Victim’s Father Demands Obama Use Martial Law Powers: “Declare State of Emergency for Gun Epidemic”

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 162 comments

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    Try as Obama might – as he did during his televised town hall meeting on CNN– to dissuade people from the notion that he has undertaken a massive conspiracy to confiscate guns from the American people and disarm their right to keep them, there is every sense that great powers for gun control could be seized. There is every sense our rights are under threat from within by a force never before seen in our system of government.

    Would the president really evoke martial law to satisfy his hunger for destroying the 2nd Amendment? Will he stop at anything in undermining the right to keep and bear arms, and civil rights like due process in general?

    There are fresh calls from the gun control lobby for President Obama to do so. A father of a victim of gun violence is behind the most recent push for these radical powers in the name of keeping dangerous and insane people away from weapons.

    Elliot Fineman, who joined the National Gun Victims Action Council in the wake of losing his son, wants the President to take extreme measures and declare a national emergency in order to address the so-called “gun violence epidemic” – and suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the process of tackling this social problem…

    As Michael Strickland wrote:

    Elliot Fineman, of the National Gun Victims Action Council, has penned an op ed on calling for Obama to declare a “National State of Emergency for the Gun Violence Epidemic.”

    He says this needs to “include universal REAL backgrounds checks, suspending the gun industry’s immunity from lawsuits, monitoring ammunition sales and banning those on the terror watch list from buying guns.”

    Fineman goes on to say:

    As we tune in to CNN’s town hall meeting with Obama, here are my questions. What are yours?

    1) Gun violence is a raging epidemic claiming 30,000 lives per year at a cost of $229 billion per year. Why have you not declared a state of emergency to halt the Gun Violence Epidemic?

    2) Since the government is the largest purchaser of firearms, why not force the gun manufacturers to make smart guns (guns that will only fire if the fingerprint of the owner matches the trigger) by requiring that the government only purchase smart guns?

    Evoking such powers means calling upon martial law and suspending the constitutional checks put in place to prevent government intervention in such matters as the right to keep and bear arms.

    It is unclear how overtly tyrannical such a use of “emergency powers” would be, but it is clear enough that the system will make frequent use of its powers to declare someone “unfit” or “mentally ______” (fill in with anything) and deny access to purchase guns.

    Such persons, including cases of PTSD in veterans and LEOs, will also be targeted during police calls, or disputes where intervention may result in confiscation. The elderly have also been identified as a category for disarmament due to declining levels of competence.

    California has already implemented a law requiring police to “temporarily” take away weapons if a loved one reports them as potentially violent, a threat to themselves or others, or otherwise incompetent or unstable. Such individuals will be required to undergo mental health screening a get certification from a judge between their firearms will be returned.

    Confiscation is coming, despite what President Obama would have you believe.

    Emperor Obama would love for “the people” to demand he take this “common sense” action. Maybe he wouldn’t like to take these powers, but he is honored to do so if it is the will of the populace, and if, of course, it would save even one life.

    Reminds me of FDR’s call for broad executive power, where government transformed into a giant machine overseeing every avenue of life that any agency of the executive can address.

    H/t Steve Quayle ( and

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    ‘Mental’ People Reported by Family Will Be Forced to “Have a Time Out, Surrender Their Weapons”

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    Texas Police Chief Warns Obama That Gun Control Will “Cause A Revolution… You’re Not Our Potentate, Sir”


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      1. Any American who isn’t on a government watch list should be ashamed of themselves.


        • Actually, anyone that isn’t on at least 3 is probably government stooge. They put their own on their routinely, by mistake. Between incompetence and propensity to lie one must question exactly why we allow this corporation to rule over us.

          • EOTS and NR, I’m sure I’m on some lists and proud of it. I know I’m with the right kind of company.

            • I really don’t think they can confiscate guns on a large scale because of the type of people who read this site and others like them. There would be such a loss of life that it would be staggering and they know that. I think they will come after ammo first by making it scarce (Sandy Hook), or make it prohibitively expensive. But if they did try a gun grab they I think they would have to make people willingly give them out of desperation. We often talk about 100 million gun owners in this country but how many of them are actually prepped for long term food shortage if they crash the system. You make people desperate/hungry enough and they will gladly give their guns so they can feed their kids/themselves. That’s why we must keep encouraging our neighbors to store food and be in a position to help others as best we can. No one holds out forever by themselves; strength in numbers!!

              • Great post rainyday

                • What jerks! “Epidemic” implies “worse than usual,” but ALL violence, not just gun violence, is about ¼ of what is was in the 1990’s.

                  Violence is DOWN and they wail “epidemic.” They are LIARS.

                  • The Patriot Act and the NDAA already circumvented our civil rights like due process in general. Guantanamo is proof of that. On a more local level, Asset Forfeiture is proof that we only have the rights they allow us to have.


                  • If you exclude violent crime committed by blacks, The United States is one of the safest countries on Earth.

                    Niggers destroy everything they touch.

              • Took my son to a gun show, he was what’s with all the burial tubes?

                I said yes, Americans are this scared of the government coming for their guns.

                Buy a tube, disassemble and drop in an AR15, then fill the remaining space with mags and ammo, cap and bury.

                This is the direct result of this presidents divisive rhetoric. And yes literally millions of these tubes have been sold.

                • PTPO, I went to a gun show just this past weekend and stocked up on ammo. But I’m not burying any of my weapons. If it’s time to bury them, it’s time to use them, as someone once said.

                  • Never bought a burial tube, but I have heard conversations of people interested in buying them. Their intent is often to put a weapon or two away that have been replaced by a newer primary defense weapons, So it’s a duplicate weapon they are stashing, not the weapon they need now, and it may be a weapon they might leave behind if they must bug out, because they just can’t take it all. If you bug out and leave a residence in a crisis, expect it to be cleaned out, or even occupied by squatters when you return.

                    People also have bug out cabins in the woods that are not that secure. To stash a weapon at the bug out cabin that they know will be there when they need it, golden.

                    It’s not just the Obama that wants to steal firearms. If you have one or two safely buried, they are there for you if thieves strike. I don’t want to come back from a vacation at the beach and find all my firearms gone, and I’m now defenseless.

                • So you hide your guns so if the government forces their way into your home they find nothing…. my question is: just when do you plan to make a stand?

                  Or should I say: Take a stand? What happens when they lead you away and your telling some dude in a fema camp all the cool badass stuff you HAD…… the end game is to kill you so you may wanna think about laying down…..

                  • Truth be told, you didn’t read my post carefully enough. I said I’m NOT burying any of my weapons and I have already taken my stand. It’s more likely my corpse will be carried away by someone. Surrender is not an option for me. I know their ultimate goal is to kill us. If it’s my time then I’ll die STANDING UP FIGHTING, NOT ON MY KNEES BEGGING SOME FASCIST THUG FOR MERCY. THAT’S NOT PART OF MY DNA.

                • I haven’t been to a gun show in 30 years. How much do these burial tubes cost, and can they be ordered online?

                  • sixpack,
                    you can order them from several places or you can go buy your own PVC pipe and make your own. either way just be careful where you put them because IF they ever come looking they will have metal detectors. and then the other issue don’t forget where you put them, have some friends who had a hard time locating some stuff they put away and did not mark it well. they did find it , BUT would have been very big problem if they had needed it quick.
                    stay safe my friend time i fear is very close now!

                  • Cheaper than dirt dot com…

                    • Wouldn’t it be better to buy pic pipe and make your own? More discreet?

              • You think a gun confiscation will be met with violence resistance?

                I don’t think so.

                Look at Germany, they are extremely restricted with guns, but after the holocaust and the NAZIS I would think the citizens would never give up a gun.

                Australia just freely gave up their guns, no fight.

                Most of Europe does not have guns.

                • And Europe is now being overrun with “migrants” as in Muslims who are coming to rape, pillage and destroy, while the Europeans have nothing with which to fight back with. They are like sheep being led to slaughter.

                  • From the looks of it, the people over there are beginning to realize just that. Germans have recently begun to rearm themselves, despite their government. Remove the underscore in http


                • they were not americans………

                  • Their DNA is defective…we have Freedom ingrained in ours. Unfortunately few of us will actually fight. Once the 45-60+ yo folks are gone, its “Game Over”

                • JS, America is NOT Europe or Australia. There WILL be resistance.

                • I’m sorry for disagreeing with you but resistance will all there will be if there is an attempt to disarm the American citizens by use of force. First of all we have laws in this land that prohibit the US army from taking any action against a US citizen and the President of the United States CANNOT use the military against the US Citizens. That law is referred to as Posse Comitatus. That law was signed by President Hayes in 1878. If Obama is stupid enough to try and take guns away by force there will be a civil war in this country quicker than you could load your gun!

                  People in this nation are so sick of government they are just looking for something like this to happen to give them the excuse to get up and say that is the end of the line. I could actually see a march on Washington and citizens of this country pulling every crooked politician out of his or her office and dragging their ass out in the street.

                  • What you say is true. What is also true is that several years ago Congress authorized 30,000 drones to be made by 09/2015 for use against US citizens bt the military, homeland security, policemen. I can’t remember the number off the top of my head, but it was reported on CNN at 4 am while I was working stock trades in Seattle. Never found the article again. I contacted several political action groups I work with and none would pick it up as a cause for action. After I moved to NM the local paper had a big spread on the wonderful new contract we got for buildingthe ddrones, wonderful for the economy, blah blah blah.

              • Or they could do what gov does best: tax the snot out of it. It’s not hard to imagine the ways. After all, our health care system is now a tax per the SCOTUS ruling. Something similar could happen with this. If you like your doctor/health insurance, you can keep your doctor/health insurance. Oh yes, uh-huh, right……

            • How did you and net ranger find out the lists you are on? I would like to check too.

              • Femacamp/checkin/badlist.secretgov

              • Apply for a passport.

            • Think I must be on the Crazy Old Ladies list glad I moved to the mountains only me and the wild life so peaceful.

              Looks like you are making progress in your move south BH, hope you get it done before D-day.

              Night all, been a long day.

        • “Embrace change” means to accept non white leadership in a third world hellhole like in South Africa. Black standards of living were much higher under the evil apartheid government. When too many non whites get here what are we going to do?

        • Like we will turn in our weapons cause that piece of shit muslim tells us to. I hope we see him hang one day.

          • Caucasian, no muzzie or any other fed tells me what the f#$5 to do anyway. Not giving up squat.

      2. I’ve reached my limit of these assholes. I know the best way to defeat the enemy is to study the enemy. But I couldn’t watch sotu last night. My TV would not have survived.

        • NPPH, I don’t even HAVE a TV anymore. If I had tried to watch him on my laptop, my laptop would’ve been shot. While I can sympathize with that man’s loss, he’s obviously being used by the antigun lobby. It’s not guns that are the problem. It’s sick and evil people who use guns to hurt other people that are the real issue.

          • I haven’t had a TV in years. Just makes you dumber.

          • Braveheart. I have tried to get my husband to ditch satellite and just do Netflix. I get all my news on the patriot channel on Sirius XM. Hubby can’t let go of game of thrones. Ugh.

            • Ditch it anyway. You can buy GOT on disc or download for darn near nothing. Pawnshops are full of DVD box sets for TV series.

            • NPPH, I have a bunch of DVDs so I just use the CD-ROM on the laptop or I go to youtube. The money you save by ditching satellite could go toward preps. I’ve never tried Netflix so I might look into that. I never do computer games. All of my information comes from the world wide web. On occasion, I’ll tune in on shortwave since I still keep that as a backup. One day we’ll lose the internet.

          • Braveheart, too true. And the sick and evil who are bent on some hurtful plot will find a way whether they have firearms or not.

            • You know it’s interesting that some of these major casualty attacks were done with bombs – why is there no big push to outlaw bombs and suicide vests, or at least an effort to restrict/control access to the materials to make them?


              • Sixpack, yes we do know the answer. They’ll come up with anything they can to try to disarm us and I’m still resisting it regardless.

          • He is being used, but he is also using the antigun lobby. He was a leftist before and now he has a platform.

      3. Personally, I am tired of hearing the sniveling lot of them complain about it. Either quit whining, or push the damn button and get on with the dictatorship. The sooner Obama grows a pair, the quicker we can eliminate movement in his diaphragm.

        • The Writ of Liberty–Suspended (True Story – shows how meaningless your civic rights really are.)

          A man opens an upstairs window and looks down on the scene unfolding in his front yard. Unbelieving, he sees soldiers carrying rifles with fixed bayonets surrounding his house and an army officer at his door, shouting that he is under arrest.

          The shocked citizen refuses to admit the soldiers into his home. The officer orders his men to break down the door. After forcing their way into the house, the soldiers rush upstairs and break apart two bedroom doors before finding the man they have come to arrest.

          The arrested man is secretly taken aboard a special train and transported to another city where he is locked up in a military barracks. The prisoner never sees a judge and is not even formally charged with a crime. Instead, within 24 hours after his arrest, he is brought before eight army officers who put him on trial for making disloyal speeches against the government.

          During the Civil War, President Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus without consulting Congress. In doing so, Lincoln enabled the military to arrest and imprison thousands of civilians, including Clement L. Vallandigham.

          On September 24, 1862, Lincoln issued a proclamation unprecedented in American history. He suspended the writ of liberty everywhere in the United States. The suspension applied to Confederate spies or to those who aided the rebel cause, interfered with military enlistments, resisted the draft, or were “guilty of any disloyal practice.” This last offense allowed the military to arrest newspaper editors and speakers critical of the Union war effort. Lincoln further ordered that persons arrested under his proclamation were subject to martial law, which meant they would be tried and punished by military courts.

          Copperhead on Trial

          Clement L. Vallandigham was insultingly known as a “copperhead.” Usually referring to a poisonous snake, the term “copperhead” became the symbol during the Civil War for Northerners who opposed the war and sympathized with the South. Many members of the Democratic Party in the North voiced “copperhead” views. As a leader of the Democrats in Congress, Vallandigham persistently called for a negotiated end to the war and reunion with the South. He also criticized Lincolns proposal to emancipate the slaves. Vallandigham agreed with the “copperhead” slogan: “The Constitution as it is, the Union as it was.” He lost his seat in Congress in the election of 1862, but continued to speak out against Lincolns war policy

          General Ambrose E. Burnside commanded the military district that included Ohio. Fed up with widespread “copperhead” sentiment in the area, Burnside issued “General Order, No. 38.” Directed mainly at Confederate spies and Northern traitors, this order also warned that: “The habit of declaring sympathies for the enemy will no longer be tolerated in this department. Persons committing such offenses will be at once arrested.” Burnside got his authority to issue this order from Lincolns proclamation suspending the writ of habeas corpus.

          On May 1, 1863, Vallandigham spoke at a large Democratic Party rally at Mount Vernon, Ohio. Aware that Burnsides men were in the crowd, Vallandigham attacked both the general and Lincoln. The former congressman declared that his right to speak was based on “General Order, No. 1, the Constitution of the United States.” He lashed out at the “wicked, cruel, and unnecessary war.” He spoke against the draft law, but did not go so far as to encourage men to disobey it. He also charged that “the men in power are attempting to establish a despotism in this country, more cruel and more oppressive than ever existed before.”

          A few days later, Vallandigham was arrested in his bedroom by Burnsides soldiers. A military trial quickly followed. The “copperhead” Democrat was charged with “Publicly expressing, in violation of ‘General Order, No. 38. . . sympathies for those in arms against the Government of the United States, declaring disloyal sentiments and opinions, with the object and purpose of weakening the power of the Government in its effort to suppress the unlawful rebellion.”

          Vallandigham refused to plead guilty or not guilty. Tried before eight army officers handpicked by General Burnside, he told the military judges that they had no legal right to try him. Burnsides officers, however, found him guilty and recommended putting him in prison for the remainder of the war.

          Lincoln was embarrassed by the Vallandigham affair. Bumside had failed to inform the president about his plans to arrest the prominent Democrat and put him on trial. Even so, Lincoln supported Burnside, but ordered that Vallandigham be banished to the Confederacy.

          In response to widespread criticism of his suspension of the writ of habeas corpus and the banishment of Vallandigham, Lincoln wrote a long letter to Democratic Party leaders defending his actions. Lincoln declared that the regular civilian courts were inadequate during a rebellion. He claimed that those opposing the Unions cause endangered “the public safety.” Ordinarily, he wrote, such people could not be arrested since criticizing the government was not a criminal offense. If such persons were arrested, they would undoubtedly be released on a writ of habeas corpus by a civilian court judge. The necessary solution, Lincoln argued, was to suspend the writ and lock up the troublemakers until the war ended.

          As for Vallandigham, Lincoln charged that he was encouraging desertions from the Union army. “Must I shoot a simpleminded soldier boy who deserts,” Lincoln asked, “while I must not touch a hair of a wily agitator who induces him to desert?”

          After Vallandigham was banished to the South, his friends went to the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to convince the justices to hear the case. On February 15, 1864, the Supreme Court announced it would refuse to hear the case, saying that it had no authority to review the proceedings of a martial law court. While the bloody Civil War raged on, the Supreme Court decided it was not the time to challenge the power of General Burnside or his commander-in-chief, Abraham Lincoln.

          • Guns rule, that is why tptb want to take ours. That is why our founding fathers made the 2nd Amendment.

          • John Steiner – That was more informative than the last 3 months of drivel being projectile-vomited here on SHTFPLAN!

            Would such fodder sit endlessly dormant in the batteries of intellectual munitions leave patriot and tyrant alike, struck in awe and speechless of brazen hands wrought and brows furrowed upon such truth…bravo Sir!

      4. Elliot Fineman is an mental liberal idiot!

        • He is a grieving father out of his mind. Shame on those who would use him for their agenda.

      5. Let me first say to that father.. kiss my plucking ass before I reach for the toilet paper after a high protein rip eye steak dinner.. for what to let China come in and shoot my ass in my city..they have laser rifles they need to test o us now don’t they.



        Expect a stern response from angry Beaver and his troll partner conti divide for the next cubicle..

      6. Every Politician who promotes more Gun Control should be required by law to have “Gun Free Zone” signs posted on
        their primary residence for everyone to see their position.

        • and NO armed security detail

        • We the people should pass a law saying that the 10 SQ miles of DC
          should be a include especially any government or their staff , and require all government employees within that 10 SQ miles to fuckin stay there , not allowed to leave

          • Many areas of DC are a GFZ already. They are called gov’t buildings. However, gov’t personnel are permitted to go home each day.

            • These gfz are protected by guns…

        • Virginia legislature to disband governor’s security detail since guns scare him.

          • Did they pass that?

      7. If he wants to declare martial law and take guns away, he can start in Chicago, where, despite guns being illegal, 120 people have already been shot THIS YEAR! Start there, and we will see what happens. He can sack up and start knocking on doors himself, if this is such an important issue. Lets see how many LEO’s get themselves drilled just in that one city. Then we will talk about taking guns away in LA, NYC, Detroit, WashDC and other “gun-free” zones.

      8. He can go pound sand. There ain’t gonna be no gun control. Join up to the NRA today and stand up like a man for our rights. It’s only $35 fuckin dollars.

        • 25


          • Well I guess as long as you join one of the groups that works. What won’t work is hiding behind a keyboard making up pussy excuses about how being a veteran somehow pays off all your life’s obligations in this matter.

            To plagiarize the old saying….if we don’t all fight together, then we’re sure to be defeated individually.

        • Used to belong to NRA for a few years …then it hit me that as a retiree AND a 100% disabled veteran why in hell was I paying for precisely what I had been (allegedly) fighting for …and got pretty frigged up for doing. IMHO I’ve already paid all the dues I can truly afford for one lifetime. The NRA has NO CONTROL ON GUN CONTROL but We The People do and The NRA is NOT needed to “get’er done”. Guaranteed.

          • Equorial

            I beg to differ with your analysis.

            The NRA is the political 800lb guerrilla. I seen the NRA CIA in action in NJ. Laugh at NJ. Bet on this, handguns would have been banned decades ago there if it wasn’t for the NRA.

            Did you have the foresight to put a 10 year twilight clause in the Federal Semi Auto Ban that we had to politically eat in 1994? That wording that the NRA had put into the bill seen to it that a decade later when our political fortunes improved the law would pass into history thus ending the ban. You do that? Nope the NRA did it.

            There is strength in numbers and the NRA ILA informs and harnesses those numbers in a voting block.

            • It’s a shame we need the NRA to protect our natural rights, and rights enumerated in the Constitution.

              Damn progressives and commie pinkos in government need to be purged.

            • The NRA is powerful at 5 million members. If there were 10 million, the left wouldn’t even dream of gun control.

          • well put!

          • People like you are going to cost all of us our 2nd Amendment rights. And if you are truly a veteran, then you would know that more sacrifice is always required. Your excuses ring hollow. Stand up and stop being a freeloading deadbeat.

        • “He can go pound sand.”

          EDIT – “he can go pound Mooshell’s pud.”

      9. how many people are killed yearly by drunk drivers? …. why not make it mandatory that cars have built in sensors? …. unbelievable $$$$ funds $$$$ are spent on stolen vehicles yearly – why not special owner sensors to start the car?

        Why? … every single rights group would have a shit fit from all kinds of angles – but guns are a totally different animal to them …. fair game

      10. “Elliot Fineman”. The name should give you the hint.

        • So should Schumer, Feinstein, Bloomberg,etc…

        • Stolz, I didn’t think about that when I read the name. My apologies. Another filthy member of the tribe.

        • 😉

        • Yep, thats what i was thinking.

          • (This is a narrative from the point of view of your average American sheeple.)

            I AM AN AMERICAN. Born in the ‘land of the free, and the home of the brave’. I don’t actually have to be brave, because the government and police are here to protect me. They told me so. It’s why they need to be so well armed, isn’t it?

            When they came for the principles of Founding Fathers, I said nothing. Even thought I’d been taught those principles my whole life, I assumed the government knew what it was doing and tuned back into “Dancing With The Stars”.

            When they transferred the American means of production offshore, I said nothing, because they told us that it would help boost our slowing economy. I trusted the government, after all, Beyonce and Jay-Z were invited to the white house and they are RICH, like I want to be someday.

            When 70 million jobs were lost as a result of NAFTA, I said nothing. Even when I lost my job, I thought “things will get better”…tomorrow. TTP is another free trade agreement, and “Free Trade” is a GOOD thing, right?

            When they rammed through The Patriot Act, the NDAA and Obamacare so congress could “see what was in there”, I said nothing. Who am I to second-guess congress. They know what is best for this country. They’re trying to protect us.

            When they transferred the administration of American elections to digital voting machines in Spain, I said nothing. We were told it is just the advancement of technology. I like technology. Technology is a GOOD thing, right?

            When the banking industry went into bankruptcy and were given a bailout from the US, I said nothing. We were told that the banks were “Too Big To Fail”. I assumed the government knew what it was doing, besides, by bank card still works at the mall.

            When they stripped the very meaning from the US Constitution and Bill of Rights with unconstitutional legislation, and had the audacity to call it a “Patriot Act”, I said nothing. They said the Constitution is “old” and “outdated”. I don’t know exactly what’s in the Constitution, but I know it is very old. I assumed the government knew what it was doing… besides, the NFL play-offs are coming on.

            When they allowed the NSA to record and save every American’s conversation, email and personal data, I said nothing. We were told they have to do this, to catch terrorists over in the middle east. I am a Patriot, and standing by their government is what Patriots do, isn’t it?

            When we found out that the government is spying on the entire world – including our allies and Congressmen, I said nothing. I assumed the government knew what it was doing, besides, they have to route out the bad guys wherever they hide.

            When they legalized another step towards Gun Control, AGAIN, I said nothing. The government says they’re not coming for the guns, and I don’t have any so it doesn’t affect me. We’ve got to do something about gun violence, the news reporters said so.

            When the number of Americans on food stamps and welfare exploded to all time highs, I said nothing. We can’t let all those people, and children go hungry, can we? Don’t we all have RIGHTS? It’s just like the rights for gays to marry and people to “identify” with whatever sex they feel like, and abortion is our right. All people should have the right to live however they want, except for white gun owners, conservatives and foreign people who don’t live like we think they should.

            When Congress legislated legal immunities for BIG PHARMA and MONSANTO, I said nothing, even though the deaths caused by those industries are greater in number than both world wars combined. Law suits raise prices, and I can’t afford to pay more for anything. I’d rather hear about what the kardashians are doing.

            When they opened our borders and encouraged millions ILLEGALS to invade America, take our jobs and suppress our wages, I said nothing. We’re told they are trying to have a better life for their families. Never mind the few who are criminals. We have to HELP THE STARVING CHILDREN. Besides, “It’s not who we are as Americans”, The President said so.

            When the U.S. government illegally destroyed seven countries in the middle east with regime changes and illegal bombing, creating the largest refugee problem the modern world has ever seen, I said nothing. We have to destroy THE TERRORISTS whatever it takes. USA, USA, USA! {waves flag}

            When the U.S. government started bringing thousands of the same people they bombed; people who are NOW motivated to become terrorists, to my neighborhood, I still said nothing. We were told that Islam is the religion of peace. Again, WE HAVE TO HELP THE CHILDREN. It’s also not who we are as Americans. The President said so.

            When they effectively banned us citizens from speaking out against Muslims or Islamic violence, illegal immigrants and black violence, claiming that “white people have it coming” I said nothing. It’s not politically correct to hate people, unless they’re white, conservative republicans or own guns, or the Russians who intend to control their own country and national destiny…or the Chinese. Or Syrians, Iraqis or Libyans…or?

            When the U.S. government executed an illegal regime change in Ukraine, causing a civil war with around ten thousand deaths so far, I said nothing. The Ukrainian government was corrupt and deserved to be ousted, the president said so. I’m okay as long as they don’t cut off my EBT card…NOW THAT PISSES ME OFF!

            When Crimeans voted to rejoin Russia and our government sanctioned Russia, I said nothing. We don’t know anything about Russia, or Putin, but our leaders say Russians are evil and must be contained. Even if that means the mutual destruction of the entire planet. Not to worry, because the government has constructed elaborate bunkers to ensure “Continuity Of Government” in case MAD happens…what that means for us citizens, I have no idea; but I’ll worry about that after I get back from the mall—Walmart is having a 20% off sale on DVD movies and, I hear they’re handing out free gummy bears at the door.

            If I may coin a familiar phrase: “Wake The Flock Up America”.

            • Sixpack, BRAVO. AMEN. GIVE US FIRE AND BRIMSTONE. One of your best posts ever.

      11. OK, so if we did that, we’d have to declare a state of emergency on medical mistakes (which kill about 2.5x as many people) and automobiles (which kill about the same number).

        But, the biggest killer? Its called life. You live and then YOU DIE! So, see, if you never lived first then we’d prevent all those deaths, right?

        Its just about as logical as what this jackass mouthpiece is calling for. What an ultra maroon!

      12. Cant fix stupid

        • Kula – Can’t fix crazy either.

          • Oh, I don’t know, Smith & Wesson pretty much fixes both.

      13. I had an uncle and a good friend who died fighting in bankers wars.
        I demand Obama abolish the Federal Reserve.

      14. Less people = a better life

        • Unless of course, you’re one of the “less people”.

          • When a rich person says he wants 7 billion fewer people, I am not foolish enough to think he will spare ne.

            • We don’t need 7 billion fewer people, just the 80 families that own half the planet.

      15. What gun epidemic? This is a manufactured crisis, to be used as a pretext for firearms confiscation. What we have is a moral and spiritual epidemic, where there is a lack self-control.
        Those who are old enough to remember, there was an iconic radio announcer, Paul Harvey, who had a comment of: Self Government without self-discipline will NOT work.

        • NVB, I used to listen to Paul Harvey back in the day. Your analysis is correct. It’s people with bad intentions toward other people who are the problem, not guns themselves.

        • Due to a multitude of failures throughout American history, and I mean starting at the ‘line’ whence The Federal government was only allowed to do what states allowed them to do and nothing more. Over all the years of slow infiltration of (literally) every sector (and ‘high’ seat) in all the land(s) of each state, changes were accepted that seemed perfectly sane and harmless when they were presented – yet nobody read the fine print. Now here we are in mortal danger of being beheaded or shot or otherwise killed because the people in The UN are scared of us gun-slingers and therefore are insisting that CONSTITUTION OR NOT WE WILL BE FORCED TO GIVE UP OUR WEAPONS (Hillary even promised (China-remember?)to do it herself from “door-to-door”(if needed)- did she not)? Coming from her filthy mouth I’d think it’s safe to say it MUST be in “the pipe” for what’s a’coming down the road. Fight we will. Win – they shall not. Quit? My motto ends with Never Quit.

      16. “Gun violence is a raging epidemic claiming 30,000 lives per year”

        … 2/3rds of those deaths are suicides (Number of deaths [suicide firearm]: 21,175 per year.)

        Over half of the reminder is gang-violence including cop on gang, gang on cop, and gang on gang. I am basing this off of a rounded down estimate. In Chicago 80% are deaths from gang violence. Baltimore, 80%. New Orleans 35-55%.

        Meaning that the actual deaths for average citizens being shot is around 5,000 per year.

        Now let’s see some other numbers:

        Number of deaths (poisoning): 48,545 per year.

        Number of deaths (motor vehicles): 33,804 per year.

        Number of deaths (fatal unintentional drownings): 3,533 per year.

        Number of deaths (heart disease): 611,105 per year.

        Number of deaths (influenza and pneumonia): 56,979 per year.

        So, gun deaths for the average person is about on par with falling in a lake and not knowing how to swim. When no-one is around to pull you out. In warm water, because you’re not dying from pneumonia.

        • ¯\_(❤.❤)_/¯

      17. Good thing we didn’t “smart guns” in the field. Charlie would have kicked our asses even worse. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how bad the idea is in combat. Jeez this guy is really stupid.

        • But the govt is not stupid. They already know that they can control those “smart guns” digitally. You can bet your life, and you will be, that the govt will have a backdoor into the software. They will be able to turn them all of, just like they can jam all cell phones.

          That is the reason they are going to trot these ‘smart guns’ out, hoping the public will be too stupid to realize the mistake until it’s too late…and it will work beautifully.

          • Couldn’t agree more: Peace

      18. What a bunch of BS! This is definitely manufactured crisis, NVB!

        Preventable medical errors in hospitals – 210,000
        Smoking tobacco – 435,000
        Alcohol – 85,000
        Traffic collisions – 43,000
        Firearms deaths – 31,940
        Sexually transmitted infections – 20,000

        Do liars dominate the news or what?

        • NetRanger, the answer is “or what” because the own the news.

      19. Maybe your son would still be alive if he had a firearm to defend himself Elliot.

        • Or if another citizen had had a gun to assist him…

      20. lol… “Smart guns”

        They recognize your fingerprint…hahahahaha.

        The corporate US .gov is the largest supplier of arms for export by “trade deals”. They generally go to Middle Eastern countries to facilitate the chaos.

        How do you get the fingerprint of every jihadist?

        What a dumb fuckin’ idear…not gonna happen.

        • JRS, my guns are “smart”. They don’t operate unless SOMEONE’S HANDS are on them.

        • Smart guns = dumb liberals

          • I wish liberals actually were dumb. They may be, but the people BEHIND THEM are not dumb.

            • Sixpack, libturds have always been dumb. You’ve had your wish all this time. But the people behind them definitely know what they’re doing.

      21. NetRanger said it all …. we have other issues that need to be address….can’t wait for the election…God Bless America…

      22. It goes far beyond gun confiscation. Rather anyone can grasp this or not is not the important question. But the facts are that their is no way the ‘sailors’ the Iranians captured belong to the United States Navy. No way. There is also no way that this is a legitimate event. This was staged to happen on the very day of the SOTU speech. It was also staged to show white people kneeling with their hands on their head, bowing to brown people. The last year of Obama’s reign is all about the humiliation and elimination of the Caucasian race in its entirety from Europe and the North American continent. And there is no better way to do that than to disarm white people. That is where you are headed people.

        • Saw a Ford SUV commercial the other night. It depicted a dark skinned woman with a caucasian male mate, surfing and having adventures together. Now why could Ford not have used 2 couples of differing races having an adventure instead of purposely showing the mixed couple together? I understand the need to appeal to a broad customer base, however this destruction of any and all anglo cultural heritage is being purposely done.

          • Dohn Joe:

            It is part of the agenda….make us all brown.

            Answer to the problem, boycott all companies that are promoting this agenda. I do!

      23. Not just no but FUCK NO

        MOLON LABE

      24. Not gonna happen in my neighborhood….55 and over! Bring it on and let the old folk show you your mistake!

      25. This turd couldn’t tell the truth if it bit him in the ass. As NetRanger brought out in his post there are more people killed by other things and they should be on the top burner not guns. Gun Ban will start a Civil Wae/Revolution.

        Why doesn’t the Turd come to Chiraq and do something about all the gangs killing people. They kill more in a month that is killed by Terrorist or Nut Cases in a year. Yes and they have the tightest gun law in the Nation.

        Go ahead and make all kinds of stupid laws for guns. You will end up with an New USA. There won’t be 50 states but there still will be a USA. The states that are out will turn into Syria in weeks. Then the libturds will want to come to the New USA. As far as I’m concerned they can eat shit and die!!!

        He only has a year left THANK GOD!!!!!! I wish when he started the SOTU the Turd would have only said 2 words. I Quit! I would have PISSED myself with happiness!


      26. TPTB are scared of armed Americans and want the 2nd Amendment busted. Obama does not have Constitutional authority, and lawsuits can take anything he does to the Supreme Court.

        Beware the Constitutional Convention, that would have the power to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Think all those Republican governors are not owned by ALEC? Look up your Governor and find out. Most state laws are written by ALEC, not your state government. What sane person wants these traitors to rewrite the Constitution?

        • Im at the point where I dont give a shit what they say or do
          Im not complying with their bullshit ..

          yes they want you dead.. im not planing on helping them in that arena


          • Yep I’ve reached this point.
            Their laws are horseshit. And they are bandits.
            Give me a billion dollars. I’ll hire an army and burn DC to the god damn ground.

          • EOTS, I’m with you all the way on that one. BTW, what does LTBHTF stand for?

            • L et
              T he
              B odies
              H it
              T he
              F loor

              • Yep. Sounds just right.

            • Bh ~ I didn’t know either. All I could think of was the old Lucky Strike ads — “LSMFT”

        • Rebecca

          Your 100% correct. Open up a Constitutional Convention and kiss the 2nd Amendment, and others good by.

          We just don’t have enough Thomas Jeffersons today.

      27. If the POTUS wants to use his executive pen to ‘save just one life’ so badly, perhaps he should start with abortion? Just a thought. He could also focus on deaths for medical mistakes which far outshadow gun deaths and then there’s deaths from alcohol and drug related driving and texting as well. So many lives he could save with just a swipe of that pen if he really wanted to [sarc]
        Also, that often quoted ’30K gun deaths’ always fails to note that 60% of those are suicides which most liberals claim to be in favor of legalizing. Maybe they’re just okay with suicide as long as the deceased leaves a pretty corpse that can have an open casket funeral? Another 10% or so are accidental and police shootings and still more are defensive shootings. Gun crime has been steadily decreasing for the past couple of decades while gun ownership has been steadily increasing. If all the legal gun owners were really as violent as these anti gun nuts think, they’d all be dead by now.

      28. Citizen’s clamoring to suspend the constitution. You lying bastards! Those sellouts are outnumbered a million to one by people who know treason when they are seeing it. I must of missed the evil lying bastards coronation. Actually they want us all dead and will stop at nothing to make it happen. The American people think they have a chance to reverse this inevitability. The right to self defense and as a check against government tyranny is all that’s left standing between complete slavery and annihilation.

      29. Princeton Study Says U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy

        ht tp://

        just more confirmation of what most of us already know

        • Satori

          Thanks for the good link again.


        • The US never has been a democracy. It was founded as a republic. And, as B. Franklin pointed out,”if you can keep it.”

      30. ht tp://

        good thing they didnt kill the dog as usual

      31. ht tp://

        This is Monte Frank at his best lying for the Newtown School Board.

      32. Lets help out the gun grabbers. They needs to know that pissed of white men, know how to put thugs in place who

        Canadian General was recorded saying these exact words:

        Canadian General-you stupid Americans will be taught a lesson if you refuse to give us your guns. I will get the chinese soldiers to invade your homes, and it’s two gun shots to the head of the men of the household, your wife and daughers taken to the camps to be the spoils of war, to be taken by the russians and chinese soldiers, your goods taken, and to do what the please with your women as they see fit.

        Oh is that right Mr General.

        Americans are good men, we negoiate first.

        Oregon Style problem solving. This one is for the fusion center trolls like Conti-divide, angry beaver and others who work in those DHS FUSION centers all over the country.

        Then the foreign military shows up to teach us a lesson.

        Then the veterans get tested, then they respond to tyrany. Then things heat up.

        When negoitiation fails, the next option is the bad one. Very effective, works everytime, proven for the last 5,000+ years.



        Agency ass clown trolls to look out for and other fakes.

        Trolls that have recently infiltrated this site acting like they are one of us. Disregard anything and everything coming out of the mouth of these two fakes.

        TROLLS-Conti divide.
        TROLLS-Angry Beaver


        • HCKS, I’ve seen that somewhere about that Canadian general. I dare him to come say that to me face-to-face and we’ll see who gets 2 shots to the head. Hint: it WON’T be me!

      33. These liberal traitors will continue poking the bear, until they get bit … then when they get what they’ve been asking for, they’ll cry and whine about the “mean and cruel” bear. Yes, they’re really that stupid.

      34. At the bottom of the comments on the Subject of ‘Sweden covered up Rapes’ is a very important comment by poster ‘Time to wake up America’ comment #3501575.

        By following his links and reading the comment section at the sgt report link posted there by Anon you will learn more about the true history of the Moneychangers than any post I have seen written here by the self proclaimed historian at shtf.

        The comments section at sgt report spells it all out for you; links included. Wrapped all up in a true package. No cover for the actual perpetrators there. Refreshing truth!

      35. we got to die from something, it may as well be fighting for our rights and freedoms against treasonous leaders, liberals, and islamic terrorism, if these people have their way we will look like germany, sweden and the rest of europe in no time.

      36. These people are absolutely clueless. Demand government only buy smartguns??? So what happens when a military unit is getting overrun and a soldier’s weapon breaks. He can’t pick up his dead buddy’s weapon to continue the fight. He either goes hand to hand, surrenders or runs away. I guess if he is lucky he could pick up the weapon from a dead enemy since their country isn’t stupid enough to do stupid stuff like this.

      37. “They” seek to instill the greatest amount of division that can possibly be mustered then invoked (evoked?). Divide and Conquer (as some say).

        Charlie2dogs: You are dead-ass right. Amazingly short time went by leaving a ‘wake of shit’ in its path o’er every country you’ve mentioned …with many more to follow. The UK and the others know their time is quite nigh …as is ours. They’ll lose. We won’t.

      38. I’m shocked! Shocked that a Jew (Elliot Fineman) wants the goyim disarmed!!
        Hey Elliot, FU & your dead kid!
        We’re NEVER being disarmed.

      39. Elliot Fineman, Elliot Fineman, Elliot Fineman..
        Heeey, isn’t he one of the Three Stooges?

      40. What a liberal idiot. Ask him if Chicago is any safer since guns are outlawed there. Another kool-aid drinking liberal wanting himself and all others to be controlled. Ain’t gonna happen.

      41. Hey everybody hold on tight, that snowball rolling down the hill is really starting to pick-up speed now!

        We The Few!!

      42. The father that lost his son has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and is lashing out irrationally. “State Of Emergency”? The murder rate has dropped by half in the last two decades so he missed the boat with the “Emergency”.

        He preaches successfully to those that distain logic and facts.

      43. so you violate obozo’s EO about ftf gun sales. What are they going to charge you with? If convicted what are the sentences? It’s all bullshit. This EO cannot be enforced. It is not law.

        • You will be charged with dealing firearms without a license, that’s good for 5 years and $250,000.

          A hobbyist making an occasional sale is not affected.

          There’s going to be some lawsuits over the E.O. and BATFE guidance. Gun show dealers now need an FFL, but they don’t get an FFL without a storefront. So, no license.

          • You can get an FFL without having a store front. This is nothing but urban legend. I know I have n FFL and travel to shows all year.

            • You must be grandfathered or something, it’s right on the application for an FFL around line 16, “If you want to sell only at gun shows, do not complete the rest of the application”.

              No urban legend to it at all.

              I know two dealers who vend mainly at shows, but they both have a legitimate ‘store front’ in their basement, with separate entrance and security.

      44. This Fineman asswipe. sorry for yer loss but The only National Emergency will be you and the Rest of the Traitors running for cover if and when these Bastards TRY to Take our Self Protection, We are not the Reason your Son Died, but will be the Reason Lots of Sons will die if you Idiots Persist on Civil War!!

        Semper Fi

      45. Captain crunch offers good advice.. I recommend it.



        Molon labe. Come and take to get your ass pull of 45 ACP.

        • Damn right man

          The polite has worn off as grandpa would say

      46. It’s frightening that this president has no qualms exploiting the loss of this man’s child.

        Obama uses these people to divide America on a natural right guaranteed by the Constitution. Obama is such a pig, the Constitutional scholar has no desire to save lives or help the helpless, all he wants is power, and the second amendment concentrates power in the American people, and the hater in chief really hates that idea.

      47. Hey to all red necks and veterans, and cops on Mason Rd Katy area.. make sure you dumb off the bodies of the jihadist, Blue Helmet dump, and Chinese soldiers away from the bayou drainage system to avoid water contamination..pour anti bacterial soap in the blood on your streets to reduce exposure to blood born pathogens.. Keep the foreign and domestic soldiers hanging from the lamp post for a maximum of 4 days, they start to stink up he air after especially In the summer months.



        Molon Labe.

      48. No mention of the hundreds of thousands that are killed annually by doctors and big Pharma, No mention of the 1200 innocent people killed by cops each year, No mention of the government giving guns to Al Qaeda and ISIS, No Mention of all the guns given to the Mexican Drug Cartels, No mention of all the rich bastards that have bodyguards that use guns to protect them, No mention of the toxic food that kills people every year and I could go on and on, the bottom line is that they just want to get the guns because Obama knows that he cannot survive long when he attempts to stay in office after 200 January 2017 as long as We the People are ARMED!

      49. “Elliot Fineman, who joined the National Gun Victims Action Council in the wake of losing his son, wants the President to take extreme measures and declare a national emergency…”

        Elliot Fineman has America confused with China, Russia, etc. He is in the wrong country or is a paid government shill.

        There is no one who serves within our governments – state or general (federal)- that was delegated that authority. Here in America there is NO SUCH THING as “emergency powers” or “martial law” that can suspend the US Constitution.

        To do so shows that the person so declaring is a Traitor to the American people, the US Constitution, the USA wh oneeds to be charged, arrested and PROSECUTED for his/her crimes against our nation.

        The Supreme Court of the United States, 1866: “The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, AT ALL TIMES, AND UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. NO DOCTRINE Involving more pernicious consequences WAS EVER INVENTED BY THE WIT OF MAN THAN THAT ANY OF ITS PROVISIONS CAN BE SUSPENDED DURING ANY OF THE GREAT EXIGENCIES OF GOVERNMENT. Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism.”

        Home Building & Loan Association v. Blaisdell, 290 U.S. 398, 425 (1934): “Emergency does not create power. Emergency does not increase granted power or remove or diminish the restrictions upon power granted or reserved. The Constitution was adopted in a period of grave emergency. Its grants of power to the Federal Government and its limitations of the power of the States were determined in the light of emergency and they are not altered by emergency.”

        South Carolina newspaper essay, reprinted in Virginia that urged that any law that had to be enforced by the military was necessarily illegitimate: ““When an Army is sent to enforce Laws, it is always an Evidence that either the Law makers are conscious that they had no clear and indisputable right to make those Laws, or that they are bad [and] oppressive. Wherever the People themselves have had a hand in making Laws, according to the first principles of our Constitution there is no danger of Nonsubmission, Nor can there be need of an Army to enforce them.”

        There’s no authority delegated for “emergency powers” or “martial law” given within the US Constitution to any or all of the branches of the federal government; or any powers that are not defined and remedies allowed put forth, Anything done in the name of “emergency powers” is criminal in action. Worse, those who unlawfully enforce these treasonous actions makes them also criminals and Traitors though they might have done this misdeed with no knowledge that they were committing criminal acts. Yet, they still must be held accountable for those actions because they were REQUIRED as part of the contract agreed to when they took the office or position they occupy to take this Oath and keep it, or one similar to it:

        “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

        “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

        Notice that the most words describe exactly what they are to do for the US Constitution before anything else, including following orders of US presidents and/or orders of those above them or the duties of the position or office they will be occupying. Also notice that “obey the orders of the President of the United States” is joined in the same sentence with “and the orders of the officers appointed over me”, that is how low on the priority scale those presidential orders are compared to the US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof it. Plus that the “Uniform Code of Military Justice” is mentioned because it requires ONLY lawful orders to be followed. So as many in the US Military found out before, THEY are held accountable for their actions following orders or not because they are REQUIRED to know what the oath says and MEANS.

        Dr. Edwin Vieira: “This has nothing to do with personalities or subjective ideas. It’s a matter of what the Constitution provides…

        The government of the United States has never violated anyone’s constitutional rights… The government of the United States will never violate anyone constitutional rights, because it cannot violate anyone’s constitutional rights.

        The reason for that is: The government of the United States is that set of actions by public officials that are consistent with the Constitution. Outside of its constitutional powers, the government of the United States has no legitimacy. It has no authority; and, it really even has no existence. It is what lawyers call a legal fiction.

        … the famous case Norton v. Shelby County… The Court said: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” And that applies to any (and all) governmental action outside of the Constitution…”

        What are the defining characteristics of a limited government?

        They are its disabilities; what it does not have legal authority to do. Look at the First Amendment… What does it do? It guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion.

        But how does it do that? I quote: “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press” etcetera. “Congress shall make no law;” that’s a statement of an absence of power. That’s a statement of a disability.” (End quote)

        This man is a Traitor to the American people, the US Constitition which is our LEGITIMATE government, and the USA.

      50. The only thing I got out his speech last night was wife and I noticed moochell had a adams apple.

        Not getting the guns. No way no how nope nada.

        NOMI !!!!!

      51. Anyone with a heart feels for Fineman’s loss. I am tired of getting punished for mistakes made by others. How about letting gun owners have some say in the penalty for those who use guns while committing crimes.

      52. Elliot Fineman, I’m sorry for the lose of your son, but my 50 yr old target pistol didn’t kill your son and neither did my 70 yr old G.I. .45.

      53. Looking at what’s going on in the world I think TPTB are late getting our guns away from us.

        They may miscalculate and feel forced to attempt confiscation but it will quickly become apparent that it’s not going to work when they loose half their manpower the first week after the word gets out…

        • A military unit begins to be ineffective at 10% casualties. At 15%, it needs taken out of action and replaced.

          Just one fight a day is going to cripple the entire effort in a short time.

      54. The whole thing is bs. If someone is hit by a car nobody tries to ban cars. If someone dies from a disease, nobody says ban doctors. The shootings that happen are usually stolen firearms. This administration has a lot of hatred for America, they arm Mexican drug cartels and Isis and then wants to take our guns. All I can say is kiss my Glock!!!

      55. “Smart guns,” my arse. These things don’t exist outside of a laboratory and even there they aren’t reliable. Hollyweird has been pusing the “smart gun” fantasy for a while now. Besides…how easy would it be to steal one then mod it to fire normally? Firearms designers learned a long time ago that simplicity equals reliability. The more complicated you make a firearm, the less reliable it is especially in real field conditions. “Smart guns” is like “world peace” – sounds good in theory but never happen in practice. Just another liberal meme to confuse the issue.

      56. F— you Elliot you disillusioned communist peckerhead. Move to Mexico or cuba if you want gun control.

      57. HELL YES he would and opinion is anyone that doesnt believe it is very foolish

        snake !!!!!!!!!

      58. Declare martial law, that is exactly what half of the country has been waiting for, an excuse for war. Just as well get the ball rolling, time to clean house of all the communist and liberals in this country. So, go ahead, it’s just a matter of time, war is coming.

      59. My question is, when did guns start commiting crimes, killing, commiting felonies, robbing people, etc? I didnt know guns could take actually come alive and do these things. I must have missed the memo. Oh no, wait, its not the convicted felons, the crazy, psychotic, sociopathic, messed up people out there with guns, pulling the triggers, doing these things.? Im sorry, I digress. DONT THREAD ON ME!

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