Warren On Mollie Tibbetts Murder: We Need To Focus On ‘Real Immigration Problems’

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Democrats are unsurprisingly uncaring about the murder of Mollie Tibbetts.  Elizabeth Warren was extremely callous when she stated during an interview that Tibbetts murder was unimportant, and we should all be focusing on the “real problems” with immigration.  Supposedly, murder by an illegal immigrant is not a “real problem.”

    Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was just one of the many Democrats who seemed to disgustingly dismiss the murder of Tibbetts as not being a highly important issue. According to The Conservative Tribune, in an appearance on Tuesday on CNN, Warren said the country needed to focus on “real problems” like the temporary separation of illegal immigrant families at the border.

    What wasn’t all that surprising at all were the many voices on the right immediately drawing comparisons to the murder of Kate Steinle in California by an illegal immigrant. There have been thousands of other similar victims, too, but the right held up the horrific incident as proof that our nation needs to strengthen our border and immigration laws to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

    Warren’s comments come on the heels of the discovery of a human body thought to be that of Tibbetts. A body was discovered in a cornfield on Tuesday, not far from the woman’s hometown. It was pointed out to authorities by an illegal immigrant who confessed to police that he chased the young woman down and murdered her.

    Warren did offer her condolences to the Tibbetts family but immediately took to trying to ensure that this murder isn’t politicized in the right’s favor.  “I’m so sorry for the family here and I know this is hard, not only for the family but for the people in her community, the people throughout Iowa,” she said. “But one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are,” Warren added, implying that the murder of Tibbetts by an illegal alien was not a “real problem.”

    “Last month I went down to the border and I saw where children had been taken away from their mothers, I met with those mothers, who’ve been lied to, who didn’t know where their children were, who hadn’t had a chance to talk to their children, and there was no plan for how they’d be reunified with their children,” Warren said.

    I think we need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat (again, unlike Tibbetts’ murderer), and I don’t think that mamas and babies are the place where we should be spending our resources,” she added. “Separating a mama from her baby does not make this country safer.”

    What Warren said that revealed her lack of self-awareness is in complaining about children being “taken away” from their mothers and the mothers who didn’t know where their children were or were unable to speak with them. While temporary for the illegal aliens, that separation is permanent for the mother of Mollie Tibbetts.The Conservative Tribune

    Tibbetts’ mother had her daughter permanently “taken away” from her by an illegal alien. She didn’t know where her missing child was for more than a month and she will never be reunited with her child ever again.


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      1. the real problem is people like warren!!

        • If you don’t look Indian and you weren’t raised in their culture with a”Little Feather” name (or Snowflake) you cannot plausibly claim that you ever received mistreatment for your ethnicity.

          Elisabeth Warren is as Indian as I am, I’m a Wop-A-Ho.

          • Kevin2 you made me laugh with the “Wop-a-Ho” comment. I’m a Heinz-57-Cherokee, proud of all my ancestral heritage. All ethnic jokes apply to me – I learned to laugh along. My wife has Italian heritage, we love Bella Italia, and she laughed out loud also.

      2. I think Elizabeth Warren deserves a gift.
        Since she claims to be part Native American.
        How about a blanket – loaded with smallpox?

        • Nice! I absolutely agree with your idea for the sweet blanky’ for that vile, disgusting, immoral mutt AKA E. Warren!

        • MKDJ, I was thinking more along the lines of a bullet to her head. She’s a commie jezebel who doesn’t care about the people at all. All immigration, illegal and legal, needs to be stopped. We can’t keep taking in people like this. We don’t have the resources to provide for them. It’s wrong for DC to treat native-born Americans like 2nd-class citizens and give so much special treatment to these foreigners who refuse to play by the rules and have evil intentions toward us. And govt. officials wonder why we the people are so anti-govt.? They’ve given us every reason in the world to be that way.

          • Bullet to the head seems to be a bit extreme, but I understand where you’re coming from. I say, if these politicians who want to bring in these immigrants. Maybe they should do some kind of exchange program.

            Certain amount of immigrants come in, the Politician goes to their place of origin and to never return to America. Think it’s only fair, and if those were the terms. I highly doubt any politician would be pro-immigration anymore.

            • MKDJ, I used to support legal immigration but ONLY as long as the people played by all of the rules, develop good skills in our English language, assimilate into our culture, and especially NEVER do anything to undermine our country and its people. But the situation has become so severe and out-of-control that I can’t even support that anymore. Our people are so neglected that something has to give on all of this.

              • “But the situation has become so severe and out-of-control that I can’t even support that anymore. Our people are so neglected that something has to give on all of this.”

                That sir, is an honest and direct statement that nobody can deny. I agree 100%, and those who do not see what “diversity” has developed into these days are the unfortunate ones. Those who are unwilling to choose to open their eyes to this and other realities, will get no sympathy from me.

                • I live in a neighborhood filled with diversity. While it is common that residents of townhouse developments seldom know their neighbors, I couldn’t if I wanted to due to language barriers. It’s a little UN here with something of everything though mostly black and Hispanic with a few mid-Easterners in for variety. If I see a white face aside from two neighbors, I wonder who the heck it is.

                  When I bought the house, there was some mixing of cultures but predominantly white and everyone spoke English–at least in the parking lot. Things have changed a lot in the 30 years since. And the entire development has a majority percentage of rentals so lots of turnover when times are good. I’m still hunting my perfect slice of country out there somewhere.

                  So, yep, “diversity” is a barrel of fun.

        • Give her a Dirty Sanchez. C’mon, you can do it…

        • Are you Adolph or Marinus.

      3. Folks, there will NEVER be any REAL change until we accept the hard facts and process a very large and thorough PURGE!

        • I don’t know, maybe it’s just me – but.
          I always thought the Ammo Box looked more attractive than the Ballot Box when it comes to making things right.

          • MKDJ, the ammo box is the only option that’s left to us. Ballot box won’t work. It’s not just you; it’s all of us and more. I really hate to see it come to that but we can thank TPTB for this whole state of affairs.

      4. I’ll second that!

      5. Every alien should be checked to see that they are who they claim to be and that their visa has not expired. And if they are here illegally, they should be forceably ejected regardless of circumstance or age.

        This is the way it is in most countries. It is swift and in most cases without a hearing.

        • An illegal alien has a right to a hearing which is why they cannot be quickly deported. http://www.alllaw.com/articles/nolo/us-immigration/deportation-removal-proceedings.html Go to about the last section for pertinent info.

          Maybe this should happen at the US Consulate in their own country instead of at/within US borders. Anyone here illegally could then be returned to their home country and wait in line there on their own dime/peso/shekel. Many laws and statutes would have to change, of course, but the court needs some way to handle the load.

          • Yes. And that has not always been the case as President Eisenhower ejected Mexican nationals by executive order in 1953.


            Illegals aliens have been caught by ICE and then had scheduled hearings and they never showed up. Rinse repeat.

            If President Trump wants to, he can do what Ike did.

            Frankly, there are executive orders forbidding Muslims from foreign countries from entering the USA. We can’t kick out American Muslims, but we can immediately halt any new foreign Muslims. We also had legislation in 1952 regarding excluding foreign communists.

      6. Now e-verify was heralded as an excellent system to ensure security regarding immigration. And this perp used false papers from another and so e-verify said he was legal. But he wasn’t.

        And he’s hardly a perp as he admitted he took her to that cornfield and left her there.

        • Want to know where Mollie Tibbetts alleged murderer, Mexican Cristhian Bahena Rivera, got his fake ID, Social Security Card, and E-verify card. Just ask George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

      7. I stand up for our own people and I’ll never apologize to anyone for that. These foreigners need to leave.

      8. Keep in mind that Warren is considered a serious challenger to Trump in 2020 (assuming he isn’t impeached first if the Dems take the elections in November).

      9. I wonder what Elizabeth Warren (makes me puke just typing that SHITS name) would be saying if that were here daughter being run down and murdered in a field by an illegal? I wonder if that would be a “Real Problem” as she so carelessly put it.

        Don’t get me wrong, not advocating violence towards anyone, but ohhhhh how the stories change when it’s your family that’s the victim.

        • NRP, that will NEVER happen. Because all the big shots and fat cats and cronies and insiders are PROTECTED. They and their loved ones are guarded 24/7 by walls and gates and armed security. Only full on retards bitch about whether or not we should “build a wall”: there is ALREADY a wall. That wall only protects assholes like Liz Warren, which is why she doesn’t give a fuck if the rest of us are safe.

          Likewise, ever wonder why this country takes frigging forever to execute even a stone cold killer? Because those thugs are only a threat to commoners like you and I. If they ever got it into their heads to kill a Warren, an Obama, a Clinton, a Bloomberg, etc etc, those same criminals would be gunned down and they’d end up as a slab as a “John Doe”. None of this “stop or I’ll shoot”, no “Miranda rights”, no trial and sure as shit no appeal.

          Never Ever EVER give up your guns people. They are only real protection you have, now that our so called “leaders” have made such cozy arrangements for themselves, and shoved the rest of us out into the cold

      10. Who is funding Elizabeth Warren?

        TPTB do not run for office. They sit back enjoying their $money and power. Unless and until these people are no longer able to pull the strings, whether it is this idiot or the next idiot, it won’t matter. Nothing will change.


      11. At first this alleged killer of Mollie Tibbets in the U.S. illegally. And the “Build the Wall” when nuts. (I don’t blame them BTW).

        Then the attorney for the alleged murderer goes all progressive socialist Clinton Democrat saying how under E-verify the alleged murderer was in this country legally. And the unelected, rogue billionaire George Soros paid for “Open Borders” crowd goes ape.

        Then, today, turns out the alleged murderer was found to be using a phony I.D. along with a phony Social Security Card and a phony E-verify card. These people go to a lot of trouble about something that isn’t supposed to matter.

        Then Elizabeth Warren (after receiving a huge campaign contribution from George Soros), comes in to say the illegal / legal status of the alleged Mollie Tibbets Mexican killer doesn’t really matter. These people will do anything, say anything to bring this country down. These people have no pride and no shame and no character.

        • Blame-e:

          “after receiving a huge campaign contribution…”

          there-in lies the problem

          Campaign contributions have to be limited, and loopholes that allow corporations to donate huge sums must stop.

          True, they can make deals under the table, but why make it easy to buy a candidate.

          So, in effect, every time this woman speaks, Soros speaks.
          She should have a “property of George Soros” tatoo on her forehead.


      12. Notice how the hypocrites want to focus on “the real problem” EXCEPT when talking about school shootings. Then it’s just the guns.

      13. Seats may have changed, since. I am just making a note of some stereotypical appointments.

        A Hindu for IT.
        Latino for labor.
        Black for HUD / Acorn. (Believes in specious, black inventors and has alt theories on pyramids)
        LGBTQBYOBetc… for civil rights

        While WASP masculinists should no longer expect to be sole breadwinners, he says his womyn employees — like Omarosa — are some of the best paid in their industries.

        You’re telling me this is a cultural conservative, here to restore the social contract — namely, by confronting demographic replacement.

        I had posted that I wanted to know more about her politics, before putting on my ‘white knight’ armor and cucking-out. Tibetts is reported to hate white people and particularly, white men, in her Twitter feeds. Is my policy on helping clear enough, preppers. Are you loyal. I honor loyalty.

        • “Tibetts is reported to hate white people and particularly, white men, in her Twitter feeds.”

          So, according to you, Mollie Tibbetts deserved to be murdered?

          Where’s your proof. Show me copies of her Twitter messages. Are they right next to President Donald Trump’s Twitter messages. Did Mollie Tibbetts and President Donald Trump share a Twitter account?

          Did Twitter censor Mollie Tibbetts call for help to the police because it was hate speech?

          Proof. I suppose you can back up your progressive socialist democrat propaganda. You must work for George Soros Pocahontas.

      14. Temporary family separation is more important than the murder of this girl by an illegal. That’s what warren and the rest of the demons are sayin. So Americans don’t matter illegals do to the demons.

        • Too bad then that Mollie Tibbetts has been permanently separated from her family.

      15. The real immigration problem is we don’t need any! We have a population now that can’t be supported. Unemployed everywhere. We don’t need more. We certainly don’t need more uneducated.

        They say they do the jobs that American’s wont. What propoganda! There are plenty to do those jobs!

        • Exactly. Latest estimates indicate that the optimum population for the United States — taking into account current technology, farming methods, and diminishing supplies of cheap oil necessary to power the kinds of unsustainable population, even with cheap oil — is 150-million people.

          Just like the theory of infinite growth on a finite planet is unsustainable, “Open Borders” is just infinite growth applied to a finite country.

          At 320-million the country is economically unsustainable. We cannot feed, house, clothe, educate, and offer meaningful lives in a hollowed out economy to the American Citizens already here.

          “Open Borders” is a death sentence for the United States. The only recourse is to halt all immigration into the United States and deport those that are here illegally from all countries.

      16. Back in December Mollie tweeted that she hates white people. The tweets have been verified, it was her account.

        • Excuse me, but if Mollie Tibbetts hates whites so much, then why was her boyfriend, Dalton Jack, whom she had been staying with, is white?

          Proof. Show me the Tweets. And if there are Tweets to this effect I bet they have been planted by the progressive socialist (“illegals killing white American women doesn’t matter”), democrats.

          • the blame-e, Look it up yourself. Google is your friend. The Tweet is there. No one here owes your entitled ass proof of anything. I will provide the backstory though.

            Backstory: Mollie was fed up with white men and was trying to end the relationship with her boyfriend. Although they were still together at the time she was murdered, she was gradually trying to break up with him and after graduation in 2 yrs she planned on moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area (near where she is from) to get her Masters degree in Psychology. That was why initially investigators were looking at her boyfriend as a suspect, because they were aware of the pending breakup. Family members and her parents had told police she eventually wanted out of the relationship with Dalton and didn’t see a long-term future for them. I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be long-term.

            She had said that she wanted to be with a professional man, someone “different” from him, is what she had said. I don’t know what she meant by different but she was going to get her Masters in Psychology and didn’t want to be married to someone who wasn’t at her level. It happens.

            • Anonymous. Always with the insults. Hear Ye. Hear Ye. Anonymous speaks. You better hope you remain anonymous. There are a lot of people out here that have bought a baseball bat with your name on it.

              And I looked her up. These are all propaganda porn sites. Nobody (except for you) goes into that much personal detail on Twitter, or any other social media. Except for clueless losers like you.

              Did her white boy friend, that she was living with, this Dalton Jack know all this stuff? This is an on-going criminal investigation. You are not supposed to talk to the press. But you are just so clueless.

              That crap stays out there and follows you around forever. I know. I’ve looked you up.

        • Well if thats true, then I’m sure she just loves brown shitskin people now, huh!?!

      17. Elizabeth Warren, Pocahontas, is typical of many Demon-Rats that have no regard for American citizens. An American citizen’s right-to-life, property rights, etc. have no place in her march toward a one-world socialist utopia. People of her ideology fail to study history, human nature, logic, accounting, physics, and many other disciplines that reveal the “SOCIALIST UTOPIA” is nothing but a big lie. The previous century saw millions of humans abused & killed in a quest to bring about the SOCIALIST UTOPIA lie.

      18. When the fighting and killing starts, I hope everyone remembers that the chicken sh*t falls from the top down. Start there.

        As the chances of a Second American Civil War increase by the day, remember that he first American Civil War wasn’t about slavery. It was economic. The north wanted the south to come into the industrial age, and the south wanted nothing to do with it. The south wanted to stick with its agrarian society.

        Just imagine if the armies of the south had marched into Washington and New York and executed all the professional politicians and industrialists causing all the trouble.

        • I’ve always thought it was a federal and central bank power grab. To demand interest payments on the new green back dollar. The south didn’t want the then non named or chartered FED to control their money. Remember the FED got a 100 year charter that came up for renewal in 2013. Did you hear ANYONE question that? Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • Like I said, the first American Civil War was economic. What part of economics do you not under stand? Smell your own damn coffee.

      19. Unless the USA has an TRUE unemployment rate of 1%, not this totally bogus unemployment rate which artificially removes data and folks from being included, then we should immediately halt all immigration and all refugee settlement.

        After ensuring that as many Americans have jobs in the extremely unstable economy, then it’s lunacy to allow one alien in the USA. And it’s CRIMINAL to allow any illegal aliens. We need laws punishing any employers of them or anyone who facilities the harbering of criminals.

        If it takes a civil war, so be it.

      20. Build the wall, we’ll take the tunnel.

        • We’ll wait until the tunnel is full to pour the concrete.

      21. Build the silly wall, we fly in for vacation and then overstay our visa. No one checks on us (like they do in other countries) and we end up staying. That buys us time to get false ID’s.

        • Unfortunately, you speak the truth.

      22. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant I flew to California and stayed there for the birth. I am not entitled to any government freebies, but my U.S. citizen baby is entitled to freebies and I just happen to benefit from that. But do build the wall if you want to. We don’t care. Most of us don’t sneak over the border on foot anyway. We take the plane. $50 Billion for a wall and we will still end up there anyway. Stupid Americans.

      23. Always a new crop of ag workers. There must be
        45 million ” pickers in this country, “to do the jobs
        Americans won’t do.” Obviously ….they are also jobs
        illegals won’t do.” Oh… they do the job just long enough
        to get into the States…. then disappear and hide
        into the shadows with another or stolen identity.
        Truck drivers laugh about….”coming up here from Mehico
        with three drivers licenses. Get ticketed on one bogus
        license then use another. Get back to Mehico before they
        find out they are bogus.”
        Our govmt knows what is happening. They play along to get richer
        from major companies……..who promise certain votes and more

        How about only AMERICAN WORKERS WORKING IN
        None of this propaganda about “jobs
        Americans won’t do.”
        Parents trying to feed their families would be happy to do the
        jobs if the govmt didn’t pay them to stay home.
        I remember my dad and brother picking tomatoes to feed the
        family…. when International Harvester went out on another of
        it’s notoriously long ” Unionized STRIKES “. (the union broke the company)
        That and poor management caused the demise of a great paying
        company with plenty of benefits.
        The same thing happened to Farmall, Case, Caterpillar, and more than
        200 major companies in northwest Illinois (and across the river in Iowa.)
        1970 – 1990 were hard years thanks to the Demoncrap Unions.
        The cities are like Detroit now. Unions had to sustain themselves and be
        relevant so demands became ridiculous. But that was what their job was
        to be a parasite and suck it dry…. for the globalist mafia.

      24. If we are kicked out of the country, no longer allowed to continue working the fields with a work visa, who is going to pick the grapes for your wine? Your avocados? Your lettuce? In fact, all of your produce. Good luck paying $10 for a bunch of celery. And when you shit it out whose going to clean your toilet? Hmm?

        • This is the same American Corporate porn we have been hearing for decades. The same old extortion. “Do you want it Made in [INSERT FOREIGN COUNTRY HERE] cheap; or do you want it expensive and “Made In USA?”

          In my grandparent’s time everything was made locally and “Made In USA.” Our economy didn’t collapse then, but it sure as hell is now.

          When this country’s Deep State and seventeen (17) security and surveillance agencies decide to track illegals and all the foreigners over-staying their guest visas her in my country, like they now track American Citizens, then any documented Mexican that wants to can come and pick all my fruits and veggies they want. They can even send their money home, tax free, as far as I’m concerned — as long as they go home at the end of picking season.

          Had enough of this sh*t.

      25. Americans use us for our cheap labor for everything from housekeeping to masonry work to produce picking and assorted menial jobs, and then complain we are in the country. What a bunch of hypocrites. President Trump just hired 65 of us on work visas to work at his Mar-a-Lago Resort for less than minimum wage. How do you like those apples? That we picked. For your table. But do build the wall. Hypocrites.

        • When we build robots to work the fields then the problem of migrant farm workers will be solves. That day cannot come soon enough.

      26. With all this crap going on with Trump,I’m thinking ahead to the mid-terms. If the Dems win the House we are in for a shit storm the likes we have never seen. Nothing getting done,our enemies taking advantage of the discord. Thinking ahead,again,where to hide my guns and ammo. I most truly dread the months leading up to November. God speed and luck to all.

      27. Like I said, ONLY Americans should work in America.

        Stop paying welfare to anyone who can and should work.
        My dad and brother picked tomatoes during hard times, and
        were glad to have a job. We raised our own tomatoes, grapes
        ( don’t need avacadoes, never did.) We had a huge garden.
        Cherry ,,apple, pear, peach, plum trees, everything.
        I DON’T
        need anything from Mehico. any more than I need anything
        from Chinaeese thieves and their bogus knock-off products.
        HOTELS?? Please, this country is fast becoming the
        ” NEW ” MEHICO NORTH….I don’t crave bedbugs in my sheets….either.

        Clean my toilets ??….. HA HA Not mine…dear! Illegals
        still want $ 15 per hour… and workmans comp. plus, 7 days a
        week to do 2 hours of work.
        My toilet.. in fact…..my whole bathroom has NEVER BEEN THAT

        No, Mehico has nothing here or south of the border to offer me.
        I have known a few thousand Mehicans… here…but only a very
        few are truly trustworthy. I’ve been to mehico where they take
        what they want. And violence, also seems to be part of their culture.

      28. Wall or no wall, both Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts would have been murdered anyway. It’s not a wall that will prevent these atrocities. But enacting new laws will.

        Most of those here illegally did not walk across the border. Don’t fall for that lie. Without borders we have no country. We need borders, but a border wall isn’t effective. It’s expensive and ineffective.

        We can save $50 billion and instead change the laws for free. Adding new laws and changing certain laws won’t cost us anything and *will save lives.* And keep illegals out.

        Then, the $50 billion earmarked for the wall, can instead be put to better use to repair the crumbling infrastructure, thus saving lives that way, and also keep the illegals out by changing laws — not building a wall we can’t possibly afford, unless YOU want to pay for it, all while the ignored infrastructure is seriously compromised; bridges, overpasses, roads, underground water pipes / septic systems, electric grid, etc.

        Does anyone care about the many lives that will eventually be lost directly related to the crumbling infrastructure?

        How about cars and trucks plummeting into the freezing water below when the bridge collapses or the highway or overpass collapses or a sudden water main break flooding the area within minutes, sweeping SUV’s away into the current with entire families trapped inside.

        Oh, and children who were molested were sexually abused by an American U.S. Citizen, who are pedophiles, not by illegals. Why aren’t ALL pedophiles locked up, behind bars where they should be? Even the ones who already served their time? Why are they free to molest again? Why is that?

        The majority of children and women in the country are kidnapped / killed by an American U.S. Citizen, not by illegals. Think Chris Watts the U.S. Citizen from Colorado, just for one. I hate illegals, but it’s not true most murders / crimes are committed by them.

        What women fear most is a man killing her. What men fear most is a woman laughing at him. Let that set in.

        We need to enact some new laws, not a phoking $50 billion wall that we cannot afford and that will have very little impact anyway. If the wall had already been erected Mollie would still have been murdered. Stop buying everything the media sells.

      29. Pocahontas: “We need to focus on the Mollie Tibbetts porn and not the real immigration problems.”

      30. My heart breaks for Mollie’s family..
        Every parent knows the same fear of Mollie’s parents.
        Kids come home late….every parent envisions their
        child laying helpless somewhere…dying or dead… until
        they finally walk through the door.
        Parents never quit worrying even when the kids grow up
        and move away…..knowing animals such as that murderer
        exist everywhere.
        Time to clean up the USA, from the blood thirsty,
        masochists coming to this country…. and shielded by
        the Demoncraps making laws in our govmt, many of whom
        are illegals themselves.

        We need to pass a law ONLY 40 year residents as a LEGAL

        CALL IT “”MOLLIE’S LAW”” !!!

      31. What ridiculous obvious trolling. Right…no obvious Hispanic posts in a month, then we get several in one topic all at once!


        Okay, I’ll respond to the idiot. Why is it that Hispanic immigrants have more rights to entering the USA? Guess what, you are not special. There are people from other nations who follow immigration law, are better educated, have skills, have money, have no criminal background, etc.

        Heck, we have excellent refugees sitting in squalor (for three years and have been vetted )in refugee camps who would make excellent American citizens. I would take them before I would allow a single criminal illegal alien.

        The ludicrous notion that Hispanics deserve special treatment has zero logical basis. They were not indigenous but arrived from Spain. They enslaved Mestizos in North, Central, and South America. You don’t deserve SQUAT as the worst and most persistant oppression was by Hispanics and THEN your culture fostered political instability and corruption that is in EVERY nation there but Costa Rica.

        And why was Costa Rica spared? Because in that forward thinking nation, they offered homesteading and this brought European immigrants and some Asians and thus in many ways was like the USA!

        Kick out every illegal alien in the USA. And it should have happened yesterday.

        If all your people can do is be weasels doing menial labor as criminals, we don’t want you.

        And this is comming from a guy who has helped Cuban refugees who followed the LAW. They made fine patriotic decent hard working citizens.

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