Violence Erupts in Rome; 200,000 Hit the Streets; Protesters Clash with Riot Police

by | Oct 15, 2011 | Headline News | 169 comments

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    As has been forecast time and again throughout the course of 2010 and 2011, riots will hit the streets of Western nations en masse. Today, it’s Italy’s turn and the scenes are being described by Al Jazeera as a “war zone” in the heart of the city:

    Via RT:

    Police reportedly used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds of angry Italians.

    Protesters wearing masks and helmets threw rocks, bottles and other objects at police in riot gear. Some wielded clubs, while others were armed with hammers. The demonstration against the government’s economic policy, with a crowd estimated at 200,000, descended into violent chaos when groups of angry protesters set cars on fire, smashed windows and attacked shops. Protesters also attacked the Defense Ministry and set a wing of the building on fire.

    Via Al Jazeera:

    Black smoke billowed into the air in downtown Rome as a small group of violent protesters broke away from the main demonstration. They smashed car windows, set vehicles on fire and assaulted two news crews. Others burned Italian and EU flags.

    Witnesses said the violence was caused by several dozen hooded radicals known as “black blocs”, who wear black clothing to hide their identities and have been involved in the organising process of protests since early in the movement.


    Greece, as we have warned, is the canary in the coal mine. The people sense something is amiss, and they are acting out. The Italian protests started out as an extension of Occupy Wall Street and reportedly turned violent when a “small minority” of protesters began smashing bank windows, destroying business, setting cars on fire, and directly engaging riot police. New York is a picnic compared to what the Italians are doing.

    Keep in mind that all of this is happening before we’ve seen the worst of the global economic collapse that’s headed our way. We are of the strong opinion that it is only a matter of time before the assemblies in the United States and the rest of the EU nations turn from protests and small pockets of anarchy to full-out sustained riots.

    A year or two from now tens of millions of people across the world will be in a state of desperation and rage stemming from their inability to generate meaningful income and put food on the table. When that happens, we will witness political instability akin to what we saw in the middle east earlier this year, likely even worse.

    We can’t stress the seriousness of these events enough. The economic and political systems of entire nations are disintegrating before our eyes. History has proven that this never ends well.


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      1. Predicting, that suddenly we will have disruptions with the internet.., coming soon.

        • Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised, especially in the U.S.

          • Mac, im gonna continue to read this site for aslong as I can. Thank you for being a true public servant, and one of the most reliable news sources out there.

            • Sks, thanks for the kind words! Your contributions and those of everyone else here are what makes this site go ’round!

            • I’ll second that Mac, all you do is much appreciated.

        • Almost a guarantee

        • Frankly, I’m surprised that it has not already happened. Even a main stream site like the Drudgereport has to be like pouring salt into an open wound for the PTB..

          • Problem of killing the internet is more people will “Occupy”
            For now, sites like this and many others allow us to vent
            We either vent here or come to a major city near you.
            This is’nt going to stop – We’ve had the power all along to change DC and we did’nt – “til now.

          • I think your right as well. just like the lies that bank of america did. i think they did it so people would not do it and think about leaving their money into the banks. i wish there was a figure that we could get that shows the number of people that really dropped bank of america. im for freedom and the right gop all the way. i dont believe taking your money out to show them attitude or wall street but to make choices and let people know where we stand.

        • Hi Eagledove,

          100% Correct.

          They have already “trunked” the lines for internet traffic in Maryland, Boston, NY and Utah just name a few locations.

          This is based on “Node Theory”, which just basically states that to control an entire communication network, you just need to control node points.

          Of course there a few ways around this by rerouting and using peer-to-peer wireless to hop-skip traffic.

          Its not full proof, but completely shutting down the network isn’t either, but they will cause massive outages and slowdown as bandwidth is reduced and overwhelmed.

          Back-up: Soup-cans and string!

          We are almost at the moment of truth to determine if we here in the US fall under a despotic government that will make Hitler’s Nazi Germany look like a kids party, or do we break the chains and the skulls of the financial elite, but morally bankrupt scum that is trying to enslave us?

          Get ready for a fight,.. it is coming.

          JD – US Marines – Defenders Of The US Constitution.

          • Well said!

          • Thanks for the education US MARINE.

            It seems possibly that the internet could be bad health care for any government around the world.., in which it that might not be all bad.

          • there’s always Ham radio, Citizens Band and shortwave for RX only.

          • Us former Army guy’s are ready to fight also. Get some, ho-rah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Agree with EAGLEDOVE. What is happening all over Europe is bad enough and a billboard for what to expect here. With the OWS gaining momentum and participation nationwide, how much longer before “someone” escalates the label from “peaceful protest” to “violent revolt that must be crushed”!

        The potential for a decleration of Martial Law in this country is a single event, planted or otherwise, away. That will be when the “stakes” will become real for all of us.

        If you don’t plan to give up your guns, then “ultimate decision time” will be here. Decisions about what you personally choose will be forced on you rapidly.

        This is no time to be asleep-at-the-wheel!

        • Excellent insight Yental. There will be very little time. I think Martial law, if it comes to that, will come very quickly, perhaps city-by-city first as things heat up, and then depending on the severity of what’s happening, it can go national in less than 24 hours.

          9/11 proved that this country can be locked down within a few hours.

          • Appreciate the acknowledgement Mac. Have been an SHTF site “cruiser” for some time. Can’t sit on the “sidelines” anymore. Been actively “prepping” for over 4 years. Time to “get-in-the-game” while the internet as we know it…continues.

        • Yental,

          Martial law by the dictionary definition of the imposition of military rule over civilians under a single high ranking military officer on US soil will usher in the third American Civil War. It will worst than anything The Powers That Be could ever imagine. Not even they will be safe in their ivory tower.

          • Not sure about THEM, but agree it will be worst than anything experienced/imagined by “us” to-date.

            • “worse”!

          • Yental, I agree…. and one thing comes to mind…what Ronald Reagan said about another country or the cold war?
            “We win, they lose”

            • The only “realistic X=X” equation left. The WIN-WIN scenario is OFF THE TABLE. Someone wins now, and someone loses….PERIOD! If enough people wake-up and “activate” we will still have a chance. Otherwise, THEY win and WE hide wishing the NEEDED action was taken, regardless of the perceived short term sacrifice.

              The “regret” of apathy/in-action is a life-long “ball and chain” that I would wish on no one. Especially those that are here. Whatever our minor differences, COMMON GROUND must be the focus/goal. If you are an active participant of this site, you are FAMILY as far as I perceive it. I don’t always agree, but in the end, blood is thicker than water and LIES! Peace to all!

            • That is if the powers that be don’t decide to use nerve gas or biological weapons. Powerful country’s have a way of commanding their authority. If you remember, Saddam Hussein had Chemical Ali do his dirty work. Who’s to say that it cant happen here. Money and power equal powerful retribution.

        • A Yental ..At any rate it would only it would take roughly less then 5% of the crowd give or take to ensue a riot type scenerio. Then all hell will break loose.

          Its all in TPTB plan to take total control, as I said 5% of these protests could be TPTB plants and it wouldn’t take much to blow the powder keg.


          72 hours is my opinion for total H.R.645./ M.L. 🙁 24 hrs would be more likely the key areas of value that TPTB cannot afford to loose. All starts accordingly to east coast time and probably early morning.

        • It was once told to me ” that if you wait till their at your door it’s too late” meaning help your neighbors, come together.

      3. and Lithuanians are doing what they do best – they bend over silently for their government… epic fail…

      4. i have a hard time believing cops/soldiers who are brothers and friends will enforce marshal law on there family friends and neighbors.

        • if so the USG will ship them to other regions of the country to wear their riot gear, crack hippie skulls, confiscate guns and enforce curfews.

          • Let us hope that a large enough number of them are either OATHKEEPERS, or ultimately of that “honorable mindset”.

            • The farther into the repeal of DADT the U.S. gets the dimmer that hope will be. If the time is now, lets hope that hope you express is still bright, but don’t count on it as time passes.

        • Why not? Martial law was declared in the Los Angeles riots in 1992 and we had a Colonel in the National Guard declare the city was his. We laughed at this because there was no ammo in his weapons and the cops had more people to defend but i doubt that mistake will be made again.


          • Defend, as if! When the SHTF in LA the armed cops withdrew to their hidey hole stations and barricaded themselves inside. It was the armed Koreans who saved their own bacon.

        • Come on Johnf, get in the “real world”. While there will be a few independent thinkers among them, most will follow their masters.

        • When the police in Northern Ireland were told to fire baton rounds on their own community (i.e. the Protestant, pro-union majority), they did so without hesitation, despite their homes and wives being attacked in retaliation. Almost none of them resigned. And that’s from a passionately patriotic, conservative community. My guess is the same would happen in the USA, even more so once the preachers start telling everyone to obey the government.

        • Why not? After Katrina in New Orleans, the police and military confiscated firearms from law abiding citizens. Our history is filled with examples of how they will shoot you/confiscate your possessions in the pretext of keeping you ‘safe’.

          • I went nuts when i saw what happened to the people down there. i will not give up my weapons at all. if they break into my place they will be put down. its our right to take care of the good people and our neighbors and friends. i believe in working hard and not taking from the people that earned it. but if that ever happened i think a lot of people will pull the trigger. id would like to know how many would willingly give up what they had weapons if force ever came to their home. a lot of people say they will defend there home but if 5 police came would they really or not. id like to know how many would defend their place with no question.

            • Don’t wait till their at your door, help defend your neighbors!

          • What guns?

            I ain’t got no stinking guns.

          • Molon Labe.

        • Johnf,

          Cops and soldiers may not enforce martial law against their immediate family, but considering the number of multi agency “law” enforcement sociopaths that arrived in Louisiana post Katrina after the Governor sent out a call across the country, and the brutality which they so eagerly displayed against law abiding and suffering Louisiana residents who were still in shock; I have no doubt what so ever that there will be no shortage of thugs and criminally minded “police” and contractors who will be too happy to rape, pillage, and plunder the population for a steady paycheck. Believe it. Any future social and/or economic collapse will bring out the very best and unfortunately the very worst in human behavior.

        • that’s why they have plenty United Nations troops already here and waiting. The PTB have been thinking this day out for a long time. They know what the citizens are going to do, and they are ready. They know it’s over for them, but aren’t going down without a fight.
          Unfortunately for us, they are going to take the whole country down with them, and leave the citizens with a mess to clean up.
          Very soon, nothing will ever be the same in our lives again. if you can’t see this, you are your own worst enemy. get ready for change as you’ve never seen it before. “It” has started.

          • the U.N. little blue helmets stick out like sore thumbs, like the red coats during the Revolutionary War, groups of “country boys”, home grown snipers will be a necessity

            • I shoot every day at small tomato paste cans with a high powered pellet rifle and a 90% kill rate in the standing position, just to stay in practice for when I have the time to go to the range.

        • Yes
          Hard to believe, although certainly not impossible. Now that you mention it, given the herd mentality on both sides of the badge, not all that hard to believe.

        • us troops have fired on Americans a number of times including the “bonus” march veterans and the Mormons. Unfortunately you can probably count on them doing it again.

        • If they won’t then the “blue helmets” will be called upon. Don’t think they won’t, and when they arrive I’m sure it will be “game on”. There will be some US servicemen who may have been DD, that will fall in line with the gangster politicians. Sad but true, as well as some LEOs. It’s just the way it is, has been and will be. Just adapt and do what you have to do accordingly. Sometimes you have to spit on your hands, hoist the black flag and start slittin’ throats. It’s not my quote, but there are those here who know.

      5. let us not forget that Italy and Greece are far more politically fragile and factional a& far less physically powerful on the streets than America’s political system is.

        I’m not saying that things shouldn’t be changed here…I just don’t think that employed, law-abiding people will be going ape in the streets and being as physically destructive of private property her in the U.S. until they are literally going hungry and living without heat or AC…

        Even if you want a reset of our political and economic system here in America like I do….violence, panic and anarchy are not your friend unless you have noting to lose.

        • I don’t know what is situation in USA, but I know that there are almost 60% of lithuanians that have absolutely nothing to lose. however, having said that, I must add that they will still do nothing…
          well, maybe steal

          • just be with us that believe that you work for what you get and if you have to steal you steal the governments resources and not peoples that worked for it. be good to your neigbors but take what you can from the government.

        • I hate to inform you, but as a nation, we are at that position now. Why do you think more and more people are hitting the streets. They have nothing to lose.
          Violence will start soon enough. That is the natural outgrowth of dissatisfaction with the system. The citizenery have finally had enough of them telling their representatives and leaders what they want, and those same people thumbing their nose at the citizens, and doing the exact opposite. Americans have finally realized who the government actually works for, and surprise—-, it’s not the citizens.
          Stay tuned for a riot near you. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will soon enough. Batten down the hatches, it’s going to be a rough couple months ahead. Just wait till the markets start crashing, then it’s going to get real interesting.

        • “Even if you want a reset of our political and economic system here in America like I do….violence, panic and anarchy are not your friend unless you have noting to lose.”

          Well said Sir.

          I went to war for my country twice on two different continents and now my greatest fear is coming to fruition. These “so called anarchists” have NO FUCKING CLUE what mayhem, lawlessness and anarchy within a system as deverse as ours is.

          Try replacing Bosnian, Croate, Serb or Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks with Black, redneck, Hillbilly or iggnorant savage gangbanger.

          You think the Shia or the Sunni have cornered the market on misplaced grudges or simmering hatred of anothers wealth?

          Take heed and God bless us all.

          • Yes, I agree. It will become a dangerous place to live.

        • Right,DNT,
          I don’t see most Americans ready for the violence now. The people I know are busy getting ready for football, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also I’ve been thinking what is going to happen when the tempeture drops around the country. And the snow flys. People are going home to their warm homes, or someone elses home.Bloodshed in the streets will only make things worst.

          I’m praying for our country . Although we seem to want to forget God perhaps He will have mercy on us. Keep prepping.

      6. Good article Mac.. been following this on the news.

        It only takes a few bad apples to redirect a protest to violent ends; which causes the Police to respond to the violence and becomes self feeding.

        This has the potential to develope into something very, very nasty and very far from the probably intentions of the original mass of protesters..

        • I agree, Its only a matter of time before the first punch is thrown, Or the first shot is fired. Americans do not know how to protest peacefully. History proves that. And when voilence breaks out plan on being far away from it.

      7. The hated 1%.

        They pay about 30% of the governments burden, but to these on OWS its not enough. I listened to them on CNN today demanding free college educations, more unemployment benefits, and a greater tax on the uber elite – the millionaires. It takes $353,000 in annual earnings to be in the top 1%. They pay on average $144,000 in taxes, state, federal, local etc.

        This group is usually professional, but according to those who support OWS they are thieves. It does not matter they have talents that earned it, or that they work or have worked long hours to obtain it – they are all thieves. I’m not one of them, but I am fortunate to have some wealth thanks to my hard labors and smart investments over time.

        I will be damned if this group wanting more from a government already spending too much is going to take what I built up for their pathetic wants. You want what I earned, what I built over 25 years of hard labor and risk then you better bring some Jack Booted Thugs and a LOT of ammo.

        • Almost totally agree Jim..

          There is something much more sinister at work here.. this is being directed by unseen hands.

          This has the potential to evolve into prophetic fullfillment…

          • I totally agree. When Americans found out the price tag on the initial TARP bailout within hours and days the opposition grew to over 75% of the people. Subsequent corrupt payouts and stimulus packages were also opposed. Those actions were the catalyst that created the TEA party movement.

            Over a year ago this movement was outed. Everyone that was paying attention knew they were planning these “spontaneous” events. How many people can just leave their day to day responsibilities and go camp in a park downtown?

            I do not normally make predictions but I’m going out on the proverbial limb: I say there is an 80% or greater chance of violence in the occupy pity party movement by the close of business this Friday.

            Keep yer head down & yer powder dry.

            • Jim: I hope there is a lot of violence. Really. I do. Violence is the only thing that will get the attention of the PTB.

              It is the only thing that ever gets their attention. There must be violence in every major city of America,especially in NYC and DC if this nation is to turn itself around.

              Today WE are fighting how many wars? Yet there is no DRAFT of young men to fight these wars of crony capitalism. Why not?

              Look to the bloody protests of the Viet Nam War when college students at Kent State and across the nation said, “Hell NO! WE won’t go!”, took to the streets, and there was VIOLENCE between the people and the PTB on a massive scale.

              It is only then, when WE the People stand up to the PTB, demand OUR rights under the US Constitution and take possession of OUR America, that the PTB back down. They will oppress until the oppressed have had enough and rebel.

              It was the fault of the US Government then and it will be the fault of the US Government now, when violence sweeps this nation again. The PTB just don’t get it. They work for US.


              The American people are armed and class war is about to break out between the UR, GB’s, and PTB on the one hand and the American people on the other.

              If the PTB do not respond to these protests of the American people with Economic Justice, there will be no peace.

              This can only end one way and the PTB are going to find themselves on the short end of the stick, where they belong, I might add.

              Their greed has been an insatiable crackhead high that cannot be satisfied.

              The last election in 2010 was a message that the PTB didn’t get. Shots were even fired and ignored.


              This nation is leaderless with an inept community organizer as President and a Congress that is willing to let the American people suffer so they can be re-elected and control the White House. How despicable can you get?

              It looks like THAT strategy is going to backfire and WE will get stuck with O’bummer again at this rate.


              This may be the beginning of a New American Revolution to renew the First American Revolution. Time will tell.

              Lock ‘n load.

          • Much more sinister. the Constitution has been suspended since 1933. check out This will scare the hell out of you!!! I read most of this, there is so much info. You all should be worried.

          • This movement,OWS is from the outside in. Check out Breitbart’s site. All the emails and evidence needed to show that even Al Queda helped direct and support the protests.

        • We agree with you, Jim. Hubby and I have worked over 30 years (and are STILL working) to build up a nest egg for retirement and/or “lean” times. We are not Bill and Melinda Gates, but we live comfortably, thanks to our frugality and living below our means. Can we afford a plasma TV, a Bose stereo system, a Coach purse, a Smart phone? Yes. Do we own any of these? Nope.

          A quote from “Atlas Shrugged” comes to mind (written in 1957): “The real revolution will occur when the workers of the world refuse to support those who can but won’t.”

          And there are jobs out there, my friends. Ads for newspaper carriers, truck drivers, RNs and LPNs, maintenance workers, gas station attendants, sales associates, dental assistants, Avon reps, etc. can be found in our local paper EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our advice: update your resume, take a shower, get a haircut, dress respectably, remember your manners, put on a smile and GET GOING!

          • good call, yes that is true, there are jobs out there and i would drive a truck or do what i had to do to get by,, you bet I would.

          • I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but have made some observations over the last 10 years knowing that our economic situation is unsustainable.

            A “job” = slavery
            Working = freedom

            Your 26 weeks of unemployment insurance is owed to you, you paid into it. These federal “extentions” are nothing more than 21st century welfare without the guilt.

          • I have a friend who got a trucking job the first week he looked. A CDL is still valuable.

            I also have a niece who “can’t find a job” after “looking” for several years. She has looked all over her grandparents’ house, but still can’t find that danged job.

            • Yeah my nephews friends keep searching facebook and xbox for their jobs. He said last week they lined up and waited to order iPhones 4Fk so they could look for work easier ( joke).

              Some kid looking like a complete loser knocked on my door today asking for money to fly to NY to ” occupy wall street.”. I wanted to tell him to turn around so when my foot hit his ass he could see where he was going….

      8. what will happen is when the OWS ptotest get powerful enough the FBI, ATF or some other government soup agency will send in an agent to provoke violence, shoot a few innocent people.

        the the news will blaster the airwaves with shootings at the protesting and marginalize the movement so no one will want tob be associated with it.

        thus, breaking the movement and keeping wall street safe for the criminals who live there.

        • rachel – personally, I don’t think that the PTB will have to provoke violence.. at least not officially. Hard core elements are already at work within the OWS movement.. hence; the very visible and vocal support being given them by the Leftist currently running our country.

          It only takes one and the damage is done. This is a powerder keg.

          • Heard 74 OWS protesters were arrested after storming a bank this weekend. Wonder if they captured any of the “police brutality” on camera. I’m sure the progressives need fresh footage for their propaganda videos.

        • Rachel do you have the opinion the majority of those “criminals” are just that? Seriously? There are real crooks there don’t get me wrong. I want my government to weed them out and put them in prison and return my free market to just that – not one manipulated by the likes of Soro’s and company.

          There are a lot of people out there who, like myself, enjoy two generations of wealth that was worked hard for and earned. Lumping those into the same crowd as the “criminals” is shooten words!

          • Wanting “your government to weed them out” is like asking the fox to gaurd the chicken coup. The largest componet of the “criminal element” is within, or directly related to the support structure of the GOVERNMENT!

            • Yental and what is that which OWS seeks – more taxes for that same “fox.” They are wanting a greater government Yental at a greater expense, and not everyone in the top 1% is a criminal. I don’t have the income of a top 1% but depending on how you value my assets I might be close in property and I certainly never stole a thing in my life from anyone. In fact my dad bought the land and when he died I sold everything to pay the government their demands in taxes just to keep it.

            • @Jim, I don’t agree with some of the ridiculous statements that are being associated with the OWS protest. In fact, I’m sure there are members of the “fox” that are doing everything in their power to CO-OPT the movement for personal/private gain. My point is this: If THEY cannot co-opt the movement to THEIR advantage, THEY will demonize it by any means necessary and utilize it to “set an example” for the rest of us.

              The implications of the imposition of martial law are beyond the realm of understanding to a populace that has never had to deal with it on a national scale.

              We are talking about “learning to walk, speak, and function” all over again. Dissention in this enviornment not only won’t be tolerated, it will be eliminated/incarcerated without what you recognize as “due process”. That scares the sh*t out of me. PATRIOT ACT!

          • Well, then stop the armchair “John Wayne” talk and get to it!! Another alligator mouth backed by a hummimgbird a**!!!

            • I’m not sure where you’re comment is directed, but more than willing to “follow your lead” if I find myself in agreement. @SD Mule, what are you doing that promotes you beyond the “armchair John Wayne (rip) talk?”

          • The same people who fell for the “police brutality” propaganda video are now terrified that REAL riots and violence will come to the U.S. If the NYPD we’re cracking down on drugs addicts, drug sales, trespassers, public nudity, etc. the OWS wackos could very likely cause the trouble we’re seeing in Rome.

            Stop these Marxists from destroying our Republic!
            The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. They don’t want the same end result as many of us here. After they “destroy capitalism,” what will they replace it with? Socialism,communism, Marxism….

            • The only thing worse than Marxists are disinformation agents of the Rothschild crime cartel posing as “soccer moms’ or whatever.

            • Wow, a simple mom with an observant eye and strong opinion brings out the BEST in people. I wear your insulting observation like a badge of honor. 😉


            • We are powerless to stop them, and recognize the left minded powers that be endorse and support them.

              Oh well, I scored 10,500 rnds of 22LR today and 3 ammo boxes for 280 of worthless future TP ….. I feel good

      9. Unfortunately these will fade away and die when the people wear themselves out.

      10. So I was in a town in the Pacific NW yesterday buying some dog food. I come out and two blocks from the store is a crowd of at least 2000, maybe 3000. It was organized under the “Occupy” umbrella and I thought to myself, “Let’s go check it out”. When I got there, they were marching down the center of one of the main streets. All traffic was stopped and the police were actually assisting in traffic control. The crowd was chanting and there were 80 and 90 year olds to little kids and everyone in between. I could feel the “energy” pulsating from the Collective and the particular chant they were on was something like “Do you know what Democracy looks like?” “This is what Democracy looks like.”

        I had some time on my hands so I joined in. There were many signs but what I sensed was, the main purpose behind this gathering was “down with the Wall Street Criminals”. At first it felt really charged and I was amped up. I did like the fact that so many people were not sitting at home asleep, they were there, free to express themselves in public. That reason, in and of itself, was powerful. But as my girlfriend and I marched along I noticed that there were no political signs, per se. AND, nothing whatsoever about Obama. On one hand I felt a great desire to support this action, on another, I felt the vast majority were in Denial about “who” and “what” is really going on in the greater scheme of things.

        We left after about a half an hour. I went home and thought about it. I am working on a sign, for the next march, if I attend, that will express my feelings about who I believe is responsible for the financial fix we are in. I will include the liar emperor freak but I will make sure I don’t come across as being from the right. In fact, I don’t see myself in either camp. Both camps have major issues and I don’t want to give either side ammunition to blast me out of the water. I think it will be only productive to stick to the facts and not to emotional mumbo jumbo that both the neo progressives and the neo conservatives tend to get hung up on.

        When the sign is ready, I’ll share it. Anybody else find themselves in one of the “Occupy” marches of late?

        Lastly, I could feel a “socialist” vibe permeating the Collective. At least that’s what I think was there. When I raise my sign, which will be focusing partially on the criminal Barry O, I won’t be holding back and I’m sure I’ll get a clearer picture of what I’ve got myself into. I think there are a lot of marchers who are still asleep, and that can be very dangerous setting.

        Also, I was surprised at how the cops stayed clear of any confrontations. They were mostly just directing traffic. The march took up four lanes of road. But I hear other towns/cities police are not as supportive. I think that is reflective of how the charged participants, from both sides, interact with each other.

        I think if any of you get a chance, check one of these events out and see for yourself. Don’t forget a sign that states clearly what you want others to hear. On the other hand, sometimes it’s best to take the path of least resistance, i.e. prep the garden.

        • Local media put Sacramento marchers or sitters on last week and it was ugly. The people presented on the news made the “movement” look sick and it actually riled up the tea party people to counter protest which got no coverage at all. The very next night the news presented “more views” from OWS – Sac and they had very professional speaker about the greed of wall street and how it needs to be fixed. No idea on how to fix that, but again it makes me wonder….do those who support “down with wall street greed” some how think everyone with wealth on wall street is criminal – all of them – even the majority of them? The criminals on wall street are like the soldiers at Abhu Grab – a small minority of evil that generates all of the attention – its not the reality. Wall street is the largest “free” market in the world second to none. When you get that big there will be criminals there and we need our government to police them and root them out. But to trash the “elite” at the problem is discerning. Fighting words actually to someone who takes what he has very seriously and will not give it up – not without a shot fired.

        • Just be careful who you get in bed with EA.. you might get something on you that you can’t wash off.

        • I’ll clean my gun and stay home when I’m not working my business. Home loves me & I love my home.

      11. No inside info. Other than this, there are foreign troops on U.S. soil at this very moment. Red Dawn scenario? That I don’t know, I do know it will be a match that will ight this country up. I have had enough, the people have had enough. Only those with criminal intent will provoke those who stand for the Constitution, liberty, hard work and respect for others property!

        • You’ve seen them ?

          A little more info please ?

          • “There are foreign troops on U.S. soil at this very moment.”

            Who Exactly, What, when, Where? Clay

            • Relax folks, do you think They will just say please turn your guns in without force, seriously! Just like the Antichrist waits in the wings, you can bet your arse so is the muscle, do some research.

            • @ cop out ????

            • @ copout, Read upstream and see where you are aiming I think. Did I mention I lost all three of my guns last summer while fishing with my brother. The boat tipped and and they sank to the bottom, so sad, so sad !! Keep the faith.

          • SnS: I have not seen them personally, but if you Google are there foreign troops on U.S. soil you’ll find several videos and articles, too many to post here, remember the stupid united nations is located here on our soil, and with a name like Peace keeping Forces, yeah I will by that crap!

      12. Yo,yo,yo, my peeps! 🙂 Sorry if I am late to the party today but I have spent the last 4 hours at “Occupy Prescott”.

        It was an odd assortment of tourists, cowboys, 20 something hippies, and locals collecting at the square with a band and lots of food venders.

        Ok, so it wasn’t so much “Occupy Prescott” as it was the last weekend party of a fast fading summer. The weather is great, and I did take the opportunity to enlighten the 20 something’s as to why they should be there with their signs as opposed to why they might be there with their signs.

        I am pleased to report that they listened with appreciation and now know how to identify the propaganda of the left from the George (Schwartz) Soros Global Socialists; and from the right from the lew rockwall corporate fascists and gangster banksters preaching FREE TRADE on the right which is intended to make them economic serfs.

        They also now understand why illegal immigration is not a racial issue but an economic one and the difference between what America should be and what the PTB want to make it at OUR expense.

        They now are armed with the facts, figures, data sources, and a few select websites (cough) where they can draw fresh knowledge and inspiration from people who do understand.

        While they are not ready to march on DC and burn it down with Congress in session, they do recognize the intimidation value of demonstrating outside the homes of their elected representatives.

        It’s been a good day. 🙂

        • Glad you are doing good work in this neck of the woods.

        • Whose Peeps…LOL good hearing from ya DK!

      13. The Rome riots, some things never change. Agent provocateurs hired by the Powers That Be destroy property. The police ignore them and attack the peaceful demonstrators. Look for it to happen here.

        • “The glory that was Rome is of another day…”

        • Hal,
          That’s a sad and terrifying thought, but nothing surprises me these days! Praying for the innocent!

      14. Unfortunately, history has proven that only when the blood of patriots have been shed and the PTB fear for the comfort and safety of their world, their families, and their lives, do they even consider the impact of their actions and their greed upon the rest of US.

        The PTB no longer fear a just God. Let them tremble before the mob when their world is turned upside down, Manhatten and DC are in flames, the airports are sealed, their offices surrounded, and they have no escape.

        Let it be their blood upon the streets of America. They deserve it and Americans will get their country back.

        Playing by the rules of the US Consititution will suddenly look very good to them.

        • DK: Now that was freaking excellent! You definitely need to get out more, LOL man it should be on a banner!

          • Copout: No charge brother! 🙂

        • Give the Governor a HERRRUMPPPT!

      15. So with the announcement of a combat brigade pulling out from Iraq early, what are the chances that that is to beef up for Iran or increase the presence against civil unrest here at home?

      16. Hooray for Communists!

        • We thought it was “Hooray for Captain Spaulding”!

          • P.S. Groucho Marx, call your office.

        • Loser says what?

        • The primary problem with communism: it does not take into account human nature, i.e. those who ultimately live off the labors of others; “Have” and “Have nots”. The question for you, RL, which of the two might be you?

          For Communism to “work” it must remain absolute to it’s design. Therefore, it fails before it can ever be implemented, i.e. too many weak and lazy humans who feel entitlement is their birth right. Show me a communist country where the populace is truly happy?

          • According to THEIR rulers, CUBA is paradise on Earth. Can’t explain why so many risk the straits of Florida in “makeshift” boats/life rafts to get here. Silly peasants must have skipped the government Kool-aide too many times.

            I guess the lesson is simple: Pass on the MSM/GOOBERMENT kool-aide!

            • I wonder what would make a person try to cross 90 miles of ocean on an innertube to leave “paradise’?

            • What’s interesting about Cuba is that the country is one of the, if not “the” most sustainable country per capita in the world. When the Russians pulled out, Cuba went through what was called their “Special Period”. They had been reliant on the Russians for almost all there needs i.e. heavily subsidized in return for sugar and other exports. When Russia pulled out, almost over night, they had to completely figure out a way to live “off the land” so to speak. In the beginning, harsh conditions were experienced by the entire society, except probably for those in high places with connections.

              To make a long story short, they learned to live with the food they grew and became one of the largest organic agricultural communities in the world. Obesity became a thing of the past. After the initial transition, health improved immeasurably. (I would even say the Cubans are far healthier than the Americans, without question now) People had no choice but to get along and unify in their diversity. I have a few friends that have visited Cuba and were pretty impressed, considering who runs the show there. In fact, they said they felt safer there than in a number of American cities. I think their Communist way of life has mellowed since their “Special Period” because as a culture they had to figure out how to come together if they wanted to survive. It was almost entirely accomplished through their agricultural practices and the distribution system designed around that. And now it is considered a Food Sovereignty and a model blueprint because of it’s success. I don’t think that many are dying to come to America anymore, but poverty is still an issue. However, rest assured, if there is a global collapse, Cuba will hardly feel it. In fact, people will be boating back there if Florida goes rabid.

          • @ European American

            Same thing for libertarianism—it requires a virtuous population to work. Good luck finding that.

            Also, though I despise Communism, you made provided some very interesting observations on Cuba.

        • RL,
          I smell a troll.

        • Thanksgiving is just a month away. I sure hope that Mac writes about the first Thanksgiving and the way things turned out for the colonists. There are better links but here is one I found in short order. Actually, it reads a lot like the articles today. Socialism is terrible. It eliminates creative thinking, incentives and growth. The things that have made America great! If we can hold onto it.

      17. wow this site is the best website ever! screw all those other pathetique desinfo consparcy BS websites, SHTFPLAN all the way…….united we stand divided we fall peace form quebec(canada) Martin

      18. wait til it gets cold……things will change.

      19. These videos below are a devastating indictment of where this is all heading. It may not be Italy. Yet. But it’s getting there quickly.

        FOOTAGE. Woman arrested at Citibank 555 Laguardia (around West 3rd/Bleeker). She’s wearing a business suit, clearly not protesting, just there to close her account with the bank as part of a group action. NYPD surround her, scare the shit out of her, and arrest her. For closing her bank account.

        And this. I’ll bet they took this guy for someone goofy, who didn’t know why he was there. Another one who clearly KNEW why he was there, after all!

        And of course, FOX never aired this, although they said it would be on, according to the comments. Because he simply called out the FOX reporter for his obvious history of censorship. This guy came equipped!

        Cop cold-cocks a woman protester in the face! Remember, it is Jamie Dimon and (his) Chase Bank that are now paying the wages of these police in NY. It has nothing to do with justice at this point, only purchased protection against a now, very angry mob.

      20. OWS needs to get the right enemy – wall street has its share, but the TBTF banks and a complicite government are the REAL culprits that caused this mess.

        Government REFUSED and still REFUSE to FOLLOW THE LAW. TBTF banks should be bankrupt and fail. Bad seeds in these banks that lorded over the unlawful acts should be prosecuted and walked before the cameras ‘in handcuffs’ to the jail.
        People should pay attention to what THEIR CONgress person did and VOTE THEM OUT if needed.

        Hope for the best but prepare for the worst – I dont think any of this will happen.

      21. Does anyone have a list ,by state of all the protests, because in the northwest they are all at the bank of america locations, protesters in the hundreds….

      22. Question: has anyone thought this through?? What happens when farmers have hundreds(or thousands) of acres of crop…and noone to sell it to??

        • Not really much to think thru.

          The collapse of the world’s remaining superpower, the first collapse of a world currency, enough nuclear warheads to destroy the planet two or three times over PLUS kill the weeds in my lawn, an evil cabal trying to position themselves as rulers of the world, apparently two false religions that believe everyone not like them should be killed, an absolute psychopathic imbecile as POTUS, a race that has been waiting to get even with whitey for 200 years and millions of angry, hungry, desperate people with guns.

          What could possibly go wrong?

          • You sir are the shit.

            Point well taken.

          • @Plain Old American LOL! A delicious taste of sarcasm. The good news is, if all of “this” talk at SHTF plan becomes too intense, you can always “tune-in” to any Lame-Stream-Media channel and be “calmed down” faster than possible with an IV of valium.

        • It rots. During the Black Death, there was so much farmland going vacant that nobles who earlier had charged abusive rents to tenant farmers were forced to beg for laborers willing to work their fallow fields. Those same nobles saw their land turn into a liability because the king still expected the same taxes from the land. Laws were an attempt to keep the peasant with his new-found wealth in his place (sumptuary laws). An economic collapse here would most likely be accompanied by non-availability of petroleum products with which modern agriculture is not possible. Couple this with an epidemic of disease brought about by lack of sanitation due to no running water and starvation due to no more transportation of food, and the conditions are a good parallel to the conditions that existed during the time of the Black Death.

      23. I am really looking forward to hearing from Manos.

        I don’t trust the media. I am hoping that Manos’s reserve unit did not get called up and he is being forced to be on the other side.

      24. I dont think it will be like rome when sfth. I think it will be small pockets of some racial groups that do it. but the majority of people will not start chaos. the left does not have much training on weapons or believe in hard work so they wont start anything, they are all give me and whine. the right is the side that knows the laws and will defend itself from punks gangs you name it and are smart people. so yes there will be chaos to a point but I think a lot of these people will try and break into homes where people will be waiting and that will be the end of their life honestly until things cool down. there are way too many people and too many armed people in this country that are good people that will take out the gangsters.

      25. Manos, I have not been here that long but I hope you accept my and my families prayers and well wishes. Good luck and god blessings on everyone (yes even the atheists, he loves you anyway).

      26. Working on my chicken mansion and doing inventory on my ammo.

        • stock a lot of ammo i thing we will need it ….

      27. Black Blocs. Anyone want to wager the radical left and communists are NOT behind this? I’ll bet $1000 that that is exactly the case.

        Last century, Dr. RJ Rummel of Univ. of Hawaii estimated various flavours of leftisms murdered over 160 MILLION people. Looks like they just warming up to get at back at it again!

        • I was surprised at the number of people who were obviously motercycle riders. You could tell by their helmets…

          Maybe these people were upset because Amanda Knox won her appeal.

      28. Playing Monopoly this was all of our worst fear, the unfair older sister banker, corrupt as sin, invisible tactics of an abusive proportion. Unfair banking practices and abusive introduced legislation. Then she buys up all the property, monopolizing the market…absorbs your lively-hood, you never pass go again… Then it hit’s you. SOMEONE RIGGED THIS FUCKEN GAME!!!

        But not your own flesh and blood! How could this happen?
        Because she’s not your sister at all! She’s the Evil Bitch Harlot of Sin and Debauchery herself! Riding upon the ten-horned Beast of Sickening Size and Disgusting to look at! This Harlot Bitch won’t give up easy, get ready for a strike on Iran, and the beginning of WW3 my friends.

      29. JR; The GB’s have destroyed the American economy, stolen it, transferred it offshore for THEIR benefit and you are concerned that a few leftists are going to murder the 6,000 families that have manipulated America for THEIR personal benefit?

        Frankly, I think America and the rest of the world would be better off without them and it couldn’t happen fast enough for me.

        Death to traitors.

        • +10 000 DK!!!
          especially the part “Death to traitors!”
          we need no peaceful protests, we need hemprope… and lots of it!

        • Always the optimist aren’t you.

          The left is so full of hatred they are going to try and kill everyone that doesn’t worship at the foot of Che’s tomb.

          If the UIs were going to focus on the guilty I would be more sanguine about the future. The problem is that “I” part. (idiots) Anyone that does not fit in with the groupthink propaganda of the left will be targets. The gays will take the opportunity to go after the church folks, the racist blacks will try to effect “payback” on whites and the hungry will attack those with food.

          The problem as I see it is that your average, everyday socialist student will hate whomever he is told to hate. Are they really going to research who is guilty? Ever heard Randi Rhodes bitch about Angelo Mozilo? Franklin Raines? Jim Johnson? Barney Frank? Kit Bond? Chris Dodd?

          No, this is going to be the opportunity of a lifetime for the violent psychopaths in the gangs, in politics, in the race supremacy movements, in the law enforcement agencies and the head psycho in the White House.

          • POA: I am certainly no leftist, but I do understand the plight of the poor and dispossessed as I have describe before.

            So while there are many crackheads,dopers, lazy malcontents, and generational dependent; there are also people struggling and suffering through no fault of their own, who are not drug dependent.

            Many of these are veterans who have served their country with honor and now suffer the trauma of battle. I see them virtually every day.

            Life is a four letter word. Sometimes shit happens.

            The pendulum has moved too far to the right in America and that is evidenced by corporatism, free trade, bank bailouts., and the gutting of the middle class.

            These people (call them the 1% if you want) want capitalism and “free markets” until they go broke, then they want corporate welfare.

            You can feed, house, and clothe a lot of Americans on 1.6 trillion dollars, which was the cost of the bailout, and stimulus. That doesn’t consider the trillions wasted by the Pentagon.

            I say let the left have their days in the street and push the pendulum back to the center. Right now the table is tilted to the right.

      30. Read Jack London’s novel, Under the Iron Heel. The plot sounds so much like today …. rebellion against the wealthy who retreat behind their walls guarded by their hired police and the national guard. It is an old novel, but in a sense very current. We are stocking up and have even built a mountain retreat. I hesitate to buy anything with a credit card as it all ends up at the Atlanta fusion center …. phone records included according to my local gun shop and police. So, avoid thae paperwork. I’m encouraged to find so many like-minded people.

      31. It’s just a Roman therapy candle, what do you want, a hug?

        • and if the hug isn’t good enough I’ll give you some cab fair for the ride home


        More on the top 1%. They take a record 18.3% of the earnings but pay 27.5% of the bill. It would seem the numbers mean nothing to the OWS job which is typical for the far left. Its about emotion not fact. Show me where all the top 1% deserve Durango Kids’s treatment (I think its some form of murder but he thinks it justified)?

        • Certainly those that broke the law, those that bought the law and those that manipulated the system at the expense of the taxpayer should be held to account for their actions. The problem is the OWS protests are Astro-Turf utilizing mainly students and losers that have zero day to day responsibilities. They are susceptible to mob rule and very soon the SEIU goons and /or other paid agents provocateurs will be inciting violence.

          The goal here is the same as it was that October 94 years ago.

          Faith, knowledge, fealty to the constitution, adherence to the truth and determination will help us both obtain justice and avoid the pogroms of 1917.

        • Jim: The top 1% represent about 3,250,000 Americans. My rant was against the 6,000 NWO Uber Rich families who dominate that income bracket and have manipulated the rules, regulations, and laws of America to legalize bribery, theft, and fraud.

          They are the ones who control the LSM and political parties in America. Wake up to reality. The country is not controlled by the 1%. That’s a political slogan.

          The country is controlled by the .0002% (Feel free to check my math it is a rough estimate.)

          I qualify for 1%.

      33. Hey all,

        I am watch several hundred of these weird cargo containers enter Bakersfield Ca, right no. There seems to be at least 400 plus of what looks like cattle transports with miltary police and a few helicopters too. Does anyone know what might be going on. I am 1 1/2 from Edwards AFB and 2 from Vandenburg AFB. Lots of activity around here lately. I asked my brother in the Reserves and he said he didn’t know of any drills. Anyone have any clues?

        • containers for the protesters? maybe?

          round up containers for large groups?

      34. sorry I was typing really fast since I am at work and don’t want the boss to yell at me..

      35. I am sorry this is off topic…. But I have yet to find a spot for introductions. I wanted to say thank you all for having such a site as this. I have been a prepper for yrs but until recently didn’t know there we’re other ppl like me out there. And again until recently I never felt the need to find other ppl like me. I am the mother of 4 and a house wife. I will say my husband thinks I’m crazy for the things I have stored but on the flip side of that he never tells me we can’t purchase an item I feel as necessary. He just doesn’t believe that any thing bad will ever happen even though we live in an earthquake zone. Sorry this was off topic just wanted to say hello.

        • Lennea, this is right on topic for shtfplan! Thank you kindly for visiting and welcome to the community!

      36. We are now facing a potential catastrophe that could not of happened years ago in the worlds history. Now all of the words currencies are tied together. Most are not backed up by anything tangible. Once they start to collapse governments will no longer be abl to exist as they will have nothing to pay their army and police force. Even the most evil dictators of the past had some means to pay their soldiers. The closest thing I can think of is the fall of Rome where they started adding less and less gold in their coins to where they became useless, their army fell apart and the people just started to defend for them selves , cities were abandoned and the stones that made up their roads were used to make new dwellings, thus started the dark ages that lasted 600 years.

      37. So, with the possibility of martial law at some point in the near future hanging over our heads…Does anyone know what, if any, may be sure warning signs of it being implimented? *i apologize if this has already been discussed and i missed it.

        • they will start with basic sevices first, may be cell service, rolling black out, hard to say since there is so many of them

      38. Hey People,

        !!!Please get your Gasmasks and Hazmat Suits ready!!!
        It’s not a question if a plaque or attack will hit, it is planned(
        They did it before and they’ll do it again.They hate you beautiful,patriotic, faithful Americans!!!! !!Get yours before it’s too late!!Get your Ki PotIodine now!!!This is no fu!$%& drill,it’s happening ,the fallout from Japan is accumlatin in your organs and brains!! The last days are beginnig, like it or not.Preppers will inherit the earth!!!
        Love to all Y’all

      39. Either way the NWO will not win. Declair Martial Law all bets are off. Crash the system all bets are off. So what do you want to do you scum bag politicians? Best you get out now while you still have your heads.

        I better get more popcorn.

      40. Anyone wishing for violence and “revolution” in these times is a psychopath. Let violence erupt on Wall Street today, and you will have riots in many cities tomorrow. Chaos will ensue. Many INNOCENT people of all classes will suffer. But, Durango Kid, your “uber rich” will be sitting fat and happy on a beach in the Seychelles, sipping martinis and laughing at the fools who started this violence.

        Here’s the thing. Violence begets either more violence or more control. It does not beget more freedom in 90% of history. Does anyone honestly believe that the Reign of Terror won freedom for the common man in France? Did the Communist Revolution in Russia grant the average Russian freedom? Did Mao’s revolution in China bring freedom to the Chinese peasant? Did the South’s shelling of Fort Sumter bring about freedom for the people of the South?

        Oh, you like the shining example of the American Revolution? Keep in mind that not much changed. And keep in mind that there is always the exception that proves the rule. Look at what violence in this nation has brought about since 1789. The violence of a minority of Indians resulted in the mass slaughter by the U.S. government of most Indians. The violence of the Whiskey Rebellion resulted in the government crushing the “revolutionaries.” The violence of Lincoln’s War brought about an enormous shift of power from the People and the States to the Federal government. The violence of protests, from union strife to civil rights to anti-war protests, all brought about greater government control and a contraction of rights.

        If anyone thinks that the violence of the Arab Spring will bring about peace and freedom to those nations, he is insane. Ten years from now those places will be Islamist, totalitarian states modeled on Iran.

        My recommendation for all the tough talkers is to go to Syria, go to China, go to North Korea, go to any number of African disasters, spend some time in VIOLENCE, and then come back and let us know if you really want that for your brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, cousins, and friends.

        • I agree that anyone that desires violence is either a pyschopath or has never experienced it.

          That being said, you appear to say that we must realize that the experiment of self government that was America is a failure. We should simply acknowledge that fact and report for reeducation and a life of slavery? We should allow the ignorant to do away with our system of representative government? Accept that we labor our entire lives for a nest egg denominated in a worthless currency whose value can be crushed at will? We are to allow our children to be indoctrinated that men who sodomize other men and boys are normal, even great role models? We are to believe that only a ruling elite of groupthink narcissists and pyschopaths have the intellect and character to govern our ever move? We should accept a society in which veracity is considered a character flaw?

          No. I do not look forward to violence.

          I look forward to living under extreme oppression ruled by a Godless criminal enterprise such as communism even less.

          I am the American man.

          Do NOT continue to push me.

        • Federalist45: As an ex Marine and Viet Nam Vet I promise you before Almighty God, that I understand what violence is all about.

          I understand that American free speech was not won by a poet, freedom of the press was not won by a publisher, the right to free association and assembly was not won by a college organizer, the rule of law was not won by a legislator, and the right to keep and bear arms was not won by a lawyer.

          All of these rights were won by American citizens: soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, through VIOLENT action.

          The PTB have demonstrated that they are willing to squeeze the life out of the American taxpayer and family without any regard for the average citizen who just wants a level playing field and an equal opportunity to a piece of the American Dream.

          Is that too much to ask? I think not.

          If the PTB will not provide a just society for ALL of US, then ALL of US will demand a just society from them.

          Is it just to use American depositor funds to build factories in other countries and then transfer the factories and the jobs of those American depositors, to those counties?

          Is it just to provide a premium pension system for themselves using American taxpayer dollars to fund it while gutting the safety net of tens of millions of American citizens?

          Is it just to provide a premium health care plan for themselves using American taxpayer dollars to fund it while looking to gut Medicare for American citizens or force them to join Obama Care?

          Is it just for them to raise their own salaries and enrich themselves while in office via crony capitalism, again using American taxpayer dollars while the jobs and incomes of Americans disappear? The PTB are responsible for any violence that erupts.


          • “The pen is mightier than the sward”. Who ever wrote this never envisioned automatic weps.

            • I got mine(s).

      41. Where is the garlic roasted parmigian toasted Italian bread? Put all of these protesters in the coliseum and let the games begin. Schedule it and the tourists will come. I’ll bet those fake gladiators you take a picture with out in front of the coliseum scattered to their Nona’s.

      42. @Plain old American
        I agree with everything you said, ALL of the garentees of the constitution and bill of rights have been taken away. We are just enjoying what they allow us to have. People need to read the executive orders that can be imposed by the president. Does any right you think you have really exist if it can be taken away at the will of the president.

        • Rickky: My rights are granted by Nature’s God. They cannot be taken away by any political regime or entity. They exist whether the PTB say they do or not.

          Claim your rights. Engage your government or be enslaved by it.

      43. (1) POA–No, I do not advocate submission, but I do advocate the use of the processes of representative government to create the change that will re-subordinate the government to the People and the States. You cannot convince me that we cannot yet save this nation from collapse. If we sit on our hands and cry and whine and make threats about violence, then sure, the bad guys win. But if we become active at all levels of government, in accessible media, and in the processes, there is no reason why we cannot pummel the bad guys metaphorically. When we start pummeling peoply physically, it turns out that the good guys and bad guys get all mixed up and the most evil usually wins out (see Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho. . .).

        (2) Durango Kid: I respect and honor your service, but you encounters with violence are not the same as what you seem to advocate here. You wrote above that you desire lots of violence, and you seem to want anyone you yourself chooses to suffer and even die. Do you understand that you do not get to make those choices except on the smallest micro scale imaginable (you could conceiveable do harm to a small group of people close to you)? The result of mass violence will be wholesale slaughter of mostly innocent people. The military isn’t going to suffer. The big pols and Wall Streeter power mongers aren’t going to suffer. It is your neighbor who will suffer. It is your mother and brother and children.

        (3) I, too, have prepared in many ways, but I live in a place that will require me to flee at full speed if the SHTF in a big way. But I am hopeful I will not have to turn my shotgun or rifle or handgun on another person. I won’t hesitate if I have to, but I don’t want to. I am somewhat sickened, and terribly disheartened, at all the big talk about revolution and violence and taking on the PTB. . . 99% of what ails us can be cured BY US if we had more courage, strength, and ingenuity. I think we should try building businesses, shrinking government, reducing taxes, explaining how the MSM has perverted and twisted truth and reality, and taking care of ourselves rather than bitching about others. Do these things, and we will all be fine. Sit around whining about how you got screwed, and, in the end, you will be screwed.

      44. The Internet won’t get shut down for a while. It’s too valuable as a tool to gather intel/info. Rest assured, when Martial Law IS enforced, what’s been said and posted on line by those with a voice, will be used as evidence against them to convict and ‘incarcerate’

        When Martial Law is enforced, it will be swift and severe in nature and possibly come without warning. Surprise is of the utmost importance to be effective. So, when the Internet does go down and your phones, blackberries and iPads suddenly stop working, it’s too late. And it will all happen in minutes. Most likely in the early morning hours, so when people wake up, there will be MAXIMUM confusion. Also expect temporary power outages, and traffic lights maybe flashing orange only or they might even just be out completely. Your TV, if its still working, might just be sending out an ’emergency alert’ to confuse you more.

        People will be in panic mode and totally confused. No point phoning 911 because you won’t get through.

        Either you’re ready ….. Or you aren’t.

      45. Federalist45: You said,

        “(2) Durango Kid: I respect and honor your service, but you encounters with violence are not the same as what you seem to advocate here. You wrote above that you desire lots of violence, and you seem to want anyone you yourself chooses to suffer and even die. Do you understand that you do not get to make those choices except on the smallest micro scale imaginable (you could conceiveable do harm to a small group of people close to you)? The result of mass violence will be wholesale slaughter of mostly innocent people. The military isn’t going to suffer. The big pols and Wall Streeter power mongers aren’t going to suffer. It is your neighbor who will suffer. It is your mother and brother and children.”

        Violence is violence. There isn’t one kind of violence in Viet Nam and another somewhere else. Violence is blood, brutality, pain and death. Got it? People get hurt. People die.

        The “mass violence” that I support is the violence that occurs in the street of a mass demonstration.

        I do not advocate it. I do not encourage it, but I know it ALWAYS occurs in mass demonstrations and because I know it WILL occur during massive dissent and cannot be avoided, I support it. I support it because I support massive demonstrations of dissent when they are justified.

        These massive demonstrations are justified. Massive demonstrations of dissent provoke violence. There will be blood.

        These current massive demonstrations may have been started as a lark, or any number of political reasons from the left, but so did the civil rights movement. So did the anti-war, anti-draft movement.

        All of these demonstrations grew as the general dissatisfaction of the people manifested. That phenomena is happening now and will continue.

        No justice. No peace. Its that simple.

        In all of these cases it was the left that took the initiative, but they were joined by others as an understanding and a consciousness grew to support the underlying unfairness of the status quo.

        In the anti war, anti draft movement it was the unfairness of the poor and minorities who were primarily drafted while the politically connected avoided the draft and or the war (ie Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld). So it was the poor and minorities who were dying for the PTB.

        If you want to avoid the violence that WILL occur in a massive demonstration, then stay at home with the rest of the sheeple. If I lived in NYC I would be on the street.

        I also know that the history of America shows, that massive demonstrations are the ONLY way to get the attention of the PTB.

        It is only when the PTB are confronted by the potential for massive violence that could sweep them from power, that they even begin to consider that they have taken too much of the financial pie and shared too little of it.

        That is historical fact. Where is Robspierre?

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