[WATCH] Ex-Clinton Aide Goes On A Tirade Against Cop: ‘You May Shut The F- Up!’

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Headline News | 42 comments

Police released a video Tuesday showing a former financial adviser to Hillary Clinton getting involved in a heated, profanity-laced confrontation with several officers.  60-year-old Caren Z. Turner’s outburst was recorded as she threw what amount to a toddler-like temper tantrum.

“You may shut the f— up!”  Turner screams at an officer at one point.

Turner, who is a Democrat, had previously served on finance committees for Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

Most recently, Turner has been a commissioner with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and was chairwoman of its ethics committee, Politico reported. She was forced to resign last week because of the interaction with police during Easter weekend.

“The Port Authority has zero tolerance for ethics violations,” PA spokesman Ben Branham told the website. According to a police report from March 31, 2018, Turner’s daughter had been pulled over on Route 9W by Tenafly, N.J., police, but allegedly could not provide proof of insurance or registration. So Turner was called to the scene to help resolve the matter, NJ.com reported.

Police video then shows Turner demanding to know what was going on, and brandishing her credentials as a Port Authority commissioner.   “I need to know,” Turner repeatedly tells the officers, demanding information about the traffic stop, according to Fox News. 

The police officers then inform Turner that they are not under any legal obligations to reveal any information to her because her daughter and the passengers in the car are all over the age of 18. Turner appears to grow increasingly frustrated, and demands that the officers refer to her as “Commissioner” rather than “Miss.”

In the police report about this incident, an officer writes that he advised Turner “to speak with the driver of the vehicle for more information,” based on the way she was “attempting to misappropriately use her professional position to gain authority in this situation.” When an officer attempts to end the conversation, Turner says: “You may not tell me when to take my child. You may shut the f— up!”

Allegations of a code of ethics violation prompted the Port Authority’s inspector to investigate. Turner resigned after learning of the investigation, the Port Authority said in a statement Monday. A spokesman for the Port Authority called Turner’s actions “indefensible,” and Turner has refused to comment about her resignation.

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    1. G MAN


      • NEC_Wrangler

        buh bye laydee!

        • NEC_Wrangler

          I love how at around 1:40 once they realize she was going to be a problem they went from having a discussion with her to a “contact-cover” protocol. I think the cover guy was really wishing he could taze her at 2:20 once she starts dropping names. watch his face its hillarious

      • the blame-e

        Take the Rodney King beat down video and photo shop this bitch into it and all is good.

        And there’s your answer to the timeless Democrat, libtard, gun confiscator, socialist, Globalist, NWO, Total World Domination question: “Can’t we all just get along?”

        Hell no.

    2. Unclezip

      Some bitches do need slappin’.

      • Heartless

        They, the police, should’ve called female units out to full body cavity-search the broad. Maybe tazed her just for being an abusive ignornant-of-the-law Democrat and obviously lacking control while feeling above the law and entitled to interfere with a routine matter. Slapped the cuffs (hell, used leg-irons and a anti-bite mask as well) on her, pitched her into a squad car and held her for extensive interrogation, then bunking her with 300# illegal Haitian cannibal immigrants who were desperately horny enough to ‘Johnny-mop’ her into their love slave.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Heartless, if she had approached me acting like that she would’ve been hurt.

    3. John Stiner

      You may refer to her as EX-commissioner. She will now be appointed to some other cronie position where she can push the Clinton globalist agenda.

    4. Beaumont

      Both sides of that argument, there, on that highway, could only exist as the result of confiscatory wealth redistribution, and, fwiw, she might just well be allowed to wear that same uniform, while holding those same political views. Radical Reconstruction and affirmative action has been a significant part of their job description, since the civil rights era.

    5. Fuck Amazon

      I bet the outcome would have been different if she was a black male.

      • Jacknife

        Black male? Hardly. That cop would’ve put the beat down on and arrested just about anybody else who would’ve done that.

      • NEC_Wrangler

        “I bet the outcome would have been different if she was a black male.”

        Yeah, you see alot of those coming out to help out their offspring these days, dont you?

    6. mobius

      Woohoo! Rabbit meltdown. Cross off another one. Someday all of these vids will make a great compilation, “The end of communism in the US.”

    7. jakartaman

      Just a typical liberal elitist.
      These people and media and hollywood types really really believe they are more important than ypu and I.
      Hillary and Obama has told them that they are above the law
      Pitifull and disgusting


      • oi vey goyim

        no…typical jew. These are the same jews that run America…they’re all connected. The USA does Israel’s bitch work and the goyim all clap their hands excitedly like good brainwashed goy. I’m sure most here believe “muslims” did 9/11 too….LOL!!! “Pull it” Larry Silverstein thanks you goyim for being so stupid billions of times.

    8. Fritz

      Self-important costumed character with badge and gun meets more self-importanter, attitude-challenged, commie Commissioner spoiling for a roadside cavity search. Cop in this case displayed remarkable composure in the face of evil adversity.

    9. Illini Warrior

      man oh man – holy shit – what a condescending bitch of a POS …

      give those coppers a whole lot of credit for holding it in – especially when she starts telling to shut up ….

      what’s REALLY scary???? – just think of what authority & POWER she’d have if her God on Earth Hellery would have got elected ….

    10. Robert

      Arrogant name dropper. She seems very insecure with herself and appears to be a power seeker.

    11. Sam Adams

      She could have been arrested for obstruction and disobeying NUMEROUS times instructions. What an insane buffoon. Power hungry Mama thinking she is going to be able to talk them out of it. She has no reason to know what ever the charge was. That in itself made no sense. Also she threatened the cops numerous times trying to wield power. in other words she was saying to the cops you cannot do anything cause I say so. Hey we all would love to use that tactic lady. You above the law Commissioner?????? Lucky you were not taken down.

    12. george

      I’m betting she swallowed a gallon of vino when she arrived home.

      • NEC_Wrangler

        hopefully she chased a handfull of valium with it

    13. Abby

      That woman shows everything that is wrong with progressive liberalism. The sad thing is she is teaching the children this crap. Maybe child welfare should take child from her. She sent her kid ton the indoctrination cape at yale.

      • NEC_Wrangler

        not a child. everyone in the car is a grown-ass adult, which is just one of many reasons this isnt any of her damn business….

        makes me wonder how many times shes done this before (mom will save us) or if she’s just embarassing the shit out of her kid

    14. Roscoe Rules'

      I was a cop in Montgomery Co., MD……where ALL the DC elite lived….welcome to my world. The more they protested, dropped names…AND….explained how important their BLUE asses were, THE MORE TICKETS I STARTED WRITING. Headlights out of adjustment, bad tires……you get the point. AND sometimes I got lucky AND THEY TOUCHED ME, (Common Law Battery)……THUMP!!! As above , HA!

      • Red Leader

        You forgot, no gloves in the glove box!

    15. Sean

      You will respect mah Authoritah! Nope.

    16. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      No one likes getting pulled over by cops, not me. But in this case, the cops should have floored that bitches ass. Who do the fuck do these people think they are. Holy than thou, telling the cops horse shit. The cops should have arrested that bitches ass. Guys, have some balls, and lock up that that LIBERAL PIECE OF SHIT.



      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        HCKS, LOL! I agree and how’ve you been? I would’ve supported the cops taking down that stupid libturd bitch.

    17. 1computerguru

      Here is the total shut down, right where she says they are PHD students at MIT, the cop should have said they arent so FUCKING Smart breaking laws while driving recklessly potentiality endangering others now are they? now STFU and move along

    18. B from CA

      There is a reason this video is out. And I have a feeling it isn’t to help John Doe, average Joe. Cops, like every one else, are hesitant to step on the toes of those in power. If only cops would give respect to the powerless, but they don’t. If a homeless person had spoken that way and continued walking into the cops space, there would have probably been a different outcome.

      This is a good example of how a good cop shows restraint and respect even when the citizen is not willing to be courteous. She certainly showed contempt for these working class goys, I mean boys.


    19. rellik

      What surprises me is that the daughter didn’t wonder over and tell mom to STFU! You are just making this worse. But then again I’m a guy and have never had good interactions with cops.

    20. oi vey goyim

      That’s a face only a mother could love. What a horrific yenta. Another (((coincidence))) goyim!!!

    21. Brian

      Remember Leona Helmsley? She was the one who said something to the effect of “the law is only for the little people!”. Could this woman be related to her?

    22. Jim in Va.

      They should have perp walked her to the cruiser and thrown her ass in the clink for interfering with a police stop. Karma took care of her because she lost her job over it. The evidence is on tape and I’ll bet she never noticed. The cops knew the camera was on and behaved accordingly.

    23. Sgt. Dale

      As a Cop I would have told her to get in her car and get out of there. I would have told her NO once turned around and got into the squad and waited for the Tow Truck. If she would have stayed on the side of the squad after I told her once to get off the roadway and leave the scene and she did I would arrest her for Illegal walking on the roadway, because she was being a bitch. YOU SEE SOME PEOPLE TALK THIER WAY INTO A TICKET. And she would have. This is one time you can arrest someone for being STUPID!!!


    24. fifth_disciple

      So that’s what white privilege looks like!

    25. BuelahMan

      She is married to a FishMAN dude. Her attitude is a Semitic thing.

    26. Some truth

      There’s some truth in this…if she hadn’t been trying to nose in there, she’s right. The cops can shut the fuck up and they have no business telling her what to do.

    27. Jo Brown

      Those policemen were INCREDIBLY patient with that low down whore!

    28. CoinCrusher

      TYPICAL LIBERAL ELITIST attitude in pushing everyone around. Can you believe how arrogant these people are when it comes to dealing with anyone they think is “below” them. People better wake up or they’re gonna find out that they’ve been sitting in a pot of warm water that seems to be getting hotter. Media and Hollywood obviously thinks that they are the only persons on this planet that has anything pertinent to say and everyone else is “labeled” something; i.e., racist, etc.. They truly believe they are “better” and need to be ruling over us. But now, they are in crisis as they “knew” Hillary was going to win and the illegal activity would just continue. They’re in DEEP, DEEP shit now. They truly think they are above the law and it’s now all coming out. Hang’em all on the 14th street bridge.

    29. Synickel

      Chairman of the “Ethics” committee, of all things. The state of government.

      The officers certainly were acting like restrained gentleman.

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