Want Cash? Next-Gen ATMs Demand Biometric Verification: “Smartphone and Eye Scan To Dispense Money”

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 50 comments

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    Some of the longest standing fears have been based around the idea that once cash is fully banned, the last remaining vestiges of freedom will go with it.

    While that remains to be seen in total, it is clear that a digital matrix of computer-based spending, surveillance and control is taking over more and more of our lives.

    Now that system wants to scan your iris and even talk with your smartphone in order to allow you to access your own hard-earned money.

    Sadly, this eerie new world order scenario is closer to reality than ever before.

    While cash will still be around for now, it is about to become more tightly controlled than ever before. Most banks are now limiting withdraws and flagging customers with large cash requests as suspicious to law enforcement or federal agencies.

    Meanwhile, he next generation of ATMs – while still spitting out bills – will focus more on technological verification of patrons, and even biometric verification.

    With growing concerns over digital security and authentication, privacy is all but dead.

    NBC News reports on the surprising changes that could be fast approaching the cash machine you frequent around the corner or down the street:

    No card reader, no PIN pad, no touch-screen display — how you bank at your ATM could drastically change in the not-so-distant future. Citigroup is testing an automated teller machine made by Canton, Ohio-based Diebold that relies on your smartphone and perhaps an eye scan to dispense your cash.

    Diebold’s so-called “Irving” system works like this: Let’s say you want to get $100 from your ATM. Instead of taking your bank card with you, you schedule your withdrawal ahead of time on your phone via your bank’s mobile app. When you walk up to the screenless machine, it identifies you in one of several ways: Near Field Communication (NFC, the same type of technology used in Apple Pay’s mobile payment service), QR Code (for Quick Response Code, a machine-readable bar code that’s been used extensively in Japan) or biometrics (scanning your iris, a technique that’s considered far more fail-safe than fingerprints as a form of ID).The machine then spits out the cash and you go on your merry way.

    Diebold said the entire transaction could be completed in less than 10 seconds. The new system is more secure than traditional ATMs, in part because you wouldn’t need a card and wouldn’t have to punch in a PIN, the company said.


    “Our latest concepts embody a new era of banking and put the user experience at the top of the pyramid to connect consumers with their money when and how they see fit,” Frank Natoli, Diebold executive vice president, self-service technology, said in a press release.

    While Diebold has been in the ATM machine business for many years, it is hardly reassuring that the big banks will be teaming up with the company know for its voting fraud scandals to keep “your” money secure from meddling. What could possibly go wrong?

    Moreover, the more entangled and dependent our system of commerce becomes on technology, the worse it will be if/when the grid collapses. While it is already true that ATMs won’t be available in the event of a massive power outage, the requirement for not only ATMs, but smart phones and other devices to all work seems to invite trouble and further complications.

    ATMs already represent sharp fees and tight control of cash – the price is high and the amount per day is strictly limited – though its distribution happens at a nearly infinite number of points. Banks see cash as a problem because it can be freely exchanged on the black and grey markets, stuffed under the mattress and used without direct surveillance. Moreover, cash is an instrument that allows customers to circumvent their institution and fees, and keeps them from leveraging that balance many times over.

    This new era may have many conveniences, but the near-total electronic control of currency will put a handful of institutions in control of the economy, and will make history as the most invasive and authoritarian form of money ever created. Already, things are only shades away from the Mark of the Beast system so many have warned against and watched for… the masses will be somewhere between cogs in the machine and slaves to the system.

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      1. I only keep a very small amount of money at the bank and that won’t change. I also switched to a small community Bank in my area.

        • Like we couldn’t see that one coming…

          • Massive Debt, Budget Deal Introduced In Dead of Night… Vote Violates Another Boehner Pledge

            “The giant debt ceiling increase rolled together with a budget deal was introduced at 11:36 p.m. Monday, in the dead of night, several congressional sources confirm to Breitbart News.

            The text is 144 pages long and increases the debt ceiling beyond when President Barack Obama leaves office, all the way until March 2017. It also, according to Politico, increases spending by $50 billion this year and $30 billion more the following year.

            As AP reports, House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) is pushing for a Wednesday (TODAY) vote, this would be yet another instance in which he has broken his promise to give members and the public three full days—72 hours—to read legislation before voting on it.”

            Breitbart dot com

        • Do you watch Stefan Molyneux on youtube? He has a ton of great videos.

      2. Good!
        they are just making this choice easier for me ..the choice to say F you to any bank

        • Red Hawk, I’m not far from saying the same thing to the banks. most of my money is in a safe in my home [private banking]. I only keep enough at the bank for 2 bills every month and some occasional online shopping.

      3. And what if I don’t want a machine scanning my iris? Time for a different bank, one that doesn’t mess with my eyes at least.

        • Carl, same here. Besides you have to be set up for online banking and have your bank’s app in a smartphone before an iris scan can take place. I’ll close my bank account before I ever go along with any shit like that. No online banking for me EVER.

        • then they’ll scan your booty hole!

      4. 10$ bills in #10 cans do not sound so bad now….

        RIP mushroom…

        • “crisp ten-dollar bills”

        • Until they change the currency. Then your $10 bills are just expensive TP.
          My grandfather was a business owner during the great depression. He inherited a steel foundry that made pipe fittings and rebar from my great grandfather. He went from being rich to just middle class. When he saw what was happening, he liquidated a lot of stuff into money and gold. Then they banded gold and it was essentially worthless. Trying to buy something in gold would lead to a nice visit in the jail and confiscation of whatever you had left.
          He said the thing he would do differently would be develop a trade and invest in materials of that trade. He had wished he kept some of the foundry equipment but he knew little about the practical side of the business so it was a mute point.
          He said that if you didn’t work at something and seemed to have some money you were considered suspect by the government as either a moonshiner or a criminal of some sort so it was important to do something.
          But he finally bought the equipment and materials necessary to make boots and that is what enabled him to survive the depression.
          So that has always been my plan too. Keep my wealth in gold but my money in materials.

          • Yup. Having a skill, the raw materials, and the equipment to make a necessary item – is the best investment for the future. Sure, it can be a hobby now – but learn it well enough to make be able to feed yourself later. The challenge is finding something that produces a useful item!

      5. Gov wants to protect their future $. They don’t want frauds and scammers stealing their $. It’s yours to use for now though. After shtf I’m going looking for hidden stashes of cash. Seems a lot of people are choosing not to use the bank. Safe cracking skills for shtf you betcha.

        • Asshat, some scum would have to get past me and my guns before he could reach my safe and that’s not happening.

      6. Saw on tv one time two guys back their truck through a store front right up to the atm machine and threw the atm in the truck and drove off don’t think they got caught happened so fast. If I was cops I’d go looking at welding shops in the area they’re gonna have to cut it open to get the cash. This was the best smash and grab I’d ever seen. Crazy shit.

      7. From a fraud and theft standpoint its great, makes it much harder,
        But from a big brother standpoint it sucks.
        The biggest problem
        Is that there are tons of people out there who are more than happy to steal your stuff,
        They dont know what an honest days work is, only crime.
        So they screw things up for the rest of us.
        If credit card fraud and theft wasnt so prevalent none of this would even be happening.

        • So true, Kula.

          The other big problem is that they are rigging the system to make it almost impossible to bank without a “tracking device/smart phone”. They are imposing the idea if you don’t carry such a gadget, then you aren’t smart. But…..

          “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

          Then, they will outlaw cash, silver coinage, and the gold.
          In order to buy or sell in their system, you must have a gadget so you can be tracked. Eventually, they will provide that gadget/system for anyone that receives gov entitlements.

          The crony corporations and banksters are drooling at the prospects.

          Those same corporations are now “rendering” and/or using renderings of discarded fetus/babies, and euthanized animals/pets as ingredients in food products.

          It is a sick world we live in, and getting sicker by the hour.
          But; there is hope for those that want it badly enough.

          • PWTW, excellent points. I’ll stop banking altogether before I take any RFID chip.

      8. Want Cash? Next-Gen ATMs Demand Biometric Verification: “Smartphone and Eye Scan To Dispense Money”

        The problem with this kind of Technology, and the others before it. It will be hackable, whether it is an inside or outside source doing the deed.

        A cashless society, will be a more dangerous society.
        For one, it will allow those in power to deduct funds automatically from a persons account.
        It allows room for possible errors of double deducting funds. Pulling funds at inappropriate times makes the possibility of somebody’s account being overdrawn.

        Whether it be voice activation, iris scans, or fingerprints. All of this kind of Data has to end up someplace, somewhere that is deemed secure and safe.

        No such thing as safety and security in this day an age, anything and everything is hackable and vulnerable.

        Do not give in or comply with this system!


        • Yep. You cant just replace your eyeball when someone hacks your account.
          Like we say in the tech world. Its only secure until you use it. If you have a little time Its not hard to decode any protocol either wired or wireless.

          • Anything wireless is by definition insecure.

            • Most wireless communications and protocols have built in encryption. that is not easily breakable.

        • FTW, I hear you loud and clear. Damn good points. It’s a system that can never succeed. I won’t have any part of it. I’m at the point that I just don’t care anymore.

      9. So pop out an eye of a banker and snap off his finger and you got control over his fortune

        They better be sure of this , cause it sure will get brutal quick

        • Fortunately, somebody won’t have to go through that kind of pain and anguish. All a hacker would need is a photo of somebody’s iris scan/finger prints to manipulate the system.

          If a Hacker can get someones credentials fairly easily, they won’t have a problem getting a hold of their bio-metrics too.

          • I was thinking more on the “ground level”
            Like how it would go for the average joe

            Say like you had 250k that someone that wasn’t sophisticated as the hackers
            So their idea of “hacking” is to cut you up to steal your wealth

            So like Joe small time banker leaves his office, or a daily joe for that matter and as he’s walking to his car , he gets jumped,his head and right hand get cut off and the rest of him is dumped on the sidewalk
            2.5 seconds later he’s not only dead , but dead broke

      10. Stop being dependent on just one bank. There are so many options now for financial transactions and wealth storage and exchange, there is no need to be trapped by an atm. Iris scanning technology is still crap as anyone who has seen it trialed at airports can tell you. They would be better using your foreskin to verify at atms!

        There are far more advanced technologies in development, including whole-body resonance scanning and verification. This works by having a DNA record on every person who has access rights. The resonance verification system can then conduct a milisecond dna resonance match with whomever is standing at the atm. Wrong dna? No money.

      11. Leave their banks start our own it will happen…….

      12. I remember back in the early 1980s, my mom’s bank required her to give her finger print on a sticker that was then placed on the back of the check she wanted to cash along with her signature.

        For security.

        She was infuriated and voiced her displeasure at each visit.

        The practice eventually stopped, i guess technology finally caught up.

      13. Time to go back to MAKING time to do cash withdrawls in person and writing checks and using stamps……

      14. Its only a convenience to you so long as its a convenience to them to control you…

      15. I only keep enough money in the back to pay bills the rest. Well just say I keep it some where.

        As far as an ATM goes I have only used it once in 20 years. So I really don’t give a crap what they want.

        Stop and think about this article. It is assuming that there is some type of a financial struck left in the next few years.

        Gold, silver, and lead will rule the day as it has after every collapse.


      16. No, thank you. I bleed rather easily so it won’t be hard to get my DNA. But I won’t volunteer. Convenience, and small monetary incentive, along with fear/mind control is how these things get initiated. Invariably to the detriment of the willing victims, affectionately known as the general public. My iris is the window to my soul. I wouldn’t trust my soul to the money managers. They might steal it.

      17. Bank at a state credit union. They are usually last to adopt new things because of the cost.

        Also, they are less likely to go bankrupt. “Bankrupt” is literally a rupture of a bank.


      19. Only one problem with biometrics:
        Once biometric security has been compromized, they is no way to get a new set of biometrics issued.

        Maybe these lifelock-type comapanies will offer to provide you with new iris, fingerprints, etc if you ever get hacked…

      20. God Bless Mushroom…

      21. Well if the Banks and Credit Card companies are as fast at getting geared up for this “new Move”, we will all be 30 years older.

        it will cost to much to set up, the system will take years to develop, and still longer for the ATM’s and Card readers to be set up and placed in the Retail business chain.

        No Problem, I will not need that feature, when they get it established, I use 90% cash now, and will be dead before then. LOL

      22. All of this is a mute point. The day is quickly approaching when our world as we know it will not end with a bang, but a whimper. What the enemies of America have planned is too horrifying to imagine. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. The vulnerability of the U.S. power grid to an EMP or cyber attack has reached critical mass. The absolute dependency of electric power for finance, transportation, food, fuel, water, etc…means a sudden blackout of the grid will plunge the U.S. back to the stone age. A total economic and social collapse, and the horrors it will bring, will be the death sentence of some 280 million citizens. Most of the remaining will wish they had perished.
        So remember, one starry night as your sitting on the back porch, and suddenly the power goes down…..you will hear that whimper !!!!!

        • moot

      23. Maybe there won’t be any banks left to worry over this ,once the shit really hits

        Remember when I said Chitcago would raise taxes to pay for the failed Union pensions of the city employees including cops and firefighters? Remember
        Well guess what Obamas butt boy just did?
        Good luck Chitcago, what ever business is left please turn off the lights when you leave
        And as the way most Democratically held cities go
        This city too will fall to ruins like De-toilet and become a jobless hell hole of rag heads and obamas sons fighting over the last chicken bone
        As if they arnt already tearing that city and its burbs apart
        One of these days there won’t be any “tax” payers and than what ? And the pensions for the killers goes south , how much you wanna bet they will act worse than the EBT crowd?
        But , until than .. That city will wallow in its filh and corruption until it either goes into full retard mode or burns itself right out
        Either way,, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that debacle

      24. Here’s a shocker!!! There are actually a few of us who take our security and privacy very seriously. That means – NO cellphone – at all. Amazingly enough, it is still quite possible (and liberating) to not be at the beck and ‘call’ (bad pun) of having some means of instant contact in my pocket. So? If required to have to have a cell phone? Hmm, that ought to be interesting.

        And how about those with pay-as-you-go throw-aways?

        Yeah, to those here who talk of the ‘mark of the beast’ – yeppers, this would be it.

      25. On a positive note, got 6 more cans of Mountain House put away this week. The emergency food has decreased in price a bit from last month. The weather is beautiful here after the hurricane’s leftovers passed. They even gave us a little break from spraying their grids all over the skies. People are outside fishing. I raked up a ton of leaves. I woke up before dawn this morning to look at Venus and Jupiter in the eastern sky- magnificent.
        I’m considering picking up a roll of Philharmonics this week to add to our modest stack. After revisiting some articles from 2013 about the Cyprus bail in and the theft of depositor’s monies, will be getting more cash out of the bank tomorrow probably.
        Just want to say something about safes and hiding assets. There are so many ways to hide coins and paper money in a regular house. Furniture, speakers, musical instruments, cd cases, false plumbing… you name it. We have a safe for normal, right now semi-dangerous times, but if shtf we would just keep a diversion stash in there in case we got run out of the house. Nobody, and I mean nobody gets to see the safe or know how much cash we have, and I make it a point to pay trades with checks so they think we don’t have cash lying around. The only person who knows we have silver, I guess, is the UPS man who commented on the weight of my little parcel the other day.
        The banks are going to do a nosedive anytime now. But one thing is for sure- when it happens they will not be telling any of us beforehand. I think a little prepping is going to go a very long way.

      26. What about people like me that refuse to even own a freaking smart phone?

      27. Great! Now instead of a robber just stealing your wallet,he plucks out your eye to use at the ATM. How is that better?

      28. and if you dont have a smart phone.. ? yes i dont have one and will nOT get one … one more reason to NOT have your $$ in the bank… anything NOT with you in YOUR safe.. is not yours….

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