Vaccine Mandates and the “Great Reset”

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    This article was originally published by Philipp Bagus at The Mises Institute.

    Pressure on the unvaccinated grows. While the vaccinated in some countries are getting back some of their freedoms taken away by the covid interventions, the unvaccinated are not so well off. They are being targeted for discrimination. Access to public spaces and traveling is being made more difficult for them. In some countries, there is even mandatory vaccination for some professions.

    But why is the vaccination campaign so important to governments that they are increasing the pressure to such an extent? And who has an interest in the global vaccination campaign?

    To answer these questions, it is necessary to analyze the prevalent vaccination narrative and ask who benefits from it. In doing so, the alliance of interests between the state, the media, the pharmaceutical industry, and supranational institutions must be addressed.

    Let us start with the pharmaceutical industry. It has an obvious economic interest in the vaccination campaign. It makes enormous profits from widespread vaccination.

    What about the state? In the covid-19 crisis, politicians have systematically amplified fear and hysteria. This was no accident and is unsurprising, for the state builds its raison d’être on the argument that it protects the population from internal and external dangers. The state is built upon fear. The narrative is that without the help of the state, the citizen would be defenseless against hunger, poverty, accidents, war, terrorism, disease, natural disasters, and pandemics. It is, therefore, in the state’s interest to instill fear of possible dangers, which it then pretends to resolve, expanding its power in the process. A relatively recent example is the restriction of civil liberties in the US in response to the threat of terrorism after the 9-11 attacks and the second Iraq war. Similarly, it was in the interest of governments to purposefully instill fear and portray covid-19 as a unique killer virus in order to expand state power to an extent unknown in peacetime at the expense of citizens’ fundamental rights.

    When the corona crisis started and not much was known about the virus’s potential danger politicians were faced with an asymmetric payoff. If politicians underestimate danger and do not react, they are held responsible for the underestimation. They lose elections and power. Especially if they can be blamed for deaths. Photos of mass burials aside, the consequences of underestimating danger and failing to act are politically fatal. In contrast, overestimating the danger and taking decisive action is politically much more attractive.

    If it really is an unprecedented threat, politicians are celebrated for their tough measures such as lockdowns. And politicians can always argue that without their decisive action, there would indeed have been a disaster. If the measures ultimately turn out to have been exaggerated because the hazard was not so great after all, the possible negative consequences of the measures are not as directly associated with the politicians as the photos of mass burials, because these consequences are more indirect and long term. The indirect and long-term health costs of lockdowns include suicides, depression, alcoholism, stress-related illnesses, earlier deaths from canceled surgeries and screenings, and a generally lower standard of living. However, these costs are not directly associated with the drastic interventions and are blamed on the policy. Many of these consequences will occur after the next elections or even later and are not visible. For instance, we cannot observe to what extent a higher standard of living would have increased life expectancy. And if someone dies six years from now from alcoholism or depression developed in the wake of lockdowns, most people probably will not make the lockdown politicians responsible, and if they do, these politicians will possibly already be out of office. Thus, it is in the interest of politicians to overestimate a threat and overreact.

    In order to justify and defend the harsh measures such as lockdowns that are so attractive to politicians, it is necessary to stir up fear. When politicians stoked fear and hysteria during the covid-19 crisis, implementing highly restrictive measures such as lockdowns, the damage to the economy and social fabric was immense. Yet society cannot be locked down forever, as the costs keep rising. At some point, it must exit lockdown and return to some normality. However, how can one at the same time stir up fear of the threat of a killer virus and return to normalcy?

    The way out is vaccination. With the vaccination campaign, the state can stage itself as the savior from the great danger. The state organizes vaccination for its citizens and gives the vaccinations to the citizens for “free.” Without this “vaccination rescue” and in a permanent lockdown, the negative economic and social consequences of the restrictions on civil rights would be so great that resentment among the population would continue to grow and ultimately unrest would threaten. So, sooner or later, the lockdown must be ended. If, however, the state authorities were to back out of the lockdowns and restrictions without further explanation and imply that the danger was not so great after all and that the restrictions were an exaggeration and a mistake, they would lose a great deal of support and trust among the population. Consequently, from a governmental perspective, a good and face-saving “exit scenario” from the most severe restrictions is needed, and the vaccination campaign provides it.

    Through state-provided vaccination, the state can continue to hold on to the narrative of the great threat and still get out of the lockdown. At the same time, it can pass itself off as a savior that is making somewhat more normality possibly through vaccination. To do this, it is necessary that as large a proportion of the population as possible also get vaccinated, because if only a fraction of the population gets vaccinated, the vaccination campaign cannot be sold as a necessary step toward opening up. Thus, it is in the state’s interest to get a major part of the population vaccinated.

    If this strategy works, the state will have set a precedent, expanded its power, and also made citizens more dependent. Citizens will believe that the state has rescued them from a mortal predicament and that they will need its help in the future. In return, they will be willing to give up some of their liberties permanently. The announcement that a state-organized annual vaccination booster is needed will perpetuate the citizens’ dependence.

    The mass media have fallen in line and actively support the vaccination narrative. The state and mass media are closely linked. Framing by the leading media and targeting the population have a long tradition. Already in 1928, Edward Bernays advocated the intelligent manipulation of the masses in his classic book Propaganda. In modern states, the mass media help to construct popular approval for political measures such as in the case of covid-19.

    The mass media’s support of the state is due to several reasons. Some media are directly owned by the state, others are highly regulated or require state licenses. Furthermore, media houses are staffed with graduates from state educational institutions. In addition, especially in times of crisis, a good connection to the government offers advantages and privileged access to information. The willingness to carry the state’s fear narrative also comes from the fact that negative news and the exaggeration of dangers bring attention.

    In the corona crisis, the one-sided media coverage that proliferated through social media and muted critical voices contributed to fear and panic and created great psychological stress among the population. However, it is not only negative news that is attractive to the media; the narrative of the state rescuing the population from a major crisis also sells well. Thus, the vaccination narrative plays into the hands of the mass media.

    In addition to nation-states, the media, and pharmaceutical companies, supranational organizations also have an interest in ensuring that the world’s population is vaccinated. Supranational organizations are actively pursuing an agenda in which global vaccination campaigns play an important role. These organizations include the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), the EU, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Health Organization (WHO), which are closely interconnected.

    Some of these organizations have set as their goal a great reset, or a great transformation. In the areas of pandemic and climate protection, gender, migration, and the financial system, these organizations want to find coordinated answers for the benefit of all people worldwide. They emphasize shared responsibility and global solidarity. The central control of vaccination, climate change, and financial and migration flows bears the hallmarks of a new world order. For example, the theme of the 2019 annual meeting of the WEF was “Globalization 4.0: Shaping a New Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Another example of supranational planning is the UN’s “Global Compact for Migration.” At the national level, these radical ideas are supported, as shown by the German Advisory Council on Global Change’s Welt im Wandel – Gesellschaftsvertrag für eine Große Transformation (World in transition: Social contract for a great transformation) policy paper.

    Raymond Unger (2021, pp. 84–89) sees this drive for supranational planning as part of a culture war envisioned by Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse. A global management of opinion and outrage is combined with scenes of fear and horror, especially in the fields of climate change and corona, to establish a new socialist world order. In fact, the WHO, the IMF, and the UN are led by former communists. The WEF is financed by global companies, including the pharmaceutical industry and the big tech companies. The WEF, for its part, significantly finances the UN’s 2030 Agenda. The WHO is also significantly funded by pharmaceutical companies and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which spearheads global vaccination campaigns. During the covid-19 crisis, the pharmaceutical industry also exerted its influence on the WHO. And the IMF only aided nation-states if they complied with WHO recommendations.

    These interconnected supranational organizations see the covid-19 crisis as an opportunity to advance their agendas. The UN policy paper Shared Responsibility, Global Solidarity: Responding to the Socio-economic Impacts of COVID-19 views covid-19 as a turning point for modern society. The intention is to seize the opportunity and act in a globally coordinated manner. The major tech companies support these agendas. They are also members of the WEF and censored disagreeable information related to covid-19 on their platforms (Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook), just like the mass media. Videos critical of vaccination are particularly quickly deleted on YouTube.

    The title of a keynote speech by IMF director Kristalina Georgieva, “From Great Lockdown to Great Transformation” also underscores the idea that supranational organizations want to use the corona crisis for their agendas. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF, argues that the covid-19 crisis represents a “rare opportunity” to “lay new foundations for our economic and social systems.” In COVID-19: The Great Reset, coauthored with Thierry Malleret, Schwab speaks of a defining moment and claims a new world will emerge. According to Schwab, it is time for a fundamental reform of capitalism.

    Thus, the globally coordinated vaccination program can be interpreted as a building block in a supranational strategy of a great reset. Global vaccination structures are being established that can be used for subsequent global vaccination campaigns. From the perspective of advocates of a great reset, globally coordinated covid-19 vaccination underscores the need for global structures and organizations that can then be used for other global purposes, such as effectively combating “climate change” and pushing for a great reset. In short, the state, the media, the pharmaceutical industry, and supranational organizations are closely intertwined and have a common interest in the vaccination narrative. From this perspective, the mounting pressure on the vaccine-free is unsurprising.


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      1. The mandates are intended to openly identify those who will and who will not go along with the one world agenda that is going to be forced on us so those who will not go along can be eliminated or removed from the rest of the world like the Jews were in WWII.

        It’s a stand for or against God and his supremacy, decide which side you are on and keep in mind that decisions have consequences and this decision has both immediate and eternal ones.

        Read the back of the Book for more information, it is about the times we are in and what we will be facing in them.

        • Anon, my thoughts exactly. Lockdowns, mandates, mask wearing, social distancing, vaccines, and the rest of it are not merely medical procedures, they are social controls and designed to determine rates of compliance. For those who will not go along with the agenda it may eventually ramp up to loss of driver’s licenses, loss of employment, loss of rights to travel, denial of internet access, internment in special facilities, and other items. The only thing that will stop all this madness if enough of us say no and steadfastly will not go along with it all.

          • Well said, and fully agree with you. Maybe one could add, even those who choose servile compliance will find themselves on the chopping block sooner or later as their goal is to reduce world population 90%

      2. Being vaccinated will cause the lockdown again when they start dying and overloading short-staffed hospitals when flu season comes.

        Those with two vaxs will be considered unvaxxed when the boosters come out. But that will be the untimate death shot.

        Think Afghanistan is terrible now, wait until this fall comes. Pray for deliverence from this evil, and prepare.

        • I don’t know how old you are, but it’s truly amazing that you’ve made it to adulthood, Loogie. You are the definition of “too stupid to live”. Literally everything you post is either completely backward, or just total bullsh!t. Amazing. Cheers!

          • Somehow, I don’t see you as being one of the ones that will be among the survivors of this covid agenda.

            You need to learn to discriminate between political agenda’s and medical ones.

          • People have gravitated towards information that reinforces their own beliefs.
            Unfortunately the majority of information that people have gravitated towards is misinformation and speculative opinions passed and accepted as facts.

        • I can’t wait until the triple-vaxxed are pissed at the double-vaxxed.

      3. Well I haven’t commented for awhile. I like to release my anger sometimes when I get overwhelmed with all the pig shit that these shit eaters spit, we know who they are Nancy Piglosi, Kamel “toes” Harris and Joe” Idiot” Bitten. (I think he’s a shit eater only. He spits other peoples shit).
        I can’t believe people with good commen sense and good eyes to see through the smelly stinky fog that follows all these corrupt politicians are still listening to them.Stand up drop your masks get back to work kids in school or not. personaly I would get my kids away from those fat ass lazy teachers.
        I was born in this great country a free man and that’s the way it will stay. FREEDOM #1. When I left the nest 1974 nobody has told me what to do. Because we all know what that leads to,and that rule in my book still means the same. STICK THAT MASK AND VACCINE right up your ass. Haven’t worn a mask ever and I won’t and I will not let any stinking shit spitter stick a
        F_ _ KING needle me. Come and try….. Elbulleheal

        • If you were born in a hospital you have never been FREE in your life.
          Retrieve your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and see for yourself.
          That birth certificate was your first form of IDENTIFICATION but definitely not the last.

      4. I wonder why there isn’t an article here about Caleb Wallace… He had the same “philosophy” as the rest of you geniuses, right? I like to think of it as foreshadowing for unvaccinated. Have a great day!

      5. I have read and seen many videos to discern the truth about covid. The fact is the survival rate for the covid virus is 99.8% for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Rather than using the monstrous and illegitimate power of the the State against the overwhelming vast majority, why doesn’t the gov’t just require the vulnerable to stay at home or in treatment facilities instead of turning all society upside down plus damaging the economy. I’ll tell you why, it’s not about controlling the virus, it’s about controlling you. The State is not composed of benevolent individuals who have in mind the best interests of its people, it is truly a clique of sadistic and degenerate people who want all power. We were originally told by the “authorities” that a 15 day lockdown would stop covid in its tracks, now we are at 2 years with a round-the-clock drum beat of propaganda, endless mandates, mass required vaccinations, and the construction of internment camps.
        A passport system is now a State priority and is being developed to impose on the people. It will allow one to function with some measure of personal choice except one, you won’t be a free person. The State will have succeeded in letting citizens go about their lives but only if citizens surrender all rights over their person. Who cannot see this? Once this passport system is established and in place you will need a passport to fly, or for any public transport, to enter any gov’t or public building and courtrooms, to travel, to see a doctor or go in a hospital, to go beyond a certain distance from your home, to hold a job, to have internet access, to keep your children or even vote, and many more. These particular “measures” are important for two reasons; to intimidate, and to marginalize those who do not submit to the State agenda, to render them powerless.
        Don’t be naive, this is the plan and always has been, only the pretext was necessary. That so many were so easily and thoroughly propagandized is astounding to me. The passport plan is invaluable to the State, it will aid in absolutely identifying and checking the movement of all non-compliers.

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