Video: Leftists Embrace Domestic Terrorism, Call For Assassination Of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Over Repeal Of Net Neutrality Rules

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner Ajit Pai arrives at a FCC Net Neutrality hearing in Washington February 26, 2015. The FCC is expected Thursday to approve Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposed "net neutrality" rules, regulating broadband providers more heavily than in the past and restricting their power to control download speeds on the web. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS TELECOMS HEADSHOT) - RTR4RAVY

    The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to “dismantle” Obama-era rules that regulated the businesses that connect Americans to the internet in a move that the left has breathlessly attacked since its announcement.

    The so-called net neutrality regulations were supposedly put in place to prohibit broadband providers from blocking websites and or charging consumers for higher-quality services or to watch certain content such as Netflix.

    “The action reversed the agency’s 2015 decision, during the Obama administration, to have stronger oversight over broadband providers as Americans have migrated to the internet for most communications. It reflected the view of the Trump administration and the new F.C.C. chairman that unregulated business will eventually yield innovation and help the economy,” reported The New York Times.

    “It will take weeks for the repeal to go into effect, so consumers will not see any of the potential changes right away. But the political and legal fight started immediately. Numerous Democrats on Capitol Hill called for a bill that would reestablish the rules, and several Democratic state attorneys general, including Eric T. Schneiderman of New York, said they would file a suit to stop the change.”

    While The New York Times noted that the “legal fight” has started immediately, they failed to even acknowledge the numerous calls for violence against the Republican chairman of the FCC that included direct threats of assassination.

    “I hope a dark web assassin kills Ajit Pai,” one of the disgusting Tweets read. “Can someone please kill this subhuman scum? read another.

    As reported, “Does net neutrality cripple innovation or encourage it? Ultimately the FCC would vote to release the internet back to its pre-Obama days in the wild, but more death threats against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai weigh in on Twitter. It’s the way the left operates now as they embrace domestic terrorism unchecked in the face of our Republic.”

    One can only imagine what the mainstream media would be doing if Trump supporters openly called for the death of a Democratic politician….


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      1. Not sure where I come out on this yet.

        Pretty sure I’m not going to like it, but that’s me.

        All I use is “basic” service. I could see this getting chopped up into a bunch of specialty “pay” services. Initially I’d never use them so shrug but in the end I’m not really sure. Could end up “pay per” everything.

        • i never use the net except to warn people about the stupidity of the NRA wanting everyone to get permits.

          • You do realize that “Shall Issue” is morphing into “Constitutional Carry”. Shall Issue was the step. In 1987 a common citizen could expect to obtain a carry permit (or risk a felony if caught) in 8 states. Today its 43 if one included Constitutional Carry. What organization was at the spearpoint of that? The NRA. Without the NRA the USA would be the UK.

            • Kevin, Gandhi is just sour at the NRA because they denied his life membership application.

          • I use the net to warn people how stupid it is to create gun free zones for the criminals and then try to disarm law abiding citizens.

        • I am trying to find time to put together a compendium of all the hate, actual murder, and violence of the left. I have a LOOOONG list, just no time (gotta work to pay taxes to support all the free lunch leftists, y’know). Here’s one filthy, vile quote from leftist icon Wee Willy Ayers (I have two friends who are recently retired police – both STRONG conservatives BTW – and this is pure evil from Ayers, but that’s who they are)

          “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”
          – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, also now prof of education at Univ of Illinois, Chicago, in A Strategy to Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969. I can barely even write his quote above without vomiting.

          • TEST, if Bill Ayers ever appeared in my rifle scope, it would be my pleasure to send him straight to hell. I always thought of him as more of an AMERICAN STALIN.

        • I’m not sure i understand exactly what this is. I do know that if they block “certain web sites” then that is not good at all and will hurt us. We here go on a lot of Alternative sites like this one. What if these are blocked? We can’t find out the Truth then. This is not good.

          • The “Neutrality” part of ‘Net Neutrality’ refers to the Democrat’s obsession over the fact that Conservative Media is more popular and dominant on the internet than Liberal. The Dems were going to ‘Clamp Down’ on the Patriots and Conservatives, starting under Hillary, was when all of there repression was going to start, using this act.

            This act was originally nothing but Obama’s Marxist preference for a One-Party State and his insidious repression of dissenting ideas. It has nothing to do with ‘evil corporations’ throttling of internet conduits or provider costs and fees. As soon as this much needed shutdown happened the Left dog-whistled to Millennials on their media sites (Huffpo, etc..) and presto, you had Millennial riots.

      2. I’ll say it again, liberalism is a BRAIN DISORDER. Seriously, these ‘people’ are freakin brain dead……

        • Yes they are brain dead. What kills me is most of them are white and want to sell their own race down the damn river and turn the USA into China. If that ain’t brain dead I don’t know what is. Somehow they see a utopia of muslim savages living in harmony with all sorts of other cultures packed in close together. I see a damn war.

          • Menzo, Braveheart wholeheartedly agrees. I don’t even know what this change will mean but I do know I’m sick to death of the libturds and their threats. I also see a war coming and I see those dildos giving us more and more reasons to be against them. They’ll end up eating lead of many different calibers.

            • No doubt. I’m glad we’ve had this site and others. Can’t believe there not shut down yet. Haven’t ever met any of you, but I’m glad to know there are patriots that feel the same way. We ain’t just gonna lay down. When I go off it will be bad. But unlike the lefty trash, I’m not gonna kill anyone that is innocent.

              • Yep, I’m with ya Menzo.

              • Btw, Drizzt is one of my literary heroes ?

                • Mine too.

            • Brave, It’s not the Libturds doing this. As I said in yesterday’s ‘The Virtual Economy’ thread as an off-topic, “EVERYONE should be concerned about this.”

              Anyway, in a nutshell, here’s what it really means:

              Our ISP’s can now extort more money from us in the following ways:

              – Tiered Service

              – Metering

              – Bandwidth Throttling

              – Site Blocking (unless we pay extra)

              It’s called extortion.

              And it’s not the Left/Dems doing this. Trump forced and facilitated it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As I said in my other post on this thread, I am done with Trump.

            • what this means is that the tptb can speed up the sites of the news providers that they want you to see (CNN, Washington post, Facebook, ect) and slow down the sites that dont want you to see (, wikileaks,, ect).
              Its all about controlling the information that you see. if you cant see another point of view you cannot attain a better understanding on the situation (kinda like leaving out critical mission information, or wittnessing the 2008 crash and only hearing that the enoconmy is improving and nothing else).
              its a form of propangda/brainwashing, they are trying to create a safe space that no one is hurt or offended and the easiest way to do this is to limit the information that can get to a person and isolate any counter view points to ensure that the person form the opinion that they want (what north korea is doing!).

          • Two suggestions.

            1. It’s best to take action at the first instance of a problem. This means do something now.

            2. Something that could be effective right now is to routinely post on those other sites. Do it in your own personal style, whatever that may be. Result: Some readers will be influenced; some will be motivated to write posts against you. This doesn’t seem like much, but it’s better than doing nothing, and it will have the effect of bringing the issue to a head. In a small way, granted, but to a head nonetheless. And that is what you want, because it then justifies further action. Until then, nobody is actually doing anything. They are over there, and we are over here, the two groups are not talking to one another. If a word-fight breaks out, a fight is what that is, and that’s what you want, and it can be won. We are in a position of strength and should take this action. If we win in small ways consistently, large wars between ourselves and others of our own kind will occur less often. Instead, our differences will be resolved in small ways all the time and that will be a lot better.

            To do nothing is a form of suicide. That is what our enemy wants us to do: Complain among ourselves and do nothing.

            Instead, do something now. It won’t solve the whole problem. But we learn by doing, not by talking. And in a short time we will learn what the best possible action consists of. Then we can do that. And then our enemy will be left standing, weapons in hand, defeated.

            • Excellent, excellent post rrr. In fact, I can’t stand the old anthropologist Margaret Mead, but she did have one thing right:

              “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

              In the USSR, people who loved freedom turned to “samizdat,” or self publishing. Some even say that it was the fax machine that brought down the USSR – probably hyperbole, but still a good observation.

              For me? I go out and leave notes on mailboxes – in an urban area, that numbers perhaps up to a thousand. I leave notes on windshield. I post, generally with SOURCE LINKS so people can use what I post to communicate with others confidently. The reason I left Canada and moved to the US is because I published something the radical feminazis didn’t like in the Financial Post, and got me fired from my job. I would do it all over again, of course. So, you are spot on, RRR! Thanks, and excellent post.

          • They are Traitors to their OWN race! In the future when white people have to hide from the black race they will be SORRY they stuck up for the black race!! What if it happens to the white race like it happened to the black race 70 yrs ago? We can’t sit on a bus, we have to use a special bathroom for whites only, we have to sit in a corner at a restaurant for whites only, we are segradated just like the blacks were in the 1940’s-1950’s. I believe it’s coming to that…just like in the movie Planet of The Apes.

        • Yup, yu gotta wonder whats wrong with these dumb shits,
          I grew up, eating steaks, hunting, drag races onnthe weekend, drove a pickup all my life and most have been balls to the walls horsepower tuggers,
          These libturds want us all to eat veggies raised humanely, not have guns, bows, knives, and maybe even hammers, so nobody but the government and criminals (is there a difference?)can kill shit, and want us all living in solar powered skyscrapers and driving a prius if we are allowed even that,,,,
          Dumber than a bag of hammers, leftards

          • Nailbanger, they are LIBTURDS. That says it all. And I don’t care what the libturds want from us.

          • they are smarter than we are, because they are beating us. always have and always will. people think they can just send a small check to the NRA and then their permit will be good in more places. hahahaha stupod.

            • Gandhi, like I said on another thread, speak for your f#$%in self. None of the regulars here are stupid. The only idiots who come here are trolls.

            • I can legally carry in 37 States thanks to the efforts of the NRA.

          • Oh, did you hear it? I heard it on the radio and read it in the newspaper. A dog shelter near me wants to feed all the shelter dogs a VEGAN diet!! No meat at all! That means they will eat corn, soy and wheat all of which is very bad for dogs and cats. I don’t feed that garbage to my dog. These poor dogs will be very sickly. Grains are bad for them! These people are INSANE!! The dogs will get sick and die quicker. Maybe that’s what they want?

      3. I’m just just amazed that nobody on here is complaining about it. I see a real hit coming against peppers and guns in general over this. Remember, most of the Internet is controlled by a few large corporations and now they will be able to impose their beliefs on us. Large companies like Comcast and charter will be able to decide weather we should have access to prepper sites or gun dealers, just like some banks have blocked their cards from being used to purchase what THEY deem bad. They already think gun owners and peppers are nut jobs and now they can do something about it. Remember, not all government over site is bad.

        • I wouldn’t complain about abolishing “net neutrality” because everything was fine before it. I don’t see why things should change to anything other than how it was before.

          Providers are in business for the money, and if they try something now, people will go to other providers. And without government interference, there will be even more providers. I live near a small town, and we have three providers available plus free wifi at almost every restaurant.

          • That would be fine, but in most areas all of the Internet is provided by a few large companies. I hope they don’t, but banks have started and most of these companies are run by leftist gun hating assholes. They have been slowly buying up all the providers. In my case we have spectrum and they are Charter. Take a look at who owns what on the internet. It is scary.

          • Its called free market,

            • Texans stand up for the homeless, Stand down the cops…

              ht tp://

              • I heard on the radio that in Texas they are taking away the poor peoples blankets, and slashing their tents with a knife so they move on. This is all these poor people have. The System is indeed very EVIL!

          • “Net neutrality was introduced in 1996 under the telecommunications act. What took place during the Obama administration was the reclassification of net neutrality from title 1 reclassification to title 2 reclassification.”

            From this video: – it’s fairly interesting aside from the robot voice.

          • Free wifi everywhere and free radiation EMR to the brain too. I saw a video of a guy who tested it. It kept going zap zap zap over and over to the brain. He had to disconnect his wifi at the house, and STILL it didn’t go away. He had to get on the computer and shut it down from a site too. It makes it hard to sleep, to think clearly and causes cancer.

        • You mean just like google and facebook do ? Who ever said that access to the internet is a utility – and even if it was (if you pay for your water and electricity) is there not a meter connected to it and you pay for what you use ?

        • So wait….. you want govt oversight for the govt that wants to come after our guns and prepper websites?

        • The so called NET NEUTRALITY is what would have done what you speak of, that is why the liberals wanted it so they can control content

        • Net neutrality was tried before under the name of “the fairness doctrine”. That is the reason for the existence of colmes of hannity and colmes. It was simply the liberal’s way of controlling what was said on the air..every conservative thought needed to be countered with a far left lunatic thought..but then shows that bent left were countered with a slightly less left “opinion which would be ridiculed and shut down…al’la “the voice”.
          Being rid of “net neutrality” only supports the 1st Amendment. It was nothing but a liberal control mechanism.

      4. Really now folks we’ve had the open internet for 20+ years and it remained relatively open so is anyone really surprised actually I am kinda surprised they haven’t tightened their grip on it sooner.

      5. “someone please kill this subhuman scum? read another.”

        Let me help you, fascist leftist: Look in the mirror. In fact, you are so vile in your evil, your own looks might kill you.

        Truth is folks, the amoral left has, from its very inception, killed, murdered and more. All for a “good cause,” right?

        Robespierre, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel, Stalin, Mugabe, the mass death in the communist wars in Angola, the list goes on and on and on. Then there are the 50 million or so the evil left has murdered in abortion.

        Go find out who Hitler’s National SOCIALIST brownshirts were – and them compare them to these vile, filthy – and yes, subhuman – leftists.

        I strongly believe in non-violence. However, I also believe in self defense, and am a gun owner for this very reason. I support what just happened with net neutrality, and if any fascist leftist wants to assault me, they will never do so again.

        And why are these vile leftists so frantic? Because this puts a stake thru the vile heart of the Gramscian/Alinsky/Frankfurt School use propaganda

      6. Always remember folks: H8TE, violence and bullying is always wrong – that is, unless the fascist/communist left does it – then it is “understandable,” “justified” and even “good.”

        They could track down these posters posting incitements to commit violence on public officials. Maybe the FBI ought to take fifty bucks from Mueller’s multi-million dollar scam and pay these subhuman vermin a visit.

        And yes, anyone who threatens death and mayhem, like these leftists, are indeed vermin. Is the radical left capable of ANYTHING other than poverty, propaganda and death?

      7. We got it all wrong, it is/wasn’t about net neutrality; no, it was because he decided to close the Kwikie-Mart early. Geez guys. Get a grip.

      8. Why aren’y these people who are making these threats being arrested and charged with communicating a threat?

        Keep on doing it until somebody makes a stand.


      9. Pai another puppet disgrace to humanity. He is just doing what he was told to do. Return to whatever third world craphole you crawled out of. The average Americans opinions no longer matter.

        • Thats why average Americans need to nullify the opinions of the higher and supposedly mightier boinkers who think they run everything,

          • Nailbanger I ALREADY nullify what others especially libturds think of me. NULL AND VOID.

        • Trump not only tasked Pai with doing this, but he also forced and facilitated it. So Trump won’t put a stop to it because he’s behind it.

      10. Does this mean the Daily Stormer will be able to find a host?

      11. Why are you all sitting around looking at computer screens? Work on your preps!!1 The world is going to hell!!! Merry Christmas!!!

        • Because fear porn sells preps.

        • Well, i wish i could prep more, but i’m too poor at the moment and can’t do any more. I’m fairly set.

      12. The big providers use algorythms (pardon the spelling) to know what you use on the internet and since most of them are left leaning you will get the news and anything else that they want you to see. By controlling what you see they can mold your point of view to what they want you to have. Youtube is the latest example in doing away with sites they don’t like with no input from us. I’d rather be free and open and less regulation from the government.

      13. Lisa Bloom indentifys as being Jewish. What a surprise?

        • TH, I read somewhere once that it was chewish women who started the feminist movement.

      14. It’s gonna be just like in commie china. VPN will be required to see anything else except libturds crap.

      15. Regulation prohibits. Freedom enables. The Internet has thrived as a wonderland of freedom precisely because of its natural neutrality–not ‘the fake “neutrality” of monopoly-bidden government’s cherry-picked favoritism that keeps only certain obedient entities on the Internet and bans any others accused of being “offensive” (politically out of favor). Regulation by government is why we must now buy only “Made in China”, since only the “licensed”, “permitted”, “accredited”, and “compliant” (Big) businesses are the only ones we’re allowed to “chose” from–and their un-innovative stuff is “Made in China” by that Communist regime’s billion coolie labor slaves.

      16. Net neutrality is symptomatic of how big government has intruded into our lives…

        Some places you can’t collect your own rain water…

        We have allowed government to grow into the million ton gorilla crowding us out of the room…

        I see Trump as a temporary stop gap slowing our decline into a into a third world dictatorship which may very well be a slow decline into the NWO…

        TPTB still have all the means in place to destroy what is left of our republic… Our enemies have for some many years been inside the gates… The character and moral standing held by our nation when I was growing up has been replaced by liberal/left communistic mouthing by snowflakes, indoctrinated into an educational system where GOD was thrown that allowed the introduction of every imagined perversity to be experienced without the reins of conscience…

        Man has always wanted to assume the position of GOD… the current left is an off shot of this sickness… they will kill those who do not share their viewpoint, it is after all the only humane thing to do???

        The UN pisses me off and I see where Chicago politicians would like to invite them into the city to still the out of control gang violence…

        I thought gun laws were the answer??? How can there be a problem when citizens can’t own a gun????

        Guess this is my morning rant.. their dirty laundry is now out for all too see, won’t be long now…

      17. People can’t feed or educate themselves, or worship, independently, or issue their own currency, without getting the midnight knock. There is no sanctity of home and hearth.

        You were wanting equal time for play-doh and purple penguins.

        You don’t want to own a pony, especially not as a working animal. You want to dress up as a pony.

        We should imagine that your terroristic threats were written in bathtub crayons.

      18. Socialism is the little sister to communism.

        • If there a practical difference, between the two, I have never heard of it, before.

      19. BROKEN ARROW! Repeat. BROKEN ARROW!!

      20. As for as the “New Neutrality” situation; think of it this way; when has “regulation” by the government EVER worked out? That’s right, NEVER. This is a good thing and will allow the market to remain “free” and “uncorrupted”. You cannot find one example of government regulation in place that has actually improved the situation overall.

      21. If Trump’s platform was against demographic displacement — ie. ‘Build the wall’ — the appointment of an Indian to an IT role was ironic.

        The appointment of an LBGT to a civil rights role, when there are no parental (particularly, men’s) rights.

        A black over housing, after the ACORN scandal. (Has a debatable list of black inventors. Yes, really.)

        A Latino over labor.

        Has a woman speak for him and listens to his daughter, on policy.

        This Sesame St business flatly not conservatism. You can call me a mean chickenshit for pointing it out, but he’s not even right wing.

        One of you bronies should possibly submit a resume, with your liberal arts qualifications.

      22. The huge suppliers utilize algorythms (exonerate the spelling) to realize what you use on the web and since the majority of them are left inclining you will get the news and whatever else that they need you to see. By controlling what you see they can shape your perspective to what they need you to have. Youtube is the most recent case in getting rid of destinations they don’t care for with no contribution from us. I’d rather be free and open and less direction from the legislature.

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