Update: New Video Shows BLOODIED United Airlines Passenger: A Doctor That Needed To See Patients…

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    Several videos emerged Monday morning of a United Airlines passenger who was forcibly removed from the plane by security agents after the airline called for volunteers due to an overbooking issue.

    The original videos show the man, who refused to leave his seat after he was randomly chosen to deplane in order for United to accommodate flight crews, being pulled from his seat by three security personnel. As he was pulled from his seat, his face smashed into an armrest. It appears that the man was briefly knocked out, as security had to drag him down the aisle of the plane by his arms.

    Original Video:

    Passengers were outraged by the incident.

    According to a new report from Yahoo News, the man is reportedly a doctor who needed to see patients the following morning.

    The man — who reportedly said he was a doctor and needed to get back to see patients in the morning — was forcibly removed after United overbooked a Sunday evening flight from Chicago to Louisville. According to passengers, United boarded the plane, and after no one accepted its offer to voluntarily give up their seats for four crew members, the airline said a computer would randomly select people. The man refused to leave, which led to security personnel dragging him from his seat.

    In the latest video of the incident, the man is shown standing at the front of the plane, bloodied from when his face hit an armrest during the altercation. He can be heard repeatedly mumbling, “I want to go home.”

    A security officer standing nearby can be heard saying, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

    Though unclear, it appears that the man was allowed to remain on the plane, which according to the report, was eventually totally deboarded in order to clean up the blood left on the armrest and aisle:


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      1. That’ll teach him to fly the fascist friendly skies.
        Fly United airlines…no one leaves unscathed.

        • Lucky to be him. He can now retire after settling the lawsuit.

      2. That is going to be a mega lawsuit. Here’s an idea, let the paying passengers fly and put the crew on either another plane, drive them to the other city, or get a new crew.

        Seems like every week these idiots show us why they are a failing airline. I recently read they banned some girl for flying because of Yoga pants.

        I hate United. I will never fly United.

        • I agree completely. I used to be a loyal United 1K frequent flyer for many years, but United went down the toilet ever since Jeff “Schmuck” Smisek became CEO and totally ruined the once-great airline.

          • United screwed me over, I was one short flight away from a free ticket and they changed the program. I refuse to fly anymore. I will take vacations locally. Its not worth being gang raped, sodomized and x-rayed to just cross the country anymore. I had a lot of stuff stolen by those apes in baggage claim as well. The TSA is run by Zionists. Boycott all of them. And if you park your car on airport property they can break in and strip search your car as well with out your permission. Go look that fact up. Its true.

            • Hermes, I’ve heard a few stories about those airport break-ins. This is only one more reason for me to never fly. I never flew even BEFORE 9/11. It’s normally a 5-hour drive from my home to the BOL. It’s a hard drive but I’ll ‘grin and bear it’ before I get on any stinkin’ airplane. If I can’t drive to get to someplace then I just don’t go.

            • Zionist? Seriously? Most of the TSA people I have encountered have been stupid black gang member wannabies or welfare mothers, also mostly black, with a smattering of senior citizens who need money to supplement their pathetic Social Security checks. Love to know how you come up with Zionists!!!

        • Anonymous, I hope the guy wins and doesn’t have to give up the majority of his winnings in legal fees. The airlines and TSA have come up with all kinds of BS since 9/11. They’ve given me plenty of reasons not to fly. As long as I can drive myself to someplace, I’m just fine. No flying for me, period.

        • I hate’um all. Jet fuel is too damn expensive.

      3. Welcome to the New United States of America

        United should be sooooooo proud of themselves…….

        But what the heck, it took 3 of them to remove a Doctor??? Really? Up yours United Airlines, Up Yours.

      4. And now the United CEO is trying to “speak to” this guy in person……Yeah right….he wants to offer up a cash settlement hoping to avoid a lawsuit. I’d tell the United people to fuck off and go see my lawyer. Any “apology” they offer won’t be sincere, it’ll just be looking to try and save face.

        People think that making life easier on corporations will somehow result in growth. Corporations don’t do what’s right for customers or the community. Corporations do what’s right for corporations, community be damned.

        • Amen! Couldn’t have said it better!

        • d’accord

      5. If you are asked to leave the plane, then you have to leave the plane: you don’t run it.

        If you won’t comply then force is perfectly valid. All the women ‘don’t want violence’, but that is what the man is demanding by flouting the instructions.

        AFter all, if no one can use force, why ever obey if I don’t like it??? He has a right to be angry for having his seat taken. Big time. But then run the plane decisions. NO

        • Next time you go to McDonald’s, right after you pay for your big mac and fries, I hope three big dudes slam your face into the counter top.
          Then you can have your meal.

          • Dallas Texas update:
            -Cameras tied direct to Police are in EVERY shop in some parts of city.
            -Facial recognition software at work. Everyone treated as criminal.
            -Police towers are in parking lots of businesses. Like a Prison. Cameras on all roads.
            -Food places ask for names and phone numbers just to get a damn burger.
            -Grocery stores hassle you to provide shopper loyalty cards. Never had one.
            -Police use License plate recognition software. Pull you over without a just cause or reason.

            Last time I went to a movie theatre there were Four Police in uniform at entrance with phone taking pictures of your face, who you was with, and Bull Dogging/glaring at you as you entered. That was several years ago. I have NEVER BEEN BACK TO A MOVIE THEATER. I will never go again. The shops allow those cameras installed. The theater allowed those Police to be there taking pictures trying to intimidate. They have no right. I will not be treated that way.

            Yes I am a big dude. Yes I ride too loud motorcycles. Yes I am not so pretty after a wind swept ride. So what. Motorcycles are legal transportation. Not being a pretty bitch man is not criminal. Police in WACO TEXAS MURDERED PEOPLE, falsified charges, held innocent people without bail or due process. And no one cared.

            These Airlines, Shops, Theaters, Police, think they can do ANYTHING. So they do. Why? Because you get bullied and do nothing. No accountability.
            Police are thugs because you let politicians stay in office even after your fellow man is mistreated.

            I do something:
            -I don’t go to movies anymore. Money stays in my pocket.
            -I send neighbor lady to pick up groceries by changing her oil and doing her car repairs. I also grow a garden and greenhouse to buy as little as possible. Then Utility company nosed around my greenhouse-garden. No I don’t do that, despite my scruff. My very well paying job require security clearance and piss tests seemingly weekly. Gardening is not illegal either.
            -I never go to the eating place that the Waco Incident took place at, I used to. I also stay out of Waco. I am responsible for having our company meeting NOT held in Waco. Several thousand people did not eat-sleep-hotel-motel- shop-fly into Waco-or buy gas there if they drove. WE WENT ELSEWHERE. You lost that tax revenue and your businesses lost BIG money because you allow your Police in Waco to run amuck.
            Understand that Waco chamber of commerce?
            -I refuse to be wronged. I would NEVER fly United Airlines. I would Never go to Chicago. I bypass Waco.
            -If a shop has those Police towers in parking lots. I go somewhere else. My money goes elsewhere.
            I never carry cell phone on. I never use credit cards. Or carry chipped cards.

            ####### Fight back with $Money$ staying in YOUR pocket.

            Almost forgot. I bought a bar b q grill after being disrespected at a burger joint that I have gone to for over 20 years. Staff were damned rude. I never went back. Won’t go back. I bought a damned nice grill.
            Other places I got tired of being asked name for a damned burger. And no you don’t get my phone number.

            Orange Big home improvement store was rude to me. Manager allowed clerk to talk on phone and snap picture of me with a damned phone. Not sure what that was about. But I go to small local mom n pop store now. Higher prices but better service. And helpful people know things at the mom n pop lumber shops, especially the old guys. I was on bike so clerk followed me home with a water heater delivered free of charge. I pay more gladly without grudge.

            “UNITED Airlines. You allowed Police onto your Equipment.”
            UNITED Airlines. You allow me to be abused by barely above minimum wage
            thugs and call it security. I am a vet with metal pins and plates in my body. The hassle and disrespect I receive is not worth flying. I will NEVER use United Airlines.

            I never shop Big Orange Home Improvement shop. And Matt Damon/Liam Neison said Americans should not have firearms. I have plenty but will NEVER buy your movie tickets. “Movie theater with those cops”, I take my woman for a ride, Not a movie.
            —too much said. too long. President Trump has really betrayed the reason we put him in office. Trump has now lost my support. this American has had enough.

            Haven’t you had enough?

        • cecilhenry,
          Remember that when TSA demands to molest you. Sounds like they will have no problem with your compliance.

        • You’re a moron, Cecil. Dude deserved it because he refused to give up the seat which he paid for? Are you that conditioned against freedom and liberty that you actually get behind this idiocy??

          Fascist states love your kind , Cecil. Useful cheerleading idiots. Probably won’t be cheerleading when it’s your turn to be brutalized though…

          • Grunty McPherson, spot on. Cecil sounds like he would love to have GWB back in the WH. When it’s HIS turn to suffer an injustice let’s see what kind of song he sings then, IF he lives to talk about it.

        • Yes, and let us all go meekly to the gas chambers when the government thugs tell us to do so. Just obey what anyone in any sort of authority orders. SHEEPLE! You are so F’ing clueless it is almost beyond comprehension.

          • Cops or whoever they are should be fired. Excessive or unnecessary force.

        • cecil you deserve to have your fascist ass kicked hard

        • You must be a United Airlines CEO.

      6. Ok, which one of you punched the chi-com in his mouth. I have to go home, he has to go home. Welcome to America chi-coms. Just got your face punched in. Looks to me like his smart mount got him in trouble. There will be a lot of chi-coms crying to go home from America when they start shit in Texas.


        There is a gun behind every blade of grass. We cannot invade America.


        • You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

          It has been declared this attribution is “unsubstantiated and almost certainly bogus, even though it has been repeated thousands of times in various Internet postings. There is no record of the commander in chief of Japan’s wartime fleet ever saying it.”, according to Brooks Jackson in “Misquoting Yamamoto” at Factcheck.org (11 May 2009), which cites Donald M. Goldstein, sometimes called “the dean of Pearl Harbor historians”, writing “I have never seen it in writing. It has been attributed to the Prange files [the files of the late Gordon W. Prange, chief historian on the staff of Gen. Douglas MacArthur]”.

          While I like the quote its authenticity is doubtful. The reality is that Japan never had the capability of sustaining a mainland invasion of the US of any substance. It would be a recipe for disaster. Their goal was to secure mineral/energy resources on mainland Asia and the East Indies and create an impenetrable defensive ring to shield it and main land Japan.

          • Exactly the information I have too, Kev. Nice quote, dubious at best in terms of authenticity.

            Interestingly, ringing English Bay in Vancouver (the “outer” harbour area to the west of today’s Lion’s Gate Bridge, leading to the real working harbour area to the east) are a string of concrete towers – artillery emplacements – that are there to this day. So, there was a concern of some sort – at least enough to build these – of some type of Japanese attack. As you know, the Japanese also had Attu, Agattu and Kiska, and Midway is really an extension of the Hawaiian archipelago.

            I haven’t read Goldstein. What does he think about the contention that the upper echelons knew the attack was coming?

          • Thanks for the history lesson.

          • Kevin2. Hcks gets her info from some local cops, who lies to her about the Chinese invasion, so she spreads rumors. Like who would believe anything some cops said. Like WTF? Delusional is an understatement.

        • Yee haw! Don’t mess with Texas! Chuck Norris would kill every last ChiCom with one

        • American workers in the old west used to pool their money together and hire gunmen to run the Chinese workers off. They would work for half what was needed to feed a family? Has much changed? Except government employees willingness to let our society be destroyed ? Put in my 20 and pickup my pension? Let the grandkids cleanup my mess? They don’t look much like me anyway.

      7. United sucks! They offered four people $400.00 to get off the plane and no one took it. Then they offered $800.00 and still no one bit. God forbid people have a say in their own travel agendas! Such crap! When they can’t get anyone to give up their seat, that they paid for, then THEY should have to make alternate plans, not the paying customer. Its all about control. WE THE PEOPLE need to let these crap companies know who is in charge. If they ever try to pull me off a plane they best bring their A game because it’s on. I hope he sues the crap out of them and I’m sure it will cost more than $3,200 they were willing to spend flying their crap staff to another airport.

        • If anyone ever tries that shit with me THEY will be the ones needing medical attention.

          • I believe it! ??

        • The man was a physician who likely makes $2000 a day.

          • A physician who I’m sure would never treat his patients the way they treated him. The “official statement from United said something like at times when they are “overbooked” they have to “re-accommodate” passengers. Such crap. They were not overbooked.
            They should just say even though you made plans, and paid us for a ride, we can kick you off anytime we damn well please. Injury may occur. We own you, so yeah.

          • The man was a doctor? The way he acted, I would not take an aspirin from him. He looks disturbed.

      8. HCKS, this guy is the victim in this case. I don’t think he’s a chi-com. He’s just a doctor who had to get back to see some patients the next day. What United did to that man was BS with CAPITAL BS. I hope he gets something worthwhile from them.

        • The good folks at united obviously thought he was a chicom, that’s why he was selected

      9. United can spend a whole lot of money on advertising and PR and not recover from this incident. Friendly skies? Not so much.

      10. Why couldn’t they put their crew on a later plane? all the airlines over book and its the customers who take it on the chin. People have plans and places to go to and other planes to catch. Make em sit on the floor. sue the bastards for the price that will buy the guy his own plane.

      11. I think an element of the physicians thought process was that he mistakenly believed that being in the USA gave him individual rights. He would have known, back in his country of birth that when someone in a uniform says, “Jump” you say, “How hi”.

        This is what you get when you brag about individual rights and freedom while not truly having either. Its the same story for the IRS confiscating legal money without charges, trial or conviction. You can only go so far hollowing out the Bill Of Rights before its shell cracks.

        • oops how high

          • I’ll assume that he is a naturalized citizen who was required to learn some US civics. Being an educated man he no doubt actually read, probably memorized the civics material and apparently took the language literally.

            There should be a disclaimer that, “These Rights are null and void for business or national security purposes as defined by the authorities”.

            • Kevin2:

              He probably thought that his age and position as a Doctor would give him some respect. Where the hell did he think he was, China? That punk Security is a disgrace to America. Unfortunately, MTV and the local gym is turning out beefed up, stupid, disrespectful bullies by the bushel.


        • kevin2, I’m not someone’s robot or good little Nazi or any of that crap. When someone says ‘jump’ to me, I ignore them. If they want to make an issue of it, they’d better be ready to go seek medical treatment.

          • Braveheart1776

            When that someone has the State behind them with the veneer of legality and overwhelming force its wise to think through that strategy.

            This victim is the most highly respected professional in the overall public eye, slight of build and therefore not physically threatening, a minority and very likely an immigrant. They fucked with the wrong guy. I’m surprised that some obscure homeland security law making videoing / recording their agents in the line of duty illegal isn’t brought out.

            • Kevin2, concerning taking video of the thugs’ actions, there are several federal court rulings upholding that practice. Any policy they could have banning taking video would be null and void per the federal courts’ rulings.

      12. In an age of computers WHY does Any plane get overbooked? Sounds like Greed to me. There is NO excuse for this. What an inefficient airline. I would be boycotting them forever. This poor man has had this incident posted all around the world. How embarrassing for him. Well perhaps the Staff that took his place were able to see to his Patients the next day. HA! WHY didn’t the staff book their seats themselves because it appears that it Wasn’t overbooked until they wanted seats. Sad world we live in.

        • Granny, all the airlines have gone downhill since 9/11. One reason I’ve heard for overbooking is because not near as many people fly now since 9/11. TSA and their anti-public mentality and the airlines are no better. No way will I do business with such cold and callous people.

      13. Guys, I was being scarstic. What happened to the Chinese guy was fucked up. I hope he sues the fuck out that airline company. I have to run jokes sometimes for fucks sake, I am not that insane. I am concerned for American chi-coms too. I know some of them over here who live among us, told me that their government told them to take over America that we are bad, and now they tell me that china sucks and that will attack the chi-coms soldiers if they come here, and said that there is no way in hell that they are going back to china. I shit you not, they love freedom. So all you chi-com generals, we may just grant you people citizenship and turn them on your ass. The average chi-com citizen is a good person. Its the soldiers that are in uniform in tanks that may enter across the border, that is the concern. Those sons of bitches, I will gladly shoot on site. I am not a Chinese hater. Don’t misunderstand me. I have banged Chinese chicks before and they like American dick.


        Fuck zi jing ping and Kim dung yang.

        • HCKS, there’s more good people from MAINLAND China than anyone realizes. They’ve ALL suffered under communism. Glad to see a lot of them have awakened and smelled that coffee called FREEDOM. I’d gladly join you in shooting any evildoers no matter where they come from. I also hope that Chinese doctor receives some justice form this whole affair. And the airlines wonder why there business went down so much since 9/11.

      14. Should’ov hailed a rickshaw. Less aggravation.

      15. In case anyone else is thinking of refusing an order by security at an airport to get off of a plane, for any reason they may have, take note and realize it is not going to end well for you if you do.

        • It hasn’t ended yet. It didn’t GO well so far – but he’s about to get millions of dollars.

          • From United, probably, not from the security officer.

            United was technically right in that they had the legal right to bump him but will undoubtedly settle for a decent amount to avoid the publicity of it.

            The cops win fights, those fighting them lose (even if they “win” they lose as they pay their fines or spend their jail or prison time for doing it).

      16. Unacceptable.

        __disgusting and cruel

        We need to end The Patriot Act.

        Who trained that Security Guard?


        • Blackwater, that’s who’s been training security and domestic police forces. Teaching them the nastiest, most brutal techniques and encouraging the “bash first, ask questions of the survivors later” approach to “law enforcement.” People who used to try to live up the the title “Peace Officer” now just want to taze and bash heads. We the People MUST reverse this trend if we are to retain our Republic.

      17. 101 reasons why i will not be flying ever

      18. I stopped flying United Airlines years ago…..when they declared themselves to be the “official gay airline”. The year was 2000. In 2015, they made an official statement applauding the federal gay marriage law, and went so far as to fly the rainbow “flag”. Since then, other airlines have made statements to attract the gay crowd, but United Airlines goes beyond the pale with support of this bunch. Nearly everyone flies sooner or later, and they would just as soon not have to listen to this drivel.

      19. United Airlines. Pilot from Kona hit his head and we all scrambled to make new arrangements. They put us up at King Kamehameha in Kona the first night… then a Marriott chain near Denver International the next night. Wore the same clothes for 3 days. We got vouchers and used them to the max.
        That was a very bad extraction of that man for him to have been bloodied like that. Probably has PTSD from Pol Pot or something like that… almost 70 years old… put up a hell of a ruckus. Yeah… he’said going to end up with more than $800.

      20. Stop being disrespectful to this man and calling him Chicom. He has more balls than 99.9% of us including myself. He made a stand and played it just right. Most passengers are too complacent to make a stand. I applaud this man for standing up to United and their business practices. He just made one of the most important statements that I’ve seen in my life time. Our rights are going out the window. He had the balls to make a stand. Do you? This man is a patriot not a Chicom.

        • Some people were deeply-offended, by the coercive govts of their home countries, so became ardent libertarians, in America.

          But, this does reek of a quota case, on a too-big-to-fail. The airlines were the most notoriously-nationalized business, following the dotcom crash, so have received conditional bailouts. This cannot be overemphasized.

          How does an honorable, dignified, intelligent, human being know, in advance, that there will be fingers put in his drink (if he is lucky) and still not book out of an independent establishment. Some kind of sensibility seems to be missing, from the special doctor, who deserves preferential treatment.

      21. No surprise here for UA’s behavior. I clearly remember United Airlines trying to screw me out of a $1,200 ticket in 1986. I spent a year appealing to them to listen to reason. In the end, after months and reams of snail-mail letters, they finally relented and allowed only a portion of my tickets value. I have never forgotten that experience. It made me determined never again to fly United if it was possible to avoid them.
        Today, it seems that their disregard for customers has not changed one bit.
        Reading about this only confirms my experience.

      22. It should be a felony to overbook airplanes. It happens all the time and people are always getting screwed by these idiots.

      23. People STILL PAY TO FLY and put up with all the foolishness and abuse shoveled out by the Airlines?

        Really, they are gluttons for discomfort and punishment, you almost CANNOT feel sympathy for them like it not expected anymore….

        Well, ya get what you pay for and will accept for treatment I guess….

      24. 10 April 2017 Don’t Be a United Airlines Passenger

        Do not sit still like a United Airlines passenger in a video when an injustice is happening. If the other passengers had simply blocked the aisles, corporate thugs could not have dragged their fellow passenger away. If everyone on board had demanded that the airline offer higher compensation until someone volunteered to take a later flight, rather than being violently “reaccommodated,” then it would have done so.


      25. May 5, 2016 The Myth of Authority

        This video, created and submitted by”GeoShifter,” was the winner of the recent video contest, to see who could make the best video to go along with the narration.


      26. United and their goons will never have the opportunity to assault me. I’m sure that competing airlines will be happy to welcome new customers.

      27. We have the right to be compensated. The right to protest and state our feelings. We do not have the right to disobey the laws or conditions set out by the airline; which we sign when we buy.
        The whole incident got out of hand and United will pay more for this gaf than they can imagine. Bloomberg was right when it said the plane staff should have changed the SOP. But, United had the right to kick someone off the plane and they did just that. Now they pay the consequences but there will not be a big lawsuit. The doctor in this case signed away his right to the seat when he bought the ticket. End of story!

      28. United needs a new jingle. We give you a bag of peanuts AND a beatdown.
        That poor guy didnt get his peanuts. For a cool million or so settlement, they can whup me.

      29. Fuck United.

        I missed a flight for a family medical emergency(business class Amsterdam to Atlanta). They gave me a credit for the flight to be used within a year. When I used the “Credit” 8 months later, they offered me a flight for $6,000 from Rome to Amsterdam. That’s with the “credit” applied. The internet fare was $300 at the time!!!!
        Thieving bastards.

        • Nice name.

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