“Vaccinated” Israelis May Need To Quarantine Because of the “Delta Variant”

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Say what? We’ve been blasted with heavy doses of propaganda for the past several weeks that the “vaccine” is the only salvation against the “delta variant” of the COVID-19 hoax.  But now, “vaccinated” Israelis may need to quarantine so they can remain protected from the “delta variant.”

    This mainstream media official narrative has gone off its own rails.  This makes little to no sense because the rulers and their talking head puppets have been telling everyone that only the “vaccine”, which is actually an experimental gene therapy, will work and it’s the unvaccinated that are dying off.

    MSM: “Delta Variant” Will “Surge” Among The Unvaccinated in the Fall

    Following new “outbreaks” of the “delta variant” strain of COVID-19 in Israel,  the state has “empowered health officials” on Wednesday to quarantine anyone deemed to have been exposed to an especially infectious variant of COVID-19, even if they were previously vaccinated or recovered from the disease with presumed immunity. So basically, people got the “vaccine” thinking they would be “free” again and now they are still living lives as slaves to the ruling class. Who could have seen this coming?

    Under the updated Health Ministry directives, vaccinated or formerly infected people can be ordered to self-isolate for up to 14 days if authorities believe they may have been in “close contact with a carrier of a dangerous virus variant”.

    Addressing parliament, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said fines of “thousands of shekels” would also be levied against Israeli citizens or residents who travel to countries blacklisted as high COVID-19 risks. –Reuters

    The ruling class will continue to harass and extort the masses vaccinated or not.  And so many people were duped into taking the shot thinking they would be safe from the master’s wrath.  Obviously, we are nothing more than slaves to be commanded and ordered around.  We had better free our minds and realize what kind of slave system is on this Earth. The coming of the digital dollar will permanently slam the door and any semblance of freedom if we are not aware enough to stop it.

    This is incredibly disturbing considering it goes against their narrative and they are flat out telling us they own us regardless of if you take this jab or not. We are the slaves.  They are the masters and they fully intend to keep it that way and far too many slaves are too dumbed down to figure it out.

    Stay alert and prepare.  Use your critical thinking and keep asking questions.


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      1. As well as variants of CV-19, there are variants of the ACE2 receptor, making it more or less receptive.

      2. Please correct your typo (“varinat”). Tnx.

      3. “Fears of the Delta variant in Israel are pushing once reluctant parents to now vaccinate their teenagers against Covid 19” and there you go. The key word written there is of course FEARS.
        It appears the fear mongering of the Delta “variant” is beginning to have its’ intended effects of frightening those still holding out(and their kids) into taking this gene therapy.?

      4. As you mentioned, these evil bastards only view all of us as slaves – nothing more.
        Wonder how many of those who took these jabs are greatly regretting that decision now?
        So many bought the lies that taking the alledged “vaccine”
        would be the ticket to their return to normal ,yet now, even the “vaccinated” will be required to be quarantined.
        All that is happening right now might even be funny in some ways, if the reality of our current situation were not so very sad.?

      5. Went to the doctor today for annual Medicare physical. I got into a conversation about these mrna shots and asked did they think they were safe as compared to a dead viral vaccine. Yes, they said they believed they were as safe. What else would they say?

        So I brought up the topic of ivermectin and how well it was working in Mexico and other countries. How the Health Ministries were handing it out to their people and getting excellent results.

        But, not enough research has been done on it, they said.

        So the results of actual use in Mexico and other countries is not good enough, I said?

        No, it’s not, they said.

        I suppose there’s too much money to be made with shots over a cheap generic drug, I said.


        • I imagine your doctor saw no discrepancies or contradictions in his view toward the vaccines and toward the (mostly proven) treatments.

          Too much IQ, too little self examination while using it.

          A malady of our times.

          • I sounds like you think these doctors are just ignorant or misinformed. I would argue that they are being compensated for blindly delivering the kill shot to our people.

            I don’t know why quantities of the educated would bend-the-knee to this crime against humanity but I point out that large numbers of doctors and attorneys are banding together to get the word out. Why aren’t we seeing groups of “law enforcement” or prosecutors coming out publicly?

            Ask them.

        • I asked questions in, Biology 101, about cross species resistance and when is the stopping point of transfection.

          As best I can tell, the hospital is run like the tower from a Bruce Lee movie, in which lower-level operatives deal with the general public.

          It takes elite social skills or levels of wealth, to obtain an elite opinion, service, or knowledge base. Useful idiots will be put in your way to the top.

      6. Dr. Michael Yeadon former VP of Pfizer said:

        “Children are 50 times more likely to DIE from the Covid Vaccine than the virus.”

        This is not just enslavement, it is extermination.

        • Here’s an idea:

          1) The COVID swab test that the smiling fun doctor so conveniently performs is the MRNA gene therapy.

          2) The vaccine you are being forced to get regardless of the COVID swab test is the MRNA gene therapy.

      7. God gave humans brain
        Any human the has art least 2 brain cells and 1 sapid should know that giving children and young adults these experimental gene therapy is very dangerous.
        And yes ivermectin is a lot lot safer and more effective.
        My Children and grandchildren have not and will not get the jab.
        This is one of the largest and most evil scams pulled on Humanity.

      8. Isrealhell needs to be quarantined on the moon… forever…

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