MSM: “Delta Variant” Will “Surge” Among The Unvaccinated in the Fall

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    According to the ruling class, whose goal is to “vaccinate” as many humans as possible with the experimental gene therapy, the unvaccinated will see a “surge” in the “delta variant” as we inch closer to fall.  The rulers now are warning that those who refuse the shot are going to get sick with the “delta variant” because the jab allegedly protects against this new variant.

    This fear-mongering isn’t doing much to convince those who don’t want this jab to go and get it.  The number of people willing to take this shot has dropped dramatically. So in comes the brainwashing propaganda to try to panic people into obeying. The drop in cases is not doing enough to scare people. The rulers are still keeping restrictions in place too, as they continue to panic about the “delta variant.”

    The border restriction extension comes as about 45% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and cases are declining in a majority of states. But the spread of the highly contagious delta variant among the unvaccinated could pose a new public health threat, warned President Joe Biden and the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday. -USA Today

    The Department of Homeland Security announced the travel restrictions on Twitter Sunday. In conjunction with its Canadian and Mexican counterparts (members of other ruling classes)  originally closed the United States’ northern and southern borders to leisure travelers in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions have been extended on a monthly basis ever since and were previously extended to July 21.

    The delta variant, first identified in India, still only accounts for six to 10 percent of cases in the United States, according to the rulers’ official numbers (which we know they lie about all the time). How much longer until they tell us we are at 25% or 50% or 90% in order to try to get more people to comply with this gene therapy vaccine.

    “People getting seriously ill and being hospitalized due to COVID-19 are those who have not been fully vaccinated,” Biden said. “The new variant will leave unvaccinated people even more vulnerable than they were a month ago.”  The fact that the rulers are focusing so hard on this “vaccine” and its “efficacy” against the “delta variant” should show us more than enough of the level of depravity and disturbing propaganda they will use to convince people to obey them.

    The mainstream media also says that the variant could trigger a surge in the fall if only 75% of the country’s population is vaccinated, former Food and Drug Administration chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program Sunday. Right now, according to the official numbers, which I speculate are much lower than they are willing to tell us, 149.6 million Americans have been fully vaccinated, that’s nearly 45.1% of the population, according to the CDC. 

    “Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

    They have let us know the ultimate goal: to get everyone “vaccinated” with this shot. Stay alert and prepared. Know what’s going on.  This is not going to get easier in the coming months and as we approach fall, we could be in for some wild stories about this “variant.” Also, don’t put it past the psychopaths to release something that is actually going to be devastating and causing some real problems that will help convince people to take this shot. It’s obvious they want us all injected with this, we just don’t know why yet.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines


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      1. “So, I haven’t gotten the vaxx because of all the rumors about terrible side effects and death coming to those who have. I’ve been waiting to see these side effects take hold. I don’t know anybody that has gotten the vaxx that has bad side effects or has died…much the same as people say they don’t know anyone who got covid or died from it. How long do I have to wait for these terrible deaths and side effects to kick in? Will the goalposts continually be moved if nothing happens?”

        Asking for a friend…

        • Wish everyone would think that way.

          But personal observations of the real world around us, even if it is anecdotal in nature, doesn’t ween to have much of a place in today’s world, does it?

        • .

        • So I have a better idea for you, think along these terms…
          .oO(“The cheese is always free on the mousetrap, did the mouse stop to ask why before biting?”) .oO(“and WHY are they so eager to entice me to get this jab?”)

          Yeah, go with those lines of inquiry first. From your answer to that, proceed to action.

        • A friend of mine got the vax and was sick as hell then spent 5 days in the hospital. They said he had low sodium…. BULLSHIT! No one else I know has gotten the vax, they aren’t that stupid.

        • I know 2 people who got covid and were dead in 24 hours from heart attacks caused by blood clots, I know because BOTH were autopsied and that was the cause. as far as the fake vaccine goes, IF you have done your home work you would not even consider getting one at this time.

        • I’ve heard this fall/winter, when the regular “flu” hits, and the Covid shots have had a chance to remove all of the body’s natural immunity. That’s when we’ll start seeing massive deaths.

        • we know a bunch who’ve had bad effects from the shots, including someone who died. we know no one who died from the covid flu. and we know why! lol. take that crap if you want it, but i sure won’t.

        • What about over 6 thousands dead and 360 thousands injured i personally, know people that died and also got injured

        • I know of one person who is now deaf in one ear from the shot. Same ear as the arm the shot went into. Happened right away. A friend of ours, had a friend she knew died from the vaccine. Happened pretty close after. People are dieing from the shot, it is just not widely publicized. I say don’t get it at all. It is like playing Russian roulette with you health.

        • I’ve read that there is a large percentage of people who have had the placebo – something like 40% in some areas. The reason for this is to make it seem like most people are just fine and to persuade more people to get vaccinated. With the second or third booster shot they will get the real thing along with the consequences of it.

      2. We do know why it’s to depopulate look at the Georgia Guidestones they want to kill everyone but 500 thousand people that’s 90% of the population they want dead

      3. 10 teachers in the Israeli Kramim school in Moshava Binyamina who got the Pfizer injection “got Covid” from the “delta” variation… ( That is they tested positive, no word on Symptoms)

        This information was censored ( Israel has a Military appointed censer since 1949) in real time, one minute on the Jpost site, then “poof” gone.

        • Welcome to Amerika, Komrade!

      4. It’s interesting how these evil psychos say “people getting seriously ill and being hospitalized due to covid 19
        are those who have not been fully vaccinated” Well, my question would be in what fucking hospital are these “seriously ill” covid 19 sufferers located? Is it some hidden hospital located in some undisclosed location?
        Why don’t our day to day experiences match up with what the liars say on TV? Why are there tons of videos of empty hospitals practically begging for some patients? Makes you wonder-
        doesn’t it ? ?

      5. All of us unvaccinated will of course be blamed when and if the jabbed start dropping like flies. All part of the satanists plans. We will be made the outcasts and lepers of society. These evil bastards planned on every contingency including pinning the inevitable jabbed deaths on all the rest of us for refusing the gene therapy.

      6. The clerk at a local retail store told me today that her early-30s sister got the J&J shot. Was sick within 24hrs. By 48hrs was paralyzed on her L side. Paralysis will be there for the long term, according to her doctors. Single mom. 2 kids. I don’t see any indication that ANY of these “vaccines” will protect against any virus….and I’m not taking the word of any gov’t or media entities on it.

      7. Hmm, all the hyp about getting the jab ( the vaccine, the new improved vaccine ) really makes me wonder about the way things are and the way things are going.And to what end, to save the world and the people or to enslave the world for a few power hungry people. I worry about my kids, grandkids, great grand kids and even my great great grand kids ( I don’t know if there will be anymore or anyone left after that the way the world is going ), but that being said, I’m just waiting or marking time to be with my wife of 48 yrs again. She passed away of cancer 4 yrs ago.

      8. I gather that herd immunity occurs, once the vaccinated are shedding so much viral material, it can no longer be contained.

        Enhanced lockdowns, at the local level, are not triggered by a surge, but by non-participation.

        “the variant could trigger a surge in the fall if only 75% of the country’s population is vaccinated”

        The last two goalposts were set at 60 and 70%.

      9. Peace and love to you all ! The vaccine does not boost the physical bodies immune system ! The vaccine makes the physical body sick , so the elites can profit from all life’s suffering ! This is the ultimate profit for the evil ones ! Peace and love

      10. Given that the ‘virus’ has never been isolated, there is no way they could ever identify any ‘variants’. Then they go on to claim they can tell exactly what percent of which patients have which variant! The absurdity of this hoax has gone off the charts.

      11. “Nobody knows how useful it is to be useless.” – Chuang Tzu

      12. omg…….. you could catch a cold this fall and only have a 99.99% chance of survival.

      13. I have a question…if Big pharma only has legal protection for vaccine related injuries, but these shots don’t actually meet the legal definition of a vaccine, why can’t they be held accountable for the injuries?

        • @Jeannie, very smart lady and a very smart question
          Of course getting an unfiltered honest answer from these evil “vaccine” companies is unlikely.?

      14. It is important to consider the public health dilemma before us. As a gain-of-function virus, Covid will continue to mutate and target particular parts of the population. In its first guise, Covid hit hard the unfit, the diseased and the old. It did not do much to skinny Asian women, for example. But it did nail obese, diabetic black women for example (the vast majority of black women are grossly obese and have many diseases and conditions, primarily because of lifestyles).

        The vaccine is the only effective tool to fight the virus but the vaccine is being deployed in the population we have today: and today’s population is majority unfit, very ill, old, more racially and ethnically diverse than ever, more medicated than ever, and this means the vaccine will have conflict with the physical condition of some people.

        Think about it logically: take a 50 year old fat, diabetic, sickle celled, black woman routinely on 10 meds a day. Now stimulate her immune system to fight Covid. She is already in rough shape so her immune system may – or may not – handle the stimulation. It could just as likely pack it in. But equally if she comes in contact with Covid it will crater her immune system and have her weakened body stuck on a ventilator and then death.

        So what do you do? We need herd immunity in the population to weaken the virus. But do we sacrifice that to give this woman a few more months until a variant strikes her down, or do we run a risk with the vaccine and more than likely save her life?

        Now, if you want her dead, the best thing you can do is what is happening now: let ignorance in the black community run its course and do its work.

      15. @Jeannie, very smart lady and a very smart question
        Of course getting an unfiltered honest answer from these evil “vaccine” companies is unlikely.?

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