US Is “Concerned” About China’s Activity Near Taiwan

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Headline News

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    The United States ruling class is “concerned” about what China is doing near the country, Taiwan. The rulers in the U.S. are concerned over Beijing’s large-scale military drills in the Taiwan Strait, a White House National Security Council official told Associated Press on Monday.

    Taiwan said China sent 71 military aircraft near the island days after President Biden bolstered U.S. support for Taiwan according to a report by The New York Times. China also threatened a war as the U.S. continues its financial support of Taiwan. China has warned the US there is an increased risk of “military confrontation” after introducing a new defense authorization law which will see significant financial backing for Taiwan’s military.

    Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defence, said Beijing “firmly opposes” the move and branded the U.S. a “direct threat” in the region.

    China’s military activity near the self-governed island is “destabilizing, risks miscalculations, and undermines regional peace and stability,” the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the agency. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) launched a massive maritime exercise in the area last week, after calling for a response to “provocation” by Taipei and Washington, according to a report by RT.

    The National Security Council official maintained on Monday that the US “has an abiding interest in peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” adding, however, that it “will continue to assist Taiwan in maintaining a sufficient self-defense capability in line with our long-standing commitments and consistent with our one-China policy.” –RT

    The U.S. seems intent on causing a major conflagration, whether it’s with Russia or China.

    Putin: Risk Of Nuclear War “Rising”, Will Defend Russia “By All Available Means”

    Following ruling class member, Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, relations between the U.S. and China cratered.

    Pelosi Departs Taiwan After Whirlwind Tour As China Declares “Median Line” No Longer Exists

    While formally following the One-China policy and recognizing Beijing’s sovereignty over the island, Washington has actively supported Taipei, including by selling it arms. Both Washington and Beijing have repeatedly accused each other of destabilizing the situation in the Taiwan Strait. Last Friday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused the US of “stabbing China in the back,” in a phone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. –RT

    The war mongers are doing everything they can to see that another world war is ignited. It’s up to us to say “no” and stop adding fuel to their fires by agreeing to be cannon fodder in their sociopathic games of control, domination, and enslavement.

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    The path to freedom involves waking up at all levels. Those who start wars, are not the ones who fight the wars.


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