“Violent Revolution If Trump Lets Them Down”: People Remain Poised for Angry Revolt – Roberts

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    “Revolution is probably the only solution.”

    That seems to be the conclusion of Paul Craig Roberts, a respected member of Reagan’s Administration and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.

    The crisis has simply been building.

    Like others, Dr. Roberts highlights the promises of Donald Trump and the reasons behind his sweeping populist victory.

    However, he warns that if Trump “pulls an Obama” and sells out the people to whom he has promised change, violent revolution will likely be the result – because the rage against the machine is “permanent.”

    He told the Richie Allen Show:

    Paul Craig Roberts: “The good thing about the election is it showed the American people could defeat the establishment; it could defeat the oligarchs; it could defeat their candidate. So that is a good thing; it shows that the people finally woke up. They understood that a lot was at risk. They were not being served by the government – and the fact that they realized this. They are not as insouciant as they have been. They are more aware. They were determined; they were not influenced by the propaganda against Trump. And so that’s what’s good, and this will stay. I think this will be permanent.

    Now if Trump pulls and Obama and sells them out, the question is will they get demoralized and give up, or do they get more angry and the next time we see a bloody revolution. You know, sometimes, when you had so much corruption – in the United States, every institution is totally corrupt, everyone. The oligarchy have corrupted everything. When you get so much corruption, sometimes you can’t have a change without bloodshed. People have to die.

    Richie Allen: “And you’re a pacifist.”

    Roberts: “Our founding fathers were aware of this. Thomas Jefferson was explicit about it. So what we may see if Trump is blocked or he gives up or nothing can happen, people they could just give up or they could just get angry.”

    Why? Because people are fed up with the establishment, hungry for change and too desperate to ignore the crisis they are in.

    The economic situation alone has driven the masses to the edge. Without a decent standard of living and a secure place in or near the middle class, things are going to be unstable and ripe for a volatile chemical reaction.

    Although Paul Craig Roberts statements seem alarming, they are in line with everything that has been happening economically, and secondarily politically, for the past several cycles and through the entire Obama presidency.

    Watch the full interview via The Richie Allen Show:

    Paul Craig Roberts “The People Spoke But We’ll Have Violent Revolution
    If Trump Lets Them Down!”

     History proves that things are teetering towards revolution, and if a President Trump doesn’t offer satisfaction, then people may very likely turn towards their only remaining alternative.

    Allen: “So we could see more than civil disobedience, we could see violence.”

    Roberts: “I think it only could be violence, because if you try to do civil disobedience, you’re individually acting and you have no protection, but violence requires large numbers and there’s protection in numbers. If I tell them, ‘I’m not having anything to do with you, I’m not paying my taxes,’ they’ll just come pick me up. But there’s tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions saying, ‘Screw you, we’re going to kill you’, you can’t pick them up.”

    “And so, I think that if – you see, look, Richie, everyone needs to understand this. The living standards of the average American have collapsed. All this b.s. about America being rich, and they’re always so wonderful and the streets are paved with gold, but it’s all B.S. For 20, 30 years the living standards have been collapsing – since the Clinton regime. Collapsing. We have half of the 25 year old Americans living at home with their parents because they cannot get employment that lets them have an independent existence. They cannot pay their rent. We have huge numbers of university graduates suffocated by student loans. They can’t get jobs that let them pay the loans off. We have more people aged 24 through 34 years of age living at home with their parents than living independently.”

    “There are no good jobs created. The jobs reports, to the extent that they aren’t just fabricated, they are part-time, low-pay jobs without any benefits. No pension. No health benefits. They country, the people are being destroyed. The retired people have had no interest income on their savings for eight years – they’re having to draw down the money they expected to produce an income to see them through their retirement. People are suffering. They can’t buy houses – if you can’t form a household, you can’t buy a house. You can’t buy home furnishings, appliances.”

    “The whole economy is hurt. So it’s a really serious economic situation. The domestic market is almost non-existent; it can’t grow because there’s no income growth for anybody except the 1% – and there’s a limit to how much the 1% can consume. So the economic situation is very bad. There’s debt everywhere. Individuals don’t have any discretionary income – except for a very few. And so that type of situation, if it worsens, at some point people say ‘I can’t survive… I’ve nothing to lose’. […] This is a situation here. We’re talking about the United States is degenerating into a third world country.”

    This is not just a question of Trump’s performance, qualifications or ego in office.

    This is a systematic problem that spans decades of the American history. The Clintons and Bushes are symptoms of that problem, and the system underestimated the intense angry and dissatisfaction against those entrenched oligarchs and elites.

    However, as Paul Craig Roberts makes clear earlier in his interview here, Trump faces a significant threat of being undermined by his “advisors,” staff, cabinet appointments and so forth, particularly if they are loyal to the establishment, as nearly every ‘experienced’ individual in these positions seems to be.

    Neocons and the like could swiftly pervert yet another “change” administration into an establishment cover operation for the continuity of their control system. Indeed, even with the best of intentions, Trump faces an uphill battle at overturning the status quo. Indeed, the system may well be plotting to unleash a new wave of economic decline that they can blame him for, and break the dam of unrest that has been swelling.

    The larger storm is still brewing. Roberts argued in his column, ‘The working class won the election‘ that:

    The US presidential election is historic, because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs. Hillary Clinton, an agent for the Oligarchy, was defeated despite the vicious media campaign against Donald Trump. This shows that the media and the political establishments of the political parties no longer have credibility with the American people.

    It remains to be seen whether Trump can select and appoint a government that will serve him and his goals to restore American jobs and to establish friendly and respectful relations with Russia, China, Syria, and Iran.

    It also remains to be seen how the Oligarchy will respond to Trump’s victory. Wall Street and the Federal Reserve can cause an economic crisis in order to put Trump on the defensive, and they can use the crisis to force Trump to appoint one of their own as Secretary of the Treasury.

    […] We won’t know what to expect until we see who are the Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries. If it is the usual crowd, we will know Trump has been captured.

    […] If Trump is advised to be conciliatory, to hold out his hand, and to take the establishment into his government, the American people will again be disappointed. In a country whose institutions have been so completely corrupted by the Oligarchy, it is difficult to achieve real change without bloodshed.

    The post-election riots against Trump, the Black Lives Matter protests that have pitted police against inner-city people of color and the quieter exercises for martial law and the containment of a domestic uprising all prove that the elite understand what is coming, and while they may have no way to stop it altogether, they may succeed in steering it into meaningless fights and divisions which they can use as a buffer.

    Economic devastation and the collapse of the system means that literally tens of millions of people will have nothing left to lose, and nothing better to turn to than mob revolt.

    Beware of what’s coming, prepare for long periods of instability and roaming violence, and pray that the system corrects for the benefit of the people of this country once again.

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      1. The Fascist left will not accept their loss, this is just the start. Wait till they lose some of their goodies. We are on the verge of Civil War.

        • If the libturds going ape-shit keep escalating this it will become Civil War. And they will lose immensely.


        • The fascists are one the right not the left idiot. The only person I fear is Donald Trump. He is . impulsive, with a temper and tendency to do inappropriate things like touching women. I can not imagine a more inappropriate President. Perhaps he can get impeached for illegal or inappropriate behavior!I would not hire him as a janitor.

      2. Gather your supplies, hoard what you must, get a plan, evaluate your plan(s), train, vigilance.

        • Trump President gives you room to breath.
          To do what you must to secure Life, Liberty, Sustenance, Shelter.

          Self sufficiency in Food, Water, Power, Education, and the ability to regenerate those things required for Life, Health, Safety.
          Depend on no one. Yet you must form groups. A man alone is weak.
          A man who is a member of a squad stronger, Member of a Battalion/Division STRONGER.
          More guns the better. I have been in civil breakdon scenarios and combat.
          More on your side the Merrier and better your outcome. Proof. I am alive.
          Those that stand alone are over run. Just a matter of time and patience.

          I’d suggest go underground in words, deeds, preps, intentions.
          Because Trump will be the last chance at Peaceful Change of course for America.
          Maybe even the world?

          Next America leader after Trump will be worse than Obama. Count on it.
          More fanatical. The Elites want a NWO. They will not give up.

          • This may be a time to catch our breath…. maybe. Or it just might be (consider the holidays coming up especially; and, winter…) the time we all get caught with our pants down. “F” me runnin’, but it does have a whiff of ‘setup’.

      3. There is a very wrong headed NOTION floating around the media sites, that everything is going to be just fine now that the alleged election is “history” and Trump won, and it is based on that ONE simple idea, a VOTE count is done, and speeches have been given… SOOOOO WHAT?.

        What that NOTION fails to see is that the violent factions and the financiers to them (Soros and Clinton/Obama) are still funding them and still enabling them to fight rape riot and destroy without any kind of recourse or enforcement actions. Maybe I am wrong, but I am NOT SEEING or HEARING OF ANY ARRESTS OR PROSECUTIONS……so if you magically believe this is over, then you also believe in unicorns and happily ever after and probably should not operate motor vehicles or handle anything that can cut of kill yourself with.

        Sadly NaturalNewsdotCOM has jumped the shark on this because they ASSUME that there is no plan B for this scenario…They are wrong, grossly negligently WRONG… Obama IS NOT GONE YET and neither is his sychophants nor is the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Crime Cartel AND George Soros and his son is still pouring monies into these groups that are actually TERRORISTS destroying the USA from within (the cancer didn’t magically go away, it just grew by half again and it is EATING THE COUNTRY FASTER!!!)

        This is TWO DAYS after voting. Talk to US about “nothing to fear” 30 DAYS from now, nevermind even BREACHING THE SUBJECT of a TRUMP failure to follow through….Jeezsus H Christ, he hasn’t even made it to January 20th YET and the bullshit is flowing neck deep…..

        • well said…

        • Amen brother.

        • TRUE WELL SAID

      4. Hes too much of a wildcard to trust, just today at the whitehouse meeting he said he would call on obama as an advisor….really? He seemed to change his tone on hillary thanking her for her years of wonderful public service at his winner speech. Our parents and grandparents had a chance to change things or really set change into motion, they didnt all they did was talk all that did was back us into a corner now our only option is to show our teeth like any animal would and some of us have become a bit rabid.

        • Well he couldn’t rock up to the White House ranting and raving that he’s going to arrest Hillary or that he’s going to pole drive Obama into the dirt!!! Or threatening the Left with a ‘heads will roll’ attitude. He’s won the top job …. So he needs to show decorum and dignity. He really needs to show the world transition leadership and the Moral High Ground. So give the guy a break. HE’s done the impossible.
          Publicly thanking Hillary for her years of service was a brilliant move!!! Now no one can turn around and say he was anything but respectful towards her ….. Brilliant move!! As for suggesting he’d call on Obama as an adviser …. It’s all part of the transition process. Do what ever it takes to make sure he slides into that leather chair in the Oval Office in 69 days


      5. Well, I know many on here will be disappointed.

        They invited Donald to the White House for a “transition meeting”. They spent an hour and a half reviewing an old film call the Zapruder Tape.

        The transition will be smooth.

        • “…They invited Donald to the White House for a “transition meeting”. They spent an hour and a half reviewing an old film call the Zapruder Tape…”

          Our Glorious Leader remains unfazed…

      6. No political fix. We will see a breakup of the USA into several different countries. Let the liberal portion of Calif leave the union. Texas might be the first to secede? Broke bankrupt Illinoise was for hellery. They are in a race to the bottom with Calif. The amount of chaos and how it all plays out is anyones guess. But I certain that jeffersons republic will never be restored. The election showed the country is deepely divided and almost evenly divided. How long that stalemate will last is unknown. I still thing a false flag shut down of the grid between now and the time Trump takes over.

        • Everyone of those Demorats are too damned lazy to “break off into groups” and then self-support. (They don’t have the first clue how to do that right)? Check.

          We own the vast majority of the firearms, thus ammo as well. Check.

          Trump won, hands down, fair election. Check.

          A Civil War would only last about a week, tops, given the sheer numbers of combat trained veterans and just “sharp” civilians with their heads in the right place, we would blow them out like a match, if needs be. I certainly don’t even see them overpowering our militarized police, and perhaps they were militarized for this purpose, a very long-sighted and good decision if so, since this could easily “turn ugly”.

          In order for parts of internal America to “break off” in tribes (or whatever they’d be if it happened), it would certainly toss a wrench into the wheels that make this country turn, but to disable her, they’d have to stop the movement of supplies, and they can’t, cuz it’s the “good ole boys” that make America run smoothly and keep her that way.

          I’m not worried. As long as there is country and forests then they’ll be sustainable ways to survive very nicely, and this should remain stable for at least eight years.

          By then, I’ve not a clue, but nobody does as nobody knows the future (no prediction has ever “panned out” – that’s pretty blatant about predictions (to me)).

          I think they legalized weed in CA so that they’ll just not give a sh*t about the entire state falling down around them, or slipping down and into the ocean, bit by bit. Why would anyone stay in a place like LA? (Well, maybe if wearing #4 rated armor …or do they frown on that too)?

      7. Mitch McConnell has already indicated that he will not cooperate with Trump with respect to term limits. Trump is going to be limited by Congress, and it will all the more damning because it is a Republican Congress.

        • Then Trump needs to take it to the people. We have a voice.

      8. Trump is nothing more than a Trojan horse. He has been a gun hating democrat all of his life. Look at the people around him. Guliani as mayor of NYC had some of the worst gun laws in the nation and look at NJ gun control under Christie. Most of the things he campaigned on will not happen. Mark my words, I am originally from NJ and got the hell out years ago.

        • He better not be, or he is going to start a revolution.

        • JAS,
          well most politicians don’t follow thru with there campaign promises, so we will see what he is going to do, IF he is really a trojan horse, then we will see civil war and we might from the left side as it is! BUT i don’t think he is because Soro’s would not be funding all the rioters IF trump was on there side.

        • JAS, IF Trump is a Trojan horse, then civil war 2/revolution are still on the table. I definitely have reservations about Guliani on Trump’s team since he had some involvement in 9/11 plus the gun control crap. I look at Christie the same way. My prepping will still continue regardless.

          • Braveheart1776


            It’s always something.

            Yep. You continue with the preps and used the time granted to us, before something else happens, to get it all together.

            It was the small items that irritated me. As your preps change so does your plan and left stuff to do off my checklist by mistake.

            I am going to stress, TIME. The time from which shits starts to happen to the time you are ready and capable to deal with the problem. To remove the problem quickly and completely.

            Be thankful for the extra time we have here at SHTF. I know if Hillary won I would have gone to ground the next day.

            • Anon, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie about that. I know damned well that something could still happen. My prepping won’t stop just because someone who looks and sounds like our savior just won the election. I still have some reservations about the man but I’ll give him one chance and see what he does in a 4-year term. At best, we do have more time to get more supplies and become more ready and capable to deal with whatever comes our way. If the hildebitch had won, I would’ve already written off my home in Memphis. I’m staying at the BOL for another week at most to see if the libturds settle down. I’ve still got a job to go back to if it doesn’t get any worse {SIGH}.

        • If Trump made the slight move against guns it would be GAME OVER and we would no doubt bring down the house in short order, because we’d have little to no choice but to do so, imho.

          • Equorial, I agree. If Trump tries the exact opposite of what he promised, it will be GAME ON. Yes, we won’t have any alternative. Even if it was Mickey Mouse I’ll still fight.

      9. I keep telling people that this election was the same as 2008, people voted for Obama because they thought for sure a black person would burn down the machine, he betrayed everyone of course. Now we voted for Trump, the same reason, change. If he lets Hillary off, i will be pissed, if he doesnt deport millions of mudskins…I will be pissed. If he doesnt clip the ebt of millions of breeding mudskins who breed because it increases their income…i will be pissed. If he doesnt create a tariff on imports…pissed. THAT BEING SAID THIS CHRISTMAS IS STARTING TO FEEL LIKE A 1950’S CHRISTMAS WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!. I HAVE BEEN DRINKING SJW TEARS LIKE A DRUNK, YUMMY YUMMY TEARS OF SJW SADNESS, LOL.

        • You a D.S. bro?

      10. To sum things up from the last 3 threads, I think we’re still screwed, but not as much now.
        And the worst has been delayed a little while longer.
        This post got me thinking a little more..thanks, Steve

        Just another psy-op
        written by Steve B. , November 09, 2016

        When I saw Alex Jones, Rense, Rivero, Fetzer et al. start screaming for Trump, things were obviously smelling deeply rancid. But even before that, there was (primarily) aangirfan blogspot”s copious disclosure of the gangster that Trump is. No, he is not unaware of what is happening. He is a crook with longstanding ties to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Meyer Lansky and Roy Cohn, a den of sharks. Resorts International started as the successor to the CIA drug laundering and racketeering operation the Mary Carter Paint Company, purchase money from R & R. Trump was the front man. The usual gang of globalist and insider thugs.

        No doubt Da Boyz decided to channel some of that “populist” outrage via Trump (“don’t complain–you voted for him”), as Hillary was as smelly as a public toilet. I’m inclined to think that he will be used to trigger an economic crash, though they could have used Hillary for the same purpose by igniting WW III with Russia. This no doubt is tidier, though WW III might still be on the menu.

        Your reality, whoever is in charge, is nothing but a psy-op, something imo which should never be forgotten.


      11. You guys all sound like loony Democrats brassed off because Trump won and Hillary lost.

        Don’t you think maybe he should be sworn into the Presidency before you start your whining?

      12. I ain’t the one whining, smoke. Just raising suspicion.

        Things aren’t always what they seem, you know?

        It’d take me a couple of years in to whine; I’m still on the high from clinton losing!

        • No, you have a valid point Ketchup…, because there is no way that a lot of what was “a done deal” gonna be “undone” and won’t happen, like Iran ain’t getting that $38.8billion and I’m loving it, they are already screaming we are untrustworthy (hell, they have NEVER kept their word a single time, not once). Screw them as they are a terrorist supporting nation that we never had dealings with in past times (and should only ensure they remain unable to gain in power with nukes, or they’d use them on Israel the same hour they were ready to fly).

          There are many “slippery edges” out in the national scene, but for the greater part they (like the UN) fully realize any chance of involving The USA into a One World Order just ain’t gonna happen, the TPP is off, the part where Obama sold our souls away by signing a UN Treaty Agreement that stated we would be disarmed within a short period is now at absolutely no danger of being invoked). Screw Hillary and Obama on that one.

          I foresee a long period, after the initial unrest (and shock), a long period of a nation where open carry will be the norm, weed will be legal for whatever (nobody cares anyway). Lots of government is going to be cleaned out, Trump style, and streamlined to get a lot of bang for the buck, and will prolly throw the IRS as far as he can. (There are other ways for the federal government to achieve funds, as is stated in The Constitution). Right now the federal government, in totality, is operating outside of The Constitution “ON ALL COUNTS” and the federal government is a freaking “NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED” by the law of The Constitution.

          Without Hillary at the helm I’ve no fear of running “hard aground” so this nation is going to keep rolling and building up. At the present we are as low as we wish to get anyway, I should think. A “bounce-back” for everyone isn’t at all impossible, and even probable, since it will take an influx of monies to stimulate the entire economy, without the 1% stealing it all (it will not be made available to them), and it will.
          Putting more money in 100% disabled veterans paychecks mean that much more money they’ll be spending wherever they live, (which is why Arizona offers more “freebies” for 100% Disabled Veterans than anywhere else, because they bring big money to the area. (About $66k annually, or higher if they need Aid & Attendance). That’s just one of hundreds of ways to truly do it, but hell, there is a “money master” at the helm and I doubt if he’ll make any mistakes with the folks he has working for him, it will be like a gigantic-makeover. I hope.

          All it requires is that everyone cooperates and does their share. The ones that won’t will be ousted (as in banned) to take their chances with “Mother Nature” since they wish to be so ‘sinister’ toward others…let THEM be “the hunted” or just die from lack of survival skills. (Most of the ones currently bitching are a bit light on just how that shit words, but “we’re them ole boys raised ON shotguns” (Hank Jr. & The Bama Band).

          • wow, everything or 1/2 of it goes to moderation (and I am unsure of why …unless it’s just ‘keyword’ triggered (better safe than sorry as the owner of a website these days).

      13. if they would have given as much effort into registering and voting she may have won. We see the prime example of people who want everything done for them. perhaps they expected them to bring the voting machine to them?

      14. People who are outside the system overestimate what the President can get done. The Constitution doesn’t address a role for the President to affect the economy. He was to be the democratic version of a head of state (monarch). Holding the President responsible for the rate of inflation, unemployment, rate of new job creation, isn’t part of the founders vision. Added to this is a lack of discretionary funding; all of the tax money is obligated already. Finding and eliminating laws and regulations that restrict economic growth is your best hope since it doesn’t take funding. Trump is making promises that he can’t keep. He can abolish Executive Orders well enough but eliminating Obamacare means supplying an alternative. To strengthen a program (like defense) means taking money from another program. Any family facing a budget knows this is where the rubber hits the road.

        • Brian, that was the topic I had yesterday with a nurse and doctor (on break)…

          The nurse assured me that if they’d only turn it all into the Social Security Fund and likewise with the funds meant for medical expenses, we would be enjoying some of the cheapest medical on the planet (and it would still be a win/win – – so dropping ObamaCare is a nobrainer imho). This ‘trumps’ it (pun intended).

          This nation can get one helluva lot closer to what The Framers had in mind, if not “spot on” allowing for ‘evolution’ of course, in a pretty short amount of time without a federal government slowing it down to a crawl until it is just forgotten.

          I firmly believe we should visit every national media outlet (TV type like Fox, CNN MSNABC and all the other liars), and punch out their running lights for misleading us and lying to us all damned year with NEVER ANY SLACK from MIND CONTROL by shoving every second of Hillary into your head they could manage …and still she lost (her personal investment was one-billion). I’ll be she broke a roomful of fine crystal against the fireplace the night she lost to Trump. (As in extreme rage as she was let down, surprisingly).

          There are no “apparent” plans for us to expect trouble from ISIS anymore. That will be tightened up and they won’t have a president making a hole for them to use (which was always obvious).

          Last though: Hey, there sits Loretta as AG and she is now surrounded by “hostile people” (she may well be facing “corrections” as well for not pressing charges against Hillary). That would be very, very satisfying to see ALL OF THEM really take a hard hit given all they’ve done to us (and the world for that matter with their damned charity).

          How do we oust The Muslims? We do NOT want them here in America.

      15. If I was in Trump’s position, I doubt I could get everything accomplished overnight. Trump will need time to get things back on track. There are so many issues. My guess is that he goes easier with the Clintons than some here would like. I’m no supporter of these people but I know they are not the main issue. By getting them out of DC, Trump is already doing a great deal.

        Trump will be a bridge between races. The Soros/Rothschilds (ny Banksters) have to be dealt with. They are not going to die or go away. They are going to either find a way to deal with Trump and thus quiet the anger of the white Christians, or they will pull the rug out from under Trump. Soros and his boss, Rothschild, want WAR. They are provoking it. Only fools or traitors think otherwise.

        I don’t know exactly what Trump will do, but I am fairly sure he will stop the “Refugees” from being flown in.

        I believe he will end NAFTA or at least modify it. Hope he ends it! In its entirety.

        I believe he will take care of the Veterans.

        I think he may call the servicemen from over seas and station them at the border.

        Unlike Obama, he will clamp down on violence within the borders.

        I doubt he’s going to do anything to change EBT.

        But I think he will make birth alone not sufficient for citizenship. Anticipating a backlash, he will announce that any violence or vandalism will result in jail and/or deportation and loss of ever becoming a citizen.

        I don’t forsee mass deportations of illegals. I do however believe that he may mentor Mexican leaders and help to make Mexico more desirable thus a natural desire for ones homeland will bring a gradual return to Mexico and Latin America.

        After a time perhaps Trump will deal with issues such as welfare for illegals. I have no idea how far that will go, or if it will be gradual or abrupt.

        Yes, I believe a wall will be built before the first four years is up.

        I forsee a second term and I predict it will be a landslide.


        • Would it be possible to build a viable wall using just lasers? (Or a “field or crossing beams” impossible to negotiate or die). Is that possible this day and age?

      16. Yes, the living standards are collapsing. But making matters worse is that people whose situation would not ordinarily put them in the middle class, believe they have a right to a middle class lifestye and strike out against those they think are better off than they are therefore “owe” them. That includes all of those living on entitlements and feeling justified to do so: lifelong welfare recipients, faux refugees, illegal aliens, and the unskilled in low paying jobs.

      17. I will argue this, the people did get out and vote. I believe that Trump will get it done, I think lots of people might not like his methods because the public is not use to what we’ll call work-arounds. Just cause Trump won, doesn’t mean that the rino’s and lib-tards won’t try to stop him. On time and ahead of schedule is why we hired him. I expect no less.

      18. B from CA, I say civil war 2/revolution are still on the table. If he produces on some of his promises within his first year, then I could say we’ll be OK. I’m not holding my breath on anything.

        • As long as the ((( juden Rothschild federal reserve bank))) is allowed to exist, WE are screwed. Henry Ford said, THAT if the American people truly understood what was going on withtheir money, there would be a revolution the next morning before breakfast. AND that my friends is the reason why they make understanding thefederal reserve ssooo hard.

        • I hate it but agree. I realize it when I realized, “here I am sitting at my computer, middle-class American slowly declining with a firearm strapped to my hip.

          Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have even though of it.

          I do think Trump, just having the Clinton’s to hell OUT of the entire picture though the news keeps posting her damned face, I do believe things will find their own way to mend and do so, and all the changes should be good. Demorats are in control of nothing for a very long time.

      19. We as a country have to give Trump a chance,will not happen over night but if it seems he makes it clear to renege then succession in many forms on the table,starting with staying out of the main stream economy and preparing for worse,hell,we are getting good at that!

        Trump still not potus for 2 months,and all sorts of game plays will be pulled to fuck with him,we have had many decades of economic/social issues,will take time to tackle them.We make it to inauguration will then see whether he hits ground running and who he has in cabinets ect.

      20. More BULLSH*T! Any reason for a revolution (or for these media pundits to keep harping on one) is moot! President-elect Trump has already set plans in motion to (1) dissolve the Dept of ED; (2) renegotiate NAFTA; (3) repeal the TPP; and (4) repeal Network Neutrality. We will NOT go gently into the night. The silent majority has spoken.

      21. No matter what happens there has to be doom and gloom. Trump won, shut the Hell up and be happy, but no, they still find doom and gloom. If Clinton had won that also would have been doom and gloom. What a joke the authors of these articles are.

      22. I’m not trying to burst any bubbles, because I was glad Trump won, but I’ve had several sources tell us that even though Trump is not bloodline Illuminati, he is, however Gnostic Illuminati. I was sorry to hear that. But I still have a feeling he’ll do as he promised.

      23. Trump is not even the fucking President yet! Jesus, give him a fucking chance people!!! Do people commenting here like to live in perpetual fear and loathing?

      24. One thing I notice stands out with all this “revolution” talk. REFUGEES. Inside this country. Hundreds or thousands of displaced persons either by choice or by gov’t edit. So, forget about “open” warfare. IF it comes, go to work everyday. Keep as normal a life as you can. Work your rice paddy by day………..you’ll figure out the rest.

      25. WOW WOW WOW

      26. Think about this… As I’m sure you all know, the American people are fed up with the rampant corruption in government and the professional liars in the media. More and more people are becoming willing to voice their dissent publicly, as things get worse and it is now obvious to everyone that WE have to take the power back, and make change for ourselves because the government is incapable of any meaningful change due to the deeply embedded corruption. (Fox gaurding the hen house) We elected Trump to drain the swamp of Washington, to stop the waste fraud and abuse in govenment spending once and for all, end the wars and the non stop meddling in foreign affairs, and to begin the transfer of power from the criminal ‘elite’ oligarchs back to we the people. I voted for Trump, and I pray that he delivers on his promises…
        However I’m afraid that this is all to good to be true in a sense. What if Trump was rolled out by the same old criminal establishment to tap into the hearts and minds of the American people that are ‘patriots’ using people like alex Jones and the alternative media to sell it to us. The establishment knew we were fed up and a revolution was inevitable, so they sold us the ‘Trump revolution’ and rolled it out TO PREVENT/SUBVERT the real revolution of the people with pitchforks from kicking off. Gee that sounds like how the French revolution was taken over and orchestrated by… well you probably know who! Has Trump successfully taken the air out of the ballon of revolution in America? I did see quote from Trump I believe saying this is America’s French revolution… What if Trump only changes things just enough to keep the majority of us content, without ever bringing hillary clinton or any other criminals in the swamp to justice. Do you honestly think he will go after the top of the vast pedophile/child sex trafficking network? Or just go arrest the low hanging fruit and leave the VIP’s to continue their dirty deeds? I mean wtf! This country has cancer and using a scalpel to remove the tumors will only delay our death. We must radiate every single cancerous cell, or it will just keep returning.
        All im saying is don’t put all eggs in trumps basket, and be aware that he could be double crossing us. If he pulls an Obama on us, we gotta be smart not reactionary!
        If given a platform, I truly believe we can beat the establishment in the marketplace of ideas, and initiating violence will not benefit our cause. They can stick a fork in us… but we’re not done!
        -Pray for us

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