Violence Flares In Venezuela As Opposition Calls For New Strike

by | Jul 23, 2017 | Headline News | 161 comments

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    Wuilly Arteaga plays his violin during an anti-government march in Venezuela. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

    Wuilly Arteaga plays his violin during an anti-government march in Venezuela. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

    Venezuela’s socialist government opposition called for a two-day national strike against President Nicolas Maduro after another day of violent clashes on Saturday where the injured included a violinist famous for his musical protests.

    Wuilly Arteaga,  the 23-year-old has become famous for playing the national anthem on his violin in front of security lines as battles rage around him, has been injured in the fight for freedom against Venezuela’s socialist regime. Paramedics attended Arteaga in the street as blood poured down his face. He later tweeted a video from the hospital with a bandaged face and clutching his violin. “Neither rubber bullets nor pellets will stop our fight,” said Arteaga. “Tomorrow I will be back in the streets.”

    On Saturday, several thousand protesters sought to march on the pro-Maduro Supreme Court in support of alternative magistrates appointed by the opposition. But security forces blocked them with armored cars and riot shields. Clashes ensued for several hours as hundreds of masked youths hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at National Guard troops firing tear gas from motorcycles.

    Foes accuse Maduro of turning Venezuela into a dictatorship and wrecking what should be a prosperous economy. They want free elections and an end to two decades of socialist rule. “The Venezuelan people are not giving up, they are valiant, they will come out to defend democracy and the constitution,” opposition lawmaker Simon Calzadilla said at a news conference flanked by other coalition officials.

    The opposition coalition, which organized a 24-hour shutdown this week that was heeded by millions and paralyzed large swaths of the South American nation, said the next strike would be on Wednesday and Thursday. Mass marches were also planned for Monday and Friday in an effort to force Maduro into aborting a controversial July 30 election for a new congress.  But those in power never willingly give up their reign of terror.

    “The repression has been brutal,” opposition leader Maria Corina Machado said. “The world has to understand what we are living through in the streets of Venezuela.”


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      1. Its nice to occasionally read about National and world events. This site years ago was about prepping. Discussions of off grid living, food preparation, vehicles, tractors, root cellars, ice houses etc were common as were articles in prepping, along with events. Then it turned more and more into fear porn with zika virus, ebola, stock market crashing about ten times in 5 years, fema camps, walmart store conversions, and the rest. A good number of us stopped reading this site. Some diehards stayed, like Brave, acid etch, genius, rebecca, kula, etc although some changed their screen name. They also attempt to contribute useful info, instead of the fear porn commando shit. I stopped reading here for a long time and just started again recently. I have come to realize this is no longer a prepper site, but just a fear porn site that has nothing to offer to a “self sustaining” lifestyle anymore. Its a shame because that is what being prepared is really about, a lot more than just “stacking”. That is also the reason top contributers are no longer here such as JOG, and BeInformed, plus other regulars are posting only a few times a year, and will soon be permanently gone. There needs to be some changes and the thumbs up and down brought back, so assholes such as WWTI would know exactly what people think of him, and how many friends he would have if the SHTF. rip EPPE and SHTF. Dave ( and yes, I know….don’t let the door hit my ass on the way out)

        • Fear porn sells more tacticool stuff. Don’t get discouraged just click on some adds and stop reading the stories. I only click on adds after the publish my post.

          • Dave morns for his gay Boyfriend Eppe who was a liar and was busted in every way for lying and exaggerating his ass off, and as we all found out he never prepped. NO Guns, No BOL, no Food Preps, noting, big fat ZERO!!! Eppe was served his karma and fell on his own garlic toothpick and croaked. Nobody cares what you say dopey. The world is a better place when liars are called out for their fraud. If you hate the truth so much, too bad, go away.

            • I guess NinaO will never go away.

            • Crack, WWTI–you leave the memory of our dear Eppe alone.

              Go live your life on the edge of Nowheresville, FL with all the animals.

              Since you act like one, you’ll be in good company.

            • CSS, you sound like CNN putting out FAKE NEWS. I challenge you to PROVE everything you said about Eppe. You CAN’T because YOU’RE the liar. I knw BS when I see and smell it and you’re only one source for it.

              • Dep BH is a liar also. Tell us about the BOL that YOU claimed you OWN. Liar. I busted eppe’s lies back and forth daily. Were you sleeping again in your 2000 Odysee for 3 years here. I just posted all the things eppe lied about. Its is the archives jackass.

            • CSS, what a piece of work.

            • cracked skull thinks he found out Eppe had no supplies because Eppe was smart enough to not post what he had.
              Cracked skull has proof of nothing, only that he is an obsessively angry humanoid who really cannot control things. Two marriages down the drain means he is lacking something most humans want. To love and to be loved.
              You can see the anger here daily in his posts.
              Attack every poster sooner or later is his MO.
              When called out on his bluffs and bull sh%t the fangs come out, mainly because he can’t cover his lying.

              He is responsible for driving away more people and most of the females from SHTF.
              Mac needs to somehow take a little control over this site.
              Explain why new posters cannot post (the disappearing posts) and such…maybe a couple guideline sentences.
              And flush this turd in the punchbowl of SHTF.

              • Bring it loser. Katsuppacks on your brain.

              • I have read many of his posts and think he is a disinformation agent or a very angry person. I think your analysis is spot on. People need to pass by his comments because they do not add substantively to the conversation.

          • Fuck Venezuela.
            They voted for Maduro & co. and loved it until other people’s money ran out.

            Shocking–Another failing non-White society.





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          • What is the best ammo to stockpile? 44 Remington Magnum in 180 grain hollow points at 1070 ft-lbs or 44 Remington Magnum in 240 grain soft points? Or 9mm in 124 grain at about 340 ft-lbs? I want the whole neighborhood to know when I shoot.

            • Just the opposite for me. I don’t want anyone to know when or where I am shooting from if I have that choice. A suppressed .22 fits the bill. You get hit with a .22, you will not be jacking with anyone anymore. You’ll be looking for something to patch that hole with. On the flip side, a .44 mag and a .357 mag has a hell of a report. 44 Mag is an overkill IMHO. The 9mm is NATO spec and that is what I would stockpile given those two choices. Much easier to put your hands on in a SHTF scenario. My experience (past paramedic Houston) says that when the shooting starts, most anyone with any sense hauls ass anyway. Rarely did I ever see anyone shot with a large caliber weapon. Mostly .22’s, .380’s and those cheapie Lorcin 9mm’s. All that said, I pack a .45 Colt. BTW. Why does it take several days for post to show up here? Sometimes up to 48 hrs.?

            • Stack the 9mm. Its universal and you might be able to trade for food or ohter things

            • Go for the 180 HP’s! Less recoil and baddass!

            • Seems 12 gauge is still 50 cents per round by the case 250 rounds for maybe . Who cares it’s pretty sure one shot stops . Blind them with birdshot. It’s how much for 100 round brick? Spanish, Italian , wolf buck shot ,and Chec. Night fighting . CCB. Guns are cheap. 9s and 40s are cheaper. But you might not live long enough to shot them all? Shotgun, shoot em on the run? Semiauto shotguns rule the night? In an imperfect scenario? The first gun law in the USA was against sawed of shotguns. gee I wonder why?

            • For you, Federal 22LR.

          • Cool, just downloaded it, my new read, thanks for the tip

          • used from Amazon. Good read for the camper!!

            • I have a question…..

              I just got a dozen baby catfish. I have them in a 10 gallon aquarium. They will be put in a pond when the get a little bigger. Has anyone here ever raised catfish? Can I get some pointer’s? They are about 1.25 inches long. Thanks in advance 🙂

              • There is a company in eastern NC called Carolina Catfish. They seem to have a good end-to-end operation, even producing their own feed. Here’s their promotional video. You might try calling them for tips that might apply to a small home operation.

                ht tps://

        • Besides people are bored with articles on how to turn a squirrel into a hat ?. Doom porn is more fun to not read or think.

          • Oh man, I missed that article, and I really wanted a squirrel hat.

          • How about an article on turning a hat into a squirrel?

        • dave,

          the reason for that is because most of us learned the basics of prepping a decade ago or more and really have our shit together at this point. we dont need more articles on off the grid living. look in the archives.

          the only constant in life is change, you understand?

          metallica hasnt made a heavy metal album since the 80s.

          • Darn. I knew there was a reason I miss Metallica.
            But, that’s OK. There’s always Black Metal. Burzum – Dunkelheit is a good start…

          • I’m going to post that on the MySpace account I just opened.

        • Dave in Idaho, I hope you keep posting, because we need to tie current events to prepping. That is what I try to do with my posts.

          For instance, I have come to believe that a major war in now possible, if not probable. Consequently, I have had to prep for more than just an economic collapse. See originally, I thought that we would experience an economic collapse, so I studied historic examples and prepared accordingly. Now current events indicate war is at hand. That means a grid down environment. If people can’t hear the drums of war beating, they have to be deaf and dumb.

          I REALLY hope that all the “old timers” come back to the site now that we are close to … the events that caused us all to prepare.

          It has been a long 10 years of prepping but now is the time we must share information and moral support. It’s the 4th quarter and it’s time to dig deep because one second late is too late!

          • I have been prepping for 21 years and I know the feeling. I have so much stuff I have nowhere to put more. I agree with you I like to know current events and steer myself toward what I might need for the occasion. BUT I also like to share my knowledge, experiences, and fook ups along the way. I have made a few screw ups and if I can prevent others from the same I’m happy to do it. I have gained a lot of cool info from the posters here and like to throw in some humor too. It’s not so much the articles as the posts I like…

            • Genius, we need you experienced preparers to help us less experienced people. I too frequent this site mainly for the discussions and posts.

              I have lost a spare bedroom and my study to equipment. Plus, half my basement is full of buckets, 3 shelves of No. 10 cans and water barrels.

              From here on, I will ONLY focus on food, cooking and becoming proficient with my preps.

          • It use to be the minute men had to have all their gear . And be ready to move in one minute. Sleeping bag pack with food , ammo ,good boots , coat. Bug out bag? Now some laugh at that consept. Only your enemy wants you unprepared. Try not to listen to the domestic enemy. They want your ass in a sling. It’s easier to get rid of you that way.

        • Many of the fear porn articles originate from the US government or its agencies.

          CDC has gotten very good at spreading fear as a fundraising tool, and have set the pattern for others to follow. Nothing like a good pandemic scare to pump up the budget.

          These articles will always pop up and Mac would be remiss in not covering them. I for one don’t know why preppers would get their panties in a knot over this coverage, either you are prepped or you aren’t. If your prepped skip the article, it ain’t always about you.

          Clearly there is a pattern like five year olds playing soccer, following the ball like a heard. Smarter preppers play a position and wait for the ball. Don’t whine because you’re not getting the ball today.

          • Half of these articles sound like there were Written by the CIA as psyopps. Mostly BS fear to get idiots to click the adds. Have you not figured that out yet?

            • the only “idiots” are people who read CrackSumSkulls incessant pronouncements that NEVER end.

            • CSS,
              Thank you,
              We have your number.

            • I think all of your posts are CIA psyops. You sound very angry. Truth is, you do not know anything, but you like to make people think that you do.

        • this site is now either fear porn or buy gold mining stocks.

          I think what happens is when collapse does not come as soon as expected, then the more radical articles start to creep in until they become the new standard.

          I was looking through my food stores yesterday getting ready for an overhaul and update and saw that I wrote 3/18/2008 on a number of the 5 gallon buckets.

          In 2008 I suspected SHTF was due any minute…but, no, more waiting. Hopefully it will never come.

          I treat my preps the same as buying insurance. Buy it, and hope to never have to use it.

          • JS,
            You may be unscathed but only a few years people lost homes and jobs. The sh%% did hit the fan for them.

            • That’s true, I was unfazed by the 2009 collapse. But it not because of luck, it was because of preps and foresight.

        • I want to share this report by a brave man named “Monkey” who participated in the recent rescue of Iraqi civilians and a little girl in Mosul. I think this is important and pertinent in regard to topic at hand. Many, many people in different locations throughout the world are experiencing TEOTWAWKI and SHTF moments. This is one story.

          ht tp://

          ht tp://

          ht tp://

          The Man Behind the Camera: Monkey’s Story of a Rescue Under Fire
          17 July 2017
          Mosul, Iraq

          Dear friends,
          Here is a message from “Monkey,” our Karen (Ethnic Group in Burma) cameraman, whose footage of a daring rescue of two civilians in Mosul with his FBR teammates has gone all over the world since it was taken on June 2nd. Monkey is one of FBR’s deputy directors, our chief chaplain and one of our primary videographers. He is married to Hsa Po Gay and has four children. Below, he tells his own version of the story of the rescue that day.

          ‘Dear brothers and sisters,

          I want to write and share what happened with God and me during our last mission in Iraq.

          With every mission, after I get the call from FBR headquarters, especially for an international mission, I pray to God to make sure it is His time for me or not. It’s a very simple prayer: “God, is it your call or not? If so, I will go. If not, please give me some action to stop me.” I have had confidence every time I went – except during this last time in Iraq.

          This time, I met very difficult situation, so that deciding to help the people in need was also difficult. I remember the time when we rescued the little girl: we saw many, many dead bodies in the main road and by the road. We also saw that some were still alive among the dead bodies. Some wounded men waved their hand for help and some children were walking, and some were playing among the dead bodies. It made me very sad, but it also made me afraid to help them. I tried to drive away the fear, thinking, ‘what if it is my kids or family.’ I thought of John 15:13 from the Bible, which says, “No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.” But I said in my heart, “Lord, I am not ready for this word.”

          I also remembered one of the mottos that all the Free Burma Rangers must follow: “Do not be led by fear or comfort.” This rule also did not encourage me to do the rescue, as I am a person with fear, and lazy. When our leader, Dave, asked me, “Who will go with me?” I said, “Zau Seng,” (another FBR cameraman) instead of myself. I knew many people all around the world were praying for us but still I was weak to make the decision of to go on the rescue.

          When we talked about possible ways to do this rescue, we needed two things: One is the Americans to drop a smoke bomb; the other is a tank to in front of us for our cover and to shell ISIS as well. I thought, if we got smoke and a tank, I might dare take part in the rescue. But I did not want to pray for the smoke and tank because I was not 100% sure I would go even then, and I had ignored answers from God many other times in my life. I could not imagine how we could get the smoke from the US Army, and the local authorities had already refused our request for a tank. But Dave did not give up. He prayed and talked to friends, and our team talked and prayed together.

          Then, while we were talking about how we could do the rescue, standing in a building by the main road, a smoke bomb from the air was dropped. We stopped talking and ran down to the corner of the road. A big tank came and turned toward the main road. Dave started running and shouting, “Whoever wants to go, let’s go!” and led in front.

          I did not have time to think and make a decision. Only one thing I shouted in my heart, was, “This is God! He is in it.”

          I ran and followed the group. I could not believe that we got the smoke and a tank. The tank was even bigger than I thought. After the rescue, Toh, our medic, and Zau Seng, our other cameraman, and I stood among the Iraqi soldiers. One of them looked into my eye for a while, saying nothing, but his eyes were kind. Then he turned into the building and came back with a hat: it had ‘S.W.A.T.’ on it, and he placed it on my head. “Wow, that is an honor,” said Toh and Zau. I could not think too much. I was re-concentrating my mind.

          That night, I reviewed what had happened and what I had done:

          1) We did the rescue.
          2) I refused God’s word: John 15:13.
          3) I refused the Ranger motto.
          4) I refused my leader’s call.
          5) We got what we wanted and needed, even though I personally did not even want to pray for it.

          Just think. I was a part of it because of God’s mercy and faithfulness. I realized the honor is His, not mine. I do not deserve it because I refused every thing to do the rescue. Only because of His mercy and faithfulness to all His creation, did I dare go. This is why I want to write and share with you, and give all the glory to Him.

          He is very merciful and faithful to you, me and all.
          I want to thank God for His mercy and faithfulness to all of us. I want to thank people all around the world for being in prayer for us. I want to thank our team for working together as a family. I want to thank our leader for leading us boldly and in love.

          God bless you,


          Love one another.
          Unite for freedom, justice and peace.
          Forgive and do not hate each other.
          Pray with faith, Act with courage.
          Never surrender!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • You maybe should pray that the US stops being isrhells little punk beech and soldiers wake their asses up to what they are… dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy. That would solve a lot of problems….

            • Genius,

              These friends who were in Iraq had/have nothing to do with overall US policy in the Middle East. But your advice is well taken, we do, all, need to get down on our knees, humble ourselves before God, and pray for this great country, people, and leaders of ours. I do believe in the admonition and promise given by God through the prophets of old in 2 Chronicles 7:14 (King James Version (KJV)):

              “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

              We should be regularly fasting and praying for our country. I believe even George Washington called upon the nation to seek the face of God on behalf of the nascent nation.

              Excellent thoughts, Genius, Thanks,

              Louisiana Eagle

        • Eppe was a lying dope who never prepped, just a self indulged bloviated stoopid shitass, just like you asshole. Go away and leave your hate somewhere else. Nobody cares what you say. The world is a better place today without liars. And if you don’t like the truth, too bad for you. Suck it up.

        • Dave In Idaho, I’m starting to share those same feelings. I just recently celebrated my 5th anniversary on this site. I’ve been a die-hard since the beginning. I also miss the old-timers like Just One Guy and Be Informed. Those two were the brightest lights in the house. Now are brightest lights appear to be Kevin2 and TEST, especially TEST. I also miss Eppe and his humor but there were times when he made some serious posts as well. SmokinOkie still pops back in on occasion when he gets a break from the road. Most of the other prepper sites still do a top-notch job of prepping articles. I wish this site would go back to that as well. In case no one has noticed, I don’t make as many posts per article as I used to and some articles I skip altogether. I’m trying to avoid getting ‘burned out’ on, so what can I do?

          • Most of the people you mentioned were not too bright, and posted here to take their daily digital dump of space wasting BS, not relative to any article or anything about prepping. Beinformed posted legit stuff. There there was KY Mom, Sixpack, PO’d Granny, and a few other who struck up good prepping conversations. One thing I cannot stand is liars, and when they are caught lying like eppe, they need to be called out and rightly so. Right Dep BH? The problem is, some hate to be called out for their lies, then disappear for a while like Durango kiddy and genius, and the other were just fooled and believe everything they read. There was a whole group of Low IQ idiots on here. Most disappeared when called out. Good riddance. And those religions freaks like the holier than thou truck driver who can’t handle the truth. They disappear also. The weak disappear, like the great culling in digital form. lol Poof gone.

            • Some just get tired of doom and gloom,,,, like me, i can make all the doom and gloom in my head all on my own but rather just be busy and working and cruising through life

            • CSS, I’ll agree about Be Informed, KY Mom, PO’d Granny, and Sixpack. But when you call someone a liar, you can’t just leave it at that. You need to be able to prove your allegation. Unless and until that happens, it’s just that, an allegation and nothing more. You can look at them any way you want but if you can’t prove what you’re saying, then back off. I didn’t make it all the way to 60 by being an asshole or bully, etc. I don’t get that way unless someone gives me reason to be. If I’d been that way 24/7/365 I don’t think I’d be alive right now.

            • Really CSS? I see you are as stupid and full of shit as ever lol. Show me where I have ever bullshitted or lied… I know it’s beyond your mental midget mind that I spend months at my other location with no internet or tv lol. I see your BOL has internet, how is that if your so secluded? Fuckin idiot, keep bullshittin it up douchebag….

              • What’s a douchebag. . .? Besides someone you don’t agree with? Or someone spreading false information.

              • Yeah you call yourself a Genius, but have no credit, like Dep BH, have to live off of cash. But at least you post legit stuff like about Solar which can be appreciated. Last time I busted you for your financial Guru BS, you disappeared for several months and just came back. Its all in the archives if you go back a few months. Genius eh? LMFAO. DurangoKiddy does the same thing. When I posted that Chinese Yuan is backed by Gold, I too posted article after article with facts. He never admits he is wrong, and too disappears for a while. Same MO and pattern. Its all in the archives. I already proved it all many times.

              • Genius says, I see your BOL has internet, how is that if your so secluded? Fuckin idiot, keep bullshittin it up douchebag….

                My Response. I have Satellite Internet powered by my Off Grid Solar. Ever hear about satellite dishes jackass? So who’s the douchbag? You are wanna be Genius.

            • I wonder if we are all decendents of paranoid fear freaks. Great great granddaddy made sure he had enough food aside for a bad harvest. Or a war . Many laughed at him and they might of been right for his era. But that polish father who stashed a ton of food in the woods in1939 . Got his family alive through WW2 .The ones who laugh last laugh loudest? The Tares won’t prep. As it should be? Don’t be a foolish virgin? Listen to the Tares swan song. And see them for what they are? Irresponsible, decadent , only wanting self gratification in this life. If you don’t care enough about your own families survival and deny the remote possibility of a disruption of your supply system. I hope you are right . Me I don’t trust anything I hear,and only half of what I see.

            • I ALWAYS lie. I even lie about being a liar.

          • And because the bride groom was delayed , the foolish virgins burned all their oil. And because they weren’t ready the door was shut. It’s all pretty plain. The smart virgins were ready even through the delay. This is all about separating the wheat from the Tares? How else do you do it? You have to be a dam true believer to keep the faith through all these false calls? And if you think it’s all a fairy tale . Then the door will be shut? Or we are all doomed to fertilizer and there is no hope? I’ll take my chances and have extra oil. What do i have to lose, and gain?

            • TH,

              Great point about the foolish virgins! It is not that they did not prepare at all! But, as the Groom tarried, they ran out of oil (supplies for the big journey with no where to replenish the supplies). Their neighbors were not able to part with their’s so they forever got known as ‘The Five’!

              Louisiana Eagle ?

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            I’m humbled.

            I’m only a casual prepper because my wife and I are not healthy enough to climb mountains, swim rivers and forage off the land. I focus on the economic / geo-political as that was my original interest starting in the mid 1980s and its intrinsically linked to everything happening. Too often symptoms are viewed as causes. Regardless I wish I was three decades younger.

            • Kevin2, I’m the same way. No climbing mountains or swimming rivers for me either. I also wish I was younger but I know it won’t happen. I always find your insight interesting.

        • Dave, just wanted to say hope all is good your way, and it looks like the good old days are gone in more than one way. Weather has been rainy and ugly here in PA, haven’t even had a summer but the garden is star ten to show signs of canning and that something I love to do. I like to think of myself like a squirrel. Take care brother..

          • PA Farmer

            The Keystone State is a ray of sanity in an insane region minus Philadelphia of course as it belongs in Jersey.

        • Modern survival blog is a nice site bud, folks are like a big family, always polite and pleasant and Ken the Admin is i good dude, Prepper Journal is good too

          • I have seen your posts over there!

        • dave in Idaho,

          I also seek to live a more “self sustaining” lifestyle. It is a learning process and takes a long time to reach that goal.

          I have learned so much over the years from posts from more experienced preppers like you. Thank you.

          I hope that you stay. If you do leave, take care. I wish you the very best.

          KY Mom

      2. Dave In Idaho, I agree with everything you just said.

        • I figured out a way to get filthy rich! Stay tuned for details…?

          • I sent in a Publishers Clearing House “$15,000,000 Prize of a Lifetime” entry also. We both can’t win. Sorry.

      3. I AGREE!

        • No one cares what you think

        • Lulu, I Luv your music!

      4. I read this site every day. Don’t post much ’cause I’m a bear of little brain. I really appreciate Mac’s work and that of the other contributors. The by now usual snipe fest in the comment section is instructive too. Sure miss eppe. Come on now, doesn’t anybody know any good jokes?????

        • Just shows you can still learn a lesson when throwing a cussing on someone.

          • Why are all the naggers moving to New York?
            They heard there was no work there.
            Theres yer joke lol.

            • Why are aspirin white?
              If they were black, they wouldn’t work…

              Why won’t niggers take aspirin?
              They refuse to pick the cotton out of a new bottle…

        • Yeah, the Lying Garlic Toothpick Ninga fell on his own tootpick. karma is a b!tch. The natural thinning and culling of the herd.

        • In a survival situation . You have a choice,of eating a nigger ,a spic, or a gook, which one would you eat? I say the niggers don’t smell right, the spics are too spicy, and the gooks , an hour later and your hungry again. JOKE.?

        • A farmer walked into an attorney’s office wanting to file for a divorce.

          The attorney asked “May I help you?”
          Farmer: “Yeah, I want one of those deevorces.”
          Attorney: “Well do you have any grounds?”
          Farmer: “Yeah, I got about 140 acres.”
          Attorney: “No, you do not understand, do you have a case?”
          Farmer: “No, I don’t have a Case, but I have a John Deere.”
          Attorney: “No, you don’t understand, I mean do you have a grudge.”
          Farmer: “Yeah, I got a grudge. That’s where I park my John Deere.”
          Attorney: “No, do you have a suit?”
          Farmer: “Yes sir, I got a suit. I wear it to church on Sundays.”
          Attorney: “Well sir, does your wife beat you up?”
          Farmer: No sir, we both get up about 4:30.”
          Attorney: “Well is she a nagger?”
          Farmer: “No, but our last child was. That’s why I want a deevorce.”

      5. ive noticed the same things dave laments about. However maybe there are more so called doom articles because things are actually happening? Now you gotta admit this Venezuela trouble is Exactly the Type of SHTF event we could very easily be facing! Of course I don’t agree with the protestors or the leaders. Two wrongs never make a right. What happened was they sought to produce oil and they put all of their eggs into the oil barrel. When the NWO on purpose destroyed their oil market. They didn’t have anything to fall back on. Just what kind of government are they gonna get that’s any better? Democracys don’t work any better than socialism. The mob rule becomes law. Those folks need to instead of rioting get busy and start doing for themselves. As for prepping articles. Go on U tube theres more than anyone needs. I grew up milking a cow. We have a milk cow today. And we where feeding milk to the pigs because we don’t need three gallons per day. We have always made butter. So I got on U tube and watched cheese making videos. We now make cottage cheese and are going to try hard cheese when the heat wave abates. and still have the whey to feed the pigs.

        • Good point.
          I would love to see some written directions on making butter, soap, rendering fat for lard and oil lamps, etc.
          If any anyone knows these things are done,,,, SHARE!
          I have books but articles would be good for a folder to share with others and have on hand for when needed. I love books just too big to carry around.

          • amazon the west family

            the art of cooking

            the art of sewing

            the art of candle making

            the art of soap making


          • The first thing you need in making soap is a saponification table. That tells you how much of various fats or oils to use. Most people don’t know that you can use almost any fat or oil to make soap.

            Here’s a link to a table, in tab-delimited format so it could be imported into a spreadsheet, or just put it in your favorite word processor and adjust the tabs:

            ht tps://

            A pretty chart and the explanation of how to use it are here:
            ht tps://

            • Thanks! I have always been curious about making soap. My grandmother used to make lye soap from fat and wood ashes. I wish I had the recipe but I don’t. That was some seriously strong stuff!

          • Templar 1,

            This website includes useful information about living in hard times.

            How to Survive Hard Times
            Topics include…
            -Shelf stable food to buy on a tight budget
            -Simple recipes
            -Preserving food
            -How-to make it or do it yourself
            -How to make homemade soap
            -How to smoke meat
            -Charts of shelf life for canned and dry food and medicine
            -Numerous firearm topics

            ht tp://

        • That is what I want to see more of.

          Venezuela articles.

          Because that is what I envision America will be like.

          But also post articles from the opposing view. For example, did you know the “opposition” keeps burning people alive?

          • If you are on fire, DROP & ROLL, not rock & roll, drop to the ground and roll. If you see a person on fire, smother the fire with your coat. I suppose pissing on him might help. Keep an extinguisher in your kitchen and in your car. Avoid crowds. These people are insane.


            • Richard Pryor was right:
              “When you’re on fire and running down the street, people will get outta your way!”

            • Pissing on them is what you do after they die. Then F*ck their wife!

          • john stiner, it will be even worse here because of the racial issues that they don’t have down there. The “Great Uniter”, whose name I will not speak, has left America more divided than at any other time, since the civil war.

            To me, the most important preparation was to move somewhere safe. Away from major urban centers. It is vital to be among similar like minded people. Because, if the rule of law breaks down the violence will be epic. May God have mercy on us.

            • Justice, I know you mean Obama. I’ll be back at the BOL in 2 weeks.

              • Fantastic insight….

            • What do you do about stab wounds resulting from the fire?

          • JS, I know what’s happening in Venezuela is coming to the US in the not-so-distant future. Any mofo who wants to set me on fire won’t get close enough. Taurus PT111 in 9mm is my ‘insurance policy’ for that and anything else.

            • How do the Taurus mags. compare to beretta factory mags.?

              • I think you’re asking about Taurus PT 92 mags and Baretta 92 mags. They’re NOT interchangeable. The mag release hole iis different.

                FWIW, Taurus uses a weaker spring. I buy Meg Gar mags. They hold 18 rounds and work without fail. Wolff Springs can hook you up with +5% or +10% mag springs for less than $10 each.

                Do yourself a favor and buy a MagLula. Stupid name for a great mag loader.

              • TH, I can’t comment on Beretta mags since I never dealt with Beretta products before. The mags for the PT111 are only 12 rounds, but I like the way it shoots so I’ll stick with it.

            • The guy on fire forgot the first rule of SHTF:

              Stay away from crowds.

        • Old guy, there is a reason for everything.
          In this case, Venezuela is only part of the BIG chess game.
          The protesters can protest as much as they can but the fate of a country is always decided behind closed doors.
          People’s power is an illusion.
          People have NO power to decide.

        • They would still be OK if they hadn’t blew all their oil money on freebies and had kept up the oil infrastructure.

      6. What is happening right now in Venezuela is just the exact right wind the NWO windmill needs. Thats what this is all about. They ( the NWO) destroy countries from the inside out.
        Keep a hawkish eye on Germany, Italy, Greece and France and follow the developements with the migrants that are flowing in like the great flood. Very soon we will see the same developements in the Streets of Europe as we see right now in Venezuela.
        Mark my words.

        • But that Lindsey Sterling chick looks sooo much better running around playing a violin.

      7. Important Off Topic: I recently started preparing for loosing my internet connection and discovered a valuable tool for downloading and storing the indispensable videos found on YouTube.

        It’s called VideoGrabby and it’s very easy to use. Just copy and paste the video link into the text box and press record video. Now I can have all my cooking and preparedness videos downloaded and available should the grid go down.

        Remember information is our most important prep! Or at least it’s top 4: God, Gold, Guns and information.

        • Video DownloadHelper is a plugin for Firefox that I use to download videos from Youtube or most anywhere else that has videos.

          I also use HTTrack Website Copier to copy entire websites or portions for later use.

          I have downloaded stacks of useful old manuals, how-to books, etc. at archive (dot) org.

          One of my next purchases will be a coil-binding machine so I can punch and bind printouts for easy storage and reference. Three-ring binders are good, but they cost more and take up more room. Coil-bound books take up only the thickness of the sheets and maybe a cover sheet of plastic. You can buy coils of different colors if you want to color-code your library.

          Yard sale, thrift stores, antique stores, and Amazon are good sources of older books at reasonable prices. I recently bought a reference book on Amazon that was only a penny. Evidently, someone was liquidating a library. I only had to pay shipping, so my total cost was only $4 for a huge reference book that a few years ago would have fetched $100. I got the huge micro-printed two-volume Oxford English Dictionary for only $2 at a thrift store (minus the slipcover and square magnifying glass). It was in a commercial laundry hamper full of books for $1 each.

          I have also downloaded thousands of books, magazines, TV shows, and movies from Usenet newsgroups. Look into the software NewsRover and a subscription to GigaNews.

          Get all the info you can and store it well.

          • Archivist great post! Thanks.

          • Archivist, I tried Video DownloadHelper the plugin for Firefox and it used too just download the video and not the audio portion. VideoGrabby downloads both video and audio in one MP4 file.

            • I haven’t had any problems with my downloads. Occasionally, Youtube won’t let me download one, but otherwise the downloads are fine.

          • Archivist, Justice,

            Thanks for that information.

            Louisiana Eagle

          • Archivist, if you can get your hands on a Mrs. Beetons Every-Day cookery it has a wealth of info. Soap, mayonnaise (lots more vinegar than todays Duke), I expect to keep it from spoiling. how to carve meats, jelly, brandy, gin,12 home-made wines, curing meats, ketchup 678 pages of forgotten tasks. Very interesting reading, no date in the book but only illustrations are wood stoves and hand crank washing machines. Good hunting

            • Here’s where everyone can get their own copy:

              ht tps://

              • Actually, this is a larger work, from which the Everyday Cookery information was derived. The link is to the expanded 1907 edition, over 2,000 pages.

                • Thanks again!

          • Archivist,

            Great post and good advice!

            Thank you!
            KY Mom

        • How about this:

          God, Gold, Guns and Gnosis

          • laeagle, LOL!

          • Ground, Guns, Grub & Gold, and Silver. Look for the bull Mkt now in the PM’s through the end of the year.

            • CSS, Justice, All,

              I like that too! I will propose that we expand the Gs (7th letter of the alphabet) of survival to include:

              God, Gnosis, Gun, Grub, Ground, Gold, and Good time.

              1. God – He is my Lord and Savior, my life and my all, my moral compass, and anchor, my primary source of Wisdom and Understanding, and basis of my values (ROE).

              2. Gnosis – Knowledge, information, intelligence, and skills is the basis for all action.

              3. Guns – Weapons for security, protection, and for hunting to include guns, ammunition, knives, tools, etc.

              4. Grub – Food and water are essential for long term survival. (Would medicines and health supplies fit in here?)

              5. Ground – Shelter, BOL, needed to hunker down, tents, tarps, sleeping bags, blankets, etc.

              6. Gold – Precious metals, A means of exchange, fiat currency, gold and silver coins, bit coins, barter items, provides a means to obtain necessary goods and supplies.

              7. Good time – Folks, we all need to get a life! We need some entertainment, fun, laughter, cheer,

              Is the order important?

              Louisiana Eagle

              • I second your proposal. It sums everything up nicely!

              • laeagle,

                Great post! I agree.

                I think the order is important.

              • Laeagle, that’s a PERFECT list.

      8. Venezuala is a lesson to be watched because it may be here shortly. Sure there is a lot of sniping on here,thats what happens when people don’t listen to other opinions. In the meantime the subject gets lost in the white noise. Many of us are prepped but some of the newer people aren’t. Give em a hand,at least they are trying. I’m always looking for new ideas and skills…its never enough.

      9. Well when it happens here I’m sure not going to play a goddamn fiddle ,good greif

      10. The thing is dudes and dudettes, we should have gotten to a point (or damn near to it) that we are ready for the crash, civil war, invasion by an outside country, or a severe mother nature event. I can go on 20 some odd links and buy what I feel I need to get me through the events I just described. So frankly I mostly read the articles for shits and giggles along with KWN, Drudge, and others. Mainly it just shores up my resolve to do what is necessary for me and family. The only thing I’ve curtailed is my posting as of by now I’ve grown weary of beating the dead horse killed by different authors. POP.

        • Same here, spot on

      11. Dave in Idaho – I agree.
        Old guy – “Two wrongs never make a right”
        but three wrongs do make a right.
        I can quote the source if you wish.

        I’m still waiting for someone to publish
        their solar system wiring diagram. I’ll
        be pissed if I have to do it first.

        Just milled my first batch of hard white wheat.
        we will try some of the advice we have received
        from this site, to make a better loaf of bread.

        As for Venezeula, they are sitting on a pot of gold,
        yet they starve. They killed the goose that laid
        the eggs. I don’t really care if they all die.
        They voted for death, AKA Democrats, let them reap
        what they sowed.

        • Rellik,

          “Three wrongs do make a right”, I like it! Kind of goes along with what my older brother taught me. But the third wrong is committed by the one who is wronged first! LOL!

          All my relatives in Venezuela have moved to the States. But they have family and friends still there. It is sad. Many never “voted” for Chavez after he took power, and those who could, left the country. It is a beautiful country and there are some very beautiful people who live there.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Get a grinder with stone burrs if you want a fine textured bread, i have a Retsel with stone burrs to make fine ground flour,

          • Nail,
            I have a WonderMill, I guess
            I hung around too many Mormons,
            for too long.
            Our texture is OK, we just have problems
            with proofing, implying a yeast/moisture
            problem, that we have yet to master.
            I have #300 of wheat to play with so,
            we will get it right. Even the bread that
            isn’t perfect tastes like Roman meal brand
            bread and it is 1/4 the cost.

            • Ive had trouble too, usually, shorter proof times and using eggs and hot milk gives better results but depends on type o bread

              • Do you guys bake in a gas oven?
                We use a propane stove and oven and in the oven moisture is created when the gas is burned, affecting the flour/yeast.
                Most of our loaves sink when baking. About one in 4 come out great. Still tastes great, though.

                • Electric oven for me. Good news, latest loaf with hard white wheat berries turned out pretty good!

        • A nation sitting almost on the equator, with a year round growing season, floating on oil, is starving and broke.

          Got it!

          • Too much sun reverses evolution.

      12. Want to shower but have none of that expensive heavily perfumed liquid soap? If you have dish soap, it works as well or better. No deodorant? After you shower, slather on coco-nut oil. Massage it into your feet and hands, and massage into your legs and arms, apply a generous amount under your armpits and massage. Take a few minutes to let your body absorb the oil before dressing. To give your hair an oil treatment, apply coco-nut oil before going to sleep. Shampoo in the morning. If hair is dry after shampoo, your shampoo is too harsh. Switch to another brand. Apply a single drop or two to hands, then rub hands together and rub into dry hair for slight treatment for dry damaged hair.

        Use essential oils in place of store bought perfumes. Mix coco-nut or olive oil with fragrances of essential oil to design your own unique scent. It is said that using the same unique scent all the time creates a psychological connection to a lover. It was observed in ancient times, following the death of a loved one, grieving spouses or parents of a deceased child, found comfort in sniffing the pillow or clothing of the deceased love one. Whether you realize it or not, many things are communicated by smell. A sick person smells bad. The smell of fear is potent. Health and vitality and sexuality are all communicated by smell. If a woman does not like a man’s perspiration, his genes are probably not compatible with hers. The science of smell is fascinating. Or, maybe I just have too much time on my hands. I need to get up and break a sweat.


        • B from CA, you are hard core.

          I think I need to head on over to the “I just don’t want to be the first on the FEMA bus to camp OVEN” beginner section of the web site.

          • Dawn soap and baking soda is all you need. Foo foo smells attract bugs. Just my experience….

        • ” A sick person smells bad”
          No shit! I spent the last week of
          my Fathers life driving him to and from
          the hospital, for cancer “treatments”
          an hour each way.
          Dead things smell bad, but living things,
          dying, smell even worse.
          The hospital cancer treatment waiting area,
          was full of very sick
          and dying people going in and out for
          treatment, most of them are going to die,
          very soon, some were young, most were old, but
          the smell persists in my memory.
          Another thing I noticed, was that these people knew
          they were on a short fuse, but that painful
          treatment was bearable because they believed it
          might buy them some time, even they they knew
          it would not.
          Faith and reason. I can’t put a price on these

          • rellik, sorry to hear about your father, but it was good that you were there for him. Yes, the dying have a smell that a person can never forget.

            • Those are have been dead for several days are really bad smelling, many shit their pants as well, when they die.

              Also remember this. If you are going to die, go die inside a building or car. If you Die outside, the buzzards, vultures and bugs will eat your body in days. What the buzzards can’t finish off during daylight the wild pigs and rodents will pick the rest clean by dawn. And the fly maggots will get the rest. Just saying….

          • Rellik,

            I offer my condolences.

            I know exactly what you are saying. Just about every deadly disease has its own peculiar smell. The smell of raw blood mixed with adrenaline can be overpowering.

            It is hard to put a price or value on ‘faith’ and ‘hope’, I have seen so many who were sustained by their ‘faith’ and ‘hope’!

            Louisiana Eagle

        • No-one needs deodorant. Too many chemicals and all it does is mask odor. Whenever you feel the need or just “stink”, rub some colloidal silver on and all smell will be eliminated. It gets rid of the bacteria that causes odor. molon labe

          • I make a paste from colloidial silver and baking soda that beats the hell out of ANY other deodorant!

            • I read you can make colloidal silver by attaching a silver chain or thread to each post of a 9 volt battery separately , and dipping it into a glass of water.I guess the 9 volts goes through the water and takes silver with it?

              • For home made I put 3 9volt batteries in series (27volts) and attach it to 2 .9999 fine silver wires in a glass of distilled water. They sell kits that do exactly that but you can make it yourself.

      13. Fear porn. What does it say about the watchman who sees the danger but does not warn the people? The more people that prep , the less beggers, and murderers will be out there ? Non preppers will be either suicides or murderers. If they don’t have extra oil for their lamps , the door is shut. They are the Tares. And as written they get burnt.

      14. My central air has this little pump to take water away from the coil the water travelers through what looks like a half inch hose through the wall to out side where it dumps on the ground. I was thinking of hooking up a drip line to it to the garden for plants. It pumps out about a liter I’d say every hour. My old man told me dumps the water from a dehumidifier into the garden and said plants love it. Pumping it into garden automatically would be better. Anyone do this.

      15. Hopefully if my SHTF plan works . I won’t be standing inline for 8 hours and just miss the last can of beans.

      16. I wish someone would ask these so called liberals. What type of people on this planet want them defenseless? Only your enemy wants you defenseless. But they are the enemy. And they want us defenseless.

      17. So I got these solar walkway lights they lasted just about 3 years through the winters and summers so they were exposed to harsh weather and the batteries have finally given out. I’m fine with that got a lot out of them for the $ paid. Now I have these little solar panels and the bulb cus battery’s have been tossed. Rather than get new batteries which cost more than these things are worth I was thinking maybe the bulbs could be removed and the little solar panel wired up in series to charge a deep cell rv battery to use with small inverter to run a little 12 pump or a light in the green house. Each one of these solar panels charges a 1.5 volt aa battery I’m no electrical genius but I’ve wired up car stereos and accessories years ago and have tinkered with things. Theoretically is something like this possible with a dozen of these little solar walkway light panels. this could be a good option post shtf when the batteries leak and fail. During shtf power out they could be used like a lantern as they are at night and put out to charge in the sun in the morning. I’d suppose you could wire one up to charge smart phones and tablets.

      18. I had this pool shock from a pool we had taken down. I held onto it for I wanna say 3 years I went out to the shed and ran across it and it looked like moisture somehow got into it. One package was opened the other never opened. Both stored together in a cardboard box. This is the hth super shock you’d get from Walmart in the little bags the shock had gotten moisture in it somehow and made it clump and turn to paste which leaked out into the box it was in. Anybody store this highly corrosive product for a long time with good results. I really wasn’t trying to preserve it if I was I’d use some kind of plastic bucket

      19. Here’s an idea: For all those leftists who want immigration, let’s bring Wuilly Arteaga, the violin player, and all those who know what a dog’s breakfast socialism actually is, to America, and then send all those Learjet leftists and Hollywierd hypocrite liberals like Michael Moore, Mahdoona, George Learjet Leftist Clooney, Tom Hanks, who bought THE largest house in LA county in 2010, etc., down to Venezuela to live in that socialist paradise PERMANENTLY. Clooney, of course, has FIVE massive mansions. Just google for verification.

        • You couldn’t drag ANY of them to Cuba or Venezuela with a backhoe. Not unless they had their private jet handy.

      20. From what I read cancer is spread by chemotherapy. Cannabis has proven effective fighting some cancers. A recall has been issued on three varieties of Bush’s Baked Beans, l like them and I’ve read others mention them here also. Potential botulism from side seam welds, not vegetarian beans which are the only ones I eat.

      21. From a friend in the Minneapolis area, who is an elected official in the suburb of Lino Lakes. I might say we need a “white lives matter,” or at least “Australian lives matter,” but not sure fascist supporter Geo Soros would fund it, like he does the other marches.

        If you saw the aborted news conference held by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy, regarding the police shooting last weekend, you can get a taste of the incompetence running a once fine city.

        What killed the unarmed woman was political correctness.
        • The police chief stepped down after Mayor Betsy threw her under the bus. The police chief was the first woman, lesbian, native American to head up a police department. Those were her qualifications. That is political correctness at work.

        • The police officer who killed the woman was the first Somali police officer on the force. Under 2 years on the force with 3 suits already against him. He was the senior officer in the car, at night. He shot over his partners lap and out the window (how he missed his partners arms, etc. not to mention the noise). No one shoots like that, except gang members. Political correctness rushed him through training and lower standards just to get the first Somali on the force. BTW, when you do see pictures of him with family, the press has blurred the women because they are in full burqa coverage.

        • Mayor Betsy, was elected the year 35 candidates ran for mayor. Like a Monty Python sketch there were many “silly” candidates. Jack Sparrow (yes he legally changed his name to the pirate, a wrestler (not Jesse) in full cape, socialist party, communist party, SJW party, etc. She is pushing through the sick time penalty on all businesses and wants to really kill off Minneapolis with the $15/hr minimum wage. She is often seen donning a burqa to meet with Muslim leaders, as not to offend them. She is a alt-left Liberal that was chased out of her own news conference by the people who elected her. She claims transparency, yet there are no details from the police office who shot the woman a week after her death.

        Here is a case where all the political correctness added up to an innocent person being killed. PC is killing America.

      22. All this and some folks think President Trump can somehow make America great again? Im afraid its pretty much over for our once great republic. barring divine intervention there aint a snowballs chance in hell of ever restoring the Republic. Now one thing I believe in is KARMA. eventually everyone gets what they deserve and deserves what they get. If not in this life then the next. So we should simply do the best we can with whatever God provides us to work with. Blaming others for our very own shortcomings accomplishes nothing. And im just as guilty as anyone at trying to justify some bad action or trying to shift blame. We are between a rock and a hard place. We are blocked fron moving foreward. And cant return to the past. So what should we do? Maybe a unexpected shift in direction would be prudent?

        • Old Guy, I’ve been living through this mess just like the rest of the people here. Over the years, I’ve been to conferences, meetings and little get togethers with people trying to figure out how to save the West. The attendees were well educated, also intel people and military. The general consensus is that we are too far gone. The bad guys are too strong. We determined that the Globalists and Marxists have to make a mistake that will collapse everything and give us a chance to beat them. In other words, the bad guys have to beat themselves or we’re toast.

      23. The mainstream media has not been covering this…

        FBI Seized Crushed Hard Drives From Home Of Wasserman-Schultz’ IT Aide

        “…wireless routers, hard drives that look like they tried to destroy, laptops, [and] a lot of brand new expensive toner. It was in the garage. They recycled cabinets and lined them along the walls. They left in a huge hurry…”

        ht tp://

          • There is a law regarding the destruction of evidence. Washerman-Schultz from a legal perspective of the potential and actually being under investigation would no doubt fall within its legal reach. The sad fact is I’ll bet it will not be used.

            I believe that there is some kind of “gentlemen’s agreement” that neither Republican nor Democrat push certain ways into certain area because that would result in the real use of, “no one is above the law”. “We The People” must follow it in its entirety, the powerful and to a great degree those in their employ are required to make a show that they follow the law. The higher up on the food chain the less show that they’re required to make. They don’t want to upset the apple cart.

            • Kevin2,

              Good point!

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