UPDATE: Up to 5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada Today

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    Update: Word on the street from sources close to the militia movement is that up to 5,000 armed militia members will be arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada sometime today. (See full report below)

    SHTFplan.com Editor’s Note: It is apparent that the Federal government was under the impression that they could simply move into the ranch land surrounding Bunkerville, NV and have their way with the property and livelihood of the Bundy family. What they didn’t count on was the outcry from Americans across the country. And now things may be headed to the next level. As Kim Paxton of The Daily Sheeple notes, citizen militias in several states have been called up. Many members of those organizations are taking up arms and are making their way to Nevada.

    And it’s not just the citizen militias that are preparing to take action. The governor of Nevada has officially condemned the federal government’s actions, though he has yet to take any steps afforded to him under State law. Sheriff Richard Mack of Gilbert, Arizona has weighed in and calls the actions “terrorism.”

    At last count there were some 200 federal agents from various agencies on the ground in Nevada and it appears that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of armed militia members will soon arrive to confront them.

    The Federal government will no doubt step up their efforts, as they are facing the possibility of a widespread rebellion resulting from their actions against a private citizen whose only “crime” was to graze his cattle on the land his family has used for this purpose for over a century. It would not be at all surprising to see the President of the United States call up National Guard troops and more militarized law enforcement officials for fear of having this spiral out of control. A declaration of martial law to go along with already established First Amendment Areas is not out of the question.

    We may well be on the cusp of a serious stand-off involving thousands of people. Keep in mind that most of them will be armed.

    Given the circumstances, things could turn very bloody very quickly.


    Militias Are On Route: Is the 2nd American Revolution Starting in Bunkerville, Nevada?
    By Kim Paxton via The Daily Sheeple

    An area just outside of the little town of Bunkerville, Nevada, with a population of around a thousand people, may go down in history.  This little spot in the desert may be compared with Lexington, Massachusetts, the site of the “shot heard round the world” – the first shot fired in the American Revolution.  Because it looks like the second American Revolution may start there…and soon.

    Yesterday, The Daily Sheeple reported that tensions were running high outside of Bunkerville. It seems that the US government, in all of their infinite wisdom, has declared war on a cattle rancher named Cliven Bundy.

    In a stand-off that has been likened to Ruby Ridge and Waco, the federal government has now deployed armed agents in a case of what the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has deemed “trespass cattle,” escalating a 20-year battle over grazing rights and what actually constitutes “public land” use in Southern Nevada.

    Cliven Bundy, a 67-year-old rancher says his family has worked the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area since the late 1800s and that they were there well before the government’s Land Management Bureau ever came along. (source)

    Armed federal officers have arrived to steal Bundy’s cattle and close down the land he is using.  What’s more, they have declared a zone around the area to be free of the restrictions of the Constitution, specifically, the First Amendment right to assemble and speak freely. They’d like to keep their reprehensible actions quiet and out of the public eye. It’s really difficult to mow down a bunch of protesters ala Waco with the whole world watching.

    Yesterday, tensions began to rise even further and numerous protestors were tazed and assaulted.  (You can see the actions of those brave BLM officers on this video HERE).

    It looks like tensions will rise even further because Americans have had enough.

    Militias have been mobilised. It’s going to get real.

    Bundy may be facing down a bunch of armed federal thugs but he’s going to be backed up by militia members from across the country.

    This is the day that Patriots have been talking about and training for. They will not stand down.

    CBS reports that militias from Texas, Montana, Utah, New Hampshire, and Florida will be standing with Bundy against the Bureau of Land Management.

    If you aren’t a combatant, this doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in this revolt against tyranny.  This is a call to action.

    Here are the pertinent email addresses and phone numbers:


    Share information in support of these people who refuse to stand idly by while theft, violence, and tyranny occurs at the hands of the government.  If we all spread the word, there is no way that another Ruby Ridge or Waco can quietly occur. We can combat the disinformation spouted by the mainstream media by publishing REAL photos, REAL videos, and REAL accounts of what is happening. We can keep the communication open and tell the world what the United States government is doing to its own people.

    Share this and other stories through email, through social media, through links in the comments sections of mainstream news sites.  Whatever you do, don’t wait for someone else to take action. Now is the time to speak up for liberty.  Make this story too viral for the mainstream to ignore.  Do not allow these brave people staring down the barrel of a gun to do so without our support.

    The Bureau of Land Management has picked up a snake by the tail, and it looks like that snake is going to bite.

    blm nevada

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      1. I pray that this doesn’t happen. Why is this law so complicated? There cannot be that many interpretations, can there?


        • I wonder how much trouble the Feds are going to get into for their “1st Amendment Zone?”

          Legally, none, I’m sure.

          But what about politically? The press should drop the hammer on them.

          Wishful thinking, I know.

          • Maybe I was wrong. Americans still exist.

            God bless ’em.

            God bless America.

            America bless God.

            • I can’t walk into battle in Nevada, but I have sent some very strongly supportive emails to the above, and made the calls. It took several minutes to get through to the sheriff, apparently I’m not the only one trying to get a hold of the man WHO SHOULD BE holding the line in Nevada.

              I pray no one gets seriously injured.

              Apparently, there are more patriots here, than the govt thought…I hope that so many show up, that Nevada starts to lean to the side of justice…literally.

              • If Obama had government thugs…this is what they’d look like

                • Speaking of Obama’s thugs, where is harry Reid? He is the senior senator in Nevada, why isn’t he out there? Oh, fundraising with Nancy and Barry in Texas.

                  • Reid might be in one of those desert rabbit holes, hiding like a rabbit…just at the time he is needed by those who put him in office.

                  • This is Agenda 21 aimed at the Bundy ranch.

                    Coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

                  • If anywhere near that number of militia shows up, the federal thugs will disappear so fast you’d think you were at a magic show. In fact if one fifth of that number shows up they’ll disappear like the coward scum they are.

                    There will be no more free Wacos! No more free Ruby Ridges! Any further government murder will be answered for swiftly and decisively.

                  • I’ve been thinking a little more about this situation. If a bunch of people, “outsiders” show up in support of this family, what’s to prevent some government trolls from being in the crowd? Whats to prevent said trolls from yelling and screaming and carrying on to incite the crowd? What’s to prevent these trolls from pulling the trigger (literally) and then comes the black swan event? Time for cool heads to prevail, and cool tempers to rule the day so the government law enforcers don’t have an excuse for coming down hard on the protesters.

                    Anyone know the whereabouts of Lon Horiuchi? Keep the women and children safe.

                  • Harry Ried: Last seen banging head against wailers wall inside, Rabid racist Aperthide state of Israel, for more cash contributions and good MSM Press referals in upcomming mid term election cycle. Last seen standing at wailers wall beside Sen McSTAIN, Rubio, Schumer, and Chaz,

                    Stay tuned more huge jet Planes full of us reps and senators expected to soon arrive to add support in israel.

                    This Just in! Breaking News! Head honcho Talmudic rabbis there worry may not be enough skull caps to go around! Already Low on Ham sandwhiches! Stay tuned as situation developing!

                  • We are all Cliven Bundy now!

                  • Harry is the coward of the county and ….. you know

                  • “Hey, wheres my buddy Smails?”

                    “Danny. Danny, I’m going to give you a little advice. There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen; all you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking…let things happen…and be…the ball.”

                    “License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations. Man, free to kill gophers at will. To kill you must know your enemy, and in this case, my enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will not quit, ever.”

                  • Harry Reid should be there representing the American people under attack, not the Jack Booted thugs sent by the government. These senators and Congressmen are too quick to forget who pays their salary.

                  • Obama is spoiling for a fight, he’d love to drone a bunch of conservative Americans.

                    The murderous thug, Barak Obama must be impeached!

                  • Turns out reid had a deal for a solar farm with the Chinese
                    on this land!!!!!

                  • Wilson, he’s not there because….well….who do you think ordered the agents there???

                  • Harry Reid is behind this. He is siding with the Chinese company that needs the land.

                  • Harry Reed is behind all this read Infowars recent exposure of the land grab deal Reed made with China over Bundy’s land and you will see why they want him off the land, for solar power company from China that Harry sold the land to for pennies on the dollar!

                  • Much of this is BECAUSE of Harry Reid and his son Cory. They made a deal with China to build a solar plant on this “public” land where the rancher’s cattle roam. The BLM had this information on their website until this started last week. Now it has been taken down. But….it is stored on another site. You can read all about it and see what the BLM was doing to clear the way for Harry Reid to make millions off our land. Check it out on Infowars website.

                • If Obama had government thugs???????

                  • Maybe it’s not government thugs (or trolls). Maybe it’s FSB (KGB) agents trying to start a civil War – just like the US did in Ukraine. Of course, I believe we have an Agent in Chief.

                • Funny.

                  And not.

                  • What is so nice to see is Americans that have no relations to this rancher coming to his need, their need, and all Americans’ need to preserve the Constitution. That deserves a big fat :).

                  • Unfortunately the Master Race, its enforcers, enablers, puppets, mouthpieces, and talking heads understand ONLY ONE THING and it has been coming for too long a time.

                    God bless the brave Americans who are on their way to resist the looters and murderers of the synagogue of Satan.

                    Nuremberg 2.

                    Prosecute and punish ALL the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

                • He DOES, and that’s what they look like.
                  Unresponsive bullies with sunglasses, tasers and guns.

                • Obama does have thugs doesn’t he? Including but not limited to Eric Holder and Lois Lerner….?

                  • PlainJanePrepper….Both are thugs but first they are part of the TRIBAL thugs. Different tribes though.

                  • If your believing Obama will back down like he has in ever single international encounter your wrong. If you expect the Rules of Engagement to be similar to the US military’s when fighting his beloved Afghans and other Muzzies your wrong. He hates America and he hates American freedom. He will order everything he has against us.

                    So we must be in this for keeps, and must not quit. We must also not hold back in hopes of some media victory. This is for all the marbles.

                • They are his thugs! His personal army.

                • “If”????????

                • “IF?”

              • Wife just told be I should head down to Bunkerville. The Oath Keepers has just called upon all members to show up for support of the rancher. As an Oath Keeper and an a American I can think of nothing better to do with my time.

                • Are you swinging thru western Oregon for any reason?

                  • Wife tells me a man from Oregon is looking for someone to share gas money. Was going to contact him to pick me up. Want his contact info?

                    Prayed on it and I’m not sure if it was God or the normal voices in my head but I was told the right thing to do is go. So I guess I’ll start packing.

                  • If someone’s heading through Oregon- count me in! Email me me @ [email protected]!

                  • Yes please.

                  • I am in Oregon, east of Cascades. Been outside a lot today helping mamma goat deliver twins so far. Was happy to hear the gun club in operation…just hoping its the good guys.

                • Need gas money?

                  • I’m not above taking any support offered. Contact is angeloservices @ gmail . com. Thank you for offering.

                • What do you think I’m packing means shitbag? What about Anon7, what will you do clown?

                • Go screw yourself Moron….I mean Anon

                • sixpack The post for a ride to bunkerville is at Oath Keepers . org. Here the link:

                  http://oathkeepers dot org/oath/?p=18293#comment-273580

                  Hope to see ya there.

                • sixpack The post for a ride to bunkerville is at Oath Keepers . org. Here the link:

                  oathkeepers dot org/oath/?p=18293#comment-273580

                  Hope to see ya there

                • This is Mrs. Maddog – He’s going, if you ever get your balls sewn back on – maybe you should go, instead of hiding behind your keyboard.

                  Anyone who has a Pair should go too….

                • Make sure your wife has not taken out a big insurance policy on you. Not sure what can be done here as the on scene thugs are not the enemy. They are behind the curtain pulling the strings.

                • WARNING: Keep an eye out for shills with a hidden agenda infiltrating the Oath Keepers, in other words someone who deliberately incites a flare-up by threats and gunfire at government agents, in order to draw return fire back at the Oath Keepers.

                  That could escalate into martial law and the use of high-tech armed drones, tanks, etc. towards what’s perceived as a rioting general public. Small arms would be about as effective as a BB gun, against today’s high-tech weaponry that can sit back several miles and watch your every move, day or night.

                  Sure, it’s great to be brave, but please KEEP A COOL HEAD! The only asset the public really has these days, is their numbers and their cameras. Pistols and rifles could overall prove to be more of a liability than an asset.

              • fuck off and die troll

                • ANON7: an FYI for You RE Sixpack…She is an Phys Disabled person and she needs a walker most times to get around in a Limited way. Not exactly very conducive to storm trooping down there eh.

                • Anon7 is a troll.

              • Yeah, well maybe if I get there, I can sit at point and recon the incoming. At least I’m willing to DO something besides sling snide comments from my keyboard…commando.

                • There is plenty six can do to help,keep an eye out,get the information out along with others about protest(for now),help folks who need a meal/medical care/,in a push comes to shove situation a bipod equipped rifle and a good spot can make all the difference that citizens survive.The first thing we can all do whether next door or like me across the country is e-mail/call/write the gov./local reps and the oath keepers and their ilk to ask that this bullshit is stopped in a peaceful way and in regards to oathkeepers and thier ilk a few words of encouragement and thanks.

              • Its about time Americans get off their behinds and show some balls to defend their God given rights according to the Constitution, that so many have died for. Maybe America will stop allowing Hollywood to tell them what to think and understand that in one Generation they have lost their Country and will have to fight to get it back. this Federal Government murders babies through abortion, has no fear of God and has committed treason in the ballot boxes all across America by promoting voter fraud to the point that it makes the Communists envious. This is what happens when life gets to easy and we forget about God and allow 1% of the population to take over. Anyone who reads this accept Christ as your Savior while you still have breath in your lungs to do so. Judgment is coming. Spike-Out.

              • If you like your sheriff, you can keep your sheriff.:-(

                Not for long??

              • So mad dog gets his wife to say he is going. Well that pretty much verifies his statements. My mom and wife said I can go too. I actually have money for gas and a job. Mad dog has neither. If I got into a fight with MD I would kick him in the vagina.

              • ” … against a private citizen whose only “crime” was to graze his cattle on the land his family has used for this purpose for over a century.”

                The “crime” is not using the land to graze his cattle, Mac, The crime was not paying the grazing fees for the forage his cattle munched on: a common practice in America that the man and his family followed for a long time, until he didn’t.

                If he lives long enough, he will lose in Court.

                If you are a renter and rent an apartment and fail to pay the rent to the building owner in full and in a timely manner according to the lease contract; you will be evicted. No ifs, ands, or buts. That is basic contract law.

                Grazing rights are no different.

                While the Rancher believes that the land belongs to the State of Nevada; the State of Nevada, accepts the authority of the American Government and management of those lands within Nevada by the BLM.

                The Rancher does not want to pay grazing fees to the American Government, although he did in the past. The American Government has the legal authority to evict the Rancher’s cattle and re-lease that land to someone who will pay the grazing fee.

                This is a business dispute folks.

                It is a not a personal liberty issue. Neither is it a State’s rights issue because the State of Nevada accepts the authority of the Federal Government to manage the people’s land within the state.

                While I am in favor of the Western States managing the excess land within their boundaries, I also understand that BIG corporate interests would gobble it up for a song in a back door deal with the local Fat Cats once that transfer is made.

                Liberty lovers and patriots ought to channel their hatred for the Federal government into Constitutional issues like gun control, registration, common core and eventual gun confiscation where the Constitution supports their efforts including armed conflict between the people and the Feds.

                The issue in Nevada is a business dispute. Liberty lovers and Patriots ought to pick and choose events that legally support their opposition to the FEDs. Events in Nevada do not, but sadly many haters are so predisposed to armed conflict that they do not want to recognize the law of the land that all other Ranchers follow.

                I am sure that there are a number of Ranchers in Texas who would LOVE to lease that ground and pay either the State of Nevada or the BLM for the grazing lease. The State of Nevada would refer them to the BLM, I am sure.

                This situation reminds me of the stupid Jarhead who wanted to make a statement about gun control, so he made it in DC which is a Federal Jurisdiction, by loading a shotgun with the Capitol in the background; rather than within the borders of a State where the US Constitution protected him.

                Channel your hate People into issues where you have legal standing and the US Constitution on your side. Nevada ain’t it! Nevada is the wrong fight. It is a battle that these people cannot win; nor should they.

                Pay up deadbeats !!! 🙂

                • DURANGO…Well constructed piece of worthless B.S.. The BLM is an agency that rides over the people as it pleases. If Nevada can acquiesce to the Feds; Nevada can say no to the feds. The land belongs to the State of Nevada. The chicken shit governor needs a good fifth avenue ass whipping along with the gutless dirtbag Sheriff Gillespi. This brewing fight isn’t about the Bundy family it’s about the long train of abuses this government has perpetrated on the American people.

                  • If you think the BLM is hard on ranchers, you should do some research on what they have been doing to dirt bikers since the 1970’s. Lawsuits, arrests, making up stories and lying in federal court, etc. Look up the Phantom Duck of the Desert. What they did to Louis McKey and rick Sieman was disgusting.

                • Must be a fed.. If anal raping by the government was a federal law, I’m guessing you’d be bent over with a smile.

                  • No I am not a FED and I have many issues with my Federal government: particularly, gun control, common core, excess taxes, too many armed agencies, massive illegal immigration, wars of phony crony capitalism, FREE TRADE, lack of tax revenue from major corporations, gun running by the ATF and Justice department, Agenda 21, over regulation, lack of oversight of government agencies like the FDA, a CIA NSA intelligence community out of control, too much government debt, too much foreign aid, too uch military spending, etc, and a host of other more minor issues that do not come to mind on the spur of the moment.

                    Nevada is NONE of these.

                    This Rancher has failed to pay his grazing lease fees for 15 years and has ignored several Court orders to pay and or vacate the land.

                    This is NOT a personal liberty issue, although the Rancher can hold the opinion that the land belongs to Nevada; and he can withhold his lease payments too. That is the extent of his personal liberty in this issue. If he chooses to NOT pay his grazing fees to the BLM like all other Ranchers do, then he has to accept the consequences of that action, which is the eviction of his cattle from Public Land.

                    If he fails to vacate then he should expect his cattle to be confiscated and sold at public auction to pay his debt. That is the way that business operates in America and he does not receive an exemption from the rules that everyone else has to play by.

                    Do the crime, do the time! 🙂

                  • So employing durangos logic, if you don’t pay your rent then your landlord can lock and load on your dumbass. If its a legal issue it gets solved in a court of law.

                • They can look the other way for millions of illegals and then to top it off give them benefits they know they are not entitled to. This rancher though is a big deal Looks like old Harry and his son Rory are the power behind this move as they will make millions off a Chinese solar farm. No doubt the guy owes grazing fees but what is with the quick jump to sniper teams and boatloads of armed JBTs.

              • It’s not Nevada state…it’s our federal government intruding on states rights

            • @Unreconstructed

              Yes, Americans DO exist. I am one of them too.

              When I was in the 7th grade, I was a stumpy little feller, and I was constantly bullied. Idiot teachers would say things like “use your words”… HA! Apparently “no” “oww” and “please stop” were not the words they were looking for.

              So one day, I finally got sick of it, and hit back at the little POS who stole my underwear in the locker room after gym class. I grabbed the bully by his throat and kicked him in his balls. Got left alone the whole rest of that week. Got my underwear back too.

              Fast forward all these years later, and now I’m the teacher. I NEVER put up with that bullying shit in my classroom. EVER.

              The Bureau of Land Management is supposed to be HELPING ranchers. They are supposed to be like a good teacher who won’t allow the smaller kids to get picked on. Instead, they are the bullies!

              You can blah blah blah about “user fees” and “grazing rights” etc etc etc. There is NOTHING these ranchers have done to justify the .gov BULLIES setting up snipers with shoot to kill orders.

              Even worse, when this family — which has been ranching there since the 1870s, long before the BLM even existed — when they dared to stand up like citizens, they were told that they had no right to speak! That the First Amendment only applies to them in certain “approved” areas. Horseshit!

              The First Amendment is a recognition that we ALWAYS have the right to speak our minds, ANYWHERE WE CHOOSE. The entire country is a First Amendment zone, not just some little fenced off area prescribed by some sawed off fascist thug.

              I shouldn’t call them thugs? They are “government officials”? Baloney! First of all, there is no such thing as “the government”, just a bunch of dudes trying to spend your money and run your life. Secondly, “the government” is supposed to be our SERVANT. They are supposed to be there to help us. Not to bluster and bully. Not to take and take and take. Not to change the rules whenever they feel like it, to suit what they and their cronies want. If actions like that aren’t “thuggery”, then the word has no meaning.

              Everyone here needs to be calling and emailing everyone directly involved. We need to spread the word about WHO these people are, AND how to get in touch with them. As I have said, there is no “the government” — its people. And these people need to be reminded that we are the masters here, not they.

              • God bless.

                • Don’t off sounding someone who uses a verb without an object to project seeming to be Christian like the fraud from Arkansas, Hucksterbe something or other.
                  God bless YOU and keep you safe.


              • Amen and well said!

              • Well put SoS, I was your 270th green checkmark. Funny, I bet there will be quite a few .270’s trained on the BLM jack-booted thugs out there!

              • Remember Ruby Ridge. You sometimes get what you vote for, they voted over and over for Harry (The Weasel) Reed and expect fair results. Reed like many are out for themselves. Screw the citizens. Dumb enough to vote for him, dumb is as dumb does. Suffer or get him and the rest of the Liberal Democrats out. Shoot the tortoise and end it. Do you favor turtle soup over filet mignon ?

            • There is also fresh water springs there in the area.Could be using turtle and cattle to steal the fresh water,since the feds say they own it all. Mark

            • God bless America? surely you jest, a great nation that has become a bumbling bunch of insane, greedy idiots? America is over in case you didn’t realize it, what religious fanaticism, new ageism and liberalism has created here, is now manifesting before our eyes, there wont be anything left of America when its finished, and its fate will be rightly earned. And remember idiots voted for their own slavery, lets see if you can vote your way out of whats coming.


            • God is dead. When I met him, his behavior was so insane that I did a mercy killing.
              You people are safe now.

              No Gods, No Masters!

              • Wow. Strangely enough, you are the one that elected yourself leader and now telling us “your people are safe now”. I want to be safe from you and the faggot minions that have infiltrated every institution that pervert and molest children either physically or mentally with your ideology.

          • which “press” whould you be speaking of? the bought and paid for shills ? that one?


            • VRF: in Last article posted several video links. in one video it shows REAL reasons for this BLM scam actions!

              That video has a women showing a full size newspaper type article from a month or so back. She is reading it aloud for video viewers and it basically states that the fed govnt, BLM and others have been all along Planning to take over at least 24,000 acres by ANY means necesary IE Land Grab, Emminent domain laws etc etc.

              So they can award use of said massive acres land to set up a couple SOLAR Elec Power companies that are to supply elec power to 80,000 homes in area.

              Ironic that such massive solar companies and related equipment etc are NO threat to Turtles eh. Nor to other so called endangered species, nor pose any type threats to anybody or things….Besides ranchers or farmers who have had Family ranches in that area since way longer than any such Bogus fed agencies ever got even dreamed up let alone existed eh.

              Maybe a new addition need be added to endangered lists…Hows about endangered Fed agent feces as top main endangered entities!

              This all may be another Hobammys Dem Lib Corporate Pals like the last two aka Recall SOLYNDRA Co and their $550 MILLION FREE Govnt Grant to build a solar panel co?…Which then in LESS than one years time Fired all 1000 workers, and went belly Up Bankrupt! Wonder just how Many Hundred Millions of the orig $550 Million Hobammy fed Grant $$$$$ was Pocketed by the couple main swindlers of That scam operation eh?….The second solar panel scam Hobammy did side by side with Solyndra was even more costly! That one was closer to 1.5 Billion $$$ Grant!

              This entire swindle ordeal sounds alot like those past two scam swindles eh. Maybe Diane Finestien can supply intel since shes usually who gets the Lions shares of such ‘fed deals” for her husbands countless corp’s.

              Stay Tuned as likley more to entire story yet to be exposed!

              • Them Guys: While I am certain that there are many scams in the works as you mention, the issue in Nevada is $300,000 in back grazing fees that need to be paid to US!

                Cough it up Bundy! You are a millionaire deadbeat!! 🙂

                • spending 3 million to collect 300,000 would fall under diminishing returns would it not ? is that good use of tax money ? i think not . much more to the story than grazing fees . you need to do some homework and not be so quick to back your federal buddies dk

                  • I think the ranchers, and anybody arrested in the event, will be charged with various felonies, and forced to pay for the damages. Especially if it’s an armed revolt.

                • DK: As so staunch of a US Const promotor always YOU should know the fed govnt has ZERO rights to Take/Own so far aprox 56% of ALL usa lands….10 sq miles in DC is proper us const right…So is several when needed lands for armorys etc….Feds have gone ape shit in land grabs past 50 yrs. Thats whats ILLEAGLE DK!

                  Maybe he don’t Owe any fees if that entity has zero const right to claim said lands eh.

                  I Bet if next week BLM switches policies, and lays claim to YOUR gold mine rights etc…YOU will soon sing a whole different tune eh…And be Begging patriots to arrive on scene to assist You.

                  99+% Fed law or codes are Uncosnt period. That invalidates em all DK…Why are you always demanding folks “Engage” then when folks Do so…YOU switch gears and call it bogus?…..Maybe DK needs RE think it a bit eh.

              • Diane Fineswine stopped a similar solar project in California because of harm to the desert tortoise. Are the tortoises in California more important than those in Nevada or are Nevada politicians even more corrupt than those in Calif. The connected always step on the little people.

          • What Press. Its incredible to me that they are not all over this, instead is their typical BS.

            • And the list makers…dont forget the names of the press who aided and abetted.

          • “And so it begins…. ” Kosh… from Babalon Five

          • Unfortunately the Master Race, its enforcers, enablers, puppets, mouthpieces, and talking heads understand ONLY ONE THING and it has been coming for too long a time.

            God bless the brave Americans who are on their way to resist the looters and murderers of the synagogue of Satan.

            Nuremberg 2.

            Prosecute and punish ALL the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

            • Get over yourself. Time for you to have an original thought.

            • Why don’t you knock off the Jew hate crap troll.

              • the Jew hate is old scapegoating and to divide people with hate…oldest game…

          • NOPE, it is NOT the press HAMMER that needs to be dropped !! the feds need there ASSES kicked and kicked HARD, if we don’t stop them now what is next ??? it will be in your own backyard!!

          • No, the American people should drop the hammer on them.

            • Stop.
              Hammer time!

          • Except the corrupt government owns the big media. They only report what they are allowed to. Then with government spin.

          • A truck tied up the “zone” and one hard pull later the zone is GONE… We’re not standing down anymore…

          • Look people I have live in mesquite for over 25 yrs and if the blm is here is to do there job what Mr Bundy Think that is his land just because his cows are there no sorry but if you dont pay rent you will get evicted and the landlord will keep all your stuff so let the BLM do there JOB people so they can go soon.

            • You may live in mesquite, but you’re no American. I’ll bet you came over with a green card, right?

              This isn’t Mexico. We do things a little differently here.

        • Ephesians 6:13

          Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.

          God speed to the warriors who are willing and able to fight the good fight.

          • Hey anon7….

            You want to go sailing? 🙂

          • Anon7 troll, if you like parties, then climb up my leg and have a ball!

            • Braveheart,

              I wouldn’t be so quick to issue that invitation. The troll might bite, then where would you be?

              • stuck with a bloody lump up his pant-leg…

            • Thanks for the first laugh of the day renegade. 🙂

          • Anon7: Just go away. No one cares. Your taunts are pathetic.

        • @The Stig’s American Cousin

          The Federal Government is not interested in law. Ample proof of that can be seen with a similar case (Hage family) in Nevada, where a Federal Court ruled against the BLM, and yet the Federal Government has failed to pay the court ordered judgment to the Hage family. And…..they continue to practice the very same tactics against the Bundy’s that they used against the Hages.

          Again….the Federal Government is only interest in law in so far as it applies to YOU. They consider themselves to be above the law.

          • @Walt Kowalski

            What gets me is the lack of morality in those people who are supposed to “serve” the public, whether elected or not. I know, it sounds as though I have blinders on, but how can people make it to the high levels of any bureaucracy or elected office and NOT REALIZE who they work for?

            The people. The citizens of this country.

            Policy is put above the Bill of Rights. Why do these people constantly get ahead? Why do the assholes constantly get promoted? WTF!!

            These people, both in terms of maturity and socially, have never left high school. They go out and get advanced degrees, spend years acquiring knowledge, contacts, and experience, and then when they finally get a chance to lead and manage people, they turn it into a teenage popularity contest complete with punishments for people they don’t like. The ability to get away with this kind of behavior seems to embolden these people into acting however their pre-pubescent rage dictates. The same people will then take ZERO responsibility for any of their actions that are deemed by most to be unacceptable and try to blame anyone else.

            It all sickens me.

            It is so easy to stop this. You just have to be an adult about things. These morons are more worried about power, authority, and policy that the rights of people and a general sense of right and wrong seem to have been lost to the ages. Stop the dick measuring. Grow up!

            • Wonder if any of the feds have ever thought about being put on trial, and not in the courts they control.


        • This could easily flare up real quick… I pray cooler heads prevail……

          • Stan522, “cooler heads” have prevailed far too long. LIGHT THE FEDS UP IN NEVADA. And let it be a harbinger of what to expect in the future from PATRIOTS!

            • Truth avenger
              AMEN !!! time to make a stand before they take all of our stuff!!

            • @Truth Avenger…. this is an example of a win with cooler heads prevailing. This is ideal. This is what I wanted to see. This is (currently) a win.

              We do not want to see a Waco type ending where the innocent are eliminated. There still are way too many lemmings out there that would simply dismiss this whole ordeal as extremists and continue on with their day…..

              ABSOLUTELY, we need to stand up and face tyranny, but the senseless obliteration of innocent life should be avoided….

        • What would happen if a bunch of people pitched in or some rich guy paid Bundy’s $300,000 fees? Would the land still be available for Bundy’s and others cows to graze on next year? If the government wants the land for fracking or Agenda 21 then they are using this nonpayment to clear everybody out of there. They tried that with the turtles, but to no avail. Now that the nation is watching it would be interesting to pay the fee and call the governments bluff. If it was all about the money then there’d be no reason to keep ranchers off the land.

          • they cleared out 52 ranchers already Bundy is the last of his kind in this area..their agenda is clear, and almost complete

            • WHY is the fed doing this? they just decided one day to start taxing/fining people? What is the purpose? (I know very little about this issue).

              • No. There is most definitely some entity or corporation behind this. There is some money to be made, and they damn sure ain’t gonna allow a rancher and his family to stand in the way. It isn’t about “preserving” the land either, unless you count “preserving the land for future corporate development.”

                We should recognize this by now—we’ve seen it many times before.

                • They probably want to put up a new casino there, since it’s near the state line with Utah, they way they can rip off tourists on their way to Vegas, just like the casinos on I-15 at Stateline. You’re on the money though- jut follow the trail of $. We know beyond a doubt- it’s NOT about Desert Tortoise habitat, since the BLM killed between 700 and 830 of them in their “sanctuary” in 2013.

                  • It’s those damn turtles; their causing trouble everywhere it seems. Ha? Ha?

                    A few years ago, I got some very interesting information regarding saving some damn rare (bog) turtles. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against turtles/tortoises of any kind. In fact, growing up as a poor kid in the country, I had many a fine meal of the local cooters, because of the grappling hands of my tough-ass grandpappy (on Momma’s side).

                    Just down the road a ways there is a 30 acre tract of land that is mostly in pasture/hayfield, and a “For Sale by Realtor” sign was up there for about a year.
                    Having horses and cutting hay at the time , i called and inquired about leasing the land for hay cutting since the land had not been sold and was not being used for anything.

                    The real estate person informed me that the land had been sold to the state, and that i could inquire with them. I did. It took me about two days and many phone calls to get to the bottom of the deal.

                    To make a real long story, shorter; it was apparent that the taxpayers were being used to finance the coffers of a few people within the circles of environmentalists/etc.

                    Money taxed on liscense plate renewals/etc., was/is, put into a special fund that is used to buy up properties that have some “environmental priority purpose” and is then turned over to the “State Wildlife Agency” for “supervision”, (but can’t be used for purposes of public access or hunting/etc.), and is allowed exclusive access by parties involved with the “environmental preservation practices and observations”, only.

                    The price paid for the property was almost a quarter million dollars and the property in this rural area was only going for about $1500.00 an acre then. So a $45k dollar piece of property was purchased by taxpayer dollars for about five times what it was worth.

                    The persons having unlimited access to the property are cutting about twenty acres of hay and selling it for personal gain. I was willing to pay a lease fee to cut hay from the property and was told by a state official that the land could not be leased or used for any agriculture purposes and that the Wildlife Enforcement would be patrolling and enforcing trespass laws. The State Wildlife Agency has it’s annual budget and manpower allocated by the “amount” of acres it patrols/oversees. The more land under it’s so-called “supervision” the more taxpayer dollars allocated.

                    This Nevada rancher deal is not quite the same but it just goes to show that you have to grease the right palms or you get the shaft when it comes to dealing with government agencies.

                    The taxpayers are usually the ones getting screwed by the very people they put into positions of authority.

                • SEE: My Prior posting above its all about Land Grab for SOLAR power companies etc….

                  • Solar deal was cancelled in 2013 over lack of power purchase agreement. Regardless of info-wars story. Sorry, but facts are facts.

                • sixpack,
                  It’s agenda 21

                  • yup.

            • I know they’ve cleared the rest of the ranchers off. But now people are paying attention to what’s happening out there. If the fees were paid and the government still tried to kick the Bundy’s cattle off the land more people might wake up and realize that this is solid proof of our government overstepping its bounds.

              • C G
                your right on, what i want to know who except a gov troll would give you a thumbs down on your comment?? those bastards are evry where and into every thing time to throw all those scum out and get some good clean decent people in office !!!

          • “What would happen if a bunch of people pitched in or some rich guy paid Bundy’s $300,000 fees? Would the land still be available for Bundy’s and others cows to graze on next year?”

            Answer: In a word. No.

            This is pure Agenda 21 implementation.

            I’ve said this before, but if you want to know the organization that leads the way for this stuff, do some research on The Center For Biological Diversity.

            • Walt, you are an absolute idiot. Now wonder the country is in the bad shape its in… ignorance!!!!


              • Fuck Diversity

                • Wow… As much as I absolutely against any big power be in government or big business (same thing essentially) and hate what is happening in NV right now, but Mr. Wrong, if you suggest that the actual biological diversity is not important I suggest you retake some middle school biology classes. No diversity – no life.. for anyone. It’s a complex system and we are doing our damn bestest at fucking it up.

                  • Believe me, as a former enviro freak much to my shame, when i say that the religion of the green movement is transferring vast amounts of wealth from your pocket to their 501c3 treasure.

                    I looked into the Center for Diversity and discovered a long history of anti-farm, anti-people, anti-energy lawsuits to save the animals from evil humans. They hate cattle and are destroying ranchers.

                    They are bragging on their website how they were fed up with the 20 year delay in the Bundy ranch…so they threatened to sue the govt to take action now. And here we are with an armed confrontatioj instigated by enviro-nazis with an annual budget exceeding $6M to destroy families and commerce. For what? They claim to save wildlife but I say itis much more.

                    I know these types who worship the earth …and receive millions in donations and grants to do so. Its money and power nothing more. They dont care about diversity except how much they get paid to care.

                    Check out their annual report to see the damage they are doing to humans to save animals. And how they hand out condoms at events before winter because more babies are concieved during winter than other times…and they are trying to reduce the population to save the planet. Yes they actually brag about preventing babies.

                    So, in the Bundy case theFeds are the face of evil but pushing them forward are the eco-nazis and the liberal do-gooders who fund them. They will not stop until all ranchers are bankrupt and the population is reduced to their interpretation of sustainable.

                    Yes, i despise the green movement because i know the truth behind it.

                  • They have done a good job indoctrinating you Huh?
                    Take it from someone who has lived with ranchers and farmers all my life (69yr), by far the majority of them are far far better stewards of the land than any government entity. The more one is displaced from a parcel of land the less they know what is needed to preserve that land for next year and even more so to pass it down to your decedents. And that applies to state and local government as well.
                    These scientist and professors spend very little time out in the real world, where the farmers and ranchers spend all their time.
                    But the scientist and professors write their reports to satisfy the desires of the grant writers that sustains their livelihood.

                • in the a$$ with a broken glass rod!

                  • Home Stead: Exactly! I call them “Greenie” enviro whacks Watermelons…IE: like a watermelon they are Green only on the Outside…But 100% Pure KOMMIE RED on entire Inside!

                    And Yes indeed it IS their Religion. Bible warns of this. A couple verses speaks of folks who in end days are going to Worship Created things, worship earth itself, animals, even the “Creepy Crawling” things, referes to Buggs and Spiders and Snakes etc!

                    BUT they ALL Fail to Recognize nor worship the CREATOR of it ALL which IS GOD!…Him they Despise!

                    Likewise Us they also despise since most of Us do Honor and acknowledge God the Creator.

                    The enviro whack jobs Boss is Satan. And he operates Thru his number ONE children…Khazars. SEE Rev 2:9 and John 8:44 for more on Khazar frauds.

            • How about proposing AGENDA 22? AGENDA 22 = Let’s kill all Agenda 21 designers.

          • It’s not about the money. It’s about power.

          • Paying government fees for permission to use public lands for grazing isn’t the problem. The problem is that a couple of gov’t agencies are reneging on these contracts that give the ranchers the rights that they thought that they had paid for; and they are using fines, new invisible borders, cattle confiscations, and are enforcing the ‘law’ to the maximum. this gov’t harassment to make the use of rancher’s permit rights impossible to comply with – and their businesses impossible to run.

          • He violated the lease when he did not pay. That will be their rational for not renewing. Can’t have it both ways.

        • Demand that these thugs return every cow!

        • Oh, yeah..the BLM…now I remember. They ARE a bunch of scum bags! You right wingers won’t appreciate the story but I’ll tell it anyhow.

          Years ago, Tim DeChristopher, a young, educated young man, went to where land was being auctioned off. he did not want the fossil fuel industry taking buying the land, because he (being a young person) realized he and his peers would have no future unless we stopped burning fossil fuels, and so he out-bid the FF industry.

          However, when it came time to pay, he admitted he had no money. Now, it came out that the land up for sale which had been promised to the FF Industry was supposed to be government-protected land, which was not supposed to be even for sale! But the FF Industry wanted it, was mad at what he did and so he went to prison for punishment.

          BLM is basically, very untrustworthy. TPTB want that land for some reason and not for our benefit.

          • If he did not have any money why was he bidding? You sound like a retard or a commie. Same thing.

        • off the subject…BUT REALLY SCARY OTHER STUFF.. at collapsenet.com– “Putin warns Europe: “no alternative, will cut out gas supplies”.

          German Vice Chancellor: “no alternative to Russian Gas.”

          Also, at Paul Craig Roberts– warns of collapse of dollar as result of Obummer’s aggression in Ukraine.

          • We may be walking everywhere but have no worry AF-1 will be gassed up and flying to some vacation wonderland or other waste of taxpayer money.

        • “if they want a war . let it start here “Captain Phillips

          • “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here”
            Captain John Parker
            Lexington Green April 19, 1775

            History does not repeat itself but it rhymes.

            Our Lives , Our Fortunes , Our Sacred Honor


            Semper Fi 8541

        • The start of 1776 is now!

        • Death to the federal government

        • Bunkerville = Bunker Hill

          Game on Feds, we’re just waiting for you to fire the first shot. I have no qualms about my blood watering the Tree of Liberty. I know where I’m going when I die.

          Our mission is not to die for our cause. Our mission is to make those poor dumb brainwashed Fedcoat bastards to die for theirs.

        • I see in paragraph # 4 that you mention that the President might call up the National Guard. The Governor is the Commander in Chief of the State National Guard. Not this phony excuse we have in office now. If fact, Sandavol should’ve meet with the Sheriff of Clark County and confronted the BLeM and kicked their ass back to Washington. The Sheriff is the most powerful law enforcement officer in his jurisdiction. Randy Weaver would’ve never had any problems if the Idaho Sheriff in the County where the Weavers were living would had some balls.

        • Did the ranchers break the law by non-payment of grazing fees? I think all they had to do was pay their taxes. THE RANCHERS ARE IN ERROR. They had plenty of warning to comply.

        • Where is Holder when we need him???

          • Tapp,

            Are you a retard? He hates us! Holder will NDAA everyone of these protesters in a heartbeat. Hope they have their affairs in order as it may be awhile until they are released. You sound like a Jew asking one of the camp guards for a cup of coffee.

        • We need to be thinking chess, not checkers. This event could be a good thing. It could also be the catalyst to declare Marshall law, nullify the 2nd, and start going door to door. They may want this, so we all need to be paying attention and be ready to respond as needed.

          • yes i believe that the feds are looking for an excuse on having a battle with citizens and escalates big time then uncle obama steps in declares marshall law and guess what? retains presidency,,because he had invoked marshall law the presidential voting is null and void because of this crisis

        • I am mixed on this, but here it goes:
          The land may have been used by his family, but they did not own it.
          It is public land, managed by BLM and overgrazing of cattle destroys land that is not managed (i.e. replanting, cycling grazing, whatever). Management costs money, and it costs government money.

          Okay, this guy has a $300,000 grazing bill that he refuses to pay.

          Meantime, it is government land that is being managed by the government (costs money) and they still refuse to pay (like every other fucking rancher who grazes their cattle on public land) his grazing bill because his family 120 years ago used the land.

          What were they supposed to do- just let the guy graze the land, erode the soil, destroy the watershed, cause sediment in local creeks, and make the land unusable. Were the Bundy’s adequately managing the grazing land, or were they letting the government foot the tab?

          You simply can not just graze land and expect it to be viable in the future. Cattle is the single-most destructive element in the grasslands/shrublands/savannas of the west.

          • It is obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about. Your own argument defeats you. If the cattle are so destructive to the environment then how could they graze the land for 120 years straight and still sustain themselves? You say that cattle are hard on the environment? You obviously are a naive propaganda swilling individual. I have raised cattle my whole life and I must say you sound like you know nothing about cattle or livestock.

          • Everything you state is accurate however everyday they look the other way and do not enforce other far more serious laws. He should have paid the fees but the govt. always had the option of getting a lien and attaching his tax refunds or other assets. Now with a hidden financial interest in the picture they make an issue of this. As an aside in 1864 Nevada gave up all rights to any land they did not claim at that time. In 1864 who ever thought that not only would so many people show up in Nevada but that a truly corrupt govt. would someday be in charge. There is no reason why the Feds should own almost ninety percent of all Nevada land.

        • its time ….I hope for the Real American people to say no, no matter what it takes. hopefully with no injuries, it has to stun them right here, he only has 2 years left, and we all have to stand up. ITS TIME!

        • This is the most ridiculous site I’ve ever seen… Lol….

      2. I pray that this doesn’t happen. Why is this law so complicated? There cannot be that many interpretations, can there?


        • it’s not complicated, the govt either rewrites a law to suit themselves, or they ignore it…simple.

      3. Who is behind this plan to put brothers against brothers and sisters against sisters? Don’t tell me is Obama since he is the puppet. Who is / are the puppet master(s)?

        • I’m Sorry but there is no “Lex Luthor” behind all of it.
          Governments always just tend towards acquiring more power to feed itself. It has always been this way in history.
          It aint Soros, it aint the Koch brothers..

          • It’s just plain EVIL.

            • Six, checked into the wifi question, I design the outside plant, so I had to ask someone who does wifi software. He said it could go both ways, according to how it is set up. He said to go to the website and turn off, check it, then reset. Check your signal, there is your answer, whether it works one way or another. Each manufacturer may do it a different way…
              Hope that helped…

              • it does eppe, thanks for your time and God bless…

          • Havoc – I agree but Who owns and controls the Government then? We are talking about the USA specifically.

            • The idiocracy.
              There are millions of free-loading leeches that say “it’s not fair that you are successful and I’m not, so I’ll vote to steal your stuff” and there are just as many evil politicians that say “vote for me so I’ll be a multi-millionaire and I’ll steal your neighbor’s stuff to give to you”.
              There does not need to be any single evil presence guiding it. It’s just basic human greed, laziness, corruption, and evil.

          • Havok:

            Last I checked, governments are made up of “men”. Our laws, good or bad, are made up by “men”. Now, Havok, do your research and you will finally come up with the “men” who are bent on the destruction of America, and as Sixpack has said, you will be looking at PURE EVIL.

          • Just use a search engine and type in harry Reid and the sheriff Gillespie. Found out the Counter Terrorism Fusion Center is right outside of las Vegas. Dont it seem like NSA and DHS want this land for themselves and there sinister spy shit?

            • definitely something to watch.

          • Sorry Havok the schill. Maybe you should find out who owns the “federal” reserve. It ain’t you and me, doofus!

          • Havok…I’d like agree with you, but you are simply incorrect.

            There is a deeper conspiracy involved here. And it’s documented.

            I won’t do your homework for you, but if you want to know the truth….it’s out there.

          • “To the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

            “Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America’s white middle class… Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and the way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized and corrupt.”

            — Saul Alinsky’s dedication and quote from his 1971 book “Rules for Radicals.” Born to Russian Jew immigrants in Chicago, Alinsky’s Marxist tactics were Taught by Obamma in lefty community groups like ACORN.

        • Research the Pilgram Society of who pulls the strings for
          all wars around the world as well as U.S policy,Great Britain, etc.

          • “We Jews are a sly and surreptitious people. It pains me to admit this, but candor compels. …[T]he best way to bring America to its knees, to weaken its will to survive, to cleverly turn it against itself, was to do everything in our considerable arsenal of means to deliver the White House to Barack Obama.”

            — David Solway, Jewish educational theorist and critic
            July 7th, 2009.

            • Defective mind.

              • Man:

                Your mind is so defective you can only verbalize a couple words at a time.

                How about proving themguys statements are not true.

                Here, I will describe you in three words:

                WASTE OF SPACE

              • Man, Are you referring to the Zionists as defective ( sorry CRIMINAL minds)? If yes then we are aligned, if no, then GO AWAY since Them Guys, Pissed Off Granny, John QP and many awaken ones are the truth tellers. You can’t handle the truth. You don’t want the truth to spread. BUT IT IS SPREADING WORLDWIDE……

                • Make me go away, girlie boy.

                  • Man – it is coming … Very soon. Not by me rather by the awaken ones.

                • ANON: Indeed yes! TRUTH is finally wakeing more folks in usa and also globally that these zionists and jew/israel firsters cannot even begin to count the massive huge numbers!

                  And NOTHING Zios or synagouge of satan tribe members does is going to Halt truth or Facts any longer…BECAUSE! as God promiced us in the bible, “Whatever is spoken in whispers behind closed doors, and whatevers being done and planned in secret by the evil ones and outright destroyers of All that is Good, Godly, Proper, Moral, and Righteous…..They ALL will be EXPOSED! and REVEALED as to Whom they are, What they have done, what they still Plan to do!….AND that Promice also promices that once such truths begin to be revealed and exposed….Its going to soon be SHOUTED from EVERY Rooftop!

                  We folks Today, Now and the past aprox 10-15 yrs ARE living thru and seeing that very God promice become reality!

                  Them evil satanic khazers and their goyim harpies and fellow travelers, never ever in their wildest dreams considered just What avg reg folks are going to Use the Internet systems The evil bastards invented, for!

                  They all along for many Centuries now believed that They Can keep it all secret, untill ready to pounce upon Us all.

                  As Gomer Pyle would say…GOLLIE GEE Wiz! Supriiiiiizzzeee! Suppprizzzee!!!

                  Just looky what all them goyim avg reg folks has figured out they can use Internet for!

                  Right…Us Goyims in Da Hood can and Are useing Internet to finish what God began…The big huge final EXPOSE” of the evil bastard khazar synagouge of Satan operations!

                  Just remember…Bible verses also warn us that in This evil world, satans kids will have More evil Cunning abilities like the Snakes they are…While the Lords Sheep have lesser such abilities and can become Prey of the snake folk….but with Him, the Lord For Us whom can prevail against Us?…NONE Can prevail in the Long run.

                  Stay the course! Keep Outting all their evils and associations of Sayanam Goyims they so Love to employ against us….Paychecks and retirement bennies wont begin to cover the Final Costs the foolish goyims are racking up daily by doing evil against us. Just wait, time Will prove me and sevral others you mentioned here as 100% correct.

                  We just need to awaken way More than aprox One in every Thousdand folks…Too many remain in abject denial of truth still….They reject every proven Fact we supply and use stupid asinine one liners or two word replies like this newset idiot fool. Screen named “Man”.

                  he’s likley a Pastor hagee devote’ fool. Or a tribe member. Folks become like those they hang out with and those they support and defend….so Choose Wizely weedhoppers….Elsewize You too will become same as synagouge of satan members. Bad choice!

                  • Well Stated Them Guys…indeed well stated. Amen and God Bless.

            • [T]he best way to bring America to its knees, to weaken its will to survive, to cleverly turn it against itself, was to do everything in our considerable arsenal of means to divide
              American’s among themselves…as Hitler did in Germany…

        • The perp has a red shield.

          • There are no parties at that level… Those who rule our rulers are not driven by ideologies. They are driven by greed, unabridged rudimentary greed that we humans have not lost when we lost our tails and that will be the end of human race. Plain and simple.

      4. It was only a matter of time before the people had enough of the govt. thugs/agencies showing their ass. Time to kick some ass. Perhaps this will work it’s way east so obama can get his ass kicked also.

        • CALL FLOOD TODAY!!!
          Clark County Sheriff’s Office
          301 Clark Avenue, 6th Floor
          Las Vegas, NV 89101
          (702) 671-5822
          Fax (702) 671-3658

          BLM Nevada State Office
          1340 Financial Blvd.,
          Reno, NV 89502
          Front Desk: 775-861-6400
          Fax: 775-861-6601
          Email: [email protected]

          State Director: Amy Lueders
          Associate State Director: Marci Todd
          Phone: 775-861-6590

          Deputy State Director, Natural Resource,
          Land & Planning
          Raul Morales
          Phone: 775-861-6464

          Deputy State Director, Minerals Management
          Gary Johnson
          Phone: 775-861-6576

          Deputy State Director, Support Services
          Bob Scruggs (Admin. Officer)
          Phone: 775-861-6644

          EEO Manager
          DeAnna Garrett
          Phone: 775-861-6584

          Office of Communications Chief
          Erica Haspiel-Szlosek
          Phone: 775-861-6586

          Great Basin Restoration Initiative Coordinator
          Linda Kelly Lynne
          Phone: 775-861-6400

          • these #s are from a fb page supporting the bundys

          • I’ve spoken with the Nevada Directors office to express my complete disdain for the heavy handed tactics. If you hit zero you’ll get the receptionist and the poor lady has endured many threats today… Please be professional to her as she (much like the Bundy’s) has been through it. I believe that the shots are being called out of Washington based on what she says but Washington “can’t say”???
            National director – [email protected]
            Director of Law Enforcement – [email protected]

            I’ve had one too many bad experiences with BLM law enforcement not to express my convictions.

        • Anon7:

          You headed there Anon? Unless you are shut your piehole.

          Another friggin troll that slithers onto SHTF off and on.

        • Anon7 is another useless troll.

        • That doesn’t even make sense. Is eisen back?

      5. This is a bad situation, that could escalate quickly.

        I pray for wisdom and safety for those people who are there.

        • In the end, God has everything under control regardless of the actions of man.

          • Well either God is incompetent or he purposely messed up.If he made man then why not make them perfect ? No instead he made them imperfect and now you are suppose to pray to him because you’re not perfect and sinned ? Some fools will believe anything or were you brain washed ?

            • We are made in His Image, old night sucker shift. the thing is, He gave us free will and its up to us as to how we will use it…

              This is His “play” or Lila, and if you don’t like it, tough shit.

              • You’re problem is that you’re in denial,so he made kids so they could be beaten and abused ? You don’t like what I said because it blows your little fantasy.

                • I’m sorry that you have no spiritual realization, no contact with the Source From Which We Came, have forgotten your Real Home… However, suckernightshift, that is not my problem; its yours.

                  No, it doesn’t blow anything of mine. Your problem is you fantacize you’re only human; you forget your Divine Roots.

                  Read some books on NDE… it might help to waken you up. I cannot give you an experience to show you that God is Real, how Loving He is… you just have to find that out for yourself, and you will if you keep searching.

                  • You’re a dumb shit,go fuck yourself.

                • Ok nightshift, God doesn’t hold a gun to your head for you to do the right thing. He gives us freedom of choice, to serve Him or not to serve Him. God gave Satan dominion over the earth until he’s thrown into the lake of fire, so Satan goes around seeking those whom he can kill and destroy and he does a pretty good job of it. God doesn’t like the negative “things” that go on anymore than you or I do, but until the End of Days is upon us, Satan will do his thing and will take down many, many others with him, sure it sucks but that’s the way it is.

                • No, what I didn’t like was your negative remarks about us.

                  I think He made little kids to waken us up and unfortunately, some people are so in denial about our Roots, they end up harming children… all so sad, for everybody concerned. (Not implying you would, but basically, as my late sister used to say, “ignorance is the only sin”.)

              • “This is His “play” or Lila, and if you don’t like it, tough shit.”

                Might always makes right.

                Morality always boils down to “I’m bigger than you”.

                I’m bigger than someone talking himself up in a book but too scared to show his face. Lot’s of people like that and they don’t amount to much.

                I”m here and I exist and I’m bigger than a book.

                So tough shit.

            • It all falls apart once you start thinking about it logically.

              Don’t do that!

            • Bravo! I don’t see how people don’t see that biblical nonsense stinks like human at every line. .. And no I am not a democrat or liberal or lesbian or abortionist or a thieve or a hooker. From where I stand if you need a book to tell you how to live, you are an idiot, and if you don’t commit misdeeds simply out of fear of retribution you are a sociopath. No two ways about it. If an adult believes in Santa Clause he is delusional, but if God speaks to him he is a prophet?? Really? Believe in yourself and your intuition and the land that you were born into, all the answers are in from of your face. Just think. You do not need a book to know how to live your life. We have intelligence and empathy for that. No book can teach that. It’s parents’ job.

              • Huh? Riddle me this: What do you think your intuition is?

        • I’ll believe it when I see it. 5000 ????? Doubtful

          In the case that I’m wrong, you can bet Marshall Law will happen and the highways to this location will be blocked.

          Everyone calm down…. It’s almost Friday

          • Likewise, but as far as what I am hearing, there is a widespread national mobilization happening with citizen militias.

            According to Kim’s report above (based on a CBS report) it’s a multi-state effort that includes members from Texas, Montana, Utah, New Hampshire, and Florida (and perhaps others).

            I have received numerous emails / texts from folks all over the country, some of whom are either going themselves or know others who are headed to NV.

            The only logical thing for FedGov to do if this is true (and we can be 100% assured they are tapped in to the militia comm networks) is to mobilize as well.

            One shot is all it will take and we could see the detonation of a massive powder keg here…

            • I’m thinking the feds will stand down

              • The Feds will NOT back down at all. If anything, they will increase their presence and tactics, then lay it all off on Las Vegas Metro(Clark County to those not familiar with Nevada). Harry Reid wants there to be bloodshed, it detracts from all the lies he’s been telling, deflects interest into his very dodgy financial dealings within his own family, etc.
                Bundy and family have been spoiling for this fight for sometime, and I’m not in their camp at all. Nor, am I in the camp of the BLM goons who are spoiling for a fight as well.
                This is the result of one stupid family and a very stupid Federal agency that is grossly mismanaged. These two entities deserve each other. Bundy has not been paying the grazing fees for more than 20 years, and the BLM Las Vegas Office has been “looking” for any excuse to clamp down on anyone in their area of responsibility.
                When both sides are holding their respective hammers, everything is a nail to them. There’s a LOT more to this story if people would not react and instead research the public available facts about both sides of morons in this case. BOTH sides are flat out wrong in this situation.

                • I don’t understand. It take 20 years for the BLM to figure out he hasn’t been paying? Huh?
                  If you know the other side, why aren’t you sharing?

                  • This has been in court for decades, not weeks.

              • Since this gathering of militia is getting so much attention, I’m guessing the govt. will block off roads leading to the area – possibly re-route traffic or stop cars for searches.

                • If that happens then hopefully militia vehicles are traveling in convoys. These “check points” will also be at the front lines. I can see a line of trucks stopping with a 50 armed patriots dismounting and walking (cautiously) towards those who are deployed at these illegal check points. Time for a face off, everywhere. Spread it across America so we don’t have to travel far.

                  Armed Citizens and a Fascist Police State cannot coexist.

              • Remember the new LEO mentality:

                They CAN’T back down. They MUST gain compliance, even if they have to kill everyone in the whole damn place to do it!

                “They can’t look weak”…sound familiar? Wasn’t that what some people said about attacking Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, even though we’d be in the wrong?

                “If we don’t FOLLOW THROUGH, the world will laugh at us, because we’ll be a joke.”

                THIS POSTURE IS HARD-WIRED INTO THEM. Given enough steroids, they can’t help themselves. Right or wrong no longer matters, it is the perception of “weakness” that matters…

                …because they KNOW that if they back down, the slaves will be encouraged to challenge them…and they’re not interested in being challenged.

                • Yes, but are they willing to lay down their own lives to achieve the all-important compliance?

                  It’s one thing to insist on compliance when dealing with the standard-issue, fat, frightened ”murkin.

                  It’s another thing entirely when facing those that are fighting for a principle they believe in. I doubt most LEO’s or their masters have thought thru what the implications are for them and anyone around them.

                  • “Yes, but are they willing to lay down their own lives to achieve the all-important compliance?”

                    The more heavily armed they become, the less they fear “laying down their own lives”.

                    Other than that, I totally agree, thanks.

              • Last rancher, psych profiles, predictive algorithms…
                I’m thinking the whatchamacallits thought this would be a great way to kick off the summer.

                Patience is a virtue which must be cultivated. So if the militia is real it will be the farmer here.

            • And the rest of us need to be ready when/if it blows. We may need to defend more than one family and their cattle.

              • Sixpac,
                I thought I recognized one of the A-hole Feds in the video the guy that pushed the women down , if its who I think he is , he used to work for Blackwater the guy is a certifiable jackass used to be a corrections officer in NJ . Was fired and thrown out of DHS . All those guys looked like private military contractor muscle not standardard ranger material ,Be careful with these dudes they have a don’t give a s**t attitude. They have the body language and demeanor of hired muscle looking to incite trouble.


                Semper Fi 8541

                • I’d trust your gut, and I size up people just like you do—by their demeanor and posture…and a quick look at their boots…

                • Everybody lives somewhere.


            • Mac; I was here yesterday and i am heading back today,this is happening in my backyard! I hope as a member of oathkeepers and as a patriot we will be able to stop any innocent bloodshed! I am hoping they don’t bring in some cooperative (Black op) like the snipers in the Ukraine, to start this off.Because it might just end up in everybody’s back yard tomorrow!! Ill try to keep everyone informed as to what going on. Its Time to Stand UP against Tyranny!!!

              NOMI CATI

              • Be sure You get some addresses to Mac and the donations will follow.

                • I asked that too–good souls think alike.
                  Someone has to feed that bunch willing to spend their gas and time to support this effort.
                  Any PO Box?? to the Bundys??

                  • Oathkeepers is sending in a contingent of members. They are accepting donations to be used towards food and water. I know some people don’t trust the Oathkeepers, but I will continue to support them as long as they stay on the side of the people and our constitution.


              • @Thinker,
                Safe travels. I have watched the videos of the confrontations and I kept wondering when we would have a Tienamen Square moment. One individual just quietly standing up in front of the government vehicles until the vehicles back off and drive away. All of the yelling and screaming by some of those folks is counterproductive. Calmness carries a lot more weight with it.

                • Wilson.

                  Many were killed or imprisoned later by the Chinese Government.

                  • including the guy who stood up to the tanks

                • If the embed code doesn’t work, you should be able to click on sceneVideo and see action on the scene.

            • Mac, what about feeding those militia of supporters?
              Any PO Box set up for the Bundys??

              A few bucks from each of us would help.

          • And FYI:

            I believe this agencies need to be taught a lesson and need to know we will not go quietly. That roped off first ammendment zone is unbelievible.

            Reminds me of a fema camp. Stand here if you have a problem so we can put you in our cross hairs

            • Anon7,

              Last time I checked, no one asked me to attend. Now is not the time for this. I admire those that are in attendence but I believe we will all know when the decision to defend liberty will need to be made.

              What would be gained from a armed attack against a stronger foe???? You think the sheeple will wake up and turn on their masters?? Not as long as McDonalds drive through is still open and dancing with the stars is on the tube.

              No I choose my decisions wisely and the LORD will guide me in this life and the next.

            • Anon7, who the f#$% are you calling pansies? You need to go somewhere else with that BS.

            • The time is come for politicans, corporations and goverment servants to understand that there are consequences for enforcing unpopular agendas. For many decades politicans did the will of the people, then once it was discovered how easily an election might be rigged by people in power,things unwanted by the American people were implemented. Perhaps the powers that be need to experience a backlash to understand the American people are their employeers. As the PTB feel immune from their destructive decision,(Obama Care, permitting and encouraging illegals to come into and remain in America, gun grabbing……),we need to show them that there will be consequences.

          • You can’t even spell martial law, you need to educate yourself first before you log onto the internet and post your nonsense. I hope you enjoy your govt. freebies because they aren’t going to last much longer you paid govt. troll.

            • Whoops reply went to the wrong person lol.

              • @Paleface

                So I spelled a word wrong and now I’m a government troll? I’m sure the people here can tell you for the last 2 years I posted here, I’m on board with the cause.

                Your a Johnny come lately looking for a fight. I accessed the situation with a reasonable perspective.

          • @Indy Colts,
            “I’ll believe it when I see it. 5000 ????? Doubtful”

            Actually, Kim said UP TO 5,000, and like you, I will believe it when I see it. I think Kim is fanning the flames and stirring the pot in hopes that some people will show up and protest the governments actions.

          • It is actually “martial law”. Just helping you not look like a dumb ass. I pray 5000 do go, it is what the federal government needs to see.

      6. Might it be that the fuse has finally been lit?

        KySSG . . . out.

      7. Dude, fuck that man. Its time to make a stand and prove to these tyrants in government that WE THE PEOPLE will not go quietly into the night. Im SO sick an tired of seeing people ‘s right being trampled on a daily basis. CT. NY. NV and everywhere else. Maybe once these asshats start losing their own, they might take a step back and think for a minute.

        • I agree, DMONIC.

          Once upon a time people who resisted a tyrannical government were called ‘patriots’ and ‘freedom fighters’.

          Now, those same people are labeled ‘terrorists’ and ‘enemy combatants’.

          Regardless, I am ready.

          KySSG . . . out.

          • Sixpack is standing by with the “terrorists” in Oregon…

            • And I am wondering, where is the Oregon militia…

              • Me too. I need a damn ride.

                • I’m in Linn County and trying to put something together too. Contact me @ CWinOR @ hotmail . com and maybe we can put our heads together and figure out a way to get down there!

                  • done.

                  • What exactly are we trying to accomplish? Keeping the BLM from stealing his cattle?

                • Will u b heading down Hwy 20 east? Could give u some gas money.

            • Standing ready in Daytona. It’s not just something I say. God bless & be safe!

        • Maybe when those military govt agents come face to face w/ armed patriots theyll think about there own family for once. An eye for an eye.

      8. And SHTFplan.com will go dark in 4,3,2…

        • Let’s hope not!

          Though, I would not be surprised to see the FedGov take down all cell communications from this area if things get hot in an effort to block Live streams/uploads of what’s happening.

          But they wouldn’t do something like that… First Amendment and all…….

          • Media blackout, Mac. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. And what information that does get out will most likely be massaged, folded, spindled, and mutilated.

            And I’ll say it once more . . . I’m ready.

            KySSG . . . out.

            • and should that happen, then it will be the call to action for ALL…..ready and willin’ in cali.

          • Mac- seriously, you should look at having a back up host site outside of this country. It’ll make it tougher for them to close it down.

            As to the cell sites going dark in a area of conflict, absolutely. The cell companies are in bed with the feds. A simple request from any agency with three letters and it’ll go down quick. The only way to counteract this is with sat phones and internet. Hmmm.. Or set up a “guerrilla net” using tweaked out wifi routers acting as repeaters to get to a destination high speed connection.

          • Mac, et al –
            One item that *might* not get “taken down” in the event of the cellular radio towers being “blanked” is Shortwave communications. “Ham” operators are worth their weight in gold in “grid down” situations, and I figure this to be a similar situation. I’ll be tuning in on the 40M band as well as the 10M bands to glean any information from that area. One other thing too, you can transmit pictures via radio as well, not just cellular telephones either, but via “slow scan”.
            Just another angle to look at for information gathering.

            • “Cat Herder”…impressive. A bit like teaching poetry to fish.

              • Not really sixpack, I have 2 such set ups – one is a portable AM/FM with a crank to recharge the battery as well as is solar capable. Purchased it at Wally World for $19.99. The other, well, it’s computer controlled (now) and is capable of sending and receiving Morse Code, sending and receiving slow scan video, as well as general coverage. Along with a few other electronic receivers and such…
                I know – maybe Greek to a few – but – been prepping for a while and that was one of the things that I did early on – got my Ham license over 20+ years ago.
                Be well.

                • No, sorry, I was referring to your “nom de plume” The visions of trying to herd cats makes me laugh uncontrollably.

                  I have a Midland emergency 2-way radio with 2 different batteries, internal/rechargeable and regular, and a hand-crank charger.

                  What I am interested in is The other computer controlled device, capable of sending and receiving Morse Code.

                  My emergency 2-way could be used to send morse code, when a voice signal isn’t intelligible.

          • Mac;
            It is soooo easy to wipe out cell tower sites (for a short time till they physically burn the glass fibers back together again), most all cell towers are interconnected by fiber optics. Those fibers are spliced in ‘splice enclosures’, those black cylinders see on poles a few feet away from the pole. A single 12ga birdshot blast at the ‘can’ will break the light connections. Usually these ‘cans’ are at the pole off the cell tower at the road, since they split directions both ways. One well placed shot can knock out the fiber optics, hence wipe out the cell tower useage. Same with cable TV. Find the Headend (where the BIG dishes are) and find the aluminum boxes with cooling fins usually just within poles from the HE. A well place slug or shell will kill the electronics inside, killing the cable, phone and internet to everyone fed from that headend. I hope I did not give anyone ‘ideas’…..

            • nothing I haven’t seen on TV…

      9. So begins it

      10. Threatening people, stealing livestock, restricting free speech… sounds like something out of medieval times.
        Guess we will see how dedicated these BLM fools are once the lead starts flying…

        • True.

          And maybe this is at least a partial explanation as to the purchase of those billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition?

          KySSG . . . out.

          • Maybe a few patriots will flank the BLM snipers, just to be sure they remain calm…maybe hand deliver some cookies and lemonade, just to let them know we’re RIGHT BEHIND THEM…

            • that would be my move
              flank and wave hi thru our high powered scopes

              they are training their scopes on the Bundy ranch..maybe a favor paid back is in order

              • …consider it…a natural “chill pill”…

            • Right sixpack, some cookies and lemonade with something in it to keep them calm.

              • It’s not the cookies that would be the deterrent…it’s that damn .308 trained at the forehead.

        • More like 1942 Germany

      11. Gee, why not mention that the guy refused to pay the BLM grazing fees of $1.35 per animal per month? He hasn’t paid in 20 years. Why treat the guy like a victim? He isn’t one.

        • Barn Cat……Go back to your barn and F$##@$$ Yourself. Every single comment by you is anti freedom and freedom lovers. Are you sure your parents weren’t brother and sister?

          • Agree.

        • Barncat, If you dont read and refuse to educate yourself you belong in the barn, not here.

        • PRobably because his family owned the land long before BLM came into existance…lady.

          • Did his family previously “own” the land? That would legally change everything.

        • Barncat:

          You couldnt see a patriot if they slapped you in the face.

          I’ve read your “hunker down” posts. You will be playing hidey in the house while patriots fight to save your hide.

          The fight in Nevada is about CONTROL…..You know those bad PTB you write about, but you never seem to be able to identify correctly.

          • You Go POG! Perfectly stated.

            • Hey GRANNY! Perhaps I can Identify the Culprits eh.

              “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a NEW ORDER IN THE WORLD. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, became a reality all over the world.”

              — The American Hebrew Magazine – September 10, 1920

              “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism (Communism) itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”

              — The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1919.

              “Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.”

              — Samuel Roth, “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

              • Disgusting pervert.

              • Like The JEW That Gave “YOU” The Bomb?

              • you sure know how to get them riled up TG.

                • Sixpack: Yes I do. However in all reality these abject Fools and masters of Denial of Truths, always seem to Bitch at and call ME vile names!…Yet if one simply takes a quick Gander at Who those quoted statements were first spoken BY and Of and About?

                  Its…The…JEWS Themselves!…STUPID!

                  I am meerely Posting what some jews have admited to about jewish agendas and issues that they themselves, in those very statements, admit are so damn deteremental and destructive to ALL gentile NON jew folks!

                  Then I get bashed?!!!….It amazes me to no end that any adult american folk can really be so fuckin dense, so fuckin stupid, and so fuckin insistent on remaining in total Denial of said factual Truths even after seeing who wrote it!

                  This is just More Proof of how badly brainwashed 50-60 Million jewdeo christians actually are today…

                  And every single one of those preachers who keep promoting and spreading all these abject unbiblical Lies and creating a phony fraud fake coalition between christianity and talmudizm are really going to Pay big at their final Judgement day!

                  Its one thing to remain in abject Denial…Whole different Offence to actually be one of the Main teachers of such falacies and fraudulent falshoods eh!

                  oh well….Reject facts and Truths at Your own demise.

                  • Luckily, you’re a TIMEX…

        • your missing the point.. as usual

        • @Barn Cat

          OK, let me see if I have this straight: they don’t pay a fee, so the .gov thugs post snipers with shoot to kill orders? And when these ranchers dare stand up like citizens, they are told they are not allowed to speak? Except in a little fenced off zone set up by these very same thugs?

          I’ve dealt with bullies my whole life. That’s what a bully looks like. That’s how they act. Shame on you for excusing their behavior… you are almost always so much more logical than that.

          • OK, let me see if I have this straight: they don’t pay a fee

            So, it is stated–photo shop can show any of us owing fees…for years.

        • He sent the money for years to the county, according to a family member. It is in escrow, they didn’t know what to do with it. And his family was using the land long before the creation of the BLM.

          Everyone cries about the unjust laws passed in Conn, and not to follow them, regarding gun control, but unjust rules to get the people off the land are OK?

          • good point. people just don’t think things through anymore.

        • @BarnCat. You are so stupid!! The root of the issue is a bunch of “Park Rangers” decided to designate where you can and can’t use your 1st Amendment Rights.

          • …and snipers training in on citizens. If BC doesn’t get it by now, he never will.

        • BC, you are reading the BLM propaganda.

          Yes, he has refused to pay but not because he doesn’t want to pay the range fee. There is a lot of back story. He finally did offer to pay when not paying didn’t work.

          Please, do your home work before you make comments. You’re a valued member on this site. I was appalled at your comment. Embarrassed, actually. Do the backstory first. Much of the mainstream is trying to make him look like a greedy, rich, white landowner thats just too cheap to pay his range fees. This is *NOT* the case.

          • or a nutcase who doesn’t want to abide by the laws…

            • I think they call that a “Patriot”, unless you’re a govt troll, then you call them a “terrorist”…

      12. OFF TOPIC:

        I wanted to share a leaked FBI document related to the Thunder Over Louisville this weekend and the gang violence.

        Subject: Info on Waterfront Park Situation
        Importance: High

        Good afternoon! Per our discussion, below, please find information provided to the FBI regarding the recent events originating at Waterfront Park last weekend. Please forward on to anyone with a need to know.
        According to information provided to the FBI today, the group responsible for the “mob violence” in and around Waterfront Park this past weekend is a gang of middle school students known as YNO, which stands for “Young ‘N Off That” (“off that” is slang for crazy or out of control). YNO may also refer to themselves as “Squad.” YNO did not gather at Waterfront Park to memorialize Me’Quale Offutt, the boy who was killed on the TARC bus on 3/16, as was reported by the media. YNO members went to Waterfront Park to fight another local gang (believed to be TYS – Trill Young Savages) whose members had been “talking smack” about Offutt.

        TYS members apparently didn’t show, which is when the “mob violence” ensued.
        THREAT: Information received by the FBI indicates that YNO wants to beat up Anthony Allen (the man acquitted for the stabbing death of Offutt), and they are specifically targeting Allen’s daughter (“Anitra” according to media reports). Rumor on the street is that YNO members want to kill Allen’s daughter. At this time, the FBI does not have any additional details about this threat.
        Additionally, there have been rumblings about YNO members planning on “going deep” (showing up in large numbers) at the upcoming Derby Parade. Specific plans for acts of violence or other criminal activity by YNO at the parade are currently unknown.

        About YNO:
        YNO is comprised of mainly middle school students from in and around the Louisville, KY area. YNO members are of various races, but the group is predominantly African American. There are both male and female YNO members. The role of the females in this group is currently unknown.
        Prior to the official formation of YNO, current members would hang out at the roller skating rink on Manslick and rap. Over the course of the summer of 2013, some middle school-aged individuals from Chicago (names unknown) moved to Louisville and began attending Frost Middle School. It is believed that the individuals from Chicago encouraged the individuals hanging out at the roller skating rink to “beef up” their efforts at becoming an actual gang.

        When YNO was first organized, “initiation” for new members consisted of taking 10 “blows to the chest.” Now, new members are required to assault someone (additional details about what is meant by “assault” or the required severity of the assault are unknown). Targets of this assault may be random, but are not always (a current YNO member allegedly locked is 9 year old little brother out of the house so that a YNO probate could assault the 9 year old as part of the probate’s YNO initiation).
        Recruitment to YNO originated at Frost Middle School, but quickly spread to other local middle schools. Recruitment occurs via social networking/social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter. YNO members may not be using their true names on their social media profiles. Many of the profile names start with “YNO” or have the word “Squad” in them somewhere. Additionally, many YNO members’ current profile pictures are of Offutt. YNO members are also posting videos of themselves “being off that” (acting crazy) to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These videos apparently show members harassing teachers and other students at school. No further information is known about these videos at this time.

        YNO’s goal is to be a “super gang” and to take over “the business” (drug sales) in Louisville. As such, YNO is currently recruiting members of other more well-established local gangs. Recruits are permitted by YNO to maintain their allegiance to their original gang while being a member of YNO. YNO is attempting to recruit members from all of the different neighborhoods with local gangs because they want to compare all of the business models of the other gangs in an effort to come up with the most effective means of running their own “business” (again, selling drugs). YNO is currently attempting to identify and occupy corners that have not already been claimed by other gangs to “conduct business” (sell drugs).

        Due to their recruitment of members of other gangs, many of the local Louisville gangs “have beef” with YNO because YNO is not “respecting the code” among gangs, gang members, and gang territories. Additionally, other gangs believe that YNO’s actions are bringing increased law enforcement presence and scrutiny on other local gangs. There are rumors that other local gangs want to “take out” the kids in YNO because YNO is hurting their business and increasing law enforcement presence in their territories. At this time, the FBI does not have any additional details about this information.
        Some older (early to mid-20s) members of other local gangs (specific gangs unknown) are scared of YNO because the members “don’t respect the code,” don’t abide by the unwritten rules of the local gang subculture in Louisville, and because YNO members are unpredictable and possibly fearless – they “will do anything” and have been described as “crazy.”

        YNO members are “armed in a major way.” There is apparently a “gun train” that comes through the West End (specific location unknown) and stops for a couple hours every Sunday night (the reason for this stop is unknown). This train is legitimately transporting firearms from suppliers to retailers to be sold. The train is apparently heavily guarded by armed individuals, but YNO members have figured out how to sneak onto the train and steal guns.
        YNO’s primary gathering spots are located on 38th St. (specific locations unknown). YNO likes to use some of the boarded up and/or abandoned houses on 38th St. Some of the houses that are used as YNO gathering spots may appear from the outside to be inhabited, but they aren’t.
        The number 677 is important to YNO, but the reason for this is unknown.

        YNO is one of six smaller gangs that are all affiliated with a larger group known as “The Family.” The other gangs that are part of “The Family” are mainly comprised of middle school-aged youths. These five gangs are as follows:
        • JMCT (Junior Money Cash Team)
        • CMY (Cash Money Youngins)
        • OTF (Only The Family)
        • LMCT (Loyal Money Cash Team)
        o This group may have members that are older teenagers or young adults as well as middle school-aged kids.
        • TTK (Trained To Kill)
        o Members of the other five groups are “promoted” from their group into TTK. Requirements for promotion are unknown at this time.
        The FBI does not currently have any additional details about the gangs associated with “The Family.” Organization, connection to each of the other five gangs, territory, origination, membership, etc. are currently unknown.

        Unless there are any objections, a formal notification (Situational Information Report) of the above reporting will be provided next week, but we wanted to get this information out to you all as soon as possible. We do not currently have any information about any upcoming planned/organized incidents other than the threat to Allen’s daughter and the rumor about showing up en masse at the Derby Parade. If we receive any information on planned incidents or any additional details related to the above reporting, I will forward that via email ASAP.
        Please contact me at any time if you have any questions.

        Brittany Shaffer
        Louisville FBI

        • The local Gov’t reps would have you beleive that crime is not an issue in Louisville which is quite the opposite. This was all prompted by a mob raid of a store and multiple assaults on people two weekends ago. If you’re planning on coming to “Thunder” stay aware of your surroundings, some estimate the crowd to be as many as 800K people for the event.

          • I was debating going to the airshow but if I do it would be on the sunny side of the water. Louisville isn’t the same city it used to be.

            • You might want to be armed if you do.

              • +1000

                Molon Labe

              • @confederate,

                Don’t leave home without atleast one…. Hell sometimes 2 or 3

        • Any gangbanger who gets arrested should also have their parents arrested for neglect.

          • These “thug-life” wannabe’s need more than just a spanking……”Got Rope?”

          • The FBI memo has Vindicated me as 100% correct when I prior stated that “If Dem Liberal antigun fools Really desired an End to 90+% of ALL Violent crimes etc in the usa…..They should Leave Firearms and 2nd amendt Alone, and instead concentrate efforts on Banning Negroes from the usa”.

            Thanks FBI for Proving Me right!

      13. God bless my patriot brothers and sisters.

      14. Looks like the real reason for the land grab is BLM is wanting to sell off fracking rights to the area and he is the last holdout. #BundyRanch is what I’m following on twitter.. I think this could get real bad if calm heads don’t prevail.

        • it always does, when enough money is involved.

      15. I would like to donate financially to the Texas state militia, as they were first to offer assistance. Anyone with a phone number for that org? Mac?

        • Thanks LSB. I believe you are a neighbor of mine and we are sure on the same page with this one.

          • LSB: I have gone to their website and e-mailed an inquiry to them.

            • Thanks granny, love u.

        • LSB, just call and get their address and send a couple cases of 223/556 I bet they would be very grateful.

          I couldn’t find their phone number but here is their webpage. http://www.texasstatemilitia.com/

          • I’m thinking donations for those skimping by after gas and motels/tents..for food and drinks.

      16. Sounds like its time for all the “Freedom Shouters” to shit or get off the pot.

        • looks like they’re doing just that.

      17. I’d love to see hundreds or thousands of militia members show up,But this will probably end up like the DC gun march and the DC trucker protest where only dozens showed up if even that…

      18. They got away with Waco and Ruby Ridge with little fuss so that makes them think it is going to happen this time, don’t think so, people are fed up and now are willing to step up and say so. Big brother may be watching but who gives a s— they are watching anyway so may as well do what needs to be done and stop them in their tracks. People are so much wiser now, it’s time to push back and dig in we need the practice anyway.

        • Back them we only had lame stream news. Now we have the internet and we know what the hell is really going on. HUGE DIFFERENCE. They can’t get away with this shit anymroe

      19. There goes another pair of underwear.

        • LMAO stew!

        • Don’t worry—it washes out.

          • still leaves skid marks

            • someone tries critiquing my undies, they better be able to adjust themselves faster than 2400fps…

      20. If you look logically, even though his family’s cattle have grazed here for over a century, the bottom line is you realistically cannot have anybody and everybody going about and doing what they want to with the natural resources entitled “federal land” because they would deplete the resources faster than fast and nothing would be left except for barren wasteland or fields of opium and cartels. So you need stewards to guard these resources and make appropriate allotments for their use, as there are just too many people for the Earth’s resources with humans’ current mismanagement of same.

        So honestly, this is NOT about the cattleman. This anger is about a country full of average Joe’s who are fed up with the small group of people who title themselves “government” and who grant themselves special privileges, who are currently stepping on the Constitution, with their boots on our necks, and becoming the tyrannical aristocracy that the Founders guarded against with the implementation of the Constitution.

        It’s hard to say where this will end up: Whether cooler heads will prevail (which is doubtful given the people in today’s government) or whether it will be another “shot heard around the world” ?

        • @PWYPreach

          For me it’s not about the cattle or the bundy’s, It’s about that damn 1st ammendment zone. The nerve of these tyrants!!

          • YEP INDY , Its all about the 1st ammendment.
            Which by the way extends from “sea to shining sea” .
            Not just some parking lot in NV .

            • Either way you look at it, the BLM does NOT get to define “free speech” in this country, nor are they above the law. To me, THAT is what this is about.

          • The “government” started those zones with the Occupy movement and also when Congress passed their law making it a federal offense to protest with Anti-Protest Bill HR 347.

            As Congressman Justin Amash said, in disgust it would appear, at the time (one of the few who actually honors the Constitution): “The bill expands current law to make it a crime to enter or remain in an area where an official is visiting even if the person does not know it’s illegal to be in that area and has no reason to suspect its illegal.”

            So these government people began their assault on the 1st Amendment a few years ago. But just as the deaths of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, basically nobodies in the real scheme of things, started WWI, odd happenings ignite the masses when just a few short moments ago, nobody did anything when the same event occurred.

            • Our mistake was, we let them get away with it because we didn’t particularly care for occupy. We need to remember, it might be THEM today, but US tomorrow…

              • …and that is exactly what has happened.

        • I like your comments, preacher, but I’m just wondering– is this about saving the land for fracking– which destroys what little water we have left? If that is the case, then people should stand up to the Bureau– I just don’t know what all the issues are.

          I doubt seriously the govt is trying to protect the land; mostly they destroy stuff. But the idea that they have decided the first ammendment doesn’t apply there, is ridiculous and should NOT be tolerated… screw the bastards!

          • His family has used the land responsibly grazing cattle for generations. Greedy governments grabbing land for fracking are not using land responsibly. That sums up what this is about.

      21. Bravo to the militias going in support of the Bundy family. Shame on the governor for giving lip service only and double shame on the county judge who is not exercising his constitutional authority over the feds in support of his constituents. I don’t care if Bundy hasn’t paid grazing fees. The government finds one way after another to make us pay over and over for things that are already ours.

      22. sorry….meant county sheriff that is not exercising his duties properly

      23. It wont be a good result. However in the end Bundy wont be grazing the land for free ever again. those idiots who show up with guns are looking for trouble. and those who look for trouble usually find more than they wanted. The Government of the people for the people & by the people founded by those men and freedoms won during the revolutionary war. that government began to falter during the wiskey rebellion. It became much less for the people and by the people after Roosevelts New Deal and founding of the UN. don’t be a denialist the USA,s star is falling. We are in decline. There isn’t any viable political or ballot box soulition. There isn’t any possible way to restore or exercise the freedoms many think we had. Because the fact is We really never had them. We only had whatever crumbs of freedom the government allowed us to have. Over the years we have been unfairly Taxed. Unfairly policed. Unfairly Drafted and made to fight unjust Wars. and the list goes on. You dummies picked the wrong cause to revolt over. If there was a revolt over Obama Care I would be on board.

        • one reason’s just as good as another, in MY book.

          • EXACTLY, BUTTHEAD!! We SHOULD have revolted a long time ago!!!

            • well, old guy…i think it’s about time the gubmint found out who really controls the pursestings….it’s the PEOPLE! time to stop spending money,…that’s how they TAX us. and as for already revolting, i live in calipornia, standing ready to protest any injustices…i’ve BEEN to pro-gun rallies and tea-party demonstrations. i often write why aren’t the citizens surrounding the jail and demanding release of unjust detention of americans, but it seems they are always a long ways away…show me an injustice close, and i WILL show up, and i WILL have my PITCHFORK and TORCH!

        • “You dummies picked the wrong cause to revolt over. If there was a revolt over Obama Care I would be on board.” –Old Guy–

          No you wouldn’t. You’d find some other reason to take the government’s side.

          “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
          —Samuel Adams

          • Think whatever you want you the one who has to live with your thoughts. The fact is Bundy dos not own the land and wasn’t paying the grazing fees. If you want to cripple the govt. My advice is to do whatever you can to avoid paying taxes. Grow your own. Black market , Barter, Make do and refuse to purchase new. Eventually we could starve the beast.

            • …and none of us will live long enough to see the effects. I was thinking of something a little more—timely.

          • You are correct Walt.

            I think we finally hve Old Guy’s #. You know, if he feels so passionately about Obamacare, he could have drawn a line in the sand just like Bundy has.

            Waiting for someone else to save his ass.

          • Anon7 reminds me of Eisen.

            • Please do not say that Sybil E. is back?

            • @brave
              I don’t think so, he/she (Anon7) spells better.

        • @ Old Guy

          “those idiots who show up with guns are looking for trouble. and those who look for trouble usually find more than they wanted”

          Just wondering, which “idiots” are you talking about? Patriotic Americans, regular everyday people coming to the defense of their fellow man? Or the “idiots” who have sent out snipers with shoot kill orders because a rancher hasn’t paid a grazing fee? My oldest kid lost a library book once, and we didn’t find it until we moved. “Green Eggs and Ham” was over 300 weeks overdue… should the cops have busted into my house with their guns drawn?

          You might want to warm up the synapses before talking about the idiocy of others

          • Let’s put this in perspective, shall we?

            If this really was just about “grazing fees”, the BLM should’ve sent him a bill. If left unpaid, the law allows it to be sent to collections and deducted from your tax account, or it allows a lien to be placed on any real property he owned, until the balance was satisfied—


        • Old Guy, your sentiments have helped bring US to this point on the timeline. TIME to change ALL of this. Only ONE WAY left for that to happen. And 5000 dropping FEDs LIKE FLIES will SEND THE NECESSARY STATEMENT/STANCE/FUTURE for any/all future attempts to try to enforce the same lunacy.

      24. The BLM is running the cows down with helicopters, causing them to die, they then scoop the cows up, put them in a dump truck and haul them off to bury them on the land they once roamed on.

        Someone call PETA…………….LOL

        No wonder beef just hit an all time high.

        • That’s nothing new the BLM has used helicopters for wild horse roundups for many decades. I don’t have any proof that herding & gathering animals with Helicopters causes animals to die. I once seen a TV program where the Pig Man & Ted Nugent killed 196 feral pigs in Texas By shooting them from a helicopter.

      25. There’s a part of me that wants to see something started but I know it would end bad for lots of folks. I doubt 5000 armed men and women will show up. Maybe but probably not. I hope they do. I watched a video this morning of what’s going on. The idiot feds and their phaser stun guns. Fucking pussies. They deserve to have their butts kicked no doubt. Can you imagine if the shit went down all because of some cows and a few turtles…


        • “some cows and a few turtles” are just the last entries in a very long list of offenses committed by this govt against the people. It’s not JUST about some cows and a few turtles.

          Never has been.

          It’s about not standing by while another Waco or Ruby Ridge happens. Enough is enough.

          • The whole mess started because of some stupid endangered tortoise. At least that’s their excuse.

            • Exactly, thats their excuse,
              So why are they only targeting Bundy? There are other ranches also grazing that area, ill find the link,

              • According to a Bundy daughter, the other ranchers have already been bought out—apparently Bundy is the only one still in their way.

                • Chuck Baldwins new article at newswithviews website is all about this particular fiasco event. Chuck said estimates for total fed costs of it will likly exceed $3 Million!!! So in reality that number will likley go beyond ten times as high to $30 Million before its all done.

                  Then daryl issa will hold us house hearings for 2-3 yrs and spend an additional $150-200 Million….Then one day in distant future after its swept under the us senate rugs, some tv news blonde bimbo will tell us that investigations ended abruptly after a grand total of $300 Million was spent and so far NO persons got charged nor convicted.

                  Soon as shes finished, tv news show will go to long break 2-3 minits commericals…When back on air again, another Red headed big breasted Bimbo will alert us all that a brand new investigation is ordered to soon begin in us house by Daryl Issa’s house committee in search of 12 Missing Endangered house Flys, previously held in Mason Jars at some tree hugger new ager Lab that has spent $560 Million in two years to study house fly Mateing habits in Brazil.

                  • ’bout sums it up, yeah.

            • You know, Wrong, a lot of people have the same idea that you do– that other species are inconsequential to our survival. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! This planet can go on for centuries without us humans, but we humans would not be able to survive without a whole bunch of other species– like worms which break down the soil, bringing in nutrients so that we can grow food– Yes, without worms, we would not be able to grow crops. Period. And bees, which pollinate the crops. No bees means we all die of starvation because they are the pollinators. So before you down play with snide remarks about turtles, just remember this– they can get along fine without us, but we cannot survive without them. (Plus, I LIKE turtles; it would be a pretty crappy, boring world without other species!)

              • How many “species” have gone away since the beginning of time? In the last 100 years? In the last 10 years? You can type all you want but your full of shit if you think that I give a crap about some turtle in Nevada. Your exactly wrong. Note – We were talking about a turtle.. Not worms or bees.


                • About 200 species are going extinct every day… yes, 200 per day.

                • Of course you don’t give a crap- you have no heart, compassion or brains…just another psychopath, like TPTB.

                  And as numerous people have commented, this isn’t about turtles, you nit wit!!

                  • Never said it was about turtles. Read my post yourself. Dumbass

              • Anonymous is living proof of the results of public education.

                To steal and modify a phrase….

                “It’s not that he’s ignorant. It’s that such much of what he knows, isn’t true”

          • “by this government”

            this government is controlled by the people with money..

            not you, not I….

      26. MY SIGN:


        • My sign:

          Make more pork sausage…

      27. I just wrote the governor of Nevada and Senator Heller urging them to stop the federal regime before a civil war starts. This will go bloody very fast once there are thousands of Patriots there. If shooting does happen, a war will break out across the entire U.S. All of us that believe in our Constitution had best be armed and ready to join the fight across this country. It won’t stay in Bunkersville, NV, it will spread like wildfire across the entire U.S.

        Lock and Load!

        • goody! i firmly believe that’s ALL that will stop these psychopaths leading our country.

        • Hmm maybe this is the start, trying not to be negative-nancy here, but, the good ole uss of a, is in a shitbag and the stink of a 2nd civil war/revolution would bring out the buzzards that would gladly feed upon our divided carcass, meh, ill go on my feet, before I go out on my knees just a thought, they wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

      28. Good,,,
        Let it rain,
        we are far past the time.

      29. I’m impressed by Mr. Bundy. I can’t say I’d have the guts to do what he’s doing.

        • Be prepared to test your theory one day…maybe soon.

      30. Called the NV Gov’s office as a former Nevadan and former member of NV ArmyNG. I was a rural Nevadan; they’re tough and very independent. Hopefully, the NV Gov will do what is correct and use the necessary force to protect the Soveregn State of Nevada, her people, their land and property, and those volunteers trying to protect them, before this situation hits the vortex and becomes uncontrollable and bloody.
        Peace(and pray hard!!!)

      31. feral gubmint parasites. always with the hand out wanting MORE, and doing NOTHING for it. the time to cut some spending nears. i’m looking forward to spring….the arab variety! i will donate a thousand rounds and deliver them if NEEDED. and keep the jokey comments to yourselves on this one. SERIOUSLY! i will watch the comments close for a few days, and act if needed.

      32. ok If it where me in the BLM,s shoes and 5000 armed citizens showed up, Or even 50 armed citizens showed up. I would simply Leave the area and wait them out. eventually they would get tired and go home. Also the government could identify as many participants as possible. Then if they receive a government check like social security. No more govt dollars for you. Folks it don’t matter how just the cause you cannot win.Like it or not, Good or Bad, My fault, your fault, No bodys fault the hard fact is that Those who control the purse strings you depend on for your livelihood can & do control you. Bring on the red thumbs down it wont change the truth of my post.

        • Unless you’re willing to throw it right back in their faces. Nothing lasts forever. That’s why we prepare.

        • @ Old Guy

          Just wondering, since you’re not the BLM or any part of the .gov, why are you thinking out loud about what their best strategy should be? For that matter, maybe their best strategy overall would be to leave people the fuck alone.

          But of course, they won’t do that. And apparently, you’ll keep making sly little excuses for them

          • SonOfSam, I DO like your comments! : )

      33. This is good. If America is snowed under with its own problems, you wont be interfering with other countries like white South Africans or the Serbs

        • FOREIGNER…You do have a point. We have our own problems in the USA and I certainly agree with you to not interfere in other nations. The cause behind the international pain and suffering is simple: CENTRAL BANKERS HQ’ed in the UK and NY mainly. So if other nations get together as well to destroy these SOB parasites, I do believe we can live in peace. However one thing to remember if other nations screws with us ( exclude the banksters) the American people will kick ass and really hard.

      34. latest word by noon Thursday Nevada time, something less than 100 protesters are on site. Tomorrow, the Gestapo plan to invade Bundy’s land and seize property. If anyone is planning on showing up, tomorrow is the day. Some concerns being expressed about agents provocateur and snipers. Remember, this is America, which has learned considerably from the Nazis.

        its about dam time this was put up!

        • I didnt Realize the pos was gona take his Property..

      35. So John Titor (the fake) was right.

        “An event like Waco every few months that steadily gets worse”.

        Heh 6 years off the mark but here we go.

        You know what? If Fedgov is going to impinge on State’s Rights? Light ’em up, boys. They’ve already gone like 50 steps too far.

      36. I’m praying that nothing happens and the Feds back down.

        I’m calling on all local LEO’s in that area to back Mr. Bundy and run the Feds out. The Sherriff can do it in a heart beat. Where is he hiding at? (I know I’m just a lowly retired Police Sgt., but Damn it think of what you are or are not doing. They are coming for us next!)

        If they declare Martial Law there it will be time for me to start to gear up, Because the Fed will us this as a False Flag to declare Martial Law every where. This is how I feel.

        The Fed already knows that there are people gearing up to go to that location and they will close down the area. Then the militias will start to form all over the USA to push back. FOR ME I’M SICK AND TIRED FO BEING PUSHED AROUND!

        Today would be a very good day to double check your PREPS.

        From what I have read the big show is going to be on Monday. If there is another Ruby Ridge or Waco my God have mercy on there souls. As for BLM my God have mercy on their souls, because the people there WILL NOT!


        • What they’ll actually do is push through a gun ban and make it stick this time. Like… MAKE. It stick. Not to mention making all forms of assembly in groups larger than two illegal.

          So you understand. If the militias are not serious, they really should be. This is pretty much “into a corner” for them. I wonder if they get that.

        • Sgt. “…think of what you are or are not doing. They are coming for us next! — Well said!! I have a feeling that no matter how this plays out, it will have a direct effect on every person in this country!

          (Aim-small-miss-small, good advice! If I may humbly add: Aim-fast-hit-fast!)

          • G19
            I like that you should use this to end your statements.
            Thanks for the compliment.

        • the sheriff is bought and paid for by Harry Reid

          hes going to do nothing to support his fellow Nevada resident..
          therefore he needs to be ran out of office on a rail, now.

          another pussy cop not doing his job, probably going to hide behind the feds rather than stand in front of them and stop this

          • VRF
            If he is standing down. He should to be tarred and feathered. Then road out on a rail. Maybe Sheriff Joe should talk to him. Hell YELL at him!

        • Sgt. Dale.

          Time to gear up, no matter what state you live in.

          I wonder what the good people in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey are thinking.

          • SliongShot:
            If I was living there I would be thinking what a good time to go after the guns. Because everyone is looking at NV. If I lived in Conn. N.Y. N.J. I would be on the look out for the Thugs!
            LOCK AND LOAD!!!

        • AS CRAZY HORSE USED TO SAY… “Today is a good day to die!”

          • Anon:

          • The problem with Crazy Horse’s theory is, he knew he was going to die.

            “I, John Rambo will not die, but I know plenty of traitors that will be by the blade of my knife that I wield”.

      37. Although I will say one thing:

        This “tell the world” crap is worthless honestly. This was a strategy employed by the Vietcong in order to get a bunch of bleeding heart hippies to riot. It means precisely fuck-all under different circumstances.

        Western Europe would wring their hands, condemn us very lightly, and yawn.

        Russia and China would gloat all over the newspaper.

        The rest of the world would shrug. The shrug would be epic in magnitude.

      38. I’m rooting for the patriots, and say its high time! But!–if the 5k do show, and if there is violence, it will be hailed by the MSM as a sinister ploy that was pre-planned by “evil, gun loving, constitution extremist, domestic-terroists” who viciously attacked the valient and honnorable ferdeal guardians. And unfortunaltly 97% of Americans will believe it and cry out, litteraly begging, for the gov to put more restrictions on our freedmos to protect us from these “crazied zealots.” This would give Obummer (NWO) just what he (they) need to finally “crack down” on gun owner-ship, and instiute more agend 21 BS, as well as the need for militarized police forces and martial law.

        If it does play out like that it will be up to the 3% of America’s population of Preppers/Patriots to sholder the burden of liberty. — BE PREPARED!!

        • That’s what I’m saying.

          You start this shit, you have no other option but to win, pretty much. Not that the militias STARTED it, that was the Federal taze-monkeys and they should receive massive blowback for that and thier “1st Amendment Free Zone” (which, last time I checked, was either the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany)…

          Actually, I don’t even know that they CAN back down now. They’ve pretty much flashed their piece at the Fedgov and dared them.

      39. The government seems to overstretch their tentacles into everything and it only gets worse. What about during the sequester when THEY blocked access to PUBLICLY owned parks and monuments? Was wrong then and still is. The government can only do what YOU allow them to do.

        Looks like the second shot not heard round the world may come from a silenced .338 Lapua round from some remote hilltop. I wouldn’t even put it past them to drop one of their own and blame it on the oathkeepers. I hope and pray that nobody gets hurt, but it looks like that time has come and gone.

      40. I have been wondering where the next “Shot Heard Around The World” would be fired. Looks like it could be in Bunkersville, NV
        Prayers for the family and those who stand with them. A pox on the BLM and their thugs.

        • How nice some numbnuts red thumbed my comment! You must be one of “them” and you time will come.

      41. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.


        • @y99

          Excellent statement…

          Is that yours, or is it a quote?

          I ask that because I maintain a MSWord document of notable quotes. And that one is going in there.

          If it’s yours, I commend you. Eloquent. Well said indeed.

          • Thanks, its John S Mills. I’ve always believed the quote accurate.

            • Thanks!

        • Amen Y99

        • Anon,fuck off and die.Will I travel to Nevada 2000 miles,no,the fight will be country wide pretty soon if another Waco style tragedy and the inevitable payback insanity,then martial law declared,then hell ya,many will fight and die,my guess is you will be either a gaurd at a fema style “camp” or a guest!I,and a few million others in this country,will be neither.

          • My thoughts exactly. Know where our enemies live. Make lists of their home locations, office locations, etc in our own areas. When the SHTF TAKE OUT THE TRASH! The DHS and other commie alphabet agencies can’t take on 300 million Americans.

        • says the hypocritical fat ass talking tough behind a keyboard

        • Of course, you make your statement from the Bundy property in Nevada—where you stand ready, right? Or are you just spouting off from behind YOUR keyboard?

          • Sixpack, your 2nd question would be correct. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Sounds like Eisen up to a point.

            • I was thinking he sounds JUST like Eisencrap.

        • Go fuck yourself asshole.

        • Just wondering…? Do you have you’re pants down when you take a crap or do you like to wallow in it? Go away. You’ve had your fun now.

          Go on..

          mommies calling…

        • Anon7, you need to go f#$% yourself! You don’t have any business attacking people here and telling anyone how to conduct themselves. When the time comes we will all be fighting no matter where we are. This affair in Nevada will affect all of us, regardless of the outcome. what about you? will you fight or go tug on your mother’s skirt? You think you’re so slick typing from your computer in your parents’ basement. Being a govt. troll was the only job you could get and even then through affirmative action.

        • ANON7 – I’m coming for your traitorous ass! Be on the lookout for a long haired hippy wearing a red bandanna with a masculine body that your wife wish’s she could play with.

          I suppose when I’m done conducting business with you, I’ll give pleasure to that fat sow of yours that you refer to as a wife.

        • Anon7

          Have you ever place yourself in harms way for another person?

          • Have you ever been out of your apartment slingshot?? Annon could say yes and you would call him a liar. U r a moron

            • Urban Dog.

              Yeah, been out of my apartment but only been around the block or so.

              Moron is O.K.

        • Anon7, my post of a quote from JSM should be viewed as generic in the grand scheme of National and World events, it fits our times.

          As to your rant, I can only say you’re forgiven for thinking what you think. You should understand that many people on this site are very private, yet you’ve judged all by looking through the peephole of this site rather then trust at the end of the day we may all be called upon to stand for something or fall to tyranny.

          You seem angry that revolution is not full on? I can only tell you that many of us feel the same, yet we stand and wait not out of fear but because the full situation has not yet been revealed, not just in this situation but in all offences against individual Americans.

          Don’t assume you know the level of combat training within this site. And nothing within Mills quote was/should be taken as bravado, I can assume you’re a troll or low on meds, so I say fix one the other or both.

          As to capability I can only say I spent many years at the very tip of the spear of our Nations Military (RET 06) I may be long in the tooth but I can guaranty I’m far more capable then you can ever wish to be, you should also know that only an irrational pussy would make a post like yours.

          • Y99:

            Your answer to Anon is the best of the day. I salute you SIR!!!!!

          • y99: I’m not the least bit angry, in fact I’m very amused and using sarcasm. But perhaps you’re not smart enough to see that. what I have been doing is simply calling out all the pussies who’ve been talking tough these past few years looking for a cause. Well, one’s here and most of you are all saying that “someone” should start kicking ass. Yeah, everyone but the blowhards mouthing off here from the safety of their own homes. They want to see a fight alright, they just don’t want to be ones in it. Most every one of the tough talkers here are pure spectators. They wouldn’t, and most couldn’t, get into a fight because they’re too fat, too lazy, and what’s more, too cowardly to do any fighting that’s not on come computer game. I realize that a few here are actual veterans and have been working out and practicing their skills, but the vast majority, especially the ones spoiling for a fight haven’t even been in the Boy Scouts, let alone the military. So let’ cut the macho tough talk. The more one talks a tough fight the less likely he actually willing to get into one.

            • ANON 7- Their feelings get hurt when you call them out like that…LOL
              I do have to agree, Whyare soo many of us (ME INCLUDED) sitting here typing when we should be Driving, FLying, biking or hell, even Walking there to support this guy and condemn this BS. WHY are we sitting here typing (ME INCLUDED) when, If we can’t get there, we should be organizing protests at every Federal office in OUR respective areas? Let’s not resort to violence when someone calls us out on our inactions and whining, Let’s let IT SPUR US INTO ACTION….Let’s go spend our energy on what’s right…Fighting this Federal BULL SHIT…LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO…………………

              • “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States….”

                Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2

        • If you had ever seen “REAL” killing…Ya Would’t Be So Beligrent…NAPALM…Doin’t worry.. The screames don’t last long

        • Lol you said “potty language”. If the shit fits…

      42. Reminiscent of how the Alamo started.

        • i’m thinking the same as far as the govt is going to slaughter anyone not submitting and bearing arms.

          i dont see it being a big wave of independence. the govt is going to wipe out all media, cell phone and internet coverage and the apathetic usa we live in today will move on to the next thing in about a week.

          • When the cells/net ect. down all bets are off,tis go time and a ugly start in this countries history.

          • And like the Alamo, it may be an initial military failure, but enormously inspire a greater victory against a superior and more sophisticated tyrant, of which would not have occurred without such a heinous defeat.

            We’ve had such events before (Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc) but we also haven’t had such levels of abject tyranny and economic debauchery of the citizenry before either. This time it may be different. The straw that breaks the camels back that finally catalyzes all the pent up emotion of Americans over several decades. Time will tell whether this is finally the ‘Bridge to far’ for the ruling tyrants, or revolt must again wait for another slap in the face and jackboot to the balls. Or perhaps worse. Our male population has been so indoctrinated into the female attribute of domesticity, that not even our children and adult females being summarily gathered up and monstrously executed with flame throwers, would evoke resistance.

            Look not to the conflict itself for the answer, but to the numbers that migrate to it from across this nation.

      43. The feds are ripping out the watering system that has been used for 100 years. The feds blood should soak the land since they took the water away.

        • Can you give more details, for those of us who aren’t familiar with the water supply there?

          • The family had created a watering system that the animals use to drink. The feds are digging it all up. The families strongest claim on the land is their water rights (they also had grazing rights). Feds are trying to destroy their claim to use the land by destroying the water.

            • Thanks. So the BLM is even more sorry-assed than I thought. Do we need to start sending some barrels and tanks of water down there too?

            • As a Brit this is all too reminiscent of the Highland clearances (so many Texan ranchers were originally of Scottish origin). I just hope and pray that the human misery the current Over Lords cause is not as terrible this time.

              God Bless all those who take action now, whether that be by pen or sword. (I am aware that not everyone can physically answer the call to arms).

              I don’t want to sound macabre but it’s not just those with fighting skills needed on the ground. Medical, journalistic and financial contributions are also needed. If word gets out I think you’ll be suprised just how much support the people of America will have around the world as it seems as if almost every nation understands who the true enemy is, except the US public. If EVERY member of the 3% that have prepped in the US makes some sort of contribution you can turn this situation around.

      44. maybe its time to start stacking up on the oppressors front doors?

        I bet if every “Operative” on this ” mission” got a phone call saying theres 20 to 50 guys outside each of their homes, this whould get solved real quicklike

        • Someone should be proactive an borrow or own a FLIR thermographic camera and recon those snipers at night to even the playing field from a distance.

      45. Aim small, miss small. Someone should put a plane in the air with a 10 mile circumference to determine eyes in the sky and if possible beg or borrow a FLIR IR camera and recon sniper positions at night. Being intelligent has never hurt anyone.

        • Jammer.

          Bring in the drones.

        • Jammeer:
          I just heard on Alex Jones that they did get a plane up today to look thing over. They stated that the snipers have moved out. Possession compromised. Being a sniper I know that they moved to another location.

          • Find and print the names and addresses of all who would tyrannize citizens,the public needs to know who they are and where they live,and they need to know we know,really screwed with the legislators in Ct. and N.Y.,of course,that info. was dispersed by,well,their own people!

      46. There was this looney tree hugger girl who protested the cutting of trees on government land in the pacific northwest. So she lived in a tree on the tract. Named the tree luna. Every day a few guys showed up with their chainsaws. And every day her and the protesters kept them at bay. Meanwhile a few miles away the main crew was felling & clear cutting hundreds of acres. The protesters where diverted trying to save 40 acres. Later after her supporters grew weary & left professional loggers felled all the trees except the one the girl lived in. She soon found a new cause. Wal Mart Was gonna build a new place near Springdale ark. Some old oaks trees where gonna be removed. She promptly set up a platform & tent in a tree and began her protest. pretty soon we had on of our arkansas thunderstorms. A bolt of lightning struck the tree splintering it and cooking the girl. I still think its Karma.

        • No, you’re wrong OLD GUY– as usual!! That is Not what happened! What happened was, the cops and loggers constantly hasselled the protestors, who were trying to protect Sequoia trees, which were so huge you could drive a car through them and which had lived thousands of years– beautiful, beautiful old forests (like you old man!) from greedy loggers who didn’t give a fuck about beauty the Lord had made– all they wanted was money; they didn’t care if the whole damn planet was covered with concrete and all the water polluted- they JUST WANTED THE MONEY!!

          So the protestors sat in trees and the loggers/cops hasselled them, made crude sexual advances towards the girls, and they had to get down finally. But what was really the clincher was a bomb was planted in the protestors’ car, killing one of them. The cops (as usual) took up for the loggers, arrested the protestors, saying it was the protesters’ bomb, and the whole thing ended.

          • I read the story in readers digest. and read about the tree hugger girl getting cooked by lightning in the Arkansas democrat gazette. And tree,s need to be cut. Most oak trees if not harvested die of old age at about 75 years. The non harvest of oaks and suppression of wild fires in the Ozarks caused the oak Boer to flourish and now almost all the oaks arr infested and large numbers are dead.

      47. God speed to the patriots

      48. Just look out that some FED dressed like a ranger off to one side fires into the FED’s, (doesn’t hit anyone) just to say the rangers fired first. One day they are going to push to far, and America will end. Dawn just may be breaking on a new day in the U. S. Long live FREEDOM LOVING PATRIOTS!

      49. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.
        Martin Neimoller

        • I was so getting ready to say that hehe good on ya. folks please, please, please, remember that quote!

      50. You guys are killing me! Y’all talk real loud, but why isn’t there one member out at the Bundy Ranch? This just goes to show how ridiculous everyone’s rants about the government and rights here are.

        Here is your opportunity to put your words into actions and you’re all just wasting it!

        ~Disappointed in the lot of you!

        • There are people from shtf there or on the way..Read the comment maybe..what are you doing Donna waiting for somebody else to defend your Freedoms..

          • Nah, she’s just TALKING about how everyone else is all TALK…

        • Donna.

          Any WOMEN heading out to Nevada?

          • you mean to share a ride with…You? Nope. Sorry.

            • Good one.

              • LOL.

        • I’m an old gray haired woman who lives on the other side of the country, on SS and not even a car anymore. I’ve never shot a gun except in my youth, would love to learn but not enough money at present… was thinking of posting a sign, “Got preppers?” and maybe could find some one to teach me… I imagine females are going to have it rough once SHTF and I really need to learn!! ;(

          • I would suggest an M1 Carbine from Big 5.

            Small enough that a kid can handle it

            Decent barrel length, decent range

            Power output is on par with a .357 mag, the difference being, the gun mass and barrel length make the recoil virtually non-existent

            Strips apart for cleaning easily

            Doesn’t tend to over-penetrate and go through 5 houses on you after going through the target

            Too long for reasonable use in tight quarters like a hallway or inside a house really unless it’s a big room. Turning around with it in a hall is a problem. Doesn’t seem like a problem when you’re relaxed. Stressed out is a different story entirely.

            Ammo is hardly the most common, or the easiest to reload

            The gas return piston is an odd little fish in that thing, it really isn’t intended to be disassembled, and thus it really doesn’t come out… kinda at all period. So it behooves you to oil it frequently and do not use anything thick viscosity on it (friend of mine made this mistake… it was curable but it took a lot of penetrating oil and a ton of patience)

            I’d say if it’s intended for infrequent, outdoor use, and you don’t mind oiling it, in every other respect it’s a damn nice accurate gun with damn good power output for its size that you can easily handle.

        • Silly Donna, go back to painting your nails and face so you can attract more johns.

          • Burt–you just offended all the women here-.
            Oh, you think we can only fix meals and brew tea??
            Slink back in your hole. Thank you God for giving me Gene. 🙂

            • no, I think burt just offended the one he was aiming at…

      51. Man, no one sent me a party invite :(…can I possibly take a rein check rsvp? I’ve got a few more months nursing school left, someones gotta treat the injured. Well, the people who really need ot anyways. If feds seriously try to pull I was only doing my job. They don’t deserve my help or pity

        • WE will NEED you …OathKepper209

      52. And it’s about time. The line in the sand should have been the TSA.

        • …or the NDAA…or the PATRIOT ACT…or 9/11…or?

          • For some people it was those things. For me it was the TSA. I did plenty of warning about the Patriot Act, but not many cared because it was all about terrorists and they trusted George Bush. The NDAA, while even more egregious, has probably been unofficially in effect for decades. The difference with the TSA is, it’s happening in the open, can’t be denied, everyone knows about it, and they are daily violating our persons. It takes great restraint for some people to not punch someone for grabbing their genital area (glove outside the clothes or not) and yet everyone just takes it. It just is so personally disturbing to me.

            • I hear ya. I won’t fly because I don’t think I would have that much restraint, to keep from punching somebody reaching into my crotch or my boobs…and I’m smart enough to know they wouldn’t see it until it was too late.

              Why bother, when I’d just end up sitting in jail my whole trip?

      53. I wonder if this would qualify for the part in Dmitri Duduman’s prophecy that says the war will begin with some patriots against the government in the middle of the country. It’s not the exact middle, but…

      54. What might happen, the government at it’s highest has some of the smartest people in the world working for them.(No, not politicians) These people are not good, they don’t care about rights or freedom they are rotten to the core. These people were recruited not just for their intelligence, but also for their cold hard hearts. These people never care for others, that’s something they won’t ever think about or care for. They themselves are what are known as evil genius. They get their jollies from watching others suffer. These people are what a priest once called “perfectly possessed”. These people are coming from a dark side that most normal people cannot comprehend. They already thought about the results of their actions. They have calculated all outcomes and have prepared. This might just be another exercise for them, another experiment to gauge with. These people are genius in their movements and are patient, they don’t just jump into a car with an old rifle to go out and start a ruckus. They may be trying to get someone that they deem dangerous to come out of hiding to this place and take him or her. This might be their only reason to do this now. This might be some kind of set up where they are actually only after one person or a group of people who might be interested in being in this sort of environment who they for whatever reason actually deem truly worthy of capturing. Or this might be the false flag event that they use to make weapons illegal once and for all. All they have to do is get a government agent in the mix and have him shoot one of the officers out there. This will give them reason to start the process of disarming us. Way too many unexplained things going on to just be happening coincidentally. Why now? This has been going on since when? Way back several years now? So why now? These people going out there are putting themselves in danger, not just by the government who is obviously too large and dangerous, but by whatever other elements out their that might be coming into the mix with good regular people who have not thought out what they are getting themselves into and what the outcome might be. They should think about their children and family maybe it is better to wait and see? Maybe just make the phone calls and find other ways to protest. Or then again maybe I’m just a coward? Either way, sometimes it’s okay to think before reacting, sometimes. I think…. just saying.

        • That’s why one plan is the same as no plan…backups to your backup…always leave an escape route.

      55. Its way past time to end the concept of “federal lands”. The States should repossess.

      56. I see AT Holder is having a fun time with Congress. Complaining how he was treated. See it on Drudge.

        • If we can still hear Holder complain, then the pillow isn’t pushed tightly enough over his face…

          • Sixpack,Thats too funny..

      57. I hope this is a final call. If the fed illegals get away with this it’ll get much worse from here on out. The ultimate out come will be we all become relocated confiscated cattle one day. God Bless the Brave Patriots! Don’t back down.

      58. Dear Sheriff Gillespi, Sent by email too.

        It looks like you intend to stand by and do nothing and by doing so are supporting lawless acts by the federal corporation.

        I have provided with just a little case law so that you may find that doing the right thing is of paramount importance should you wish to avoid escalation in this matter.

        Failure to uphold you oath of office is treason and a felony.

        Please do you job so the public does not have to.

        Thank you.
        David Platter
        concerned citizen.

        “Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time.” Basso v. Utah Power & Light Co., 495 F 2nd 906 at 910.
        “It is axiomatic that the prosecution must always prove territorial jurisdiction over a crime in order to sustain a conviction therefor.” U.S. v. Benson, 495 F.2d, at 481 (5th Cir., 1974).
        “The law provides that once State and Federal Jurisdiction has been challenged, it must be proven.” Main v. Thiboutot, 100 S. Ct. 2502 (1980).
        “Where there is absence of proof of jurisdiction, all administrative and judicial proceedings are a nullity, and confer no right, offer no protection, and afford no justification, and may be rejected upon direct collateral attack.” Thompson v Tolmie, 2 Pet. 157, 7 L. Ed. 381; and Griffith v. Frazier, 8 Cr. 9, 3 L. Ed. 471.
        “The United States is entirely a creature of the Federal Constitution, its power and authority has no other source and it can only act in accordance with all the limitations imposed by the Constitution.” Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, 1 L. Ed. 2nd. 1148 (1957).
        “The rights and liberties of the citizens of the United States are not protected by custom and tradition alone, they are preserved from the encroachments of government by express/enumerated provisions of the Federal Constitution.” Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, 1 L. Ed. 2nd. 1148 (1957).
        “The prohibitions of the Federal Constitution are designed to apply to all branches of the national government and cannot be nullified by the executive or by the executive and the senate combined.” Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, 1 L. Ed. 2nd. 1148 (1957).
        “Where rights as secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which will abrogate them.” Miranda v. Ariz., 384 U.S. 436 at 491 (1966).
        “Congress may not, by any definition it may adopt, conclude the matter, since

        “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. http://www.constitution.org/us

        United states of America Constitution Article 1 section 9
        No Bill of Attainder or EX POST FACTO Law shall be passed.
        2nd Amendment; shall NOT be infringed!

        They took an oath to uphold and preserve the constitution.. Perjury of oath is a FELONY!
        18 U.S. Code § 1001

        Brookfield Construction Co. v. Stewart, 284 F.Supp 94: “An officer who acts in violation of the Constitution ceases to represent the government.”

        in Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U.S. 189 (1920), to wit:
        Congress … cannot by legislation alter the Constitution, from which alone it derives its power to legislate, and within whose limitations alone that power can be lawfully exercised.

        U.S. v Mersky (1960) 361 U.S. 431 a statute that regulates without constitutional authority is a nullity even though it be published in the books, recognized by the police and lowers courts, and even though it be unchallenged for decades.

        The Legislature, either by amending or otherwise, may not nullify a constitutional provision
        Rost v. Municipal Court of Southern Judicial District of San Mateo (1960)

        “Every person (this includes EVERY government official) who under color of law, deprives any citizen of rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the United States Constitution is subject to civil and/or criminal penalties pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Section 241 and 242. Penalties include up to $10,000 fine and/or 10 years to life imprisonment, or both, if death results.”

        • WOW, DAVE! I’m going to copy this one! Thanks!!!

      59. I thought the Nevada national guard was under the control of the governor.

        • National Guard is now federalized.

          • I think EVERYTHING is getting federalized… that’s the problem! ;(

      60. Glad to see there still are people with guts and glory, all the best from friend in Norway.

      61. Heavenly Father, thank you for your love, mercy, kindness,and forgiveness towards us. Please be with the patriots in Nevada and guide them towards success in putting a stop to the federal government tyranny. Also give them the eyes to see and the ability to rout out all the government infiltrators who will try to blend in with the patriots. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

        • Seer:

        • Glad to see some know who is in control, Seer.

      62. Where is AZ’s militia?


        • Oscar Mike

      63. yeah
        boo hoo for poor Holder

        one of the most corrupt Attorney General’s this country
        has ever seen

      64. “things could turn very bloody very quickly”

        As long as it’s Federal blood…

      65. It’s difficult to take this info at face value, as tempting as it is. It may just as well be hype, or worse, disinformation. We need to be careful with this sort of thing and not not get lost in the emotionalism of the event (which is certainly understandable).

        • Emotionalism? This is one time where they have not shoved little children out in front, saying “it’s for the children.” They aren’t playing on emotions here, it’s TYRANNY and govt oppression. I don’t see any bands out there playing “God Bless The USA” by Lee Greenwood…

          The only “emotion” we need to fight evil with, is DETERMINATION.

          • I think you misunderstood me, sixpack. By the “event”, I’m referring to the reports of 5,000 militiamen descending upon the town, NOT the event at the ranch.

            I agree COMPLETELY with your comment. Only, let’s not be so quick to let our emotions guide us in so far as reports of an alleged militiamen confrontation, as these could be false.

            I should have clarified it better.

            • Nah, maybe I just need to clean my glasses, sorry. Of course you’re right that we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

              • No problem, sixpack. I’m actually more enthusiastic about the prospect of Sheriff Mack’s arrival. A man who has the potential to expose the local sheriff as the shill that he is.

                Now, should the BLM and these other creatures representing “our” government mess with the good sheriff, then those 5,000 just might become a reality.

      66. Anon7 – GO FUCK YOURSELF

      67. I know this is gonna get a barrage of red thumbs
        but I’m posting it anyway !

        Antigovernment ‘Patriots’ Gather Near Scene of Nevada Rancher’s Dispute Over Cattle Grazing Rights


        are these indeed the facts in the case ???

        “The core of the dispute is Cliven Bundy’s ongoing claim to the right to graze his cattle on a sensitive piece of southern Nevada’s Mojave Desert known as Gold Butte. Bundy’s family had grazed cattle in the area for generations, but in 1993 Cliven Bundy stopped paying his fees on the land, claiming that the United States government was not the legitimate landlord.”

        getting to the bottom of this has proven impossible so far
        way too many people screaming way too many things

        • satori, I consider the source on this article. Reading the comments was pretty sad. Not sure about this situation. But the splc is not a good source of info. for me. I agree with the outrage over the methods used by the Feds. But this rancher has some I’ll advised actions too.

          • Satori, The SPLC is the source? The same SPLC that says Christians, returning vets, gun owners and Mormons are terrorists?

            That answers that.

            • When in doubt, always remember these three simple points:

              The Mainstream media works for the government.
              The government works for the NWO.
              Whatever the NWO wants—WE DON’T WANT, and it doesn’t even matter what “it” is.

              This sorts out just about every doubt we may have about everything.

      68. The SOONER this starts the better a chance we the people have ….the longer this drags out , the bigger and better weapons they get

      69. I was just talking to a Mormon today. She was telling me that she believes deep in hear heart that if they were Muslim there wouldn’t be anyone one stopping the cattle from grazing.

        She also said that she fears for the life of the Bundy family.

        She also said the feds might bite off more than they can chew! I didn’t go any further than that. So you us your imagination on that statement!

      70. Sean Hannity on his Radio show, just spent a hole Minute talking about the Bundy roundup, Mainly about how he supports law enfocement. Now I know who’s corner hes in. The fake..I can see many people showing their true colors on this Matter..

        • Well in my own defense I didn’t realize how complicated “they” were making things…it really looked as though the Bundy’s were being the aggressor here. But I have been reading and watching vids for hours now and have found out the truth or at least enough of it to see that this is unconstitutional and bullying from our government. I know it becomes a pain in the ass to keep telling people the truth but don’t give up on some of us slower ones please.

        • FAUX NEWS

          the propaganda network for the 1%

        • He’s LSM–what did you think he’d say?
          People–lose the fricking tv/cable.

      71. I see where you state the family is grazing their cattle on land the family has used for a century. Conspicuously absent was the name of the owner of the land. So, who owns the land? If the land is not owned by the aforementioned family, then they are trespassing. It certainly looks like you condone trespassing. That being the case, I am sure you will not mind me using your property for my own ends. You people really are stupid.

        • I saw it the same way a few hours ago, it really isn’t that simple. The land belongs to the State of Nevada but that is not who he is dealing with. The State is condemning this activity. A lot of info was thrown up before the truth could come out. But it is out…just have to find it.

          • Regardless of all the details, there is one thing I feel for certain—you don’t post snipers at “free speech zones” and rustle cattle and cut off water to desert property, to collect on a disputed debt.

            No matter how you look at that, it is wrong.

            • Pretty sure they used to hang people for rustling cattle…not too long ago either.

              • As far as I’m concerned, I’d bring the rope…

        • NCjoe…..After reading your stupid comment , I started to imagine this scenario:

          You are a big fat PIG in a wide open space …I am flying on a chopper with a AR15 on top of your fat ass….ohhhhhh what a joy.

          • ya…most people can’t stand hearing the truth..

        • NCJoe, If I had some brush on my land and no cows, I would let your cows eat my brush…okay, that didn’t come out just right…yeah, your cows could graze on my land as long as you kept the heifer at home at night.

      72. I wish I could be there with them . Patriots.

      73. Give ’em hell guys. Sic semper tyrannis.

      74. Heres a copy of a note i sent to the director of the BLM

        First amendment zone eh?

        Last time i checked the 1st amendment was a right that we have
        As Americans, not a cordoned off zone wherever you tyrants decide it is.

        The tree of liberty is getting thirsty,,,,,,

        So i will try to get word out if i get detained

      75. I hope the whole thing blows up. It’s time to take the country back while we still can. If not now, when?

        Molon labe

      76. God bless the day, boys! God bless the day!

      77. Oh, how I wish I could be there! Because the next time one of these federal officers says ” We’re just here doing our job” I would reply:
        “Guess what! We as freedom loving Americans are just here doing OURS!”

        People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.

      78. Just had an interesting conversation with a sales clerk at local department store. She’s been there forever – it seems like it’s mostly older folk who are concerned with what’s going on in the country. It started with me being incredulous that it required my phone number to pay with cash. She said “We have no privacy anymore.” We got to talking and she agreed we’re past 1984 (the book) and she said “we’re living on borrowed time.”

        Emotions are running high – I also saw where someone wrote on our suburban street with oil, the large words: “F” the government.

        • If your in a store and you want to buy something w/ cash and they ask your phone number then tell them no. Its that simple. Ask if they want the sale or not. I give no zip code or phone number or my name. What biz is it except to tally where consumers live?

          • Oh, shoot–I just give the area code + 0000…they get the point–I worked cashier–we don’t care.

            • my favorites—555-1212 or BR-459

        • I guess since things aren’t working out over in Ukraine and we know that was all bravo sierra, the govt needed to divert our attention to something else…closer to home.

          Don’t forget the other hand…

      79. These Federal cowards will turn and run if they see a real fight on their hands. We just have to show up in force and they will run like the cowards they are.

        I am on my way now.

      80. Cliven Bundy, a 67-year-old rancher says; “his family has worked the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area since the late 1800s and that they were there well before the government’s Land Management Bureau ever came along”.

        Native Americans are saying the same thing right now! You see how that ended……………

        They will kill Cliven, his family and their supporters if a gunfight erupts and nothing will change. This is not the time, reason or the place!

        • “Sheriff Richard Mack of Gilbert, Arizona”

          The sheriff in Maricopa County, AZ is Joe Arpaio.
          Usurpers will find accommodations in tent city.

      81. details on the whole incident

        Escalation In Nevada


        i don’t know the name of the ass wipe who established the so called
        First Amendment Zone
        but whoever it is should be fired
        and then imprisoned for violation of the Constitution

        a patriot and good American he is NOT

        • He should have his skin peeled. That ought to do it.

      82. I’m surprised the men are still posting. I’d have thought you’d all be on your way to Nevada by now. Everyday there is plenty of talk about “taking back this country”, yet only a couple men have said they’re going. The rest seem to be well wishers. This sorts out the men from the talkers because actions speak louder than words. I have tremendous respect for those who are now following through and are true patriots. Thank you for taking time out of your life and doing what most other men only talk about. I will pray for your safe return.

        • Leslie Anne.

          Why don’t you be the first cunt to go.

          • I think “Lisa” up the board a bit, was asking if any women were going—maybe you two go together…just saying.

        • Leslie Ann
          Slingshot took the word right out of my mouth.
          Some of us men are in the eastern area and refuse to board a plane due to TSA groping and unconstitutional bullshit. Driving 2000 miles takes time. Got a clue? Your ignorance cant see the reality can it?
          You sleep alone, dont you?

          • New York to Las Vegas is less than a 40 hour drive. Take turns driving. George Washington marched a lot longer than that…and not in the comfort of a heated and air-conditioned vehicle with a radio. Thank goodness the men of the American Revolution era were more robust in their conviction to the cause.

            • Leslie Anne.

              All this banter will be in the past as some type of confrontation will come to everyone’s door. The ability to process the information learned here, within our minds will determine whether we survive. Most will die alone. I have had good life and the ravages of age are upon me. In fact, I welcome warfare and I am ready. Are you ready, Leslie? I am well past the point of being careful what I wish for. So when it comes I expect they might kill me with one shot. Otherwise as the Sargent said in “Predator” “I’m gonna have me some fun”

              • Slingshot, so many people don’t understand that by the time it has “come to everyone’s door” it will be too late.

                While I understand that everyone can’t just up and go to Nevada, you do see Leslie Anne’s point, don’t you? I sure hope so. It’s painfully obvious.

            • Well said Leslie!

          • Calgacus:

            You have been posting on SHTF long enough to sseperate shit from shinola. Got her number, dontcha?

        • Leslie Anne,

          You’re right as rain. I’m still somewhat in shock at one of the comments you got for making such an excellent point. Wow, America sure has fallen.

          May God bless you for speaking the truth.

      83. douseeyet, we’d still be British subjects if the Founding Fathers followed your logic. It took much less than what the gov’ment has been doing lately to start the American Revolution.



      84. Rancher Bundy’s problem with Nazi thugs at BLM belongs to all of us. America has had enough of corrupt criminals
        and Illegal Communist Faux Prez destroying our country & our sovereignty both state and federal levels.

        I’ve never ever seen so many mad Patriots in my life, meaning WE WILL STAND UP AND WE WILL FIGHT IF NECESSCARY


      85. I doubt that hundreds or thousands will show up to confront the fascist feds. Amerikans have essentially been neutered into cowardice via fluoridated water, toxins in the food, feminizing men with GMO soy (found in everything) and mass brainwashing via tv. There will never be a 2nd Am Revolution; the nation is a land of cowards and apathetic sheep and the establishment knows this.

      86. If something does not happen with help from everyone on this site and other sites such as this one, the patriot movement should hide their head. we will have moved into the calling of just a prepper community who worries about are ownselfs and coward in fear. we can not group our selfs in a survivalist, patriot category. we will have become lowly prepper gardeners caring for little.

      87. So fed up with our federal gov’t. Terrible return on investment. Ever more necessary to inform our kids of what our gov’t should be vs. what it is.

      88. Im a Canadian and I just cannot believe what is going on in the world. I have recently just woken up listening to Alex Jones and others. Every day I wonder what on earth is going on. Im 41 and never never never ever did I think that the things Im seeing and hearing about would ever truly take place in my life. I support all you who are fighting the good fight. I wish I could contribute more as what happens to you eventually happens to us up here…..who knows maybe sooner than later we will be fighting side by side either figuratively or literally.

        The support of a Canadian goes out to Cliven Bundy and his family along with all the supporters with him. Do not let the goons win. Prayers are with all of you. Take care and be safe.

      89. I have been telling you folks–the gubermint is gonna pick on some ole sucker one day like my Gene–one leg in the grave– carotid surgery, open heart surgery, inoperable aneurysm, knees and back a mess in constant pain– and he ain’t gonna give a shit.
        Beware gubermint–you wanta be leading that cause you will be the first down.

        • The most dangerous man in the room, is the one with nothing left to lose.

      90. It might be a good idea to look up ways to defeat tear gas and pepper spray. What it will do to you. How to put out the canisters.

        Oh Yes they will fire about ten of those into your home to get you to come out.

        Older gas mask filters may contain toxic elements. Optional equipment you can buy at Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

        Do your research now.

      91. There are three types of people at this site.

        Those that come and read but stay silent.
        Those that read, share information and speak their mind freely.

        Those that know that one day they will have to make a decision to flee or fight because they are aware.

      92. Our prayers are with you all. Make THEM fire the first shot if it comes to that.

      93. I am not an Alex Jones fan but they are really staying on top of this story…anyone else have a news source?

      94. 5,000?? I don’t think so. Maybe 5. Believe me, I know the commitment of the militia.

      95. Neighboring Nye County has sheriff deMeo who is a good American patriot. He believes in the Constitution and is not afraid to stand up to the Feds. Let’s hope Clark County’s sheriff is the same way.

        As for the armed militias, there is definitely a seething undercurrent in this country which consists of members of the core American population who are opposed to the ongoing destruction of this country and are willing to fight when the time is right. No one knows when that moment will come, but if anti-American operatives like Obama, Biden, Holder, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, and so on, keep up their antics, then sooner or later they will engineer an incident that will make Waco look like a pillow fight. The violence will of course be initiated by the Feds. But it’s one thing to murder defenseless kids like at Waco, and quite another to go up against an armed and determined citizenry. Let’s just hope there is some way to impeach Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reed, Holder, and all the other anti-Americans of their ilk, before it’s too late and we face armed self-defense as the last resort.

      96. Well, since the highly deceitful luciferian regimes we’ve had since Kennedy was assassinated have no problem staging terror events like 9/11, the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, the Oklahoma bombing, etc., and hiring actors and actresses to pull it off and make it convincing…. It makes you wonder if this is just another staged event to sucker all of the most trigger-happy, gung ho militia members who can’t wait to kill federal agents, out to the middle of nowhere to stage yet another false-flag event just to mow them all down. Any news coming from a luciferian CIA stooge like Alex Jones you’d better be very weary of and take with a grain of salt.
        Luciferians are some truly evil, devious, manipulative, deceitful “people” you’ll ever meet. They’re running the government and many are probably cops, many are probably in the military, and many are federal agents… they love positions of power, control, and authority and would probably enjoy murdering a bunch of gung ho militia members.

      97. Just so everyone knows, I believe Cliven Bundy has asked that no camo be worn. I think they want large numbers of people, but not the arms.

      98. Bend-over Barry’s gonna be pissed over this.

      99. This is a good time to get a revolution started in the US. The citizens of the US are the worlds only hope to stop your rogue government from starting WWIII.

      100. They are watching to see how we assemble and how we conduct ourselves for future operations. We need to make sure we always come up out of a different hole and that we’re smart about it. This needs to be handled well; and Barry should make no mistake, he and the days of his cabal are numbered as well – they are all headed to Federal Prison eventually.

      101. And still not one person has asked these officers for their weapons. After all we paid for it all down to their undies!

      102. As a point of fact. I don’t think I have called anyone a liar. I may have said they were wrong due to being misguided or bad info. I am guilty of calling others foul names.

      103. The Governor is a weak punk. He’s OUTTA HERE!

      104. Anybody know the facts? Has the rancher been stealing forage for decades? Does he owe the landowner (citizens of the United States) for grazing? Does his grazing agreement allow him to use the federal land without paying?

        Simple questions about an emotional issue.


      105. Wondering, does BLM really maintain a armed paramilitary force. Could these guys be hired guns or volenters from various agencies. Our DNR folks (don’t trust non of em) round here at Charleston SC all carry.

        I think the unknown powers that be are going to let this play out probly hoping for violence to see how far the citizens can be pushed/controlled. Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.

        Reciprocate their actions in kind, 10x. Semper Fi. III

      106. As a Nevadan, I wish the crazies on both sides would just stay away. We don’t need militia coming to the rescue. Really we are pretty no nonsense no drama people here so just leave yours at home.

      107. A few quick notes:

        OPSEC, just killed my own so moot point. But..! Posting operational info on the internets… such as..I’m going to such-a-place.. only helps opfor. Get over your ego. If you are the real deal it doesn’t matter who gives you a thumbs up or down. Avoid confirmation bias. If you want to connect with other patriots great, just don’t believe everything you read.. Develop a dark-web for ops info. Vet your members.

        Instead of reading a blog or two, develop a ballanced OSINT(open source intelligence) network that includes progressive propaganda. KNOW YOUR ENEMY. REASEARCH the intel you need and read. Who wrote it? What is the political slant of the author? Form your own opinion.

        Identify your own critical information requirements. What do you want to know and what are you willing to do to find out.

        I FOLLOW GUERRILLAMERICA DOT COM. There are many places to learn about ttp’s, but as far as intel goes that is the authority. Read and learn folks, FreeFor depends on YOU!

        An amateur practices until he hits, a professional practices until he can’t miss.

      108. Read or don’t want to hear. My prayers go out to the Rancher and brave men and women going to stand beside him. I hope this does not give reason for martial law that has already been set in motion. Remember when our government bought all that ammunition and we all would look trying to find? Didn’t anyone except military including veterans figure out why even now it is hard to find certain grain loads and bullet types? It is against international law to use those types by any military during any armed conflict with another country. It is not illegal for it to be used against us by our own government ! Now consider new testing being given to officers in our military, where a battery of questions specifically on deadly force against U.S. Citizens on our own soil. Put this together with the fact our military has been reduced to record lows while at the same time the D.H.S has recruited officers in numbers almost equal too. Our military swears to uphold the constitution, D.H.S. swears to uphold the laws as designated by the commander and chief. Almost forgot military Veterans have been placed in the same group as those being guarded south of us in a facility for those awaiting trial. Hint,hint. So be careful my fellow Americans I will always stand the line defending this country.

      109. From Bunker Hill to Bunker Ville. Perhaps this is the time.

      110. Break it down for the dips here:

        Let’s say you buy a house. You own your house. You pass your house down to your children and they pass it down to your grandchildren.

        Well, the government comes along and says “I want your house. Every one of your neighbors has sold me your house except you.”

        You refuse. Then the government says “Fine, you can live there, but you have to pay us rent.”

        What’s your response?
        Are you a Bundy and tell them to eff off? Or are you going to be a blind follower and pay.


      111. It was always just a matter of time before the sleeping Bears came out of hibernation. The unemployed have little else to do but keep up with news…even if it is alternative media news.

      112. It’s about damn time !

      113. Snake by the tail? Don’t tread om me, bro.

      114. I will be there in spirit and hope that it will become the beginning of the trampling of tyranny.

      115. You’ll be lucky to get 5 let alone 5,000.

      116. Good for you guys! Sending you support from over here in the UK. I just hope this draws enough attention to wake up people in this country too. Too many people here need to grow a pair and stand up to government tyranny. Bless you all.

      117. You white people are crazy. You want to protest because this guy was using farmland illegally and his only escuse was “my family has been doing it for years!”. I bet you guys will be pissed when you find out only about twenty people showed up, and the feds lock them up. Because even though you’re “taking up arms against the government”, unlike most places, you won’t get shot on the spot. You’ll be detained. Which is far less of a punishment then I would offer. You people are always bitching left and right, but I bet you redneck militia types are gonna take the highway there. Built and maintained by the US government. And you people talking about “sheeple”, YOU are the brainwashed ones. There’s a splinter group In every system. Ones that think they can do better. America is full of crazy people’ but the only area that even cares about this are, of course, down south. Despite what it may seem, I’m not a big fan of the government either. But it’s a hellava lot better then what you people could do I promise you that. Not to mention, what the hell militia? YYou’re supposedly people defending the people. Not rich farm owners.

        • YO BOY!! Yeah you Shoeshine Boy! I can’t wait to meet YOU on the field of battle! WORTHLESS WELFARE BOON!

      118. It’s a very simple solution. These Federal terrorists need to be targeted and killed where they stand.

      119. What a bunch of A-holes!

      120. Where is the media, again they are told not to report things like this. Freedom of speech “bull”. The Feds are crossing the line again. They have pushed out everyone else for a reason and what is the real reason why they are wasting money on cows? It’s time for Americans to get off their butts and stand up and vote these worthless politicians out of office starting with Harry Reid.

      121. OK
        Couldn’t stop shootin’ when I first took hold.
        It was a warm spring night at the ole town hall.
        A group called ‘We the People,’ they were layin’ it down.
        Don’t you know I’m never gonna miss that Monkey around.
        Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Lordy Mama light the fuse. (Light the fuse)
        Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Drop one now and spread the news.
        Media starts buzzin’ bout this time of fear.
        I’m goin’ round back to get my gear.
        We were shootin’ from the grass that grows behind the barn.
        When my ears started ringing like a fire alarm.
        Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Lordy mama, light the fuse. (Light the fuse)
        Lock and Load Hoochie Koo, (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Drop one now and spread the news
        Did someone say “ keep on poppin’’
        Hope you all know what I’m talkin’ about.
        The way they wiggle when hit, really knocks me out.
        Getting by all the time, hope you all are too.
        C’mon little closer gonna do it to you.
        Lock and Load Hoochie Koo (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Lordy Mama light the fuse. (Light the fuse)
        Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Drop one now and spread the news.
        Lock and Load Hoochie Koo. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)

        Lordy Mama light the fuse. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Lock and Load Hoocie Koo (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        My guns out spreadin’ the news (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        That I getting tired of paying dues. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Done said goodbye to all the’ Jews. (Lock and Load Hoochie Koo)
        Lordy Mama light the fuse.

      122. Notice the similarity? Bunkerville…Bunker hill? Can you smell Martial law and confiscation? Tell me this isn’t a setup.

      123. If god forbid an armed conflict arise in this country it will end horribly bad for US citizens! I know we have small arms but if we try to fight the way Iraqis did will we not get the same protections they did! I fear OBAMA would unleash a hell not seen since ww2 in Dresden! This man and his party would cherish destroying true red white& blue Americans! I truly believe he is forcing US to make a bad decision that will lead to death and imprisonment! The best thing we can do is raise enough protesters and then go W.D.C and force the libs to notice us and our rights! Can you imagine 10 million Americans of all races protesting this tyranny! Look liberals get all their laws enacted by suing we have to make a point that we can be peaceful but incredibly popuar

      124. BULLCRAP!!!! You can’t get 50 people to agree on anything anymore Let alone 5,000. I agree THIS SHOULD BE happening, people SHOULD be going there by the Thousands to stand against this government terrorism, But they won’t. Libertarians, constitutionalists, Oathkeepers, LEO’s, veterans and anyone else who swore an oath to the constitution SHOULD be there, But they won’t..Hell, Dancing with the stars is in full swing and I’m too tired form the trip to walmart and BLAH BLAH BLAH……
        AND Even IF 5,000 people show up- HOW MANY WOULD ACTUALLY FIGHT? 3, maybe 4 people? The rest would SHit themselves and surrender if anything happened and end up in some federal Prison!!!! Pussies!!!!!!!!

      125. Too many comments to read them all, but it seems to me this is what we’ve been referring to as “the balloon going up”. It’s time, people, and I sincerely HOPE that when we Brits see our American Brethren taking back what’s rightfully yours, there’ll be a long-overdue uprising over here – and in EVERY White country.

        It’s that time again. The tree of Liberty nearly died from lack of nourishment. Give it what it needs to make a full recovery.

        As for governments saying one thing and doing something completely different, about a mile from where I’m sitting, there WAS an area designated a “nature reserve”. Nobody was allowed to enter “in case they stepped on a plant”.

        The plants have all gone now. Some obscenely rich “duke” sold the “nature reserve” to a developer as building land.

        The desert tortoise will suffer a similar fate if zog gets it’s way. They only (pretend to) “care” about nature when it suits their purposes in keeping The People out.

        Hail Victory, Comrades. I’m with you in spirit.

      126. Last post for a while, as stated above I’m heading to Bunkerville. Maybe Mrs. Maddog will update? Although I have the same responsibilities as any other husband and father I believe there comes times one needs to sacrifice as I did before serving in the military. A supportive wife makes the decision much easier I’m sure. I am not looking for a fight and pray one does not happen however this situation is exactly what I any so many other have complained about and there is no way I will not support Mr.Bundy and the constitution. One of the militia spokesman said this “is the time people need to come together and stand against tyranny in numbers” and the Oathkeepers have requested all members’ participation. The reason is simple, if we fail to show in significant numbers I believe the movement to restore our country will fail right here right now in Nevada. Our cause will be seen as nothing more than a bunch of armchair patriots in the long long complaint line of sheeple. I am a veteran, an Oathkeeper and most of all an American with God given rights that better men than me have fought and died to protect for me and mine. It is time to shut up and put up for posterity or forever be happy in your role as sheep. I see a lot of bullshit posted of excuses and others not agreeing with the excuses and coming up with other excuses they think have more weight and makes them more justified in standing down. Not sure if there is a limit to how far I would travel or how much I would spend to get to Bunkerville, however I do know this was not in my budget this year but I found a way to make it happen. Will be riding down with a fellow patriot I was put in contact with last night and several of the SHTFplan website posters have donated money. So it does appear God makes the right things happen when you put in a little effort. I guess I’ll end with this, if you have means to participate I pray you do the right thing and go or give all you can to those that are. If you don’t and decide to punt again and freedom goes down due to a lack of participation fighting for it, then you will have earned your servitude and be happy in it.

        • Be safe man!

      127. Would someone please post the ranch address or at least which exit to take while traveling northbound on the 15.

        Thank you. We’ll be there tomorrow morning.

      128. Feds need to be told to get the hell off his land or die.

        End of subject. Problem is main stream news whores will spin it that the Federalee assholes were the good guys.

        I say make the Feds and contractors die for a paycheck if necessary.

      129. You know, Governor Sandoval is coming off as pure lip service. Where is the leader of Nevada when that state is being invaded by armed tyranny?! If it’s all about lip service, the citizens of Nevada should consider electing one of the whores in Vegas — they will get a MUCH more enjoyable service that this bozo is giving you.

      130. If the militia are real their primary mission will be to insure that the proper authorities of the state of Nevada are the ones who initiate any action to remove the federal interlopers. In other words their attention should be on their own ranks to make damn sure the provocateurs do not succeed in their mission. If they allow any aggression toward the interlopers to take place, then they have failed their mission and besmirched all of the good work of the infowarriors.

      131. The constitution free zone was supposed to be a hundred mile radious around the border to begin with, they just make the rules as they go. Just another government land grab.They are forcing our hand to get us into martial law.

      132. There once was a Muslim named Barry,
        who was a bathhouse Queer and a Fairy!
        A big coke snorter who joined the New World Order,
        and now America’s future looks Scary!!!

      133. There once was a Muslim named Barry,
        who was a bathhouse Q u e e r and a Fairy!
        A big coke snorter who joined the New World Order,
        and now America’s future looks Scary!!!

      134. There once was a Muslim named Barry,
        who was a bathhouse Fag and a Fairy!
        A big coke snorter who joined the New World Order,
        and now America’s future looks Scary!!!

      135. Being an off roader in So Cal Imperial valley area, we get to put up with these punks, with badges and guns,all the time! And yes 99 percent are punks period! They will ticket you, and threaten you for the stupidist things , because they can! That being said. this goes deeper than cows overgrazing! There is something they want to give to somebody else!Somebody made an offer they couldn’t refuse. In Imperial Valley ,The north west of Ocotillo area, was open to off roading but now has aprox, 80 giant wind generators. talk about an eye sore! and Guess what? The area is closed now, for habitat restoration! I would say probably 100 sq miles. I wonder who got paid off for that? Looks like some body is getting paid a lot, for this land grab. When, they are willing to gun down people with snipers, in cold blood. That is dispiccable, and if these BLM punks use this type of force! They should be treated like snipers who are caught,by the enemy, put down like the vermin they are! Welcome to Americastan !

      136. As all of you can tell, We American Patriots are sick and tired of the Kenyan usurper and are READY TO FIGHT!!! Bring on the 2nd Revolutionary War NOW!!!

      137. This is a TRAP! Remember Boston and West Texas we’re coming to the snakes’ favorite time of year for public sacrifices. They want a hot battle in the desert; DO NOT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT.

        THEY ARE the TERRORISTS make THEM bring in their henchmen (pretending to be real Americans) and let THEM shoot at EACH OTHER. The snakes already crawl on their bellies, let them demoralize each other more and more and more. The truth is more powerful than any gun, and with every Ruby Ridge, Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook they perpetrate and get caught at, they become more twisted and weaker. Let them try to bind mortal wounds with their meaningless paper. Stand by the TRUTH, bide your time, bide your time

        Everyone take ten cameras, ignore the fascist “free speech zone” THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS A FREE SPEECH ZONE!!!! Speak and move as you please and RECORD ALL OF IT! (show it in real time). Like all criminal fascists, they’re afraid of the LIGHT, got caught at Sandy Hook, at Boston, went behind the walls of military installations, no one believed their lies. Now they think they can hide in the desert, but their EVIL stinks to much to be hidden. Show the world the faces of these reptile beasts!

      138. You suggest that Obama might call up the National Guard, but how would he do that? He can ASK, but I don’t think Sandoval is going to cooperate, nor the governors of Utah, Arizona, or Texas. This is why Eisenhower uses federal Airborne troops rather than National Guard troops in Arkansas. NG answers to the governor, not the president.

      139. I’m packing up from ATX today. Got paid today so got the gas money and gonna roll up on those feds. I’ve been waiting for a high profile event like this that they can’t pin on some lone revolutionary and make him out to be insane. A large group of Americans fighting the guberment over property rights. My kind of fight indeed!

      140. Okay, um… Richard Mack is not the Sheriff of Gilbert, AZ. That’s our beloved Joe Arpaio, who is the Sheriff of Maricopa county, which includes the city of Gilbert.

        Richard Mack is the FORMER SHERIFF of GRAHAM COUNTY, AZ.

        If the author of this article can’t get that right, what else are they not accurately reporting.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think the members of our government are a bunch of self serving jackasses who need to be fired and jailed, but there is flat out false information in this article, and it makes me question what else is inaccurate on this site.

        Just sayin’…

      141. Remember, even if you can not make it to NV, there are probably Federal support services and traitorous quislings within your area of operation. No reason that “free speech zone” cannot be expanded across the nation.

      142. Free Republic and Alex Jones are reporting that this is a land grab for a Chinese solar company.

        How much baksheesh is ol’ Harry getting from this move?


      144. There will be no armed militias. There will be no standoff. And there will certainly be no “2nd American Revolution”. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

      145. I’m sure FBI HRT is scared to death of all the militia groups LOL

      146. Everyone needs read this book, The Contract On The Government. It is the book the feds DO NOT want you reading. Find it here: http://www.thecontract.us

      147. This may not be popular here, and I don’t want to be a troll, but:

        1. The federal government has a constitutional right to govern federal public lands. “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States….” Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2.

        2. Federal land like where Bundy grazes his cattle is a resource that belongs to We the People. If Bundy uses that resource, then he ought to pay We the People for it.

        3. I don’t care how long Bundy’s family grazed their cattle on that land. “Squatters rights” don’t apply here. In any case, where were these militias when Native Americans and Hispanic Americans were blocked from grazing their livestock on BLM, Forest Service and National Park lands, after their families had been doing that for hundreds of years?

        4. For the past 20 years the federal government has been warning Bundy to get his cattle off OUR land. It is not like this so-called crisis suddenly hit Bundy without warning.

        I sure as heck didn’t give Bundy permission to graze on MY land, and that’s what it is: the property of We the People. What the BLM is doing is constitutional. Bundy took resources from the rest of us citizens and did not pay for them. If you are going to be angry with anyone, it should be him.

        • DP, enjoy your slavery! The rest of us are FREE! We aren’t bound by unconstitutional laws written by fascist corporatists no matter how many layers of convoluted PIG FECES its buried under.

      148. Look, if this had actually been Bundy’s land instead of land his family “used” for generations that would be one thing. But what a lot of people seem to be missing here is that this was open range. Bundy and his family NEVER OWNED IT. So for one thing, he’s allowing people to come fight for him and possibly die so that he can keep paying nothing to use land that never belonged to him or his family in the first place. And two, his appeals to the “We were using it for generations” arguments mean that he could be thrown off the land by the Indian tribes who lived in that area and would have the stronger case in that way.

      149. My family is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Over 100 properties along the Ontonagon River will be confiscated in 2016!!! Check it out. The TIME IS NOW MY FELLOW PATRIOTS. GOD SPEED. IT IS HAPPENING ALL OVER…


      150. How tragic, and It’s all for not, because these people are appealing to the very document that made this possible.

        Thanks to Amendment 5 of the federal Constitution and its establishment of eminent domain, leading to the appropriation (theft) of private land turned into public land, and the Constitutional Republic’s insidious property taxes, every square inch of land in America is owned by the government of the Constitutional Republic (something impossible under Biblical law) and therefore these protesters don’t have standing in this situation. Appealing to the Constitution or
        the Bill of Rights in this and similar situations is the epitome or irony!

        For more, see online Chapter 14 “Amendment 5: Constitutional vs. Biblical Judicial Protection” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt14.html.

      151. Back in the 1800,s many Greedy ranchers opposed the Homestead act. So they like bundy today simply decided to not recognize the Federal goverments authority. they hired thugs & killers to harass and drive the homesteaders & sheep men away. The most famous of these was a man Named Tom Horn. They also had their Straw Men file on the best 160 acre parcels mostly those that had water so nobody but them could graze the land. There where numerious range wars where So called cattlemens associations hired enforcers and accused homesteaders of rustling and lynched them without trials. My prediction is by the time this Is over Bundys cattle will not be grazing the range land for free. Bundy and some others will serve time in prison. The grazing rights need to be sold at public auction to the highest bidder on a yearly basis.As bad a we perceive the federal government to be. The fact is without the fed to keep them in check State & local goverments would be much worse. Look a all the Uncounstitional gun laws many states & citys enacted that where struck down by the supreme court. Granted the Supreme court got it wrong when they upheld the Obama Health Care. Part of the reason is the Justices Appointed where put in place by the liberal politicians that where elected. and they are elected because they keep their promise of bringing money from the public coffers back to those who voted for them. Our Republic Has turned into a Mob Rule Democracy.

      152. It has been alleged that Harry Reid is in bed with this government action, because he is tied to the people who want to make the area into a commercial solar farm. Harry stands to make millions of dollars in fees and kickbacks if he streamlines that play. So as usual, Harry’s going with whatever makes him the most money.
        This is why, in November, voting for ANY incumbent is tantamount to putting another nail in the coffin of freedom in America.

      153. I find it interesting that 5000 Patriots will be in Nevada for some cows, but the millions of dead citizens from government over-reach didn’t get a single patriot that cared, let alone travel to actively fight for them.

        Like the guy in Albuquerque and Kelly Thomas, two homeless men who were killed for simply existing. Millions of others hurt and murdered by law enforcement acting outside the constraints of the Constitution.

      154. As you can see, this was a BULLSHIT story, only hundreds of militia showed up to ranch, and I would be very wary of the video like this that hypes up the situation. Bundy’s did not ask for “combatants”, they asked for citizens to help and if they are armed so be it. This kind of language smacks of a Fed Psy-Op:

        “If you aren’t a combatant, this doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in this revolt against tyranny.”

        COMBATANT? That’s what I mean, this looks dodgy.

        READ THIS:

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