Video Technology Can Hack Faces in Real Time: “Why You Can’t Trust What You See On The News”

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 44 comments

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    This article and video were produced by Aaron and Melissa Dykes at Truth Stream Media

    Editors’ Comment: Bottom line: unless you experience a news event first hand, you really can’t trust that it really happened. At the very least, you will begin to take it with a grain of salt after seeing this video below. “Seeing is believing” has been the unshakable mantra for the past century of highly exploited news and media – but now there is clear reason to question all of that. Not only do TV stations frame and carefully edit what they show viewers, who may or may not have any idea of the context for the event, but they can warp reality in real time.

    How important are the facial expressions and the way the leaders carry themselves on the global stage? And what if the media could skew that and make somebody – say Putin – look ridiculous instead. Could you live “dub” an important speech, or change the chilling face of an accused killer so that the world assumed his guilt (even if he wasn’t)? There are endless possibilities, and we can only hope that ethics and morality survive, and that the media still want to earn the trust of the public. But the stake are high, and there are reasons to suspect that many news events are highly manipulated, scripted and, well, faked. But just how fake… how far would they really go, and can you spot the difference?

    “Reality” Edited in Real Time: New Tech Shows Why You Can’t Trust Anything You See on the News

    by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

    Talk about wag the dog. I’m not even sure what to write for a description of the video you are about to watch.

    So-called “reality” can be edited in real-time.

    It’s the matrix.

    The project is a joint effort in progress between Stanford, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. According to the project’s abstract, via Stanford University:


    We present a novel approach for real-time facial reenactment of a monocular target video sequence (e.g., Youtube video). The source sequence is also a monocular video stream, captured live with a commodity webcam. Our goal is to animate the facial expressions of the target video by a source actor and re-render the manipulated output video in a photo-realistic fashion. To this end, we first address the under-constrained problem of facial identity recovery from monocular video by non-rigid model-based bundling. At run time, we track facial expressions of both source and target video using a dense photometric consistency measure. Reenactment is then achieved by fast and efficient deformation transfer between source and target. The mouth interior that best matches the re-targeted expression is retrieved from the target sequence and warped to produce an accurate fit. Finally, we convincingly re-render the synthesized target face on top of the corresponding video stream such that it seamlessly blends with the real-world illumination.We demonstrate our method in a live setup, where Youtube videos are reenacted in real time.

    (More info on this project via Stanford’s website here.)

    While it may not be “pixel-perfect” YET, Tech Crunch’s response is the same thing on everyone’s mind after watching the original video (which is well on its way to a million views even though it’s only been up for three days):

    Even in the relatively low-res clips we’re shown, there’s an uncanny valley effect of something being not quite right. But hot damn is it impressive (and, well, more than a little spooky) even in this early stage.

    Why spooky? Technology like this will serve to make video less inherently believable. The video’s use of politicians as the editing target is pretty self-aware. In that regard, political hoaxes will hit a lot harder when it’s a video instead of a ‘shopped picture being forwarded around.

    Yeah, nothing about this is comforting. But also, how long has this technology really been available? We all know that whatever technology the general population is being shown currently exists, the military-industrial complex is likely decades ahead of it.

    In the original video’s comments section, scores of people pointed out the dangers of this technology in the Orwellian nightmare we currently find ourselves living in. One person said it should be stopped because of a scary potential for misuse, to which someone else replied, “Potential for misuse? I can’t think of a reason you’d want this technology in the first place besides abusing it.”

    If government use of propaganda against US citizens has now been legalized (and it has)…

    If video of a world leader giving a speech can be hijacked and edited in real-time, complete with, say, a full soundboard created by government software that can take ten minutes of a person talking and match the speech patterns to make convincing audio of a person saying anything they want him to

    And if drills can look as real as the real thing… Can you trust anything you see on “the news”?

    And if seeing and hearing aren’t believing…

    How virtual has our reality already become before virtual reality even goes global?

    Also Read: Project Blue Beam: Yes, the Gov’t Researched Projecting Holograms of God as a Mass Psyop


    Full video: Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos

    and this is definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it: We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

    H/T Dag Wood


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      1. Im a video Engineer and This is fact. You can do it on the fly and no one watching will know the difference on Raster based equipment which is just about everything these days.
        If you have some time you can create anything you want that can fool forensic examination..
        All a digital image is is a collection of numerical data and being so can be changed easily.

      2. I saw this a day or two ago. Between this, green screens, and CGI, absolutely everything on TV can be fake.

        “the media still want to earn the trust of the public”

        I don’t think they have wanted to in many years.

        Back in the 1960s, my father said not to believe what you see on TV.

        • We have not watched tv since before we married …so it’s been over 20 years since we’ve actually sat down and watched a tv show of any kind. DVDs …rarely, but we do get them now and then. I don’t miss paying for that bullshit either, nor the headaches caused by BLASTING commercials then ‘itty-bitty’ sound when the show returns. Gawd! The real internet (TOR and the underground) is the real world and the only browser anyone should be using these days is TAILS. Anything else will sell your soul in many forms. Linux/Unix is the way to go (imho) but TAILS can’t be beat for anonymity. Uses only memory and a ‘virtual drive’ (you can save stuff off pages if you wish, yet I’d encrypt them no matter what they were or how harmless, just to driv’em nutzoid).
          Also, with TAILS even your ISP is powerless to “see” what in hell you are doing …but my provider could care less anywho so no worries (but I don’t take needless risks either).
          Dad was right as he was in all things. DO NOT BELIEVE A DAMN THING YOU HEAR ON TV. NEVER, EVER, NEVER! (Take note of it and prove it to yourself via your most trusted source …THEN GO APESHIT)!!!

          • Many people are caught doing illegal activity and are using TAILS…

      3. just an update on the Ret. State Trooper that murdered two Penn Toll operators

        A retired Pennsylvania trooper who fatally shot two turnpike employees at a toll plaza, then was killed trying to unload money from a toll collection van, had filed for bankruptcy last year after running up huge credit card debt.

        Clarence Briggs, 54, killed toll collector Danny Crouse and Ronald Heist, a former police officer working as security, on Sunday morning at a rural toll plaza in central Pennsylvania, police said.

        Police said Briggs was shot in an exchange of gunfire with state troopers after driving the toll-collection vehicle to a spot nearby where his own car was parked.

        Briggs and his wife, Donna, had debts of $315,000, a good chunk of it owed to credit card companies, when they sought bankruptcy protection in March 2015, according to court records. Their bankruptcy lawyer, Chad Julius, said the couple’s repayment plan had been approved and they were making the required installments.

        so those two peoples lives were only worth 315K to this pig

        seems to me he was out of control a long time ago , debt is a killer and here is more proof

        sorry to all the blog Nazis for this off topic post

        • I would put a bet down that he was dirty when he was an active LEO. The bribes ran out but not the lifestyle. The “solution” Credit Card Debt. He wasn’t accustomed to living within his means as those means we’re probably augmented.

          • Agree, my thoughts too, its either that or a bad gambling addiction or drugs or both

            maybe his wife should look into the possibility of money being paid for female favors too , if you catch my drift?, or maybe little boys .. the dirty under belly of the corruptible these days runs thick and deep , just ask Harry Reid or that Dead Supreme Court Judge

          • Had a Pig Cop steal about $80 cash from me back in 2006 when during a traffic stop. The wad of bills dropped out of my pocket when he was taking every thing from me upon being arrested for falsely accused of blowing a red light via a DUI Charge. I bent down and picked up the money from the street and put it on the trunk hood with everything else from my pocket. I knew what and how much was there… Well after spending a night in jail, and upon being release the next morning, all that was left after retrieving my possessions, was just the right exact amount like $22 left to pay for the sucky baloney sandwiches I was charged with, and for my over night stay. I had taken out about $160 the night before and only spent about $55 to $60 that night. So do the math.

            Heck yeah, I should have got the Video Cam, but I told my ATTY what happened, and with his discussions with the Police Dept, and month later, low and behold at my court hearing, the charges were dropped to a much lesser lesser charge of reckless driving. So WTF, he was busted and I got off lesser offense. sometimes we take our lumps and move on.

            So basically Cops are corrupt, nothing ever changes. Most are thieves, if they can get away with it.


            • Yeah, I read about a small town population 7000 in Mississippi that built a new 4.1 million dollar police station all from civil forefeiture cases there. Thieves is an understatement.

        • Enemy – I know it’s off topic but I don’t understand how they could have run up such high numbers. Wouldn’t they have been cut off looooong before it got to that point?

          Even if they were in a high income bracket and making the monthly payments before they started getting in way over their head I would still think the creditors would have spotted trouble on the horizon and cut them off way back when, before it reached that high figure. That’s just crazy.

          • You would think so, but than again hard to say how many credit cards they had , or if it was all credit card debt

          • I used to have one credit card that kept increasing the credit limit without my asking for it. Eventually the limit was over $30,000. I could have been in debt for that much just on one card. Just imagine if I had 10 or more cards plus a couple of high car payments.

            I don’t know if your credit score even takes your income into account.

        • Debt may have been the ‘killer’, but it remains that money is the root of all evils.

      4. Makes it much easier for the media to manipulate the masses by distorting reality.

      5. 1 John 5:19
        And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

        Same shit, new day…


      6. I have certain rules I’ll abide. My first rule, I don’t believe anything that government tells me, nothing, zero, no.

        And I don’t take very seriously the media or the press in this country who in the case of the Persian Gulf war we’re nothing more than unpaid employees of the Department of Defense and who most of the time, most of the time functions as kind of an unofficial Public Relations Agency for the United States government.

        So I don’t listen to them, I don’t really believe in my country, and I got to tell you folks I don’t get all choked up about yellow ribbons and the American flags. I consider them, I consider them to be symbols and I leave symbols to the symbol minded.

        George Carlin

        • FTW, Bravo!

      7. We are finally in the era of the Running man where Arnold doesn’t want to fire from a helicopter and kill the people and they capture him turn him into a criminal and show the public that he shoots thousands of unarmed people in the crowds. Crazy stuff.

      8. Talking about FAKE VIDEO

        ht tp://

        • Yes, and to go along with that fake video … check out this propaganda News Headline:

          Brussels raid: ‘Isis flag and jihadist manual found by gunman’s body’, say Belgian prosecutors

          Is it believable?
          Absolutely not!

          How convenient … a Manual & Isis Flag is in “possession” of said gunman … only thing they left out was his recently brand new looking fraudulent passport that North Korea made for him as well.

          Piss poor journalism if you ask me … leaving “their” facts out of their fabricated story. Shame on them!

          • But the passport in 911 was unscathed too, whats not to believe lol.

            • Yes … people’s bullshit meter should of kicked in when they made a report about that fabrication.

              To many … that just did not happen … those that bought into that nonsense did so to just go along with the lie as if it was the truth … cuz the media/gov would never … ever lie to it’s people.

              Denial – is a self personal threat, and can have dire consequences to ones health.

      9. this all started with the delay on “live” television. delay on live tv is an oxymoron.

        what that really means is “live until something unexpected happens. someone does or says something that you are definitely not supposed to witness.” – so, theyll just use that handy delay time to alter reality…just edit some things.

        good thing i already took it all in with a grain of salt…this just makes it a salt block

        • Yep you don’t need a grain of salt, you need a salt lick block lol.

      10. Everybody wants to be a resistance fighter, but most don’t even know where their congressman lives. How are you going to make them pay for what they did? Find the location and save it or pass it along to others.

        • Dude, that’s some significantly messed up advice to give. You’re literally telling people to stalk their congressman or potentially worse. People like you are the exact reason I distance myself from so called “patriot” groups. And the really stupid thing is you say stuff like that, but it’s only because you do so from the comfort of your phone or computer like the rest of the keypad warriors. If the FBI knocks in your door for inquiry I hope you at least nut up and admit you were actually saying that crap.

          PS. Not that I care for more than a few of our congressman. Just the principle of the thing. Let God sort them out.

          • I’m not telling anyone to do any such thing. Who screwed the country up? After the collapse and reinstatement of the constitution,they’ll have to be arrested, right?

      11. Regarding the media or tv. You cannot believe what is said. We should not have a problem not believing what they show too. Everyone knows that it is all done with some sort of agenda.

      12. I have known for a while that the media can’t be trusted.I foolishly thought faux news was real.Then I listened to Glen Beck.After a short while he revealed himself for a fraud.Get your news from multiple alternative media sites and think for yourself.The only thing that you can count on is the government will never speak the truth as there is no truth in it

        • Yep, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, and so called conservative radio hosts are ALL propaganda shills. Try and call one of them with some truth, you will soon find out just how much truth they really want lol. I caught on to their there shit many years ago. It’s all just a dog and pony show to for people that can’t think.

          • Genius

            When I heard Glenn Beck say, “Bulderberg, Build A Bear”, and then snicker discrediting the groups existence, I knew who was signing his pay check and haven’t listened to him since.

      13. “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.”

        Anyone still watching television and going to the movies should have their head examined.

        Learn to read music and to play an instrument. Turn off the radio. Take a walk and look around. You will see reality. Blue sky light is medicinal. It heals and protects the eyes. That is why blue is the favorite color of more humans. Instintively we know.

        • Nothing wrong with movies.
          I was waiting to get into some movie with my wire. It was an R movie. Most everyone had come out then a couple with a 9 year old girl came out. A woman waiting behind us told the couple that she was horrified that the couple would take their 9 year old to the movie.
          It wasen’t the parents who spoke up. It was the little girl.
          She said straight to the woman. “You do know that the movie isn’t real, Dont you?” “Any ways I watch the news too and that IS supposed to be real but it isnt… All they talk about is killing and death and people stealing from each other and lie about this and lie about that.”

          From the mouths of kids…

      14. This is one more reason why you never ever never give anything but a live interview with witnesses present if you are approached by the press to make a statement for some reason.

        Learned that way back during the Clinton administration.

      15. I can’t watch TV news. It’s all about the police blotter who killed who, breaking news on the latest massacre followed up with attempts at feel good stories like the cat rescued from a tree BS. Pretty faces to distract from what’s really going on at the top.

        • The Evening News always starts out with the opening line of “Good Evening”.

          Then they go on to tell you why it isn’t.

      16. Many years ago I depended on C band satellite for television,
        Before they started to scramble everything, I’d occasionally get live feeds totally un-edited. I found and watched the LA riots direct feeds after the first Rodney king trial. Later on “normal” KTLA news they showed their version. There was no semblance of the truth. If people saw what really occurred, there would be very few Blacks still alive in Southern CA out of a sense of self preservation.
        I suspect that if we had access to raw live feeds of Moslem atrocities, Moslems would become a rarity in the world, out of a sense of self preservation.
        Bottom line is all news not done raw, live and in real time, is a lie and to be suspected.

        • I agree with your point however I walked up Western from Gardena to North Hollywood the morning after the riots started. There were WAY more Latinos breaking into stores and stealing stuff than Blacks. There were also lots of Whites and Asians and every other opportunist you could imagine. No one bothered me at all except the cops.
          The people who scared me were the Cops. They were running around shitless and ready to shoot anything that got close to them yet completely unable to protect anyone or anything else.

          • Ed,
            Dude you are crazy!
            That is a very long walk. Kind like like
            a white man walking down Manchester Blvd from Norwalk
            to El Segundo.
            I’m from the Paramount/Bellflower
            area so I know.
            Cops are always a problem.
            They are outnumbered, nobody likes them,
            and it is not their job to protect you.
            They just clean up the mess, cite you for
            whatever they want to, or confiscate your
            property whenever they feel like it.
            There are some heroes, but I’d rather go
            to open carry and have county sheriff’s
            with only temporary Deputies cleaning up the mess.

            • Relik, the kahlua recipe you won is posted back on the planet x thread 🙂

              • It looks like my Mom’s recipe. ThankX!

                • PS
                  Genius, I don’t drink anything over 3.2 percent,
                  except very rare occasions.

      17. I gave up television over 40 years ago. Even my dad said the if you knew anything about an incident, what was said in the news was never accurate. I see reality when I look outside. I did not know about this technology, but I am not surprised. Running Man is right.
        No television may be why I am relatively calm. In 4 years working with the public, I have been uncomfortable 3 times… all police officers. Then again, NM is famous for police brutality… well supported by Albuquerque Mayor Barry.
        Because witnesses dispute the films we are shown all the time.
        I just want to live in the backwoods away from modern society and tend my home and garden.

      18. Btw,
        There was a film clip of Rubio recently… he was very good… but at the end his face went bizarre. It looked like he was possessed. Then he suddenly had his demeanor back. It was on msm. Hunh. I have not forgotten because it was so bizarre.

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