Watch: Hate Crime or Random Violence: Black Men Beat White Man Who Refused to Talk About Michael Brown

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Headline News | 176 comments

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    The following video depicts three black men beating a white man on a metro train. There has been no outrage from Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, so we can safely assume this was just random violence and the attackers and victim just happened to be of different skin color. Otherwise, we’re sure there’d be calls by the Justice Department for investigations into the matter and protest swarms would be gathering across St. Louis.

    The Truth Revolt reports:

    The unnamed victim, 43, recounted the story to a local station. He said that one of the men (red shirt) asked to use his cell phone. When he said no, the suspect sat down and asked his opinion on the Michael Brown incident.

    The victim said, “I responded I was too tired to think about it right now.”

    The video begins just after the angered 20-something stood up and began ranting. Suddenly, he attacks the victim, delivering at least 13 punches to the man’s head. For the entirety of the assault, the victim was seated, protecting his head.

    As the train pulled into the station, one of the other suspects joined in the beating. As the doors opened, the main suspect delivered a final kick to the defenseless man before exiting the train.

    In a follow-up report by Paul Joseph Watson, the 43-year old man now identified as David Autry says that the worst thing about the beating was that not only did no one come to his aid or contact police, but that people were laughing during the incident.

    Responding to the incident, the unnamed victim told KMOV, “I think it was disgusting that no one [helped],” people were sort of laughing and smiling about it. No one offered to help and no one attempted to call 911.”

    The victim suffered numerous injuries, including a laceration on his nose, bruising on his face and forehead as well as a broken bone in his hand.

    Video footage of the assault features the person filming the incident laughing and also picks up the sound of passengers sat near the victim laughing.

    The victim has started a GoFundMe campaign to help him buy a motorcycle so he doesn’t have to take the train. The money will also be used to help other victims of assault in the area.

    Would there be outrage if the seated victim were a black man being beaten by three white thugs, or is it now OK in America for white people to be targeted simply because of the color of their skin?

    We’re anxiously awaiting a press conference about pending civil rights investigations from Attorney General Eric Holder.


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      1. Eric “Gun Running” Holder won’t do shit.

          • To show what pussies some people are, that bootlip hits like a women and the guy did not even fight back

            • Ya damn US, that negro has some awesome follow through huh?

            • Yep on both counts. White-guy is either a coward OR he was smart enough to know if he’d fought back every black on the train including the drive would have jumped him to insure the beakdown. Can’t have no whities thinking they can defend themselves now can we?
              Where’s Holder’s people? Where’s the al an jesse show? oh, yea….never mind. White lives don’t….you know.

              • Two words—concealed carry.

                • Sorry, not allowed on the St. Louis metrolink. It’s a gun-free zone.

                  • Where else in Missouri is conceal carry prohibited?

                • Two more words – Damn Straight

                • A swift knuckle punch right to the wind pipe woulda stopped that noise real quick. Do it hard enough and we might never had to hear that Lip speak again.

          • Look in the mirror when you say Asshole Acid.

            • cyber bullying is a crime

              • Poor litte cyber!

          • Acid:
            Here you go again letting your ass over ride your mouth!!
            If you knew anything about history you would know that Marijuana was made illegal on AUGUST 2 1937 FULL 19 YEARS before the first of the baby boomers were born.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.Reb

            • 🙂


          I know that most of you will be dead pretty soon cause youre old.

          But you need to think about how all this internet shit, these fucking WIFI fido hotspots and shitphone towers, are going to give your fucking children brain tumors.

          For that matter, teach your fucking kids to eat only organic and for god sake do some exercise you fat disgusting lard asses.

          • Acid, why don’t you just go f#$% yourself? And this comes from an ‘old fart’ that will outlive your stupid ass and is still going strong.

          • Acid,you’re giving me a brain tumor! Go in a round room and sit in the corner.

            • AE is a brain tumor. And a hemorrhoid, at the same time.

              • cyber bullies

        • You idiot Republicans who all love huge corporations so much and mock me for being a left libertarian…

          Do you numbskulls realize 2 of every 3 tax dollars goes into the pockets of huge corporations “stimulus package” while the democrats drop the crumb on the floor of raising taxes on the rich by 2%.

          The cell phone tower industry spent 70 million in lobbying fees to get 12 billion of our tax dollars transferred to their pockets “grants”.

          “You cant do anything about it.” Yes, we can.

          Prometheus “if we don’t fucking stop it, there wont be anything left to go back to”.

          • You’re an idiot

          • Acid: WRONG AGAIN!!!!
            First of all, the corporations only get about 6 cent on the dollar, well fair get about 33cents on the dollar, military gets 42cents on the dollar, infrastructure gets 6cent on the dollar, education get about 4cent on the dollar, interior dept. gets 2 cents on the dollar, rail/roads get 2cents on the dollar, hospitals get about 2cents on the dollar, which comes to about 96 cent of that one dollar that is collected in taxes by the feds.
            Good Lord Boy, Get your facts straight!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

            • I forgot farmers they get about 1cent on that dollar.
              So we are at 97cents on that dollar.

            • Just to be fair and honest where do thosw funds you discuss go?
              Of those 42 cents going to the military how many end up going to corps for weapons?
              Because the projected 1 trillion+ dollars spent on the f35 goes to private corps.
              How many well fair (sic) dollars help support walmart employees and other employeers who fail to pau their employees enough to live?
              Infrstructure? Every penny is a corporate contract, unless you want to argue that there are gov employees building roads and bridges.

              When it comes down to it private companies do recieve the majority of our tax dollars.
              You are simply proving how easily you will let partisan BS get in the way of common sense.

        • F the motorbike buy A Smith & Wesson gut shoot the sucker.

          • This reminds me of Eastwood’s line in The Unforgiven: “Well, he should have armed himself.”

            At this point, if you go unarmed anywhere, especially on public transit, what do you expect? Flowers and chocolates?

            • Aren’t there any real Charles Bronsons out there
              in the movie “Deathwish” somewhere?

              • Hell even a stun gun would wipe those punks out.

                • well to bad it was not one of us, they would be dead now and we would be trying to get off the hook for a bum rap murder charge!
                  any way you cut it time to remove scum from this nation!

                  • Why not just walk away?
                    They did.

            • JQP, spot on. That BOY would have gotten a .380 slug to the head before he could have touched me.

              • .380? No! say it isn’t so! You haven’t sold out to the 380 group. Unless you are going to use a .22 gut shooter. At least 9MM+P HP. Please.

                • Maybe a .380 is appropriate in that circumstance. You wouldn’t want to accidentally hit any of those (laughing) bystanders after the slug exited the thug, now would you?

                  …rethinking the 9mm…

            • YES

        • I might like to have a Glock subcompact in .357 SIG.

          I am learning the Israeli point shoot method for tactical handgun. This method advises to appendix carry, which is a little awkward for me.


          • STFU already!!!! and guess what? FAGGOT lives don’t matter either!!!!

          • Now there’s one I can agree with.

        • You don’t know what you’re talking about. The redskins never lived in fucking harmony with nature. That’s revisionist horseshit. The plains Indians hunted the buffalo relentlessly and burned the plains to facilitate soil rejuvenation. The northeastern Indians fished the streams nearly bare. Like any parasite Indians would decimate their host environment and move on to a new host.

          Common fucking sense tells you a man is greedy, red or white, then or now.

          Lets see Dunjin educate you bunch if I’m so useless. Didn’t think so.

          • Acid, the lives of black thugs don’t matter. I’ll buy that.

          • Acid,you’re so ignorant you coudn’t educate an ameoba

        • per the Department of Justice’s own policies, black people who victimize white people based on race can not be guilty of a hate crime. They will only investigate white on black crime.

          This was a policy brought forth by Eric Holder about the time they dropped charges on the New Black Panthers who were threatening white voters in Philly.

          • John Stiner, uh, that policy dates back to Janet Reno in the Clinton era, although it was unofficial. Holder only made it official when he first came in as AG.

        • Acid, this one post you made is good and I can agree with it. That guy should have put up some resistance and been carrying something, anything for self-defense.

        • My immediate and first reaction was to strongly recommend CCW.

          My second reaction was that if he did have CCW and pulled it out, then he probably would have gotten in trouble with the law. And would have faced all kinds of unwarranted headaches for simply defending himself.

          Dem! I hate it when a man can’t even defend himself without worrying about getting in terrible trouble.

          Reminds me of the movie, “Lone Survivor.” They were so afraid of the consequences of leaving them tied up, that they got themselves killed except for Marcus Luttrell when they let them go.

          Upon further reflection, better to have CCW. Better to be judged by 12 than to buried by 6.

          Why does our country have to be this way? I’m so hacked off. Lots of good military folks died over the decades, and now this libbed out country is just shattin all over their sacrifices.

          • The man was well within his right to self defense with a firearm when he was attacked without provocation. The punks filming the event are lucky their videos are not exculpatory evidence at the inquest into their death.

            • smokey

              I agree. The victim would have to take a few blows and probably would anyway as the event unfolded. Who would know if the next blow caused a very serious injury, possibly even death. I have a problematic ticker and what may be just painful for someone else could be lethal for me. A taser would be deadly.

              A 125 grain P+HP out of a snubby would certainly stop the beating. Like they say, “God created man and Sam Colt made him equal”.

              • WOW that guy could have broken that chimps arms or legs lol. That was pussy punching. Grab that fookin naggers arm, twist, and break. Same with his foot geezus. Try that on me you poosy punk chimpanzie and see what happens 🙂

                • Genius, if you saw these three black guys assault this guy while you were there, would you step in and fight those guys off?

                  How would you get those guys to cease and desist with so many people watching, knowing that some people might be videoing the whole thing on their smartphones?

                  • Hell yes Id help that guy. They were in the doorway area crowded up. Bust that niglets arm, throw it behind him and use his body to push the others into the door. Hopefully the door opened in time to kick all three outside or hope others would join in too. But it did look kinda dark in there (if ya know what I mean). Use disabling tactics, throat,eyes,fingers, etc. These guys obviously weren’t fighters they were punks.

                  • Hell yes Id help that guy. They were in the doorway area crowded up. Bust that niglets arm, throw it behind him and use his body to push the others into the door. Hopefully the door opened in time to kick all three outside or hope others would join in too. But it did look kinda dark in there (if ya know what I mean). Use disabling tactics, throat,eyes,fingers, etc. These guys obviously weren’t fighters they were punks.

                    • I’m no big tough guy but damn, even a little knowledge of self defense would have stopped them. I have studied enough and practiced enough and been in enough fights to know that those fooks could have been dealt with using basic techniques.

                    • Those kinds of punks only attack when they know there will be no opposition. Black thugs in a train car loaded with other blacks. Just showing a gun probably would’ve evacuated the entire car…one shot could’ve killed 2 or 3 with one shot.

                • These are the instances where you go dirty and fast… Throat punch one, next one go straight at him and gouch one of his fuckin eyes out, blind the mother fucker for life, if there’s any left standing around after that, just start laughing like a maniac… that should do the trick. I seriously hate to see this stuff. And honestly people if you’re ever in this type of situation with multiple assailants, make no mistake it is a life or death situation. Unfortunately but especially when dealing with black youths, they will not fight one on one they fight in packs. Fight exactly as I have said, fight to maim and permanently disfigure… hell try to tear one of em’s ear off, I hear it only takes like 3lbs of pressure (don’t know if that’s true though) There is not a creature alive that will continue to attack when you stick your thumb 2 inches into it’s eye socket. You hurt one quick and bad enough the rest will run swiftly like cowards.

                  Man this video got my heart rate up..

            • “The man was well within his right to self defense with a firearm when he was attacked without provocation.”

              Yes. Your statement is true regardless of the skin color of the attackers or the defender.

              BUT!! The stark stupid reality is that blacks can get away with crimes and other horrible things more than any other ethnicities.

              It’s like the RACE card is their get out of jail free card. It’s so wrong.

              You commit assault and battery, I don’t care what skin color you are, you have to stop. And the police and citizens have a right to stop you from visiting violence upon others. Period.

              Q: “What do you think of Michael Brown?”

              A: “Who?”

              Just play like you don’t know. Hopefully, they’ll go away.

              Here’s the problem.

              If I saw this unfolding before my eyes and these black thugs are assaulting an innocent guy, what am I gonna do? If I get involved, I could get hurt or if I don’t get hurt, and I put a hurt on these guys, then I will probably be in for a lot of harassment from cops and lawyers and attorneys.

              And if I don’t do anything to protect another innocent, I’ll have to live with knowing I wussed out.

              Dem! Demn! Have you ever heard a Monday morning quarterback, maybe even from your own spouse, say: “You shouldn’t have got involved”?

              “What was I supposed to do? Just let the guy get beat up or worse? What if it was me getting assaulted? I would have wanted someone to help me.”

              Not enough Chris Kyles in this country.

          • FS, I would’ve defended myself regardless of any consequences and if someone wanted to try to punish me over it I would also fight them. I don’t let anything discourage me from self-defense. That’s how much I hold that near and dear to my heart. I won’t live in fear of political correctness. That’s not living.

        • Racism/abuse/violence are despicable no matter what color/gender the perpetrator is…

      2. Wonder if the guy will get himself a concealed carry permit now? Mighta saved himself a lotta grief.

        • I doubt he had a ccw but he certainly had a concealed set of balls. And they stayed concealed lol.

      3. Real courageous,three on one. Must be too scared to take him one on one. Real hypocricy bitchin and moanin about racism and then turn around and do the same damn thing. White or black…still wrong.

        • Kinda like piranhas, they are wimps when alone, but when in gangs they show their true colors.

      4. Anecdotally, and based on a lifetime’s experience, I would say I have seen a lot of street violence and on public transport. The main perpetrators have been predominantly white, especially lower class white. But, and this is a big but, the other group to do a lot of it is black men and women: way out of proportion to their numbers in the population. I have never seen a Chinese or Asian person randomly attacking somebody; nor an Indian (from India) person. I have seen a few native Americans but they have mostly got their asses kicked they were so drunk or high.

        My conclusion is that lower class whites and blacks are very violent and prone to criminal behavior. Just saying…

        • I’m sure kids like this had excellent parental role models, right.

        • The ethic peddled by capitalist and imperialist elites, the cult of the self, the banishing of empathy, the belief that violence can be used to make the world conform, require the destruction of the communal and the destruction of the sacred. This corrupt ethic, if not broken, will mean the end of not only human society but the human species. The elites who orchestrate this pillage, like elites who pillaged parts of the globe in the past, probably believe they can outrun their own destructiveness. They think that their wealth, privilege and gated communities will save them. Or maybe they do not think about the future at all. But the death march they have begun, the relentless contamination of air, soil and water, the physical collapse of communities and the eventual exhaustion of coal and fossil fuels themselves will not spare them or their families, although they may be able to hold out a little longer in their privileged enclaves than the rest of us. They too will succumb to the poisoning of the natural elements, the climate dislocations and freakish weather caused by global warming, the spread of new deadly viruses, the food riots and huge migrations that have begun as the desperate flee from flooded or drought-stricken pockets of the Earth.

          The predatory structures of capitalism, imperialism and colonialism will have to be destroyed. The Earth, and those forms of life that inhabit the Earth, will have to be revered and protected. This means inculcating a very different vision of human society. It means rebuilding a world where domination and ceaseless exploitation are sins and where empathy, especially for the weak and for the vulnerable, including our planet, is held up as the highest virtue. It means recovering the capacity for awe and reverence for the sources that sustain life. Once we stand up for this ethic of life, once we include all people, including girls and women, as an integral part of this ethic, we can build a resistance movement that can challenge the corporate forces that if left in power will extinguish us all.

          • Anonymous… nice comment. In the present day and time, the scenario you wrote seems a long way off, although I believe everyone has some desire to return to that ethic of life you spoke of.

          • nice cut and paste

          • Is that your opinion, or that of your collage professor? Sound’s like the words of a sheltered academic who is paid whether they teach a class or not, and look at society from a unreachable pillar.

            • Doesn’t matter who said or wrote it, it’s drivel.

        • IGGZactly. These punks don’t represent all blacks.

          Illegal alien scum crossing our Southern border are similarly hated by Mexican citizens in Mexico.
          They deeply resent being lumped in with the illegals.

          • Was years ago in Dallas, Tx. Evening time stopped at a convienience store in questionable part of town. Two rather large black guys started demanding money from me. I standing there not sure what was going to happen when up walked one very big black guy and handed them a dollar. He told them to get the fuck out of there and not return. He then apologized to me for them. I think of him some times when I read this stuff.

        • The rest of the Black Community represented by the blacks sitting on the train did nothing but laugh and cheer them on.

          Diversity = White Genocide

        • AW, they’re just boys playing a man’s game.

      5. How much longer do white people need to trip over themselves to seem “non racist”? These black “thugs” and I use that term lightly these guys are cowards but they feed on fear if a white boy stands up to their crap 90% of the time these cowards back down. Whites don’t wanna make it a racial issue blacks do and its only a matter of time before we get another Bernhard Goetz and one or more of these clowns gets shot in the face…….

        This BS is getting old!!!!!

        • The question is, how much longer will hypocrite assholes keep saying they defend the constitution and first amendment yet say your a criminal or bad if you don’t like a certain race? Everyone has the right to free thought. As long as you don’t take any criminal action you are free to feel and think as you wish right? Hate crime is a joke. It’s either a crime or it isn’t. No one has to accept the culture of another race. No one has to bow down to another race. No one has to sweep under the rug the actions of the majority of another race. No one has to lie about true statistics. I could care fuckin less if your a racist, even if you hate me or my race. YOU have evry right to free thought without the PC nazis criminalizing your thought or speech. You are either for freedom, or your against it. It’s that simple!

          • Does anyone disagree? Or agree? Don’t hide your face in your ass like the lady in the video 😉

            • Genius.

              Freedom of speech and the Constitution is good.

              How do you separate the good from the bad. Whatever color.

              Stay home and defend your property. If white people are terrorizing blacks, Blast them. They deserve it. Black people terrorizing whites. Blast them too. Don’t go looking for shit for it will find you soon enough.
              Most of us want to live in peace but as the world turns many take advantage and become myopic in their thoughts. Then want their views pounded into everyone else’s head back by stupid laws.

              Me? I just want to be left alone. But I know damn well I will be forced to do something.

              • And for God’s sake if your son was shot by police and he had a wrap sheet a mile long. Don’t come on T.V. and say he was a “Good Boy”.

              • Thats what pretty much everyone wants slingshot. But young black thugs have an I spy a white easy victim mentality and think they can act with impunity. Of course there is bad in every race and you are right, fukk em. But freedom of speech/thought is NOT a crime! If I called them naggers while I was busting their fuckin shit it should make no difference I would be acting in self defense. Same with any race. Some people are forced to deal with these primates and the outcome is like the video. The tribe has made it so with bullshit unconstitutional (laws). Like I said, segregation worked!

        • Do the Michael Brown…YEAH, YEAH!

        • Looks like you need to increase the number of Eastern Europeans and Russians in your population. They tend to be the whites that are not intimidated by blacks, and, because they do not have the guilt thing over slavery, there is no hesitation in stomping right back when attacked. There are also a lot of far-right people and thus there is that extra bit of ideological fervor that helps in a street fight.

        • I don’t try to seem not racist I just am.
          There are scum of every melanin content.
          It is simply small minded to be so shallow as to believe the shade of a man’s skin is a judge of the man.

          I don’t care about your skin I care about your actions.
          These thugs are thugs because of their actions not because of their skin color.

      6. Nothing new. You know what is coming.

        • Hope its sooner then later

      7. It is unfortunate, that this occurred when these three little punks(in the true prison parlance-on the down low)willingly chose a victim, specifically because he WAS of a different ethnicity. Of course we won’t be hearing any outrage or seeing any marches from the race-baiting political pimps, who foment this kind of racial hatred and violence.
        Time to get your legal concealed carry permit folks, even a “lowly” .22, would have changed the tune of this recorded beat down. Might have gotten in a lucky shot on the main suspect as well, preventing him from fathering anymore spawn of the FSA, like him.(FSA=Free Sh** Army)

        • “legal concealed carry permit”

          Don’t we have a “lawful” right?

          Of course where I dwell there is no statutes against it.
          But Bloomberg is trying too change that with the influx of funding for antigun groups.

          • I have a ccw. It’s called the 2nd amendment!

            • I hear ya bud. That’s what I mean. Even though I don’t need a written permission slip from mother.

              • Vtfree2, you NEVER need permission from ANYONE for self-defense. It’s your natural, God-given right to do so and don’t let anything or anyone discourage you from it if you want to live.

        • If they pointed it out then they would have to admit that it is an epidemic. And to admit that would mean they would have to admit that a large portion of inner city black youths are uneducated disrespectful violent criminals with no future in our society. They cant admit that because admitting the NEW black culture is devoid of morality would be to concede to the “racists”. They would have to admit that their welfare experiment failed (Or did it???)

      8. Don’t hold your hand on your ass waiting for Holder, it won’t happen.

        I see shit like this i.e. bad cops, bad people, bad politicians and all I can say is Wish I where there. The kid would have ran away with a broken arm or dislocated shoulder at least.

        I would pay the assault fines just for the satisfaction.

        Although the guy should have had a little more sack.

      9. I think that man needs to move from St. Louis. He thinks it’s bad now? Wait the the EBTs stop working…

      10. Another reason to carry 24/7. Even if you live where it is against the law to carry, better to be judged by 12, than to be carried by 6.

      11. Maybe this was that new Starbucks policy to engage the community in a discussion about race?

      12. So he wants us to buy him a motorcycle so he doesn’t have to take the train?

        Tell you what, sport, go get yourself a 9mm, a CCW permit, and take the train to work like a man. You can use your paycheck to buy your wheels.

      13. I refuse to acknowledge the word” hate crime”, why can’t we just call it crime. I don’t give a rats rectum why any thug black or white decides to attack someone illegally. The fact that they DID it should be enough. It’s a crime punish it, EVERYBoDY has a reason for what they do. This liberal mind set that a crime should be somehow more horrific because of why it was committed is a perversion of law. I kill you Because I want your money, I kill you because of the color of your skin, the act of murder is the same in each and you are just as dead in each case, why should a designation be made ,punish both .

      14. So he wants us to buy him a motorcycle so he doesn’t have to ride the train to work? How pathetic.

        Get yourself a 9mm, a CCW permit, and take the train to work like a man. Use your paycheck to buy your bike.

        • smokey

          I prefer a S&W J frame hammerless .38 special snubby as you can fire it through a coat pocket. I’ll sacrifice power and number of rounds for utter reliability and safety. One damaged coat for you, one massive internal injury for the perpetrator.

          • Same here. S&W Mod 642. Titanium frame with crimsom trace grip. I really rather shoot through the coat/jacket pocket. Feed it Gold Dot 135gr+P JHP designed for snubbies. Light as a feather don’t even pull down on jacket pocket at all.

            • Great minds think alike except mine is aluminum. Same food too.

              I used to walk in Philly visiting a friend in the hospital in a season when you wore a coat. Went down a stair well at a parking garage where the elevator was not working. Several youths were there that did not look like upstanding citizens. Nothing happened but my right hand was in my coat pocket. Very comforting.

            • PO’d P, I carry a Ruger LCP .380 in the truck with me everywhere I go now with extra mags. I feed it with Hornady Critical Defense 90gr patented FTX JHP. 2 to the head of any scum will solve the problem.

              • Bh, I got one of those about four years ago. They had a recall on them and I had to send it back for the fix (all on their dime). I got it back and it wouldn’t feed two rounds from the mag before it jammed. I tried several different types of ammo with the same results. I called them and they had me send it to them. When I got it back it ran fine without any hiccups. Not sure what they did to it but they took care of the problem. Anyway, they stamp the gun with an aster-type star near the serial number to designate the gun was fixed for the recall which plagued their 9mm several years ago. If dropped on a hard surface and with a round in the chamber, it could go off. I like to carry it in the summertime in the back pocket especially while out in the garden or backyard while away from the house or shop.

          • Kevin, my daily carry is either a S&W J Frame .38 Special in the coat pocket, or an N Frame in .44 Special on the belt, under the coat, if I happen to feel like bigger holes are in order.

            I’m also partial to my semi-autos, a couple of .45’s and several 9mm’s, all are good shooters.

            I still like the hammer, though.

            • If I carried an auto I’m fond of a grip safety like a 1911 has but like the size of the old Colt pre WWII autos. If a Colt Model 1908 hammerless (A 1903 in.380) wasn’t a collators item I would put good sights on it. They are very streamlined and thin. The grip safety is comforting.

              If I’m up north that hammerless J Frame in a coat pocket works for me. Your “ready” if need be without frightening the public and getting yourself in trouble. Granted we’re talking point blank, the true belly gun.

      15. Some of the blacks are all pumped or puffed up with their brothers dominating college and pro sports, such as football and basketball for major sports. Sports are clearly a huge part of the overall control mechanism of Americans, mostly males. These attackers in this incident can be found in any concentrated black population living in America. I avoid the contact, yet a mostly black housing project is a couple blocks south of here. I’m looking to move.

        • It’s going to be a long, hot, summer, as they say.

          Moving is probably a good idea.

          My other self says, ‘Why should I move? It’s my country. They should be the one’s leaving, either standing up or laying down.’

      16. My DW was on a business trip a few weeks back in a large Midwestern city when the Cab she was riding in almost got “jacked” by 2 hood-rats. Good thing the cabbie had a lead foot and drove away before they could bust out his side window.

        According to her, all she could think was, I wish that I was home/in my own car so that I would have my G19 with me. FYI: These Black lives DON’T matter!

        Watch out fur them hogs!

      17. Bear spray,,,

        • And situationsl awareness,,,

          • Agreed. If you saw me on public transportation in a big city, from my dress you would think I was a homeless, nutcase, Vietnam vet, and you’d be mostly right.
            Situational awareness is the first thing you need to practice. Hitting center mass is next.

            • box cutters are good, utility knives, can slide the blade out with your thumb, mine has a lanyard from when i run house wrap or vapor barrier, can leave it dangling from my wrist, would work well in a coat pocket or pants pocket covert like, then gut the problem, with lanyard they cant take it,
              I carry bear spray in my EDC pack that goes with me when im out,

            • Needless to say i am pretty good at avoiding trouble, sometimes trouble comes no matter how careful you are

              • Spoken like Kamaaina. Aloha.

      18. nigroes.

        no way would I be around that many of them. no way.

      19. Precisely why I don’t take the bus drunks and drug addicts and thugs take the bus. Fuck that I’d rather drive my own truck. I don’t go into black areas all set. That white guy was gonna get beaten for anything we all know who the real haters are. But to beat this guy on the bus in a 3 on 1 situation just shows what cowards they are. When ever is have to go down into black areas I make myself appear that I won’t be fucked with this guy on the bus probably was tired and let his guard down or he appeared to be weak. I’ve made deliveries to the hood and when you see bullet holes in buildings you quickly realize that you can’t afford to be complacent. My advise to white folks that absolutely have to go down there. Mind your own business don’t look at people too long don’t act interested in a crime happening under you nose. Leave as soon as possible I’m familiar with the streets I have lived in a black and Hispanic area due to being too poor to afford a better apt. There were some other whites but few left it used to be a white community but not no more the only whites are the people left behind from the past. I have seen things that would make people say that didn’t happen. You can’t make this shit up. My girlfriends car was broken into 2 times in different parts of the city. Ahhh I can go on and on but I’ll save you the headache. I’m just glad I don’t live around there anymore especially with the hostilities between blacks and whites. I won’t live in the city again ever.

        • Asshat, segregation worked! Stay in your own shithole and everything was fine. Thank the govt. for fucking it all up.

          • NWO

      20. My 9mm would have stopped that in its tracks.

      21. This will be a good test to see if hate crimes laws are applied equally.

        • they won’t be. bet on it.

      22. This is the first comment I’ve ever done here and I have to because this whole
        Race situation is going to come to a head one way or another. Now anyone
        Who’s been awake lately has seen all of this race bs, but how many of you pay
        Attention to those evil feminists….I’m talking the likes of Jessica Valenti or Anita
        Sarkession or the college girls that have no life experience to talk about.
        Now the reason I make this comparison is because yes there is black on
        White hate crimes as in this article but no one ever mentions a group as powerful
        As the feminists… And they are powerful whether or not you think they are…
        But no one else I’ve seen around seems to have the nuts to put it together that
        Since the “women” have gone with “we must kill all Cis-white males” that you will
        Never ever hear any politician or so called reporter talking about any group on
        White hate crime especially if the white person is a man
        I apologize for rambling but this is a subject that pisses me off so I can’t think
        Right and it should get to every other human being with even a small sense of
        Guilt…..attacking whites and esp white men is an acceptable hate crime…in fact
        Some humanities classes say it’s not hate and that it’s not racist even to hate
        White men
        I know I sound like some of the people on here that do all the everyone’s out to
        Kill off whitey but that is not the group I’m in… I’m just trying to get you all
        To see that its a bit more than just black on white here
        Thanks for reading

        • Irishsoutherner, welcome aboard and I agree with your comments. Good post. You’ve come to the right place.

        • Top o’ the mornin’ to ya Irishsoutherner. Acid Etch is about the only other person on this site who draws attention to the feminist agenda. Peeps will latch on only if they are informed. Thanks both to yourself & Acid Etch for the heads-up.

        • Irish Southerner, Good Post.
          I will add that Feminism is a Marxist Idea and notice that Only the White Race is plagued with this Communist-Feminist crap while other Races keep it in check.
          It’s not “Everyone” that is out to Kill Whitey but when you look into who is behind all of the Anti-White Rhetoric (other than the obvious Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers, etc.) you really find that it is the Zionists/Talmudists who create this Hatred for Whites.
          The Zionist run ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center are examples.
          Oren Segal, An ADL Scumbag and advisor to Obunghole, in a conference on Crime Stats in Amerika, claims that 95% of Violent Crime in the US is caused by “Right Wing Whites”. so even, Tea Party folks (mostly White),who are freedom loving patriots are now called Criminals by this fairytale report from Oren “Jewy Jewsteen” Segal.
          This Anti-White Hatred comes from those who control the Media, Banks and a good portion of the Government.
          Read the Zionist Disputed “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Talmudists claim that they are b ogus , but the interesting fact is that the Protocols Mirror with precision what is happening today. A supposed Bogus Zionist Plot written in secret in 1897 is 100% accurate when exposed in the light of day.
          The Light of TRUTH Kills the Zionist Vampires!

      23. If that was a black, African American or what ever and that was a white bunch of trash beating on him, how fast would President Obamma and Eric Holder would be screaming blood murder!!!!
        They are the ones (Hood Trash)that will be the first to cry when they don’t get their well fair checks and food stamps after TSHTF.
        They will also be the first to fell something small hot and hard going through there chest.
        It’s a shame that people act like this just because of the color of their skin, but I have seen white boys do the same damnable thing.
        This is down right stupidity and I hope that one day this Hood Trash gets his.
        Remember “what goes around comes around”. He will get his and he deserves it.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

      24. white liberals in the cities are tought to behave like this. Thankfully, he did not even have pepper spray, absolutely NOTHING. I’m so glad the real nice perps did not get hurt.

      25. This is only a precursor to what is going to happen. Should the banks go south and EBT and Snaps eliminated, we will have economic and racial collapse. Rich and poor, Black and White, American’s against illegal immigrants will all merge into a free for all. The government will sit back and watch till it is time to put the clamp down into action. Token protection at first.

        Bring on the riots. I’m sick of all the crap.

        • Slingshot:
          No argument from me.
          That is why when TSHTF on economy it will effect everything and everyone I don’t care how much money you have.
          When the SHIT starts flying that money will not stop a bullet, knife or any other weapon, it might slow it down for awhile, but that is it.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

      26. These three chimps need a Bernie Goetz encounter LOL.

        • More like the Jordian pilot treatment. Send the video to BET, Congressional Black Caucus, and NAACP with the message “judge a man by his character”


      28. Insert blade into lower left abdomen, with edge to right. Rip across abdomen, turning blade so that edge is facing upwards. Rip upwards, forcing blade at end of travel into the liver. Leave your assailant holding his guts, and face next possible opponent. Few will hang around for a repeat performance.

        • your honor, his head turned so fast that his nose impacted the palm of my hand so hard it drove his bone cartledge into his brain between his eyes causing unsuspected instantaneous death. I feel so bad.

      29. The white guy forgot the number one rule, STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS!

        • No stay away from blackss

          • Stay away from black crouds

        • the white guy forgot to carry a gun to defend himself from animals like this

      30. See how hard they try to derail the issue.

        black on White hate crimes.

        • On that train the real minority is the White Man.

          Diversity = White Genocide brought to you by your
          Liberal-Progressive-Marxist Zionist Occupied Government.

      31. Just in from Headline News:
        Obama said, “If I had a son, he’d look just like ‘red shirt’!”

        • Problem is obama can’t have kids. Hes a butt pirate, rectum wrecking, fudge packing, pickle smooching, helmet smoking, rump ranger.

          • And that’s not only when he’s sucking Michele’s cock!

      32. Around Blacks…Never Relax.

      33. Turn this around and have 3 white kids punch a black man and you would have Obullshit and his turds climbing all over this.
        Too bad they guy didn’t have a firearm. In my opinion that would be a justifiable shoot.
        I didn’t see any other white folks on the train did any of you.
        Just ask Obullshit and the MSM and they will say this isn’t a hate crime.
        Asked me about Mike Brown. The answer to you is the Bastard got what he had coming to him. You beat the hell out of me and then return to beat me again and I’ll empty all 12 round of 230 Gr. H.P. out my 45 in center mas. There will be a hole large enough to drive you car through it. Not a hate crime self defense.

        • I wish all cops were like you.

      34. CCW — and if you pull it, use it.

      35. Killem..killem All

        • Yep. Looks about right to me.

          • The problem here is that you would be on video in this case. Also if you used pepper spray or bullets and hit anyone else around, you may or may not go to jail for the rest of your life, or at a minimum get sued civilly and become someones pension plan from here on out. Overall this sucks to be in his situation. I myself would not have the restraint to sit there and get pummeled. And yes I was in this situation at a McDonalds when I was 18. 3 nigs attacked from behind. They got rather wimpy when they got more than they bargained for. Dirty fighting to survive is what is needed. No rules, just right.

      36. You just earned a JD. You can work for the government as a cop.

      37. I got a question. WTF was he doin on a train. I haven’t been on a train in over 20 years. I remember being in a Chicago Police station when a woman reported she was raped by two men at gunpoint! I don’t care what color you are, if you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas!


      39. After reading the article and responses, I am thinking revenge killing will be a factor at the start of any SHTF/WROL scenario.

        • It will be a factor most definitely. The Blacks are carrying out revenge killings on Whites since the Trayvon and Mike Brown justified killings. You won’t hear about it on the MSM. (Main Stream Media) but you will find articles on and . The DS subheading “Race War” is chock full of the Black on White Violence Epidemic (which is staggering).
          I’m sure Whites will carry out revenge Killings when SHTF but generally Whites are more Defensive minded and will kill these Feral Negros (in self defense of course) when they come around to Loot, Rape and Murder.
          Would I go out of my way to hunt Coons in their own territory?
          No, I Read Tsun Tsu’s the Art of War and I will be 100 times more effective in my own territory. I know they will be coming my way eventually, so I will be ready.

      40. I don’t suppose the police have a suspect?

        • Yeah, but they all look alike.

        • SS
          They do but, the white guy started it. Just as Obullshit, Eric, Jesse or Al. They will tell you the white guy started it.

      41. The victim, in all probability, really was too tired to answer the ape’s question because he was most likely exhausted from working crappy jobs for far too many hours to pay for the ape’s EBT card.

        This beating, by the way, is APPROVED OF by official Murika and the synagogue that rules over it, its media, its academia, its brainwashed college girls of both sexes and especially its churches. No Christian love or compassion is to be accorded Whitey, folks! Kicked in the head, and possibly turned into a vegetable… ho hum, move along, nothing to see here. The Unitarians will definitely NOT be outraged by this incident. Silence equals consent.

        This White man’s mere existence was seemed an intolerable provocation by the African subhumans shown in this video — the perps as well as the “bystanders,” sitting there laughing on their steatopygous and odorous negroid buttocks.

        No quarter is to be expected from these beasts, and none should be given to them.

      42. Find the brother and cut his welfare, cut his EBT, cut his rent subsidy, and cut his throat.

      43. we have too many of these animals running loose in this country

      44. (s) Wow, you people have issues you need to deal with. Those three kids are not black. They are white. There are no “black” people in America. If you are going to hang this on just black people you are going to have to blame it on white people as well. Remember that when you are pointing one finger at someone another finger is pointing right back at yourself. (s)

        With that in mind get out there and kick these punk ass motherfuckers to the curb where they belong.

        Oh by the way, since no one else has been able to come up with a sarcasm symbol I have implemented “(s)” being used from here on out.


      45. being a racist isnt illegal ,, and i could care less if it were

        get in my face and ask for a fight , you’ll get it.
        push the envelope and feel whats behind pocket #1 my back up has no eyes, cant see color, no ears , cant hear eubonics.
        doesnt give a shit what you “want” would keep to himself if left alone , your move , but yes im watching , we can both walk out of here, if thats your choice.

        white men can be dangerous , when left with no choices

        • Enemy,
          They keep pushing us into a corner and leaving Us with no more peaceful choices. Oh well…Their mistake!

      46. Hopefully these kids die soon,by something, or at least 1 member in their family

      47. Yeah … I have to say – I find it very difficult to believe in the concept of equality when I see things like this. I think I’ve been disillusioned all my life … brainwashed into believing we’re all the same.

        When you see and hear of events like this against whites it really only appalls a handful of people. When a black gets hit or shot, seems like everybody wants a piece of the action.

        I HATE Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Co. THEY’RE the reason racism is alive and well in America. These blacks feel some false sense of entitlement and it takes only a few well positioned words to rally them against us. For some stupid reason – they seem to think we owe them something because of what happened 150 years ago.

        I have nothing against blacks. They scare the shit out of me – that’s a fact. But unless they prove that they are what some of their peers represent, I have nothing against them.

        I was taught prejudice against blacks is wrong. Such ugly words for it too … bigotry, discrimination, segregation … but in the end, it appears that they are the ugly ones. The ones we need to keep close watch on. Some of you pointed out the cowardice in the way they make sure to have back-up. It’s never one of them is it? I hate to say it but you’re all right. I didn’t want to have to admit this, but there really is no choice is there?

        It’s like looking at a dark cloud over your home and calling it a blue sky … just because you say it doesn’t make it true. And this truth is that there’s a black and white problem in America today – just like there always has been.

        I worry that we’re well on our way to a state of civil unrest. The day when it really becomes us agains them.

        It’s a terrifying vision … and although I see a lot of you making very large, bold, and strong statements about how you would dispatch them if the opportunity presented itself, unless you’ve squeezed a trigger and watched the glow of life run out of another human being’s eyes … unless you’ve already felt that emptiness that only comes from murder – you’re not prepared to handle it – assuming your Big Talk would actually manifest itself into action.

        I’m not saying you wouldn’t do it – I think I would if I felt threatened and I DEFINITELY would if one or more of them were threatening anyone in my family – even my in-laws…

        The real problem here is that there’s no fixing this. There will never be the day when any white person feels comfortable in a roomful of blacks – no matter if they’re in business attire or sagging with a hoodies. Anyone who says otherwise is liar. Even if you’re not feeling particularly threatened by them there is STILL the underlying tension – “does he think I’m thinking he’s black and not just a person? Does she see that I’m being overly cautious about what I say so she doesn’t interpret it as racist?”

        I don’t want to be racist. I really don’t. But they leave me no option to be otherwise and I resent them for it.

        I suppose that alone makes me a racist.

        • Mr. Blister.

          Yep, your a racist.

          • That was cold, bro.

      48. Once again we see how three monkey’s do the gorilla act . They couldn’t care less about that ape Michael Brown ,this is an excuse for them to loot and burn there neighborhood down, but don’t worry, the government will soon be there with truck loads of money to rebuild. It really makes you sick to see how they act when a court decision don’t go their way, and then to hear them crying that they haven’t jobs, they have the best jobs in the country, government jobs, civil servant jobs, county jobs,and they get them because there black, certainly they wouldn’t get them because of their intelligence. Oh don’t forget that when you see black youths walking towards you, you don’t have to be afraid, there just like us.

      49. When these kids were born, and took their first gasp of breath, that when they became pieces of shit.

      50. In our fantasies we imagine being a Charles Bronson or a Dirty Harry – we’re going to beat up all the bad guys or gun’em down. Somehow it never goes by the script. This guy took a risk on that line being alone and surrounded. Looks like he tried to cover himself, and was lucky it wasn’t worse. Your best bet is to steer clear of trouble – whatever color it is. Wear a heavy jacket and use non-lethal defense – you pull a gun and he pulls a gun – then what? A race to the trigger. Animals stay alive by avoiding confrontation first; its not being chicken, it’s risk management.

      51. First…just a suggestion. Acid is obviously a troll so don’t engage. It only fuels him. Just ignore.

        I live in St. Louis. I am a white female, CCW and for the most part will carry anywhere there isn’t a metal detector regardless of the “rules”. I haven’t been on the train in a while, but usually it is a safe way to travel to areas downtown when there are things going on. Although, I would never go alone. Always with someone else that I know (who also would be carrying).

        That being said, what seems to be happening here is all the “black sympathizers” are getting their asses handed to them. There is a palpable tension in the air, whenever I go to a place that has an overly black presence. I get looks, sneers, and can hear things muttered. I know it is only a matter of time.

        The race war HAS been fueled.

        For those of you who have never had anything bad happen like this, it is easy to sit and say what you would do. But being caught off guard like this guy was, can render you helpless unless you are mentally and physically prepared to protect yourself.

        I was fortunate enough to learn a few years ago how the adrenaline from stress from crime can impact your ability to think.

        There was someone on the next block over that was getting robbed. He shot the guy and the guy wound up in our street with a bullet in his ass screaming. When it happened I was inside in bed but heard the shots and went to the window to see what was going on. Not knowing at the time it was an attempted robbery, I just called the police to come help the guy in the street. But the shock of it all made it hard for me to think about what I wanted to say.

        I actually had to think HARD about what the address was that they needed to come. I was even surprised at how the shock effected me. And this was something that wasn’t even happening to ME.

        Ever since, it has really worried me that I may not ever be prepared, or if I let my guard down that I could be a target.

        And that is a horrible way to live. If I have to walk around always worried about being attacked, that alone is quite stressful.

        I think in light of what happened, it is vital not to just know how to carry a firearm, but to also to learn about self-defense on a physical level, especially for women.

        Oh, and if you all will notice, the train was mostly full of black people who have NO interest in helping a white person. Of course, if it was the other way around, the black people would all have gotten up and joined.

        The saddest part, is that I didn’t used to be this way. I used to give people the chance to prove themselves, regardless of their color. And I do know a couple of really cool blacks of varying ages. But they are the minority I believe.

        I will be checking into self-defense classes for women this week. Because if you think black men are bad, black women are worse. Because they know most white women won’t fight and don’t know how.

        Ladies, it’s time to muscle up.

        • St. Lou: Good words; realistic. Dicken’s children are all grown now – ignorance and want – and there doesn’t seem to be a way to reason with them or to expect civil reciprocity. We will reap what was sewed by others – abandonment of ignorance and want, and now they’re angry and frustrated and are not going away. How can you deal with an unreasonable person (animal)? The stress is strain induced; straining to hold on to what securities we have. Farewell.

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