US Approves $360 Million Arms Deal For Taiwan

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Headline News, War | 0 comments

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    The United States has just approved the sale of $360 million worth of weapons to Taiwan. This sale will involve hundreds of armed drones and missiles worth $360 million, the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has said.

    So, angering Russia isn’t enough, apparently. The U.S. will now instigate and walk ever closer to China’s “red lines.” Last week, China condemned the U.S. for supplying Taipei with arms, urging the White House to stop a practice that “severely jeopardized peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

    “We firmly oppose any form of military contact between countries with diplomatic ties to China and the Taiwan region, including the sale of weapons to Taiwan,” Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for China’s State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said last week.

    China has long accused the U.S. of fomenting tensions over Taiwan and has denounced Washington’s arms sales to Taipei. Beijing has also protested against visits by top U.S. ruling class members to the island, arguing that such practices violate the “One-China” principle.

    Other than words, China has not taken meaningful action against the U.S., and much like Russia is exercising restraint.

    Taiwan will receive Altius-600M systems, which are unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with warheads, and related equipment at an estimated cost of $300 million, the agency said, according to a report by RT. The U.S. will also provide Taiwan with 720 Switchblade kamikaze drones known as “extended-range loitering munitions” along with accompanying fire control systems worth $60.2 million, according to the DSCA. Loitering munitions are small guided missiles that can fly around a target area until they are directed to attack.

    Taiwan’s presidential office thanked the US for the latest weapons transfer, noting that it was Washington’s 15th arms sale to the island since 2021.

    “Taiwan will continue to strengthen our self-defense and asymmetric warfare capabilities to enhance our deterrence,” presidential office spokeswoman Karen Kuo said. –RT

    Trump Becomes America’s Top Arms Dealer In Quest To Boost US Weapons Sales

    The U.S. could be biting off more than it can chew when it comes to providing weapons to Russia and China’s enemies. All of this interventionism could push the large superpowers over the brink and cause a major war.


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