Often, he says, people want to make these false assumptions and string together facts to make sense of situations such as the coronavirus outbreak.  While it is a black swan event, it isn’t likely that 5G is causing symptoms, otherwise, Houston (the mecca of 5G) would have a much more intense outbreak.

    The video, and Broze’s take specifically, is fascinating, to say the least.  He isn’t at all saying 5G is a good thing or that the coronavirus numbers being given to the public are real.  But he wants people to look more closely at things and fact check some. Rather than focus on 5G itself, Broze says it’s more important to look at the response, which is causing real-world dilemmas all in favor of an agenda.  He says to watch for things like the aggressively forced quarantines that propaganda outlets said are “working” in China to control the spread of the virus. (Medical martial law.)

    China Is Literally Dragging People Out Of Their Homes And Sending Them To “Mass Quarantine Camps”

    Don’t forget that the WHO used the coronavirus as a ploy to push for people to move away from cash too.

    Ready for a Cashless Society? WHO Says Contaminated Cash and Spread the Coronavirus

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      1. 5D would increase bandwidth, in an ‘internet of things’.

        Vaccination and rfid were supposed to be paired, in ID2020.

        There’s a connection, if you assume that people would be microchipped.

        h ttps://youtu.be/VDF2bsNoARc
        “Carl Sanders was an engineer on the world’s first implantable microchip, and in the process of working on this incredible end times device, Carl got saved and spent the rest of his life warning people about what was coming. What you will hear in this video clip is taken from a cassette tape that was sent around churches back in the 1990’s, I had one of those copies.”

        So, a connection between radiowaves and pandemic has been discussed, for 25 yrs.

        • And people have been discussing flat Earth and ancient alien theory for even longer. The former is completely and utterly false. The latter is still nothing but a theory. Come on! Use some simple critical thinking and this entire thing crumbles like yesterday’s tortillas!

      2. Come on. Really?

      3. There has been a concerted effort designed to allienate people by the telecom industry for over two years. Last year, white pages were not given out, despite the fact that about 50 percent of households still have landlines. This year, white pages included only business listings.

        This effort to allienate people is coinciding with an effort to get people to sign all of their rights away through ex-post facto forced consent and forced arbitration, for purchasing products and services that many require for survival in modern society.

        This is a modern form of slavery which is in violation of every law including the thirteenth amendment! Being free without freedom is slavery!

        Piss on the government for allowing forced arbitration and forced consent for services and products necessary for surviving!

        The government is supposed to protect and defend the constitution, but have proven by their actions that their goals are to destroy the constitution!

        The governments and corporations hate us for our God given freedoms and unalieanable rights!

        It’s not me. It’s them! I’m right. They’re wrong. All of the evidence proves it! They are now in the bargaining stage of greif and loss but they are not in any position to be bargaining with me or anyone else because they have nothing that I want, and probably nothing that anyone else wants either, because a life without liberty is a life not worth living!

        The next stages for them to go through are depression followed by acceptance.

      4. Correlation is not causation. I’m an electrical engineer with 20 years of experience and a registered EMT. I can tell you that 5G has nothing to do with COVID-19. People with 5G also have cancer, flu, strep, staph infections, high cholesterol, arthritis, HIV, and shingles. None of those conditions come from 5G either. SHTF Plan used to go a bit into the fringe with stories. But writing an article and giving any credibility to this crack pot is completely irresponsible. Slavo, what the fuck happened to you?

      5. Seems like several telecomm companies are claiming 5G networks when the network isn’t really 5G. In any case, manmade emf radiation is now 10 to the 18th power higher than natural radiation levels. Wireless technology causes harm to most forms of life. There are countless medical studies, court cases and other sources which support this fact.

      6. Ok, next thing he will be doing is selling you a produce to protect you from it. It will probably resemble a tin foil hat.

        As far a radiation and 5G is concerned that is a fair question. However, long term exposure to radiation can lead to cancer, but not viruses.

        • The position is not that the proliferation of 5G causes the virus! The argument is that the impact of 5G and microwave poisoning mimics the symptoms of the virus. The symptoms of radiation poisoning are respiratory problems, fever and malaise , just like the virus. The theory is that in Wuhan , for example which just happens to be the epicenter of 5G, those sufferers are dealing with 5G exposure and/ or the virus compounded by 5G radiation poisoning. It is also no coincidence that those impacted on cruise lines are targeted by enormous 5G capabilities exclusive to the Princess cruise lines as advertised.

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