Watch: Disturbing Confrontation Inside Australia’s “Gold Standard” COVID Internment Camp

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Days ago we presented the latest Orwellian headline out of Australia… “Aussie Police Arrest Teen ‘Fugitives’ Who Escaped From COVID Internment Camp”. Since then more incredibly disturbing video from inside the Northern Australian Covid internment camp, Howard Springs facility, has emerged. A frightening confrontation between imprisoned “quarantined” woman and camp authorities was caught on a hidden camera.

    One host on the popular cultural commentary and news analysis site UnHeard recently introduced a segment taking a look at the fresh footage from inside the notorious Covid internment camp : “Australia. Until recently, that country was most famous for its sunshine and relaxed attitude. Well since the Covid pandemic hit we’ve all got to know another side of Australia…”

    “With some of the longest and most stringent lockdowns and travel restrictions in the world, it’s become a case study of what happens when a government will do anything to keep Covid numbers low,” host Freddie Sayers’ narration continues.

    “Their latest policy is to build special camps, Covid internment camps – to which infected and suspected infected people are moved. The biggest of these camps is called Howard Springs.”

    “It houses up to 2,000 inmates, surrounded by tall fences and carefully policed against attempts to escape. It’s been described as the ‘gold standard of such camps and is being replicated across Australia.”

    The woman being interrogated and threatened with a 5000 AU$ fine in the above video can be seen in a follow-up interview below, conducted after she was released from detention…

    As is shown in the video in question, camp officials confronted the quarantined woman, later identified as Hayley Hodgson, and began pointing out yellow lines that she could not cross.

    She never tested positive for COVID after being tested three times. “Never had Covid. I was in close contact with someone – never got it, and I was treated literally like a criminal,” she later described. After her 14-day stint at the camp, she lost her job, returning to her home unemployed, she later confirmed.

    Up until recently, Australia – with its sprawling coastline and beautiful beaches, outdoor and adventure life, and nearly year-round sunshine – was considered by most to be a large “paradise” vacation spot in the South Pacific… but now it’s marked as the place of “Covid quarantine hell”.

    * * *

    Meanwhile, in neighboring New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has unironically given citizens permission to use the bathroom inside other people’s homes when visiting…


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      1. Australians can’t do anything about it, they just have to accept it.

        When it finally comes to America, Americans won’t do anything about it. They will just accept it since that’s easier -and safer- than doing something about it.

        When you look at Australia today you look at America tomorrow.

        • A person who cannot defend themselves because they gave up their protection willingly will do what they are told obviously…..
          Those that can and will defend themselves……Not so much!

        • … When you look at Australia today you look at America tomorrow.

          FU, pussy. Not all Americans are pansy pussies like you. Go back under the fcking troll bridge where you live.

          • Maybe not all are, but you most certainly are.

        • They gave up their guns years ago, we haven’t yet. There are some of us willing to use our to defend our freedoms. So we die, we die free.

      2. Communism at its finest!

      3. “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has unironically given citizens permission to use the bathroom”

        Wastewater has been tested in CA.

        So, by extension, you do not even have to leave your house, or have any visitors, to be grouped with the diseased.

        As was wisely noted by one Australian, the first couple of things communists do is get you off your land, and place you in stack-and-pack accommodations in some planned city.


      5. Organize. Declare .gov your enemy. Then, go to guns.

        GO. TO. GUNS.

      6. What has happened to the Aussies! I always thought of them as being individualistic and amongst the freest on earth. I can see on on-line videos there are still some brave individuals who love their freedom and will not go quietly, but most are just acquiescing, for now.
        When govts become authoritarian and heavy-handed they consolidate their power and control in a way to keep it in perpetuity. It works for a while, even a long time, but not possible forever. Change does come because people gradually tire of smothering control under authoritarianism, and/or the State is required to invest ever more resources to the point it is not possible to maintain its dominance.
        As for the Aussies and the rest of us, the covid phenomenon is not the reason for loss of liberty, it is only a tool used to deprive us of our liberties, covid is merely a part of a greater picture. The politicians in all countries where covid “measures” are stifling people know exactly what they are doing. They are following orders to initiate measures to limit freedoms and happily following orders to crush their people.
        Right now, most people in the developed world are too comfortable to do anything, but that will change when the right catalyst(s) occurs. This lack of motivation to do something not only applies to covid but also to massive 3rd world immigration. Presently, politicians in developed nations are gleefully following orders to wreck their nations, and destroy their culture and eliminate their sense of identity as a people.
        The covid camps seem to have a basic physical comfort level, that will change too. Other countries will note the “success” of the camps and will build their own. But don’t expect the camps to offer much privacy to individuals here in the US, they will actually be more like prisons. And used not only for covid, but to expand to include other things the gov’t considers social “precautions” for our “well-being”.
        I don’t trust officials, any officials, and I don’t do anything they suggest. I even have written my kongress and scenators to have them explain their hypocrisy, their record, and their political position. All I get is a standard form letter thanking me for writing them and that I can be assured my concerns and the concerns of their constituents are first and foremost.
        There will be a point though when all this covid business will no longer be sustainable. I want to see those responsible for all the social and economic disruptions, and who wanted to curtail our liberties in jail.

        • “I want to see those responsible for all the social and economic disruptions, and who wanted to curtail our liberties in jail.”

          Yes, I’m waiting for that as well. It’s as if they thought they would not be held to account. Well, we all know how that turned out for Adolf and Benito.

      7. Try that here and see what happens. It won’t go over so we’ll

      8. If a few of the tyrants running those camps and enforcing the “rules” didn’t ever make it back to their homes, all this crap would stop. I’m sure there are more “prisoners” than there are “enforcers.” ……………….All freedom loving people should read Gulag Archipelago by Sollzhenitzen

      9. They called them pest houses in the dark age.

        • Or Leper colonies.

      10. This is horrible. This is what happens when they take your guns. What a beautiful young lady. So happy she has the gusto to make this video. God bless her.

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