“Fifty-Nine Meat Eaters Dead. How Many Animals Will Live Because Of This?” Vegan Food Truck Owner Opines About Vegas Shooting

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 97 comments


Delinda and Kyle Jensen have always been open to talking to customers about the opinions they have at their Mother Nature Vegan Cuisine food truck. But their opinions have now resulted in death threats since the comments made about the Las Vegas shooting did not go over very well.

Delinda Jensen, who is 60 years old, has gotten several death threats after posting this Facebook comment: “Yes I am jaded. Fifty-nine meat eaters dead. How many animals will live because of this?” She then made a comment under that same post that said: “I don’t give a (expletive) about carnists anymore.

According to the Washington Post, Jensen has since deactivated her Facebook account, hidden her food truck, and canceled all of her bookings. She has also installed a security camera at her home. Her son said people have driven by their home shouting threats and obscenities, and they have had to call the police several times out of fear for their safety.

Jensen said she became a vegan two years ago and started the Mother Nature Vegan Cuisine food truck with her son. She said she was trying to make the point that she believes animals are tortured and killed unnecessarily for their meat, however, now the former adjunct history professor at Marywood University said she is living in fear since her post set off an intense and immediate backlash on social media last week. Many Facebook users shared Jensen’s post, which generated hundreds of hate-filled comments and threats with very little defense of her stance.

But she also says she’s sorry, and regrets making the post on Facebook. “Was it poorly written? Absolutely. Do I regret it? Yes. I am so sorry I wrote that,” she said. “Meat eaters or not, no one deserves to die like that. I wasn’t celebrating the death of those people.”

“I (expletive) up,” Jensen said while sitting at her kitchen table with son and business partner, Kyle.  Jensen tried to explain her motivation for writing the post, by saying she wanted to make the point that too many animals are tortured and killed every year. She estimates 20 billion-plus animals are killed for human consumption yearly. Jensen said people can eat good food without the inhumanity of abusing and killing innocent animals. She also said that just one vegan translates into saving 155 animals per year.

“It’s almost like a lynch mob is forming,” said Jensen. “It seems that it’s no longer about the Facebook post — now it’s about eating meat.” Jensen is still angry at herself for what she called “a moment of stupidity.” She felt her vegan business was doing good things for people; like giving them a healthy alternative to meat. Jensen would bring her truck to Public Square on Mondays and it was very popular. “We even gave food to the homeless for free,” she said. But now, “We’re done. We canceled all of our booked events. We had a really good product, too.”

“We are not bad people,” she said. “We are aware that there are people on social media who have been trying to organize groups to come after us.” So at night, Jensen and her son lock all the doors and turn out the lights. They leave porch lights on so security cameras can record anyone trying to get near them. “I’ll just take it one day at a time,” she said. “I understand the tragedies of history — there’s never anything to celebrate. I never once felt ‘Yay, yippee, 59 people are dead.’”

But that isn’t how those who read her post felt on social media. “I did write an apology on Facebook right after the post went up,” Jensen said. “It didn’t matter. People were already running with it.” Kyle, who has a degree in culinary arts, is sure he will find another job, but his mother may be out of work for good. “I’m not mad at my mom,” he said. “We are a family. We’ve been through a lot. But people have destroyed our business.”

“This was our life and now it’s gone,” she said. “I’m so scared to go out anywhere.”

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    1. Concerned-Citizen!

      These cock suckers obviously deserve to HANG, The End!!

      • PO'd Patriot

        Definitely two phucked up individuals. I’m gonna go out on October 20th with my muzzleloader and kill Bambi (maybe several) just for her.

        • CrackerJack

          Ha! Jokes on them!
          Since we are no longer a hunter/gatherer culture, we only breed as many animals as are needed for the supply/demand. This means less animals will actually be born to meet the needs of having less people…

        • John

          So Ms. Jensen wrote a couple of ill-advised posts – we ALL make mistakes! She apologized, right. Do all those folks out there who are turning vengeful, and making threats (which are illegal, BTW) apologize when they themselves hurt others’ feelings? Some people need to take a deep breath… and chill. No killing of innocent people is justified, and Americans need to learn to forgive.
          (Let’S not forget – our nation’s foreign policy is responsible for the deaths & injury of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of innocent people worldwide. Please read “Rogue State” by William Blum if you don’t believe me.

      • Heartless

        At the very least it helps explain why no one tosses her the meat anymore.

      • John

        To the SHTFPlan editor(s):

        Why are you allowing posters who are publicly advocating/condoning violence against Ms. Jensen (i.e., “Concerned-Citizen!”, “The Deplorable Braveheart”, “PO’d Patriot”, “IrishCatholic”, etc.) to post their hateful comments? You *do* know that law enforcement officials probably view this site, right? I wonder… might YOU be held partially responsible if anything were to happen to her?

    2. Kay123

      Obviously these people were a product of our communist school system. They would have fluncked the fifth grade “Plays well with others”.
      These are typical “self-centered” undisciplined, poop for brains, that come out of
      Public schools, these days.

      • grandee

        wait sec–she’s my age.

        i don’t have poop for brains! tho i did come out of a public school system.

        she just shot her mouth off without thinking.

        now she gets to accept the consequences.

        she’ll be able to restart in a year or two.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Grandee, correction, please ma’am. You have FAR MORE brains than that bleeding heart jezebel could ever HOPE to have. I take my hat off to you, NOT any jezebel.

      • Anonymous5

        Ok….so answer the question below:

        Delinda and Kyle Jensen fall into which political camp?

        A) Right-wing conservative Republican (or libertarian for that matter)

        B) Left-wing liberal Democrat (ala Bernie Sanders, antifa, et.al.)

        As has been mentioned….obvious products of 60 years of leftist public education.

        “Former adjunct history professor at Marywood University….” says it all. It takes an advanced degree to have such a broken moral compass.

        • Anonymous5

          Further note…..

          “We are not bad people,” –Delinda Jensen–

          I beg to differ. If she is not a bad person, then how exactly do you define a “bad person”?

          Perhaps she hasn’t killed anyone like Steven Paddock did….but has she refrained because she values human life? Or simply because she doesn’t want to face the penalty that taking the lives of meat-eaters would inflict?

          • Anonymous5

            And yet a further note…..

            “I’m not mad at my mom,” he said. “We are a family. We’ve been through a lot. But people have destroyed our business.” –Kyle Jensen–

            No Kyle….your mother destroyed your business.

            Again…we see clearly displayed the mentality of the left…..that of the perpetual victim. Their business was not ruined because of the warped values of his mother….it was destroyed because evil meat-eaters destroyed it.

            Like all leftists…they can’t accept responsibility for their own actions.

            Being on the left means never having to say you’re sorry.

            • John

              No, Anonymous5 –

              The (illegal) threats made by people who can’t forgive are what destroyed their business. Obviously her posts were unadvised, and sounded cold. But she did apologize, and expressed regret – thereby accepting responsibility for her actions. I wonder … Do all those making threats against her apologize when THEY hurt others’ feelings?

              You apparently dislike progressives (“the left”, you write) – but we’re not your enemies. Don’t be brainwashed into the ‘left-vs-right’ false paradigm. The U.S. is owned & controlled by the wealthiest 10%, who *want* us (those who do the actual work) to continue fighting one another (while our controllers go on destroying the middle class, and keep on sucking away our nation’s economic wealth). It’s PROPAGANDA. Please don’t be fooled.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Kay123, agreed. I NEVER played well with libturds when I was in school.

    3. section 8

      Stupid is as stupid does! Karma is a BITCH, isn’t it.! LOL

    4. Shroom

      this kinda reminds me of the movie PCU. they might get some raw meatballs thrown at them but I don’t think anyone will actually harm them, hopefully. They are idiots for posting that junk and thinking there wouldn’t be any consequences.

    5. shane

      I silently cheer on leftist socialists every shrill rant exposing their vile lunacy, as they are our greatest recruiting tool as they repulse regular Americans off the fence, activating them to join with us in opposing their agenda.

      Hope they don’t get a clue, tone it down and try sounding more civil anytime soon.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Shane, as far as I’m concerned both of those libturds can go f#$$ themselves.

    6. buttcrackofdoom

      you’re “Not bad people”, you’re just DRAWN That way. i went vegan for a while. i hate seeing animals killed for food for us too…but i DID Cheat sometimes……that VEAL!….how do they get it soooo tender?

      • Nailbanger


      • Nailbanger

        I mean,

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        BCOD, I’ve been a meat-eater all my life and will continue to do so. Those 2 libturds can go pound sand. Hooray for meat-eaters!

      • rellik

        I’m a meat eater big time. I have cattle, pigs, and chickens. I eat them.
        I’ve hunted and killed wild animals as large as Elk( which is very good by the way).
        I won’t buy Veal. I’ve seen how they raise animals for veal.
        I choose not to support that market. My animals free range, I fence them off into paddocks and move them around.
        If you saw what they do to raise Veal, you may find it disturbing.

        • Adela

          rellik…if you saw how they raise all other animals not only veal, for food and for other (unnecessary)items, you’d agree with vegans.

          What that woman stated is simply stupid but the reaction of those carnivores isn’t any less stupid, and besides, most insensitive to the billions of animals being routinely tortured and murdered to satisfy the palate of humans.

          PO’d Patriot (and some others here): SHAME ON YOU TO TAKE IT ON THE REAL VICTIMS just because someone said something it rubbed you the wrong way. Go and kill bambies as you said, but if you have a drop of decency you’ll regret it for the rest of your silly life! TO ALL: EDUCATE YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE THE ANIMAL RIGHTS AND VEGANISM! :o)

          Veganism and compassion toward other species, has nothing to do with being conservative. I’M A FIERCE CONSERVATIVE, BUT, I LOVE AND RESPECT ANIMALS AND THAT’S WHY I’VE BEEN A VEGAN (***AND*** A CONSERVATIVE) FOR 47 YEARS!!!

          WHAT ALL animals, not only veal, go through for your food:




          “FREE RANGE” & “ORGANIC”: https://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/organic-free-range-meat/


          • The Wolf

            Animals being murdered? Sorry, a person can NOT murder an animal. You can not “kidnap” an animal. No animal is a family member. Stop trying to make animals human, they are not human, they are animals. Seems strange that anyone has to point out that fact. You don’t want to eat meat, good for you. Silly statements about animals being “murdered” only make you look foolish.

          • John

            Adela, thank you for the worthy information. Here are a couple more links about meaningful documentary films:

            30 Documentaries about food, farming, agriculture, GMOs, water, the tar sands, etc.
            December 2012

            “Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet.” (Note: The film criticizes mainstream environmental organizations for lack of courage – and the film’s director’s life was threatened, probably by agribusiness interests.)


        • CrackSummSkulls

          The American Revolution was not won by eating toufu. Give me Beef or Give me Death.

    7. Nailbanger

      Im going to go out and spray some roundup around my place to salute these vegan douchebags

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Nailbanger, I wonder what roundup in their faces would do? LOL!

        • PO'd Patriot

          Probably create an improvement.

          • Concerned-Citizen!

            Make them smell better. . .

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            PO’d Patriot, are you SURE libturds can be improved on? I have some doubts about that one.

      • rellik

        You know nobody
        on this site appreciates the Round up
        and GMO wars that are being fought in Hawaii.
        I’m going to spray this week. It pisses my
        Tenant off.
        he was a Hamakua Ag coop guy.

    8. IrishCatholic

      tie her to a tree, pour red ants all over her, and her worthless family!

      • John

        So, IrishCatholic – you’re advocating a return to the Inquisition, eh? Torture is a crime, you know…

    9. lolzngiggles

      If her business was going to fail after a week of “internet backlash” my guess is that it was going to fail anyway. I hope she doesn’t try to get welfare or burden the tax payers in another way, blaming social media.

    10. AnneMarie

      I’m a decades-long vegetarian; but in my opinion what these vegans are saying is just plain stupid and not a very bright way to win any converts.

      • Anonymous5

        There is NOTHING wrong with being vegetarian. To each their own.

        The problem comes when you place a moral value on it and condemn anyone who doesn’t agree with you about it.

        Eating meat has NO moral connotation one way or the other. The way meat is harvested might. I don’t believe in cruelty either.

        • AnneMarie

          Yes, to each their own. When I wrote “converts” I was speaking from the perspective of the annoying vegans and their extreme pushy views, not my own personal ones.

          For some of us being vegetarian is indeed a moral and compassionate issue as per Genesis 1:29. People are free to take it or leave it.

    11. Beo Jar

      Seriously? Is this dealt newS for SHTF?

    12. Curious

      How does she know that all the victims that died were not vegan? I wonder if she had something to do with the shooting.

    13. FTW

      “I (expletive) up,” Jensen said while sitting at her kitchen table with son and business partner, Kyle, 28. “Was it poorly written? Absolutely. Do I regret it? Yes. I am so sorry I wrote that.”

      Yea … you fucked up all right!

      You only regret it because of the backlash you are receiving from it.

      You are not sorry – you wrote out what you felt at the moment, because those were your true feelings.

      I’d call you a b1tch … but you probably take pride with that Title … You (Jensen) are a non-compassionate trifling c-u-n-t!

      • John

        FTW, enough with the name-calling. She apologized for her ill-advised posts. All those defamers & attackers out there need to look in the mirror, and ask themselves if they sincerely apologize when they hurt others…

    14. Him

      How many plants have to die for those people to have a salad?

      • still playing in the mud

        one vegan translates into saving 155 animals per year. ME THINKS SHE IS FULL OF SH#T. One cow, 3 pigs and 50 chickens will feed me and my wife for a year, plus maybe 100 pounds of wahoo, tuna, and dolphin.

        • FTW

          Mud –

          You haven’t had a meal … until you clubbed a baby seal.

          It’s fk’n delicious and then some!

      • FTW

        “How many plants have to die for those people to have a salad?”

        I agree, wholeheartedly! We should all go out into the streets and protest against these Vegans. These Vegans do not realize that they are eating the majority of animals food source. Shame on these hypocrites!!!

        • John

          FTW, you apparently are unawares that eating vegetables, nuts, and other foods which are ‘lower’ on the food chain is less of an ecological burden than is the eating of animals (especially cattle). Oh, and concerning health, eating significant portions of meat has been shown to increase one’s risk of cancer.

        • Allan Howard

          Feeding animals to produce food is a complete and utter waste of resources. And then there’s the millions of hectares of rainforests being slashed and burned to grow crops to feed to animals. Do some research!

    15. Anon23494

      No more, no less animals will live. Just less will be born to reflect that tiny decrease in demand. Either that or the price will drop a fraction of a penny to get rid of the surplus of meat.

    16. woody

      Hey vegetarians. My food poops on your food.

      • Allan Howard

        Such an intelligent comment woody. But then you can always rely on the hatemongers to make hay. I’m a vegan and I was appalled and shocked by what she said, as I have no doubt just about ALL vegans and vegetarians would have been. It’s hard to get your head round why anyone would say such an insensitive thing. But to try and tag all vegans and vegetarians as being of the same mindset as this woman, as many posters on here have, is no less appalling and insensitive. But then you people jump at the opportunity to spew forth your bile of course, and are no better than her for doing so.

        • John

          Allan, good point.

    17. PO'd Patriot

      Send ’em a bouquet of poison ivy.

    18. Jim in Va.

      On to McDonald’s……

      • Anonymous

        McDonald’s should be called McDumpster’s.

        • John

          Anonymous, that’s funny! 😉 I now never eat at McD’s…

    19. Michigan Wolverine

      My food, shits on her food


    20. Breathial

      Kyle, who has a degree in culinary arts, is sure he will find another job, but his mother may be out of work for good. “I’m not mad at my mom,” he said. “We are a family. We’ve been through a lot. But people have destroyed our business.” “This was our life and now it’s gone,” she said. “I’m so scared to go out anywhere.”

      No, dumbass, “people” didn’t destroy your business, your mother’s fat MOUTH destroyed your business.

      Sucks to be you.

    21. Neal Jensen

      I’m proud to say that I am NOT related to the cheesy screwballs at all. They more than deserved what they got…fucktards going all political saying stupid shit…ah well, they made a shit sandwich, now they gotta eat it all up. Someone pass them some more liquid diarrhea for it. Stupid fucking communists.

    22. TX Rancher

      “…But people have destroyed our business.” Uh, no, Beevis. You did it to yourselves. Keep your intolerant mouths shut and you can feed ’em. Open ’em and see how empty they become. Go flip burgers.

      Just took in 30 goats yesterday for sale tomorrow. Don’t think these idiots are making a dent in the market.

    23. aljamo

      She could start up a food truck with lab grown meat. That should go over well. The future of meat.

    24. Anonymous

      I hear tell that hillary is a vagitarian and bill never met a meat eater he didn’t like

      • another anonymous

        Vaginaterian. I think you meant.

    25. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Happiness is a venison burger or a venison steak. Now that is some of the BEST eating.

    26. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Long live meat-eaters!

    27. Kay123

      Sorry you read that as an attack on vegans. I don’t care what other people eat. This is the USA, their choice………they will just leave more for meat eaters.
      Also, I said “typical” because I was thinking California edu…..with kids.
      I am older than you. Was raised on a farm where you ate what you raised in winter or starved
      I’ve watched this crazy world turn inside out, and now, it is starting to go backward.
      I am a product of public education also, (as if you couldn’t already tell by my writing). ?
      “Poop for brains” was a reference to the ‘vegan vendor’ saying those innocent people deserved to die for being meat eaters was cruel and hurtful. What a horrible thing to say.
      Yes, she has “poop for brains”, and I stand by that.

      • grandee

        ok gottch

      • Son of Liberty

        F her and all the n*****s that are blm members and can’t be get off their welfare a$$e$ to go to work.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Kay123, I agree with your remarks. I have plenty of family that was raised on farms and have their own homesteads. My BOL is one of those homesteads. I also went through public schools. At least back in the day when I attended they still taught all the basics [reading, writing, arithmetic] and had vo-tech. I never see or even hear about vo-tech anymore. I believe all libturds have ‘poop for brains’ so you’re in good company here.

    28. Anticommie

      The only animals are the libtards. Feed the libtards to the pigs and chickens. Pork prices need to go down.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Anticommie, are you serious? And RUIN some perfectly good meat?

    29. Delr

      Eating well is always the best revenge

    30. BadAmerican

      I am a vegan once removed….I ate the cow that ate her salad.

      Be safe…stay the course…..BA.

    31. Bill

      Delr, you said more than most people realize, eating well is the best revenge. The rulers of every society, in every part of the world, in every era of history sought to reserve the good things in life including quality food only for them, it continues today.

    32. Fritz

      Once again I feel compelled to pose the pertinent question; if God did not want us to eat animals, then why did He make them out of meat?

      • Archivist

        And why is bacon so good?

        • Fritz

          Precisely! Deep-fried bacon-wrapped Twinkies and a large bacon/banana shake please.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Archivist, you’re making me hungry, LOL!

    33. Archivist

      “She also said that just one vegan translates into saving 155 animals per year.”

      She is out of her mind. Does she actually think I eat a few pieces of bacon and a couple of pork chops and throw the rest of the hog away? Or does she think that I eat half of a cow every day? Or are vegans former gluttons?

    34. Kay 123

      That was too funny! LOL
      Nearly spilled my tea!

    35. Son of Liberty

      F her and all the n*****s that are blm members and can’t be get off their welfare a$$e$ to go to work.

    36. RupertPowell

      Ahhh…now they are the victims. Nice try!

    37. swinging richard

      Think before you speak comes to mind at this moment.

    38. Coconuts

      I’ve been vegan for 20 years, I live and let live. This kind of nazi vegans piss me off, you can not claim to be compassionate when you don’t care a shit about other humans. With this kind of attitude vegans are actually hurting the movement they want to protect, because hate, violence and forcing your beliefs into others only creates more hurt. I want to see more love and more understanding, every person learns at their own pace, we are all always evolving and we all make mistakes, I wish to see those vegans learning true compassion, learn from their mistakes and stop running their mouth without thinking, words have the power to heal or to destroy, choose them wisely.

      • John

        Coconuts, your comment was thought-provoking and important. I just have one issue with it – calling Ms. Jensen a “nazi vegan” is going too far. Just as you stated, “…words have the power to heal or to destroy, choose them wisely.” Please reconsider that part of your critique. Thank you.

    39. Beaumont

      Fringe scientists have used a modified galvanometer (like a lie detector, which measures electrical resistance). They claim that the plants and rocks have moods. These same leftists will caress a plant, and say that it sings back to them. Or, the clear cut forests are supposed to cry.

      Eastern philosophy allows for inanimate objects to possess a consciousness, so feel pain.

      They believe it has an effect on water, leaving structures and imprints.

      There is nothing they can eat or drink, unless nature lends of itself, willingly.

      Even the utensils are supposed to think.

      Even those people, claiming to be breatharians would be consuming something intellegent. The pranic energy or “force” are supposed to to have a mind of their own, and respond to human emotions. So, they wouldn’t be allowed to breath or see the light of day.

    40. Beaumont

      (or eat dirt.)

    41. Buckeye

      So do I need to worry about nuts like her when I go to the meat counter at the grocery store? Fortunately we can open carry here – – at least I can protect myself.

    42. Not So Free

      How does she know some of them weren’t vegans?

    43. tazweiss

      Oh those poor darlings, people have destroyed their business. WRONG, people didn’t destroy your business, your poor moral compass and idiotic comments destroyed your business. People just called you on it.

    44. Synickel

      The meat eaters are showing the effects of eating animal products in their comments. Just because some vegans are goofy doesn’t mean being a vegan is bad. It’s great if you want better health for a longer life.

    45. Can-Can

      Threatening to kill this woman will not solve anything. Those who do so are no better than this woman. However, I do not think that she is the least bit sorry for the comment she made regarding “meat eaters”. She is only sorry she got caught, and was confronted with her comment. Now, she is suffering the consequences of her actions. In this case, her business shutting down. Had there been a majority who agreed with what she said regarding “meat eaters”, she would be touting her comment as biblical scripture.

    46. aljamo

      I eat meat very rarely, it’s just kind of gross and too expensive. Love fish but oceans polluted and farmed fish fed nasty garbage and greatly overpriced. Plus no country of origin labeling, mystery meat all of it unless you know the source or are willing to pay a high price. Then again even most veggies are tainted with pesticides.

      • John

        aljamo, I agree with you. It’s tough to find true quality, organic foods. Unfortunately, the agribusiness sector & retailers pay off Congresspeople to ensure we consumers lose our RIGHT to choose non-GMO products.

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