[WATCH] FAKE NEWS: MSNBC Lies About Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Mass Shooting

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 48 comments

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    A panel on MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily on Tuesday made some false claims about the hero who used his own gun to stop the mass shooting at a Texas church. The media outlet lied on-air quickly alerting anyone who listened to their “fake news” narrative.

    If you didn’t know that the mainstream media were all left-leaning democrats, this will surely ice the cake. MSNBC’s panel on Tuesday lied out their backsides off to the public. New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor and host Chuck Todd falsely claimed that NRA instructor Stephen Willeford did not shoot at the Texas church shooter and did not stop his rampage.

    “When I was watching President Trump today, and he was making his argument that [the shooter] was essentially stopped by someone with a gun, I kept thinking, ‘but he killed himself,’” Alicindor falsely stated. “The shooter was not stopped, there was not a big gun fight … and I think there needs to be a fact check on how this got stopped in the first place.”

    “The narrative here as you saw with Mike Huckabee and the president is a little bit off the rails,” Todd responded. Which was also a bold-faced lie. Wouldn’t it be nice if a liar’s pants actually caught on fire?

    But Willeford knows what he did. When he heard the gunfire, he grabbed his AR-15 (the scary ones that no one should own and Democrats want to ban) and ran out of his house barefoot to engage the shooter. He was able to shot the gunman twice. “I know I hit him,” Willeford said. “He got into his vehicle, and he fired another couple rounds through his window.”

    Willeford and another civilian got into a vehicle and chased the suspect at 95 mph until he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a ditch. He killed himself before the police could take him into custody. Multiple law enforcement officials confirmed that Willeford saved lives with his heroic actions.


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      1. In SW Florida a County Sheriff was being viciously assaulted by a criminal on top of him. The criminal was about to get control of the officers handgun. A civilian carry permit holder passing by stopped and shot the criminal. The story that initially played was, “Officer Involved Shooting” then switched to “an off duty officer shot the criminal”. I knew from a fellow police officer at the gun club that the cops took a collection to by this guy another carry gun when they confiscated his for ballistics. It was about two months later that the true story made the press here. The media did everything in its power from creative wording to outright fabrication to hide that fact that a civilian with gun saved the day. Interesting too is that the cop was white and both the criminal and carry permit holes were black. The MSM just had way too much to attempt to alter for their narrative.

        • yep, and even before the fakenews outlets were done spinning the vegas massacre story, the NRA was busy propagandizing bump stocks. if the “lone gunman” story guy was using a bump stock, those pieces of junk prolly prevented him from being more deadly. prolly more than one shooter.

        • I hate to admit it, but infowars was right. There really is a war on for your mind.

        • The media, ALL MEDIA, even the lying bastards on faux news entertainment, should be able to have their pants sued off of them when they report anything un true.

      2. holder not hole

        • Thanks for clarifying “hole” and holder. I started to question your story. Why you would call the permit carrier a “hole” along with the criminal. Funny though…..

      3. Chuck Todd or more appropriately Cuck Todd is a lying little sack of Shit. Miserable litfucking cunt who crowned Hillary Bitch Clinton the next president. Left media scum.

      4. Can’t have people acting responsibly and for their community now can we? Isn’t that the sole province of the government? Let alone showing bravery, courage and the willingness to self-sacrifice and not be military or law enforcement. Not to say those latter groups are not worth respecting; no, just they began life as a citizen, never stop being a citizen and post-duty remain a citizen. As we all are in a free nation. It is still a ‘free’ land is it not?

      5. I dont listen to this crap, and the ones who do are too far gone to convince otherwise. Thats where we are now.

        • Their goal is to sway the fence sitter.

          • MSNBC and CNN are right up there with Comedy Central in terms of just comedic parody and humorous entertainment. To take them any more seriously is like promoting http://www.theonion.com as valid news source. It’s comedy

          • Good point!!!

          • The fence sitters are too busy staring at their phone to pay attention.

            • There is a lot of truth in that. Regardless the MSM create the headline and steer the narrative. None of this from the left is truly grassroots driven.

        • ” there was not a big gun fight”
          That’s the only thing they were right about, it was stopped by a few well placed rounds.

      6. The narrative on most issues expressed by MSLSD has very little to do with the TRUTH. If you like a load of BS with your issues, by all means listen to the garbage reported by the Main Stream Media.

      7. Whether someone with a gun stopped the killer or not, the point is– if you have a gun and see someone going on a shooting rampage, YOU CAN STOP THE KILLER. If you don’t have a gun, you could BECOME a victim… that is the point!!

        (Oh, and by the way, I am not a conservative!! I used to be democrat but recently voted for trump, which I regret… just a concerned citizen who STRONGLY BELIEVES IN OUR RGHT TO HAVE GUNS!! (AND I ALSO KNOW GLOBAL WARMING IS GOING TO KILL OFF OUR SPECIES UNLESS WE COME TOGETHER TO STOP IT.)

        • Regarding CO2 all the proposed global treaties have done to date is to transfer industry from the regulated developed world to the unregulated developing world. China is now the lead CO2 producer and there is more total global carbon to atmosphere today than last year, the year before that and so on.

          “Nothing in politics happens by accident”. “If it happens it was meant to happen that way”
          President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

          The word for the day is Ostensible. TPTB own academia.

          • Kevin2, global warming, carbon tax, etc. are nothing but a scam for draining what’s left of the US economy. Trump did exactly right to pull us out of the Paris treaty. We don’t owe the world anything.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Agree 100%

              When the policies proposed accomplish X they desire to accomplish X even though they keep repeating like a broken record Y. All its doing is facilitating the transfer of industrial capacity to the developing world from the developed world.

              People would get to the truth if they completely ignore the official reasons for anything and exclusively focus on what it actually accomplishes.

        • Whatever will you do next year, when you figure out that we are in a “mini ice age” due to solar minimum occurring now. Arctic and Antarctic ice is increasing on a daily basis. I suspect many that have bought into the global warming narrative, are going to be very veklempt!

          • Spot on. I have been documenting evidence of the coming grand solar minimum over the last 3 years on a facebook page called ‘The Deagel Forum’. Worth a look if you can spare the time.

          • I am in NY state and this Oct and Nov is very warm like 40’s when it should be 20’s. The Geoengineeringwatch.org site says that due to the heavy metal chemtrail spraying in the upper atmosphere the sun has dimmed 25-30 percent. We are getting less sunlight and that’s not good for people who have solar panels. So maybe that is contributing to our “cooling” off period, but i don’t see that here. It is way too warm here in NY state.

        • global cooling/worming was made up for the carbon tax ,by the NWO,,we have natural cycles that we go through ,,,2030/NWO BS

        • You have the right idea about gun control – perhaps you might better question Climate change when it starts out with a little gun control parallel?

          This is worth taking a look at and the time to check out.


          BTW – Morton County (ND) getting hit with a big tax hike…Yep – paying for the DAPL mess. The casino is still in business, but the word is barely…

        • I didn’t used to believe in global warming, but am not sure now. I also read that it’s the volcano’s that are heating up that is warming the planet up. But i think more so it is due to the ozone going and being thinner and that’s what the chemtrails are for to block the heat from the sun, but it’s only a band aid and in the long run will make it worse. This web site http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org says that the ozone is thinning and that we have less than 15 yrs left and the whole earth will be toast. He says it’s a cover up that the gov and military are doing climate engineering/weather tampering. He says we are breathing in Nano particles all the time outside. They are floating in the air. Don’t believe me? Go outside at nite in the darkest part of your yard, shine a strong flashlite up. Look an inch above the light and you will see hundreds of floating particulates swirling around like crazy. I did it in the late summer and saw tons of the stuff. The cold air now seems to be slowing it down, but i have to keep checking to be sure. I am a Conservative/Libertarian.

      8. GOD made man and woman. Sam and Colt made them both equal. : ) (Is it “Sam and Colt”?)

        • God made man, Samuel Colt made all men equal.

        • Its “Samuel Colt made them equal.”


        Anybody that feels like they have a sense of dignity and moral compass about themselves … immediately stop watching and paying attention to these outlets … unless of course, you enjoy being misled and lied to on a habitual level.

        Same thing goes for C-Span – these politicians are no different than their colleagues MSM mouth pieces. They don’t care about you … they only care for your support for them to continue their lucrative bribes and payoff schemes.

      10. TPTB do not want to take away our guns and disarm the public for the the reasons they have stated, it’s for the reasons they haven’t stated. Several political “leaders”, celebrities, MSM types, and some of the super rich have occasionally made public statements about the need to change, alter, diminish, or even eliminate the Constitution as it is, especially the Bill of Rights (these particular groups of people have the most to lose when it all hits the fan). The gov’t detests most of all the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments.
        Wealth is power, it’s not enough the middle class is destroyed by exporting jobs, ruining public education, allowing confiscatory high tax rates, inducing inflation causing loss of purchasing power, allow destruction of pension plans, keeping interest rates near zero, promoting abortion and anti-family national policy, etc. The rights of the people must now be restricted or removed. They want the citizens to be subjects, where everything is to be controlled by TPTB, where they can easier manage the populace because we have no alternatives left, we have neither the resources or the rights and freedoms to act independently.
        The middle class has been a milk cow for TPTB for at least three generations, progressively getting worse, taking and taking until little remains, now the middle class is actually dying. The country has a national debt that will not and cannot be resolved, this fact will only be acknowledged when it it is no longer manageable by anything they do, then truly all hell will literally break loose. The state knows all this very well.
        The state claims they are promoting freedoms because they allow abortion or same-sex marriage, or people using the same public restroom, and so on. If that’s what people want then fine, it’s not my place to say otherwise. But it is all misleading firstly because gov’t cannot give rights, we have are rights by only by virtue of being human. Secondly, what gov’t gives it can take away. Thirdly, these may be “personal rights”, they are not civil rights, that is, they cannot empower you in any way against gov’t as the rights in the Constitution do. The state is willing to give personal rights, but continually trying to inhibit our Constitutional rights.
        All this goes on because a large part society, at all levels, have been successfully dumbed-down, successfully propagandized. It will come to the point to where all society unites to effect a great change or we will come to see as Voltaire said “it is difficult to free fools from the chains they love”.

        • The “gun control” thing is not about guns, but control. Governments have demanded unarmed peasants for as long as governments have existed. Otherwise, GOVERNMENTS would cease to exist.

          The muslime barbary pirates would have never been able to abduct entire coastal villages and sell them into slavery if said villages hadn’t first been disarmed by their governments.

      11. No surprise about MSNBC. They’re owned and controlled by the tribe just like all the other MSM outlets.

      12. The autopsy won’t lie. I don’t believe the liberal NSM for a second

      13. Now they’re going after Judge Moore. 40 YEARS after the so-called harassment.

      14. IMHO, OAN ( One America News ) is far and away the best news
        on TV.
        Changed cable and they don’t offer that station. Watching Fox is not
        always conservative. Thinking maybe the CEO’s are a tad bit liberal.
        They always waste air time with liberal demoncraps views….which
        serves both sides. They all talk at once…waste my of time.

      15. I wonder how many stories of gun-holders stopping crime are never reported…

      16. Seems separating the wheat from the Tares is our situation? Billions come and go ,are given free will to see what they will do? Is there any other way?

      17. Are you saying that MSNBC lies to us? For real?

        • That they do, grasshopper, that they do.

      18. Wisconsin National Guard plan power grid collapse drill November 15-16.


        • What you really mean is, “Wisconsin National Guard plan to stand around a burn barrel for a couple of days.”

      19. The lying left media is just plain getting STOOPID in its frantic fascism

      20. The press is so unreliable that its hard to believe anything they say. With their fake news and opinions they have turned off the public. They trashed that guy simply because he is NRA.

      21. Crowder has definitely been kitschy, before, but look at the difference between his facial expressions, here, and the octaroons’. Play it, “muted,” first. Do you have to be a body language expert.

      22. MSM lied. So what else is new?

      23. It will be a beautiful day when we get to drag these fucking assholes out of their homes and string them up on light poles for treason. Then burn their mansions to the ground, seize all their assets and let their family try to get by with nothing.

        OR, round them all up into re-educating camps…. Either way.

      24. How did Zeus know they would take down Sorros?
        Podesta McCain & Hillary in ankle bracelets


        1186 Nationwide Indictments Center around Hillary Clinton, Uranium One and Pedophiles LIKE TRUMPS BUDDY JEFFERY EPSTEIN & JAMES ALEFANTIS

        they (4chaners) followed the 11 billion Soros dumped
        no wonder he (SORROS) is selling everything before the 18th
        and Zeus described this stuff regularly in jan and feb posts on here !! WHAT A PREPPER !


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