Watch: “Anti-Fascist” Militia Training Video Shows Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation

by | May 2, 2017 | Headline News | 151 comments

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    Following the Berkeley protests last month, where numerous Anti-Fa(scist) activists complained of getting a beatdown after they attempted to intimidate peacefully assembling Trump supporters, we learned that the left-leaning organizations are taking their organization efforts to the next level. Among other things, they have called for more combat training, better equipment, and even guns in an effort to scare those who disagree with their message of forced tolerance, equal rights and inclusion.

    Today, we get a better look at what that means, with somewhat hilarious results.

    The Conservative Tribune explains:

    Poorly-regulated militias, it seems, are good for only one thing: laughs.

    In case you missed our previous reportage on the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club, it’s a “militia” made up of Arizona liberals who conspicuously rediscovered the Second Amendment right about the time that Donald Trump had become the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination.

    This militia, in case you hadn’t noticed, is named after abolitionist John Brown. For those of you who have gone through Common Core American history and are unfamiliar with the name, he was an insurrectionist who was hanged after an armed rebellion against the Democrat-backed slave owners of the antebellum South. Say what you will about his methods, he was a man of conviction and bravery.

    These idiots, meanwhile, are nothing more than cowardly defenders of the modern incarnation of the party Brown died fighting. They back an ideology that has no respect for gun rights, but they’re willing to compromise that in order to intimidate Americans into giving up their freedom of speech and assembly.

    Perhaps it’s unsurprising that individuals with such negligible convictions and morals also have such negligible skill at handling a firearm. These dress-up militia members couldn’t hit the side of a Chick-fil-A from 20 feet, though I fear that may not be for lack of trying.

    Full report: Lib Militia Releases “Range Day” Footage… And It’s a Complete Joke

    Watch the full video:

    As noted near the end of the video, the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club is:

    Working to stem the tide of reactionary recruitment within white working class communities, fight white supremacy, and build community defense.

    Curiously and all of a sudden, the left supports the Second Amendment.

    With lyrics like “we’re getting organized… you fascists are bound to lose” playing in the background, it doesn’t take that much of a stretch of the imagination to realize that what these people are training for is armed conflict.

    Just last week a family friendly Rose Parade was cancelled in Portland, Oregon after AntiFa groups threatened to violently attack parade goers, including children who would have attended.

    Make no mistake: These people want war. They want blood. And anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their special brand of crazy will be a target.


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    There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”

    The Simple Reason Why a Second American Civil War May Be Inevitable

    Portland Rose Parade Cancelled Amid THREATS OF VIOLENCE From Anti-Fascists: “You Have Seen How Much Power We Have… Police Can’t Stop Us”


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      1. This won’t end well for them.

        • Their misuse of firearms, and the subsequent response to it will be the rallying cry to abolish the Second Amendment.

          The left will create the problem that justifies the response that they desire.

          • Better idea: abolish the fascist left

            • TEST, any libturd who points a weapon at me will be dead meat.

              • This is my point: we’re forgiving and such but point a weapon at us and its over. At the point at which you point a weapon at me the time to be charitable and forgiving has passed.

                Not only that, but who engages at close range like that? Back off. It takes way more skill to nail a long range target. They were all shooting at back yard and shoot house ranges. Snipers are way more effective than frontal assaults. They’ve been watching too many damned movies. Snipers are not nearly as “sexy” on the TV but way more effective in the field They also incite more fear and panic because you can’t see where its coming from or when its going to happen.

                Think of the farm boys that have been shooting groundhogs in the head (a baseball sized target) at 200 yards with anything from 222s to 22-250s. Imagine the ease at which these farm boys can hit milk jug sized targets at 400 yards and beyond? Watch a Brandon Smith video and see.

                ID Your Enemies: Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light.


                • Yep!

                • I go out to SD to prairie dog hunt once a year. If I can hit a prairie dog at 550 yards(my best so far) with my AR-15 a human head isn’t an issue! And my AR is not some off the shelf cheapie like they would buy, I custom built it for accuracy!

                  • MaryB, leave the ground hogs alone please. We may need them for food soon. Also just so you know 550 yards is not that far. In rifle matches you often shoot 200 yards standing, 300 yards in other positions like kneeling and sitting and then out to 600 yards in the prone position with open sights. Long range matches are at 1000 yds. But none of that matters because the enemy can rush you and close by 440 yards in a minutes and seconds?

                • Netranger, I’d never wait for them to point a weapon at me. You need to be proactive, NEVER reactive. If you wait for them to point their weapons at you, you’ve waited to long, because the next thing that might happen, could be your dead body hitting the ground.

                  • Only 3 percent of the public have the nerve to fight when the SHTF. 2 to 3 may join them IF the original 3 percent are successful. Basically the latter are johnny-come-lately’s.

                    The left field even a lower percentage, probably less than 1 percent of them would ever fight. Still we’re talking about millions here. The right field increasingly older folks, the left just near exclusively the young. If you ever look at armies, they only draft the young and flexible. They take orders better, feel like they’re bulletproof and are stronger, than older people.

                    We have a generational rift in this country, the left have done their work all too well in frontloading their rhetoric to the last few generations, particularly the millennials. If the war doesn’t happen soon, the left will win simply by default. What’s getting their dander up is that they almost had their UTOPIA with the Hildebeast. She was their Goddess who would have finalized everything Obama started. GOD SAVE US.

                    “Times are tough, you can’t refute it, buy a rifle and learn to shoot it.”

              • Yes braveheart, they said they want guns to scare patriots away. That is crazy to say. Don’t they understand that if they point guns at a coward that a good coward will be too afraid to run and just gun them down? I am too afraid to let them take pot shots at me and my family while I run ? In a zigzag pattern and too old too. Mozambique ’em

                • Gandhi, I’m NOT afraid to take on a libturd POS. I’m not afraid to do what has to be done.

                • The problem is if more than one with a rifle it can turn into a slaughter real fast. What total hypocrites these people are. The reasons LIBERALS hate guns is that they know most liberals can’t be trusted with such capabilities. It’s all about self projection and these people have murder in their hearts.

                  Conservatives see and accept the right of self-defense due to MUTUAL respect. The aren’t out to kill anyone but to DEFEND themselves!

                • That’s three rounds per. Not worth it if one takes them out of the fight. That was the winning argument for the .223 fifty odd years ago. One guy’s hurt, two guys help him, for a net of three fewer shooters.

                  How many of them do you think are gonna get shot and keep fighting? For that matter, how many will get shot AT and keep fighting? It could be a whole new ARVN situation.

                  • Oh, would I have a field day if the POS sub humans ever tried that here. Beirut reduce for me. I was in Grenada and Beirut. They ain’t got half the guts that even cowardly rag heads have.

            • Communists/leftists have never had to deal with victims who can fight back. These schmucks are enjoying their “training” and feel like King Kong. They will surprise the “facists” by showing up armed one time, then shit when they realize bullets are not always outbound.

              Make no mistake, I’m no ‘special operator’, so I don’t relish the idea of a gunfight. Such events are rarely completely one-sided. I remember my father relating an exchange he once had with a fellow union member who was eager to walk a picket line: “I’ve got a .357 magnum!” My father replied “You’d be in good shape if they only made that ONE!”

            • The herd just does what it is programmed to do. What should be abolished are the puppet-masters who are instigating all of this type of activity.

          • The National SOCIALIST Hitler also had very detailed plans, just like these rent-a-thugs from self-admitted Hitler collaborator Soros. Turns out their little plans didn’t exactly go the way they had hoped, did it?

            The fascist left MURDERED ~ 100 freaking MILLION last century, per The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. Now it looks like they are back at their usual. But hey, death and mayhem is the calling card of the left, all the way back to Robespierre, isn’t it!

            And yeah, I am going to CONTINUE posting this information for new readers, or until there isn’t an ignorant leftist remaining that uses the word word fascist or Nazi in the uninformed manner I see every day.

            • Hey mate… Have I coined a new term? How about you feed these Cretins, useless eater /oxygen thieves a “LEAD BREAKFAST”…

          • I bet a 1 OZ Round of Silver, this Stock Photo of the Gun Slingers at the top of the page, is not connected in any way, shape or form to the Anti-Fa. This is to draw a PsyOpps set of fears, without any facts or real proof.

            Think Clearly people, Lots of BS out there.

            • A limited (by my limited knowledge of how) image search so far only shows this image appearing here on this site.

              Can’t find any other origin for it, but I’m not really good at searching for images so maybe it originates somewhere else.

            • This photo is a screen shot taken directly from the video around the 2:15 mark. Not stock.

              But keep that 1 OZ round, we’re all gonna need our stacks 🙂

          • Regrettably, that is the pattern.

            In 1865 a Democrat killed Abraham Lincoln, president of the United states.
            In 1881 a Democrat killed James Garfield, president of the United states.
            In 1963 a Socialist killed JFK, president of the United states. In 1975 a Democrat shot at Gearld Ford, president of the United states.
            In 1983 a Democrat shot Ronald Regan, president of the United states.
            In 1984 a Democrat killed 22 people in a Mc Donalds restaurant. In 1986 a Democrat killed 15 people in a Oklahoma post office. In 1990 a Democrat killed 10 people ima a GMAC office.
            In 1991 a Democrat killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria in Killeen Tx.
            In 1995 a Democrat killed 5 co-workers in a Texas laboratory.
            In 1999 a Democrat killed 8 people at a church service.
            In 2001 a Democrat shot at the White House aiming for George Bush.
            In 2003 a Democrat killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin Plant. in 2007 a Democrat killed 32 people at Virginia Tech.
            In 2010 a Democrat shot Gabrielle Gifford and killed 6 others. In 2011 a Democrat killed 12 people in a movie theater.
            In 2012 a Democrat killed 7 people in Minneapolis.
            In 2013 a Democrat killed 26 people in a school in Newton Ct. In 2013 a Democrat killed 12 people at a navy shipyard.
            Guns don’t kill people democrats do.
            And then use those killings as a justification for disarming Conservatives.

        • Did you notice the 2019 Jamestown centennial is called

          “AMERICAN EVOLUTION”???????????

          Evolve into what??????? Its clear from the event description.

          Evolving into being less white, thats what!!!!!!!!!

          • Awwww…C’mon… You’re supposed to be all fuzzy good with the “evolving” third-world communist cesspool, that was once the gem of Western Civilization. Now, go attend one of those Whitey guilt seminars, and beg forgiveness from those who intend on killing you…

            As for the leftists at the range, well, they are doing something. When push comes to shove, they will be easy meat, for those who know what they are doing.

            But, most people are not at the range, even for basic familiarization. Most people are still glued to the tube, eating and drinking like swine. These people will be the easy meat for the leftists and their golden hordes.

            It could even be, that these people are being encouraged from elsewhere. Where do leftist antifas, who want YOUR guns banned, come up with about 30 rifles like that? If any “right-wing” group held such a training session, the left, and their msm would be howling.

            Interesting dynamic, it is…

        • I was encouraged by that video, they were pointing loaded rifles at their feet, jerking the trigger, shooting so slow. Using communist weapons. I was embarrassed for them. Should be a turkey shoot when they start.

          • Gandhi, I was on the range with my family at the BOL today and they all definitely did better than that bunch. Even I could outshoot any of them.

            • Remember to practice at 2:00 am since most fights are at night. Practice eye socket shots with your silenced volquartzen 22lr.

        • I think realistically the way they handled those guns tells me they should stock up on IV bags and trauma kits. Looks like they are already stocked up on pain killers and cheetos.

          • These fucks are going to get a lot of their fellow “antifacists” hurt. I’ve told my daughter that if there is any attempt to enlist students at her school for a “protest”, use any ruse necessary to dodge it. Fake “panic attack”, go to bathroom and disappear, etc.

            • They were lucky to not have ricochets come back at them from the rocks, they were way to close to be firing anything bigger than a pistol caliber.

          • Forget the med supplies, we could make a fortune selling them toe tags.

        • Bring it on liberal pansies, let’s get it on.

        • The next American Civil War is one itchy Antifa trigger pull away..Once it starts, you must eliminate ALL of them, no mercy, no quarter, no regrets. If you want to end a war, you must eliminate the INITIATORS of it.

          • That’s all very noble… Wouldn’t it be a little smarter to take out the upper echelon; in other words, cut the head off the snake… What is it the Elites hold to be most cherished; far surpassing even the obscene wealth they possess? If you want to instil the maximum retribution, you eliminate the family, their most sacred asset. Immediately you are the victor; hold the upper hand and strike fear into their pathetic little hearts. I would expect a few carefully placed snipers would be able to take most of them out with a minimum of fuss. I didn’t need to tell you guys that did I?

            Waiting in anticipation…

        • “This won’t end well for them”


          OHHH ANTI-fascists. Thanks for clearing that one up, I coudln’t tell.

        • Agreed. Looking at this video I had a really good laugh! They moved alot of dirt around and thats about it. I dont wish for any armed conflict here but it seems to be going that way. If they are going to bring it and this is the best they can muster, I guess we will have a lot of free guns and ammo lying around when its over because this group cant hit shit at 25 yards with long guns. That said, never underestimate your enemy either. Stay ready and good situational awareness.

      2. “ARs are modular. You can swap out one moderate powered upper for a high powered upper.”

        Are you gonna do that in the middle of a firefight you fucktard? Thats the fucking point of having a battle rifle and an assault rifle. They are both tools for specific tasks.

        • *cough* what the fuck does an upper have to do with the power of a gun?

          The power comes from caliber and load.

          • Well I just hope those lefties improve enough to realize they suck at shooting.

      3. I know people who have traveled the world and are still too fucking stupid to see the obvious truth about race.

        • Lol, aren’t you the virulently anti-Semitic d-bag that blames all the world’s problems on Jews?

          • There’s a lot of them here. Everything is some kind of Zionist plot. What they fail to realize is the Zionists look out for the Zionists. Arabs look out for the Arabs. Persians (Iranians)
            look out for themselves. Russians, Chinese, Americans, and so on. All these sides are plotting against each other to get what they want. Thats how the game is played. Thats how its always been played since the beginning of time. Its a nasty world. Boy scouts are
            make believe. Like Leo Durocher used to say, nice guys finish last.

            • So it’s LITERALLY EVERYONE, but somehow only the Jews are the problem and they’re evil.

              Sounds legit to me.

        • Often in civil wars, your uniform is the color of your skin and the Bible you carry. Slaves

      4. I am so confused. I thought the left were all about peace and love. I thought they hated guns. I thought they hated violence. Hmmmmm…seems to me that the left don’t know what they stand for anymore but instead just want to be angry and destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Sounds very Hitler like to me.

        • Kinase

          See my post

          Kevin2 says:
          Comment ID: 3692477

        • “I am so confused.”

          Mission accomplished.

        • They are marxist commnunists, not nazis. Understanding that distinction will make a difference in understanding the overall geopolitical situation, and marxist end-goals.

        • I’m often surprised at how many Liberals own guns, often they inherited it from Dad, but never the less they have them. Some even bought guns, and it’s a matter of do as I say, not as I do, hypocrisy.

          Generally they are completely ignorant of gun laws, or gun safety. Often the only time their gun sees light is when they take it out to threaten or kill someone in a domestic dispute.

          They will be shocked the day guns are actually banned, and police bust down their door for a “safety” inspection, then drag them away to prison.

      5. Got some libtard rifles… never been fired and only dropped once…

      6. Why shouldn’t the lefties be doing this, after all you righties have been doing for decades. I guess you assholes think you have some divine right to stupidity.

        • Cant stand bs, any of us ‘righties’, including me, can take you on and send you home crying to momma, so STFU.

        • I bet you are a real pussy, Miss can’t stand bs.

        • Oops, if the libturds had been the targets, they would’ve been history in only a minute. Something like that would also be useful for Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter.

        • The willie waving is fun, but a second civil war will see six million Americans dead. These folks will get better if they keep practicing…be nice to just duct tape them to lamp posts

        • Lost Karma, LMAO! Thanks for that video. Gives a whole new meaning to my term LIBTURD. Definitely can’t fix stupid.

        • ^^^^ Nothing is more dangerous than “friendly fire”.

          Wooden walls and stray bullets don’t mix well, either.

          Even if you refuse to participate in any shape or form.

      7. Consider the source of the video creators.

        These people aren’t even smart enough to understand what the definition of ‘fascism’ is anyways. They use fascism to combat what they perceive as fascism. I find that humorous.

        Also, what dumbasses have a backstop made from what is essentially a hill of rocks?

        These tards are going to be surprised when people who actually know what to do with a gun come in and school them in the worst way.

        There are some of us who actually practice.

        • Come in and school them? Haha they wouldn’t survive to graduate.

        • CR, I’ve been doing that at the BOL for the past 2 days. if that bunch tried to tangle with me and my family, they would become dead meat.

      8. If this is real they just started doing what many of us have been doing for decades. This falls under the old saying “If you give a thousand monkeys hammers and nails eventually one of them will drive a nail”. Shooting at paper is one thing Shooting at things that shoot back is quite another.

      9. Shooting a gun and knowing how to use a weapon are two different things. Paper targets don’t move for cover or fire back at you but don’t let them know that and also your 1 or 2 magazines will be gone in less than 2 minutes without proper trigger discipline.

        • LDH, spot on. It takes time and patience to learn gun safety and how to properly operate, take aim, and shoot. whoever taught those libturds about guns oughta have his ass reamed. And NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD USE A HILL WITH ROCKS FOR A BACKSTOP. Those rounds will ricochet right off those rocks and strike someone or something. It’s a wonder none of those idiots got hit by a ricocheting round.

          • Brave.
            It’s a wonder none of those idiots got hit by a ricocheting round.


            • Sarge, LMAO! Damn good point.

      10. Based off pant tightness and hair lengths I can’t really tell male from female. All seriousness aside it will be fun watching em figure out scoot and shoot tactics on the battlefield since they’ve mastered standing in one place and gripping the weapons like they are going full auto

      11. So…we are all supposed to be impressed with their day at the range. Well…I learned about their 10 new shooting positions on their -long- 15 yard range that they must teach in their Appleseed’s out west. And here I am back east sweating it out trying to get below 4 MOA at 100 yards with my M1A Socom shooting from the four basic rifle shooting positions.

      12. As a Range Safety Officer, the video made me uncomfortable. No uniform eye protection, the range layout, putting on the safety after pointing the weapon at their feet, fingers on triggers at inappropriate times, assholes with potentially loaded weapons and fingers on triggers behind the firing line, and people beyond the firing line, is all enough to make me know it’s an accident waiting to happen. They’ll get great press once one or more of them dies. That’s some scary shit. Oh well, Darwinism to the rescue.

        QUALITY range time, then shoot, move and communicate.

        • You are right Tex. Hahaha I’m afraid they might try something cause they look that stupid. I didn’t see anyone with a shot timer even.

          I hope they realize except for the first five minutes shots won’t be that close.

        • Tex, spot on. Whoever taught those morons how to handle their weapons needs a new asshole reamed into him or her. Hell, I’ve got 12 and 13-year-old nephews and nieces who already know how to shoot and how to operate their weapons safely and properly. Those kids are even better shots than I am. The kids could make at of those libturds look like shit on a range. Their Dad was an NRA-certified instructor so they’ve been taught right and proper. I could also picture one of those libturds shooting him or herself in the foot and blaming it on Trump, LOL!

        • Yup

        • I was basically raised by weapons like some children are raised by wolves. I then joined the military. I have probably spent the most time of anyone on here firing weapons.

          The vast majority of the population are clueless and get all their information from a) video games or b) Hollywood. They have no idea about real weapons, real warfare. And that is good because they will be easy to pick off and contain if they try a civil war.

          The bloopers video was very funny: pretty well all women and gay Arabs.

          I would add two further favorites: the nine year old girl who wastes her range coach with an Uzi; and the South African police who waste a load of jumped-up black miners in about five seconds. Good target practice for when they try and grab the Afrikaners’ land.

          • I like the monkey with the AK video ?

      13. You hit the primer on the center Kevin2. My guess is they will be released even faster than they were rounded up.
        A real sh@t show is brewing

      14. Carlos Hathcock could wipe out that entire bunch at 500 yds and one accurate M14. Prolly in one afternoon. He hated communists. He would consider it a public service. I have an autographed copy of his book Marine Sniper. I bought it at a 1000 yard high power rifle match in Ohio. It is fun setting up a weather station and a good spotting scope and watch the bullet contrails headed to the targets. I enjoyed pulling and pasting targets so I could hear the bullets crack overhead and I could see how the competitors were shooting. I miss being a military slave?

        • I forgot to mention, I am a better shot than Carlos.

      15. Wait long enough they’ll shoot themselves. Anything beyond 20 yards was beyond their ability. There will be a lot of them picked from 300 to 500 yds. before they get to shoot their guns.

        • Carlos Hathcock preferred to be beyond 700 yards. He zeroed his unertal rifle scope at 700 yds. He liked that scope since there were no internal springs to go bad. He used a 308 win often but preferred the 300 win mag in a model 70 Winchester bolt action hunting rifle. The gubermint gave him special 300 win mag loads and all the match grade 308 he wanted. I miss him but I bump into him in hell sometimes. He should not have shot that little 13 year old kid off of a bicycle at around1700 yards with that browning 50 cal. That earned him a place in history as the longest rifle kill at the time but also it earned him a spot in hell.

        • They will waste each other come the first fire fight. All it takes is a couple of their ‘Black Lies Matter’ allies to get cocky and run forward of the fire line, catching a swathe of bullets in the back. A couple of the girls will trip as they run forward, either discharging into their own legs or into somebody near by. If they can even make it in a long fire fight, they will get winded and very tired and the fire discipline will go to hell.

          • Frank-yep you sounds like you have real experience. You must play your weapon like a musical instrument not swing it like a 3 foot 2X4 melee weapon

            • Sadly, yes. You learn to love and respect your weapon in equal measure. It is not a toy and not a thing to wave around and look tough. Untrained fools make many mistakes and, when placed under the real pressure of battle and fire fights, they are tripped up by many mistakes. There is trade craft that only those experienced know.

              I have lost count of the people who have cracked their shoulder blades or broken noses and cheeks from kick because they didn’t hold their weapon properly.

              • I always hated my weapon. But it was my evil friend.

      16. picked off…..

        • Jim, if they need any help to shoot themselves…..

      17. When do the fascist left brownshirts begin their book burnings?

        Just curious

      18. Like everything else the left does…..Pathetic.

        • The Left should just call it a god damned day because they are a sad sad pathetic bunch still on their mamma’s tit!

      19. Hillary is “back to being a private citizen activist, and part of the resistance”.

        __ What is George Soros back to being?


        • Soros is back to being an instrument of his father, Satan.

      20. Anti-Fascist” Militia Training Video Leftists Are Preparing For Armed Confrontation…..
        But in reality, there are maybe 2500 of them….
        Its all FEAR PORN!!!

      21. Even their range looks as dirty as the way they leave their protests and as hairy as the, ahem, “girls” legs.


        • Should of dropped Uncle Ted in there and watch them scatter.

      22. For those of you interested: Does human CO2 cause global warming?

        From Dr. Ed Berry at

        Recently the Financial Stability Board estimated faux global warming would cost $73 TRILLON over then next 15 years. Now you know why Goldman Suchs and all the other banksters are all over this one. BIG GREEN MONEY indeed.

      23. Please tell me this is a joke…

        • A joke? Didn’t you see that bad-ass dude bayonet the paper Pepe the Frog target, at the end of the video?

          I’ll be having nightmares about him coming after me.

          • Joe, any of them just have to point a weapon at me and they will die. You play with fire, you get burned. Fact of life.

          • Joe, hahaha that bayonet scene was fuuuuny. Pepe the frog is antifa too. I was expecting him to fire his rifle at the end of the bayonet scene to shred the picture sending a round over the backstop but…so I give them some credit for not launching a round. I would have loaded a blank cartridge the gun and blown the paper just to hear idiots howl about shooting over the backstop.

            Snicker snicker.

      24. Too stupid to have peaceful protests. These violent protesters are protesting exactly what? If they live a few more years they will realize that resistance is futile.

      25. Phoenix John Brown Gun Club? Ironic, given that all these fascist leftists are the heirs of the plantation owning Democrats of yesteryear, even up to the recently departed Sen. Robert KKK Byrd (D-WV)… the exact same people who want to turn all of America into Detroit, make no bones about abortion – which VASTLY aborts more black babies than white (see, where Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America, w/78% of their clinics in minority communities, and where blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions), whih destroys the black family through the welfare state and its elimination of fathers, and HATES black conservatives – think Frederick Douglass, who said “”I am a black dyed-in-the-wool Republican… and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of FREEDOM and PROGRESS!” Republican Douglass elevated himself from a slave to a statesman, from poverty to prosperity
        with these anti-leftist values: 1.) Respect for the U.S. Constitution 2.) Respect for life 3.) Belief in limited government 4.) Belief in personal responsibility

        But then, these people are too STUPID to know that Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, which adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 24, 1920 in Munich (and for those of you sick of me repeating this, get used to it. I will NOT shut up until everyone in America knows this fact.)

        • Meh? know one cares what some mentally ill NAZI really thinks anyhow. These antifa people don’t know what they really want except the do want welfare checks.

        • Americans have been conditioned to think “nazi”, where someone steps out of line. This is not an accident. The Frankfort School marxists led the way with this dogma.

          Calling someone a “nazi”, or “racist”, is designed to do several things:

          1) Divert attention from the person doing the name calling, who are more often than not, a common leftist, or overt marxist.

          2) Send the person being called the name in a fear-based panic. (Fear of be ostracized, is one of the worst fears White people have. This fear has led us to this current situation.)

          3) Generate immediate antipathy from anyone else in the immediate vicinity.

          4) Allow the name caller to quickly end the argument while claiming “righteous victory”.

          • Yes, it is all about “virtue signaling” for these weak leftists.

      26. tex I don’t go to range anymore cus too many people in same room armed and don’t know what they’re doin range safety officer can’t police all the dangerous mistakes people make. I go to brother in laws farm. It’s nice to shoot outside at longer ranges if I want than some 25yard pistol indoor range and pay to use the lane. I burn through a few mags and my trigger finger is satisfied. Don’t have to deal with a bunch of wannabe tactical operators hemin and ha in about they’d do this and that and how badass they are. I’d rather shoot with old timers than deal with what the gun community has become. Just callin it how I see it. Never joined the NRA and won’t that disqualifies me from most clubs. Don’t need NRA

      27. Do not underestimate these people. They are filled with hate, they are organized, and they are determined, and all any of you guys are doing is sitting at your desks typing. They will have you lying in pools of blood before you have your pants on.

        • Underestimate the enemy, he defeats you.

          Oldest law of war.

          • The spirit of grey man is to look unthreatening but be one dangerous mofo

          • Properly stated, by the original master:

            “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” – Sun Tzu

        • All they need to do is get several firearms to one of the pro-Trump rallies and point and shoot.

          • Yes its unfortunate. There will be some bloodshed. Innocents no doubt.

          • Given their penchant for their mental illness and childish stupidity leading to easy quick violence, once they provoke and attack ANY Trump supporter that is armed and they react in SELF DEFENSE, nobody is going to CARE anymore or TOLERATE them anymore. an ANTIFA massacre is short in the works, THEY KNOW NOT WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO THEM but the bet that sane people will keep on tolerating their violent attacks.

      28. It seems since Eve. Feminism has been the major problem ? How do you deal with gullible fools that can vote? I guess that’s why all democracies don’t last long. This seems like an impossible delema? The delusions of the end times? Seems like most of them don’t want to do anything , including the perpetuation of our race? Let them decide if we go quietly into the night? Or tell them do or die? Isn’t suicide against the law? White people are what 6% of the world population. Go live in a country run by any other race and see how long you last? The great delusions of the endtimes. We see it right in front of are faces and we denied it. What a great delusion?

      29. RRRR, I think you screw up underestimating the people on this forum. I don’t know much about most of them, but I get the feeling they’re people you would love to have on your side when the chips are down. You make good points about the libturds being filled with hate and being determined, but I say THEY DON’T HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER JUDGING FROM THE VIDEO OF THEIR ‘RANGE TIME’. Whoever the hell taught them about guns is just as much a moron as them if not worse. And no libturd will ever have the drop on me. Kill me before I can get my pants on? HAHA! Those morons in the video couldn’t even hit the broad side of a barn. I’m also a light sleeper. My 9mm is locked and loaded at my bedside every night and extra mags right next to it just in case. I can have my weapon WITH tactical LED light trained on any POS trying to break in on me before they know it. Those libturds are one of the biggest jokes I’ve ever seen in my life.

      30. as I said before

        they’re learnin’ the hard way,

        but they’re learnin’.

      31. This is from the groups FB page.

        There seem to be a lot of misunderstandings about our focus and intent. We are not a communist group, we have lots of members from a whole spectrum of political backgrounds. We definitely are not interested in attacking or killing people. Don’t buy into conspiracy theories by trolls on the internet. We are accessible and straightforward about who we are, and what we do. We are a community defense group interested in building networks to keep each other safer, because we trust no forms of government nor politicians to take care of any of us.

        To clear up our goals and intentions, this is the actual statement we handed out at the MAGA march when we open-carried rifles to the State Capitol:

        We are working class and poor people. We are not here today as your enemies. But Jews, Muslims, migrants, refugees, folks of color, native people, queer and trans folks, the elderly, or others who are now being targeted by the Trump administration are also not your enemies.
        We have been fooled and duped for long enough by politicians on all sides. We keep on following the same politicians as they break promise after promise and sell out hard working and struggling folks. Whether Democrat or Republican, they’re always the same: rich politicians who only look out for themselves at the expense of all the rest of us. No matter what lies they tell us about being champions for the “everyday citizen” or “little guy”, they all end up behaving the same.

        We are now watching as preparations are made to slash the budget for meals on wheels, denying tens of thousands of senior citizens the nourishment they need to survive. We look on as the new administration targets and attacks people merely for the religion they practice. We cringe in horror as the swamp is not drained, but padded by even more corrupt Wall Street swindlers. We stand in shock as the Federal government seizes land from small farmers and home owners to build a massive border wall. Every day another executive order is signed and our “little guy” president rules with the stroke of a pen, mocking whatever we thought our democratic processes stood for.

        Meanwhile, we are so busy attacking each other that we don’t even have the ability to resist the folks actually calling the shots. We who have been attacking the Mexican day laborer rather than the rich CEO. We who have rallied against the construction of new Mosques instead of ensuring all our city’s children have clean drinking water. We who have made public calls to attack and arrest Black Lives Matter activists rather than to investigate and punish billionaires who gut our pensions and health insurance. Striking out at folks who we have much more in common with, folks who should be our natural allies, instead of at those who rig this entire system and profit from our misery.

        The only people who gain from this are the politicians and the economic elite they protect. While we’re busy fighting black folks, migrants, queer folks, and Muslims, our communities crumble. While we work ourselves into a frenzy about Syrian war orphans potentially moving into our cities, our own children struggle to eat. While we attack other marginalized and exploited people, the rich and politicians watch on and laugh at us.

        All people who want real liberty and a better future face a choice. We can choose to continue to attack folks merely because they have a different skin color or religion or sexual preference or gender identity or country of birth than we do. Or we can choose to fight for liberty for all people. We must choose a side, and we must do it now.

        We must defend these targeted communities at all costs. We will not merely watch as our co-workers, neighbors, friends, and families are stolen from us, murdered, deported, arrested without cause, disappeared, and brutalized. We have far more in common with a migrant or refugee or black co-worker than we ever will with a billionaire politician, and we will fight like hell to protect them.

        Today we do not stand here as your enemies. We stand here to show you that there are other options. We stand here to show you that folks won’t quietly watch their communities be destroyed. We stand here with hope for a better future, one that we must all work together to defend and protect.”

        • Antifa was created by marxists, over 50 years ago. Knowing who these people are, and what their real goals are, makes it easy to see through their fuzzy intro. Make no mistake, these are the people who would love nothing more to kill you in their socialist wet dream.

      32. I could not stop laughing! Starbucks needs to sponsor these idiots.

        • Hahaha yes, even the moose-limbs thought that video was stooopid.

      33. I got banned from their FB page for writing this:

        Communist have killed millions, Nazi’s have, so have the CRONIE capitalist but the better of the three is a limited constitutional capitalist system without The Fed Reserve, UN, CFR, Bilderberg Group, IMF, Rothchilds, Soros, Rockefellers, Clintons, Bush, Trump ,or anything that has to do with any NWO. I’m against the global elite as much as you but I sure as hell am not ready to to give away unwillingly everything I work for away. The elite, are crooks no matter what their race is. So why this page even throws all this anti white race crap in the mix is beyond me. Blacks believe and support this system just as much. This group seems to just want to pull white people in it to fight other white people and not the system that suppresses them. If you guys support Antifa and communism you will lose, no question. If you really want change for the better I suggest more of a Constitutional Libertarian movement. Anything other then that most Americans will consider this group just another terrorist organization like they already are on other websites.

        • Korhi if something actually worked toward freedom it is made illegal. There has never been a non-violent revolution. But if you are too afraid to be free, you can be my slave.

      34. All I can say is this I wonder how many undercover FBI guys are there?

        And this I say to both sides take your WAR away from me GO KILL each other, I will sit down in my cabin 2 mountain ranges away from this BULL SHIT, and watch you kill each on the news while I am eating a HAMBURGER, and drinking a COLD BEER watching your ignorant asses.

        By the way if you can not understand what I am saying here is the READER’S DIGEST SHORT VERSION ——-LEAVE ME ALONE—–YOU SHOOT AT ME, I WILL SHOOT BACK, I WILL NOT MISS, GET IT? LEAVE ME ALONE…………



      35. All I can say is this I wonder how many undercover FBI guys are there?

        And this I say to both sides take your WAR away from me GO KILL each other, I will sit down in my cabin 2 mountain ranges away from this BULL SHIT, and watch you kill each on the news while I am eating a HAMBURGER, and drinking a COLD BEER watching your ignorant asses.

        By the way if you can not understand what I am saying here is the READER’S DIGEST SHORT VERSION ——-LEAVE ME ALONE—–YOU SHOOT AT ME, I WILL SHOOT BACK, I WILL NOT MISS, GET IT? LEAVE ME ALONE…………



      36. I’d be more rattled by a house full of puppies and kittens then these snowflakes, what a joke.

      37. Conserve your ammo, hang the bankers and this all goes away. This movement is no different than the government demonstrating ICBM’s. An important part of gun safety is to correctly identify your target. An important part of ammo conservation is to use hemp instead.

      38. Hahaha! This is hilarious! Like these bozos can just pick up guns the day after they’ve put up signs like “I wish a woman had as many rights as a gun!” and wearing pussy hats, etc. Liberalism/marxism/communism/socialism really is a mental disease. How hypocritical is this? But, as we know the double standard and complete hypocrisy is fully owned by the leftist/globalist/marxist/faschist/communist/socialists.

        What a joke. Well, it was a joke. They will be laughed at until they pick up guns and start shooting back, then then laughter turns into bolt carriers slamming shut.

        Do they want to learn a REALLY HARD LESSON? Let them come. What they don’t realize is that patriots never shoot first. When the first shot is fired it will be like that meat grinder I talk about. Once the line is breached those in the population that have had a gun in their hands for far more hours than a cup of starbucks coffee will embarrass these people for several generations. Imagine doing something so intensely un-patriotic that your great great grandchildren are embarrassed to mention your name.

        Take up arms against the patriots? Only two words come to mind:


        I mean, really, to fight to continue the decline of your country is not only stupid but highly unpatriotic. If ever there was a good example of “sheople” then these people would be the worsts. They really think they’re doing the right thing.

        Believe this: they will die painful deaths. American Patriots are the most forgiving, helpful, charitable, accepting people on the planet. …unless you’re the enemy. Then, there is no grace and no mercy. To be an enemy of America is to give up all rights to be forgiven, given mercy or given grace.

        But, regardless of this bullshit, this is fear porn. I’ve never known a liberal that didn’t make massive tactical mistakes. Why? Because they run on 100% emotion and 0% intellect. Oh, they’re not stupid, at least conversationally. They are, however, unable to control their emotions when the chips fall down. They’ll try it and get they asses handed to them and then they’ll call for more gun control.

        How about that latest nomination for secretary of the army? Go Trump!

        ht tps://

        • Agree: civil war is the worst thing you can bring to a country. It never ends well.

          • The first one was caused by secession promoted by emancipation. The second one will be emancipation promoted by secession. History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes.

          • But its never been more necessary than the times have shown. an enema is never a pleasant thing, especially a national one.

        • N.T.

          Take up arms against the patriots? Only two words come to mind. FVCKING SUICIDE!!!!!!

          Good point.

          I will let as many of these Fvcktards die for their cause as I can. I will help them along if need be.



        • Well said.

      39. HAHAHAHA! I actually watched the video. Talk about a bunch of people that are awkward around guns? Holy Cow Batman!

        At first I was slightly concerned. Now I am not. These people are idiots and fools. (Its kind of built in to their movement.) They’re more a danger to themselves than to their targets.

        • Did you see them lifting their finger off of the trigger completely when they were shooting a string ranger? Hahaha I guess riding the trigger reset for fast accurate shooting was not taught. I love this video and I added it to my collection and filed it under examples of unsafe, inaccurate, poor tactics, poor stance, bad grips, mentally ill people with guns. My students will be required to find at least 30 safety violations.

      40. If they feel brave they can come start their war on fm512 in wolfe city TX

      41. But Carlos Hathcock’s 1700 yard kill was officially recorded at 2500 yds to make him look good. Fake news?

      42. the left supports the Second Amendment. Now we will still have to worry about Gun Control. The left can have them but not the Right. Watch and see you will see some type of crap coming from the Demotards just watch.

        I would love to see them standing in a roll like that in a fight. (remember you do how you train.) I could set back at several hundred yards and pick them off one at a time. But you do know what happens when you shoot at one bird setting on a line with one hundred bird. One shot and they are all gone.

        Really cool standing 20 feet away from a target with a weapon to be used to shoot out to 300 yards. One other thing those targets aren’t shooting back. If they were they would have shit and pissed themselves, and ran like a scalded dog.

        Three words. BRING IT BI+CH!!!


      43. Anyone who sees this as a “left” versus “right” battle has already been duped by the real villain – the global banking cabal. So many on the “right” and on the “left” have already been “divided and conquered” that our country is on the verge of being destroyed.

        • You-me you understand. Doesn’t matter what the division is or what they think as long as there is “division”. Devide and concor those medicated amerikans?

      44. Guys, Instead of all the bravado and the style critique, ask yourself the bigger question. Where the hell did all those guns come from, and who’s buying the ammo?
        That is what needs to be answered. We already know the FBI won’t give a rats round end about terrorists training in the desert. But, somebody sure is funding it.
        And, they are making no secret about it.
        These aren’t street fighters. These are drive-by shooters.
        God help us all.

      45. not only are they stupid they are morons. these idiots are the same ones who call us fascists when in reality they are the true Marxist nazi fascists. when they call you a fascist throw it right back in there face and call them the true Nazi fascists. these A-holes dont even know what fascism really is and never lived under neath it. these lying snowflake Obama indoctrinated scumbags don’t whats in store for them, and they will deserve what they get from there black and brown masters.

      46. not only are they stupid they are morons. these idiots are the same ones who call us fascists when in reality they are the true Marxist nazi fascist. when they call you fascist throw it right back in there face and call them the true Nazi fascists. these A-holes dont even know what real fascism is and not one of them ever lived under it. they lived nice and comfortable in there parents home and Obama and the demoncrats have indoctrinated them from birth. but they will learn very shortly what there black and brown masters will do to them when they are finished with the idiot dolts. Me personally when these idiots start calling for help i will make it my business not to lift one hand to aid them, let there rulers kill all them , especially the white ignorant jerks.

        • They are angry antifa white trash of a the cities. They don’t know what they are angry about just like overpopulation of rats get angry.

      47. And these guys want to run the country? Heck, they DEMAND to run the country.

        Spoilt BRATS!!

      48. actual combat vets should be able to liquidate these threats rather easily. The other patriots will do well to follow the orders from the combat vets and things will work out very nicely, but not for the left wingers.

      49. Hopefully they’re being investigated as a homegrown terrorist group.

      50. They are playing a very dangerous game and have become the very things they claim to hate.

      51. Crony capital on both sides of the issue. You have more in-common than you have differences, between you.

      52. Independent here. It is true that the first who need to go on trial here are the, “Manipulators of Division” in the Global Banking cartels. These libs here are the uneducated (some through no fault of their own, others are spoiled) You see the DIVISION of this country over and over in the media. Many innocents will die believing what the media feeds them including the definition of a “fascist” All to reduce the population. Wont end well for this gun club.

        The real enemies……IMF, CFR, World Bank,and Most of the UN and EU (This is where most of the attacks on the first five amendments have come from for those who have been paying attention.

      53. It’s a good thing that the Libtards don’t know which end of the gun the bullets come out of !

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