“Vaccine” Side Effect: COVID Arm

by | May 13, 2021 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 23 comments

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    When it comes to the experimental gene therapies being falsely labeled as “vaccines,” the side effects are becoming known. One side effect is “COVID arm” but the mainstream media puppets are telling us that it’s completely normal. But is it?

    According to Yahoo News, people who have the Moderna coronavirus “vaccine” should not be alarmed if unusual plaques develop on the arm they received the shot in. It’s fine it’s just “COVID arm.” This side effect is described as swelling and often itchiness and a lump forming as the skin reddens after the inflammatory response. “That just means the ‘vaccine’ is working,” they say.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Writing in the journal JAMA Dermatology, medics from Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut reported 16 people who developed so-called COVID-arm – defined as itchy, painful, and swollen “pink plaques” – several days after getting vaccinated. That number has to be much higher if their numbers who have taken the jab are accurate.

    Jabs commonly cause redness, swelling, and slight discomfort, however, the Yale medics have stressed the “delayed” plaques are “distinctly different”. Nevertheless, the COVID arm is mild and should not put people off getting vaccinated, they added.

    Mild? Is that true? What is interesting, can be seen in actual clips from the mainstream media complied in the video below. Start watching at 4:50 seconds.  Take a notice of the syringe. Do you see anything strange? Where’s the needle? And what’s that metal tube that is shot under the skin as the healthcare worker depresses the syringe? What the hell is really going on here?

    Of the study’s more than 30,000 participants, 244 (0.8%) developed COVID arm around eight days after the first jab, which tended to resolve within four to five days.

    The Yale medics believe “delayed localized reactions may have been under-reported” in the Moderna study due to such side effects only being “actively solicited until day seven, with unsolicited adverse events collected thereafter.” –Yahoo News

    Use your own critical thinking and start asking questions. This is going to get incredibly interesting as we proceed through the remainder of 2021.  Keep your eyes open, stay alert and aware and make sure to use discernment.


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      1. The msm are masters of lies and at distorting the facts.
        I am sure that if someone’s arm fell completely off after getting the gene therapy,they would say it’s a completely “normal” reaction.?

      2. Covid arm? What else has to happen before realize that letting them jab you with this injecticide is NOT a good idea??

      3. the metal thing and no needle on the syringe is a retracting needle safety system that is to prevent needle sticks to nurses.

      4. I believe the shots are for sterility and time-delay euthanasia – but the metal in the syringe is just a spring that retracts the needle so that it doesn’t risk stabbing the healthcare worker and thereby infecting them with bloodborn diseases. A ten second Start Page search told me this, I just typed in ‘spring-loaded syringe’.

        • I did search the designs for the “safety” ones. They look way different. I’ll keep looking but that video looks like the cylinder says in the person!!

        • “but the metal in the syringe is just a spring that retracts the needle so that it doesn’t risk stabbing the healthcare worker and thereby infecting them with blood-born diseases”

          Let’s think this through, shall we? When these pre-loaded syringes are opened, before the needle comes out, they are supposed to be absolutely STERILE. No infection threat there. But after the shot is over and the syringe is empty, the needle remains extended. Absolutely nothing in that protects care providers. For some reason, I call bullshit on their explanation. Mainly, they are still pushing in the plunger after the springy thing disappears from view, meaning the shot is still going on. It does NOT turn gray after the shot, which it would, if it really was a safety feature.

          • “before the needle comes out”? that’s not how they work..

            a) needle comes fully extended, spring fully compressed so it looks like a metal tube near the tip of the syringe section
            b) they take off plastic cover to expose needle
            c) inject garbage
            d) when plunger hits bottom, the spring expands rapidly backwards into the body where the fluid used to be pushing the needle all the back into the syringe body

      5. Wow, great idea, put off your cancer screening for an experimental vaccine, how did this country get so great with so many stupid people?

      6. If you go full screen and at 5:57 time , You can actually see the “spring” sending this metallic thing into the arm… And then.. No needle left? WooooWoooooooo
        Getting weirder….

      7. Before writing an alarmist article making baseless claims because you have no idea what you’re looking at, do you think maybe you should get up to date with what a safety syringe is? It’s Spring loaded to retract the needle – which is why when you look at all these videos there is no needle showing when they take it off the arm (which has been another ‘argument’ from people that ‘omg these people are not even really getting a shot because it shows no needle!!’) This is not the same needle they stuck you with in the 1950 – it’s called medical advancement.
        That said – these supposed ‘vaccines’ are garbage..
        I’m as rightwing as they come and will NOT get the ‘vax’, but this kind of misinformation just makes our side look like the deranged stupid lunatics the left portrays us to be..

      8. I did search it. The “safety” ones look way different. I keep looking but that video looks like the cylinder says in the person!!

      9. All the doctors and nurses who have participated in giving the mRNA injections should be charged with crimes against humanity and stand trial. If found guilty they should be executed like previous criminals who have been found guilty of crimes against humanity. Per Francis Boyle the leading United States expert on biowarfare crimes:
        “By authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, I do hereby exercise my right to refuse to submit to or to administer the Covid-19 vaccine. The United States Government has prosecuted, convicted and executed Medical Doctors who have violated the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation. Aiders and abettors of the Nuremberg Crimes are equally guilty and have also been prosecuted, convicted and executed.”

      10. That COVID 19 was never a threat in that a large percentage of people would die and therefore it does not meet the definition of “pandemic.”

        That they conspired and colluded in holding back viable and proven effective treatments.

        That they conspired and colluded and received monies for misdiagnosing to call illness COVID 19 when it was not.

        That they have colluded and conspired in putting forth the false notion that “herd immunity” can only be achieved through vaccination alone.

        That they have participated in falsely defining the mRNA injections as vaccines while they do not meet the definition of what a vaccine is.

        That they have conspired and colluded to put forth the false notion to the public that the mRNA injections are safe and effective while this cannot possibly be true because they are experimental gene therapies which have not completed trials.

        That they conspired and colluded and received monies to intubate patients when it was not necessary and other proven treatment would have saved lives.

        That they are now advocating these experimental gene therapies for children and babies.

        May the guilty doctors fry in Hell.

      11. They conspired and colluded that masks are safe and effective when neither is proven true. In fact, per Fauci’s own research mask can be very dangerous as they increase risk of bacterial pneumonia. They also reduce oxygen levels and inhibit normal breathing.

        Yesterday, Biden announced those who have taken all the recommended injections no longer will be required to wear mask. Now, America’s doctors in going along with this charade conspire and collude to brand non injected persons with the symbolic Yellow Star. In reality, injected people can still acquire COVID 19. In addition, injected persons can still spread COVID 19. There is no real proof that wearing masks inhibits the spread of COVID 19. In Texas and Florida there is lower incidence of the spread of COVID 19. In both states the requirement to wear masks is not required by state government. Meanwhile in Michigan and states of the northeast where there are strict mask requirements and the spread of COVID 19 is much worse. Requiring non injected Persons to wear masks only serves to brand them as Jews were branded in Nazi Germany, (ie, the Yellow Star). America’s doctors in going along with such a policy going forward is the equivalent of the Yellow Star mandate in Nazi Germany. Wake up people! It’s great to take note of propaganda put forth by the media but recognize that this is medical tyranny and your neighborhood doctors are the power behind the machine.

      12. I just heard the announcer say ” if you have a mammogram, tell the technologist because the vaccine may be seen “. Coupled with the magnets, people are being implanted with something no one needs unless by choice fully understanding all of the so far unknown risks…

        Scary stuff

      13. The “metal tube” is a compressed spring that expands BACKWARD into the syringe after the injection. It is a safety syringe designed to prevent “accidental sticks”. If you watch it on very slow motion (0.25 speed) you can see it. Come on people, this kind of crazy conspiracy theory stuff is why we all sound like a bunch of loons. THIS IS a conspiracy theory! There really is a needle, and it is just a safety system that looks weird. Now, the ingredients of the “vaccines” are another issue entirely. But nonsense like this “they are injecting metal tubes in people’s arms!!!” distracts from the real and necessary concern and investigation about what the heck they are putting into people’s bodies and what the long term effects will be!

      14. They are offering a slice of pizza for taking the jab where I live. LOL fuk em.

        The New Nuremberg Trials 2021

        Look it up and you’ll know how fake the PCR test is to begin with. Even the person who created says this isn’t a test to tell you much of anything.

      15. In England I refused the covid19 vaccine, so they sent me a reminder to get the vaccine despite knowing I dont want this vaccine!

      16. In addition to all the other criminal acts committed by America’s doctors listed above, they have been violating the quintessential stipulation of the Nuremberg Code regarding the matter of informed consent. While the filthy doctors believe they will walk because of their ill gotten privileged status and wealth here is just one article outlining their gross misconduct throughout the United States:


      17. You can say goodbye if you get the kill shot and catch a caronavirus in the wild, it’s a double whammy cytokine storm and your finished!
        Might be the biggest over reaction since the War of the Worlds radio broadcasts. Even if you believe the numbers of deaths listed from covid it still only has a 99.7 percent survivability rate. These Tyrants just can’t let go of the power, only we can take it back and tell them to FOAD!

      18. No other group has done more to destroy Black, Hispanic and other Americans than DOCTOR Fauci and his cohorts the empowered and privileged caste of American Doctors. Through drug laws and drug policies they have conspired, colluded, contributed, collaborated, misrepresented facts, violated their Hippocratic oaths and entered into quid pro quo agreements (even if only tacitly) with corrupt politicians and psychotic billionaires to impoverish, imprison, create social injustice and many other crimes for many decades to further enrich their own wealth.

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