Watch: 5 Signs We’re Going to War: “A Plan Implemented By Bush, Continued Under Obama, And Kicked Up A Notch By Our New President”

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Headline News | 114 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Is it possible that not everything is as it seems?

    While the majority of America is being distracted by shiny things and manipulated into civil unrest over identity politics, Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple warns that an unprecedented push for war is underway.

    It’s pretty clear that we’re being taken to war… A plan implemented by George W. Bush after 9/11… continued under Obama… and now kicked up a notch by our new President, Donald Trump. 


    (Watch at Youtube)

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      1. We have been at war for a long time. Seems to be the order of the day. I fear one day that some foolish person will take it to far and ruin it for everyone.

        • Endless Perpetual War – Mission Accomplished. As long as Massive profits are made from the war machine, it will remain the biggest US industry out there.

          The Military Industrial Complex Mafia knows no bounds.

          Stop paying all Federal Taxes. Not much else we can do on this level. Stop feeding the beast.

          • You make some very valid points.

          • Somebody will push the war thing too far, thinking we can feed the machine even more tangling with Russia and/or China.

          • They don’t need taxes since they can just print the “money” they need !! There is NO US Treasury, just a Department of Treasury. ALL taxes go to the IRS “treasury”, AKA, International Monetary Fund

            The Perpetual war idea was the work of Zionist Henry Kissinger

        • SR, Heres the kaluah recipe you wanted…
          Put 3 lbs. coffee in a big pot with 3 quarts water and simmer 45 minutes. Strain the coffee and add 3 cups sugar and 2 tablespoons vanilla extract. Mix 50/50 with neutral spirits (sugarshine or vodka). Enjoy!

          • Oh and use decaf if you don’t want to be zipping around like a nut lol.

          • Holy caffeinated kwapp Batman, Of all the maniacal medleys of Maui!!!

      2. Would someone comment on this-Thanks


        sorry off topic of story

        • Abandoning Glass-Steagall = Means Every Man & Woman for himself. You want to stay far far away from all banks. Boycott banks. At least move your accounts to a credit union. Banks will steal all of your money.

          Another scam is Universal Default which was halted under GS. If you fell behind on one form of loan, and it registered as a late payment, all the rest of your credit line lenders can jack up your interest rates, claiming you are a higher risk cause you fell behind on a different loan. Its all a scam, as well as credit reporting is a scam to keep you in the game as a debt slave.

          This is where Dep BH chimes in and says, “I refuse to ever take out a loan.” cash only. lol

          • Zeus, damn right, I don’t play the credit game and don’t need to, especially in this economy. Like you said credit is nothing more than a scam to enslave people financially.

            • Thanks and Thank God no DEBTS!

          • I have some credit lines at zero rates and they are maxed out. I do have the ability to repay. Current purchases are payable at zero rate until time is up.

            An increase in the interest rate can only occur after notification of a new rate and on new purchases only. Plus, the banks PAY ME to use the credit lines with cash back. At such time that the rates change, in 2018, I can pay them off, or not, depending upon the American economy.

            Know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold them. And never count your money when you’re sitting at the table. 🙂

            • DK, I don’t make enough money to qualify for credit, let alone even worry about it. So be it. Most of my transactions are cash. I have 2 bills I use a debit card for every month and on rare occasions one online transaction which I avoid all I can. That’s the ONLY plastic anyone will let me get.

              • Sounds like you have a tight budget. I hope you are taking advantage of the resources available to you. IE Use your local food bank to stack N pack.

                If there is a soup kitchen near you, and they exist in most cities, use it. That’s money you don’t have to spend on food, and the grocery stores MUST NEEDS to give that food away (at full market value) before the expiration date.

                The money you save could go towards those two bills; not to mention the extra ammo you could buy. 🙂

                Finally, food stamps exist whether one is philosophically opposed to them, or not. That’s REALITY. The snowflakes of Gimme Dat Nation use them, refugees use them, and ILLEGALS use them.

                American citizens need to use those taxpayer funded benefits if they can qualify due to low income status. Remember, “pride goeth before a fall” … and (starvation).

                Americans who qualify should use them too !!! 🙂

          • Unfortunately, we are all forced to play the Credit Game in hidden ways. For example, the ever-growing legal demands that we purchase various forms of insurance…. homeowner’s, auto, and recently medical. I’m sure that the insurance companies are busy thinking up new schemes to squeeze even more money out of us.

            Many people don’t know this, but a key part of setting insurance rates for people is their credit rating. A lower rating “indicates” that you engage in “risky” behavior and gives them the excuse they need to jack up insurance premiums.

            These companies could not care less whether or not you are actually at fault for risk factors. Maybe you are forced to drive a long distance to your job, or your work puts you in an unsafe place late at night. Maybe you have been burgled, or your car was hit by a drunk driver. Not your fault… but you can bet that it puts you in a higher risk category.

            Where do you think all of this ‘metadata’ is going? Why do you think that corporations have an insatiable hunger to know where you are, what you buy, who you talk to, every minute of every day? One of the ways that all of this translates into huge profits is by funneling the data into algorithms and determining how safely you can be loaned money, or insured, or given a job.

            Unless you live in a cave, it’s hard to see a way around all of this. For now, the best that we can do is to minimize your digital footprint. Stay off the electronic gadgets as much as possible. Pay cash (while you still have the option). Watch what you say on the phone and by texting or email.

            The day will come… and sooner rather than later…. when even these steps will be useless. Cash may be outlawed in favor of ‘digital currency’. Stores will have cameras and sensors that automatically record what you look at or what you touch, and for how many seconds you look at the item or handle it. The next step after universal public CCTV surveillance will be universal audio pickups in public places. Oh sure, it’s not legal quite yet… but who really thinks that will stop TPTB in the long run?

            The speed at which all this has become technologically possible is amazing. Sad to say, I don’t see much of any way around it… not as long as you are in this country. While I hate the thought of leaving, I am increasingly concerned about living in what is essentially becoming one vast nationwide concentration camp.

        • I’ll comment on an irony. God bless Melissa for putting this together, but I’m not sure she realizes she’s used Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” as her background music which was OWNED by the Rothschilds’ family. Beethoven wrote it for a Baroness of the family. Once upon a time said music was composed & owned by whomever commissioned it. The majority of classical music is now considered public domain. Thank heaven! The turds own enough….

      3. Stop fighting and send them back home! Just bring our TROOPS home and leave no toys for naughty boys.

        Ban bombing and no reason for invaders anywhere. Then when they all get home they can kill each other, if they feel like it. As long as they keep over there I have no problem.

        Get invaders out. No immigration until ALL Natural Born US Citizens are taken care of 1st!

        • How do we UNINVENT war?
          It has always been
          and it will most likely – Always will be.

          • How do we UNINVENT war? You can’t.

            Here is the new battlefield. That’s easy, take it to Cyber Wars. You know, Planting a back door malicious virus worm packet like Stuxnet, to take down Iranian Nuke Plants. Then we get to play tit for tat. Thus a new battlefield for war.

            • Tried and true.

              But sending their azzzes back will get them out of here. No terrible bombing reports so they can go home. The Democrats can go and help the m all resettle in Saudi.

          • We already effectively have.

            Get in to a war that’s too serious and the “god” that you have invented will drop fire and burn the planet to a cinder.

            You’ve created your own “divine punishment”.

            And we’re going to do it anyway because we’re just that stupid.

      4. Whats the most important prep item to you?

        • That’s a loaded question….

        • I’d say productive/producing land close to a water source ( any water source ) That’s what I’d consider the base for all else.

          My humble opinion only.

          • Agreed, can live without a lot of stuff but to be able to grow food and have water is huge.
            Water is my problem, we are pretty much reliant on the county system, can catch rain, and have storage, but if it doesnt rain theres nothing going into that storage,
            So something i have been dwelling on a bit is storage and use of grey water, cant stress enough how precious water is when there is no refreshment to your supply for an extended period of time.

            • If u have a solar system, then a dehumidifier or two coupled with fans and choke system for fan air (balance airflow vs humidity to catch as much as possible ) as emergency backup. Just a thought.

              • Nailbanger, Depending how deep your water table is you can drill a well and use a cheap solar pump for about 400 bux (minus the wire and pipe). The pump I saw would go 180 feet I think and only needed 1 200 watt solar panel.

                • Most important prep? Your mind and your creativity!

                  • Genius

                    I enjoy it when people ask, WTF is that?

                    I tell them, You don’t want to know.

                • Our water is deep, un reachable really, unfortunately, catchment and storage is the only off grid option here

                  • Damn, that makes it tough. The only other thing I can think of is to look for springs or seeps. My neighbor has a solar well that is 680 feet deep I usually get my water there during the summer. Otherwise I know where all the developed springs are and other wells. I could use catchment but the rainwater is fookin nasty. Maybe look into digging a big pit and making a solar extraction setup.

                  • Nail,
                    In many cases here only catchment is available even if you are “on-grid”. I also have a connection to the Hamakua ditch which is a gravity fed system starting in Waipo valley and is good for over 20,000 gallons per day for my line capacity. I have 34,000 gallons of tank storage for my roofs rain catchment. I filter and UV sterilize my house water and it is quite good. We use about 170 gallons per week yielding 200 weeks or so supply if it were to stop raining today. I get over 70 inches of precipitation per year, which is over 190,000 gallons per year for my roof area, so I won’t bother with a well. I plan to put the whole system on solar this year so I will be completely independent of any local utilities. I’m still connected to that “bird” 22,000 miles away though, but that is how it goes.

              • When I lived in Ireland I could get unlimited water from air too. Just leave a water barrel out overnight with no lid on it and check it again in the morning.

        • Trust in God the King & Sonny Jesus!

          Oh, and water, food, gold, brass, & lead.

          God Bless


          • Grunty

            God, and his followers killed 2.8 million, and the devil killed 8-10 depending on what book you read.

            That is quit a score considering the weaponry of the day.

            I bet there was high fives when tribes of unarmed people including children and virgins were killed or made slaves.


        • Nail

          • Definitely, knowing how to do stuff, is amazing how many folks have no clue on the simplest things

          • Amen. Shiney things don’t mean s$*t.

        • guns
          that’s the most important thing to ME.

        • Whats the most important prep item to you?

          Answer: My BOL Safe Cocoon out in the boonies. Layers upon layers of security and remoteness. You can’t get harmed from those who can’t get to you. Food, water, air, its all here.

          How about you?

          • God can get to you.

            • Lisa Ann –

              The Devil watches over their own ツ

              • Lisa Ann – Nope been 2 years out here at the BOL and not one Jehovah’s witness has got past the Barbed wire fence and gate to try and convert me. So I am still safe and sound. Nature is my God, no phony Manmade BS here from some fantasy miracle book of fraud.

                Real in your face nature is what I live by. Non-pretentious.. It is, what it is. I am up with the sun and the Sun provides plenty of electricity for me and heat and vitamin D. I am a sun worshiper. No utility bills in 2 years. Your God never covered that for me or paid a utility bill for me. If he can to miracles, send home over to dig my well. AWOL I suspect, like Jebus returning after 2000 years as a no show.

                Ever hear the saying “Seeing is Believing.” That’s me. Everything else is just Talk and Fraud.

                • Zeus is in for once very big surprise when you find out there is life after death … there was a time I did not believe, either, but have since changed my tune. I have witnessed evidence of what happens to someone, anyone, who is very much like you who physically dies and desperately and vainly attempts to make contact the next morning with the still living family. Karma, actually.

                • Zeus is in for once very big surprise when you find out there is life after death … there was a time I did not believe, either, but have since changed my tune. I have witnessed evidence of what happens to someone, anyone, who is very much like you who physically dies and desperately and vainly attempts to make contact the next morning with the still living family. Karma, actually!!

                • There is LIFE after LIFE.

                  The personality of the individual continues after the change called “death” in another dimension of life similar to and very much like our own, at another frequency after that transition.

                  Mystics, adepts, prophets, and psychics, of all stripes and various abilities who have transcended this dimension; who have experienced and observed that reality, have all reported the experience in their own words and through their particular point of view and spiritual understanding.

                  Man is first a spiritual being (in God’s Image) and a physical (flesh) being second. It is the spirit that animates the body. That spiritual body is the intelligent personality and the life force that manifests through the physical body in its time, for its time.

                  Religions have coalesced around those ideas of the meaning of life and its afterlife that have been best expressed and most powerfully demonstrated by those anointed few who have searched within themselves and discovered this spiritual reality that is THEM; as it has resonated with the masses.

                  Add to yourself the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit will naturally manifest giving you the ability to SEE and HEAR and DISCERN the nature of spiritual reality.

                  It is YOU. 🙂

        • 2 things;

        • Two Things:
          1. A calm mind.
          2. A good solid written (paper, not electronic) library on all
          manner of things, DIY.

          I say these two things as without a calm mind, you will panic and die, and the library supplements the knowledge and skills of the hands and also lets one learn new and improved ways of doing a lot of different things.
          I have skills but, I also admit I do not know everything.

        • Toilet paper. If the ass ain’t wiped noting else is right.

          And you all thought…

          • BINGO!

      5. I have stated it repeatedly, “All roads lead to war”. President Trump at best is an unwilling participant as “events” usually of a false flag nature drive decisions. Hillary on the other hand would be both willing and in the false flag planning.

        We’re playing poker with players that have unlimited funds that in essence we’re loaning to them, the ability to create cards on demand, change the established rules at a whim and control security to get you thrown out if, despite the odds, your winning.

        • All roads at present lead to war. Indeed all roads lead to “Rome” aka war. Your leaders have ascribed to 7 countries in 5 years & have misssed the mark. What makes you think they’ll quit their markers? I do not doubt President Trump is an unwilling participant, however, there are dues owing. In the meantime, the world holds its breath….

      6. We are at war with everybody. Our families because of politics. Our neighbors in some cases. Our government and then they fight with the world.

        I have never seen it so bad. Walking down the street can get you injured.

        Well I’m in the scrap metal bin and building stuff for war. Keeps me busy with exercise. Grinding, drilling and cutting stock.

      7. A contact, a B-52 pilot, said they were ready to bomb Iran in 2005 and that the bases next to Iran were already stocked with people and munitions. They didn’t do it because they felt the bombs at the time might not be able to penetrate Iran’s deep underground bunkers. But those weapons are now ready to go. Obama was all about keeping the general public placated while the military got things in place.

        What we are seeing now is the troop placements and the lining up of the allies ducks for the joint attack on Iran, Russia and China.

        It will be a lightening quick conflict. An overwhelming strike on all three countries and their military/command and control centres. Much like the ‘shock and awe’ of the 2003 Iraq war, the principle defence elements of all three countries will come down in the first phase. Then the ground war. That will be a pincer operation. NATO will come in to Russia from Europe and the Arctic. The US will take on China. And Israel and Turkey will do Iran.

        For the general public in the West, it will be total shock and brain freeze. A draft will quickly be put in place, and, tag-dah, you will wonder where all those angry Millennials went. Those who are a problem will be gone to detention camps; those who are healthy, smart and obedient, will go to the military; annoying Muslims and others will just disappear.

        • Hope your right on the annoying ones disappearing, from what i have noticed about our society, theres a lot of peeps who should be going to the camps,,,,all your SJWs and the like,
          The left will need to find a new home because their BS wont fly if things go to shit

        • ” Much like the ‘shock and awe’ of the 2003 Iraq war”

          We’re doomed.

          That shock and awe took us into 10 yrs of unfinished business.

          WW3 comin’ atcha.

        • What you have outlined is the planned depopulation event, not a unwinnable world war by anyone, and any thought of it being quick and surgical is delusional wishful thinking. This will escalate quickly to include bio weapons that once deployed can never be called back or neutralized. We are at the mercy now of crazed nihilists holding the leadership positions.

        • “What we are seeing now is the troop placements and the lining up of the allies ducks for the joint attack on Iran, Russia and China.”

          That would be suicidal for the U.S. and Western Allies – The lack of Troop strength and resources will not even remotely topple those three countries you mentioned.

          “It will be a lightening quick conflict. An overwhelming strike on all three countries and their military/command and control centres.”

          More likely scenario is a complete opposite of what you say. If that were to happen … for once … we won’t be watching the war footage on t.v. – because it will be taking place on our own soil.

          “Then the ground war. That will be a pincer operation. NATO will come in to Russia from Europe and the Arctic. The US will take on China. And Israel and Turkey will do Iran.”

          Sorry … but that has to be the most delusional statement I have read here at SHTFplan in a long time (minus the trolling).

          No competition: Russia is more highly advanced in weapons than what has been led to believe, they would destroy NATO.

          US/China: Historically – in a numbers game – the ones with the most people – have the ultimate advantage – U.S. = suicide mission

          Iran: Again … don’t underestimate this country. Iran could simply wipe out Israel without using nukes or bombing raids. (numbers game) and with Turkey … is not a well regulated military … without US military grade weapons being supplied to them … they are nothing but peons … with or without U.S. supplied weapons – advantage Iran.

          Anybody willing/wanting to fight against our so-called enemies … please sign your ass up at the local recruiting office. I’m sure age does not matter anymore … they need bodies to fill key positions.

          Be a complete, honorable, patriotic N.W.O. soldier – visit your local branch of service!

          • Agreed. If Obama was all about placating until kickoff time, WTF would he fire real generals and put social justice flamers in their place?

          • The way I read it, the plan is to provoke Russia and perhaps China too into making the first move. So it would be the reverse model of the Cold War (back when everything was predicated on conventional conflict turning nuclear). I think this war is to start nuclear and then go conventional. But for that plan to work, the West (the US and UK anyway) must be able to play the victim, not the initiator. That’s why a populist flag-waving hard-line president has to be appointed, I mean, elected.

            I was speaking to an ex Latvian army guy a few days ago. He said the terrain here would be a hopeless defence in the event of a Russian attack. Everything is exposed by sea, the country has no mountains and all the dense forest has tank-friendly fire-breaks criss-crossing it.

          • Yeah, like when the US sent war ships to Crimea to try to intimidate Russia after Crimea was merged back into Russia…

            A Russian bomber jet flew over the US warships and immediately, all communications– EVERYTHING– on US ships shut down… no GPS system, nothing!!!

        • only one problem, frank…..those countries will BITE BACK!

        • @FT

          Please explain how you (US w/ ~1 Million troops if you sent them all) do a ground war against a country of 1000 million people about 50% male ?

          Seems like it’s gotta be nuclear for the US to have a chance..


        • Yeah and about 3 days into that bullshit Russia, China, and the US will turn the surface of the planet into fucking Venus.

          I mean if you’re LOSING what do you think you’re going to do?

        • NATO will come into Russia.

          BAHAHA sure man.

          How’d that work out for Hitler? Napoleon? ANYONE THAT’S EVER TRIED IT IN ALL OF HISTORY?

        • You forgot the submarines and their missiles. The US will be destroyed. I’m a Gulf War veteran, so this isn’t my first rodeo.

        • @Frank Thoughts: Yeah, and god forbid. The zio-nuts planned before 9/11 to send US kids out to die as pawns for Israel already in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iran; three down, but Americans finally resisting on the last two. Don’t know if he sees through 9/11 yet, but if Trump has any brains, and you never know he might, he’ll understand that a president is manipulated by his briefings and hopefully question what he gets fed.

          I’m amazed that Americans believe half the lies they are fed by the controlled mainstream media, but if you mix in a little skillful manipulation of religious fundamentalism, it can be very effective. The common thread of the countries above – if you add in Russia – is the lack of a Rothschild-controlled central bank. No wonder they’re constantly trying to provoke Russia with violated pledges, territorial encirclement, deceit about the Crimea, and more. War is always by design, and the Russians aren’t fooled, it’s why they’ve been doing a very competent job at rebuilding their military in the last two decades.

          Curiously, I remain hopeful people might actually be starting to question the MSM BS more and more, however, and ready to just say no. Fingers crossed.

      8. Comment of the day

        ” The Russians hacked the Atlanta Falcons.”

        • They sure a shell did. I’ve never have seen anything as pathetic as the FALCON DEFENSE IN 2ND HALF. peace

          • NFL – Another American Past time, Now hijacked by the Zionist Tribe to recruit and promote their Lefty Liberal Scum ideas.

            I wanted the Falcons to win, cause they beat up the Packers pretty good 2 weeks earlier. I wanted the Pack in there. BTW/ The Packers are owned by real people mostly in Wisconsin, The Fans. All the other NFL teams are fascist organizations, with commie socialized publicly funded Stadiums. 11 NFL Teams owned by the (((Tribe))) as well as the commissioners that run it.

            11 NFL Teams owned by the Tribe.
            1. Washington Redskins, owned by Daniel Snyder (Jewish)

            2. Indianapolis Colts, owned by Jim Irsay (Jewish)

            3. New England Patriots, owned by Robert Kraft (Jewish)

            4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, owned by Malcolm Glazer (Jewish)

            5. Denver Broncos, owned by Pat Bowlen (Jewish)

            6. Philadelphia Eagles, owned by Jeffrey Lurie (Jewish)

            7. Cleveland Browns, owned by Al Lerner (Jewish)

            8. Minnesota Vikings, owned by Zygi Wilf (Jewish)

            9. New York Giants, owned by the Mara & Tisch families (Jewish)

            10. Atlanta Falcons, owned by Arthur Blank (Jewish)

            11. Seattle Seahawks, owned by Paul Allen (Jewish)

            50% of the NBA BB Teams Tribe Owned.

            Stop feeding the Beast.. Wonder why Tom Brady’s hands were only slapped over Inflate Gate? Lets just say, (((They))) protect their own.

          • The Atlanta team are mostly black. Must’ve all been doped up at the time.

          • The Falcon’s defensive coordinator didn’t seem to have a plan to put pressure on Brady in the second half. His boys got tired in the second half but he had no blitzes or anything else up his sleeve. Left his boys twisting in the wind, painful. Falcon’s were out-coached.

      9. At the tender age of 78 I’m too old to “bug out” and I’m not the sort to give up my home to invaders of any stripe. I’ll probably die on my back porch with guns blazing should it come to that. However one must consider survival, and we’re pretty well stocked up with food. I have a hand pump on my well, and I reload my own ammo so we’re pretty well covered for a sustained 6-8 month period of isolation. I also live in a rural area and my neighbors are of like mind. It’s still unsettling to consider we may be attacked in our own country. Let us pray brethren.

      10. Nobody would win that war….nobody.

      11. Can anyone tell me what happened to the freakout about fish antibiotics becoming regulated (ie: disallowed without a govt. scrip) as of the 1st of the year? It’s February and I’m getting mail-order meds just fine from a number of my original suppliers.

        Was this just a tempest in a teapot?


        • My understanding is that the newly required prescription for fish/animal antibiotic is for animal feed. VFD, Veterinary Feed Directive, are human grade antibiotics that are mixed with feed that is then fed to farm raised meat grade animals.

      12. -frank thoughts-

        Bring back the draft? How does that fit into a lightning quick conflict?
        It takes at least 6-8 weeks to train infantry replacements. Thats minimum.
        If you are talking about a conflict equivalent of a world war, they better start drafting folks right now. We are woefully unprepared for anything of that magnitude. Ask anyone in the
        military now, or prior service people. I’m sure the pentagon has war-gamed everything out.
        Thats why it hasn’t happened yet.

        • JBDB
          “Bring back the draft”
          Yes bring it back and put all of these libtards females in it too. They want everything equal well so be it.

          Same training as the Men. Same front line fighting as the Men. I’ll bet that over 70% will want everything the way it was in the 50’s with in a few weeks. I’m all for equality, I have no problem with equal pay for equal work, and thi9ngs like that.


          • Ive been sayin that for years, you want equal? Here ya go, get yer ass in there or shut up

          • Sarge, the feminazis have been saying since the 70s that they can do anything a man can do and do it better. Here’s their opportunity. Draft them and send them to the middle east. Let’s see how that works out. They need to either put up or STFU.

            • I’m going to stretch one more time on this thread & it’s only in complete exasperation. Went to Walmart today to get supplies for my mother & aunt. The young girl at the till could NOT count to $80 in 20 dollar bills. She counted to 4 & looked at me with a blank stare. In my pity & care I said, “That’s $80”. Blank look in return & struggled to give me the proper change despite the readout on the register. DB, I agree. Send them out. They won’t make it past the friggin’ corner. I am shamed by the incompetence of my own sex. Leave me be without the supposed “help” of this younger generation. I hang my head…… disgusts me. Target practice is a billboard of new clothes…..I could cry…I love my range practice….whooosh!

          • You know I really hate to say this on behalf of my sex, but you’re right. All of these screaming idiots will want shelter, food, protection, whatever & assume it’s their right. Those of us who are willing to stand on our own two feet at current standards are labelled extremists by said leftists. Rather a pathetic statement in my opinion, but everyone is allowed their way & say. Bring back the draft, “YES”. Get the wimps out of the way & let the women step ahead. I am a “WO-MAN”. Woe unto you who steps in front of my God give rights according to the book of Proverbs. I shine my light, it is not hidden & I will stand at the gates of my city! Amen Sgt. God Bless us all.

        • The ‘shock and awe’ will be just the first phase. Then there will be a window in which the current force levels can handle the battles until the first wave of draft troops are ready and fresh. 6 weeks as you say. Remember, this time they get boys AND girls: double the draft cohort they had for Vietnam (and some queens and trannies as well:)).

          The biggest problems with this generation are fitness and discipline. So, boot camp will have to be hellish and brutal to get them ready. Current regs against bullying etc. need to be dropped so that the gunnies can get stuck in. We also now have crazy-ass Muslims available to throw at the first wave and who are highly expendable.

          People forget how quickly everything comes into line during a war scenario. Having lived through a few of these over the years, most of the population will get in line. For those who don’t behave, we have dark sites for them.

      13. Do you think Diego Garcia is busy? Hahaha!

        • Rammed and jammed! Wing tip to wing tip.

      14. WW3 is un winnable for any nation. There will be war for 100 years if it starts. Nukes or no Nukes.

        Russia, China are like the USA even if you take out the military you will have to fight the PEOPLE. The advantage that we have is that we in the USA have military style weapons, Russia and China not so much, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be handled out to them. Why do you think the USA has arsenals full of M1 Garands, Thompsons, M1 Carbines M14s and M16s stocked up in them. Russia and China have there retired military weapons stacked up also.

        I think that the reason they have us looking at war is because the are trying to turn our attention away from the economy, and its collapse.


        • Sarge, I get the same feeling. I can picture the economy collapsing right in the middle of a war.

          • they want a war worldwide so they can get the population down to a manageable size and when it is over the leaders will control it all. THAT IS THERE PLAN!!! stay locked and oaded cause it is coming

        • Sgt Dale

          “Why do you think the USA has arsenals full of M1 Garands, Thompsons, M1 Carbines..”

          Where? They destroyed those in masse. I know numerous soldiers that were on those details cutting the receivers in half.

          TPTB have no care about an invasion. First you have to get here, second, if you could TPTB (who really govern) have lost their power.

          “I think that the reason they have us looking at war is because the are trying to turn our attention away from the economy, and its collapse.”

          Thats a piece of it but they want control of the entire world. They profiteer on the weapons manufacture along the way. They’re banking that it won’t go nuclear. They are willing to gamble our lives for their gain.

      15. Lest we forget,,,
        While there is talk of wars and invasions into other countries and deciding who will take on who,,, we are assuming that the wars will be fought on foreign soil. Heads up, the combatants are already here, to fight us on our soil.
        North korea has two “communications” satellites in orbit right now that from what I have read have never received nor sent a signal. Can you say EMP.
        Take out the grid and the complexion of all the hype above changes instantly. We are so arrogant that we are about to have our asses handed to us.
        I know most of you are ready and prepped, as am I. But, imagine a world where the masses of our country are starving, without power, to stupid to fend for themselves and now add the already in place enemy, we are FUBAR’D. Suddenly, I feel the need to double the amount of ammo I have, some for ours and some for theirs. Sad thing to think, let alone say!!
        I pray that there is still the America that rose up and fought two wars at once and that we are still here and alive! Of course we will never know until really tested.
        Stay Strong, Stay Alert!

        Long live the Republic!!

      16. Lots of Google Doodles since Dec with GO GLE. Hmmm.

        BTW. One has to wonder why the number of comets in the solar system has steadily climbed since 1997? Up to an over 2000 currently. Supposedly a large body object on a slow approach is dragging them in.

        The number of reported fireballs in the sky is on the rise. Indicated a possible debris field has reached us.

        Red colored auroras (usually green).

        Reports of Rainbows in icy conditions, (ice is non-spherical).

        Increased electron storms and solar wind activity not coming directly from the sun.

        Reports of trace UVC radiation levels at ground level.

        Odd behavior of birds flying in circles, and geese now in loose or erratic formations heading the wrong direction.

        Independent study by Organic Vegetable Grower, showing 1600x the allowable limit of Aluminum in rain water collection.

        Fukushima measured at 536 sieverts, up from 73 sieverts in 2012.

        “Commerce Secretary Pritzker declares fisheries disasters for nine West Coast Species”

        The Bumble Bee was added to the endangered species list. Bumble Bees account for 30% of all crop and plant pollination.

        So, what where were supposed to be paying attention to?

      17. American citizens and the American military are fed up fighting wars we can’t win. That might be a hard sell to the Americans. Also what makes the American Government think it could win a war with Iran, it didn’t win any wars in the middle east that I’m aware of. We need to ask what is the real motive for war with Iran. Technically Iran did not breach the Iranian deal. Iran launched a missile, minus nuclear warhead. However, the US government has not expressed the same concern for North Korea’s launch of a real nuclear warhead. Very suspicious. Israel might want a war with Iran, which they probably could not win, but not mind if the US did it for them. The US needs to leave Israel to fight their own wars. The American people want to defend Israel because they mistakenly believe they are God’s chosen people. Read your Bible; the Jews as a whole did not except Jesus as the messiah. They called for Barabbas’s release over Jesus; therefore sealing Jesus’s fate. This fact also made it possible for the Gentiles to be given the right to partake in the promises of GOD: No one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ. So Americans need to stop thinking we are defending GOD’s chosen people. More like Satan’s chosen. As I stated before America needs to get out of the middle east and let them kill each other. There’s a solution for population control, it would be all out war and a hell of a mess. If trump wants a war with Iran then he is a puppet or ignorant. Take your choice. Americans need to refuse to go to war unless every politician in Washington DC is “Physically” leading the charge. Not going to happen, they’re too cowardly. They want you to die for their greed.

      18. I don’t think so. Putin don’t want a war. Russia wants to be left alone. Get rid of the UN and avoid war. Bring our troops home. A pox on you who would draft our young folks and have them be cannon fodder for the UN &NWO globalist. President Trump taking a hard line on immigration and trade isn’t warmongering. That policy is simply putting America first. Sgt. Dale is correct pay no heed to war mongers. Keep your eyes on the ball America first. Let other places solve their own problems. certainly Trump is brash. Naming the elephant in the room and telling the Mexican President he better solve his drug cartel problem or else is a bit crude. But I lets mexico know we aint gonna put up with any crap.

      19. ***ARTICLE RELATED***

        Is The Trump Administration Already Over?

        February 6, 2017
        Paul Craig Roberts

        Hopes for the Trump administration are not burning brightly. Trump’s military chief, Gen. Mattis, is turning out to be true to his “mad dog” nickname. He has just declared that Iran “is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

        He has declared Russia to be the number one threat to the US.

        He has threatened intervention in China’s territorial affairs.

        I was wrong. I thought Gen. Mattis was a reasonable choice as he rejects the efficacy of torture, and, according to Trump, convinced Trump that “torture doesn’t work.” Apparently Mattis cannot reach beyond this realization to higher geo-political realizations. Trump needs to fire Mattis who has placed the Pentagon in the way of normal relations with Russia.

        FULL STORY:

      20. These (((people))) are frankly insane liars and underhanded as hell. The U.S. is controlled by a foreign ethnic minority, the (((chews))). Benjamin Franklin warned us more than 200 years ago to keep them out. Franklin wanted to put it into the constitution. After long debate, the founders made the biggest mistake by dropping the ban on chews.

        Today we find ourselves so completely dominated by chew power that most people are unaware that chew power exists. If and when I spell the word correctly, I usually automatically end up being put into limbo, moderation.

        Should we go to war with Iran, China, and Russia ??
        Of course not.

        The power of the chews is not unbreakable. They will be forced to hold off on this plan if enough people pull together against this.

        The (((Is real hell))) lobby is behind the war machine. Our children should not die for a bunch of lunatics bent on expansion in the Middle East.

        Russia and China are going to destroy CAlifornia, invade, and ruin our lives. Was that the plan all along. Just as Rosevelt irritated Japan until Japan attacked, we are doing the same thing to China. China has nuclear submarines right off the coast.

        Once CAlifornia goes, the whole Country goes down. Your guns are not going to stop nuclear bombs. This is serious. It must not happen. We need to back up.

        Is President Trump aware how evil these war mongers are ?? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, no one person can stand up to this “chew dish” conspiracy. Only the United American people can stop this insanity. No war for oil. No war for “Is real hell”.


        • B from CA, what’s wrong with calling a spade a spade? How else do you refer to a certain race of people? You and I did not name their race. We are entitled by the constitution to free speech and our opinion. Jews have been called Jews since the beginning of time. I guess maybe I’m too naive to think using the word “Jew” is alright if it describes a certain group of people. We are not discriminating because of race ,creed or religion, we are stating facts. It would be impossible to talk about a subject if you cannot name that subject; so are we just not to speck of it? I will use the word “Jew” if it is relevant.

        • Amazing how many who call themselves Christians are deceived, perhaps haven’t really read the Bible.
          The doctrine that has developed over the years called “replacement theology,” the idea that God replaced the Jews with the Church, is thoroughly unscriptural.
          God makes it clear that He still has covenants with the Jews which He promises to fulfill.
          The Bible states that the Jews will continue as a special nation of people, that He has the nation inscribed on the palms of His hands, and that the Jewish people will continue to be “a nation before Me forever”. “God has not rejected His people whom he foreknew” Romans 11:1-2

          • Amazing actually how people don’t see the bible is not completely consistent itself on the subject, though it still boils down to replacement anyway. “Interpret” your way around it all you want, but for all Paul’s wishing it could be otherwise and acknowledgment of the old while it lasted, the net evidence points to replacement instead. Here’s what I can remember just thinking back off the top of my head:

            * Rom 9:6 – They are not all Israel, which are of Israel

            * Rom. 9:25 – As he saith also in Osee [Hosea], I will call them my people, which were not my people;…

            * Rom.2:28-29 – For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly [IS NOT!!!]; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit [faith, Christianity], and not [!!!] in the letter [Judaism];…

            * Heb. 8:13 – In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.

            See? The old covenant of Judaism is DEAD. Void. Vanished. Done. Over. Decayed and blown away forever in the wind. The NEW covenant which replaced it is of faith. Period. No faith, no covenant; no covenant, no Israel. The “outward” is no longer what defines the identity, and faith is. The mantle according to Christian teachings has passed. (BTW it’s not “antisemitic” to tell the truth about these texts any more than about the racism of the Talmud; most ordinary Israelis, as opposed to the ultraorthodox nutcases, just want peace, but they’re unfortunately in the backseat.)

            So it doesn’t matter if you need the zio-state for a dubious intpretation of “prophecy” or not. It’s all there in the NT. From the Christian angle, the tree is known by its fruit. Christianity, not the murderous world-bleeding, golem-puppeteering zionist state, is the new Israel.

      21. I think everyone coming out of high school needs to serve at least a year in the armed forces. It would probably bring a few of them back to earth, and be stronger when these professors try to brain wash.

        • So add military brainwashing to the mix too? Good idea lol.

      22. I strongly advise against this.

        1. Russia is about to have an ICBM packing enough MIRVs to take out the state of Texas.

        2. China is about to have a thorium reactor. I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to be on good terms with them so you can have one too. I mean it can’t melt down by nature of the reaction, the byproducts are radioactive for a mere 30 years, making waste storage feasible, and there’s only a 2000 year supply of thorium just kicking around, damn it. Blame Nixon for why you don’t already have one.

        3. If you do this it’s for sure over. People elected Obama to close Gitmo and repeal the Patriot Act and calm us all down and he promptly did just the opposite of all that. You pull that bait and switch a second time with the opposition party? Everyone’s going to figure out this “democracy” bullshit is just exactly that, bullshit. I personally have not figured that out just yet but I’m at this point scared of that possibility. If this is the “road with no turns” “do what we say” government, you are going to have a very huge issue on your hands.

        4. Oh yeah, bonus round, that Nork EMP orbiting us as we speak.

      23. How long have we been in a perpetual state of war ? There has been a total of 17 years without war since the civil war. And the civil war like all wars are funded by the same families. Do you know who those families are ? Can you say Bank Of London Rothschild ? Sure you can.

        You have met the enemy and they are within.

        Bank Of London Wall Street. New York NY
        The 7 Points. Watch the movie gangs of NY.

        When you watch the movie you can get a sense of where we are heading quickly by reviewing the past.

        Until then KK clickety clack on the keybord sayin
        Mo Tea Sir ? We are all N words now.

      24. Our biggest enemy is in our government.

      25. WORLD WAR 3

        Has this been in motion for quite a while ?
        When will WW3 really start no crystal balls please ?
        What will happen here in the U.S. ?
        What should we do ?
        Do you think we have a lot of sleeper cells out there that the agencies can not watch ??????

        Travel bands that is a real sign right there
        Gold and Silver prices ????????

        War on drug Cartels,mmmm ????? that is where a lot of money goes to finance things, countries depend on drug incomes, and the Cartels they have armies too.

        To tell you the truth everyone I am worried.

        Help me out everyone I need to be brought up to par.

        Again no CRYSTAL BALLS PLEASE.

      26. Iran will be America’s Stalingrad, its what the NWO has planned, to defeat the middle east for Israel then destroy American military might in the field, this leaves an open vector for invasion through the communist state of California, and the South. They want America destroyed that is the end game. They want to do to us what they did to Germany in WW1

      27. They must feel invincible. Can’t argue that they are not. Look at 9-11, heard any truth coming forward yet? If the American people had any power truth would have already surfaced instead of being maintained in the shadows. That level of control runs deep and is at the root of our problem. Dissent is the only option, otherwise the lies continue. If they have plans to kill us all, when will the people unite in opposition to at least present a show of anger. Right, they got that covered too.

      28. Wars have been mainly good for America, this is because the people at home would work extra hard so the boys “over there” would have all they needed, then naturally they would win (or almost win), and we would celebrate. This time it will be different, other major powers have weapons we can’t protect ourselves against (EMP Bomb), they have fighter jets that we will have great trouble shooting out of the sky (CASU301) and twin hulled aircraft carriers,that are faster than anything we have. The next war will only be short, but it will be decisive. It will be so short that any money made from it will seem futile when we look at the dead and dying at home, in the next war the safest place to be is in the front lines of the battle.

      29. MAKE LOVE… NOT WAR.

        all wars are bankers wars dudes… don’t feed the friggin’ pig maaan..!


      30. Trump said that bombs were used on 9/11 and was he not just another banker puppet (which he is) then his first task would be to start arresting people like GW-Bush

        He was needed by the elite to get people to vote in the election, pick a team and then shut up if that team lost to make the election process seem legal but everyone in Congress is taking bribes from bankers in Israel and now Trump will try to forget his statement about 9/11 and play the script he’s been told to play and that includes a ban on immigrants because cheap slave labour is no longer needed with the invest of robots that are taking over our jobs.

        The queer loving, immigrant kissing left-wing won’t stand a chance when the center ground moves against them which it has started to do but don’t think Trump is on our side.

      31. We are most likely going to be in a shooting war soon? What our so called enemies already know but is being kept tight lipped here at home is the 3rd ID is preparing to go somewhere very cold so I am informed from within. We will see soon enough.

      32. WHATS THIS “WE” SHIT…?


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