Video: Armed National Guard Troops Patrol Residential Streets In California

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Headline News | 120 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Despite what the government or military tell us, what you are about to see in the following video is NOT normal. Well, perhaps in 2015 Amerika it is becoming a common sight to see militarized law enforcement personnel and National Guard troops on the streets of America, but it SHOULD NOT be considered normal. Something is afoot and when we combine the overt military demonstrations taking place in our neighborhoods, such as the one you’ll see in the report from Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars below, with the coming Jade Helm 15 surveillance exercises and the scores of Doomsday Executive Actions by President Obama to prepare America for a nationally declared state of emergency, one can’t help but think that somebody in the upper echelons of our command & control apparatus thinks something very significant is going to happen. They are preparing America’s troops and police  for whatever that event will turn out to be.


    Video footage out of Ontario, California shows armed National Guard troops patrolling residential streets and practicing traffic control.

    The video, which was shot this past weekend, features Guard troops marching in formation while chanting a military cadence. Troops also take turns to practice blocking traffic.

    The troops, followed by a humvee, marched close to an elementary school and single family homes.

    “I just watched it again and recognized the low block wall and the elementary school! It was right there where my sister and her husband live! OMG how frightening!” one YouTube commenter responded, while others insisted the patrols were a routine occurrence.

    However, another respondent insisted that the patrol was not normal.

    “During the last few seconds I got a quick glimpse of my sister and brother-in-laws house on Fuschia. Ave,” wrote the commenter.”That motorcycle was parked almost in front of their house. They told me they saw this procession going on from their front yard. They have lived in that house for 30 or so yrs and this is the first time they have seen this type of thing in their neighborhood. Might be a common thing to do their training someplace else but not in that area.”

    Concerns about the presence of troops on American streets have heightened since the announcement of Jade Helm, an upcoming nationwide military exercise which some fear is a dry run for martial law.

    As we reported earlier this week, a National Guard drill based around dealing with civil unrest after a dirty bomb attack in Richmond, California featured role players acting as angry Americans yelling ‘right-wing’ rhetoric.

    Footage captured by a local shows Guard troops pushing irate citizens away with batons before one of the protest group states, “I’m a sovereign citizen, I refuse to recognize you guys, I refuse to recognize you.”

    Disturbing video out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida last month also showed military and law enforcement practicing the internment of citizens during martial-law style training.

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      1. What happens when people start taking pot-shots at them?

        • I just recieved an email that had a very good quote tagged on the end of it. “In the beginning of a change,the Patriot is a scarce man, and brave and hated and scorned, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it cost nothing to be a PATRIOT”. Mark Twain-1904. If you had to come out from behind the keyboard, would you be a Patriot or Timid? Trekker Out.

          • Which category do those of us that start shooting from behind a stone wall fit? Cause there is no doubt I’m a chicken livered coward that is never going to stand up and fight a guy with a flack jacket, mortars, tanks, and a machine gun. I may be stupid; but I’m not THAT stupid.

            • When the BIG ONE hits SoCal, everyone there will welcome troops with open arms. Patriots too. 🙂

              • Those who depend on their prison-state guards to “help” (execute) them.

            • Cowards die a thousand deaths…But a Brave man dies only once…So you gain nothing being a coward….You will be rounded up too…..And die as well….But without your dignity…

            • Para it just depends on when you start shooting from behind that stone wall! If you wait until it’s all over before you step out and start shooting in the air in celebration with all the rest, then you may not be a Patriot. I’m pretty sure I ain’t goin to be the first to start shooting, but hopefully I won’t be the last. My only prayer is that the shooting never has to start. I’m sure my Son’s or Grandson’s can use the ammo after I’m gone. Trekker Out.

            • Then will you submit yourself and any loved ones of yours to their tortures and strapped-down executions? All the stuff you’ve mentioned of them is defeatable and, can be equivalently had by everyone, if thinking outside the modern box. Pinning oneself down by adhering to the enemy’s strategies and tactics will help the enemy.

          • Exactly, Trekker! These keyboards will be obsolete–likely long before any of the other modern junk the would-be independent individual now depends on for that supposed individual independence. While a lot of modern stuff can be scavenged for other-than-modern use, the ability to make and use what Nature provides is key to any real survival.

            I’m not saying this to “diss” anyone. I only intend to constructively make everyone aware of their dependence on stuff that their enemies now provide them with that won’t be their “when SHTF”–no matter how much they’ve stocked up on it. When their stocks are gone (which can be immediately) what can they do with what’s out there? Learn how.

        • anon
          “What happens when people start taking pot-shots at them?”

          I don’t know, try it and see…..

          • Wrong.
            You would see a panicked and scrambling
            clusterfuck that does not know how to
            react to fire.
            As a result of the Army now being a
            social experiment of sensitivity training,
            equal opportunity NCO’s, attempts to recruit
            and openly establish transgender “soldiers,”
            the funding of gender reassignment and gay
            marriage; vitally necessary weapons and wothwhile
            combat training be damned.

            • Cavmedic, welcome aboard and I have to agree. It’s not the same army my vet relatives served in.

        • See our Corrupt Government shipped all the good jobs overseas, so all the desperate youth have no choice but to sign up for the military. There is Nothing patriotic about drills on our streets at the order of the Tryanical Goverment. The Gubberment pays these “Shleps” to protest them, and not you or I. Start shooting at them and see the desertion rates skyrocket. F-em.

          • Yeah because part time military service “pays the bills” you schmuck.

            What people don’t understand is that this is an Army National Guard unit trying to give their Soldiers some exercise during their one weekend a month training (since half of them probably fail their APFT anyway).

            The commander who thought it was an acceptable idea to take weapons out for a road march is an idiot and ought to be reprimanded, but UCMJ does not apply to Title 32 reserve Soldiers. But what do you expect from MPs? Brains? Of course not. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cameraman was one of their own who performed a SUTA and this video is their way of snitching on their command for making them do something so embarrassing.

        • Or more than just very tactically self-defeating pot shots? Strategic denial of the enemy’s means of power will do more to let the air out of their balloons than pot shots, which will only be equivalent to blowing a whistle for them to zero in on the pot shooter!

        • The powers-that-be would love for pot shots to be taken at them. They’ll likely even have it done themselves. Then they can claim “civil disorder” and certainly “lock down” with martial law (“continuity of government”). Then, (actually, much before then) more than pot shots will be needed to eliminate the strategic ability of the powers-that-be to support their power over the people. The people can defend themselves much better from the far less powerful individuals and gangs than from the publicly accepted rogues called “government”, both foreign and “domestic”.

        • They’ be charged with murder

        • It is clear the author nor the editor have ever been in the military. This video does NOT support their claims.

      2. For God’s sake get over your paranoia. This is a California Army National Guard unit on a ruck march. My son is in the CA guard and no such crazy things such are being suggested are going on. These guys are ready to help you out to fight fires, maintain civil order (or would you rather enjoy total civil disorder in the event of a natural or man-made disaster? You can always migrate to an anarchist’s paradise like Yemen if that’s what you’d like). These young men may or may not have served in the operations in the middle east, but be that as it may they remain our sons, and are fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, and friends to so many others in the community. There are definitely things to be conscious of out there… sinister and underhanded and worrisome. But this isn’t one of them. Let it go. They do this to maintain physical and organizational readiness, nothing more. I’ve seen U.S. Marine units from MCAS El Toro doing the same thing in my California home town 50 years ago.

        • These guys? These young men? sons, fathers, brothers? Call me paranoid, but you don’t sound like a normal dad. And our military leadership is doing everything to weaken the readiness of our forces and a ruck march through a residential neighborhood armed (maybe no rounds loaded, maybe not) does not jibe with our how our “good boys” are being utilized today. And in California??????????

          • This video has nothing to do with what you are babbling about.

            Depending on the unit, it is common to see National Guard Soldiers out and about during their weekend drills conducting PT or road marches.

            Now whoever thought it would be okay for them to take weapons on this road march is an idiot and should be reprimanded, but UCMJ does not apply to Title 32 reserve Soldiers.

            This is a case of some ass clown in charge making these Soldiers feel like ass clowns by doing something completely embarrassing. Commanders making Soldiers do things that embarrass them is far from rare in the National Guard. Welcome back to the real world.

        • Yep and I there M4’s even have firing pins in the weapon. I say this because when I was active duty and deployed to the LA Riots the CA NG were NOT issued firing pins for their weapons, but they were given ammo. (WTF) So our amour gave them pins. As far as blocking traffic those are road guards and way to many for a ruck. Hell after I ETS’d and got into the guard we did rucks and PT tests in the neighborhood where our armory was at, and out AT was never in our state, usually out of country or out west.Save one rotation at Ft. Polk for JRTC

          • pip-boy, that directly contradicts what MY L.A. county cop friend has told me on at least 3 occasions.HE says the army guys were not provided with ammunition, and the cops went to sporting goods stores and got donations of ammo to give to the guard troops, and delivered the ammo TO THE TROOPS….just in case they really NEEDED it to defend themselves.

            • BCoD, ok im contradicting your cop friend for a fourth time then. Because us AD guys had plenty of ammo, I was with the 7ID, stationed right up the road at Ord. The CA NG MP’s that were with us, guarding a power sub-station, had ammo but no firing pins. There may have been ammo shortages for the guard, but I can assure you that we and the Marines had no problem on the ammo side, even our commo was working pretty good for once. The only thing that was donated to us was some coffee and donuts from a local diner owner who was very grateful that we were there.

        • Guard Dad, you are right on and the paranoia. It is a bit extreme at times. I am a 33 year vet of the Guard and still serving. There is nothing here but a ruck march which I have done myself in the local community in which I lived. I am as concerned as the next guy about our country but hysteria doesn’t help anything but those who would take away our rights as American Citizens of which I am born and bred of over 50 years.

          • The issue is not the troopers on site but the sociopaths that are directing them and just what is the reason for this show of force. Years ago I would have thought nothing of the guard doing this. Now I do not trust those calling the shots. An incident will be just what they want. Anything to drive a wedge between the regular guard troops and the citizens.

        • what flavor was that coolaide?

          • There was no cool aide. I am a regular visitor to this site and rarely comment on anything. I take other folks remarks and comments into consideration because I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but some folks want to make a mountain out of a mole hill and in this article that is exactly what is happening. I would hope that some folks would regard my comments just as legitimate as theirs. But if you think that I am drinking the cool aide then that is fine. Just know that I will not stoop to a level unbecoming a Senior NCO but simply be sure to grade your future remarks on that same scale. Have a Jesus Christ, resurrected Lord, blessed day.

        • ht tp://

          • ht tp://

            yeah lol nothing to see here .. wtf? why are they in another country stealing their cocaine ? and than bringing it here.. as if this isnt going to end up on our streets? yeah right

        • guard dad

          I don’t know whether this is necessarily abnormal or worrisome. But I do know that in the event of natural disaster or total civil disorder, it will be these men tasked to disarm and control you and I. It will be your sons and daughters, our neighbors and friends in uniform ordered to kill those of us who choose not to comply with unconstitutional demands. I’m hopeful that not all will obey such orders, but it will take freethinkers with great conviction and balls. Such freethinking is what they try to train out of your son, instead they want to instill a group mentality in which following orders exempts them from any moral and legal consequences. They, when the time comes, will be faced with either following orders and collect your paycheck or go against your commanders and fellow “brothers” and face the same consequences and potential death as the rest of the “troublemakers”

          • and they are threatened with 25 to life if they dont tow the line .. incentive ? your dam right it is

          • Richard Head, I have the same hope you have that no US military personnel will ever act against us. But as I’ve stated here many times, ANYONE who comes to my place with any such intentions towards me had better be ready to give up his/her life for an illegitimate cause. That is exactly what they’ll be dying for. If they want to live, then don’t follow such an order. Trying to harm me will get someone the death penalty.

            • Richard and Braveheart same thing here, I hope they do the right thing and do not go door to door if that time comes. If they do come to mine I will have to use extreme measures and I have full body armor and know the area. I DO NOT WANT this to happen. I hope to GOD this is only training and are used peacefully and DO NOT disarm. I know many of us WILL NOT lay down our weapons or ever give them up. I hope they see the light.

              • And yet the time came and they did go door to door taking weapons.
                If it was still pre katrina your hope would not be so terribly misplaced.
                But it is not pre katrina.
                We have seen the claims by leo and military about being on the side of the people proven to be empty lies.
                Bostons lock down and associated warrantless door to door gun point searches is what the leo/military will be doing. You are fooling yourselves if you can’t see that.

            • There are many whom we read and hear about who proclaim that same thing yet, they surrender when the door is blown and rammed down and local troops (“cops”) storm their quarters after midnight with boots and rifles at everyone’s necks. The sheepish masses feel safe and well to hear the mainstream media proclaiming that the occupants of the home were “criminals”, or “wanted” for this or that “charge”, etc. Of course they were….

              When the home invaders are indeed repelled by the occupants, and their strategic ability to invade homes and to demand compliance with anything is eliminated, there’ll be more truth about the claim of the right of the people to keep and bear arms for the security of their free states.

        • Posse Comitatus Act is still Law!

          Your son better hope he doesn’t step on my block ‘armed’, cause i will make damn sure he leaves ‘unarmed’!

          • They weren’t violating Posse Comitatus regardless if they were armed or not. Being armed doesn’t violate posse comitatus, enforcing laws without congressional consent is the threshold that puts them in violation.

            • An kind of military personnel show up near my block during an emergency ‘armed’ will be ventilated!

              • I am just saying that after the ventilating is finished. The posse comitatus defense won’t work under your current understanding of it.
                Many people think that military on the streets is what is the violation but the actual violation is that they are performing the function of upholding laws.

          • Posse Comitatus applies to Federal military troops, the Army, under Federal command, not State National Guard under State command.

            National Guard can be used for law enforcement under the direction and authority of the State. As long as the Guard is activated and ordered in by your governor and not the Potus it is legal to use them for law enforcement if your State law allows it.

            FWIW, Posse Comitatus does not apply to the Navy, and Marines are a part of the Navy.

        • Most correct comrade

        • Well said Guard Dad. Most civilians wouldn’t have a clue what these soldiers are doing. We used to refer to civilians as the “the great unwashed” in society. I’ve been out of the Military for a few years now and my attitude to civilians is still the same. I hate it when you meet someone for the first time and they find out your ex-military and you hear the words “thank you for your service” What the fuck would they know!!??

          Makes me wanna puke!! I didn’t join to protect them or any other pussy civilians who are too GD weak, lazy or not willing to put on a uniform themselves. I didn’t join to fight for my country or to protect anyone. I joined to be a professional at what I do and to travel to exotic countries!!! Thank you for your service? HA!!! Go serve yourself ya lazy fuckers!!!

          Oh …. And that rabble of shite in the above video? Where the hell are there NCO’s enforcing dicipline keeping them in step and formation??? They look undisciplined, unprofessional and they don’t look one bit intimidating …. Unless you’re a civilian I suppose.

          Don’t worry folks …. If you’re in Cali and see this lot, you’re safe!!

          • Asshat.

            Enjoy your pension you bottom feeder.

        • I would have posted signs all over the town. You march on our streets in any Uniform you die a thousand deaths. There’s a Loaded Rifle behind every blade of grass.

        • Your handle should be State Party Monitor.

        • I see you are a proud father and perhaps rightfully so. But before you start insulting look at what’s in the White House and consider how the Constitution has been trampled. I think that explains the concern we have. Look at the militarization of the police depts.

          Don’t let pride blind you.

      3. Nothing to see, move along.

      4. Multilevel drug task forces blanket this country. And they dont seem to make a dent in the drug flow. But they work 24/7 collecting data. The fake wars on drugs and terror go hand in hand. One covers foreign the other domestic. And they overlap. And now we are shown terrorist and drug organizations working together. The drug task forces are right in your neighborhood following people and collecting data.

        • ht tp://

        • Watch what the right hand is doing but dont forget to watch the left one too. The left one is the multilevel drug task forces. They are very expert at surveillance. You dont see them unless you know what to look for. If you think this is nothing dont forget the national guard and fbi are on these teams. And these teams are expert at blending in. Since they are not doing shit to stem drug flow you must consider their main purpose. It is collecting data. Just because you dont do drugs doesnt matter. They watch drug activity and follow the trails of those who cross trails with the drug business. That leads to everywhere.

      5. Wonder what a guy losing control of a fast moving one ton or larger truck would do to a group like that?

        Or maybe a semi rig?

        Every formation presents a unique situation, you just have to observe and think about it.

      6. The guys stopping traffic are road guards and it is standard in any unit when marching or running whether on base or in public streets. Even ROTC do it on college campuses.
        Things are shaping up interestingly with regards to Jade Helm with the release of Isis near Ft. Bliss and how they have teamed with mexican cartels. Thanks for the gun running progams us gov’t.
        Combining that with secret meetings with bankers about the possible multi national reserve currency.
        Shemitah if you follow that stuff.

        It is shaping up to be an interesting summer.
        Links to follow

      7. Glade to see they can safely cross the street. Not sure of why the need to switch crossing guards every few seconds. Looks like a big waste of my hard earned tax dollars. America has no business using our troops like this. The should have been training to kill bad guys. Oh wait a minute; I’m the bad guy!!

        • Hey Sarge, your platoon has been reduced to speedbumps. No littering. Go pick them up.

      8. That was NO “cadence march” at all. Looked more like the typical NG unit going through the PITA mandatory ruck marches as stated above on a normal Drill weekend.
        The leap frog “traffic control” works well for motor units, but NOT for walking troops. Looks like they were in a hurry to get back and be done. Then again, as a veteran of both active duty and reserve military service, I’m biased and a “victim” of my professional/persona, experiences.

      9. This is about silly. These guys/gals are simply doing a ruck march. The road guards are doing SOP procedure for the safety of the troops. Not a single car is being stopped. I am in the National Guard and have done the same thing on and off the local armory property. There really is nothing to see here and I say that with the upmost honesty and humility as a 33 year vet who still is serving.

        • Ok HK…here’s a question for YOU. If you were ordered to disarm the american people, would you comply? If you were ordered to fire on american citizens who wouldn’t hand over their weapons, would you comply?

      10. Why are we not discussing Walmart and that whole thing?

      11. For those who claim this is normal, why do the locals say it is not? If it was normal training taking place no one would be paying any attention to it.

        For that matter, unless there is some specific agreement with the city government, which I doubt, what allows them to do this without a parade permit and street closure permit the same as would be required of any other group?

        Some people seem to either be deluded or be trying to delude others. This is not going to be a normal summer.

      12. I don’t think it really matters what they are doing, my point is they shouldn’t be there in the first place.

        • I am confused as where they should be then? Should they march down the interstate? Business district? Or is it better that they be trucked someplace out of the city? Then you would hear about mass mobilizations and have videos of trucks driving soldiers.
          Remember that most guard units don’t drill on active duty bases they drill near their drill hall.
          We are becoming hyper sensitive and screaming every time we see any military vehicle.
          When there is the inevitably flooding this year are we going to be screaming that NG units filling sandbags are actually being used as jade helm too?

          • How about on the military installations?

            • My point is that then everyone would be screaming from rooftops about seeing military convoys running down interstates.
              If you take for an example WY. What would have to happen to a unit in Pinedale is that they would have to convoy to Cheyenne which is the only active duty base in the state I believe. Jesus the internet would light up with videos.
              There are things that I worry about and things that I don’t. A unit walking in an ugly formation down the street is not a patrol, it is just that, a unit walking down the street hell I wouldn’t even categorize what they were doing as marching even though I though I could hear a cadence.
              A unit that practices crowd control with role players as right winged extremists bothers me because I don’t like the way the gov’t describes right wing extremists.

            • The first Fucker to take out is the Jackass pointing and ordering everybody around. The rest will be quickly demoralized and the sceen will turn into chaos. Then just pick off the curious who pop up for a looksee.

      13. This is no big deal. This is probably the National Guard unit stationed at John Galvin park at 4th and Grove. This same unit was at the Rodney King riots back in the day.
        My guess is they have a new commander and he is probably putting people through their paces.

      14. Cyprus Provided a Template For the Coming Bank Holidays and Account Seizures

        ht tp://…count-seizures

        “In the last 24 months, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and now Germany have all implemented legislation that would allow them to first FREEZE and then SEIZE bank assets during the next crisis.”

        • Satori, I tried to put a link up earlier but don’t think it went through.
          You may find this interesting.
 has an interesting article about bankers meetings in DC dealing with a multicurrency reserve system.

      15. As tyranny begins it’s rule over us, I always wonder how many will kiss the boot stomping their face, cause “He looks like a nice kid.” A “Nice kid” would never practice shooting a pregnant woman, a child, or an old woman. And they have been practicing for years now. Will it take the boot in your own face, the gun shooting your wife and child, before you believe it? The “boys” flying the planes that criscross the sky over me, spraying poisonous fogs over what used to be a deep-blue sky are killing me now. Somebody’s sons, somebody’s daughters are killing this old woman, just as sure as if they put their gun in my face and pulled the trigger. It is just taking longer and is a great deal more painful. Don’t they know they are killing themselves?
        Don’t the soldiers and police know that when we are dead, someone else will kill them?

        • ive never served AS BAD AS I WANTED TOO and ive got to say that NEVER IN history was a traitor saved by the ones he helped. HOW DO U TRUST THE TRAITOR. HOW DO U TRUST A PERSON THAT JUST LET YOU TELL THEM WHAT TO DO AFTER THEY WERE TRAITORIOUS FOR UR CAUSE? U CANT-so u keep them close enuff until u no longer need THAT TRAITOR OR U GET ONE A LIL BETTER THEN BOOOM! UR GONE. thats our PATRIOT ACT ING traitorious soldiers being led to become murderers (OUR FEDS AND LOCAL COPS ALREADY GOT BLOODY HANDS IN EVERY COUNTRY AND SEEM FINE W IT)based around rich fools who r scared of AMERICAN/WORLDWIDE AWAKENINGS.

      16. Hey GUARD DAD they are not supoposed to ever be doing drills or marches on our streets. The only time we should see them is when we have a nongovernment created National Disaster. Get your obvious Stae Worshipping head out of your ass. No excuse for them to be marching.

        • Posse Comitatus Act

      17. “Troops also take turns to practice blocking traffic.”
        They were not practicing blocking traffic, those soldiers
        are the assigned “road guards” for the movement of that
        Road guards are one of countless expressions of the nanny state that is now the Army and US military.
        The soldiers are not trusted to cross intersections or the street on their own. Situational awareness and critical thinking is not required by the nanny state, regardless of being able to cross the road using commons sense before becoming a “soldier.”
        The Army (by design) is no longer about soldiering and effectively cultivating the aggression needed for war.
        Notice the bright yellow reflective vests and belts being worn on a bright sunny day.
        Again, that is the nanny state formerly known as the US Army. An Army that is so henpecked and micromanaged by an all controlling nanny state that requires you to wear brightly reflective material on a bright sunny day.
        Moreover, the policy is so ridiculous, soldiers are required to wear that shit, even when they wear uniforms that are designed to be highly reflective from head to toe.

      18. I am not going to tell anyone how to build s stupid clock, but I can tell you what time it is. Its time to start taking things seriously and start preparing for real life tyranny in Amerika. Its at our doors now. This is the last thing I want to do with my time. Getting ready to go hunting for those who want me dead. The Chinese, Russian, U.S. and the U.N. peacekeepers. They’re going to disarm law abiding people through out the country. I would think most people want to live in peace and be left alone. But Nooooooooo. They have to start poking Americans with a pointed stick. Cheese Louise. Give me a break. This is going to get very real and ugly.

        • Toolmaker Rex, I’m right there with you. Any of them come for me, they will die, and I don’t care where they’re from.

          • I’m the same here in the Midwest. They will die regardless if they come into my property. I will not hurt or even raise my voice, but if they try to f**k with my family I will take them out. And I have fully body armor too. They should not be there. There is something going on. Look at Greece and with everything going on and this.

            • @ clinthospo,

              You’re a stand up guy who has posted helpful stuff here for years. Small comment on your post: if TPTB didn’t know you have full body armor before, they do now. Why tell them anything they can use against you?

              • Hi, thank you. I just threw that out there so they understand we are armed and just as equipped as well. They don’t care but its a heat of the moment issue. I sold all my guns and everything else. All I have is a squirt gun and some donuts for the police.

      19. Do you know what those JH15 states have in common?.
        All of them were long ago Spanish colonies, later inherited to Mexico and all of them are dearly regarded by Mexicans as “Captive States”.
        For decades they have been peacefully invading our country, holding their grudge, coming for the “reconquista”, waiting until they will be the population majority and those states hold nowadays the highest percentages of illegal Mexicans there. 7 Million.
        Additionally. Do you know what Mexicans and Arabs have in common? Skin tone.
        Most of Mexicans are good workers but now they are bought by Arab terrorists and are hiding Arabs among themselves, we have no way to recognize good friendly ones from bad ones.
        Real Americans have NO reason to fear our troops.
        JH15 will be a historical Mexicans mass deportation.
        It will crush Democrits latino support forever.
        Jeb Bush will be the next Commander in Chief.

        • Jeb Bush says that is an act of love invading another country. The Bush family is a blight just like the Kennedys and Clintons. Bet if he was one of the low wage people who have their wages cut and neighborhoods over run he would not be so happy about the immigration situation.

        • “… we have no way to recognize good friendly ones from bad ones.”

          Pork tacos will separate the flour and corn tortillas. 🙂

      20. They built a “jail” in what was an empty field across the lane from my home. Chain link fence with three strands of barbed wire across the top, electronic gates, plenty of room for inmates. It was finished in November, 2014. The air conditioner(?) goes on and off all day and night. The building is never used! The lights shine in the night. Ravens sit on the poles that hold state-of-the-art cameras. No one comes to the building.
        No one has come since Christmas. If this large “jail” was needed so badly in this quiet villiage on the Reservation, why is it not being used?
        It is not the only large building built here in the last five years that has never been used. One is an enormous “women’s shelter” built and never used, ever. The other is a large, round building for “local commerce” but it stands padlocked and empty.
        Who built these here? Why here? And why unused? No locals were used in the building, the construction company hired none of the jobless here.
        Are some of us going to die in this gulag? Or is it a Treblinka which was built to kill 5,000 jews a day?

      21. I have never seen troops of any kind marching in public except in parades. I have never seen them doing any kind of exercises in public either.

      22. People, people, people! You must consider the source; Paul Watson of Infowars Realy, come on people. I’m as paranoid as they come but you have to realize anything from Infowars has to be questioned!!!A.J. Is always stiring a pot of some such shit!!!

        • Video is video, it’s not fake.

          Infowars may put its own rather conspiratorial slant on things, but this video can stand by itself with no slant needed to make it notable for being highly unusual and in need of truthful -not simply plausible- explanation.

          • True.
            Just because a boy cries wolf, doesn’t mean there is no wolf.

            • But it’s of vital importance to be able to tell the difference between a wolf and a dog. How long before nobody listens to the boy if he doesn’t know the difference?

              • I’ll grant that point as valid, but it needs to be clarified as to whether this was a dog or a wolf just for future reference since they could easily be confused if never seen before.

                • Wade: From your posts I gather you are a vietnam vet. I drink beers with a few good fellows from your era from army and a marine. Damn good guys, I value their wisdom.
                  If people like hodges are correct and this jh15 is a way to usher in martial law after a series of false flags our country will be a mess. Cities will erupt in violence and paranoia. And if one is to believe what others write on this board many will be killed in the first week because they will be engaging any and every person that is an authority figure whether that is mil soldiers or police. Many good lives will be lost before we even have an accurate picture of what is happening. Soldiers may think that they are doing a good thing for the first thirty days after a false flag by quelling violence in cities.

                  When people here are shouting that soldiers say that they would shoot americans. Well let me ask you, would you shoot an armed gang member if they were trying to rob you? Most on here would. I would. Now I have never had to answer that questionnaire but when I was in uniform I most definitely have shot an armed gang member causing harm to anyone regardless of what nation he was from. Would I have executed an innocent human? Absolutely not.

                  I encourage people to get the hell out of cities if something bad happens. Stay low for thirty days and let things play out. It gives people time to see what is going on, gather intelligence, and accurately identify who the enemy is. The enemy may not be wearing uniforms, some friendlies may be defectors who are still in uniform. Things might be pretty confusing and hazy for the first few weeks.

      23. Really? Anyone with any form of military training can see what this is -a ruck march.EVERYONE else please for the love of god educate yourself. If you are truly afaid of whats comming you can do that. I have only so much time a day to waste on blogs…..

        • Why have I never seen anything like it in over 50 years, especially living in eastern NC with so many military installations?

      24. The Military have been training for crowd control for years. Doing house to house searches in mock towns on military bases.
        When they set up road blocks and check points that are assisted by a Bradley/ Humvee or start patrolling your neighborhood, doing block, door to door searches, then you know it’s for real.

        Throw in some helo’s for cover and those white vans.

        • Long, long time ago I trained for a military operation in a training camp called Tiger land at Fort Polk, Louisiana. (you can probably find it on the internet)

          It was a complete and accurate mock up of a Vietnamese village, and we were trained there instead of in the nearby town of Leesville since we were going to be fighting there and not in Leesville (aka Fleasville to those of us who spent our training time there).

          You see, the military trains to fight in and occupy the terrain and cities they are planning on fighting in and occupying, not something that is entirely different from it the way, say, Tehran or Budapest and Ontario California are.

      25. Christ almighty people get a grip. This was nothing more than a road march with some NG troops on the weekend. The road guards block traffic and then get relieved by another one so they can get to the head of the column. This was not a tactical exercise. Again get a grip . The military has been doing this since time in memorial.

        • Never in eastern NC in the past 50+ years that I’ve been here.

      26. This kind of stuff has been going on for YEARS ……nothings happening soon or even in the distant future

        • When I was a kid living on the Southern shores of Lake Michigan, the Marines would make an amphibious assault on 4th of July as part of our celebrations.

          Never once did they take anyone hostage or even blow up a picnic table. I think this is much ado about nothing. 🙂

        • Katrina, it happened there.

          Other lesser places as well before and since, but everyone should know about that one.

          I suppose the compliant apologetic response to this would be something like “Well, that’s different”, but it isn’t.

      27. We can always be on alert even if this is a practice drill etc. But if you see roadblocks do not stop If you have weapons. They will detain you, and go to your address and take all of them and you will not get them back. When that time comes you need to make that choice. I hope this is an exercise only, but this is building up to have guard round us up with the police. They have lists who has what. make sure you don’t keep all your weapons in one place. Again I hope this is only practice but if this is anything worse this all will be over quickly. Good luck everyone and please stand down military. DO NOT follow unconstitutional orders. Our grandparents died in the millions to keep this free. Do the right thing troops if you are reading this. People are not the enemy, you know who is.

      28. I don’t have much comment other than the fact that I just listen to a 3 hour interview on archives with David hodges, see past show archives, outlining operation Jade Helm 15..those military boys in the streets are training to fire on Americans period and according to the actual test, 50% of these so called American soldiers are going to fire on us. Good luck sleeping tonight after listening to that will most certainly offer some clarity for everyone..

      29. Ruck march, no more no less. The Soldiers in reflective vests at the intersections are road guards, a standard safety precaution. The humvee almost certainly has medics in it in case anyone has any issues/injuries. Nothing to see here folks. Infowars and Paul Joseph Watson have zero credibility if they can’t even get something this simple correct. Or were they even trying to get it right? This would be laughable if it weren’t for the shrill, screaming paranoia in some of the previous comments and the slavish faith some people have in some of these conspiracy peddlers and their gibberish.

      30. Cowards die a thousand deaths…But a Brave man dies only once…So you gain nothing being a coward….You will be rounded up too…..And die as well….But without your dignity…

        • Were I a Jew in the late 30’s I’d far prefer to have died in the Warsaw Ghetto resistance than in a death camp later on.

          (That’s a worthwhile historical event to study, a small number of Jews with an even smaller number of guns took on Hitler’s best and would have defeated them if there hadn’t been so many or if they’d had larger numbers of men and guns themselves)

          I’ve often wondered what those in that Ghetto thought of the resistors (whom they had spoken out against) later on as they starved and were killed in horrible conditions at the death camps.

      31. Thank you Progressive US MILITARY for helping me… keep my children out of your Traitorous Gang!!

      32. The enemy of “The US Connstitution and “The US Bill of Rights” …those that dont support or adhere to it….Is the enemy.
        We in this family don’t much care where you come from , the oath you took or what you fight for.
        We got Rain

      33. As I said on this on SHeeple this isn’ good I don’t care what naysayers like to say about this. Military practising traffic crap isn’t good!!!!!!! That means they will become the NWO LEO!
        Giving what I read the other night about how the UN is to take over for World peace yes this isn’t a good thing!

      34. All the keeping and bearing of arms by the people is for nothing if its not used to defend oneself and one’s loved ones, when demanded by the powers-that-be to comply with their “authority”.

      35. It is imperative for individual liberty for everyone to govern him or herself for the defense of everyone else against oneself. Everyone must, likewise, defend oneself and ones helpless loved ones against those who don’t govern themselves and who attempt to rule over others.

      36. There is a dire emergency coming at the end of 2016. The Won comes to the end of his legal term limits. He won’t allow the plebes to remove him from office. He needs to get the troups in place to prevent this.

      37. wow people. I have to say I am into a good conspiracy or evil plot as the next man, but for one it’s the nasty girls doing a weekend ruck March with road guards. Nothing scary to soil your pants about that. I am retired army active you never seen us on the streets or roads because we have bigger training areas on post to do this at, when i was in Germany we would ruck off base and do pt off base just to check out the woman. For the people that say come down my street i will leave you disarmed great thinking, if it ever came to that think smart keep the fight away from your house and family don’t crap where you sleep ok. But overall half of you need to take the red pill and wake up.

      38. You people are whack jobs. There is something going on but this aint it.
        This is a National Guard unit doing PT. Nothing else. Those are road guards providing safety for the crossing troops. They have no magazines in their weapons and NO ammo. They are not in battle dress. This IS totally NORMAL.
        Stop with the bullshit conspiracy crap. There is plenty of real stuff to worry about.

        • Go screw yourself

      39. As a former Marine Infantry Rifleman, this is VERY common for conditioning humps (or hikes). Seeing as these guys are National Guard – maybe they only have a local armory and don’t want to walk in circles? That being said – walking in circles will still condition you. We did a few of these on ship while at sea. The humvee behind them is for extra water and medical purposes (when people fall out).

      40. it is just a ruck march for weekend drill nothing more get a life

      41. Ugh…..they don’t have any mags.

      42. F those ARE weekend warriors they are NOT very well trained…..maybe a bunch of “gov’t contractors” ? Or perhaps military wanna-bees playing games……I saw no insignia on the vehicle, but then I am over the hill.

      43. Glad I live at the end of the road…….

      44. In The End, Who Will Win?

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