Update: Hero Cop’s Message: “I Hope Other Fellow Officers Will See This And Not View Freedom of Speech As A Threat”

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    Deputy Stan Lenic, the law enforcement officer recently caught on tape in an incident at the Albany, NY airport involving airport officials and TSA-opt out activists Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas, has reportedly received an overwhelming public response for his defense of the First Amendment .

    In a video originally published at Infowars, Lenic is shown advising an airport public relations director that activists who were distributing fliers about the dangers of TSA backscatter scanners and Americans’ rights when being subjected to TSA security checks were acting within their Constitutionally protected rights.

    With the public regularly treated to scenes of officers involved in police brutality and activities violative of the principles of liberty,  Lenic’s actions have become a shining example of what it means to serve the people and uphold the rule of law.

    The American people are desperate for officials and representatives with their best interests at heart, and the support Lenic has received since the video was made available is proof positive:

    Lenic later emailed [videographer] Jason Bermas the following message;

    “I am overwhelmed by the support your viewers have given me. I hope other fellow officers will see this and not view the freedom of speech as a threat, but an opportunity to show the professionalism that law enforcement should be held to. I remember the day I was sworn in, and I remember that I am supposed to protect the constitution of the United States. I am proud to be a Deputy Sheriff, and try to do my job to the best of my ability so help me God.”

    Lenic also told Bermas that his superiors were considering giving him an official commendation for his exemplary actions in defending the constitutional rights he swore to uphold.

    Via: Infowars

    You can contact the Albany, NY Sheriff’s Department at (518) 487-5400 or albanycounty.com/sheriff/ to voice your views.

    Originally Posted Wednesday November 28 2012:

    As America’s police state crackdown becomes more aggressive and expansive, finding protectors of the Constitution is getting to be much harder to come by.

    But they’re out there, and every so often we are able to witness a shining example of what it means to be an American – to fearlessly exercise our god-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    In the Albany, NY airport, Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas did just that. When handing out flyers detailing the TSA’s abuses and educating travelers on what the TSA can and cannot do, airport officials attempted to derail their activities by attempting to have them moved, detained and arrested. Bermas and Jessica stood their ground, citing city, state and federal law as guidance for their legal activities.

    Airport public affairs director Douglas I. Myers would have none of it, and asked Sheriff’s deputies to step in.

    Deputy Stan Lenic did.

    But what came next was nothing short of shocking, especially in modern-day America, where law enforcement officials often overstep their authority and presume guilt over innocence.

    “Obviously this is your constitutional right, as far as we’re concerned you’re not breaking any laws,” Lenic tells Bermas.

    When Myers asks the Sheriff to detain the activists, Lenic responds, “I can’t do that.”

    Myers then asks for Bermas’ identification, to which Sheriff Lenic responds, “He doesn’t have to show you his identification.”

    “I need to get it from you,” Myers tells the Sheriff as he winks at him, to which Sheriff Lenic responds “I can’t give you that.”

    “Just so you know, he’s not doing anything wrong,” Deputy Lenic forcefully tells Myers, before quoting the New York penal law code.

    “If I was to ask for his identification he does not have to give it to me because he’s not doing anything wrong,” adds Lenic.

    Myers’ claim that Jessica is blocking the escalator is also dismissed by Lenic. Myers then claims the filming is illegal because it is “commercial” and could appear on the Drudge Report – which is a news aggregator and not a commercial website.

    Lenic should obviously be commended for his fine job in upholding constitutional rights. If there’s an award for cop of the year, he should win it hands down. He is a shining example to other police officers who have completely failed to apply the law in similar situations.

    Source: Transcript and video via Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.com

    This is how we protect our liberties and those of future generations.

    First we must have a populace willing to stand up to tyranny. The people must know the laws of the land, and be willing to face scrutiny and even arrest in the defense of those laws.

    Second, law enforcement and other officials of the government need to be informed. They need to understand that their first and foremost duty is to the people through the protection of the fundamental laws of the land as codified in the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Finally, the populace must be willing to be informed, not by mainstream media pundits who tout the status quo and neuter the free and open expression and thoughts of the people, but by citizen journalists and activists who challenge the notion that we must kneel before our elected benefactors.

    We must hold our government to account – and this is an example of how that’s done.


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        • There was also a huge case ruled for us–we CAN film police..forgot in which state.

          It violates our free-speech rights.

            • I just wish this  would be condensed and shown on fox and even CNN to let the young people know their rights and to keep challanging. but it wont about our rights, we must continue to tell the young our rights and never let them abuse what we can do. Love this. It gave me a smile. I can’t wait till something happens but not necessarly when a large company tries to challange the small guy my intimidation and they win and its shown on the news channels. we all the mainstream news is fake and is made to make us into sheeps and believe lies when we know the truth. Im glad this is happening and happy for this.

              Guess all I am saying is something like this but on a larger scale.


              • I was stopped during a road block the other day. The officer asked to see my DL and Insurance information….

                then he asked me “where are you going”

                EXCUSE ME….”I don’t think that is any of your business” I replied!!! He just smiled and told me to have a good day.

                Same small town 2 weeks later this same thing happened to a guy I know. Same question and same response given, only this time my firends response was followed by a 2 hour search of his car……only to find absolutely nothing and he was  “allowed” him to go about his merry way. 

                So sick of these people overstepping their oath and their bounds.  

                • How odd!  Was any reason given for you having been stopped? 

                  Or was the officer simply a poll of what side of town you’re going to spend time/shop?  Unless there was cause for the stop, it sounds like a waste of tax dollars.

                • It is their way of fee generation around here. They set up road block at major intersections creating CHECK POINTS and stop every vehicle to check YOUR PAPERS. To make sure that your license and resistration is cuurent. They do it a lot around here. Appearently there are many who do not have THEIR PAPERS in order because there are also tow trucks lined up to carry you away….


                  Maybe just their way of desensitizing everyone so we will become accustom for the next phase.

              • Fox/CNN/NPR/etc are just another MSM POS state-controlled source of misinformation.

          • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/27/supreme-court-recording-police_n_2201016.html

            “The 1st and 7th circuit decisions mean that it is now technically legal to record on-duty police officers in every state in the country. Unfortunately, people are still being arrested for it. Police officers who want to make an arrest to intimidate would-be videographers can always use broadly written laws that prohibit public disorder, interfering with a police officer, or similar ordinances that give law enforcement wide discretion.”    

            • Very true Dave. They have and will continue to use bogus statutes like disorderly conduct and resisting arrest to simply keep the boot on your neck. There is basically no defense for us with a “disorderly conduct” charge since they determine on the spot what they consider to be “disorderly conduct”. You can be held for resisting arrest  alone even if there is no basis for arresting you in the first place. This deputy is one in a thousand that will do the right thing.

            • The constitution is so shredded now this is a minor issue.  The president can detain American citizens indefinetly without due process or if he’s having a bad day he can assassinate you. Filming it might not help. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          • Hi jayjay,

            No kidding?….will miracles never cease?




          • Yeah….right….send MONEY to someone who DID his job and followed the law –  just how do you think that sending money will be perceived? This officers’ reward is in knowing he did the correct thing according to the law…..YOU are way off base……

            • I dunno ZZ, wouldnt it be a bit like tipping a really good waiter/waitress? “Hey ya did a great job, your hardley ever thanked, and heres a little something to show you how much I appreciate what you did” Why not . Hey why not turn this cop into a national hero and start a revolution, create a new erra of cops that want to be just like this guy. Yup maybe Im gonna send em a lil something also.Good idea DBF. Good cops are not thanked enough and seem so rare these days.

              • The check can be made to go to a community donation in Deputy Lenic’s name–the point made, a good deed rewarded, a donation finds a home.  🙂

                • Or a charity donation in the Officer’s name!

            • yes, way , way , way off base. bordering on illegal behaviour.

            • Hey when your at work and do a good job some times you get a bonus, for nothing more then doing your job.

            • I’m with zz.  In fact, giving Deputy Lenic an award is also inappropriate, IMO.  He deserves positive feedback, but as zz stated, it is his job.  Frankly, I’d be a heck of a lot happier to see the bad apples being prosecuted every time they violate citizen rights, and Deputy Lenic’s exemplary behavior should be the norm, not the exception.

            • Dear zztopfan:

              I learned a long time ago [50+ yrs] in either a philosophy or an ethics class that Plato very clearly stated that the artist, creator, lawyer, cook, shoemaker who performs to the highest standards is not solely concerned to be paid the most. To the contrary, accomplished people do the very best possible because attainment of perfection is in itself the goal or the good, and the highest reward. And while payment given for the accomplishment signifies our admiration and valuation for the agent, it also shows the value we place on the end achieved. This is why we say that acts of care-giving, or the saving of another being’s life, and so on is priceless, because it is beyond monetary symbols.

        • This is F***ing BRILLIANT!  Thanks go to that officer…knows his law and knows his morals.  Beautiful!

          • i just called the albany sherrifs office myself, and asked to speak with deputy Lenic’s supervisor. the kind receptionist replied that they were taking messages. so i asked her to relay just how much i appreciated seeing a LEO standing up for Citizens based on the Constitution.

            this is really encouraging – kind of made my day.

            (518) 487-5400

        • Where I’m from this cop is not the exception,  I think all to often LEO,s get painted with a misinformed brush I count in a lot of  these guys to do right when shtf!

        • 3 WORDS: JUST OPT OUT! You have to do it every time. 

          These machines are BANNED IN EUROPE! ABOLISH THE TSA!!!

          This is a all a money-making scheme for Michael Chertoff, whose consulting group represents the scanner manufacturers!  THAT IS FACT!

          He is a perverted bitch just like Douglas “Douchebag” Myers in the above video!


        • Great Stuff!!  Brought a tear to my eye.  Reinforced what I have been saying all along, ‘Cheer up, there is a lot of good out there.  Don’t be discouraged  by all the sh*t that we are constantly bombarded with from msm, tptw, the cabal & their ilk.  We will prevail.’

          We WILL Prevail!!

          Oh, and as for the Airport PR guy, three words,  ‘Time to Retire’.

          Non Illegitimus Tatum Carborundum

        • Someone asked for Mac to report good news. This is definately it! God bless this officer and the office that trained him and stands behind him.  He and they are just doing their job but they are doing it based on the law!

        • Personally, I always liked this indefinite detention.

          Remember, it cut’s both ways. What needs to happen is the Commander of the SC National Guard should arrest Lindsey Graham and detain him indefinitely for treasonous acts and sedition against These United States.

      1. Uncle Fester you rock!

        • “Uncle Fester”!?….ummm, well,…Yeah, sorta!

          • LOL, J1G that was my first impression when I saw his photograph. Couldn’t help it but we denfinitely need more PO like this one pounding the bricks. Many thanks to Deputy Lenic for showin’ his knowledge and performing his duties correctly.

          • Hey!!! I LIKED Uncle Fester!!!!! and ‘Thing’…and ‘Lurch’ and …….


        • The Adams Family started… when Uncle Fester farted…

      2. Well… someone asked for good news. If’ this doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what will.

        • Remember;  The deputy works for an elected offical, the Sheriff. Enjoyed the deputy’s handling of the situation.

          • True that the deputy works for an elected official.  Also all city police departments operate under the sheriff department’s authority.

            • @ Incognito:

              That’s not true in OK at least. The DA is the highest ranking LE authority in each jurisdiction.  The sheriff and/or his flunkies  have no authority over the police.

              • ahemmmm! The Sheriff has all ranking authority in each county….period! Even over any federal agent who shows up

              • The County Sheriff

                The County Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county and peace officer. The Sheriff must be at least 25 years old, have been a resident of Oklahoma for two years, a qualified elector in the county, and possess at least a high school diploma. In counties with over 80,000 citizens, the Sheriff must be a certified peace officer at election. However, in counties with under 80,000 citizens, the Sheriff is given up to 12 months after the election to become certified.

                When it comes to the responsibilities of the Sheriff, Oklahoma’s outlaw history has bestowed the Sheriff with what is seen as full services, that is, providing tradition law-enforcement functions, including countywide patrol and investigations irrespective of municipal boundaries. As the chief peace officer, the Sheriff is responsible for ensuring the peace is preserved, riots are suppressed, and that unlawful assemblies and insurrections are controlled. The Sheriff is vested with the power to form a posse of able-bodied men to assist him in controlling riots and lawlessness. The Sheriff also serves as the executive of all court orders and other lawful authorities within the county. To ensure justice is administered, the Sheriff is empowered to apprehend any person charged with a felony or breach of the peace and may attend any court within the county.

                In order to prevent the Sheriff from abusing their position, the Sheriff is required to account for all funds collect by the office and to make a monthly report to the County Commissioners.

                [edit]The District Attorney

                While not a county official since 1967, the District Attorney replaced the County Attorney as the chief legal officer of the county. There are 27 judicial districts with one District Attorney serving all counties located within their district. The main purpose of the office is the prosecution of all criminal actions that occur in counties in their district as well as prosecuting and defending all civil action in which any county in their district is concerned. To perform their duties, the District Attorneys are empowered to appoint assistant district attorneys, investigators, and clerks so that each county in their districts has at least one assistant district attorney. As members of the State executive branch, all officers and offices under the District Attorney are paid by the State and not the County.

              • The Sheriff is above the State Police and the Local Police Department.  He is the No. 1 elected law man in the county.  He trumps everyone including the Feds.  The DA decides on what cases to try in court….   No Sheriff, no case.

                • It depends on many factors here.

                  In a county with small towns and small cities (like mine), the county sheriff’s office trumps the local PDs, and the county DA trumps all.

                  On the other hand, in counties with larger cities (like Oregon’s Multnomah County, which contains Portland), the county sheriff’s office often performs a lot of the back-end roles (running the jail) and enforcement outside of the city, while the city cops run everything else within city limits.

          • This is exciting.  It’s these glimmers of hope that make me want to fight for these people and our species. 


            Wish I had a copy of their handout to reciprocate at our city airport.

            • I think you will find that the majority of those in law enforcement are behind the Constitution and I find it rather insulting to those individuals that so many think that what this officer did was the exception, rather than the norm.

              • during the occupy movement there were many examples of police going out of their way to overstep their role. The women and children that were fenced off and pepper sprayed that were not doing any more than walking through the area. The kids at ( I think it was Berekly  ) that were sitting arm and arm that were repeatedly pepper sprayed fron a few inches away by that overzealous asss campus cop. On the other hand maybe we can make this into a movement and get more decent constitution following police to stand up for what is right. With so many corrupt judges doing the bidding of the 1%  it will be uphill battle though.

            • @ incognito:  I’m betting you could get a copy by going to the web sites shown on the video, where it said “Follow ___ @ ___”.  Just a guess.  I haven’t tried it.

        • I agree, and think some good news like this is very much needed from time to time….especially as bleek as things look right now.


          Thanks Mac!!  🙂


          So they are opting out of the scanners right? So doesn’t that mandatory them to a rape patdown??  Is this the overton window??

        • When this behavior by “police” becomes the rule rather than the “OMG exception” rarely  seen in any form of media…that will be “good news”.  Until then, “one in a thousand” is still daunting odds and little real hope.

          We still have a very long way to go before I will not believe that most LEO’s will initially be against us.  When the SHTF and the pay/pensions are gone:  THEIR attitude will change.  But how much “brown shirt” activity will have occurred by that time.

          The fact that such “police” activity/opinion is considered rare,  and newsworthy… speaks volumes about the police state overall.



          •  The fact that such “police” activity/opinion is considered rare, and newsworthy… speaks volumes about the police state overall.


            Point well taken.

        • Yea verily….ASK and Ye shall RECEIVE!!! 🙂

      3. Thank you Deputy Lenic!

      4. Bravo 3 intelligent people.     Crafty.

      5. I almost like this cop.

        And I’m not particularly fond of the popo.

      6. Please post how we can send a note to this deputy’s boss about what a great job he is doing and how we wish all peace officers were as smart and fair as this man.  One sees so many negative videos of officers violating rights, this is such a refreshing view to see one stand up for our rights.  Bravo!!  Thank you Deputy Lenic.

        • (518) 487-5400



      7. Thank you Deputy Lenic for living up to your Oath.  RM

        • I Agree, and he was a Polar Opposite of U-Tube encounters with Most LEO…Very Professional and Above Board..The Air Port Public relations Stooge could take some lessons from this Deputy..What a Pompous Asshole..He was 100% Wrong….The old Fart should be handing people Shopping carts at Walmart..No wait a second, they are required to be  Nice!


          Semper Fi

          • Did you see the reaction of Mr. Public Relations when the deputy asked him to “stand over here”?  Priceless.  What an asshole.

          • Lol, you took the words right out of my mouth! 😉


            Krazy Kiwi Gal

            New Zealand

      8. Bravo to the Deputy for standing up for their constitutional rights. Now if only more Police Officers would do the same we might be able to clean up this coruption in all forms of Government.

      9. The rarest of rare birds, an honest cop. Bravo Sir. 


          There are many, many top notch officers serving on police forces around the country — and this is obviously one of them. To suggest good cops are rare is to allow your opinion to be warped by media. Face it, good cops doing good jobs are rarely filmed or make the news.  It is good to see it, and good to see it appreciated.




          • Actually something like 80% of public officials do not have a properly sworn and filed oath of office on the public record. Theyre are impersonating public officers under the color of law. Look into this for yourself if you are so inclined.

            If we allow a local magistrate tp operate without first swearing to uphold the constitution, do we not deserve the blame when he then tramples our rights?
            Private mediators not bound to the constitution can operate outside of it.

            We must learn to hold public officers to their oaths of office rather than hope for more upstanding constitutional minded sheriffs such as Lenic.

      10. I’m not a betting man but if I was my money would be on the belief that this cop has some clue to what is going on and he does not like it. He is bright enough to keep his mouth shut but I get the feeling he is somewhat informed. 

        Lets face it more and more people are starting to realize something is wrong. 



      11. I’m shocked ! That was super great. Take that government.

      12. This is nice to see.  You know, not all police are bad.  I`m really tired of the alternative media painting them all with the same brush, there is one abrasive loud-mouth in particular that I`m referring to.  Thank you for posting this.

      13. Deputy Lenic,

        Thank you for your courageous act of upholding the Constitution!  In a time of universal deceit, you stood tall and strong to the oath you so swore to protect and defend. As a a former U.S. Marine I commend and respect you and will gladly stand next to you to defend the constitution. 

      14. Deputy Lenic   STANDS TALL !

      15. Funny,TSA “Public Relations Tard” vs Law Enforcement at the State Level.Deputy did his job,old boy did’t like that.

      16.     The Krishna’s have been at airports for a long time, good to see them in uniform instead of a robe, just joking. Most veteran cops that I’ve known are professionals and know when to be aggressive and when to be diplomatic. He was probably briefed before his shift and was given guidelines on how to handle this type of situation. 

        • He was probably briefed before his shift and was given guidelines on how to handle this type of situation. “


          The question is, who briefed him?


          I say this guy went above and beyond the call of duty, even though his actions were really just as they should have been, to protect and to serve, and to keep the peace. However, it seemed to me he remained clear and calm the entire time,  and what really stuck out in my mind was how the officer kept his EGO in check the whole time. THAT was impressive. A rarity (in a time where lawless corruption is running rampant) especially when one has a badge, a taser, a gun, an attitude and basically carte blanche to be real bad ass.


          Who knows, maybe he was briefed to do what was requested by Myers and he made a conscious choice not to give in to the corruption. Maybe, since this video was made, he’s been placed on temporary leave. Who knows? I suspect, though, if that were the case, there’s a lot of people who would hire him, in a second.


          Anyway, actions like this can be contagious and if this video gets viewed by officers across the country, miracles can happen.

      17. Yeah this guy should be recognised..this is suck a spet in the right direction that he needs to know we are behind hom and that he is the example ALL officers of the law should be looking up to, and following his lead..

        Maybe move him into a position that removes an officer that does not follow his oath..

        out of all the dirt bags in blue, there is a shining light..

        give this man a salute and a stern hand shake from me..

        Douglas I. Myers , on the other hand,,Get the fuck out of MY country you traitor!


        • dam I cant type woth a crap

          ” this is such a Step in the right direction

          Behind him

          • Gee, GLAD i’m not the ‘only’ one here with a keyboard that won’t cooperate…..”PULL!!!!”

      18. Deputy Lenic truly gets it!  Hopefully there are a few like him in my community.

        I’m looking for a good crossbow for Christmas.  If anyone has any brand suggestions, I’d appreciate it. 

        • I’m a fan of Excalibur.  They have a really good line for recurve crossbows.  Very high quality, and you don’t ever have to worry about your cams breaking.  I personally tote an Equinox, it’s pricey, but worth the money to me.  Also it’s a real nail driver, loads of fun.

          Here is their website if you want to check it out.


        • Check out the Excaliber line of crossbows. They do not have cam wheels like some. I have the phoenix model of the line and like it alot.

          • Thanks!  I researched and they had tons of good reviews so I went with the Phoenix.  Can’t wait until it arrives now even though it’ll stay packaged until after Christmas!

        •  Barnett Jackal; 312-315 feet per second, <4″ group @ 50 yds, w/red dot scope $359-379 on Amazon. Rope cocker ~$20; necessary in my opinion. See reviews on Amazon.

      19. Drop a big THANK YOU to The Albany County Sheriff’s Office for Deputy Lenic!  They have Twitter and telephones.

      20. People, we need this video to go viral



        it needs to have millions of views, millions of thumbs up, and it needs to be Pushed into the faces of every cop, judge, lawyer, TSA agent, FBI, CIA..etc.. all the way to the stinking mess we have in washington.


        Im spreading the word, will you?

        • Just posted this to facebook. Hopefully my “friends” aren’t tired of all the stuff I post and actually look at this!

          • Ugh, I do that too! I always wonder what my Facebook friends think of my posts. I’m so tired of trying to wake them up by posting REAL news articles and videos. Did you know if it wasn’t covered on Fox news, it didn’t happen? LOL! I thank God I’m not deceived and complacent like them. 

            I’ve come to the unfortunate realization over the last year that most of my friends and family are in complete denial and can’t be bothered with anything other then themselves and instant gratification. I realized soon after that they were all most likely going to die – and then I started ignoring Facebook. 

            I don’t even bother lately – when they tell me I’m “obsessed” or “crazy,” I just tell them to have fun eating their $500 iPad. Sheeze! What a freaking waste of money.

      21. Is this Sheriff Mack, Jr.??? 

        You go, son.   🙂

        • I bet ‘stand down’ are not in this officer’s vocabulary–thank God.

      22. Power to The People!! 

      23. Yes, a good man, indeed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets  harassed by the local city cops for this public display of genuine, courteous behavior.  


        I actually thought the officer contained himself better than the fellow from infowars.

        I have a sneaking hunch he’s a prepper.

      24. Okay…that was actually awesome with a capital A; it makes me wanta get my Ninja suit out of the closet. 

        • What an uplifting story!  Thank you for posting this JayJay!  🙂

      25. I flew from Logan Airport to Ft. Myers Fl. on 9/11 this year.  What a zoo.  Seemed to have triple the TSA Agents which backed up getting to the gate.  Felt it necessary to go through the x-ray machine to keep the line moving.  As I exited the machine I was stopped.  Told I had something in my pocket.  “I don’t believe so.”  TSA:  “You have a key in your right pocket.”  Sure enough I did.  Shockingly, they sent me over to be felt up and down anyway.  Why??????

        Bahhhhaaa!  Damn, never again.  How to boil a frog, slowly, very slowly.   Learning………learning

        • X-ray are now being exposed as ‘giving’ women cancer–so stop the  mammograms.I did 10 years ago..Never again.

      26. Now this story made me feel  a glimmer of hope. 

        Nice for a change.

         I come from a family rich in law enforcement, now mostly retired.  This is the kind of man we need behind the badge!

        • “Unique Handle”…..I…LIKE IT!!!

      27. Great job officer! As far Doug the “public relations” gentleman….he should be fired…..he displayed such arrogance in every way possible. You can see he just wanted to scream “do as I say!”

        • Yeah, can you BELEIVE that that JO is a public relations ‘tool’?

      28. God given rights my ass.  God is an oppresor, not a rights giver and his minions are nothing but  pathetic, non-thinking sheep who believe all sorts of nonsense.

        • GFY moron.

        • Give it up u lib loser

        • I am ashamed that you say you’re from the Peoples Republic of NC…

          Probably that liberal bastion of Chapel Hill, the armpit of the state…

          You will be held to account for every word you utter against Him.

          Ultimately, the only pathetic oppressor is man, the only freedom is that given from a higher moral power, and that, is not you bunch of self righteous punks.


      29. There are three types of law enforcement agents;  the policeman or policewomen, the cop, and big fat slab of bacon “the pig”.   It is so refreshing to see and deal with the policeman that understands that with power comes responsibility, and utmost of anything, Fairness.  So often someone with an attitude forgets that they have been given power to make people’s lives safe and protected, or be given power to intimidate and bring unfair fear and resentment to an innocent person that the cop, or pig just doesn’t like or that they can take out their own frustrations out on.

        When you get a honest policeman that truly respects himself or herself, respects others, and respects the law and the constitution, you have an individual that other law enforcement need to pattern their own job responsibilities after. 

        • Maybe it is time for Officer Lenic, to go to the training academy and train the recruits in proper procedures, Oath Keeping, and constitutional law.

      30. What’s kind of sad is his actions seem not the norm, now. At least what I’ve been exposed to on the internet and watching a few of the men in uniform from a distance, in the “real”. When I watched it the first time I kept thinking “any  minute, out comes the cuffs and mace” and I realized by the end, I was the one brainwashed. Sad commentary on how I now perceive those who are suppose to “to Protect and To Serve” the public. It’s like we’re treating this fellow as “someone special” when all he is doing is what he’s suppose to be doing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see, but it seems to be so far from what is happening now in this country. This should be a mandatory view for all cops.

        • Misperception is what happens when looking through a straw. It’s not your fault, it’s how information is gathered and distributed. For example and it’s everywhere, where I live, when ever the temps drop to where the road freezes the news media will go to known locations where there will be accidents, where cars will slide, trucks get stuck. Add some snow with that and you think it’s an end of the world event. Go a 100 yards either direction and all is normal, normal is outside the view when looking through a straw, normal doesn’t sell. 

          • In that same vein, one wonders how many of the “Black Friday” events were staged and how many actually took place. I wasn’t out at the local WalMart that day, golly gee whiz, so I missed the chaos. On the other hand, I didn’t hear there was a stampede there or anywhere in my region.

      31. proves that some cops out there are legititimate and actually do their jobs of protecting individuals rights. Kudos do that Deputy.

      32. This particular LEO rocks.  He is exactly the kind of LEO we can all usually  only dream of encountering.  My relatives in law enforcement were exactly like this deputy unti they were forced out.   Imagine that, local LE throwing the TSA and airport director to the curb.  We need to see more of that around the nation.  Deputy Lenic just set a shining example of what ALL COPS AT ALL LEVELS IN THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE LIKE!    If we could just get half of all LEOs in this country to stand on the right side of the people and the principles this country was founded on, we could take this country back.  Once we accomplish that, we need to change LE’s role in our society to what it should be; serving the people instead of government.   As it stands right now,  they serve government and have no obligations to the public.   Protecting citizens is not even part of their job description.  The federal and all 50 state supreme courts have ruled on this numerous times.   Ask any sheriff, police chief, prosecutor, judge, defense attorney about what I’m saying.  Take very careful note about how they react when you ask them.   If they turn away from you, that speaks volumes.   Anyway, something off topic,  but very important.   Direct link:  infowars.com/noted-gun-rights-activist-warns-obama-may-skirt-congress-and-outlaw-semiautos.    Best wishes to all.   Braveheart

      33. Finally one good cop. Bravo Deputy.

      34. this officer is putting himself on the right side of the line, cause he knows that whe tshtf, he’ll be in the same position as everyone else, this is how helping eachother out starts, nuff said

      35. Send the Albany Sheriffs Dept a check! That’s what I’m doing, imagine the statement that’ll make, money talks! 


        What if we all send $5, maybe other departments will take notice!

        • Please DO NOT send money to this Law Enforcement Office!!   If you truely believe in this Nation and in the Constitution…..DO NOT send money!!!!  I do not understand just WHY anyone would Wish to send money to anyone for doing their job and following the letter of the law……when you send money (no matter how altruistic your motives may be)  you are saying that the LAW can be bought and paid for……a Law Enforcement person takes an oath and to offer monetary compensation for upholding that oath is insulting, to say the least……

          • Good point! People are so wasteful and mindless about their money, we’ve forgotten that his reward is his paycheck LOL!

        • DBF/facebookpage/southern boy. what scam/scheme are you using now to raise money for israel? If you want to play your games, why not go overseas to your beloved land and stay there.

          • When will you get it. We are 3 different people that oppose your views. And at least I am the farthest from Jewish that one can be,

        • I wouldnt do this, they get enough of our hard earned money, thru taxation and extortion

          the more money they have the more illegal power they try to hold

      36. The airport PR fella, really should just have gone about other business realizing there was no problem here.  At his age, I’d have expected more understanding of was is the rule of law and Constitution, and that the US Constitution bows not to modern inurance concerns, implied or otherwise on the public. 

        The momentary wink to the officer – not my culture fella, utterly inappropropriate, and an attempt to use ‘age’ over these young advocates, if you follow.

        Now I, as a non citizen – merely a visitor on holidays to the US, if I were to hand out such things in the same manner, I’d NOT expect the same protection, as I don’t have those native born (or citizen granted) Constitutional rights and responsibilities.  Or do I?  (Even if to a degree)  🙂


      37. Thank you Deputy Lenik!


        Nice to see a cop show humility, don’t see too many around nowadays.

        Off topic….for those interested in dehydrating and storing their preps for anywhere from a few months to 25 years please check out this site:


        I’ve learnt so much from this woman and she is excellent at what she does. Following her tips for almost 2 years now.


        • Thanks for this. I got a £5 dehydrator this summer at the thrift market and have been trying to make use of it since. No one else I know dehydrates so links like this are VERY helpful.

          More protests/rebellions/standing up for our God given rights are needed at ALL levels. 

          I’m in trouble with my council yet again for refusing to state my sexuality on their residents parking permit form. To my mind it’s none of their darn business, and totally irrelevant to the issue at hand – allowing visitors to park outside my home. We have this argument every year, and every year I refuse to back down and give them personal information not pertinent to the business at hand.

          This cop is great, but more ordinary regular everyday people need to stand up to the constant intrusion into all aspects of our lives by petty little unelected jobsworths funded by our taxes.  It’s called resisting your own zombification, and it starts small.

          In my area of the UK a ten year old is missing – the local cops are all working unpaid overtime & have been for days to try and find the kid. They do this everytime yet this will never make the media either.  Despite this when it all goes down we all know that sadly the vast majority are NOT on our side, partly because the selection and application process deliberately weeds out those individuals who might go against the “suppress the people” party line at the critical point. I haven’t forgotten that during the miners strike here in the UK tptb brought in the army on Thatcher’s order either. 

          Sadly I suspect this good man, will be first on the list when redundancies are announced, or will find himself blocked from promotion/sidelined sometime soon.

      39. A shining example of what all Americans should be able to expect from the law…sadly theres not too many including the one I recently went up against recently over a free speech incident….I have a hearing in January….oh well we’ll see if theres an honest judge left in these parts… 🙂

      40. That is all I ask for…. A police officer who fairly judges a scene based on the law and his judgement. Sickening how the Airport guy felt the deputy would automatically cave into his blather. That wink! What an idiot. I hope the airport director gets canned. 

      41. I believe that the vast majority of law enforcement officers believe in this Nation and in the Constitution……as do those in the military….as do a vast majority of private citizens…..this officer did his job in accordance to the law……and there are those who think he is in the minority???? I DO NOT think so…….

      42. Yental, you bring up a very valid and important point and I’ll expand on it.  LEOs at all levels in this country are paid in the same currency for their work that we “civilians” receive for our work, regardless of what we do for a living.  The taxes we pay to cover their salaries, benefits, and pensions are also paid in the same currency.   We all know that the dollar is dying, soon to replaced as the world’s No. 1 reserve currency, and our economy is going to lay down and die.  There’s nothing anybody can do to stop what is coming.   When the balloon goes up, regardless of how it happens, all types of checks will no longer be issued, including LEOs checks.  They also have credit cards and debit cards just like we have and when the ATMs stop working, they will be denied access to their money just like all of us will be.  I think it’s a safe bet that a certain percentage of the bad ones will start singing a different song and join in with the people, but I believe there’s another percentage that will join the animals out here and start looting, rioting, etc.  Anyone who comes to my place to take my preps and I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU’RE WEARING AT THAT TIME, I WILL GIVE YOU ONE AND ONLY ONE CHANCE TO LEAVE MY HOME ALIVE!   If you tryu to force your way into my home, it’s game on; you will die.  i know there’s already a certain percentage of cops who will join with the people when the balloon goes up; to the good cops out there, welcome aboard, and we’ll be glad to have you with us.   For the bad cops, take notice of this and beware.   A police state can be successfully challenged and defeated.  It’s been done all throughout history.  Best wishes to all.   Braveheart

      43. BTW….in case you folks have not noticed, DBF has commented only twice, both times attempting to garner monetary donations to a law enforcement facility…….


      44. I donated to law enforcement OUT THE ASS last ticket I got so i’m gonns pass on the donation this time.     :>)

      45. * gonna      

      46. it will be interesting to see how far this gets

         ”  Senators Make Bid To End Indefinite Detention In NDAA”



      47. As for the guy in the video …hell…thats the way they ALL should be. In fact, they should be REQUIRED to be that way in an extreamly critical way. Any deviation whatsoever from the BILL OF RIGHTS should never be tolerated even once from any police officer.  Our founders said we had better JEALOUSLY guard our civil liberties or we would lose them all. I’m pretty damn sure George Washington wouldn’t care much for how America is basically a POLICE STATE with police EVERY damn where now. Andrew Jackson would think the British were back with all the armed police roaming the country-side.  The airport is worse than nazi germany now ( I’ll never fly again )  The tsa is COMPLETELY out of control and needs to be shut down and security returned to the airlines themselves. All street cops are these days anyway are revenue generators for the city/state. Lets face it. I guess what I’m trying to say is this…if that cop thinks he’s getting a free lunch from me for DOING HIS FU*KING JOB ….he might get a little hungry. 

        Bet I get a few thumbs down for this one     :>)    even though it’s true 


        • @ badpuppydog

          I’m not sure that I saw anything in this that suggested that he might have in some way thought that “he’s getting a free lunch from me for DOING HIS FU*KING JOB ….he might get a little hungry.” Could have been phrased differently Bud…Yeah, that my thumbs down.

        • TSA out of everything not just the airports.

          With state, local, and regional partners, the TSA oversees security for highways, railroads, buses, mass transit systems, pipelines, ports. However, the bulk of the TSA’s efforts are in aviation security.


      48. OUTSTANDING JOB, Officer !!! i’d have questioned the smug old man about why he thinks the police are there to push people around and give him a taste of his own medicine…

      49. An Oathkeeper!! Land o’ Goshen!  Will wonders never cease? Good on him!

      50. @ FOB and Badpuppydog


        You don’t have send Deputy Lenic money for doing his job, but you could send him a Christmas card and thank him for doing his job the way it is suppose to be done. I read a lot of comments on this site that complain about many different things, at least one time put your words to action. Does this deputy deserve anything more than a pay check? No… But a kind word to him (atta boy) goes a long way in knowing that what he is doing is right.


        The Mrs. and I will be sending him a Christmas card saying we approve of how he handled the whole thing. I believe that is what the Lord means to us at this time of the season.





        • @ Hillbilly,


          “Here, Here!!”…THE correct gesture of ‘appreciation’…Good Thinking Brother!

      51. Oakland crime rate soars as city loses officers; avg. of 33 burglaries a day

        So far this year, over 11,000 burglaries.

        Posted on Drudge Report

      52. Somehow I think this cop is going to get into big trouble soon! Those cops that don’t comply will systematically be phased out. As for Alex Jones, I really don’t trust him at all. If he can remain on the air, when others are getting ousted, then he’s working for (them). He reports some truth, but not all the truth. 

        • km, I was going to say the same thing. This officer is probably going to get into an “accident” soon or something along those lines.  I also found it extremely telling when the airports representative  said, “You’re ignoring what you’re supposed to be doing.” They’re trying SO HARD to drill into our heads to OBEY. It’s amazing to see an officer doing something almost unheard of these days – upholding the law! That made my day 🙂

          I toyed with the idea of becoming a police officer when I was in high school. I got older and met a few cops and I pushed that idea away quickly. There’s no honor in it anymore. All the officers I’ve ever had a run-in with were abrasive tyrannical megalomaniacs, and all the ones I knew personally regularly abused their wives. This made me re-think becoming an officer – be the change you want to see in the world, right?

          • @ Dusty: With all due respect, speaking for myself, I wanted to make a change in the world.   I did feel that there was honor in it.  I knew better, and  not even a few losers would convince me otherwise.A job is what you make it. You yourself. 

            At 22, I was one of the first female police officers  hired in a large metropolitan city in the 1970’s.Huge changes in the Neanderthal way of thinking that brute force solves everything—-yes.

            Would I do it all over again? Hell yeah. I know I made a difference. I am retired, and will uphold my oath until the day the good Lord decides otherwise.

            For every one bad apple , there are thousands who will (and have) given their lives to protect others. 

          • Hey Dusty,

               scope oout a movie, I think it was called ‘They’, it had Rodney Piper in it…’OBEY’, Yeah…

        • A lot of people are realizing that Alex Jones is a fraud. I’m starting to think that Jesse Ventura is going the same way. His new season of ‘Conspiracy Theories’ is turning out to be absolute crap – and Alex Jones collaborates with Ventura on the show. If Jesse Ventura isn’t a pawn, he should cut ties with Alex before his reputation is completely destroyed. Or maybe this season of ‘Conspiracy Theories’ will destroy it for him. Seriously … psychics? C’mon, Jesse …. 

          • Dusty I agree, nothing but a bunch of horseshit drizzle from the pair of them.

        • This caught my attention, the same thing happening in silver market.

          Flash; Jim Willie; King Abdullah is on his death bed… this could spell the end of the PetroDollar… Abdullah may be the final supporter of the USA left in the kingdom…

          If Saudi Arabia starts accepting other currencies and/or gold for oil, the petrodollar goes, we’re done…



          • Piper,

            sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. There’s nothing more rude than addressing someone and being ignored thereby, apologies.

                Ya, what’s up here I wonder…seems (24 hours later) that Abdullah is still kickin…but the point remains…..the reason that much of ‘what is’ is the the way that ‘it is’ is because of the ‘quid Pro Quo’ that has existed for 50 years between us and the Suadi’s…I DREAD the day that that is no longer the case……

        • hmmmmm… was the gold in the sell off “slightly water damaged”?  seem to remember a story a few days ago that one of the vaults in manhattan was flooded out and they had to move the gold…

          • Hi kimintn,

               “Slightly water damaged” gold, LOL. Piper – as you see above says the silver market did so as well….something ‘smells’ rotten here. 🙂 Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner…been a little hectic lately. 🙂


      53. I loved the look on the Airport  AIC (ass in charge) face when he requested their names with a wink and the cop told him no. PRICELESS!

        Too bad I did not hit the powerball because I would be funding legal challenges against Constitutional Violations with respect to the entire Bill Of Rights unlike the ACLU that picks and chooses what they like and don’t (2nd Amendment). To ensure my longevity I would designate my wealth in event of my demise to several groups having the same goals as mine. 

      54. Morning Solar Report, Repeated due to ‘glitch’


        “Morning Solar Report,    Activity is moderate, the last event since last night’s M-class event being a mid C-class excursion, a C-5.8 peaking at 12:05 UTC. This event was slightly extended duration wise which is consistent historically with later, stronger activity. NOAA 11620 is progressing in it’s approach to the western limb of the visible solar disk and should pass into ‘shade’ in approximately 18 hours. 11620 fully harbors – based on it’s current, magnetic complexity – the potential for strong, possibly low magnitude X-class flaring.    The newly enumerated region, NOAA 11623, in the northeast is stable at this time. Said area is slightly unusual inasmuch as it is of irregular shape-orientation; Most spot groups have a distinctly eastwest orientation…this does not. Instead same is roughly ‘triangular’ in aspect with the ‘base’ to same to the south whilst the ‘apex’ is pointing directly north. 11623 is slightly smaller than I originally estimated and is of lesser complexity than is 11620.    Additional regions are emerging onto the visible solar face at this time but are uniformly non-noteable. More regions will be rotating into view over the nect 24 hours per the STEREO SECCHI beacon imaging, the first of which will be evident in the northeast quadrant.     ‘JOG'”


        Mac, if  this repeats select whichever is ‘better formatted’ and post…the text entry block at the site this AM was ‘odd’?


        • 11620 is settling, it appears, post-flare as of 10:30 CDT. I realize I may be in error in that I have NOT actually went over to the image library to CHECK to see if the previous flare originated FROM 11620…just assumed. 🙁  I’ll get over there now…if it wasn’t the origin I’ll post back here…

          • Solar Errata:


               Whoo Boy, I was wrong. The C-5.8 which erupted a short bit ago did NOT originate from 11620 but instead from 11623…HOWEVER, and here’s the kicker, just as I has mentioned in a previos post some few days ago, relative to 11618/11620, this event saw 11620 ‘Halo-ing’ as well AT exactly rhe same time as 11623 erupted…thus the ‘odd’ curve seen during this event in the X-flux plots from the GOES-15 platfotm.

                There’s nothing with which to be concerned here, it’s just an oddity when two spot groups so far apart appear to act ‘collectively’. This phenomena is not unknown to be sure…but it isn’t everyday either.


      55. It’s amazing how they use are laws in the beginning as stepping stones toward tyranny. 🙁 

      56. TSA Claims Congress Has No Jurisdiction Over Them

        “Chairman John L. Mica states, “Unfortunately, TSA has lost its way. TSA must become the kind of agency it was intended to be – a thinking, risk-based, flexible agency that analyzes risks, sets security standards and audits security performance.”


        “I disagree. Personally, TSA should be dismantled and airports should provide their own security. That way, there would be no question about violation of the Constitution, government reform or any of the other mess spelled out on the site. It would be privately run and would actually have to be accountable to both the public, as well as, the airport. They would not be some rogue, unionized federal workers who seem to be virtually immune from serious consequences to their actions.”


        Freedom Outpost 


        • Hi KY,

              I’m with you on this one…these goons are a buncha ‘bad apples’ from the git-go and the only way I know of to fix this kinda thing is to ‘dump them all out, clean the barrel and start filling it up again with something better!”, that is if WE would even want to keep such around, else…..Meh.

      57. Questions:

        1) did the camera affect his performance

        2) without camera, what would the emphasis been on constitutional rights

        3) did he know what ‘alex jones’ is

        4) did he know the alex jones meme and camera would get him notoriety

        Just saying, a man’s true character shows when he thinks no one is watching.

        We attack all cameras as a violation of our privace–at least I do.

        Have we come to a time when the lens may be our only savior?  Lord help us.


        • @ jayjay,

              I’m not sure if you posted above before or after the ‘update’, if before, then why don’t we just take this one at ‘face value’ for the meanwhile…if after then, your points are all worthy, but frankly I’m beginning to NEED something to beleive in anymore…the world sucks so much lately. 🙁

          • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2240189/Heartwarming-photo-snapped-tourist-shows-NYPD-officer-giving-winter-boots-barefoot-homeless-man.html?ICO=most_read_module

            Oh, I want to believe altruistic motives here….I’m a country girl, in a county of 26,000—I shudder when reading these rogue policeman stories.

            Just know that I AM a different person on film or in a crowd than at my usual…ain’t proud of it..but work on it a lot.




            • Hi jayjay,

                 Yeah, I know, I ‘do’ it too…still WE’VE got to start lookin’ to brighter things also, else “When one looks into the Abyss, the Abyss also looks into YOU” … and that makes me a little nervous lately.

              • Addendum here:

                    Lately ALL we see is SHITTY stuff in the world…where ever you go, there it is, you can’t GET away from IT!! And it’s GETTIN to ALL of US in ways that I don’t think that we’re even realising. I mean, if we’re all gonna “PREP” our way through the “Fall of the American Empire” and crawl down deep into our ‘foxholes’ what happens if we never come out of those again…as normal folk? It one thing to survive SHTF, it’s another to LIVE after it!




                    Can I get a WITNESS HERE??!?!?!?!

                • JustOneGuy,


                  I know what you mean.  I try to think about positive messages.  Here is one of my favorites.

                  “The Lord is near.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4: 5-7

                  Thank you for all your research and reporting on the solar activity!

                  Take care!

                  KY Mom

                • will i`ll be dammed there might be some hooe after all,,thats for you JlG,,fyi daisy has my email address,we are waiting on you i think


                • AMEN!! no point in winning/living if we dont get to enjoy it…  🙂

        • Dam good points , and I guess time and paying attention to this cop will be the only way to know for sure

      58. You need to google -Larry DePrim0, NYPD

        NYPD sees homeless man in street with no shoes, buys him thermal socks and a pair of boots,

        • Oh, rabbit, I didn’t read your post..I gave the link below though.

          Sorry about reposting—great story though.

        • Anyone see a campaign to remove some of the tarnish off of previous law enforcement injustices? 

          The photo opportunity of the homeless guy in need of shoes is a nice touch; very timely too.

          Sorry but when I see a lot of attention “that way” I instinctively look in another direction. 

          • The public has long been well conditioned to see nothing but the worst of humanity thanks to mainstream media — the ‘If it bleeds, it leads’ philosophy.  That is their campaign. They know what sells. What trends on Google.  A feel-good -all -sweetsy-weetsy story won’t. There is goodness out there, but sadly, those with the drooling Walmart mentality are not interested in that. 

      59. Syria shuts down internet

        “US company which tracks internet traffic, said that at 12.26pm, Syria’s international internet connectivity shut down completely.”

        posted on Drudge Report

        • “Dat Don’t look gud I Tink….”

      60. On the ‘Update’,

        OH YEAH!!!! I LIKE THIS GUY!!!!!! YOU BETCHA’!!!!!!!! 🙂

      61. It’s a shame that we have so changed that doing what your supposed to be doing rates high praise. This officer did his job and nothing more by not arresting people on false charges. The reality is we’re powerless to punish official injustice so when justice is served we compensate by elevating the official to almost sainthood. This is a sign that the bar has dropped far to low. 

        How do you look young and thin? Hang out with old fat people. 

      62. Remember someone the other day asking for a few tips as they were completely new to prepping and such. Here is a quick link i found for some basic things to think about while prepping for the new and the old prepper alike.


        ( and to do with this article ) lol sent a letter to the  airports COO. and one to the sheriffs dept. told them this man needs to start training at the academy. ( as for the deputy  not the dipshit director from the airport. )

      63. I apologize for the offensive language I used in the above post.    :>)

        • S’Ok BPD,

               We all ‘fly’ off at the mouth occaisionally….sooner or later you’ll probably take a ‘slap’ at me for somesuch when my MOUTH get’s loose… 🙂

        • you dont need to apologize for being right!


          if they dont like what you had to say , fuck em..let em read some pussy ass made up BS feel good story full of fluff and PC correctness

          • Hi VRF,

               Wasn’t ‘whacking’ at BPD for his ‘verbage’ was ‘Whacking’ at him over the ‘tone’…I didn’t think…all things considered that ‘THAT’ was quite what LEO Lenic was deserving of here….

      64. As a fellow deputy I applaud him. Good job. 

      65. Putting the current condition of our legal code into proper perspective.

        “If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law.”

        Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill 30 November 1874 : 24 January 1965

        “I asked him to do it because he was the only person that I could trust to read all 150,000 pages in the Code of Federal Regulations.”

        Bill Clinton, on asking Vice President Al Gore to tackle federal regulatory reform

        • wild goose yup he did ask and gore is still reading it,,,



      66. Officer Lenic looks like he could swing in the opposite direction if need be – the best part is that he swung the proper way in this incident…I tip my hat to many more like him!

      67. Once again, awesome!

        You can try to rule with an iron fist or with common sense and fairness.  Guess which one’s going to get you more pushback?

        This man is an example.  The rest should follow it.


      69. I also fly a lot, with my wife and kids… and we’ve been through the checkpoint routine so often, we practically sleepwalk through it. Even the little ones. Have I gone through the scanners? Yes I have. 

        I’ll also say that the attitude of TSA we’ve met has been about 70% apathetic to self-important and maybe 30% pretty decent folk just trying to get people on their way for the day. And I DO want to say, I really appreciate those 30%. 

        That stated, I’m glad that these guys got to keep handing out their fliers and filming… and glad that the police officer that stepped in was actually of the thinking, decent sort. 

        Clearly that guy running the airport PR department had an old school understanding of how things are supposed to work, as in… he respects “the Man” so much that he’s eager to be him. What’s sad to me is that this, in reality, is probably the kind of guy who will pay lip service to what he loves about America and Freedom… yet doesn’t understand what it means in the least.

      70. @ off topic,  I have internet explorer and could not post on this site all day and all evening.   It was a little frustrating.  

        • Hi Emily,

              Hon, they don’t call it “Internet Exploder’ for nothing…Either get Firefox, or if iyou have a a full 64 bit compuer RUNNING a 64 bit OS then go get Waterfox…it’s ALL 64 bit and it runs smooooth. If you have any problems with the type-face on Watefox for ‘post-out’ here I’ll tell you what the ‘fix’ is.

      71. Cant express enough how great it is to see a police officer actually serving and protecting the public for a change.

        Deputy Lenic is a  bright star in a dim world. This should be used as a training video so all police offers know how to behave and who they really work for.

        Good Job Sir!



        I agree. This Sheriff stood up for what is right and even lawful.  Trying handing out pamphlets 300 feet away from an abortion clinic in BC and the police would immediately throw you right into Auswitch if it were still available.

      73. Thank you so much for this article and video. I was so impressed with Deputy Lenic and so disgusted with Mr. Myers that i was compelled to contact the Sheriff and the Albany Airport. Below our my communications.

        Albany County Sheriff’s Department

        Albany, New York

        November 29, 2012

        Dear Sheriff Apple, Good day to you sir. Today I happened to come across an article (and video) regarding Deputy Stan Lenic. I was so impressed with what I saw I was compelled to contact you. As I am sure you are aware, it seems most publicity today revolves around situations where officers act inappropriately (unfortunately way too often). I was so pleasantly surprised to see an outstanding example of your deputy representing the Sheriff’s office in his capacity as a true “peace officer”. As I am sure you are aware, the sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in any county, elected by and serving the people. Deputy Lenic’s respect for the constitution, law, the citizen’s and himself is a wonderful representation of your department. I commend you, your department, your training and your hiring practices that put such quality individuals in positions of such great importance. Deputy Lenic is a model peace officer and I assume he reflects your entire department. You should be very proud of your officers and yourself for the image and reputation of your department put forward by Deputy Lenic. You and your department are worthy of praise and great respect for honoring and living your oath of office. Your citizens empower you and your deputies with great responsibility, including life and death. It appears your citizens have made a wise choice entrusting you and your deputies with these most important responsibilities. They should be very proud.

        With warm regards, I am

        P.S. You might consider the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association http://cspoa.org/

        Albany Airport

        Happened to come across an article and video involving your public affairs director, Douglas I. Myers, behaving in a most repugnant manner and violating the constitutional rights of citizens who were peaceably exercising their right to free speech. I was appalled at what I saw. Mr. Myers is a poor representation of a “public affairs director” and he reflects very poorly upon your organization. I would hope that Mr. Myers superiors would be equally disturbed by his public performance in his official capacity and would initiate appropriate discipline up to and including termination. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.

      74. Not all cops are bad…not all are good. I think there are more good than bad, justlike there are more good than bad people in the world. Either way, good job deputy!

      75. Deputy Lenic, doing his job, Keeping his oath, Keeping his professionalism, Sometimes good things come to those who do good in their work.

        Thanx for the update on it mac.

        As they say See Something, Record It.  This time it was a good recording  hope to see more of this.


      76. I asked this up above and no one answered. So I’d like to try again in case some missed it………….



        Is this an Overton Window?

        • Ok, I give up

      77. There is absolutely no problem with writing checks to the DEPARTMENT of whatever law enforcement agency you wish to support. They need the help, your efforts are greatly appreciated, and if you want to really do a good thing for them, make sure to request the donation goes to the WIDOWS AND ORPHANS FUND. These people put their lives on the line for us every day, and regularly lose their lives.

      78. @ justoneguy…your STILL one of my favorates. I re-read that above post AFTER I posted it and realized only then I should have edited out a few of those words. ( lol I had 3 or 4 glasses of VERY good scotch in me ) I welcome the thumbs down because you were right about what you said.        :>)   enjoy the solar reports very much.

        • JOG SAY…UMMMM…’SCOTCH’….NOT SO GOOD (acquired Taste, yes) ALSO MAKE ….’BRAIN’…FUNNY^%^^%#$$ 🙂

             S’Ok bpd, we ALL have our ‘days’…Don’t we? 🙂

          PS Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner…been a ‘bit’ busy. 🙂

             As always, the lead line above is done as Boris Karloff, ‘Frankenstien’

      79. How did he get hired / He is way too smart and well informed to be a donut humper.


      80. He’s not a hero, he did what he should have done. Does what he’s supposed to do, and gets huge praise, and is proclaimed a hero….

      81. EVERY COP IN AMERICA needs to listen to Mark Passio in the following video:

        Mark Passio – Free Your Mind Conference 2011


        EVERY COP IN AMERICA needs to read the following book:



        EVERY COUNTY SHERIFF IN AMERICA needs to read the following:

        The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope


      82. EVERY COP IN AMERICA NEEDS TO LISTEN TO MARK PASSIO, in the following video:

        Mark Passio – Free Your Mind Conference 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvNabovREvg


        Operation Vampire Killer 2012 http://www.infowarsshop.com/Operation-Vampire-Killer-2012_p_688.html


        The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope http://www.amazon.com/The-County-Sheriff-Americas-Last/dp/B002PKCMFO

      83. I watched the video a few days ago and was astounded

        I read your article

        And got a tear in my eye

        We have  allies in this battle for liberty


        the Watcher

      84. Not that he doesn’t deserve to be praised, he certainly does, but how did we reach the point in this country where a Law Enforcement Officer carrying out what should be a basic part of his job become a major news story?


        Isn’t that the job of every single law Enforcement Officer in the country… to enforce the Laws as they exist?


      85. What strikes me the most about this video is the obvious fact that TSA does not want people to know what their rules and regulations really are. Ask yourself why not?

      86. Very inspiring from NY of all places. Now if only they felt the same way about the 2nd as they do the 1st. The bill of rights is not a Chinese menu.

      87. Check out what is really going to become of the U.S. “After America: Rebuilding” is available on Amazon Kindle. It even has a new Constitution. Pretty neat read.

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