Video: Barack Obama Isn’t Destroying This Country By Accident…

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Headline News | 277 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    We could give you a laundry list of reasons for why we think this country is going down the drain… But Drinking with Bob pretty much sums it up in this two minute video.

    Look around… it’s a friggin’ disaster.

    And for some additional commentary courtesy of Bob…

    The Average NYC Voter Is Like the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz: “They’re Lookin’ for a Brain”

    Bill Be Blasio isn’t qualified to tie his own shoes…

    The average New Yorker is voting for Bill de Blasio ’cause “he’s not Bloomberg.”

    I mean, the average New Yorker voted for Bloomberg three times in the last twelve years… they gave the guy three terms… and now they want anybody but Bloomberg?

    What am I freakin’ missin’ here?

    Via The Daily Sheeple



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      1. I’ve been saying it for YEARS- it’s NOT (by and large) incompetence…it’s intentional! That’s not to say that it’s not very convenient to feign incompetence!

        • you dont say?

          • In the end the people will prove to them they are, in fact, incompetent at anything other than hypnotizing and breeding sheep.

            All in time…

            • You are free men.
              Fuck them! Live on your own!

              • He was chosen to be the ‘commune-ity organizer.’

                • Someone on here the other day mentioned air rifles. Then a guy at work mentioned a air rifle named ‘Gamo’, so I thought I would look into it. And sure enough they aren’t just a little kids toy anymore…cool.
                  But here is what I found; Gamo is one of the better brands without getting absurdly priced for an airgun. But the good ones are break barrels that only have single shot… way! not in a shtf scenario.
                  Any suggestions on high powered, accurate air rifles that shoot semi auto?

              • sorry too disagree with you noname but we are NOT!!! free men

                from the time you are placed in the public reeducation camps too the day you die you are never free. its all an illusion too keep us down and in place.
                after all why do you think we cant have what we really want we have too be controlled and told no no little child your not big enough for the full auto gun.

                you try truly living on your own try just going too a state and placing a house big enough for you and your family on any old piece of land never going too happen. if your not arrested on the spot before you get a single post sunk you will soon be for trespassing.

                try farming enough too feed you and yours and all your livestock. putting up tons of hay and feed too see you till next spring and do it all again with out some govt agent coming down hard on you. now you must have tons of permits inspections etc before a single seed goes in the ground. even Alaska the last wild frontier is full of cops busting people for every little thing. in some areas up there you cant even drink booze its good for a few days in jail.

                just go out and try too hunt and fish with out a license tag tax stamp and govt taxed gun ammo or what ever. now you pay for a hunting license tag etc and no guarantee of getting a deer or elk
                Nope never going too happen.

                Try and live in a house with no power well water wood heat oil lamps etc Most of our ancestors did till the middle 40s in some areas now I guarantee you will have the local health inspector claiming your some back woods nut job. and or some mental nut case in need of a stay in the loony bin.

                try working at a craft or job you love ( and I don’t mean in an office ) and get paid in goods and something other then the state tracked Cash system we have now and YOU WILL spend a few years in the federal pen.

                nope never going too happen in this day and age we just have the illusion of freedom.

                the founding fathers did just fine with out all the govt meddling until they made the fatal mistake of creating a new monster and now we have this bloated mess

                with some piece of shit in the wh putting his feet up on a national treasure ( the resolute desk )

                so keep thinking your free and when they come for you hope there are enough people that will still fight that may be able too save you

                skittle shittin unicorn

          • We know grade on a curve of dumb and dumber

            • See what I mean — “now”, dumbass

              • You bear me too tit

                I mean you beat me to it

                • Ignorence iz contagus.

          • hmmm….thought I just did…

            • Destruction of America? Don’t you people recognize “Hope N Change” “transforming” the Nation into a “workers paradise” when you see it?

              Engage your employees or be disenfranchised and enslaved by them. 🙂

              • Americans still have the power to restore the country to the Nation WE know and love. That cannot be changed in a day because what has happened didn’t occur in a day.

                Patriots must participate, be patient, and resolute. It won’t happen until each one of US does OUR part. Start at the local level: Mayor, City Council, and School Board.

                Infiltrate the political parties who have divided this country State by State, County by County, and District by District. 15 current members of the Republican House have either retired or are going to run for the Senate. That gives Patriots an opportunity rarely seen.

                Engage. Join the Tea Party in your neighborhood. 🙂

                • durango kidd,

                  I wish it did work that way but unfortunately it can not until the entitlement crowd is kept from voting. When the time comes to vote, the entitlement crown is bussed in, they are threatened with denial of free food and money if they do not vote for the current regime. This is a dictatorship that operates on fear and retribution.

                  Patriots will never be in charge until this mess collapses and God forbid, people will actually have to get a job in order to take care of themselves.

                  Every day a new law restricting our freedom yet no one on the Kool-Aid or the government dole is going to complain.

                  • It CAN work. When I voted last Tuesday there were ZERO names on the ballot except the incumbent school board members. Very few people even bothered to vote – 190 in my district at 4:00 PM. You can’t let these off-year elections go by default.

                    I DID get to vote down the semi-annual attempt to raise my taxes to fund “operating expenses” for the palace they built for themselves about 6-7 years ago. Ironically, my local polling place is a perfectly sound school building 3 miles from me, that is now vacant, whilst they bus the kids from my area 15 miles to their “campus”.

                    Another movement that is being pushed by Tea Party organizations is getting on the Stupid Party’s “Central Committees.” These are the people who control the choosing of local candidates, delegates to state conventions, campaign funding for local and state elections, etc., etc. As was pointed out to me recently, if no-one runs for these Committee positions, they are filled by appointment, by the very animals that are trying to crush the Tea Party.

                    The Evil Party is what it is today because the Evildoer Wing did this homework going back into the ’70s.

                    It’s a slim chance, but anyone young and energetic should be working like fury on this. Without we turn the Stupid Party into a viable opposition, we might as well just all crawl into a hole and die.

                  • Swinging, you got that right. We are out numbered by the takers.

                  • The Old Coach,

                    Yes it can work on the local level but not when it comes to the giant, elite positions in the regime. The evil does come out with tons of our money to put the fix in for their vile minions. President, congress, it is a losing battle as long as the entitlement crowd keeps growing. The only answer to freedom and a new beginning is for the current house of cards to collapse. It will eventually and it will be an unbelievable time, nothing will compare to it.

                  • Red Leader: WE are not YET outnumbered. Only 129 million votes were cast in the 2012 Election; including the dead in Chicago and those who voted twice.

                    There are approximately 100 million American Gun Owners, the large majority of which are white, who stayed home and did not vote. Where these gun owners are getting active, “Hope n Change” is being reversed.

                    2014 may prove to be they most crucial vote since the Founding Fathers voted to secede from England.

                    The White vote still controls this country if they would get off their ass, get involved, participate, and vote. That is a demographic fact. WE must out organize the community organizers, who have organized the grazers.

                    Engage. 🙂

                  • You are 100 percent right. Unless we can find a way to prevent the free loading parasites from being allowed to vote, this nation is heading for a total collapse.

          • Intentional?
            Here’s the inside track on how they operate…(joke).

            Curtis & Leroy saw an ad in the Starkville Daily News Newspaper in Starkville, MS. and bought a mule for $100.
            The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day.
            The next morning the farmer drove up and said, “Sorry, fellows, I have some bad news, the mule died last night.”
            Curtis &Leroy replied, “Well, then just give us our money back.”
            The farmer said, “Can’t do that. I went and spent it already.”
            They said, “OK then, just bring us the dead mule.”
            The farmer asked, “What in the world y’all gonna do with a dead mule?”
            Curtis said, “We gonna raffle him off.”
            The farmer said, “You can’t raffle off a dead mule!”
            Leroy said, “We shore can! Heck, we don’t hafta tell nobody he’s dead!”
            A couple of weeks later, the farmer ran into Curtis &Leroy at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and asked.

            “What’d you fellers ever do with that dead mule?”

            They said,”We raffled him off like we said we wuz gonna do.”
            Leroy said,”Shucks, we sold 500 tickets fer two dollars apiece and made a profit of $898.”
            The farmer said,”My Lord, didn’t anyone complain?”
            Curtis said, “Well, the feller who won got upset. So we gave him his two dollars back.”
            Curtis and Leroy now work for the government.
            They’re helping to oversee Obamacare.

        • I just read this over at Steve Quayle’s site in the Alerts section….it’s a must read!

          A good look into what it looks like to be on the inside of a surveillance state that has already gone where our government is headed.

          I live in a country generally assumed to be a dictatorship. One of the Arab spring countries. I have lived through curfews and have seen the outcomes of the sort of surveillance now being revealed in the US. People here talking about curfews aren’t realizing what that actually FEELS like. It isn’t about having to go inside, and the practicality of that. It’s about creating the feeling that everyone, everything is watching. A few points:
          1) the purpose of this surveillance from the governments point of view is to control enemies of the state. Not terrorists. People who are coalescing around ideas that would destabilize the status quo. These could be religious ideas. These could be groups like anon who are too good with tech for the governments liking. It makes it very easy to know who these people are. It also makes it very simple to control these people.
          Lets say you are a college student and you get in with some people who want to stop farming practices that hurt animals. So you make a plan and go to protest these practices. You get there, and wow, the protest is huge. You never expected this, you were just goofing off. Well now everyone who was there is suspect. Even though you technically had the right to protest, you’re now considered a dangerous person.
          With this tech in place, the government doesn’t have to put you in jail. They can do something more sinister. They can just email you a sexy picture you took with a girlfriend. Or they can email you a note saying that they can prove your dad is cheating on his taxes. Or they can threaten to get your dad fired. All you have to do, the email says, is help them catch your friends in the group. You have to report back every week, or you dad might lose his job. So you do. You turn in your friends and even though they try to keep meetings off grid, you’re reporting on them to protect your dad.
          2) Let’s say number one goes on. The country is a weird place now. Really weird. Pretty soon, a movement springs up like occupy, except its bigger this time. People are really serious, and they are saying they want a government without this power. I guess people are realizing that it is a serious deal. You see on the news that tear gas was fired. Your friend calls you, frantic. They’re shooting people. Oh my god. you never signed up for this. You say, fuck it. My dad might lose his job but I won’t be responsible for anyone dying. That’s going too far. You refuse to report anymore. You just stop going to meetings. You stay at home, and try not to watch the news. Three days later, police come to your door and arrest you. They confiscate your computer and phones, and they beat you up a bit. No one can help you so they all just sit quietly. They know if they say anything they’re next. This happened in the country I live in. It is not a joke.
          3) Its hard to say how long you were in there. What you saw was horrible. Most of the time, you only heard screams. People begging to be killed. Noises you’ve never heard before. You, you were lucky. You got kicked every day when they threw your moldy food at you, but no one shocked you. No one used sexual violence on you, at least that you remember. There were some times they gave you pills, and you can’t say for sure what happened then. To be honest, sometimes the pills were the best part of your day, because at least then you didn’t feel anything. You have scars on you from the way you were treated. You learn in prison that torture is now common. But everyone who uploads videos or pictures of this torture is labeled a leaker. Its considered a threat to national security. Pretty soon, a cut you got on your leg is looking really bad. You think it’s infected. There were no doctors in prison, and it was so overcrowded, who knows what got in the cut. You go to the doctor, but he refuses to see you. He knows if he does the government can see the records that he treated you. Even you calling his office prompts a visit from the local police.
          You decide to go home and see your parents. Maybe they can help. This leg is getting really bad. You get to their house. They aren’t home. You can’t reach them no matter how hard you try. A neighbor pulls you aside, and he quickly tells you they were arrested three weeks ago and haven’t been seen since. You vaguely remember mentioning to them on the phone you were going to that protest. Even your little brother isn’t there.
          4) Is this even really happening? You look at the news. Sports scores. Celebrity news. It’s like nothing is wrong. What the hell is going on? A stranger smirks at you reading the paper. You lose it. You shout at him “fuck you dude what are you laughing at can’t you see I’ve got a fucking wound on my leg?”
          “Sorry,” he says. “I just didn’t know anyone read the news anymore.” There haven’t been any real journalists for months. They’re all in jail.
          Everyone walking around is scared. They can’t talk to anyone else because they don’t know who is reporting for the government. Hell, at one time YOU were reporting for the government. Maybe they just want their kid to get through school. Maybe they want to keep their job. Maybe they’re sick and want to be able to visit the doctor. It’s always a simple reason. Good people always do bad things for simple reasons.
          You want to protest. You want your family back. You need help for your leg. This is way beyond anything you ever wanted. It started because you just wanted to see fair treatment in farms. Now you’re basically considered a terrorist, and everyone around you might be reporting on you. You definitely can’t use a phone or email. You can’t get a job. You can’t even trust people face to face anymore. On every corner, there are people with guns. They are as scared as you are. They just don’t want to lose their jobs. They don’t want to be labeled as traitors.
          This all happened in the country where I live.
          You want to know why revolutions happen? Because little by little by little things get worse and worse. But this thing that is happening now is big. This is the key ingredient. This allows them to know everything they need to know to accomplish the above. The fact that they are doing it is proof that they are the sort of people who might use it in the way I described. In the country I live in, they also claimed it was for the safety of the people. Same in Soviet Russia. Same in East Germany. In fact, that is always the excuse that is used to surveil everyone. But it has never ONCE proven to be the reality.
          Maybe Obama won’t do it. Maybe the next guy won’t, or the one after him. Maybe this story isn’t about you. Maybe it happens 10 or 20 years from now, when a big war is happening, or after another big attack. Maybe it’s about your daughter or your son. We just don’t know yet. But what we do know is that right now, in this moment we have a choice. Are we okay with this, or not? Do we want this power to exist, or not?
          You know for me, the reason I’m upset is that I grew up in school saying the pledge of allegiance. I was taught that the United States meant “liberty and justice for all.” You get older, you learn that in this country we define that phrase based on the constitution. That’s what tells us what liberty is and what justice is. Well, the government just violated that ideal. So if they aren’t standing for liberty and justice anymore, what are they standing for? Safety?
          Ask yourself a question. In the story I told above, does anyone sound safe?
          I didn’t make anything up. These things happened to people I know. We used to think it couldn’t happen in America. But guess what? It’s starting to happen.
          I actually get really upset when people say “I don’t have anything to hide. Let them read everything.” People saying that have no idea what they are bringing down on their own heads. They are naive, and we need to listen to people in other countries who are clearly telling us that this is a horrible horrible sign and it is time to stand up and say no.

          • Thanks for sharing that post JP. I really couldn’t say it better myself. But I stick to my statement before. As long as the Mc D’s drivethrough stays open, Barry could come crap on their kitchen table and they would smile.

            • Don’t forget they must have their beer, cigarettes, cell phone, EBT card, big TV, pick six tickets, and weed.

        • “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill

          But, the real problem is that America’s fate was decided long ago, and “elections” are driven to reflect the desired outcome.

          The people who are running the show manufacture, groom, and promote their “candidates”. Sadly, most people are so caught up in the flashy cult of personality, nothing of substance will ever be brought forward.

          Mention everything obummer has done, all the lies, etc, his fans give a glazed look, and call you a “racist”. This is the ultimate product of a century of conditioning, people choosing to defend their demise, rather than face reality.

          Wait! I have an idea! We can all “vote” for rinos, I mean “republicans”! They will save Amerika, and defend your freedom! Jut ask McStain, and the Grahmcraka guy…

        • Absolutely, it is not failed good intentions it is malevolence disguised as hope and change.

          • The malevolence isn’t even disguised anymore. That’s a clue to how far gone we all are…they don’t need to hide it anymore.

            • right on, the masks are off.

        • Quoting someone a few weeks ago:
          There is no one in government that represents me, and whether I vote or not, this will not change.
          I am governed by leaders I did not choose, that enact policies I do not believe in, that are paid with money I earned, that I did not consent to give them.
          In every meaningful way, I am completely and utterly disenfranchised… and so is 99% of the public, voters or not.

          • Ms. JayJay, it’s sad but true. We all know the reasons our country is being destroyed. we all know TPTB has some of the worst intentions imaginable toward us. We all know what their agenda is. the question is, what are we going to do about it? I, for one, decided many, many moons ago to stand up and fight when the time comes. I will not submit to this evil regime. I’ll die standing up, not on my knees.

            • To Braveheart…..


              When ask what I would be willing to do when it all comes down….I give the same response ” I only know that I will die standing up….not on my knees “…..I get on my knees to only 1 man and ask for strength to prepare my hands for the battle that is to come…..

              When are we all going to group together as a people/nation/country and take back our Republic…It is ours…. not TPTB to do with as “They” see fit….

              “This is friggin Insanity !!! ”
              quote from Drinking with Bob

              • NoRegretVet, I agree. I have no problem getting on my knees and humbling myself to God, but I NEVER humble myself to any human being. God’s Word makes it clear we are never to worship any false gods or idols.

            • That is not doing anything about the problem. That is just sitting back and waiting!

          • That is 110% how i feel!

          • Welcome to Soltzhenitzen’s AMERKA COMRADE

            there are many of us inside the Apparatus of State that will not obay.

            We are their worst nightmare , we are close , we are willing , we have a long memory and will not forget the past.

            some of us have immigrated here from societies of repression , we know how to defeat it.

            Image the people descending upon Washington in numbers not seen in modern history, a general strike for 2 days nothing moves, remind them they govern with our consent.

            Our choice LIBERTY or Boxcars to Auschwitz.

            NEVER AGAIN!





            Semper Fi 8541

          • Once again, stop calling them our LEADERS!!!!!!!! No where in our country’s ruling documents are they our leaders!!!!!! They are our representatives!! Stop giving them power over you…that is what sheeple do!!!!!!

        • It may be intentional, but it is not Obama’s doing.
          Even if McCain were president, the same stuff would be going on.

          The President Of The United States has no real power. You grow to big for your britches, the CIA will take you out.

          Happened to JFK.

          The President Of The United States has to do what he is told by his superiors.

          Everyone who cries about Obama obviously do not know how our government operates. President gets 8 years maximum.

          For example, J. Edgar Hoover was head of the FBI from 1924 to 1972. FORTY-EIGHT YEARS.

          Now, can any one of you explain who has the real power?

          Hint: It is NOT the President Of The United States.

        • Now this is an interesting little factoid brought to you by Barry & friends…..the article is located at CanadaFreepressdotcom.

          Chinese troops will have boots on the ground in Hawaii on Tuesday. (snippet included below)

          Aloha Hawaiians! If you see what you think are soldiers from the Communist Peoples Republic of China Army wandering about in your neck of the woods Tuesday through Thursday next week, your imagination is not playing tricks on you.

          For the first time in history the U.S. Army will host the Communist Peoples Republic of China’s Army on American soil Nov. 12-14, 2013.

          But don’t worry while Chinese soldiers will have boots on the ground in Hawaii, they are only really “simulating”.

          “Simulating humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to a fictional third country”.

          You can’t make this stuff up when GridEx 2 is doing it for you.

          GridEx 2 (there was already a GridEx 1in November of 2011) is a massive ‘emergency drill’ planned to take place across the whole of North America with thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, FBI antiterrorism experts and officials from government agencies, in the United States, Canada and Mexico (who) are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyberattacks that could take down large sections of the power grid. (New York Times, Aug. 16, 2013).

          The exercise is touted as a unified move “to test the resiliency of the U.S. power grid to withstand major damage causes by a natural disaster or deliberate attack”.

          To read the rest, go to Canada Free Pressdotcom

      2. One thing that I just cant stand is a person who beats around the bush and wont say what he really thinks…. 😉

        • And the person who says one thing and, really thinks something else…I HATE A DAMNED LIAR.

      3. Hey, What else can I say but “Bob has style, no class, but style..and that’s good enough.”

        • We strayed from what is RIGHT, when we started thinking that wealth means competence…it doesn’t. A person is not wise, just because he’s rich…quite the opposite is often the case.

          • the whole country reminds me of a moth beating its wings against a flame ,chasing that dollar with all there might there whole life ,and what do they have when they get to the end ,just a pc. of paper and the memory’s of how they spent there life aquiring it ,i hate what this country has become ,even after the bubble burst ,everyone still thought they were entitled ,no one was humbled ,and when the next fall comes ,no one will be humbled ,they will just walk around saying “whoe is me what did i ever do to deserve this” pride cometh before a fall

        • Grekko…

          Bob does have class….anyone who would come out and say what we all are truly feeling these days…I say that would fall under the category of ” Pure Class” & “Guts” ….I have watched him for a long time….and Love every comment….because it is the “Truth !!! ”

          Hell….we need him as our leader !!! It’s time to put ” Bob On The Ballot !!! “

      4. ok
        there’s a couple minutes of my life
        I’ll never get back !

        deliberate destruction of the country ?
        by whom?
        Obama ain’t in it alone

        and most importantly
        WHY ???

        what is the end game ???

        cui bono?

        • the answers to my own questions ?

          The Global Corporatocracy is Almost Fully Operational

          “In short, it is the ultimate coup de grâce of the ultimate coup d’état. Not a single shot will be fired, yet almost all power will be seized and transferred into private hands — and all of it facilitated by our elected representatives who, by signing these treaties, will be permanently abdicating their responsibilities to represent and protect the interests of their voting constituencies.”

          Obama and his ilk aren’t the problem
          they are merely symptoms of the problem
          he’ll be out of office in 2016
          do you really think the problems will stop ??????

        • That’s easy. Obama is a pawn of the globalists. The end game is the total destruction of the US in order to bring about a one world government. The globalists want to implement Agenda 21 around the world. One of their goals is “depopulating” the earth down to a “sustainable” level of 500 million. In other words, they plan on killing 6.5 billion people. We’re going to see the one world government talked about in the book of Revelation. We will have a world leader possessed by Satan that demands to worshipped as God.

          • Barn Cat…unfortunately you are absolutely correct about O’barry and it makes me nauseous to think about it.

          • Barn Cat: I couldn’t have said it better myself. :-0

          • Hey Barncat,

            You got it right. The only thing i would disagree with is your statement that “we will have a world leader possessed by Satan that demands to (be) worshipped as God”.

            Hell, we have many “world leaders” like that now. They are possessed and want to rule the world. They are controlled by the forces of evil, and evil they shall do.

            The majority of the worlds population are being led by evil and some/most don’t even realize it. They buy into the PC bullshit and play along with the liberals that set the evil agenda.

            When the antichrist comes on the scene, it won’t be as 99% of the church preachers have taught. It won’t be a flesh man with the spirit of satan in his body. he ain’t alive and walking the earth today as they want you to believe. Then WTF is he then? I’ll tell you as God has told us in His letter to us.

            The antichrist will be none other than Satan himself, “portraying” the role of the Messiah returned.
            Thru John, in Revelation, God says that Satan, along with his demonic angels will be thrown down to earth from Heaven. Satan won’t allow any human being to play the role of Christ. He has always wanted to be Christ, and he won’t miss the one and only chance to play that role to deceive as many as possible. He has been wanting that position for thousands of years. He knows he only has a short time left, and he won’t allow anyone to take that chance away from him.

            Why would God say that the whole world “Whores after him”? Because, they haven’t learned truth from God’s word and are expecting the Messiah to come first and “rapture” them away from tribulation of antichrist.
            How easy it will be for Satan to pull it off, since most of the preachers and teachers have set the whole thing up so that people will be eating right out of his (satan’s) hand. “Follow me and worship me and I’ll fly you and your loved ones out of here before the SHTF”.

            Those that disagree; well, just see who is right when it all shakes down. i might not be around to witness it firsthand, but God’s word will still be around.

            We are in the “generation” of the “fig tree” and this generation will be here to witness these things being fulfilled. If that “generation” began in 1967 when Israel reclaimed Jerusalem as it’s (holy)capitol city, and 70 years is the time of a generation that God uses, then i may still be around to see it all. If God uses the 120 year generational period, I most likely will have already “checked in”.

            I use to use the term “checked out” as a reference to dying, but now since i know i’m going to my eternal home, I’d rather call it “checking in” since there will never again be a “checking out” from eternity.

            Amen and pass the taters!


            • 40 is a generation, 70 a life span. 120 is the age of Nancy Pelosi.

              • Someone please tell Dorothy to save that water bucket for Pelosi !

            • But Isn’t Jeruselem actually Still as it originally was set up BY the United Nations when in 1948 ALL nations concerned agreed that it will ALWAYS remain as a Holy city that represents the THREE Major religions of Christianity–Judaisim—Islamisim..?

              I may be wrong But I do recall reading something that said basically what I wrote here about the city called jeruselem.

              SATAN: Is a Spirit right? Doesen’t somewheres in book of REV state that Christ shall Overcome BOTH the antichrist AND the False Prophet, TWO seperate entities. And once He overcomes aka Captures BOTH, Jesus Christ will Throw Both Bodily ALIVE into that Lake of Fire?

              That sounds more like BOTH entities are going to be actual Flesh Human Men, same as We are. Only both as evil men completely sold out to that Spirit entity that represents PURE 100% Evilness and IS the Inventor and Originator of EVERYthing we call or associate with as EVIL/BAD/WRONG/Unlawfull(as in Gods laws etc).

              Satan will fully Control Both men thru evilness, to acomplish all satans desires.

              IF: as the bible says “Satan is the ruler of This world and age”, Untill Christ Returns to take full control to reign as King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

              Then it sounds like Satan and His 1/3 evil angels has Already BEEN “Fallen” to Earth since way Long ago, and still remain Here earthbound as we speak,untill Jesus returns.(satan is like a hungry lion that roams the entire earth, seeking out whomever he can destroy).

              As invisable “spirit” entities satan and his fallen evil angels must inhabit a Human live body/person to acomplish certain things, such as commit Murder, steal stuff of a real and solid nature etc right. Satan is very Powerfull yet Unable to pick up a gun to shoot someone so relies on willing Humans to “assist” satan right?

              Aint That the reason for what is called “Exorcisim”? To Cast Out Demon evil spirits(which cannot penetrate Your inner being/soul “if” you already Have God’s Holy spirit indwelt within you).

              If not true? If satan is waiting to get Booted out of heaven still? How did Satan, when called the “Serphant” in eden swindle EVE?

              ALSO, how did satan AND his Fallem angels, back BEFORE Noahs Ark got built, Mate with the beautifull Human Daughters of Men, and create what were called biblically the “GIANTS” and the “nephilim”?(as in David vs Goliath).

              It sure does sound like that “Fall” to earth due to being Booted Out from heaven, by archangel Mikey, and His 2/3rds Good Godly angels has already happened Long ago.

              Therefore I agree on “Most” of that futureistic scenario from Pissinhwithwind post, but Not that satan is Yet to arrive On earth. Oh hes been here all along, Satan IS the Prime reason for every form of evil we see and some not as yet experienced but Soon will be.

              NOW: As to Barncats xallant expose’ of current evil events that are being Perpetrated by: TPTB-ELIETS-TOP-1%-Banksters-Principalities in HIGH places-Rulers of This world-etc etc and ANY Other Snazzy term or euphimisim or names anybody Else can Dream up as a Label/name for what we all realize Are very evil Men and women responsible for every wrong, bad, evilness ongoing today, and from days gone by since several Thousand yrs ago, 3500 yrs at Minimum, back to Babylon era(see tower of babylon biblically)…Who or What Are them folks really?

              I will Tell you!

              READ: Revelation, 2:9 & 3:9—AND–JOHN,8:44

              For an Exact no nonsense, no holds barred, zero alphabet names, actualy Identity of, not all concerned, BUT as to naming the TOP main major personages/peoples that Satan Has and IS still useing MORE than ALL other such PTB type evil persons worldwide to accomplish his evil satanic devilish Goals of creating that “NWO” as most folks knows it as.(and biblicly also called “THE Adversaries/Enemys, Of GOD and of ALL Mankind aka enemys of all the folks worldwide).

              PS: ALL Three biblical Verses I noted:Rev 2:9–3:9—John 8:44 are all Found in the bible New testement portion books, and All Three verses are,if you use a “Red Letter” edition which means All words in RED ink are Actual words spoken BY and From, the very Mouth of Jesus Christ Himself. Then anybody here who claims he/she is a christian believer, simply CANNOT refute, nor argue with, not refuse to Believe in, or Else You are Not a True real believer christian Period…And that is UN-debatable as all thinking type intelligent folks will certaily agree upon. Anybody who professes themself a christian either believes the spoken words of Christ above all others or they are not a True christian.

              CAUTION:!! For those who have never yet discovered nor Read those Three verses I listed?…The message of Whos and What, they describe may be somewhat upsetting to anobody that subscribes to, PC-correctness, and/or what has been taught by Many Pastors such as every TBN preacher on TV, John Hagee-Jerry Falwell-Pat Robertson, ET AL, way too many more to list here! You have never Heard any of them pastors speak of nor deal with the Three verses Christ Himself spoke of which I have Listed here for Your convienience…IE: all 3 Gives that answer to who/what are them so elusive, TPTB etc etc….

              • There will be the Dragon/Satan, Antichrist/King, and also believe there will be a spiritual leader that works for the Antichrist.

                “Revelation 16:13 that says: “I saw three unclean spirits, like frogs, come out of the mouth of the dragon, and the mouth of the beast, and the mouth of the false prophet.” Satan a.k.a the dragon is seen there to be a separate entity from the beast/Antichrist, so he can’t also possess him.”

                For more information: raptureready com/soap/mayo4.html

          • @ Barncat,

            Your answer is hard to debunk unless it is the religious connotations. Truth is that you don’t need Satan to get some people hungry for power to do this. I don’t like it but cannot come up with anything else to explain the craziness we are seeing. Bad part is that I don’t see where you can even fight such a phenomenon. Only a re-set could change anything and I have a feeling that this also may be part of the over all plan.


            • (2 Th 2:9-10 NIV) The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, {10} and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

              (Rev 16:13-14 NIV) Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. {14} They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.

        • The end game is the destruction of the middle class. The back bone of America.

          Once accomplished a New World Order with Marxism and destitution for the lower class and corporate fascism for the business elite and totalitarianism for government.

          • Wolf359,

            I agree. They have to greatly weaken the middle class before they can fully implement the new world order.

            “One of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the absence of an independent middle class. From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.”

            -Jeffrey Folks
            The American Thinker

      5. Sure, the collapse is by design. There appears to be not a damn thing anybody can or will do about it. It has been ongoing for years and has’nt been even slowed on its tracks. Don’t expect a sane outcome.

      6. Obama makes Hitler look like a compassionate person? Better off with Stalin? Hyperbole!

        It is a disaster, I believe intentionally so, and it may be that when we look back we will say that Bob was prescient, but for now it undermines the argument to go too far over the top. There is not a black market (yet), no one is starving to death (yet), no one is being thrown in prison for their faith (yet). We believe we see the hint of these things on the horizon, but until it’s actually in view it’s better to speak in terms of possibilities instead of unseen reality.

        • Obama is doing his best to purge Christians from the military. The dollar is in the process of being destroyed by the Fed. When the dollar dies, 90% of the US population will die. The death of the dollar is a 100% certainty based on the actions of the Fed.

          • So “IF” the fed totally destroyes the us dollar, whats to stop the SAME fed and persons involved from switching to another replacement? Maybe a Cashless debit system. Maybe even cashless WITH an automaitc initial first deposit into every welfare type person, every “minority” type, gets an initial deposit FROM the fed govnt of $5000 or even $10,000 to “Spread that wealth better” and how many will reject That?

            Even if no such initial freebe deposit is done, if a switch to cashless or any Other form They decide on is done who or what will stop that…nobody will. And they can keep it all going another 100 yrs if they decide to.

            There is NO “Certaintys” other than Death. Every so called economic “expert” online-at every MSM and all combined experts are ALL Guessing at best so far. That IS Certain. Its also why so many like celente has again and again been wrong. Guesses aint certain.

            • I can guess this; If the fed gave all the welfare type people $5 or $10 K, then it would be getting laundered in all their major banks as drug money within 2 weeks. THAT would cause system overload. Even those geniuses would find it hard to hide that much loot. Btw, inflation after the fact would render the poor even poorer.

        • Things are pretty bad in this country. People ARE afraid to do things now that they were not before. I saw the former CIA workers from Benghazi speaking on TV last night prior to the classified meetings today. They had their voices muffled and no video. They are scared not of the American public, not the mafia, not a gang. They are fearful of their lives and their families of what our own Goddamned government might do to them. How many people have changed behaviors and keep silent right now because of fear of an IRS audit? How many people watch what they do/say on the internet? Yea shit may not be such that we are staving in the streets, or thrown on prison (maybe held, sedated and a colonoscopy performed for no good reason), but we are in a sad state as a country right now. Things are pretty fucked up right about now. Wake up people.

          • @ Gone toolong,

            Thumbs up from me on that. I only have one question:

            Wake up and do what?


            • True enough. I am preaching to the choir here. If enough people woke up and shouted loud enough in unison, we might have a chance. But in reality, we know what has to happen and it ain’t pretty. We must get ready for when the truth starts to hurt us individually. The 5% of the population getting insurance cancelations is getting a taste of it. Not large enough for a plurality to care. Dno’t know folks. No answers from me. I always wondered how so many people could be around Adolf Hitler yet not one stopped the madness before the atrocities started. Simple sheep mentality. Simple as that. We are watching it daily in how people make up their own facts to fit what is rational to them and supports who they like. Simply mind blowing. No one problem exists in our country, society, citizens. There are now hundreds of “issues” that are ingrained in our people. Going to be a tough road back.

          • Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention that, one great Proof how good that govnt and MSM’s along with Hollywood has been at so dumbing down and totally Brainwashing the vast Majority of folks everywheres it seems, is to simply notice how 99% of the times ANYBODY ever makes use of a Named person or entity, to describe what they consider the absolute worst all time worst person or evils done, they 99% of the times always name “Hitler” and “NAZIS” as in reference to WWII era evils.

            YET!! Any normal sane folk cannot argue that just by compareing Numbers of Deaths done BY such pure evils, that it SHOULD be the very First names or entities on the tip of tongues everywheres are SOVIET Russian Kommies like Lennin/Stalhin/Trotsky et al and the system of COMMUNISIM.

            Since after all if innocent deaths is what equals such terrible evils? and Yes it sure does, then how in the world do so many majority folks Ignore 250 Million and perhaps even add 100 Million MORE to that figure Deaths Due to Kommie soviet,, which Began fully 20 yrs Before hitler was heard of, and always the first names mentioned are hitler and nazis?

            To me that is 100% proof of how badly Brainwashed that vast majority are. I’d wager if one went out in public like a fox news reporter and asked folks at Random anywhers nationwide in usa, who or what really was the “soviet system Kommies”?….Most will answer “gee I dont know…OR…Answer “Oh that was white russian atheists in russia who did that stuff”.

            Yet ask same vast majority something like this “So Whats the first Thing you think of when I say WWII”?

            Their answer most every time is going to be “Gas chambers”! “SIX MILLION Jews” “Nazis” “Hitler” very Few even know that of All deaths by nazis, 2/3rds were, Non jew deaths.

            Ask “Whos the worlds Wosrt EVER evil person”? ALL will answer “HITLER!” ask same folks ever heard of Trostsky? Kangavitch? Lennin?..Answers from 99% will be “HUH!???”

            Mathmatically: In everything Else 250 vs 6, is Always considered More, always warrents More concern if the issue is numbers of millions deaths. Yet across america since 1945 all most were ever taught to think about is that SIX-million and nazis. Kommies were just a ‘different” sort of “Politics”! Well it appears soon all folks in america are going to learn FROM Experience first hand just how worse that “Politics” kommies truely are.

            One Glareing difference I noticed from 20 yrs research of BOTH nazis and Soviets kommis is that when the issue is WWII nazis and that 6 million number, Much has to be added to, enhanced more evil, and overall made up to look way worse than actual evidence proves it was. Yet in every issue deals with russias kommie bolsheviks and all They did evil…No writers or historians ever need fabricate evidence, nor add to horrors etc since NO system ever has been so pure evil as the soviet system of eastern europe russia nations that began in 1918. None as bad or evil period.

            Them russian soveit kommies make nazis and hitler look more like Kindergarten children playing with Toy wooden guns or knives when compared to the kommie soveits tortures and murderous evils. Yet hardly any folks even consider nor mention it ever. Proof solid of Mass national brainwashings.

            • Exactly. Two authors pointed out your comments very well: Alexandr Solshenytsin (sp?) and Juri Lina each wrote about the horrors of Bolshevik Communism that started with Lenin and Trotsky in 1918, and continued with Stalin and Kaganovich in 1924. It was under Stalin that the Holodomor, the mass murder of 7-9 million Ukranians by starvation was enacted, so to force those remaining to accept collectivization of their individual farms.

              Between those two Soviet regimes alone (not counting WWII), over 50 million Russians, Ukranians, and peoples of the Baltic nations were exterminated. Some 65 million Chinese were exterminated under the regime of Mao from 1949 until his death.

              Now, that is pure evil incarnate.

      7. ANYBODY…….ANYBODY who thinks these guys are voted in needs a brain scan !!!!

      8. “WELL, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I got burned, I mean the people got burned. The buck stops here.”

        No more trans fats for you. We’re here to help.

        • I don’t trust anonymous. There are too many secret societys in the world. If you really have the balls come out into the light of day.

          • Like a user name isn’t anonymous?
            Is your real name resitance2013 ?

      9. Ah drinking with Bob. That guys says what we all feel and with that NY flair. I’m glad he does… it keeps me sane.

      10. I forgot to add: The people who control Obama also control the media. That’s why nobody in the lamestream media will tell the truth about Obama, where he comes from, and what he’s doing.

        • Barn Cat – The media thing is something I will never understand. Do these people really think they are part of the “in crowd”? I know they are owned by the puppet masters, but when the dirty work is said and done and the US collapses or falls into civil war, the media will not be in the bunkers with the bosses. Are they really that stupid? The brainwashing these people have endured is amazing!

          I know I preach voting, but I know it’s all going to crash sooner or later. I was just hoping for a little later so my sons could enjoy their lives as long as possible. I was hoping for a few good people to get elected to at least be a thorn in the side of these treasonous pigs! Never expected any miracles from them as far as turning the country around. I feel guilty I had the life I had and they will see the worst of the worst….

          • 10%-I don’t think the media- the ones earning big money in front to the cameras- really think they will be in the bunkers with their bosses.
            I truly believe they are in that income bracket that is hard to relinquish.
            ‘Keeping up with the joneses’ is a hard habit to kick–like alcohol and drugs.
            But, yes, they must know the lies they spew day after day.

            • Hi JayJay:

              Jon Rappoport has some great articles about this very subject on his nomorefakenews dot com.

              Haven’t seen anyone explain it any better than he does.

              By the way; you said you dried eggs and someone ask you for more info on that. I never could find your reply.

              • Historically all them MSM high paid types of Both left and right politically will likly find out that they ALL Know way too many inside infos and will be the very First group put against the Wall and Shot dead. MSM types not only work with, but intimatly know and party and hang with the Top perps of evils. They by knowing such info are the most likly to “Upset” the apple cart of the top evil bastards if allowed o remain alive after NWO is a done deal etc.

                The Stalhin treatment is a good representative of their fate…When he was done useing those Usefull Idiots, he invited them in individually one at a time for some Talks or Praise of the swell job they did to assist the soviet efforts, and to HIDE from america and europeans what really was going on in russia and all over eastern europe nations….After profusely Thanking them folks, Stalhin walked around the side of them, pulled his Pistol, and shot each person dead right there in his mmain HQ office!

                “IF” by some stroke of chance or luck american MSM types do Not get whacked quickly by tptb, then hey are going to face the Wrath of 300+ Million Pissed off folks. And Thats who will whack the sell outs and enablers.

                • Them Guys – That’s where I’m coming from. They KNOW they are lying to the viewers each and every day when they get their “script” from the WH. Do they not think when this all comes crashing down, they won’t be dragged from their news chairs and lynched for not telling the truth about this Marxist, phony, traitor. That is their job! They have to know they will be caught in the crossfire. No amount of money is worth that. Truly insane…..

            • Ms. JayJay, I’m with you all the way. I’ve never been in any of those upper income brackets and don’t want to be. I won’t even get on the same road as the Joneses.

              • @ braveheart. Probably soon there won’t even be any income brackets. It will just be those that understand the new world of barter and survival. Something that few or none of these characters that live in the upper incomes levels that have no concept of what NOT having a platinum credit card to get what you need even means. Pity the fools that live in a narrow minded world in which they just know that times will always be the same and nothing will ever happen to change them.

                • There will still be brackets. Also has been always will.

                  Just because we change the game doesn’t mean the same rules and players won’t be there.

                • BI, sad to say, you’re right. The day will come when both FRNs and plastic will become useless. The sheeple will pay dearly for their ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

          • The lamestream media is deceived by a false sense of self-importance. They forget that after any communist revolution they get rid of the useful idiots that might join a counter-revolution.

      11. Well now, just remember what President Obama said.
        “We are Distracted by Phony Scandals.”
        Date ~ July 27, 2013.

        • “They”, are masters at deception…

          That statement was a classic. Remember that shell game?

          This is ALL about keeping us distracted while the sky falls…literally.

          Now get a hold of this one and what it could mean for the near future as we casually drift through the ecliptic of the galaxy.

      12. My cats could run this country better.

        • Better than the Dogs that run the streets and can’t keep their pants over their ass, FAGGOTS!

        • I am a blue collar contractor, average education. I can’t understand how the highly educated people who represent us can be so ignorant and completely devoid of any morals or character. Makes me sick to think that i’m helpless to change it. I just have to prep and wait for the spark

          • you got the ignorant part wrong
            they’re not stupid

            but they are devoid of morals and character

            • That’s because they’re a product of the Ivy League Inbred Puppy Mill.

              • RickinOregon:

                And as they age they turn into “junkyard dogs”.

                • No POG, junkyard dogs serve a purpose and they at least have enough sense to protect their own territory.

            • The main question is who are these elites destroying the America and many other countries? As long as there are hesitations to call them and confront them, the disease won’t be controllable.

              • Tactical:

                Over and over again people have been told where to go on the internet to find just WHO these people are that are TRULY running the whole world circus.

                Not the front men; but the devils spawn that are moving the chess pieces daily.

                Poster after poster likes to tell us it is TPTB, the MSM, the banksters, etc. Anything but the truth. It is rich zionist jews and their families that control the wealth of the world.

                Until CHRISTians wake up and realize that Kazar Jews are not God’s chosen, lies that are spewed from the pulpit of nearly every church in America, we will keep spinning our wheels as to where the blame truly lies.

                Those jews have been kicked out of country after country because their usury schemes have been perpetrated on the citizens of those countries until the citizens refused to put up with them any longer. That same scheme has now nearly destroyed America; and their claws are so deep in our Republic that it looks nearly impossible to rid ourself of the bloodsucking crew.

                There are about 7 families that own our non-federal reserve and they are all jews. There are about 300 families that control the wealth of the world, and they are jews. And they are making a hell hole out of the whole world.

                Some people here complain they don’t want to read any post that tells them who is really in control of the world. I can tell you I am tired of reading post after post that tell us it is the banksters, the owners of the msm, the congress, the president.

                Either you are uninformed (and with the internet and the links to articles to educate yourself there is no excuse for being uninformed) or you are afraid that other posters here will attack your posts, or you are complicit with those PTB by covering up the truth of who really runs this world circus.

                Now, instead of calling me a racist, a bigot, an anti-semite, if you red thumb this post; show the readers on this post that what I have wrote here is NOT TRUE.

                Stop attacking the messenger; if at all possible show me my message is not true.

                • Just Amen POG. It really does bring tears into my eyes to see truth tellers just like you and Them Guys and many others are being labeled as a racist, a bigot, an anti-semite. You are none of those rather you are the type of human beings that I trust you with my life. Why? Because you are the truth tellers and such folks can be trusted.

                • PO’D GRANNY & Tactical: Its worse than just banks and usury intrest issues. The Massive usury Profits, today at aprox $2-BILLION per Day just from usa govnt paid usury! ADD the rest paid by Credit card and Mortage and car loans etc to same banksters! Plus usury profit from aprox 200 more countries govnt’s and peoples!!!

                  What do they do with so much easy Free-Labor free cash earned? I will tell you!

                  Same today in america as they did in Germany right UP to 1930’s when fed up germans by margin of 90% Voted nazis to power due to all you wrote of granny. By the time hitler was elected, aprox 88% if I recall the exact number right, of ALL small-medium-Large Buisness and corps throughout Germany were Owned and controled BY jewish folks. THATS what banksters spend their profits on! They assist “smaller jews” to buy up most every company and business nationwide. Banksters also create ressisions and depressions first to run the value and prices DOWN on Homes and factorys and Buisness of every type and size nationwide. Then the smaller jews buys it all up, while top rich jews buys large buis or corps up.

                  Then although barly 1-2% total population in EVERY Host nation they ever lived in, the jews own and control all that matters and sets societys agendas, the Info/msm the society depends on, newspapers, adverstiseing co’s, etc etc. Even Most Professors at every university!

                  Every facet taught to, sold to, info told of, etc is then in the hands of the world control freeks aka jews.

                  America today so vastly resembles germany 1930’s its not funny. I do not mean as in an evil leader/prez either. Oh its that also, but Far more so it is every facet of business and society same as germany was.

                  And like germany 1930 was, usa folks also are fast awakening to this snafu and whos behind it. Naysayers can rant or complain till cows come home and that aint changeing facts. After all when the Same tribe of folks keep the same MO for several Thousand yrs, and screw every Host nation, at some point they no longer can hide whats been done and by Whom!

                  Cannot recall his name now, but a famous German Philosopher guy once said a quote and traslated into english it states this about Germany, but also well applies to todays america also!

                  His quote in english: “The jews are Our Misfortune”

                  And as long as all them christians you mentioned granny, keep their Noses Burried in the OLD testement like you see constantly on every TV preachers show or teachings, untill those christians Read stuf like Galatians and see that there is NO “bless the jews” biblically period. Galatians spells it out so a kid 10 yrs old can comprehend it all! IE: Blessings God Promiced to Abraham and his “seed” means seed=Jesus and blessings go to Christians NOT any so called jews.

                  First they must also learn that every bible verse in both Old or new testement that the words “Israel” or “Jew” are found are NOT Interchangeable to mean the exact same thing! Israel NEVER Pertains to jews per se. It pertains to ALL 12 tribes of Israel hebrews, or aplies to ONLY the 10 Northern tribes of ephraim ruled north nation of Israel. the word jew is a nickname for a mixed race bunch that lived in southern kingdom of Judah, and mixed racially since a few Hundred years Before Jesus was ever Born! Mixed racially With Edomites-Egyptians-Cannanites-Negroes-and several more I cant recall names of now.

                  I have Posted direct Links to many articles that prove all this stuff, as well as proves that Jesus was NOT a jew per se. He was a Nazarine, a Judahite tribe member, and hebrew. And Jesus NEVER agreed with Nor subscribed to Nor Preached ANYTHING related to that babylonian jewish Talmud perversion of Gods word Truth! FACT! Deal with it all the foolish deluded “christians” out there.

                  • ” 19.We love, because He first loved us. 20.If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen. 21And this commandment we have from Him, that the one who loves God should love his brother also.” 1 John 4:19-21
                    Enough said. This is the word of Jesus Christ whom you claim to worship.

                  • This is for Justice:

                    Jesus Christ NEVER tells us to love someone or some religion who does not believe in HIM.

                    He calls them the anti-Christ; where do you come up with the idea they are our brothers? Not my brothers, Justice.

                • AMEN, POG. Amen.

                  • Justice says he works as a Prison guard job. In TX I think it was? He deals with a few white Arayns in jail, and because them Arayns do not like jews or blacks, justice assumes all others who say or write ANY negative about jews is akin to arayans aka racist vile antisemites.

                    Thats non sense to the inth degree. NOBODY-No RACE-Religion group-etc gets any Free Pass period. God does not give any free pass and Humans aint supposed to neither.

                    All this asinine stupid name calling of racist or antisemite or jew haters…Its all because of 50 yrs PC Training/Brainwashings, and phony projew mammon/money worshiper preachers that today Permeate the entire nation end to end top to bottom….ESPECIALLY all over the Southern states and south western states. Both areas are filled with such pastors who bought the bless jews crap thats nowheres in the bible, and ever since Texas’ Pastor Hagee and VA’s Jerry Falwell both got FREE Jet Planes From a combo of NY-Chicago-State of Israel Govnt-Paid for each jet plane, we now see vast numbers of pastors Jumping on the bandwagon to bless them jews folks and maybe that pastor can also get free jet planes or millions in Cash!

                    Thats how slick the jew swindlers operate folks! Buy TWO Jets give the jets free to two pastors that promice non stop pro israel and pro jew teachings, and most every pastor nationwide will believe “Hey just maybe I too can get so rich or a free jet plane if I too promote jews and tell folks regardless how wrong or evil stuf any jews or state of israel does ever….I will preach that YOU church goin folks MUST ignore all such wrongs and bless jews and state of israel because God give every jew EVER born since adam and eve till very end of world/age a FREE back door pass and Key to heaven simply due to being born a Khazar or jew” as pastor calls them due to his vast Ignorance of truth.

                    Folks: Look at This way…Say You have ten or a dozen kids ok…Now You give one or two ONLY a candy bar for no special reason…WHAT will the Other kids do? They will think they must do whatever it takes to act or be same as candy bar two so they can have candy bars also right.

                    Or say After the Two kids get a candy bar, you secretly told em to tell mommie shes very pretty often as they can say it…Will remaining Ten kids begin to act nice and often say Mommies Very pretty too to get candy? Of course its YES.

                    What else and more will them ten kids do if grown up adults and free jet planes and millions in Cash dollars is Up for Grabs? They will do most anything for a chance at That freebe stuff…Like non stop promote jews and israel state. Even if promotions are based on LIES a free planes worth lies right…Not to Me its not…But to many money grubbing preachers it seems to be eh.

                    kosher and judiaisering teachings are simply NOT christian nor biblical. Why so many refuse to wake up to this?…Maybe they really aint real christians. Or stuborn and ignorant…I just hope and Pray they stop that crap and awaken ASAP…Hate to Lose any christians due to false jew blessing teachings or any other reasons!

          • Its money and greed Brother,
            They are all amassing so much wealth that this is all a big game to them, many of the junior representatives are not part of it but they are relegated to the back row and are told to remember their place. These other ones you hear a lot about are a bunch of disconnected greedy fucks who need to be given a hemp necktie and strung up and left to remind the rest what they are really there for.

      13. All very good information; delivery system a little different but effective. Sometimes don’t we all just want to scream?

      14. 2 parties equal 1 party. Remember, fake conservative George Bush appointed fake conservative Roberts to the Supreme Court. Not just as a judge, but as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Straight to the front of the line. Just in time to write the opinion that Obamacare was constitutional. See how they work together. Coup d’etat! Coup d’etat! Coup d’etat!

        • Yeah but what do you think a president gore would have been like? at least with a bush in the white house you were given a few more years to prep. gore would have had us paying a carbon tax and gore care would be the law of the land and the second amendment would already be gone.

          • I’m of the opinion that the sooner it goes over the cliff the better we’ll all be in the long run. If there is to be a “long run”.

        • Sorry Maudy- I have to disagree with you saying Roberts said it was constitutional; what he said was that is was a tax, and not a mandate and that the Commerce Clause was not relevant in this case. What he DIDN’T say, but which the repukes either must know (and are therefore complicit) is that since it’s a tax, it violates the Origination Clause of the Constitution, since it did not originate in the house. He all but screamed at the repukes to take the admin back to court- but with the right argument next time. They decided to ignore him. WHY is the real question.

          • Good observation. But, we know why they did’nt go back to court….

            • Because the PTB own the NSA who has the dirt on Everyone.

              • The NSA will be dead and gone in a few years, so why worry about them.

                I’m more concerned about what my Heavenly Father has on me. He will be around forever!

                • Eh,not one of my worries but hope all is good for you.

          • I don’t care about the semantics. I care that he didn’t throw out the biggest marxist power grab in American history. And he had a big smirk on his face when he did it.

            • OyVey! Another, Anti-Semantic!!!

      15. off topic: but I just successfully water bath canned 2 jars of pears bought off the reduced produce bin at the grocery store.

        It was my first ever attempt at canning food. The jar seals “popped”. it was so cool. I feel like I won a victory. 4 pounds of pears for a $1 and now they are preserved.

        • Waterislife:

          Isn’t that the neatest feeling to see how pretty they are and to know that it was easy as pie to get it done?

          My family was poor so they canned everything they could get their hands on. I wish I had a penny for all the green beens mom made us kids destring and snap and all the peas that had to be taken out of their pods.

          Being poor made true preppers out of back then and I still am one to this day.

          Have fun stocking all those jars with good things to eat!

          • Who the heck would down thumb this? I swear some folks just wanna down thumb women’s posts. Well let me tell you. I have balls too! They’re so big I wear them on my chest!

        • Its a feeling you never get over too…kinda like watching baby chicks hatch out…I still am in awe now as much as I was decades ago when I was just a wee kid…seeing all those cans of food that you put up yourself is a similar feeling…even more so when you stand there and look at them and recall back when you planted the seed watched it grow,harvested the fruit and processed it…welcome to the freedom side of life! 🙂

      16. Hi guys,

        I hate to hijack the comments section but I just wanted to share something that I saw today on my way to work. There was a huge ass 18 wheeler on Rt. 28 in Northern VA and it said FEMA on it in big letters, I actually took a video of it on my cell phone. It was weird for 2 reason:

        1. I’ve lived here my entire life and this is the first time I’ve seen a FEMA-anything
        2. It was coming out of the UDVAR HAZY center which is the newer Air and Space Museum.

        Anyways, I just wanted to share that. I read this site everyday, but rarely post and figure this is somewhat newsworthy given the recent sightings of FEMA and Military vehicles.

        • VAP,
          Yes there has been a lot of FEMA activity lately in Region 3, DHS has been real quiet lately there are are a lot of P. O.’d people at DHS due to the furlough and the lying media, we did not get the so called back pay and it’s my understanding a lot of Federal Employees did not get it either another lie from the media. It’s seems the upper supervisory people got them , they are all political appointees. As of late there is a lot of suspicion floating around, I had the unpleasant experience to be called into a conference room and questioned about talking to a co-worker , they tried to intimidate me into what my conversation was about , I told them I had a rash on my crotch , you want to see it? ( person of questioning was team medic) I was summarily dismissed .
          They are really worried about something . Our group commander was releved of command for personal reasons not explained to us , his replacement was a political appointee from Detroit who is clueless and to put this delicately has racist tendencities to people not of his color . his first address to us was we can all be replaced with people of his choosing. A great way to build up moral , it seems Secret Service also has the same problem.

          It looks like the rails are about to come off the locomotive.

          Things could get real interesting our team is not the run of the mil DHS that is all I can give with out endangering anyone.



          Semper Fi 8541

      17. Well the holidays are upon us and what are we supposed to give thanks for… 1. the homeless are being rounded up 2.disasters are talking its toll worldwide 3.the insurance scandal. 4. worthless paper fiat money.5. very high food prices and rising. 6. horrific violent acts being done worldwide. soilders commiting suicide by the numbers,which is being covered up. 6.meteors falling 7. countless wars happening with countless lives being shed. volcanoes and eartquakes in unprecedented numbers. 8. homosexuality being promoted and on the rise.9. foolishness,lies and corruption on every corner of society. wide poverty. Those of us so fortunate to have a good Thanksgiving meal are truly blessed and should give heart-felt thanks.

        • In Other words all you wrote of proves gen george Patton was correct! IE: that we fought against the Wrong people in WWII! All you noted makes some folks also think perhaps them german folks was right after all.

      18. Like Dorothy, I just want to go Home.

        • will you please leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind you so the rest of us can follow you there?

        • problem is, you aint in kansas anymore.

      19. Its intentional and has been planned for years. He wasn’t vetted by his own party or the press. You get what you pay for.

        • jim in Va….yeah, he wasn’t vetted, but look what happened to Andrew Breitbart who vowed at CPAC to vet O’barry! Breitbart ended up dead and then the coroner who performed the autopsy died the day after he performed the post-mortem exam….talk about suspicious circumstances!
          All of this speaks louder than words….they get rid of people who are going to speak the truth.

      20. Rogue Servants = Judas

        • Many feel that Judas was in on the whole deal,did what jesus asked of him as jesus wanted to prove a few points.

      21. I still believe there are a few good Lots to save this country, Amen.

        • Except Lott only saved his Own ass and Two daughters with him as he fled. His wife Disobeyed the Lords command from the Lords angels warning to NOT look back. She disobeyed, as is so famous a trait amount her tribe it seems.

      22. ‘jus the reset button working its magic y’all. Prolitariat has been getting uppity cause they got to much money. Think they know how to run everything. We’re finding out they don’t……..hit the reset.

        • They don’t know how to run it. They just want to run it.

          • They just want to ruin it. There, fixed it for you.

        • Sorry for his plan coming together. Please…..

        • OOhhh, Mr. Obama, we’re sorry the loop was too tight and the rope too short…

      23. And a 10 cent price of lead would fix one problem

        • I got a dime…..

      24. Congress sells out to Wall Street, again

        The U.S. House has passed H.R. 992 – the Swaps Regulatory Act.

        Most of this bill was written by Citigroup lobbyists. It EXEMPTS derivatives trading FROM REGULATION.


        • Wow I’m so angry over that hot piece of news.

          • It was risky “derivatives trading” that led to the financial collapse of 2008.

        • does this come as a surprise to anyone ???

          the system is CORRUPT

          from top to bottom

          beyond even our wildest imagination

          selling out the American people
          it’s what they do best

          • Add some hot tar and, they could wear feathers better than the chickens who donated them.

      25. Ole’ Hussein Obama should have campaigned on hopelessness and can ya spare some change. It would’ve hit the nail on the head.

        • The only thing I remember about the campaign is the put down of Ron Paul. I don’t remember anyone else campaigning mention the economy, foreign policy or any relevant matter which includes the definition of new world order which was introduced by Bush, not by the conspiracy theorists. I remember listening to the speech in which Bush declared “there is a new world order”. I said to myself “what is this, news to me, I think it should have been a platform for the election, I don’t remember voting for this”. They have no mandate, is one root of the problem. Remember the roots of the tree below ground are just as large as the branches above. You can remove the stump but they are still there. Maybe they will rot, maybe they will sprout again. But if they do sprout again at least they will be glyphosphate resistant. I hope they rot to nourish a new tree, you know the one.

        • As usual, we’re only ranting about picking on the easy targets.

        • Obamacare will put even more in poverty, either through increased premiums, or having to drop insurance.

        • No, we don’t have to do something. If liberalism/socialism was outlawed, even the poor in this country would be immensely wealthy.

      26. Hey Bob, excessive drinking increases triglyceride levels, causing high blood pressure and even leads to the possibility of heart failure.

        If your going to preach to this choir, Bob, lower it a few decibels and put your drinking money into extra ammo.

        As for Obama’s “Plan” for the country? Look around, seems like he’s already achieved his objectives. A lot of people, (e.g. “Bob”) are screaming and have screamed bloody murder, but nobody stood up and stopped him.

        Look at all the wasted energy people use in venting their anger towards the imposter in chief, like at this site, and what has been accomplished?

        • Eh,have ammo and also enjoy a few brews on occasion.Hell,roll my own cigarettes and smoke also,gonna hit the fan who cares.Actually,the smoking is doctors orders as I am stressed,as I have said before,am not sure he is a very good doctor!

          • I would think there are probably a hundred thousand other ways to reduce stress better than smoking. I think your doctor is looking for ways to increase his monthly income or looking to collect on your health insurance policy.

            • Or it was a joke.

          • Warchild,

            Have you grown you own tobacco yet? Its a very cool plant, my daughter got me some seed a couple of yrs ago and I have been growing them since then. It does need to age for at least a yr but it has a great taste when rolled up for a smoke. The only problem is it doesn’t burn well but damn it taste good.


            • DP,have a friend who does,from seedling to cut in 12 weeks,not bad for north lands,age a year?!Damn,you are a optimistic sort,think it gets a bit in barn with stove though,nice roll and smoke,use a extra food chopper to get to my roll characteristics,other firned with still for self and friends also rolling along,me,eh,will pass on that at least for now.As for rolling my own,my doctor approved this post and it’s contents!

              • On a side note,can get seed from him and visiting soon so should get some going indoors.I will have to admit though,my biggest prep/toy whatever is getting a good crosscut saw.I used to laugh at folks addicted to net over say gambling/shopping/porn whatever but am really drooling over a nice saw!I was thinking a 3′ with good kerf starter nice but now think perhaps a larger/single user 2 handle saw,for quality now looking towards 150+ range.As I said,whatever I buy will use and then review,good lord willing/creeks don’t rise ect.!

                • Warchild,

                  I dumped 800.00 last yr on a 16 in saw for cutting logs so I feel your pain. I still prefer cutting the logs with the chain saw. But thats just me.. LOL Oh yeah and the tobacco loves it in the house.


                  • I have 3 chainsaws,favorite a 20+ year old Jon Sered!The fact can afford and want a hand cross cut saw is the right kind of problem to have,of course need a piece of glass for new rifle,argh!

                  • TOBACCO SEEDS 4Sale and awsome Photos and growing info. 20ft Tall plants with 3000+ seeds each! Great to smoke too! Heres xallant website link!


                • I won a cross cutting contest once with a young forestry student from Virginia Tech. We had the chunk taken off the 12 inch log in less than a minute and a half, I think. I’ve worked hard, but I think that’s the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life! I can’t imagine doing that all day by hand, but if the chainsaws won’t run…beats freezing to death! Ps, we were the only female team, and beat a pair of local woodcutters! 🙂 and I was 42 at the time…

                  • Babycatcher,

                    Perhaps you live near unlimited forest. I do not. if it’s worst case and it lasts awhile all the easily available timber will be gone. By “worst case” I define that as no more mechanical advantage. Hand power only. if it gets that bad I don’t intend to freeze.

                    Thermal underwear, wool outer clothing, a 4-season sleeping bag and a “rest of my life” supply of good wool blankets.

                    any brand, any brand, Wiggy’s Expedition and Pendleton wool blankets.

            • DPS and Warchild,

              Here is another use for tobacco. I received this from a family member who raises and trains horses. They have used this recipe for years.

              Off-Grid Worming Recipe for Horses
              (Most of these items you can grow yourself.)

              Use a mixture of 40% sunflower and pumpkin seeds, 30% tobacco leaves (also, loose pipe tobacco from the store works) and the rest parsley flakes and garlic. Fill up a gallon ice cream bucket and you can worm over 20 horses with it.

              According to research, intestinal worms release from the stomach and intestinal lining during the full moon to breed. If you use a mixture such as this or others, the rough texture of the mixture scrapes the worms away and right out of the horses.

              It is much cheaper than conventional worming, which can run up to $8/tube every 60 days. And the horse manure (garden fertilizer) isn’t contaminated by the chemicals in the tube wormer. But what most people don’t think about is that horse manure tainted with worming medication is also tainted and will kill the good worms in the soil once the manure is on the ground.

              *Ivermectin products in the manure will continue to kill beneficial stuff in your soil for 28 days post worming. Daily feed through wormer like strongid will eventually sterilize your whole place. Panacure or safeguard does the least damage to your soil.

              • Food grade Diatomaceous Earth works well as a wormer for cats, dogs and is safe for humans also.

                Many who raise livestock and like to utilize off grid methods, do NOT recommend D.E. for horses or goats.

              • thanks for the info about worming, but horse manure shouldn’t be applied to garden without composting first.

                and anyway, it’s low in N. chicken manure is a better fertilizer.
                (and horse manure has lots of weeds in it from eating hay, then again, so does free range chicken manure )

              • I knew of many uses for tobacco but that is a new one,thanks.On a side note,someone gives me a tough time about smoking(do it outside)will just once again tell doctors orders,am deworming myself!

        • The question is: At what point will we, or me, or you, be willing to lay down our lives to put a stop to this “Infection”? When will we rise up from our computers, our couches, our dining room tables, our hot tubs, our TV’s and Step Up to the Plate and actually “DO SOMETHING”, i.e. put our life on the line?

          Personally, on some level, I keep thinking that some situation, some noble event will rise up and manifest, and I’ll join in and participate, be one of the many to “storm the Bastille”. But maybe everyone else is waiting for the same event and that’s the trouble; we wait and wait and wait. And all the while, the Dark Forces under Obama’s rule are just getting more and more established with their Plan; a plan that’s been in development and under construction for many, many years.

          • We have to patiently wait for that Concord moment. . .The shot heard around the world. We will not have the moral high ground otherwise, the bad guys will.

            • When and what that incident is. . .you will know. Then it’s game on! Follow Stuart Rodes at the Oath Keepers.

              • lol, loser

              • Why wait. The winner is who decide who had the moral high ground. The loser is always the evil one. Being PC will not win this.

          • The minute they start shooting civilians,guess is already happening to a degree with rogue cops.At the point though nationally and martial law declared and mercenaries fire on the public will be tipping point for many,or perhaps I die alone,either way,then time for a beer and smoke on the rock in hell awaiting those I brought with me,one is fine but the more the better.

            • When my time comes, they may get me—but I’m going to do my best to take at least one of them with me.

              • Sure you are, tough guy.

                • Omegabitch, are you a new troll, or just a old one with a name change?

                • omegaman, I’m not a guy…see how little you know before you post? I’ve actually put my life on the line for a stranger, more than once…how about you?

                  Dying for what you believe in isn’t hard, LIVING with yourself for failing to stand up for what you believe, is.

                  You don’t have to be “tough”…just determined.

              • If everyone Is so. Sure. Why wait. Maybe you can get more than one

          • the TSA shooter did. he stood up. nobody followed.
            it needs to be more organized than that. or an event that really hits home for the real patriots..

            • Cal:
              I’m not so sure he wasn’t a plant.
              Here is why!
              Why would a guy from N.J. go to a Calf. airport to shoot it up. there are 2 or 3 large airports in his own back yard. I believe there is two in N.Y. and one in N.J.. and its not that far of a drive to go to D.C. where there are two more. It just doesn’t make since to me. Just my opinion.

              • Sgt. Dale:

                I think the government wants people to get used to seeing government armed guards everywhere in America.

                Airports are a good start.

                Also, I will be glad when people stop using “conspiracy theory”. Our government IS THE CONSPIRACY. So what is the end game to their conspiracy?

                All you need do is read the history of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. Daily our government is following that playbook.

                Want to read about the communists planned takeover of America.

                Once again I need to thank poster Pine4Better Daze for this:

                worldtruth dot tv/ the cia manchurian candidate groomed by the communists to destroy America

                After reading this you will understand who those communists are and why there are so many of them in Obama’s administration.

                Time is running out for America as we know her!

                • Granny
                  You are right on. The whole thing is to ARM the TSA. You watch you will see very soon this happening. They didn’t buy all that ammo and guns for nothing.

                  • Nailed IT! I’ve got my “good eye” on you Sgt. Dale. ;)!

        • “but nobody stood up and stopped him”. So do your think all the hoopla over the Obamacare website is a little whoopsie? Or are many dozens of college educated programmers really that inept? I’m under the impression that social activism ranges into any and all activity. HTML included. A little conspiracy hypothesis here. I believe the military folks call it asymetric warfare.

          • yep.

        • What has been accomplished at this and many sites is folks readying themselves for the long haul,me,probably not so long but OK with that.Venting is a good thing,helps keep folks sane and focused on preparing to the best of their ability and sites like this help em along,that is my opinion anyhow.

      27. Either by design or being a flaming idiot, the end results is all that matters. If he is a retard and the country goes down BO declares martial law. If this is by design then when the country goes down on purpose BO declares martial law. It doesn’t matter why at this point, NOTHING is being done to reverse the course. Head on into the iceberg.

        I don’t say this very often but do you know why I comment so often on this site? Because people think like I do. They are not like the mindless conformists that don’t even think for themselves. The people here have strong opinion and minds of their own. I so much respect people like this. It is torment to have to deal with people that are so driven by what others think, feel, and react to, just like a school of fish swimming in sychoronized order. Even on other web sites you get this where people are driven by the herd rather than by the individual. I think many people out there feel this way also. It is a darn good feeling being a maverick. Hear that government, maverick, those that won’t and can’t go with the pack and will not follow. All thumbs up for the people that visit this site.

        • Thank you, Be informed

          If more people lit one little candle like
          you so passionately do, the country would
          see reality in a much different light.

          Hey, how about that typhoon in the Pacific.
          Mother Nature throwing a real tantrum, eh!

          • @ OutWest. I understand about what almost 200 mph winds within a field about 30 miles of so means, I just can’t even think about trying to live through something like this. I read in Yahoo news that if there are any structures within this zone they are gone. That EF-5 tornado had a wind field of about 2.7 miles, this would be almost 12 times as large.

            On top of this the Carlsberg Ridge had a precursor quake today. This area is very specific where it has hit before. This is the fourth time that 8.1 in Samoa has had an earthquake in the divergent area beforehand. The other areas include severel high 7’s in Vanuatu and Santa Cruz Islands, Sumatra, Alaska, and southern Mexico. That is it, no other areas targeted after this same spot has been hit in past. This is the 35th out of 40th that says at least a 7.5+ is coming, and 22nd out of 40th that says at least a 8+ is coming. Mother Nature seems to be very angry and ready to show more of this soon.

            One other thing about hurricanes. The Weather Channel was talking about what is called a “hypercane”. This occurs when the ocean temperature in one spot is above about 100-105 degrees F and can fuel a super air conditioner type of hurricane. This type of hurricane can reach 400 mph. Because hurricanes create their own protective shield around themselves, if something like this ever formed, it would take time for it to lose strength over cooler waters. So there are MUCH worse case scenarioes than what we are seeing right now. Sobering isn’t it?

        • Kudos BI..

          Many of us already knew what would happen before BHO was elected..afterall he is GWB on steroids as the agenda always moves forward..only the (mock) ceo changes guard every 4 years from the (mock) election results.

          My concern is the ongoing fallout as millions more become uninsured by edict,millions more falling into poverty,millions more onto public assistance,millions more facing severe economic depression..

          Never mind the abundance of scandals and skulduggery unfolding from this ever growing monster of central government..and all the alphabet agencies collecting data.enforcing the ACA..etcetera.

          Wouldn’t one conjecture there will be a breaking point sometime soon given the onslaught we all face..?

          It also appears that mother nature is giving us some indications as well that all is not well with the geo physical world given your input..

          Just watching from my perspective on the financials clearly sounds alarm bells..eerily mirroring the precursor to yet another well designed collapse of the markets…time will tell won’t it?

          Take care BI…and all you other well informed commenters


      28. Really, it took 5 f***ing years and two samlections to figure this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

      29. Man its all F***** up… 🙁

        • Waaahhhh

      30. The throttle is stuck wide open and the bus we are all riding on is headed over the cliff.

        Wouldn’t it really be something is something really big and almost… supernatural happened. We have comet ISON C2012 headed for perihelion on Nov 28th-29th which means it’s headed back away from the Sun and towards Earths equatorial plane once more. Around Jan or so, it will be headed up and above our plane and back out to the cosmos. It would REALLY be something if Earth entered a debris field and huge fireballs rained down and struck all of these people who are giving us all this grief and greed in this world. Imagine what kind of message THAT would send.

        Wow…what a vivid dream that was…I’m back now. Must have dozed off whilst at the keyboard. 🙂

        You gotta admit…THAT would really be something.

        • One can only hope eh!

        • Soc:
          AMEN MY BROTHER AMEN!!!!!

          • Think this comet has anything to do with all the crazy weather the earth is experiencing?

      31. @ JustOneGuy. Are you out there? The GOES X-ray chart is spiking again. Looks like another strong M class flare or X flare on the way from the Sun doens’t it?

        • Bi
          Whats your take on the quakes in Ok? Strange spot?

      32. Boring

      33. Has anyone else noticed yahoos page on the stock exchange, you can’t bring up japan,europe for the last 2 days now (at least until our market opens)

      34. God will sort it all out when the right time comes.. mortal humans are just a reality tv entertainment show.. Once it gets too out of hand.. He will change the Chanel on life as we know it.. It won’t be mans choice.. But his..

      35. Cut back on the RedBull dude.

      36. There will not be another revolution any time soon by patriots. The new patriot is politically lazy, protest weary, and just waiting. For what, I don’t know. A sign? You will not get a sign. They will not let you. All “patriots” say they are prepared to fight to the death with guns but won’t fight before then. I call your bluff and say a true patriot does not hide behind his or her rifle and a fake ID. It is time to show our country and DC our number. Stand and be counted all true patriots!!!!

      37. Quick…somebody fry an egg on his chest before he cools down.

      38. Could just be words, but here is what Israel is saying about BO and the situation with Iran.

        1. Israel has abandoned its trust in Barack Obama (BO) every complying with his pledge to its securityand will henceforth act on its own.

        2. Israel’s only remaining course now is to exercise its military optionagainst Iran’s nuclear capacity- whether openly or covertly.

        Translation: Israel will attack Iran either with more cyber attacks or sabotage, OR they will attack them with aircraft and missile strikes and start WW3. The moon is dark enough until MAYBE tomorrow. Next month the window is November 27 to December 7 when the moon is dark enough again. In any case look for something to happen to Iran’s nuclear program.

        • Bi,
          Go over to George Ure’s urban survival dot com an check out his longish quake rap, some interesting info,,,,

      39. “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

        ― Robert A. Heinlein

        “Rules are for those that need ruling. Like religion, the powerful find them useful for keeping those who refuse to think in line.”

        – Me

        • “People who think their wisdom is greater than the Holy Bible’s wisdom have never read the Holy Bible.”

          – Me

      40. Obullshit is just one of the many that has been taking this country down the path to hell. One day we will wake up and find that its all over and we will have to fight like hell to bring it all back to the way it was before JFK. I’m old enough to remember them days. They were maybe the best of AMERICA!
        You can bet that Obullshit and who ever comes after him will tear us down further until the Civil War/Revolution starts. Then the peace keeps will be sent in and the battle for a NEW AMERICA will be on.
        I can see us winning it. There will be a CHANGE in the way thing are done.
        #1 You will only get Gov. assistance for 2 months. No more making Gov. assistance a life style.
        #2 No more Aid to countries. until every one here is working and on their feet.
        #3 No more shipping business oversea with out putting a large tax on it.
        #4 States handle their own Education programs.
        #5 TAS DHS NSA OSHA and the like out. Only FBI and CIA the way they were set up to run.
        #6 No executive orders. other than getting stuff for Washington D.C.
        #7 No more infringing on our Religious freedoms.
        #8 No more infringing on our right to protect our self with what ever means necessary.
        I could go on for ever.

        • Sarge, tried to respond but someting went awry!
          I have seen the decay of our country, was born in 63 and every year things just seem to go downhill, not so much personally but overall within society,
          My consciousness of this starts back off in the mid 90s and then i really woke up and now can see it all quite clear,
          No more world of Leave it to Beaver!
          People are morally and ethically bankrupt now, slathered with tatoos and piercing holes here and there like they are some crazy pigmy tribals, they sleep with anything that moves and cant comunicate unless its through electronics, they cant grasp the concept that the 1st amendment really did mean you need to speak the hell up rather than being silent and just going along, when they finally open their mouth it will be too fucking late, have disconnected with a bunch of guys i used to call friends over this because silence and outward compliance are just as hood as being in shackles.
          Anyway, when the hell did it become ok to just be receiving government aid and not find some form of work? No self pride? If you are legitimately disabled ok, but i know disabled guys who work more and harder than almost 90% of able bodied people!
          Sorry, got on a roll this morning, people are fucking numb, when or even if they wake the hell up it will be too late. The next fucker who tells me i need to just worry about stuff i can control is going to get a punch to the throaght.

          • KULA: I read what you added. Good points.
            You are right we have put God on the back burner.
            How I long for the days of Leave it to Beaver.

            Stay cool my friend!

            • I was born in 1957. Although that time is widely ridiculed today, it was the pinnacle of American history. We had peace and prosperity, and national pride. We knew right from wrong. We had manners and respect. We stood when a lady entered the room.

              Now we have legal abortion, legal gay marriage, legal marijuana and a $17 Trillion debt. We have a “president” who hates America. Christianity and American tradition are laughed at and ridiculed.

              Therefore I prep.

              • SilverSax, that’s the same year I was born. shortly before St. Patrick’s Day. I grew up with the same values and in the same kind of atmosphere. Let the libturds ridicule us, screw them. We belong to an exclusive club and I won’t apologize for it.

                • HA! You’re older than I am (September). You’re right, though – I’m proud of my roots!

                  • Silver, then you just had a birthday. Happy Late Birthday. Proud of my roots as well.

          • ’63 must have been a good year than , eh Kfarmer ;-)?

        • One respectful salute to you Sargent. They grabbed our necks in Camelot, now they squeeze. I have watched it develop since Korea. I respect their pervasion, but that is all. Alas, the people will soon learn what it is to pervade, whether they want to or not. I remember the America of which you speak. The kool aid was tastier then.

        • – USA officially Christian. Islam outlawed. Muslims may visit US but not immigrate. Any existing Muslim citizens must practice their religion in their homes only; may not proselytize.
          – USA Officially English-only.
          – Free Market Capitalist economy only.
          – Mandatory death penalty for murder, rape and child molestation. Must be carried out within 30 days of conviction.
          – No income taxes – sales tax only, limited to 10% of price.
          – Federal Government limited to National Defense/Security ONLY – States handle everything else.
          – No public education – private only.
          – No public charity/welfare – private only.

          • Sivleer
            I LIKE IT

          • When Russia went soviet in 1918, aprox 40,000 Christian Churches were destroyed. Burned, torn down or blown up. Only ones left standing were used as Torture centers and administrative centers for soveit kommie officials etc use. However…Not One Single Synagogue was harmed.

            Makes ya wonder why if all we heard of soviet kommies are such rabid atheists eh?…I rekon them Khazar leadership head kommies didn’t want to ruin ot destroy Their Own houses of worship eh.

            If Turn about is Fairplay? ADD tear down and bulldoze EVERY synagogue of Satan in america to your listing.

            And every Man wearing a widebrim Black Hat thats three to five sizes too small, as a traitor suspect!

            • Them Guys….I know that you already probably know this, but the reason that “Not One Single Synagogue was harmed” was because of “556 leading conspirators in the Bolshevik state in 1918-19 there were 17 Russians, two Ukrainians, eleven Armenians, 35 Latvians, 15 Germans, one Hungarian, ten Georgians, three Poles, three Finns, one Czech, one Karaim, and 457 Jews”. I thought that was very interesting….457 Jews….so many as opposed to other groups!

              • jp: Yes I did know of that factoid,and also the Fact that of 150 million POP in russia 1918, only aprox 2-2.5% were jewish population total…Sounds alot like america 2013 eh. Todays POP is aprox 315 million in usa, but total jewish population is LESS than 2%.

                Germany 1930 also same and even Fewer percentages! Less than 550,000 jews were in germany in 1930’s with germany total Population at aprox 100 million!!

                Yet we are to believe the jews started out with 550,000 jew there in germany total, then SIX million were killed by nazis! PLUS another aprox 10 Million jews majically escaped! yet total number jews in entire world was only a total of aprox 13-13 1/2 million worldwide jews…

                Somebodys useing Fuzzy Math no?

                Hey JP…Ever Read any eye witness jew escapee’ stories of aushwitz camps etc? Or actual jew survivors testimony at the Nurenburg nazi Trials hearings?

                If no, Research That!! The wild tales from official Nurenburg nazi Trials testimony FROM jewish survivors, women too testified, will litterally Blow your mind apart when you realize Thats what got nazis convicted and Hung!

                NO court in america could NOR would ever accept that case if held trials today. Unbelievable testimonies.

                Nazi Hunter guy ELI Da Weaszel has some real Whoppers also in his books of wild tales. NO other race or group ever gets away with such Blatent Lying ever. We can Thank the 50 Million usa evangelical, jew/israel Firster Enablers crowds for ongoing fabels and lies etc. They give a free pass to jewish folks and the lies continue unabated. Thanks all you foolish fools.

                pss ever Read Capt Joe Cortina website JP? EX Viet Nam, Green Beret, head Comander of Trainings and several other high up army positions…I used to wonder Why he always calls southern baptist folks, “BapDUHS!”…Joe Cortina is Very jew wised up too, knows all about these issues as we do etc…After I understood how enabeling that 50 million evangelicals in usa actually are, it answerd me why cortina gets so pissed off at baptists and calls them bapDuhs….Because no matter how much Proof you give them they rejet every bit and keep belief in bless jew falshoods that create so many troubles for americans and the nation….After reading stuff here awhile, I’d say Joe Cortina has a very good point eh. I mean “DUH”!!

          • Silver Sax, excellent ideas!

        • Sarge, all of your ideas sound great, EXCEPT for keeping FBI and CIA. On FBI, they haven’t had any honor or integrity since the Hoover era, they have the same anti-public mentality as everyone else in federal LE, so all federal LE should be abolished. The only LE we need are local, county, and state. On CIA, you may want to do some research on the kind of people who were the founding members of that organization; i.e., captured Nazi war criminals. Google “Operation Paperclip”. You’ll find that very interesting. CIA have also been responsible for the epidemic of drugs in this country going back to the 60s. Otherwise, your ideas are great. braveheart

      41. Fuck you all. You squirrels are dumb as dirt and you think you know what’s going on. Fucking ignorant red neck cousin fuckers.

        • A foul mouth indicates a foul mind.

        • F
          One day you will wake up. When you do you will find you can make friends here.
          Today yo0u think I’m out of my mind. So did my kids., but the older they get the smarter the Old Man gets. You will see.
          again you can find friends here to help you get through the hard times to come.

          • That or will take a 175g SMK through their left eye

        • FY, enjoy that check for trolling while you can because it won’t last. you have a choice. you can wake up and smell the coffee, see what Obama is doing to your country, and join us in trying to save this country. ot you can just being an ignorant, retarded troll following Obama with blind faith all the way into the fires of hell. The choice is yours.

      42. Girl at work here just said that in the polish speaking paper in Canada, that they are taking about how money for Canadian-American-Mexican currency is already being printed. The paper talks about how the news is not mentioned here because of people like “us” that they know they have to take our guns and pull the rug out from under us. Any polish papers out there who can verify this?

        • #12 No lawyers in legislation/Congress

          • #12 No more Lawyers… period!

            • VRF
              Very good, but we are nation of laws and we will need them. But Very Good!!!!!
              L. M. A. O.

              • Folks who Slip and Trip on the Wet Lettuce will still need to be able to call for help at that 1-800-jew-boys law offices seen often on TV every 3 minits.

        • NPPH, they were planning the currency back during Bush Jr. 2nd term. I can still remember seeing a sample of the ‘Amero’ currency on Inforwars. Just google ‘Amero’ ans see what turns up.

          • Thanks. Will do

      43. #9
        No more import of goods without huge taxes on said products
        No more shipping our natural resources to other countries without huge taxes on the product
        Strengthen border security

        • This was supposed to be a reply to Sarge D

          • Hows about Like Alaska does, every usa citizen gets a check once per year for their share value of Oil taken from the lands of america that WE all Inherited as our Birthrights.

            To allow only filthy rich speculators to first learn or explore where that Oil is at, then have congress pass laws to allow Them fat cats to buy all such lands, then drive oil prices thru roof, then drill and tap that oil to earn massive profits is uncooth and wrong.

            Unless they agree to issue a profit share to each citizen like alaska does.

            Wait till that Texas mulit billionaire Slim Pickers or whatever his name is..T Bone Pickins maybe it is????? pulls his swindle scam!

            hes got a huge land parcel in texas for his home. Has TWO persons that work for him, got Texas state legislators and gov Perry to sign a law that is a ONE time deal to allow slim or Tbone pickins to section off a small few acres, 10 acres if I recall right, and officially make it a Real Town. The two men he hired act as Mayor and sherrif, and caretakers I guess too. So together they are able to make it an official Incorporated Town.

            Reason he so badly desired to turn a small few acres within very middle of his Vast lands there into an official town, is due to that few acres section sits ATOP the Best location to Tap into the massive Fresh Water underground reserves. One of if not The largest undergroud water in entire usa nation.

            Thats why he was so hard pushing Bush jr, and Now Hobammy to Okay that Oil Pipeline from texas to Canada etc.

            Slim tbone picker plans to Include a huge Fresh Water Pipeline alongside that Oil lines to ship fresh water north to usa states and to canada or wherever its most needed.

            That water Belongs to Everybody, or it did and should have. He paid aprox $1.5 Million in “Campaign” contributions to texas repubs and gov perry to grease skids to pass a unique law for a one time one shot deal to make part of his entire lands a seperate town officially so as a town he can Pass water use laws, and sell Munisipal Bonds to FUND his project of swipeing texas water…..That was around 2008 elections I think. Maybe 2010 cycle(?)…Should still be articles at WND or newswithviews archives on that issue.

            I seen that tbone pickin guy also on CSPAN TV as Keynote speaker at the usa Goveners once per year meeting on what govners agree to do for america and their states etc…He was Pushing for that oil pipeline there also. Do not think he told them 50 state govners about that fresh water part of His plans though!

            That is the method or similar to how the very wealthy are always able to somehow buy just The Right lands and Walla! they discovered Oil! Then its ALL owned by Them not Us.

            We’d all have more cash than needed if usa resources were done like alaska does it. And none of the filthy rich folk would even notice that loss plus they too would get a yearly resource shares check like us.

            A whole Lots of Unfair and just plain wrong headed stuff needs change to bennifit all the citizens nationally.

        • In due time

      44. Just to let all know, Russian hackers just hacked all The affordable care act webs Obama care everyone whom used these webs and there personal info accounts and so forth have been hacked they have everyone’s info and selling it to other countries identity fraud.

        • Karen:

          Do you have a link for this info?

      45. #12 Accept that every great nation/empire in recorded HISTORY has its period of ascension, a plateau “golden period,” and then decay/collapse. If the USA did NOT fall, it would be the exception.

        There may be a few upticks in the downward spiral, but make no mistake, the USA will fall.

        Prepare accordingly.

      46. Although Hussein Obama is doing all this on purpose, that in itself doesn’t mean there will be empty store shelves, chaos in the streets and a broken-down economy. After all, full-blown communist nations maintain an economy and social order.

        What will bring the chaos and hungry mobs (apart from nuclear war) is when the world finally rejects the Dollar. When the U.S. Dollar becomes worthless, all American industries will fall apart simultaneously – including farming, trucking and retail grocery.

        It’s already happening. The BRICS nations, which represent 3 billion people, are already moving to reject the Dollar as trade currency.

        The only question is, when will the rest of the world say, “We’ve had enough of the U.S. and we reject its worthless fiat currency”?

        • SilverSak:

          I know you know that full blown communist countries maintain an economy and social order only after they have TORN that country to smithereens and killed off the opposition.

          America and the CIA have been complicit with the “communists”; helping them destroy country after country, unseating their leaders, propping up goons that help the worlds wealthy corporations move in and steal all the real wealth out of those countries.

          No wonder the world is on fire and so many people around the world hate us. They have been living the nightmare that is now being set in motion for this country that I love.

          • You’re right, Granny. Therefore we arm ourselves.

      47. Off Topic
        Just a reminder to all of us to let the ones we love KNOW we love them. Hold them close and appreciate the blessings they bring into our lives. None of us knows when they will be taken from us or us from them.

        November 8, 2012 my son passed from this life into his new one in heaven. He was 11 years old and a constant source of joy and blessings to us. I miss him everyday and take comfort in the fact I will see him again one day.

        Party in heaven my Dalton, it’s your first birthday up there. I love you and miss you.

        • Sorry to hear of your loss, 11 is way to young.

          my prayers and thoughts go to you and Dalton as well as all of his family and friends

        • Can’t wait to meet Dalton!

          • Silver:
            You are going to have to wait in line. I’M FIRST.

          • Sorry for your loss Central TX Mom. Happy Birthday Dalton!

        • CentralTexasMom:

          One day you will see him again. In the meantime take comfort in knowing he is in Jesus’ loving arms.

          God bless you and comfort you.

        • Central TX Mom, my condolences and I will pray for you.

        • Central TX Mom,

          Condolences and prayers for you and your family.

          Take care.
          KY Mom

        • Central Texas Mom.

          Sorry to hear of your loss. There is no doubt that when it is your time you will see your son in heaven. I do believe that 100%.

          When times get hard, they can get much, much harder. My thoughts and prayers are your way….

        • Central Tx Mom… and Dalton will be in my thoughts and prayers.

        • Satori, i can still remember the Missile Crisis like it was yestersay. I was only 5 at the time. My older brother helped our DaD build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with preps. everyone was scared to death at the time. The 2nd time in my lifetime we came close to nuclear war was the Yom Kippur War in october, 1973. everyone was scared to death at that time also. Thankfully, nothing came out of either crisis. satori, I hope you’re right about those scientists being full of it.

      48. Jarret , dorn , ayers , kissinger , pritzker , ford foundation etc ad nauseam . Obamo has so many hands up his ass , he hasn’t taken a crap since he was 12.

      49. You are NOT going to believe this!

        The IRS sent my tax return back..again!!!

        I think it was because of my response to the question “list all dependents”
        I replied
        12 Million Illegal Immigrants
        3 million Crack Heads
        42 Million unemployable people on food stamps
        2 million people in 243 prisons and 535 fools in the house and senate

        I thought it should at least get me a few bucks back
        Apparently this was not an acceptable answer

        • VRF:

          If it makes you feel even a little bit better you gave me my laugh for the day. Thanks!

        • VRF…that is truly hysterical and so very accurate, but the government, apparently doesn’t like the facts!

        • Will see what happens when i fill mine out with crayons this next year

          • Hey all you guys thanks for the laugh. I kinda needed it today.
            VRF and Kula:

        • Very nice VRF. Perhaps you should read the IRS’ own handbook more closely, especially where it defines “dependents”… you actually might be right.

        • VRF, that was a very good one.

        • VRF…I laughed so loud that I woke up my husband!! Way too funny but sadly true!

      50. What you are up against.

        In 2007 I began reading about Barack Hussein Obama. I understood very quickly that he was nothing more than a Fascist/Statist puppet of TPTB. But he was a devoted, committed, determined puppet informed by Alinsky, Ayers, Wright, Cloward-Piven, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, and LBJ. I knew that the MSM was all-in as early as 2008, and I figured he would be a critical actor for TPTB in destroying the two entities that made America a free nation–the middle class and Christianity.

        I fought a war for nearly a year–2008–to convince people of what was going to happen. And what did I get for my trouble? Obama disciples who informed me that they had turned my web names over to the FBI so that the FBI could track me down. I had no doubt that they had done this, and I had no doubt that the FBI had the means to track me down. These disciples of Obama were so worshipful that they were willing to paint honest, straightforward, accurate, political speech as treasonous and terroristic and threatening. These disciples of Obama (and TPTB) are so devoted that they will stop at nothing to destroy you, your family, your church, your liberty, your property, your future. . .

        THAT is what you are up against–millions upon millions of drone disciples who want nothing more than for the government (TPTB through Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner, Rubio) to control their and your lives. THEY WANT these monsters to be in total control. They see that as an intrinsic and moral good. THAT is what you are up against.

      51. THIS was a good listen…”This Is What The Opposite Consciousness Sounds Like”

        Be sure to read the comments section

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