Washington Governor Warns: ‘We Have Just 59 Days…To Save Our Children’ From Global Warming

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 43 comments

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    Washington Governor Jay Inslee took to Twitter to warn his followers that they have a mere 59 days to save children from global warming.  The Tweet, which was posted yesterday, is meant to scare readers and the Washington legislature into enacting a carbon tax.

    According to the Daily Caller, the state legislature’s session ends in 59 days, on March 8. Democrats have a slim majority in both state legislative chambers. Inslee wants lawmakers to pass a tax on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and industrial facilities.

    Inslee’s plan would tax carbon dioxide emissions at $20 a ton in 2019, that would gradually rise at 3.5 percent above inflation each following year. Inslee’s office estimates it will raise $3.3 billion over the next four years.

    About $950 million would go toward education programs. The rest would go toward green energy programs and research, water infrastructure, wildfire mitigation. Some money would offset taxes or go to poor families, but the bill isn’t clear on this particularly murky additive to it.  The plan could raise household electricity prices five percent, and gas prices by about 10 percent, according to official estimates

    Half of the money from the tax  (which would be paid by power plants and fuel importers but would ultimately be passed onto the consumers) would go into efforts to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

    So, yes there will be impacts on fuel and energy prices, but we expect these to be modest and fully within the range of what would be expected by normal price fluctuation,” said Lauren McCloy, a senior energy policy advisor in Inslee’s office who is trying to ease people into accepting more extortion and theft.

    At least some people have actually read the “science” behind “climate change.”


    What Inslee is proposing is simply a tax on his own constituents no matter how any politician spins it. It will affect the consumer.  It won’t actually help reduce the global warming he claims they only have 59 days to stop. And it really is too bad most Americans cannot see through this charade.  Inslee wants a tax.  That’s it. Politicians don’t care about “global warming.”  If they did, it would have been over by now – but they can’t exploit the issue for more money either.

    Even if Inslee’s carbon tax plan passes, the legislation would have no measurable impact on projected future global warming. In fact, even if the United States as a whole stopped emitting all greenhouse gases, the impact would be extremely small, based on the government’s own climate models.

    Inslee’s first carbon tax plan failed in 2016 after liberal groups couldn’t agree how to spend the stolen money it was expected to get. Inslee also proposed a cap-and-trade program, that both Democrats and Republicans rejected in 2015. It sure looks like Inslee just wants to destroy Washington’s economy and steal as much as he can from those residing in the state of Washington.

    Democrats are always coming up with fascinating new ways to steal people’s money.



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      1. The goal is to transfer manufacturing via taxation to the developing world. The developed world cuts one unit, the developing world makes two. Interestingly the developing world doesn’t regulate the other emissions such as SO2, NOX.

      2. Let’s see why I sold my home in Goldbar WA. and left the State? Because the State is full of crazy fools and tree huggers my be it. The only good part of the Left Coast is leaving for ever.

        • Smart. I plan on renting mine out. This place is bat shit cray cray.

      3. When are these people gonna wake up and vote these limp wristed fruit loops out of office? These liberals aren’t gonna be happy until we’re completely destroyed as a country. You want decent paying jobs you have to have manufacturing. Until these weirdos start living in caves with no smart phones and pooping in a bucket , I don’t wanna hear their argument.

      4. Man caused and Man Mitigated Globull warming Is a Myth -Scam-Religion and the biggest Hoax since the faked moon landing.

      5. Sold my home in Auburn Washngton and left the state in 2013. Moved to a Red state (Utah) and have never looked back. These nut jobs in Washington, Oregon, and California have really screwed up the coast. If your still living there and complaining please search for an exit. If your living there and supporting these braindead politicians who are destroying your states then please stay put.

        • We did, too! In 2011 from Tacoma to Utah. Love Utah. I’m not down with the theology but overall these people are the nicest, most polite people, with good standards and a strong work ethic. They have light rail down to a science, unlike the trams to nowhere in Seattle. Getting a little crowded and the air isn’t the best, but it’s worth it over the liberal hell hole we left. We go see family in Seattle once a year and just cringe the entire time. Such a naturally beautiful area that has been polluted with so much mentally ill garbage.

        • I grew up outside of Auburn. It is a shame what has happened to that place. I was raised in a little trailer off Auburn-Black Diamond Road next to an old gravel pit. Believe it or not we used to shoot there every weekend! One day was for shooting and the next day was for high-marking with the 4X4 owners. Good luck trying to shoot, or 4-wheel in King County these days!

          I am looking to rent out my house and relocate to Wyoming or, possibly, to live in an RV for a few years. I like Wyoming, a lot. Same for Montana.

          I can’t tell you how sick it makes me to see this beautiful state destroyed by communists.

          • I lived there for the better part of 20 years. Over time I started to feel like an outsider living on an alien planet. I do miss the mountains, the ocean and the trees. Not to mention the mild winters. Oh, well. Maybe one day when it’s a deserted wasteland we can go back and rebuild it.

            • Maybe. There was a family that owned property up the hill. The Cooper family. Never did figure out what they were about. Birchers? Mormons? Preppers? Not sure. They kept to themselves and built their own little world. Sad because that world is going to be killed by the commies.

      6. Go ahead Inslee, get your legislation passed. You’ll beggar the citizens of your State once the cost per kilowatt hour go sky-high. I’m sure you’ve got some government hand-out plan to pay the bills for all those people ready. Or what? No? Well, get ready for a mass exodus of any and all industry, commerce of all kinds from your lovely State.

      7. Communism:

        Crush the people between taxation in one hand and inflation in the other.


      8. Good on Commissar Inslee. This means more businesses move across the state line to Idaho. More growth, lower taxes for us Deplorables. What is not to like?

      9. What a bunch of crap,,,,

      10. When i win that HGTV dream home im going to take the cash payout instead,,, dont want to live in washington

        • Nail,
          Sometime back I looked at returning to WA state.
          I went so far as to even include the cost of going
          to the dump. All things considered, it was cheaper
          to stay here in Hawaii. If the Conceal Carry reciprocity
          law passes I will move my legal residence back
          to WA state, but I will physically stay here in
          WA state is a great place to live and there many ways
          to get around their tax crap, but it get is quickly getting Californicated.

      11. How did America ever get so many highly educated idiots?? According to Al Gore’s early predictions we are supposed to be in a frozen waste land now.

        America really needs to worry about Jan. 18th if the Chinese launch their gold backed petro Yuan and today they said they were going to stop buying US Bonds. The dollar is about to lose a lot of it’s value. I thinks we could see run away inflation shortly..

        • Many people think foreigners hold a lot of our debt.
          Actually WE hold most of our debt.
          If we could throttle our Democrat Hominids,
          America could once again be the world’s largest
          energy producer so the Yuan can suck eggs.
          I predict depression not inflation.
          I prefer depression.

          • True but it could take a year to gear up and we would have hyperinflation followed by a depression.

      12. Washington Governor Warns: ‘We Have Just 59 Days…To Save Our Children’ From Global Warming.
        Come to central Illinois/ midwes, and tell me about global warming you FUCKING moron!!!!

      13. I live here. Have all my life. And it’s hard to imagine that a idiot like Inslee is allowed to continue his Marxist tactics. I’m sacrificing and putting as much money away as I can. Hopefully so I can move. But my question is where to? After a incident that happened to myself and family. I keep to myself and very rarely go anywhere. Everyone say’s I have given up. Maybe I have. I feel I’m gearing up more for my wife and son. Never thought it would come to this in my lifetime.

        • I would suggest Utah or Montana. I’ve lived both and prefer Utah but Montana is cheaper to live and there are much smaller towns.

        • Could you elucidate what happened to you and your family? I am the same way. I do my errands, go to the grocery store, and stay home. I had the HOA president tell me that “they don’t watch FOX In their house” after I had mentioned one of Bob Massi’s shows on FOX Business! I was horrified! What does that mean “we don’t watch that channel?” So what does that make me? Scary! Bob Massi isn’t political, he talks about real estate on his show and has tried to help educate people after the real estate crash in 2008/2009!

          I am ex-military, too, and served in West Germany during the Cold War. I agree, I never thought that I would wake up and realize that my own country had been infested with communists, Marxists, neomarxists, and Stasi! This week a strong voice in the US went dark on Utube. Who? Colin Patrick Flaherty.

          Utube removed all of his videos, and his videos on other channels and playlists, because they were deemed to be “hate speech.” You have got to be kidding me! This is like some sick and twisted version of 1984!

          Please don’t give up. I moved to Washington state after my parents divorced. It really is a beautiful place but I don’t understand all the communists and how they have infected every part of the state with their twisted ideology.

          Time to buck up lad. Life is not fair and only the strong survive. I would start planning an exit strategy. This state will not be safe for people like us for much longer, sad to say.

      14. I am currently prepping my Bellingham WA home for sale in order to move to Texas.
        We moved here after retirement in 2002 and that has proven to have been a YUGE mistake.

        • You moved into Liberal central
          in Bellingham. DUH!
          In my past every few years I spent months
          living my weekends in a Bellingham boat yard.
          I know where to buy the best beer,
          get the best Halibut and chips,
          and where to buy boat stuff.
          Bellingham is a college town with some really
          rich Democrats living on some really nice
          I made it to the top cut for the Harbormaster
          job, so I know the area, but they hired a minority
          My point is research where you are about to move to.

          • Whatcom County was a Red county (and I don’t mean Commie-red) when we bought our land here to build (D-I-Y) our dream house in 1997. We picked out Bellingham some time before purchasing in pretty much pre-Internet times. We were wanting good access to a library, because where else would you go to educate yourself without the Internet?
            Why Texas? We became “Aggie parents” in 1986 and have spent a lot of time in Texas since then. Our son and daughter-in-law live NW of Houston (no flooding for them) and they tell us that they really like it there. My first choice was Brenham, although right now we are looking in the northern Montgomery County area. My husband and I just spent four ans a half years driving I-5 (1300 miles each way) down to his mother’s house near Disneyland to help manage her increasing dementia problems, and then ultimately having to clean out her Level 4 hoarding house for sale to fund her residential care. We are determined NOT to leave our son and his wife to have to deal with our property and “stuff” some 2000 miles from their home after we are gone. We are no longer young and will deal with the problems increasing Marxism as best we can, but at least they, and we, will no longer be alone.

      15. DId God or Gore tell him so?

      16. God save us from the dumb, the ignorant, and the insanely stupid politicians. As any real scientist will tell you, there is no such thing as “SETTLED SCIENCE”. Weather has been changing for millennia. Kool aid drinking snowflakes may believe the Earth has only 59 days prior to becoming uninhabitable, but most of us know that is complete hogwash.

      17. “About $950 million would go toward education programs.”

        REALLY?? Don’t you just love how they say all of these crazy taxes they want to create will go toward education programs. If all the money that the states lottery went to education programs that they claimed would, we wouldn’t need it in the first place.

        If I hear about one more proposed tax for the good of the people I think I may loose it. The amount of taxes on everything and the price of having to get a license for everything has increased so much in my lifetime it is unbelievable.

        I don’t know about the rest of you but this is all just getting to be too much.

      18. Washington Governor Warns: ‘We Have Just 59 Days…To Save Our Children’ From Global Warming”

        What a F’n moron.

      19. Geesh, March 9th, the 59th day is a Friday.
        This sounds more like an Obama document dump than a life stopping event.

      20. They keep moving the date back…pretty soon it will be 2350 AD.

      21. Here we go! Global warming was always about taxing carbon.

      22. Wife and I and my parents are out of here this year. Done with these idiots. And the ones that vote for them and the taxes don’t get it. They passed the idiotic Sound Transit bill and then were SURPRISED when our car tabs, sales tax, and property tax all skyrocketed. Whaaat?? None of the money will go where they say and they’ll never collect as much as they think. Idaho, here we come.

        • Good for you we retired 2 weeks ago and are moving from this shithole state tomorrow to our log home near orofino – GET OUT OF GHIS HELL HOLE AS FAST AS YOU CAN- we lived in the tri-cities and my god-over half the brain dead fucks i work with are libtards- never use to be ghat way and I am so glad to be leaving!!

      23. I read where there was some mumbling about changing WA’s constitution to allow an income tax, personal and corporate.

        Apparently that idea died, for now. Yet the politicos in the city of see-addled passed a local income tax, a tax to affect only the ‘rich’. Surprisingly, a judge struck the ordinance down.

      24. This MOFO really wants a state income tax, which the people voted down six times, he recently flew to Europe to attend a global warming conference. Unfortunately, Seattle runs the state, & it’s badly filling up with fruits, nuts, communists, homeless, & most recently, heroin users. You can’t swing a dead cat in Seattle without hitting a panhandler.

      25. “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad”. They’re halfway there folks!

      26. “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad”. They’re halfway there folks!

      27. I think it is great that I can save the world by paying more taxes.

      28. Inslees’s climate advisor lives in Morocco and commutes on the tax payers dime. I’m sure his carbon footprint is very small. These people have no shame. Just so they can control the sheepel.

      29. In 59 days, spring will be starting in many areas of the country. No amount of taxing will stop the planet from having warmer weather in the northern hemisphere. Just my humble opinion though.

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