Video: College Student Has 2 Minute Freak Out After Being Triggered By Trump Sign: “She’s Going Nuts!”

by | May 15, 2017 | Headline News | 93 comments

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    Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing, the first symptom of which, according to an op-ed in the LA Times, is a loss of all sense of proportion by those afflicted with the recently discovered disease.

    Don’t believe us?

    Just take 2 minutes to watch the following video from Western Washington University, a bastion of free speech, tolerance and progressive ideals. What you’ll see is a female student come completely unhinged after seeing a sign supporting Donald Trump.

    Within milliseconds of crossing paths with the sign the unnamed student is triggered to such an extent that she shrieks at the top of her lungs.

    A passerby from a part of the country that may not be as progressive as Washington might have thought the woman was being stabbed by a knife wielding terrorist.

    But no… It was just a sign:

    Via Campus Reform

    At certain points throughout the video, passers-by stop to ask the woman if she’s alright, to which she seems to indicate that she’s screaming as a form of protest.

    “Right here on the Western Washington campus, she’s going nuts with a Trump sign—she doesn’t like the Trump sign. She’s anti-Trump,” preacher Eric Bostrom can be heard explaining in the video, holding a sign that reads “Trump: Borders, Laws, Jobs, Liberty, USA,” and another intentionally-obtrusive sign containing shocking bible verses about judgement.

    In the video, Bostrom claims that the woman screaming is “an art major,” and at one point in the video another woman who appears to be an administrator runs into the shot to ask the student if she is alright, to which the student replies “call the police, bitch.”

    This isn’t the first time we’ve seen protesters totally lose control because of their affliction.

    At the moment Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, a video of this person totally freaking out was captured and shared across the world, highlighting just how difficult a time liberal snowflakes were having with their new reality:

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      1. Ain’t I been saying it



          Bayonets should be thin bladed to afford the best penetration. The Smith and Wesson huge “tacti-cool” bowie knife bayonet is fucking stupid. It wont get past the rib cage.

          The Sykes Fairbairn with an oversized handguard and a spiked pommel is all you need in a combat knife.

          A medium size thin bladed folding knife or perhaps a multi tool is all you need for EDC.

          • I’ll stick with my Randall #1 fighter thank you very much.

          • Birdseed. A bayonet is not a fighting knife, it’s the tip of an unassembled spear.

            You need a good mount, and a hefty blade to take the force moments generated by the leverages of a bayonet event.

        • Women should not have the right to vote. Make no mistake, the left is extremely violent and wants to exterminate Republicans from the face of the Earth. This is what a third world country looks like. We should never have allowed non whites in to this country in the first place. This is what happens each and every time. Where was all the civil unrest in the 1950s?

          • I like the T handle punch knives for a fast draw like Sgt. Barns in platoon. And the full serrated spiderco folder nothing slashes better? But have heard of so many people not reacting fast to knife wounds might be good to have camp ax to wack them on the head and knock them out quick?

        • I would have pinched her nipple.

          • She needs a good schlonging. One of those women where the more you drink, he better they look. Not sure I could drink that much.

            If women couldn’t vote, socialism would never be

      2. Global Cyberattack Spreads as Experts Try to Limit Damage

        Companies and organizations worked through the weekend to contain WannaCry ransomware

        “Governments and companies reported Monday more infected computers stemming from a global cyberattack that wreaked havoc through the weekend, as IT departments around the world kicked off a fourth day trying to determine the scope of damage and recover from it.

        The cyberattack hit businesses, hospitals and government agencies in at least 150 countries.”

        Microsoft Claims Stolen U.S. Government Computer Code Fuels Cyberattack

        Says software used in the global cyber assault Friday was stolen from National Security Agency

      3. The disease should be called “reality check”

        • The disease is already called liberalism.

          Manifestations of the disease are brought on by reality checks.

          The disease resembles Herpes. Outbreaks can appear at any given time and there’s no known cure.

          • This is a direct result of libs closing all the state mental health facilities, loons now run loose and vote.

        • Many years ago Michael Savage coined the phrase, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” This type of behavior by these immature and ignorant snowflakes is rampant in our country. This article is doing the right thing in pointing out the stupidity of people like this. The same type of exposure should portray the racist Black Lives (only) Matter snowflakes in the same light. These people don’t think through their positions. For instance: a society without police results in chaos. Another example is blaming an inanimate object, like a firearm, for crimes demonstrates incredible stupidity. Why shouldn’t a little old lady be able to defend herself against the most powerful criminal?

      4. Jan 12, 2017 School Violence Explained (by Michael S. Rozeff)

        Michael S. Rozeff discusses Tony Gibson’s theory of school violence: why children become more violent when they are too tightly controlled by adults, and why they grow up supporting the violence of the state.

      5. Why do people give these people jobs?

        • hire only older workers, america(ns). here’s the POSTER-CHILD for WHY.

          • BCOD, spot on. I would only hire older white workers and NO minorities period.

      6. What a jerk. That’s all. Someone needs to put her back in kindergarten where she can have her temper tantrums and get over herself.

        • Spanking is the only cure.

          • spanking is for children…..THIS one should be left on the side of the road, naked, and BLEEDING…..from an ORIFICE.

        • Babycatcher, she’s a college student brainwashed by the left. She’s a lost cause.

          • BH Does not make any difference which party she belongs to. Both parties are one and the same.

            • Tacoma, I do agree with your point about the one-party system. But just think about all of the liberal garbage that she’s been fed and she swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. And most likely she got a student loan to pay for that ‘education’. Also most likely she’s pursuing a degree that will be totally worthless, won’t get the kind of job she hopes to upon graduation, and will still have to pay back that loan. Her dreams will be shattered just like thousands of others since 2008. The worst part is that public schools still push the idea of going to college. I’d say trade schools are young people’s best bet now. Student loans have always been a scam.

      7. Her parents must be soooo proud!

        • they aren’t around….oh, they were PRESENT while she was being raised, but she was raised by weapons of mass distraction, not her parents….they were too busy to TEACH her anything of value.

      8. Really?


        • “art major”

          there’s your sign 😉

          • . . .majoring in Art Bell studies. . .

        • Nothing left to do but put her down. I hate to see her suffer.

      9. Staged B.S…….your bs filter is full….please empty file

        • “performance art”, lol

      10. Just another libtard showing their ASS!

        • Sarge, that video is definitely staged. I’ll bet I could stick my ass in her face and she would scream, LOL!

      11. Well, if they want to go to war with the right, at least we know how to win. Flash a sign.

        • Haha cabin girl good idea. Let’s do a don’t tread on me gadsen flag using trumps face with a rattlesnake for trumps tongue.

          • Holding an AK in one hand and a jar of home canned green beans in the other.

            • Haha green beans I think big like trump->caviars maybe.

        • Seems to be a very workable tactic ! Split their force right off the bat, and makes the front half nervous.

      12. She’ll make a great wife and mother some day.

        • She/it is prolly a dude.

      13. People go in debt and spend years in the asylums (aka colleges & universities) to attain this level of stupidity. Maybe the best solution would be to cease feeding them.

      14. It would be cool if like in that schwartzenigger movie where the mutant was pushing against the skin saying “open your mind” if that mutant face was Ivanka.

      15. Is it odd that as a conservative and member or the military this makes me Happy. Been sharing this with all the guys and gals at work. Were dying over here in Idaho. More please!!!!!!!

      16. No coward pussy, it is not the natural cannabis plant you Big Pharma pill popping toxic dump fat ass New Babylonian drunken bum. This autism episode would be a sure sign of EDC(endocrine disrupting chemicals), and other toxic chemical poisoning from the treasonus murdering genocidal US Government approved GMO toxic fake food garbage she consumes, heavy metal and toxic chemical filled vaccines she was pumped up with, and HFCS/processed sugar filled soda poison garbage the New Babylonians consume massive amounts of DAILY. This poor victim of toxic GMO, vaccines, and EDC chemical poisoning definitely has reduced serotonin levels, so the victim gets no sleep because she is staring at her computer all night long sucking down soda poison like most fat ass toxic dump New Babylonians, and the victim was probably recently jacked up with a vaccine from a fat ass drunken bum Oathbreaking New Babylonian Americam doctor filth. This is “autism speaks” and visible GMO chemical poisoning on full display, just like all over dumbed down disease filled depressed addicted to everything New Babylon America…….so again, sorry fat ass toxic dump drunken bum coward…cannabis does not make you behave like this.

        • Give her some crystal meth and tell her to go away.

        • You are starting to repeat yourself Ron, very boring, take your meds jut nob.

          • Someone did not get enough EDC’s and their daily dose of glyphosate I see…..You mad brau???? Here let me help you, I really care about you toxic dump cowards, you are just dumbed down coward victims also, so….Go get a gallon of soda poison, get a bottle of your favorite toxic booze, click on your favorite porn, turn on some bread and circuses sporting events and scream like a deranged lunatic at the idiot box, gobble down a good dose of your favorite poisonous toxic treasonous US Government approved GMO horror, pop some of your Big Pharma psychotropics handed out like candy from your favorite Oathbreaking fat ass American toxic dump doctor, and play some Candy Crush on your I Idiot device and you will feel like the New Babylonian toxic dump drunken bum coward you were meant to be….Dear Jesus I hope this coward did not reproduce yet.

      17. that looks like a person who is demon inspired or just wanting attention or hates trump for trying to stand up for what is right a person with her attitude we call insane– I am not her judge but she needs help==which I don’t think would do her any good==perhaps her dad could help her by taking a belt and beating her ass===

      18. This was so contrived-she did it with a smile on her face. Just looking for attention. These kids are so full of themselves, they thing screaming is going to change the world. She apparently can’t rub 2 brain cells together, so this is her response.

      19. Two minutes of my life I’ll never get back watching some retarded puke.

        Surprised she did not get arrested for causing a public nascence.

        A word of caution; she kept grabbing stuff from her bag, one might have thought something might have been a weapon and ‘subdued’ her. Her lipstick for example.

        15 seconds of fame for here, and world wide at that…. Good for that Snowflake POS.

        HAHAHAHA, thank you, I needed a GREAT laugh to start the day….

        • NRP, that bitch was faking her response to the Trump sign, but she’s definitely a snowflake.

      20. For argument sake.?

        I still support Trump.

        Hey guys about the supposedly Trump Indictment. Its all bullshit. Trump is 100% establishment, as in White hat. I heard from my source that he is really in a battle with the other cabalist bankers. He is establishment, but not with the rogue establishment. There is a difference. I may talk crap but from what I have heard, its looking like something serious is really going on, then I fuse this data with the alternative media, to see if anything is matching up, and its not looking good. I like most on this site, cannot believe everything I hear, but my sources is what is troublesome, when I hear from them, its usually true. It’s been explained to me like this. Donald Trump is the real deal, and that a real fight is going on inside the government. I was told that if they try to impeach Trump or remove Trump, that this will prove that Trump is being challenged by the other bankers. What can we do about it, nothing, all we can do is get ready just incase and prep and get ready for the worse case scenario. Trump did send special forces to the border to take about a 5th column jihadist army, 2 weeks after being sworn in. This sounds to me like he is going a good job so far, if he did that, and they got their asses kicked. This makes Trump a good responsible President. I may criticize Trump, but I have my limits and I still like Trump and still support him, and its better to have Trump as President than others. When your the new president and end in a shithole like the White house, one must understand that it takes time to remove the rotten moles from the building to stabilize this, things should be the presidents first priority, and this is what I was told is what has been going on, and I ask you all, have we not noticed some this happening right in front of us the entire time? The country is so fucked up and things are so bad, how the hell is he going to fix this in 4 months? Lets be more realistic guys. Things could be worse.


        • I think the Dump Trump stories are for lefty sites like this to generate advertising traffic.

      21. I don’t believe the video was staged, stupid women like that are all over my city.


        • HCKS, click on the link for that patribotic blog that had the story on the indictment. Definitely a libturd site.

      22. Why didn’t the student just go to the University’s designated safe space?

        • Someone stole the puppy.

      23. Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.


      24. Does “free speech” include “free screech”? Aren’t there laws against noise pollution? When she graduates from college, becomes unemployed, and lives in her parents basement, will she still screech?

      25. This is how we know He is the right person in the Presidency

        I love the fact it turns these types lives upside down

        now , if this is an act .. she is still just as screwed up as all get out

        I think if i ran that campus , I’d fine her for the mess, or make her walk with a stick to pick up every piece of trash on that campus .. than have someone dump her in the trash afterwards

        This does a heart so much good to see how this is affecting this type of person , I cant get enough of it

        and I dont even vote

      26. What a douchebag! She needs a hard slap to the face, stop it you idiot.

      27. Not a very good example (or maybe it IS a good example) of the school and students in Bellingham, Washington.

        • It’s definitely representative !

      28. Her vocal chords will soon give out…she’ll have to use sign language then.

      29. What a KUNT. lol

      30. It’s all bad.

      31. She is applying for a job with ABC, CBS, NBC or Google. They are looking for crazies like her!

        • Looked a lot like Maddow, didn’t she?

      32. You know the GREAT thing about the internet where these snoflakes post this stuff…..its like having a virtual 24 hours no deleting display of snowflake idiotic behavior so they can be shamed appropriately 24/7…They do it to themselves so no pity is needed for them. Give them the attention they deserve, all the derision and humiliation they bring upon themselves.

      33. She is not stupid. She got what she wanted. Some people will do anything at all to get attention. She could do it a lot quieter by simply stripping naked and writing “I hate trump” on her chest!

      34. people like her have no use in society and will have to be sent to work camps where they can contribute something

        • au contraire monsieur threefeet. this little turdflake is just what the libtard despots ordered for their Karl Marx society. she doesn’t have the brains God gave a plate of spaghetti so she fits right in with their plans to rule the brain dead masses.

      35. That is so cool. Wish I had that affect on Lefties.

        • Snowflake meltdown

      36. Ain’t no wonder the faggot population is growing.

      37. ““Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”

        ― Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, published in teh mid 1800s.

      38. There is a fine example thereof a woman who needs the MEAT SLAM TO HER……….

        Oh wait I bet she does not like men………….
        Oh wait I wonder what gender she is…………..

      39. Bhaaaa- your 15 min. of unwanted “fame” is up snowflake.

      40. Rename her university after Donald Trump and put a statue of Trump where she will have to pass it everyday.

      41. Tantrum throwing doesn’t work well in the real world. Parents please discipline your children. Thanks.

      42. ALL of these poor creatures should be committed for 72 hours for observation. If they need help, give it to them.

      43. This video makes a great case FOR allowing liberals to abort their offspring…

      44. The Bolshavics gave people like her uniforms ,guns and a paycheck. They beat the Russian army from behind just as they murdered the Czar and his family. They won’t come at us head on. If we fight fair like the Czar and his army . We will get butchered. If they did that to the Czars family, what do you think they did to the others families?

      45. TH, true. If someone believes in fighting ‘fair’, they used the wrong tactics and will be lucky to live through it. I’ve never fought ‘fair’ in my whole life and that’s one reason I’m still alive.

      46. Abrasive voice. GREAT RACK !!!!

      47. These people make shrieks similar to ones I’ve heard made by people undergoing exorcisms.

      48. Slap the shit out of the bitch.

      49. Only one word for this. WOW!

      50. One kind of crazy vs. another kind of crazy. Hope you marry eachother.

      51. (With ardent sarcastic tones)Simply the craziest thing a young person has ever done in college…

        There is a history or hysteria throughout the entire timeline of man. The only difference is that now we bear witness to it at a mere click. (whether that be to observe, criticize, or organize.)

      52. I’m strongly against eugenics/forced sterilization but videos like this get me thinking…

      53. people have got to stop using the words free speech and tolerance in the same sentence as liberals. Those are 2 things a liberal is definitely NOT! this screaming brat needs to grow up if she ever expects to support a family or hold a job.

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