Was Mass Hypnosis Used On The Public During The COVID Scamdemic?

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    During the COVID-19 scamdemic, the ruling class and mainstream media did everything they could to make sure people were living in fear of a “new and deadly virus.” But was it all just manufactured? Was it simply hypnosis to make sure people complied with whatever “health protocols” were dictated to them?

    Fear is a powerful negative emotion and research shows that it vibrates at a frequency of 100hz. As a matter of “coincidence,” it has been demonstrated that viruses also vibrate at very low frequencies. Negative emotions and states of mind are the perfect entry point for a virus to develop and propagate as it feels “at home”. In addition, Fear drastically affects the immune system, leaving it defenseless.

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

    But is it possible to hypnotize people into a fear-based state of mind and keep them there, so that all of the negative effects of vibrating at such a low frequency can manifest and keep people compliant?

    During a recent episode of Mike Adams’ “Health Ranger Report,” Alec Zeck and Mike Winner, definitely think it’s possible that that happened. The creators of the said video compilation revealed how people were given “mind conditioning” scenarios and narratives that promoted scaremongering to make the public submit to whatever policies (no matter how ridiculous and devastating) the “health authorities” rolled out.

    The mind is very powerful and can oftentimes simply manifest what it believes, whether it’s true or not.

     Mike Adams, the Brighteon founder mentioned a study covered by Natural News about hypnosis studies, in which individuals hypersensitive to poison ivy were selected. A researcher asked them to extend their hand on a table and then told them “I’m going to brush a leaf of poison ivy on your hand. The researcher would indeed do that but not the poisonous plant. But skin rashes would still break out; their mind made it real.

    “There was another study where a researcher would pretend to put a lit cigarette out on a person’s skin, even though he actually just used a pencil eraser, and then the person’s skin would erupt in a burn reaction because they thought it was a burn,” he further cited. “The mind is very powerful. If that is to account for some of what we saw during the pandemic, then that’s very frightening because the power of false authority in the medical system and the media is far more powerful than most people realize.”

    We are being mind-controlled to an extent that most still don’t realize. If the ruling class tells people it’s real, they believe it and condemn those who bring real-world evidence to the contrary to their attention. A state of mental enslavement can be incredibly difficult to break free from, however, it’s the first step if we ever hope to see actual freedom in our lifetime.

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