US Intelligence Developing Better Storage To HOARD YOUR DATA Based On Human DNA

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 12 comments

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    Since the United States insists on spying its own people and saving massive amounts of personal data, the government is running out of storage space.  So now, they are developing a new and improved data storage system based on human DNA.

    It’s obvious the spying isn’t going to stop, and the US is no longer making it a secret that they want every scrap of data available on you stored. The Molecular Information Storage program, run by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), is recruiting scientists to help develop a system for storing huge amounts of data on sequence-controlled polymer, molecules with a similar makeup and structure to DNA.

    According to RT, US intelligence services struggle to store the trove of data collected during their snooping operations, so a team of researchers is developing the radical new storage technology. The issue for the government of how to store data is one the world’s intelligence services intend to solve for the overbearing governments of the planet. Costly data centers take up huge amounts of land, which is unsustainable given the increasing amount of data generated by each person on a daily basis.

    Some data centers are currently being housed in urban locations. The Lakeside Technology Center in Chicago is the largest data storage facility in the US. It spans a whopping 1.1 million square feet, which is equivalent to an entire city block. The site is actually at the location of the former printing press for the Yellow Pages, but the center was transformed in 1999 and now holds more than 50 generators whirring around the clock. The Chicago facility is only matched by the NSA’s $1.5 billion Bumblehive data center in Bluffdale, Utah, which is just over 1 million square feet.

    This new technology being developed by the US has huge potential as researchers believe DNA-like polymer technology can store data more than 100,000 times more efficiently than current methods. The IARPA hopes that it could one-day process entire exabytes of data while reducing the amount of physical space required to store all that personal information. To give you an idea of the scale: one exabyte, or one quintillion bytes, is four million times the storage capacity of a 256GB iPhone X. 

    “Faced with exponential data growth, large data consumers may soon face a choice between investing exponentially more resources in storage or discarding an exponentially increasing fraction of data,” the IARPA said in a statement cited by Nextgov. And we all know the government cannot be bothered to leave us alone and give us privacy, so they intend to spend a lot of our money so they can continue to keep tabs on all of us. It’s actually rather demented when one logically thinks about it.

    There are three distinct strands to the project, reported RT. The agency is hoping to create systems for storing and retrieving information, as the IARPA is calling on developers to help put together an easy-to-use operating system.

    We will never have privacy again if the US government has anything to say about it.


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      1. US Intelligence, you cannot have my DNA or anything else I have, so go f#$% yourselves.

        • They better get on their knees if they want my DNA.

      2. They already have very compact storage, if the articles I read back in the late 1960s were true. Back then, an article said that scientists had discovered a way of recording information in a crystal in 3D. Instead of recording on the surface of material, such as a CD or DVD, they could record throughout the body of a crystal. The article said that a recording of every song ever written in the world could be recorded in a single block of crystal the size of a shoebox. And they weren’t talking about MP3 files either.

        Maybe it turned out to be inefficient, but that’s never stopped the government before.

      3. ” IARPA is calling on developers to help put together an easy-to-use operating system.” There isn’t any such thing as an easy to use operating system. I won’t give you my CV but the biggest problem they have is the architecture of the hardware making up computers.
        That is the limitation.
        You are trying to deal with an analog world with devices that only have two states.

        • The big buzz in recent years has been all about The Cloud. It still comes down to a machine somewhere holding data.

          Makes me think of an old rock song with the words, “Hey! You! Get off of my cloud…”

      4. “You are only as sick as your secrets”.


        Now, I tell you. That is programming a generation of white working class females to accept an intrusive government with no respect.

        Their daughters are more programmed than mothers. And their grandchildren don’t really know what the concept of privacy is.


      5. In whatever form, this implies that they have to preserve life.

      6. Too many people know too much about me already. If it were possible my telephone number would be unlisted except for people who have a legitimate reason to have it. I would decide what is a legitimate reason. My DNA data is mine and no one else’s. If I share it with my physicians, they shouldn’t share it with anyone else. Every item of information that the Government keeps on someone should be for a legitimate need. I have a completely different idea of what is “public information” than the intelligence types.

      7. I doubt preserve. Control or destroy is more likely. Oh yeah…and tax.

      8. this is the outcome of the not so patriot act, the ndaa, the spying on the Trump campaign, the surveillance and monitoring of everything and everyone so fourth and so on under the lie and guise of safety and security

        they’ve gotcha by the balls so the American sheeple can “feel” safe. they gave up their liberty for their “feelings” of safety, now they’re no longer as safe but at the wims of mostley corrupt officials of whom are constantly working against The Supreme Law. They use education and academia to make people stupid and to hate everything about American culture and Americans, they use the media, entertainment industry…books, newspapers, magazines, music, social media and movies as transmission belts for anti-American propaganda networks to undermine American culture at every single stop.

        The next generations are already starting to fight for the false song of communism and globalism.

        The two biggest lies they will tell is “it’s for the children” and or “it’s for your safey” the crooks with the help and aide of the dumbasses (useful idiots) are enslaving the American people.

        It wasn’t about safety then and it is not about safety now. It has always been about power and control

      9. Told the wifey when this crap started that you don’t give up your most personal data -DNA- to any company. Slick commercials, happy happy… “I now know who I am”. BULLSHIT!
        These globalist assholes probably have this info by your computerized medical records anyways, but they’re looking for the low lying retard fruit to PAY to give it up! Dumb mother f…ers

      10. Sounds like a good scenario for spontaneous evolution, mega AI.

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