Video: Financial Analyst: “We Are Very, Very Close To A Major Event Here”

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    For those paying attention to the global economy and the geo-political environment it’s hard not to see that something very serious is going on.

    Russia is currently involved in one of the largest militarization efforts in world history. With economic sanctions from the West now collapsing their economy it is, as many have suggested, only a matter of time before the regionalized conflicts in Europe and the Middle East go global. Resources, namely oil, are now being used as a weapon with prices having dropped precipitously over the last twelve months.

    In the United States central bankers have printed trillions of dollars in an effort to keep the economy afloat. But the latest retail numbers suggest that the American consumer may be tapped out. Moreover, the purported economic recovery is quickly being revealed for the sham that it is as home sales across the United States have once again turned down and tens of millions of Americans remain jobless and dependent on government assistance just to survive.

    As financial analyst Greg Mannarino notes in his interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, the United States is desperately trying to prop up the economy with propaganda and machinations that include, among other things, the latest immigration amnesty orders issued by President Obama. If Mannarino is right, then we may well be approaching a calamity unlike anything the world has ever experienced.

    It’s clear to me what the central banks are doing means they are absolutely desperate right now. That also means that we are very, very close to a major event here.

    I don’t believe we’ve seen the actual end here because the central banks . . . are going to do things we can’t even conceive yet.  They are going to pull surprises that are going to shock people, and one of them is what Obama just did with regard to the immigration reform.  This is a dollar propping up mechanism.  That’s all it is.

    People need to understand . . . this comes back to the debt based economic model.  This mechanism absolutely requires they come up with more and more reasons to borrow cash into the system. It is a debt based economic model. . . . It all goes back to the premise that it can’t stop. This whole mechanism of borrowing cash into existence is so dastardly and so pervasive . . . once this comes down . . . once this debt bubble bursts . . . we are going to see a loss of life.

    This hyper inflated debt issue has allowed an alternative universe that has carried the human race with it.  It will create an environment where resources, at some point, will become scarce, and it is going to wipe out a large portion of the human race when the debt bubble bursts.  This is why we are seeing this desperation and the twisting of everything from the manipulation of metals to the manipulation of currencies.  The central banks are going to do everything they can to prop this up.   This is what this immigration thing is about, just like the expansion of wars.

    It’s going to get much worse.

    Transcript via USA Watchdog

    There should be no question regarding the fiscal, economic and monetary disaster that America has become.

    It is serious.

    We’re not just talking about another recession or a 30’s style depression here. When the debt-based system upon which the entire global economic system depends finally falls apart the shockwave will be violent and it will be felt everywhere. No nation will be immune.

    For those who have failed to prepare a contingency plan, the events that follow will be devastating. As Mannarino notes, everything is built upon this debt, including our access to resources like oil and food.

    When the country of Greece collapsed we got a taste of what this might look like on a macro scale. It was so severe that not only did a large portion of the population lose access to their income when their jobs were wiped out, but confidence in the debt-dependent economy was completely lost. Because no one had an money and no more money could be borrowed, the country literally lost access to everything from medicines and food, to the ability to even keep the electricity on.

    Things quickly descended into pandemonium as people fought for food and many were forced to depend on black markets to get by.

    Now imagine such an event on a global scale. Greece was bailed out by the EU and the United States. But what happens when it is these countries that are hit with a similar collapse? Who will bail us out?

    The answer is no one.

    A global catastrophe is coming and it is going to be massive. Now is the time to prepare for it by investing some of your available means into assets that will retain their value when it happens. This means physical goods like gold and silver to engage in trade, foods with a long-term shelf life, labor and trade skills, and other supplies that will replace the worthless consumer goods we believe to be important today.

    It’s coming. The time to get ready for it was yesterday.

    Image courtesy Dees Illustration


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      1. Time to lock and load

        • Humility. That’s what’s needed. Thank goodness for the current generation of college students who have been taught self-effacing humility when reflecting upon their privilege. Read the following account to brighten your your hope for the future:

          I Was Mugged, and I Understand Why

          by November 18, 2014 by Oliver Friedfeld

          Last weekend, my housemate and I were mugged at gunpoint while walking home from Dupont Circle. The entire incident lasted under a minute, as I was forced to the floor, handed over my phone and was patted down.

          And yet, when a reporter asked whether I was surprised that this happened in Georgetown, I immediately answered: “Not at all.” It was so clear to me that we live in the most privileged neighborhood within a city that has historically been, and continues to be, harshly unequal. While we aren’t often confronted by this stark reality west of Rock Creek Park, the economic inequality is very real.

          Year after year, Washington, D.C., is ranked among the most unequal cities in the country, with the wealthiest 5 percent earning an estimated 54 times more than the poorest 20 percent. According to the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute, just under 20 percent of D.C. residents live below the poverty line.

          What has been most startling to me, even more so than the incident itself, have been the reactions I’ve gotten. I kept hearing “thugs,” “criminals” and “bad people.” While I understand why one might jump to that conclusion, I don’t think this is fair.

          Not once did I consider our attackers to be “bad people.” I trust that they weren’t trying to hurt me. In fact, if they knew me, I bet they’d think I was okay. They wanted my stuff, not me. While I don’t know what exactly they needed the money for, I do know that I’ve never once had to think about going out on a Saturday night to mug people. I had never before seen a gun, let alone known where to get one. The fact that these two kids, who appeared younger than I, have even had to entertain these questions suggests their universes are light years away from mine.

          I come from a solidly middle-class family, and, with relatives in Mexico City, certainly don’t consider myself entirely shielded from poverty. And yet I’d venture to guess that our attackers have had to experience things I’ve never dreamed of. When I struggled in school, I had parents who willingly sat down with me and helped me work through it. When I have a problem, I have countless people who I can turn to for solid advice.

          When I walk around at 2 a.m., nobody looks at me suspiciously, and police don’t ask me any questions. I wonder if our attackers could say the same.

          Who am I to stand from my perch of privilege, surrounded by million-dollar homes and paying for a $60,000 education, to condemn these young men as “thugs?” It’s precisely this kind of “otherization” that fuels the problem.

          Young people who willingly or unwillingly go down this road have been dealt a bad hand. While speaking with a D.C. police officer after the incident, he explained that he too had come from difficult circumstances, and yet had made the decision not to get involved in crime. This is a very fair point — we all make decisions. Yet I’ve never had to decide whether or not to steal from people. We’re all capable of good and bad, but it’s a whole lot easier for me to choose good than it may be for them to.

          If we ever want opportunistic crime to end, we should look at ourselves first. Simply amplifying police presence will not solve the issue. Police protect us by keeping those “bad people” out of our neighborhood, and I’m grateful for it. And yet, I realize it’s self-serving and doesn’t actually fix anything.

          When we play along with a system that fuels this kind of desperation, we can’t be surprised when we’re touched by it. Maybe these two kids are caught, and this recent crime wave dies down, but it will return because the demand is still there, and the supply is still here. We have a lot, and plenty of opportunities to make even more. They have very little, and few opportunities to make ends meet.

          The millennial generation is taking over the reins of the world, and thus we are presented with a wonderful opportunity to right some of the wrongs of the past. As young people, we need to devote real energy to solving what are collective challenges. Until we do so, we should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins. I can hardly blame them. The cards are all in our hands, and we’re not playing them.


          If more non-Blacks had the same enlightened and noble attitude as this young man, then there wouldn’t be a “Ferguson.”

          This college student realizes his debt to the poor and disenfranchised and wants to atone for his perch of privilege.

          • Obviously the liberal left has been successful in brain washing this kid into believing in “white privilege” and “white guilt”.

            Don’t YOU believe it.

            Humility is NOT what is needed to get this country rolling again, its something called “initiative”, “personal responsibility”, and “dedication”.

            Losers are quick to blame others for their fate because they have failed to succeed. Most of these “failures” happen because the individual loser did not apply themselves or could not sustain the effort needed long enough to break out of poverty. The race is not to the swift, but to the strong, and your strength is built up day by day by day, a little at a time.

            The secret to “success” is to go within, know yourself, and follow YOUR bliss, disregarding the naysayers, or the “values” that others dump upon you. You come into this world naked and you leave naked. The only thing you take with you is your character.

            “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars ….”

            You are who you are. Not everyone is destined for college; or jail. Find yourself and be a pathfinder. 🙂

            • @FreeSlave: So what is this kids solution? Tell me, I’d like to know. When black kids have the following, where is the understanding for violent crime as just a simple call for help?

              Here is my questions to these “oppressed blacks”:

              Would you like reparations? How much? from whom? and in what form?

              Do you think you should have whitey’s taxes paying for your carte blanche welfare wherein you get free food, housing, phones, and medical treatment?

              Do you want your race to be proportionally inserted into movies, commercials, tv programming, and nearly all other places in the workforce whether qualified or not?

              Do you think you should have whitey’s taxes paying for you to be able to murder 50% of your innocent babies in utero on a national wide scale?

              Do want affirmative action?

              Do you want special status granted to you as an 8a minority contractor status wherein you are sole sourced taxed funded contracts for NO OTHER REASON than that of your skin color?…even being GIVEN contracts over your white counterpart who may be far more qualified than you and must bid for that project in an open solicitation environment?

              Do you think you should have black President of the United States? A black Attorney General? An administrative cabinet filled with blacks? A congress with many blacks?

              Do you think you you should have exclusive organizations that pander ONLY to you…ones that whitey doesn’t have access to? NAACP, ACLU,

              Do you think that whitey should allow you to have special education funding like the United N(e)gr0 College Fund?
              Do you think that whitey’s taxes should pay for your educational grants from his taxes?

              Do you think that whitey should allow you to have your black only protest marches?
              Do you think that whitey’s taxes should pay for your union retirements?
              Do you think that whitey should allow you to dominate all manner of high school, college, and professional sports?

              Okay. In case you haven’t noticed, YOU ALREADY HAVE ALL OF THOSE THINGS! These are all things that the “children of slave owners” already provide you with through taxes or benefits you receive wherein you are not “oppressed.” So what else? How much more? And don’t give me an answer like the ambiguous “I just want white people to treat black people with dignity and respect!” That is a superficial and subjective request and one black people have to earn. No government or tax revenue can grant that!

              So tell me what you think “whitey” owes you? I’d like to hear. What does the black community want from the “white” community? Give me a point for point bullet list. What should you, who was never a slave, get from me, who was never a slave owner? What are you “entitled” to from the “children of slave owners?”

              What more can I do to “shed” my white privilege and guilt?

              • COMMUNICATIONS

                Got this in an email today and was wondering what some others thought of this? I don’t know or understand much about this at all (see comment below) but it seems like a decent deal.


                I bought a Grundig shortwave radio from Radio Shack years ago and got so frustrated with it, ended up getting rid of it.

                • BJ, in all sincerity, can I ask what model of Grundig you had? I own 2 Grundigs and never had trouble with either one of them. I keep them in a metal trash can faraday cage because I know someday we’ll lose the internet.

                  • Don’t remember, it was back in 2011. It probably worked fine, but I just couldn’t figure it out. If you’ve been paying attention, I have posted on here for years that my learning style is a mix of kinesthetic, audio and visual… though is relational. I can learn some things by reading, but if it comes to anything electronic, mechanical, small engine….in general “how stuff works” … instruction book is as good as tits on a boar to me.
                    I need a person to teach me and answer questions….than I am a sponge.

                • BJ, Look into a Sangean radio. I have one that was marketed as Radio Shack DX 440 and it is great! Check ebay for one used. It has total coverage and sideband. I had a grundig once and like you, it was a pos radio. Kenwood makes some nice radios too 🙂

                  • Genius, I’ll agree that Sangean and Kenwood are good, but I never had trouble with a Grundig. BJ, you can also go to they have a huge selection of portable and tabletop radios and the prices will vary.

                    • BJ, one slight correction on the link. It’s I put the s in radio by mistake.

                  • Genius,
                    So you don’t think LDS prepper’s radio is any good? I liked the idea it would work with other radios.

                    • I was a truck driver in a previous life. I ended up with a Galaxy 99 radio. It has around 640 or 680 channels with 80 ( ? ) of them being Ham. I was sitting in my driveway one evening listening to a couple of guys, about four states away, talking to each other, and they were two states apart. Now, I’m not licensed, but I keyed up and spoke, got one hell of a tonge lashing. Point is, the Galaxy 99 is an awesome radio, and if set up properly can talk a long way. When TSHTF, I don’t think a license will be required to talk on ham channels, and no license required to listen.

                    • Isn’t there a way you can make it so your signal can’t be found or traced?

                      License is an evil word.

                    • BJ, when you said grundig shortwave I figured you were looking for a reciever. I have a few of the baofeng dual band handhelds and they work great. If you want to reduce your trackability get a yagi directional antenna and turn it so the elements are horizontal and simply point them at eachother. I haven’t tried it yet but I have read that a simple CB with a wire dipole antenna mounted horizontally about 4 inches off the ground will make a directional signal that is very hard to track and will bounce the signal off the ionosphere up to a 200 mile range. CB is close to the 10 meter ham band and it can with the right setup talk a long way. The baofeng radios are good for up to 20 miles or so on UHF band. They also make a ton of accessories for them including repeaters and high gain antennas. Just remember it’s not so much the power of the radio as it is in the antenna. Hope this helps .

                  • I don’t understand “sideband”, “shortwave”… is ALL greek to me.

                • Hey BJ…

                  I have one of those radios. In fact, I have several of the Baofeng radios and think that they are pretty good radios for the price. The one you linked to transmits at a higher power than some of the others.

                  If you get any kind of radio like that, you should spend some time on youtube and watch some of the tutorials that are there. The instructions that come with these radios are a little lacking.

                  You will probably also want to get a better antenae, as well as some of the other accessories that are available for these radios as well.


                  I purchased a Yaesu FT-60, which is a better quality radio.

                  Transmitting on these radios requires a HAM license.

                  There is a learning curve with these things, but I think it’s a good idea to have them.

                  • Yeah the instructions sucked….especially for someone like me.

                    Yeah I think comms are and will be important to have and to understand how they work.

                    NetRanger……I just got an idea for a weekend, in addition to some plinking 🙂

                    • Sounds like ur thinking abt some RF fun.

                      Got all that covered. Ur right, licensing is an evil word. They make you think it gives you priviledges but in reality licenses take rights away.

                  • Why so many different kinds Walt?

                    • I couldn’t get the Baofeng HP initially, so I bought the UV-5R.

                      There also is a difference in some of the frequencies that the different models will receive and transmit on.

                      And…..I like redundancy…..Two is one, and one is none….if you know what I mean.

                      Finally….these things are just pretty darned inexpensive. And…I might need to be able to communicate with family or friends at some point.

                    • That’s why I asked why different kinds…..I would of thought for redundancy you would want all the same kind? So they are interchangable for parts and transmit with other kinds?

                      How far do they work. I know the $65 dollar 2 way Midland’s we bought a few years ago won’t go even a mile unless it’s a clear line of sight….and they were supposed to go like 36 miles….what a joke!

                    • The Baofengs are all interchangeable when it comes to the batteries and antenaes…and other accessories as well. There are a couple of the Baofeng models that are NOT though…so be sure to check that out if you ever buy a different model.

                      Those Midlands you are talking about are FRS radios most likely and have limited power. The Baofengs are a different kind of radio, so they are somewhat better. Plus, they will work with repeaters. When you use a repeater, you get a much more extensive transmit range. This is where you are going to need some further training….learning how to program the radio’s frequencies. Again…there are a lot of sources on the Internet for this.

                      Again…these are HAM radios, and require an FCC license to transmit…though you can receive with no problem. The HAM community, as well as the FCC are VERY touchy about non-licensed users.

                    • BJ, the UV-5R is probably the most versatile and you can program frequencies outside the ham bands for extra security. When push comes to shove a license aint shit. If you choose to use them otherwise just program the GMRS frequencies so you don’t attract unwanted attention.

                    • Oh and also make sure and get the 3600mah high capacity batteries, they are cheap and double your talk time.

                  • Hi Walt, BJ and all…those Baofeng radios are great. I got the UV5R’s and picked up 3 battery packs, along with the AA pack adapter. And you’re right – the instructions do stink. The software to program these beasts are available. A couple of rigs that I have – the old Radio Shack 2m rig I got that hand held in ’92, along with a Yaesu 51RD dual band. Got one mobile rig but it’s 2m only.
                    Now I’m working on a portable 40m transceiver kit that uses a microcontroller for decoding on the receive side with a 2×16 sidescroller display, and will allow for precanned or manual transmission. Oh…and yep I am licensed in the technician class…CW will get out in conditions where voice comms won’t…something to think about…

              • Buy a 9MM Browning Para Bellam, and a box of +P Jacketed hollow points. I find this has taken care of all my White Guilt. I have concluded scum comes in all colors and I don’t dislike black scum any diff than any other color.

                • There’s no such thing as white guilt or white privilege.

                  • Where’s my green thumbs up? 🙂

                  • Sorry but there is white Guilt: We should have sent them back.
                    I’ve felt bad about that for years.

                    • Even Africa doesn’t want them back.

                    • Paranoid, did you know Lincoln had a plan to do just that? After his war ended he wanted to send all the black people to Liberia. One problem, though. In 1865, there were 4,000,000 black people in the entire US. There were nowhere near enough ships to transport them across the Atlantic and even if there had been, no way they would’ve gone voluntarily. That was Lincoln’s biggest fantasy. Talk about pipe dreams!

                    • I think it’s too late to get a refund because they don’t work.

              • SterlingSilver, AMEN to your comments also. Give them fire and brimstone.

              • If the criminals shot him just for fun or raped his wife just because they could would he have still held the same thoughts?


                • He needs to read “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and maybe he might start to wake up to the fact that it’s not just about poverty.

              • Wow – I think you should hang on to you white privilege and be all you can be, for as long as you can. Cause when that black man has had enough of you – and your crap…he is gonna just take that privilege from you. And oh, by the way – I am white..wake up dude…you are living in the wrong century!

                • @WTFIYP….This was posted on this forum many months back. It’s pretty much maps out the overall disgust and outright contempt that the “cracka” is beginning to feel. Ya see, we’ve been putting up with so much for so long….from so many useless people….

                  by Rudyard Kipling

                  It was not part of their blood,
                  It came to them very late,
                  With long arrears to make good,
                  When the Saxon began to hate.

                  They were not easily moved,
                  They were icy — willing to wait
                  Till every count should be proved,
                  Ere the Saxon began to hate.

                  Their voices were even and low.
                  Their eyes were level and straight.
                  There was neither sign nor show
                  When the Saxon began to hate.

                  It was not preached to the crowd.
                  It was not taught by the state.
                  No man spoke it aloud
                  When the Saxon began to hate.

                  It was not suddently bred.
                  It will not swiftly abate.
                  Through the chilled years ahead,
                  When Time shall count from the date
                  That the Saxon began to hate.

                • WTFIYP, you are a complete idiot! Hopefully, those nig99er thugs you love so much take out your family first!

                • When African Americans have had enough, and European Americans have all returned to their racial ancestral homelands, African Americans will find there is no capacity to maintain the European-American standard of living. See “Africa Addio”, a video on YouTube for a documented example of this occurring.

              • God love you Sterling! Very well spoken!

            • Many times when businesses go bankrupt they remove the assets from the building and then torch the joint to cover-up the losses. But 98% of the time the Fraud is uncovered. No different here in America, as they allow Infrastructure like Bridges on the verge of collapse, they are spending trillions on phony wars.

              Get a small john boat to escape into the wild, or a kayak to move some of your preps to a very remote BOL location, to avoid the Mass killing and Culling.

              • Economic indicators are down. Commerce, banks, etc., on computers and online.

                Now we learn of a major malware attack in USA


                Drudge Report

            • DK, AMEN to your comments. Nothing there I can dispute. No question that kid is a total moron. He makes helot and YMWW look intelligent. [Scary thought, isn’t it? That’s my sarcasm for today.]

              • Maybe if he would have gotten buttraped he’d feel better. Oh wait, he would probably love it uuuhhggg..

                • I’ll bet he would’ve loved it coming from acid.

            • Friedfeld sure don’t sound white to me..maybe more like very wealthy privilidged jewboy perhaps?

              Yet hes presented as if hes another over privilidged whitey guy right….This is exactly what I mean by how They do all types wrongs and exit stage leftist while us whites get the blame everytime!

              Just because they have a portion of caucasian white mixed in with their Hunn+Mongrol+Turk khazar genes does not make them true white folks…And that huge Mistake is how they keep getting away with scams they leave whites holding the bag for everytime.

              This particular specimen has really been kommie brainwashed to the max! And free slave admires him? Wow!

              Yes lets just all agree to never bitch when savage apelike negroes act worse than Real baboon monkys does in an african jungle setting…It is Our white faults for monkys acting like savages indeed yes…Oh Oh Oh I feel so evil and privilidged now! if only I wasnt a white man!

              Why can’t we whites look like a real apeman too phaleeese!

              What a true fuckin idiot kommie leftist..I see now we are going to really need our firearms soon, more so than we yet realized perhaps eh.

            • Funny this article brings up immigration. But does not tell us why. So why is Obama doing theis back door illegal immigration. How does that prop up or help the economy?? 34 Million NEW welfare recipiants? Or are they gping to prop up the falling sky??

            • There is no excuse for not getting a college education, especially for black kids. There are multitudes of ‘financing’ schemes available, including the Pell grant, affirmative action admission, among other givaways.

              I’m glad whiney apologists like the writer exist. The thug class can smell them a mile away, and target them as victims because they are unlikely to resist.

              The Bosnian guy beaten to death with hammers at 1 AM surely was privilaged as well. The ‘teens’ who beat him to death after throwing something and hitting his car were probably heading to their carpentry class, were taking care of their babies, and had turned their lives around. The Bosnian guy should have had to pay reparations because he white, never mind that he probably fled to USA during the Balkin war. He was privilaged even then. He probably hurt their feelings by screaming racial slurs as they beat him to death. What an animal.

            • DK I couldn’t agree with you more. Oliver frefeld was brainwashed into believing that it was OK for him to be mugged by an ” oppressed minority”. This country was mugged by the protestors in Ferguson and the media spins it into some white on black crime. Hopefully in 2016 we America will vote out race baiters and other filth that don’t believe in America first and foremost.

            • DK giving SOLID advice!!! I like it!!

          • The poor kid sounds like the typical neutered metro sexual male , a product of the liberal brainwashing college re-education system .
            He should be proud of what he has , not ashamed.

            • FreeSlave:

              Sorry, your post is plain garbage from start to finish.

              • Pissed Off Granny,

                Don’t you want your children to grow up like this young liberal fellow?

              • POG, I agree.

          • Based upon your post, you do not fit the typical prepper mindset that this site caters to.

            Why do you read shtfplan, how long have you been reading shtfplan and what brought you to the shtfplan website?

            I’m really trying to understand your mindset here!

            • Ever consider the possibility of sarcasm?

            • WhatWhy,

              My mindset was one of serious sarcasm. I neglected to put the following at the end:


              • I thought it was a given.

              • Just a For your consideration, FYC. If SHTF you are very likely to get shot before your SARC is noticed. As to the article: “It’s coming,it’s coming: I, for one, am getting a little tired of waiting.

          • When the Hoodie asked for my phone I would have said sure, here you go, pulled my Gun out and shot the bastard. I agree with Hammerheads comment. Product of Modern stupidity.

          • Geez, what an idiot! I wonder if he’s taken time to reflect on the disaster Obama’s economic policies have proven to be. If, and a big IF, these kids had chosen to get a job, they might be self-supporting and have a sense of honor and obligation to themselves, their families and society. Most of the jobs are gone now, at least at entry level, and with the thousands of illegals pouring into the country, any entry level job will be taken immediately and not by an aggrieved and violent sub-culture. Get ready to pay more taxes! This is somehow our fault.

            • Vicky you are right..We should have started target practice long ago.

          • Ya, the world would also be run by the Thugs even worse than it is. Has he been raised to shoot; fast; straight and to kill: The scum would be dead. A much better outcome.

          • That guy is a PRIME example of communist brainwashing. He had NO problem being a victim of a crime? Definitely not in his right mind. Had I been that kid, the only thing the mugger would’ve got was some hot lead.

            • Touche Renegade

          • @Free Slave…

            I’d lay you dollars to donuts that the person who wrote that article has an advanced academic degree. I takes higher education to become as morally confused as that guy is….that an absolute abandonment of any kind of objective moral standard.

            “I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.”

            Michel De Montaigne

            • He’s a college senior in Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

              Never heard of that particular school, but I would imagine that it’s training ground for folks who want to enter the State Department given its proximity to the hallowed halls of government power.

              Isn’t it great to have future civil servants with the mindset of this young liberal fellow?

              • Walt and Freeslave, academics are definitely in another world, not OUR world!

          • He should have met the thugs with hammers that the Bosnian guy did over the weekend. He would have realized what a stupid putz he is just before he became aware that they were going to kill him.

          • “This college student realizes his debt to the poor and disenfranchised and wants to atone for his perch of privilege.”

            What a bunch of crap. Absolute hogwash.

          • What a bunch of BS.

          • Obviously a lie. Guns are not permitted in DC

        • Ah, this months “the end is near” article. don’t worry guys, even a stopped clock is correct twice a day… you’ll get it one of these articles. 😉

      2. If the event would cause the entire Multi National Corporations along with their CEO’s and Board are destroyed along with the ZOG owned and operated banking cartels then it is a major and Good event. Else is just another article that we have heard since 2008 making the PIGs in charge making billions while the majority of the middle class being destroyed.

      3. Greg has been saying that millions will die and using the term “Biblical proportions” for a long time.

        I find his position to be pretty defensible. I hope he’s wrong, but I suspect he’s not.

        • I Agree if our country falls so does all foreign aid.. Think about that millions will die, no doctors for Africa, no help in the Middle East , no nothing every sheep for themselves

          • and where is the downside if Anonymous prophecy comes to pass?

        • Yeah, I have no faith that it is all really going to come crashing down “soon”.

          I’m writing to ask your opinions today. I have committed myself to moving in just 6 months. It could be to an even better location, but most likely to a much less stable and larger population (I’m in a pretty great spot now). I could go to a nice spot in northern Utah, but I will probably end up in rural northern Illinois (yep yuck).

          Just curious, do you personally think June will come around without anything happening yet? Would you be willing to move to the state of ILL to be near family, or would you head even further into the hills?

          • Illinois is a Big place, if you are talking upstate, even close to Chi, I wouldn’t live thee for any reason. Clear south isn’t to bad. Real problem is; Someone is going to pay Chi’s overdue bills. Even if TSHTF does not, Taxes in that state are going to the Moon. As to your question: “Will we get to June without anything happening”? Like what? Go to Cleveland, Detroit, and S Chi. They already look like bombed out trash. Would you walk down Michigan Ave at night?
            Yes, the dollar will still be King in June, yes BO will still be Pres, and yes Chi will still be a S hole.

            • Rockford IL is the most affordable city – on the planet. That’s not me talking, that’s, which has studied all the world’s cities. When people are wiped out, I believe they will flock to the lowest cost centers of America, to maximize the purchasing power of their government subsidies. Rockford is cheaper than Detroit, cheaper than Flint, cheaper than North Dakota.

          • DD, no way I would go to IL. I’m headed to be with family in north GA when the time comes.

          • Depends what you’re families like. If you don’t care to be around them, then definitely don’t move to Ill. If you want to be around them, or could possibly need them for surviving shtf, that’s different. Also depends where in Ill. Don’t move closer to population areas. If it’s the western side, could you see living in wisconsin? Much better future outlook than Illinois.
            molon labe

        • The Cost for the Saudi’s to produce a Barrel of oil is only $10. The cost to produce Oil in South Dakota is $80 Dollars. Oil slipped down to about $61 a Barrel today before it was propped back up to $65. The Saudi Manipulation is going to crush a lot of people out there. Watch South Dakota instantly go from Boom to Bust in a week or 2 – Ghost Town Baby. Many oil drillers borrowed heavy to finance their drilling rigs and now will not be able to make their loan payments, creating a default that will impact the entire energy sector. Get off the Grid ASAP,or move to a warmer southern climate like Florida, which I still have not had to turn on my heat yet this winter season. 78 deg today.

          • Oil coming from north Dakota was being sold for $65/bbl to the east coast oil refineries from people that know. The huge cost is moving it by rail car as opposed to pipeline which as of yet does not exist.

          • Been there many times and wouldn’t trade the advantage of warm weather and no state income tax for all the disadvantages that come with Florida. There are several cities in Fla that each have more people than the whole state of Idaho. Then there’s the demographic problem to consider as well.

            The wealth/production capabilities are concentrated in the hands of so few, with much of the rest based on tourism or wealthy retirees. Not a great sustainable plan post shtf.

            From many of your previous posts you seem pretty well dug in, and unfortunately you’ll have to be. Best of luck.

        • The Babble hasn’t been right yet for those waiting 2000+ years for Jeebus to return to save you. Or can bring foreward yet any one single true believer that has been promised ever lasting life. Ya’ll Stoopid Sheep have been Fleeced!!!

      4. But But But the article before this one said we have “Stronger Economy”

        just like the government ,, dont know which end is up , and cant get it right no matter what they try

        If you want to know the truth dont read shit.. you can feel it for yourself ,, if your not brainwashed

      5. I wonder what Gregory is selling?
        All of these prognosticators, sayers of gloom and doom are all trying to sell something.

        • It’s called common sense.We had a tech bubble replaced by a housing bubble and why is the economy not a bubble now,what’s changed ?

          • Cheap Gas is to help Car Dealerships unload all their Gas Guzzlers out there sitting in mass inventory. And those unsuspecting car buyers stuck in upside down car loans with 7 year Auto mortgages financed with nothing down, zero interest and $550 / Mo payments.

      6. I have been following some of this for two decades. I read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. I know a little bit but I have no formal education in economics. I just read books.

        Could someone connect the dots between the illegal alien immigration reform and propping up the US dollar? I’m not trying to be sarcastic here but these are dots I just can’t seem to connect.

        • KEVIN , I couldnt make that connection either .
          By my math , more illegals sucking up handouts = a crash in the welfare state , not propping up shit .
          Nope , i dont get it either.

          • depends which side of the political spectrum wins the souls of the immigrants: the extreme left wants more on the social plantation to buy a base. the extreme right wants cheap labor to keep the corporate masters happy (why outsource work when you can “insource” labor?).

          • It is pretty simple to connect the dots on proliferation of illegal immigration reform and propping up the dollar.

            You have to go all the way back about 20 years or so when the “cat came out of the bag”, about the nwo/illuminati agenda. Yea, I know it was preplanned long before that, but, it hadn’t reached the public, that was paying attention and listening. Still hasn’t sunk in with the masses.

            Anyways, there is plans by TPTB, that line up with the prophetic words for the end times of a ten nation/toed world. The EU had to take place to present the Revived Roman/Vatican Empire as one w/many nations combined.
            The USA has to combine Canada and Mexico into the “new Union of N America.

            Making millions of illegals, now legal, basically overnight, keeps the hoardes coming for their piece of the freebie pie. It will present the need to print more dollars and keep the system afloat….. propping up the dollar a while longer, until….. pop goes the weasel. As Hawk says, “It’s whacky weasel time”.

            When the masses have caused the system to overload, along with other catalysts, TPTB will most likely cause the three Nations of N America to operate as one.

            • They don’t need a pile of immigrants to print a massive pile of money.

              Your simple connecting of the dots shows no connection for me.

              • Funding the illegal’s handouts has to come from somewhere. Since they do not pay taxes, we have to print money to pay for them. IMHO

          • I BELIEVE the theory is that all of the illegals will begin paying taxes therefore adding additional revenue to the govt.

            • People in their most likely tax bracket with deductions for large families don’t pay any federal taxes they will however collect social security far in excess to whatever they put in.

              Propping up the USD? I still can’t see how.

              • They tell us the illegals will come out of the shadows, and pay their fair share of taxes, etc., etc., but the reality is that will not happen in this generation or the next. They are now, and will remain, an ill-educated, low-skilled labor pool that will earn low wages and pay only local property or sales taxes, and gas taxes, that kind of revenue level. Federal taxes will be revenue negative due to fraud, family size, or combination of both, as well as direct fiscal outlays by municipalities, states, and the nation.

              • I read several analysts reason for legalizing 5,000,000 Mexicans. It will help fill those coffers not filled by OstupidCare.
                It’s a start.

                • Adding more brownbacks certainly does not prop the greenbacks, but it does increase the need to print more of it. That is the connection.

          • Re Illegals is to prop up food corporations with 34 million new EBT subscribers. FOLLOW THE MONEY and who’s pockets it ends up in. Government financed food program to prop up food corporations bottom lines. Aint going to do jack for our economy.

        • Kevin,the isle is a pretty dry book but does contain important info.,read a better one from me dad and when figure it out will post.As for the dollar/illegal reform would say just more cheap labor and as long as freebies handed out free votes for those handing out freebies.I do not blame the illegals ,hell,being offered a free ride to a degree at countries expense.I blame the powers that want to be and their puppets,hell,also look in mirror and blame meself for allowing it to happen without more of a fight.I would say really seems that things being done purposefully to push our countries economic decline,many thoughts as to why but short term feel votes(they go with crashed economy,hence dollar support)and more long term votes perhaps with illegals,tis a confusing mess to say the least!

          • The author said, “Propping up the dollar”.

            I just don’t get the connection between illegal alien reform and propping up the dollar. So far no one has effectively explained this alleged connection.

          • Dry….it took me 6 months to read it. Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustice Mullins was more interesting but The Creature From Jekyll Island was far more detailed; maybe too much so.

            • Kevin, I’ve read “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. One of the scariest books concerning the NWO I’ve ever read, but extremely detailed and right on the money. I highly recommend it to everyone.

          • Dammit Warchild, you know the illegals are here to work at the federal ammo factory! They need quantity not quality. Billions of rounds needed to quash the uprising. Also nabisco needs them to make goldfish crackers, think about it lol…

            • Genius, I’ve got to have my goldfish crackers. they’re part of my preps now.

              • I’m a Cheezits man, myself.

            • Genius,I do not believe that a quality product like Goldfish can be produced by illegals,Federal….,well,uhm,feel that court cease and desist coming again!

        • American sheeple are considered by the elite as assets that are bought and sold. And as such, they can be barrowed against as well. By legalizing millions of sheeple they can issue more debt and attach it to their heads and their children and grandchildren. Just as they have done to you, I and all our posterity for endless generations. If they don’t increase the heard they fear and know the debt could be called. Honestly, do you really believe America’s debt could ever be paid in full. At this point of course not, however having enough sheeple to tax to service the debt the scam can continue that much longer. It used to be called slavery, now its called collectivism. Hope this helps.

        • Kevin2, what’s the connection between a terrible labor participation rate, negative consequences of Obamacare, and a stock market at an all-time high?

          I don’t get that one either.

        • All those millions of illegals will get hundreds of billions of dollars of gov’t aid. The gov’t doesn’t have the money, so they will simply borrow it. Even though it’s borrowed into existence through the Fed, when it gets spent it will count as part of GDP.

          It’s why the District of Criminals doesn’t care how much they spend on turtle bridges and studies as to why lesbians are fat. All that gets counted as part of the GDP.

          It’s like making $50K and borrowing another $25K on your credit card and claiming you “make” $75K a year.

          • FreeSlave

            That is QE money that the banks received and directly invested into the market thereby bypassing traditional capitalism for some hybrid fascist / communist central planning. In the absence of QE they give a nation like Belgium money far in excess of their capability and they loan the money to the US banks. Its like your the nephew of Al Capone and your loosing your shirt and low and behold the bellhop that services Mr Capone lends you $100,000 at zero interest. If Mr Capone did it the IRS would be all over him.

            Now I still can’t figure out Immigration Reform and propping up the USD.

            • “Now I still can’t figure out Immigration Reform and propping up the USD.”

              me neither, i was hoping for (like you) some good answers or maybe some sort of explaination.
              Nothing. CRICKETS…………

              KEV – Dont buy into the 1+1=3.
              It dont work.
              And neither does Imigration reform prop up shit.

              • hammerhead

                In that case I’ll chalk it up to the author being wrong and there is no connection to propping up the USD and Immigration Reform. The economic dominos of “this hits this which causes this unless this” is really complex. Too complex for me. I’m a math sometime algebra guy. Calculus just isn’t my thing.

                Regardless I seen the crash coming in Feb of 07 and bailed out of all my investments going to cash funds. Bad news is I didn’t predict the capability of the banisters to successfully re-inflate the balloon this effectively so I pretty much stayed out just jumping in here and there. I can kinda see the fall is coming as I did the same in 2000. I have the gut feeling that the fall I been waiting for is too damn close to even think of getting back in now.

                The things being done politically, socially and economically have the appearance of desperation as opposed to organization. It collectively looks reckless and dangerous when they previously were safe and methodical. Something is damn sure brewing.

          • In the absence of anything else I’ll buy that. Sad, I’m buying into 1+1=3 because it makes the most sense.

            • Kevin 2–that’s only if you use Common Core math!!! LOL!!!

        • Easy. It’s a fraud but here’s how it works:
          Say Juan and Pedro come here and get some low paying job. That just added their wages to the GDP. Then suppose they brought their family with them and have to be fed, clothed, and provided medicaid, EBT, and free public services and schools. All those services they consume count as an increase in GDP. The food they bought, services they use, infrastructure they require, all “make our economy larger and stronger” and thus props up the dollar.
          The scam is that the cost to the taxpayer doesn’t count against that same number. GDP isn’t lowered because the net effect is negative. The positive numbers count towards making our economy look bigger and stronger while the costs are simply borrowed, ignored, and paid by you and I anyway.
          See how simple it is? If 10 million mexicans show up and buy a taco, our economy grew by the value of all those tacos sold. The fact that you and I are now on the hook for an estimated 2 trillion in services (to be paid or borrowed later) when they don’t leave doesn’t factor into the GDP calculations. Thus with with a little accounting slight of hand immigration props up the dollar, despite worsening long term fundamentals.

      7. i chiseled it in STONE when the housing bubble pumped up prices to 3 times what they were WORTH. no way to avoid it! but it sure hasn’t stopped the FED from pulling out ALL the stops trying!…or at least we THOUGHT they pulled out all the stops already, but like the author said, there’s MANY more things they can and WILL do to destroy america(ns) even MORE….amazing it’s taken this long, and we STILL haven’t got our collapse YET. i thought SURE months ago, with obamacare absolutely devastating our economy, it would have happened, but no, not YET….sick of this waiting…..sick of this CURSE, KNOWING we are effed, yet it doesn’t happen….it’s a slow-motion train-wreck!it”s been unfolding ever since the bubble, but why can none of my “friends” see it?…one thing’s SURE, for every day it DOESN’T happen, things will be SOOO much WORSE, when it finally does happen….now i know what it feels like to be a “hunger games” contestant….about to go into a battle for our LIFE, not knowing WHEN, WHERE, WHO, WHAT, will be coming at US….at least I KNOW the WHY part….too bad the dumb masses won’t LISTEN!

      8. Keep plugging people,it’ll hit sooner or later.

      9. This planet is overdue for a cleansing.

        Maybe, just maybe, an economic disaster would be the catalyst to do some housekeeping? Who knows?

        But as Stolz (above) said, if there is just a shuffling (my word) of the “stuff” where the “haves” keep on getting more, and the “have nots” get MUCH less, well, then, little has really changed.

        Stock up on water, food, guns, ammo, and of course, toilet paper.

        • There are a lot of haves out there that are real greedy assholes that deserve to lose all their “little gods” = money/investments/mammon.

          That is why suicide will be a daily occurance, when the millionaires on paper, see their paper worth more for wiping their sorry asses, than anything else.

          The optimists will say, “oh it will come back in a few months/years”. But, it won’t. It will make the crash of ’29 look like a blip on the screen, and that crash lasted over four years, and led to the Great Depression, that lasted ten years for most, and fifteen years for some, and some never recovered.

          Next year at this time, the certificates will make some good fire starter. Trash me if I’m wrong, and I’ll sing you a lullaby.

          Cry, cry, cry…. my, I don’t know why.

      10. My dad who recently died was one of the big boys in finance investment,bonds were his specialty and he was one of the pioneers in bond investment back in the 60’s(plenty of Forbes write ups about him in the 70’s),he got out of the field as he said was all now corrupt and impossible to NOT break laws being in the business.One of his friends was Secretary Of Treasury,when he took job my dad was horrified until his friend said only reason took job was that he would do less damage then others.My dad hung with many big name finance types that I met thru the decades,many were like him honest players who realized the whole thing was becoming a major ponzi scheme.They believed(rightly in my opinion)that the whole ball of wax was collapsing,was one reason my dad was considering leaving country for good,thought some areas might ride out a bit longer and more freedom,knew I wouldn’t leave and was willing to contribute towards me staying and drawing line in the sand.A economic collapse is inevitable,that said,a well spread out plan of assets can help one ride thru and perhaps come out on the other side doing OK.I do long term have faith that like the mighty phoenix we as a nation will arise from the ashes of our self immolation(damn,been awhile since I said that!),whether I am there to see or not remains to be seen,but,make no mistake,economic corrections coming,simple addition and subtraction will show you that.I do on one upside see more prepping/thinking about a better spread of assets ect.,till it hits you can do this or perhaps just add a little more food /ammo ect. to your stockpile.The one thing my dad and his friends I talked to did say was no one can predict the timing for sure and whether hard and quick or a slower ride down.Good to be back online and remember,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”.Damn,hows that for a long winded opinion?!

        • Warchild, to answer your question: That was an excellent opinion!!

        • WARCHILD- Sounds like your dad was one of the last good guys .
          We need some more right about now.

        • Warchild, glad to see you back, and my condolences on your Dad.

          • Warchild, condolences for your father. I knew you wouldn’t leave me man 🙂

            • Thanx guys,a lot of things going on right now and will be to a degree limited on net but will hit when on the forum and e-mails.A lot of things kinda ended up on my plate in regards to relatives ect.,plus,may be going to Cali.(the left coast!)to work for a month or more in,get this,January.Sure,I love the seasons as much as the next New Englander but to get a mid winter weather break and paid,well,Warchild all for it!On a side note Genius,am fine with telling the truth about Federal,but,let’s not mess with Goldfish crackers!

      11. The collapse dance…

        Two steps forward… one step back… but always advancing…

        I just love the spins and dips…

      12. The Synergistic Effect

        Its not just the Russians, Iran, Dollar collapse, Debt Bubble, President Obama’s incitement of Ferguson riots, no Ebola quarantine, abandoning the southern border, refusal to combat ISIS, attack on the Second Amendment, etc…

        its the synergistic effect of all of them at the same time.

      13. Same shit, different year.

      14. There are not many good sides to the coming collapse for the ordinary person. Most will suffer, have their dreams crushed, many will kill themselves either through suicide or by drinking and drugging themselves to death. Most men over 50 will be dead within five years.

        But there is a good side if you know how to whether this event. The value of young women is going to go through the roof. Just look at any place that has gone through a catastrophic crisis: most women are driven into sex work: the most beautiful will have no choice because the market dynamics will dictate it. Want to eat? Want a nice place to live? Sex work. I say this, not to revel in it, but to point out no laws can stop this because, when people get that desperate and when the economy collapses that far, there is nothing any government can do about it. Just get used to it.

        Get used to every hotel you walk into just crawling with beautiful women who are available for $100. Get used to every night club being more about sex than dancing. These are forces that no law can stop. The police will just give up and instead go for the easy option of taking shares in night clubs, offering security, taking bribes to look the other way, open a hotel, etc.

        • Eh,gotta say Frank,not seeing the good side there.I want women to sleep with me and make barn animals jealous and chickens bark because they like my rock star looks and I can make em laugh,not because I paid em.I also see in your collapse we have more corrupt cops,really rather not have em during a collapse,most laws wrong but ones like not killing/raping ect. will be handled fine by well armed folks.

        • The only part I disagree with, there Frank,

          Is the part about the $100.00. If the dollar has collapsed and not worth a piss, what will whores be wanting?

          The same thing everybody else wants….food and drink.
          An old bottle of strawberry wine, and a possum leg will fetch a nice piece of poontang.

          • And a case of the clap that would scare the shit out of penicillin and you ain’t got no penicillin.

        • Perv

        • My father seen something like that at Picadilly (spelling) Circus in London during WWII. The women were mostly the young wives of British soldiers that went overseas in 1940 or so and their wives did not have money to live on. He said every one, young, old, pretty and ugly all charged the same price. He told them, “John L Lewis has nothing over on you Ladies”.

          The reality is civilized behavior and conduct is closely related to a sufficient standard of living. Given the moral collapse even in good times in the US over the past few decades leads me to believe that it will take far less to coax many into such a life.

          • You pay for sex daily on the street or in a marriage. You buy them dinner or you buy them a house and car and you get sex out of it. And eventually they get tired of sleeping with you and take the car and half your house. Gave half my shit away twice. 1 minus – 1/2 minus -1/2= 0 Zero.

            • Agree: I just don’t believe in taking a moral position against sex work: if somebody wants to make a living that way, it should be nobody’s business but between them and the client.

              Sex is used as a control tool. How many people end up in bored, sexless marriages, or with partners who give up on keeping themselves sexually appealing (get fat)? It is naive to believe women do not use sex to ensnare a man and then divorce him and get half his wealth: happens all the time.

              Prostitutes offer the most honest sex relationship. As Russians like to say, “You do not pay a prostitute for the sex; you are paying them to go away.”

              I think people should be more liberal about these matters and there would be more happiness. So what if, when you are 55, you would like to pay for a night with a 20-year-old? No 20-year-old would go near you otherwise, and it is beyond bleak to imagine you will spend the rest of your life without ever enjoying that energetic sex again.

            • I think you have 1/4 or 25% minus attorney fees of course.

            • It seems that older people, who were not raised to expect “paradise on earth” marriages can come to grips with the reality of marriage. My marriage of 60 years has been a good partnership. We supplement each other’s advantages and back-up each other’s deficiencies.

              Not sure that your experience is typical, but hope not. There is an old saying that mariage to a homely woman will be one of the best. There’s another old saying that happy man has a Japanese wife. Maybe a bit extreme, but some old ideas work well. My two married sons both have foreign wives.

          • Very intelligent and reasonable response! People forget what allows us to have the society we do and that it is historically unusual to live in times where most women do not have to pursue sex work to survive or make a living. In the UK, the majority of working class women engaged in this work in order to survive up to the welfare state coming in. The reality in many countries around the world is that this goes on as a matter of daily life.

            As soon as people are not able to meet the daily cost of living because of high inflation, low wages, high rents, or a combination of all three, then this becomes a viable way to top up incomes. I study economic forces as they really are, not clouded by personal moral agendas or political correctness. This is why I have no respect for any politician who causes or encourages these things to cover up their failed decisions (like we have now).

      15. Who said this:
        “There is no way to delay that trouble coming everyday”
        “Trouble Every Day” by The Mothers Of Invention

        Words of truth spoken (1966) by the Master of reality RIP frank Zappa. As we all sit en wait for our own end!

        Be careful out there everyone!

      16. Hammer,they are out there,the real honest ones will warn folks of what is happening,tell em a good asset spread is wise,but,if you have some dollars you can afford to lose they will do their best in these times to try and make some wise investments.I believe a crash/correction inevitable,till then some will make money,just not only the big boys but one needs caution and good info. along with first having basics covered.My dad told me once if he only invested for the big guy would have been worth a 1/4-1/2 billion dollars,but as he invested and at the time did well for large pension funds for teachers ect(had Cali. teachers as a client for example)did not get as rich but did very well still.I stated wish he had done a bit of both,he laughed and asked why and said,well,you could write me a check for a few million and not notice it,we both got a laugh out of that.That said my father did plenty for me and I owe him(He has my phone #!),one of the best things he did for years was get me and friends tix to concerts on his dime and some of the best seats in the house,he was very big into music and shared by doing that a great gift for me and my friends in our teens.

        • Thats cool.
          Keep those memories close .
          But forget investments , they scare the hell outta me.
          Best of luck to ya.

      17. If they are right this is what we have been prepping for. But we have heard this many, many times before.

        My Christmas shopping is done. I bought everyone 2 oz. of Silver. If they don’t want it I’ll keep it.

        • I am sure they will appreciate it if you have been telling them where things are going! I would like metal for Christmas but no one around me will do this.

        • If they don’t want it may I be a part of your family? 😉 I’ve long wanted to get my own, but been concentrating on other preps…my son helped hubby and me put up 2000 lbs of oak firewood! The wood was free, but we had to get it cut and stacked. 🙂

          • Baby,the scary thing is as oak so dense(thus a great low/overnight burner for heat)a ton really is not that much!The upside of fire wood is it warms you when you collect it,cut it,stack it,and burn it,that along with a great workout!

      18. I’ll be watching the precious metals. When silver and gold are being traded up for brass and lead we’ll know it’s all over.

      19. “Until we do so, we should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins. I can hardly blame them. The cards are all in our hands, and we’re not playing them.”

        The quote above shows the mentality of the people who have caused and perpetuate the problems in this country. Today they expect us to accept as new norm, a few robberies and muggings. Tomorrow they will expect someone, taxpayers, to front them a house and a car on top of their welfare check. If we don’t cave in, we can “get comfortable” with a few riots. WE aren’t playing the cards because we aren’t going to. There’s no fruit left in the tree. The milk cow is dry.

        “When we play along with a system that fuels this kind of desperation, we can’t be surprised when we’re touched by it.”

        Well, the desperation that has been created, has been created by the very people doing the muggings and robbing. You have no sympathy from me. If a person thinks intimidation brought on by implied threat of robbery or riots will sway any person worth his or her salt, their actions could become another tragedy played out on the 6:00 news.

        BTW, “touched” is another word for crazy.

        • Rednek101, spot on. I can ‘sway’ troublemakers just by racking the slide on my 12-ga.

      20. Turning, turning, turning, turning. Fourth turning is here.
        All thats left is to watch that tipping point flip. Operation Ferguson might do it. Hard to know w/ so much S hitting everywhere at the same time.

      21. We have been very close for years. Don’t you people ever get tired of your fallacious prediction?

        • I read about a roman asking that very same question around 400ad. While there are many parallels between then and now, no one has ever told me what year Rome officially collapsed so I could say for certain when our country has too.

          • Figure on sometime 2017 to 2018.

        • Dazed,one can only watch the signs to get a feel for the crash,tis hard to predict a exact date/whether a quick burn down or slower drop but simple math does not lie,the economic system as we know it will fail.The vice president of fed reserve(friggin thieves) in a August speech stated bailins are inevitable for this country,how much warning do you need?!

      22. I have always wondered, how many countries will help the USA when the hammer falls?

        • I will not fail to hold up my end @ RICH.

          LOL , no help for the US .
          WE ARE ON OUR OWN .

      23. My grandmother always said if you give the bad guys enough rope they will hang themselves. When I was a teen and knew everything I thought she was stupid & dumb.

      24. Face it,FreeSlave,the guy is a pussy. And what exactly is a “housemate”?

      25. We are approaching the great collapse; it has been ENGINEERED for decades. The outcome is intended to be world wide CHAOS followed by the Rothschild headed NWO.

        No matter how it comes out just remember all this pain, misery and death have been visited on us by the same people who will offer us a “way out”.

        Makes one think.

      26. Always a fucking sales pitch at the end. SMH

      27. It’s all very clear to me: the Visionaries have been told a World Famine is COMING, and in fact it is at our DOORSTEP! I won’t go into the evidence of such here.

        A world famine, like the collapse of the American Dollar, is not a question of “IF”, it’s a question of “WHEN”!

        So, let’s repeat:

        – purchase water and non-perishable food to last you two to six months if you can afford to do so (the rich people built themselves underground cities, fracking is destroying water supplies, and aquifers are drying up– do you see how the father of lies is a destroyer?);

        – purchase batteries, flashlights, and solar powered equipment to recharge your batteries;

        – purchase enough winter clothing and blankets;

        – last but NOT least, get your damn money OUT of the bank and convert your retirement assets into SILVER, preferably the American Eagle Silver Dollar, since silver and NOT paper currency will retain VALUE when the economy collapses or when the world reserve currency, the petro dollar, is replaced.

        No, this is NOT an exhaustive list.

        If you can stash/hide enough cash for 3-6 months of living expenses and stash/hide silver coinage for bartering purposes, that would be good.

        And if you can’t? I myself can’t afford to stash even two months of living expenses away. It’s been a rough couple of years. No, I’m not complaining. I just do what I can, inch by inch, bit by bit, however small. I intend to share though I can’t violate other people’s free will.

        And while I ain’t no Saint, I do pray and also likewise trust in the God I was raised to believe in, and as an Adult, freely choose to believe in and trust.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Jesus, I trust in You!” – St. (Sister) Faustina

        “There is not enough darkness in the whole world to put out the light of one small candle.”
        – motto of the Christophers

        “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…” – popular song

      28. Web Administrator: Instead of the insult replies how about a question / answer / notes section? Let me give an example. Went on line at Midways and found 500 rd bricks at $107.00 each. Yikes. Went to Big 5 sporting and found Winchester 333 38 gr rds for $29.99 each. They had 325 round boxs of I can’t remember 40 gr for the same price. Not $16.00 a brick but getting better. Only have AR-7 for 22LR. What would be good for very small game / scoped? Garden was still off and on. Squash grows great tomatoes poorly. I found that some large garden centers give free soil checks. Mine needed more potassium and nitrogen. Old window screens removed for renovations are great to slow birds down. I want to learn this now before that garden is needed for dinner. We have a farmers market once a week and not only supplying food, they can be very helpful on your crops. Tried to figure out major but out with work van.Too much stuff left behind. Time to reorganize van. Heated a can of soup with on of those survival stoves that use sticks for fuel. Took a while. I wanted to keep it new in box, but now glade it is used. Works great with practice. Even tried it in rain with mats and paracord as cover. Need more mats. Yes I’m not a survival expert, but just like the army in Kansas freeze your ass off and you will learn pretty fast. O.K. you bought a fire starter and watched video on the internet. Trust me – not the same in ice conditions when you shack and even you eye sight is blury. Opinions gladly welcome. Thany You.

      29. Sorry about spelling. I think I would make a sorry lawer. And we all know how important lawers will be it a SHTF life.

      30. The Anti-christ will bail us out Mac….but the price will be high.

        • I like your blog handle. “Guns N Rosaries”… that’s cool and creative.

      31. I can attest that a college education is at least one third propaganda. Worse if you go into debt to get it, your saddled for life when the promised good job never materializes. Instead of getting a degree, and being forced to take a bunch of useless pre requisite classes (like world citizenship-bleh!)pay cash for useful classes that further your goals. Take a series on welding, farming, herbal medicine, carpentry, or any other thing that will give you useful knowledge and skills. Better yet, get into a job doing those tings and get paid to learn.

      32. All going along with the universal economic collapse described exactly in a sinister plot laid out generations ago.

      33. All over for the collapsing fascist shithole of Murica…DOOMED, DOOMED, DOOMED…COMPLETELY FUCKING DOOMED….bye bye fascist shithole…the boot licking money pig Corporatist Fascist EVIL filth of Murica destroyed the collapsing EVIL shithole of the world.

      34. Entire Detroit Public Lighting system is down

        Detroit — “A widespread power outage Tuesday has caused evacuations of buildings throughout the city…”

        According to Detroit Press Office shortly before noon: “The city’s public lighting grid suffered a major cable failure that has caused the entire grid to lose power at approximately 10:30 this morning. The outage is affecting all customers on the PLD grid. We have isolated the issue and are working to restore power as soon as possible.”

        Drudge Report

      35. After Abysmal Thanksgiving Spending, Cyber Monday Is Latest Dud, Rising Less Than Half 2013 Pace

        “Prepare to hear much more of the “retail spending slowed down because the economy is just too strong” excuses today, used most hilariously by the NRF on Sunday to explain the unprecedented 11% collapse in the 2014 4-day holiday weekend spend, when pundits “justify” why Cyber Monday sales were only the latest proof the US consumer – that 70% driver of US GDP – is being crushed day after day, pardon, basking in the warm glow of America’s centrally-planned golden age.

        Here are the facts: Internet holiday shopping rose only 8.1% on Cyber Monday yesterday, usually the busiest day for Web shopping as people return to their desks after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

        This was a big miss to expectations, and is less than half then growth posted just last year, when online sales grew at 17.5%, according to IBM.”


        • KY Mom,
          It’s the weather, it’s the internet causing the brick and mortar sales to be slow. It’s ISIS, it’s Ferguson, it’s the NFL, it’s anything but what it’s actual cause is:

          Unemployment and incomes of those that COULD purchase now cannot. The increases the retailers were hoping to occur this year over 2013 isn’t going to happen.

          Even if petroleum products were reduced to 1968 cost levels – it still wouldn’t make a dent. Because the middlemen and banks are going to dictate to one and all how much the market will charge for that loaf of bread, that pound of ground mystery meat, bacon, eggs, fruit or corn, gallon of milk.

          We’re only $18,000,000,000,000.00 in the hole. What’s not to like?
          Be well. Stay warm, and keep prepping…

          • Cat Herder,

            I agree. Thousands have fallen off the unemployment numbers radar. Others have been downsized or now have jobs that pay much less than their previous one.

            The middle class continues to be squeezed.

            Take care. Keep praying and prepping!
            KY Mom

      36. So we should watch for…..? This is why I don’t like fear porn sites…something is always coming.

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