Update: Kathy Griffin Loses ALL Of Her Shows, Sponsors and CNN Job Following Trump Beheading Stunt

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Headline News | 106 comments


D-list comedienne Kathy Griffin is done.

Following her recent photo and video shoot involving a severed and bloodied head of President Donald Trump, Griffin took a lot of heat from both left and right. And while we fully support Griffin’s right to free speech, however gruesome, hateful or misdirected, the consequences for her artistic expression continue to play out in epic form.

Though she tried to side-step and place blame for the national blowback squarely on the shoulders of Donald Trump, the American public was having none of it.

Now, just one week after her “art” went viral across the internet to the outrage of millions of people, we learn that Griffin, who was already struggling to fill comedy shows and obtain sponsors, has been shunned by everyone she is financially involved with:

So, that’s everyone. CNN (after waiting nearly a day) decided to can Griffin from her annual New Year’s Eve appearance (where she flips people the bird and makes Anderson Cooper giggle like a school girl). And every single one of her upcoming gigs for her comedy show has been canceled. Every. Single. One.

“Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins Tour” (hilarious!) had planned seven stops, a few in California, a few more around New York City, and one in New Mexico.

So, Griffin’s metamorphosis is complete. She went from a D-list comedian with one sponsor who hardly ever works (seven shows between now and December is not exactly a packed schedule) to a former comedian with no sponsors and zero upcoming shows.

Via The Daily Wire

As Top Right News so succinctly sums up:

Brutal. But well deserved. Kathy has no one to blame but herself.

That’s the free market at work.  

We should never take pleasure in seeing someone lose their job but companies have a right to determine whether or not they want to stand behind disgraceful behavior like that.

We have no doubt that Griffin will continue to blame the President, the racist alternative media, those pesky Deplorables, and especially 11-year old Barron Trump for her financial woes.

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    1. john stiner

      It is because of the Old White Man conspiracy she is being victimized.

      Love it.

      She has never said anything funny anyway. She is an insult comic that isn’t funny, she is just an insulting bitch.

      She will be back on the job in a month after the media storm blows over. Liberals don’t abandon their radicals.

      • CrackSumSkulls

        Touche’ Karma’s a BitchKathy!!

        • yep

          excellent, hope griffin never works ever again….loser and stupid griffin….move to liberal london

        • Steve

          Poor victim Kathy Nobody Whateverherlastname.

      • JustMe

        Anyone who publicly states she is going to torment a child, because she hates the parent, deserves the end she is getting. I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but have to side with him on this one. She chose her fate.

        • CrackSumSkulls


          BUSTED: FBI Director Received MILLIONS From Clinton Foundation –
          Written by Richard Boddie Date: 06-07-2017 Subject: FBI
          BUSTED: FBI Director Received MILLIONS From Clinton Foundation – His
          Brother’s Law Firm Does Clinton’s Taxes

          By Aleen Realmuto, TRUTH UNCENSORED

          FBI Director James Comey testified under oath at a hearing before
          Congress, that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a
          private email server, where she sent and received ‘top secret’ emails,
          did not warrant pressing criminal charges against her.

          In essence, he said, not only was Hillary not smart enough, or
          qualified, to know that using an unsecured email server put our
          nations security at risk, but she was incapable of determining what
          was top secret material was.

          The truth is, that James Comey did not recommend federal charges
          against Hillary Clinton, in part, because he is connected to the
          Clinton Foundation through the Swiss bank HSBC.

          \LINK: ht tp://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/219378-2017-06-07-busted-fbi-director-received-millions-from-clinton-foundation.htm?From=News

          • CrackSumSkulls

            These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a
            Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a
            Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising
            financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the
            law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.

            Lockheed Martin

            When President Obama nominated Comey to become FBI director in 2013,
            Comey promised the United States Senate that he would recuse himself
            on all cases involving former employers.

            But Comey earned $6 million in one year alone from Lockheed Martin.
            Lockheed Martin became a Clinton Foundation donor that very year.

            **What a Tangled Web they Weaved. And when Donald trump was elected the Clinton-Comey house of cards collapsed.

            All of these SOB’s deserve Maximum Prison sentences.

            • Anonymous

              The small-world network.

            • Land Air Sea (Retired)

              ///Yea, all the rats show up, went the ship is sinking fast.///

            • ME


            • Nuthinbutnet

              Damn dude! Feel better now? Good stuff you said, though.

          • Sam

            Old news CRACKSUM. And you are just finding out.


            Start reading other articles here and you will see it is mentioned months ago. People knew about it for years actually!!!!

            • Braveheart1776

              Sam, whatdoesitmean.com is NOT a good source of information. It’s supposedly run by Russian intelligence.

          • John Stiner

            Harry S Truman: No man can get rich in politics unless he’s a crook. It cannot be done.

            • rrrr

              Ah yes, no period after the S, because it isn’t an initial, doesn’t stand for a name, it’s only a single letter. You’ve been around for a while.

          • JustMe

            If any of that is true, it will be a miracle if it makes any msm “news”. If it is true, and cannot be swept under the rug, it will be a “non-event”.

      • durangokidd

        This is a “stop and smell the roses moment” my peeps. Savor the aroma of a snowflake melting into nothingness. Enjoy !!! 🙂

      • laura ann

        Griffin is now rated a low life whore dog. She now can hit the inner city streets and entertain in the homeless shelters and back alleys along with nightly shack ups with men who don’t care how ugly she is.

      • TEST

        100 percent spot on, John. Nice post

      • Nazda Pokmov

        Now she needs to get out of the spotlight and do something with her life instead of trying to be “cute” and unfunny. She needs to either drop dead or be a hermit forever and out of the spotlight…..

      • Jesus marley

        She’s still funnier that Amy Schumer.

    2. Anonymous

      Another lib bites the dust. I have a smile on my face.

      • Menzoberranzan

        I would supply her a revolver loaded with hollow points but she only needs one round. Then I want the revolver back.



      • Steelerdude

        Not even dogs and cats in her neighborhood like her either!

        One can only imagine the label she has placed on forehead for the rest of her life….but that is what happens when you do what she did….she wont find any job anywhere!
        Hell, McDonalds is too good for her!

        wouldnt be surprised if we see her commit suicide…

    4. PO'd Patriot


    5. Plan twice, prep once

      Ahhh, Kathy, you can leave in a huff, or you can leave in a minute and a huff!

      Kathy, don’t go away mad! Just go away.

      • Braveheart1776

        PTPO< I know what I'd prefer see happen to Griffin…..never mind.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          I’m with you. I’ve already written a couple posts about her that say how I really feel and erased them instead of hitting send. I just can’t descend to the crazy lefts level.

          I’ve seen a few really funny posts here, which is the perfect irony to toss Kathy’s way. There’s some classy people here.?

      • Heartless

        Kathy, Kathy, Kathy…. don’t feel so bad darlin’. I’ve seen plenty of crack-hoes in my area making a living and they seem happy enough. You’ll do just fine. After all, you’ve still got your teeth….. for now.

        • crappenstix

          Teeth might be a liability in that business.

    6. Braveheart1776

      This couldn’t happen to a NICER libturd. [SARCASM] I think she deserves more punishment than this, but this is a good start. Socialists always devour some of their own.

    7. Braveheart1776

      The only reason CNN did this is because their ratings are in the tank along with the rest of MSM. Now let’s wait and see what happens.

      • Anonymous

        got that right. very old trick.
        get idiot on board
        said idiot does the deed
        ACTUAL outrage
        then the best part of the trick
        garbage cnn says not acceptable
        tried and true trick
        their ratings go up and they divide more of use.
        criminal non-news network

    8. AWB

      She’s worth $20M, I’d say she can laugh her way all to the bank.

      Have the Dixie Chicks made a comeback, yet?

      • Dan

        Sorry but the 20 million figure came from Celebrity Net, a National Enquirer/Daily News/Star type of site for the internet. You know, the ones who claim that there are people living on the moon or that Bigfoot is the father of some womans child or that Kathy is a good and honest person that is being persecuted.

        You really need a better source for this

    9. knot Jammin, Jr

      After strongly supporting Kathy, Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin may want to tread lightly.

      • Anonymous

        SmartAlec Baldwin is an immature adult bully. His parents ignored his lack of impulse control. Must have been to caught up in their own lives to attend to the little brats needs.

    10. Him

      She blamed old White guys. The left shows their own bigotry. Screw ’em.

    11. NRP

      Thank God that brainless POS is done and hopefully forever forgotten.

    12. Sean

      She’ll be back.

      • festus

        back?… was she ever really “there”?

      • Karl V.

        I think so, too. Regardless of what she was before, she is now useful to the solidly left-wing MSM as a “martyr” who has been “victimized” by those awful, awful conservatives.

        Her tasteless stunt will be alternately downplayed (by the left) as a harmless prank and described as an act of free speech. But the original act, with the fake decapitation, will be purposely relegated to the sidelines. After a few months, Griffin will start appearing on talk shows and interviews, breathlessly detailing how the merciless vengeance of the cruel alt-right crowd attempted to ruin her life…. and here, the tears will well up and her lip tremble as she emphasizes: “Attempted! –but did not succeed! We’re gonna stick together and show the Trump gang that they cannot silence us!” And of course the urban, liberal audiences will roar their approval and eat it all up.

        Betcha that within a couple of years, her new book “Heels Over Head: How One Woman Defied The President” will be a NY Times bestseller.

        You mark my words — this incident will pan out as the best thing that ever happened to Griffin’s career.

    13. Braveheart1776

      KJ, agreed. Anyone who supported Kathy Griffin will back off if they don’t want their careers in jeopardy. The way Griffin acts, she sounds like Hillary’s younger sister LOL!

    14. PretzelLogix

      Kathy who?

    15. risky buisness

      HA HA HA HAHA. This is the funniest thing connected to or about Kathy Griffin.Now, which one of those other democuck hotshot mouthy aholes is next?

    16. otc

      tThe lefties will cover her ass. She will be rehabilitated before long. In the meantime I hope she loses a little weight she is kinda fat.

    17. Wake-up-people

      Gonna miss you Mrs. Carrot Top!! Now go and have yourself a nice NAPALM enema!

    18. Old Codger

      Kathy Griffin?

      Never heard of her! Is she a “star”? A “Celeb” perhaps?



    19. Braveheart1776

      Him, this is one ‘old white guy’ who would never go for Kathy Griffin. I don’t want to catch something.

      • crappenstix

        She likes black licorice sticks. You know, the Kardashian disorder. She is a lib of the worst
        sort. They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

    20. Red Hawk

      take notice all you Hollywood do nothing types
      and also all you cry baby libs, this is your fate if you push it too far

      as far as the “Stars” go all I want from them is to entertain me like the jokes of human waste they are.. when they start pushing their agenda they can exit ..stage left

    21. Red Hawk

      cant she learn to blame everyone else like Shillery?

      jeeze beotch figure it out, cant you read the room yet?

    22. Dave

      You make your own luck in life.
      She made herself very bad luck.
      Now maybe with a clear schedule she’ll
      have time to sit down and think about
      how to GROW UP!

    23. Braveheart1776

      Red Hawk, according to what I’ve heard, she already sounds like Hillary. Can’t fix libturds.

    24. Jim in Va.

      The pendulum slowly swings the other way……sweet huh?

    25. goofygal

      we have economic power, not as one person but in a group
      use the power, crush our enemies and destroy them

    26. Marie in Upstate

      Kathy has picked on the children of celebrities in some of her comedy routines which is why I never liked her in the first place. She’s a nut job for sure. What I didn’t understand though was why they showed Barron that disgraceful photo. Why traumatize a kid? They could have just explained to Barron what she did in case one of his classmates brought it up but without actually showing him the horrid photo. I can’t understand why they actually showed him the photo.

      • Whatever works

        What makes you think they showed him the photo? I never read that anywhere. That photo was everywhere and actually quite hard to avoid seeing. Also he’s at the age where all the kids are on computers he could’ve accidentally seen it that way . But also his friends could’ve seen it and told him about it or even shown it to him. I doubt very seriously anybody in his family showed it to him .

        • Marie in Upstate

          Whatever Works, Melania stated that Barron screamed when he saw the photo. She also said he was traumatized by it. He just turned 11, same age as my son. Kids his age on the computer are monitored. And he attends a private school, with very small class size, not public school.

          If it were my son I would have made sure the teacher and admins saw to it that he didn’t see the photo. He lives in a situation and circumstances where that can be controlled. He is not on his own, free to walk to friends houses and he’s not in a public school. Huge difference from most other kids his age. Barron lives in a very controlled environment. He should not have seen the photo. It could have been avoided.

          • Whatever works

            I’ve taught elementary school both public and private for more than 20 years…retired last year…Respectfully you don’t know what you are talking about. Kids have access.

            You are reading between lines and inserting things that aren’t there. Of course Melania would know how he reacted. That doesn’t mean she showed it to him! Kids come home or call home with upsets all the time. Parents are told of events.

            The biggest problem we are having with the news right now is folks reading their own ideas and conclusions into situations without enough information. That what I see happening here.

      • quasimodo

        every kid nowerdays has access to the internet.
        How could he have missed this picture of his beheaded father???
        It was all over the net, there was no way to get around it,
        Does that answer your question??

    27. omega

      I never liked her. She’s a nasty bitch.

    28. GaPeach

      She wanted a laugh. I’m laughing now.

      • CrackSumSkulls

        Confucius Says: He who laughs last, laughs the longest.

    29. TEST

      THEN she doubles down, and blames it on her being oppressed. There are some people who go so deep in their evil that God simply abandons them in their darkness after trying for years and years and years to get their attention. Here is one last attempt God is making to wake her up. As much as I despise what she did, and stands for, I do pray for her soul, and the she wakes up. It HAS happened to others, like Malcolm Muggeridge, Lee Strobel, CS Lewis and…. uh… me, myself.

      This is precisely why Solzhenitsyn called communism – and in which same vein we can also consider its ugly siblings, socialism and liberalism – a Christian heresy.

      Is man perfectable? Judeo-Christian worldview says no. Islam, communism, socialism say yes… and are willing to MURDER over 100 mm people (see The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press) to prove this perfection is do-able. Of course, the irony is lost on the fascist left… but then, there never *were* too many of them for whom the elevator went to the top floors. Which is also why one of my old professors in graduate school (Dr. McMurray, Univ. of Illinois) once lamented to me that he found it distressing that all his brightest students were Christians and conservatives. No duh. You see, good doctor, we have had to think through the issues. The hostile, fascist left school system forced us to grow stronger. And we will continue to grow stronger until your intellectually dishonest leftist worldview returns to the moral slime of Alinksy, Gramsci and the Frankfurt School from which it emerged.

      You might even say, “We’re here, we’re NOT queer, and we are never, ever, EVER going away. Get used to it.”

      • Arby5

        AMEN !

      • Justice

        Great post Test! The reason Capitalism works is because it accepts man for what he is, selfish and self-centered.

        Capitalism made that human trait work. Through voluntary private agreements, each person seeking their respective interests (as determined by them) would create and maximize wealth and freedom.

    30. crappenstix

      That is one ugly carrot-headed hoe.

    31. Lisa Marie

      <3 the Tombstone video reference 😀 … "She's No Daisy … Poor thing she was just too high strung." I am going to watch it tonight!!

    32. Rickster64

      Rumor has it that Maxine Waters has a job opening for a relations consultant.

    33. BigB



    34. Sam

      Well …. BYE!

    35. yep

      Just saying this. Ritual decapitation common after a battle.

      This was Gaelic British isles.

      Trump has a Scottish mother and griffin is Welsh/Cymru. The head picture has a deeper meaning, not something a Duetsch or Slav would understand.

    36. Robertsgt40

      Seriously, thos woman needs to be institutionalized. She is at risk to herself and anybody within her blast radius.

    37. td

      Has anyone thought of the relatives who lost loved ones when ICIS was beheading captives?
      This stunt must have brought back such painful memories.

      Always thought she was without class.
      I will boycott all those who are standing up for her.
      It’s truly disgusting.

    38. Traitor Hator

      Next I hope they get Sara Silverman.

    39. Illini Warrior

      You’d have to totally insane to have that woman appear at one of your functions – or appear along side of her …. unless the security is top notch that bitch is going to get shot the first time she sticks her dumbazz cunt brain into public …

    40. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      I could care less about that stupid read headed bitch, besides I don’t care for red heads.



      • Karen

        I am a redhead…and a nice person….and a huge Trump supporter. Kathy Griffin gives redheads a bad name.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          That’s it Hicks has gone just too far now! He’s off the reservation, off his meds, time to get a net…….. ?

          Red heads are so hot……?

          • crappenstix

            Not into fire crotches. haha

    41. DHertz

      They did society a favor by banning her… She was never funny to begin with…

    42. The realist

      She got off easy … and got what she deserved.. that slut!!

      If she did that to president Putin In Russia .. it would have Been a simple Bullet to the brain.. and the shows over ..

      Question i Have Is why POOP- DOG made a video of him shooting the president at the end of the video..and nothing was done about it..

      I am 100% for the complete demise of anyone stepping over the line and mocking our POTUS.. Heck… we all had to sit here and take it in the shorts when Obama was POTUS .. and did a thema and Louise car over cliff scene with this great country we all enjoy to live free in..

      Who cares that Hillary didn’t get elected – let’s all just move on.. and make a positive change …we all know what her motives really were.. to keep selling us all down the river !!

    43. F16hoser

      “Oh, You GET-IT Now!”

    44. Richard Wicks

      Kind of feel sorry for her – she’s unmarried, and now apparently unemployable. You’d think all these people who are demanding Trump’s resignation would hire her out of pity.

    45. Karen

      She is supposedly worth $20 million. I hope she never gets another gig in her lifetime. She.is.not.funny.

    46. Rebel yell

      What Kathy Griffin did was purely sick. My question is why are corporations still advertising on TV news channels CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and in NYY, WaPo, and many left wing online sites for their relentless assault on reality, truth, justice, and democracy? I cancelled my directv and won’t even watch the mindless dribble on antenna tv, and by the way, I even voted for Bernie and campaigned for him and voted for Trump in the general! This site pits all left wingers together in one clump. The absurd assholes get the spotlight. We are not all like that. I was a Republican until TARP and even volunteered over 40 hours a week for 8 months to get GWB elected. I voted for Nader in ’08, and Stein in ’12. Her choice of another community organizer from Chicago was even named Baraka but this guy walked around in African clothes was just too out in left field for me! If someone wants to dress that way, that’s totally cool with me, but there is protocol for the VP of the US and that is NOT it!

    47. Bleat Delacabra

      Poor dumb Kathy Patsy Griffin … wah wah wahhh! Kudos on takin’ a dive for her team though. Huevos grandes!

    48. Upstate New Yorker

      Her picture above looks like she is trying not to laugh. – My favorite comedian – Jonathan Winters. – Most comedians today use the f word too much, talk about excrement, make vulgar gestures, and are not funny. Corbin, whom I loath, all he does is put down Trump on his show. Boring. …Yawn. ..

    49. B from CA

      Freedom of speech overrides bad jokes. This scandal is bs. Nobody should pick on kids. That’s what turns me off. I could care less what she, or anybody says about the President. Bad jokes go with the territory.


    50. John WV

      Just another no talent, libtard fool!

    51. Nona

      In the above pic, it looks like the creture is laughing behind her hand. Laughing at the public, at the gullibility of the “herd.”

    52. dslarsen

      I’m not gloating. Hoist with her own petard as they say, but we are all being driven to excess in our disagreements with one another. Instead of finding out what actual facts are and debating on that basis, everything is hyperbola. We are constantly being exhorted to believe that say, you are on the right, and I am on the left, but in fact, we are both on the BOTTOM, and we have been left to squabble in the mud when we need to be waking up to the mental pollution being spewed from every MSM and government outlet.

      Pull together folks. Stop arguing and start building again.

    53. Cool Hand Luke

      What does she care? Have you seen her house?
      You know how much she is worth? Check
      out the link below. She could disappear tomorrow
      and still live very well with her millions of $$’s.
      What Trump should do is get the IRS on her like
      Obama attacked Republicans in the past.

      • Anonymous

        Laughing all the way to the bank? All that money and no looks. Seems to be a common theme among a certain ilk.

    54. Beaumont

      I’m not particularly a fan, but that’s not the free market. Otherwise, you would have the freedom to be very tacky. Some would take it, some would leave it.

    55. Darkwing

      Get a life sheeple, it is freedom of speech, she attacked your lord and god, if she did it to Berry all of you would be laughing.

    56. Anonymous

      It seems to me Griffins “beheading stunt” should have been taken as a death threat against Trump. I’m really surprised she’s not in jail.

    57. furbaby

      I’m just surprised that Griffin isn’t in jail. I would have thought the Secret Service would have taken her “stunt” as a death threat against Trump.

    58. Upstate New Yorker

      The Secret Service Did Contact her.

    59. Old Guy

      I appears she cooked herself up a huge Kettle of Just Desserts? But like Merl Streep . Any publicity is better than no press at all. People tend to forget or ignore history. They mostly believe the media Fairy Tales. I could care less about hollywierd folks and do gooder liberals.

    60. Gary Watson

      Kathy who? Who cares what she thinks? I used to go to Arby’s but when they began using her as their spokesperson, I quit. Haven’t been to Arby’s in 4 years or more. She gets what she deserves.

    61. Old Salt

      I think the left is discovering that you can’t get away with everything anti-Trump, just because a majority of Hollywood types are on board. Some of that arrogant snot got knocked out of her and now she has to find real work.

    62. Dave

      She’ll be killing herself in two years!

    63. whathef

      OMG all this hate for one bad picture, people get a life, happy of seing someone down and still pretending being champion of love, compassion, respect…. and she is the bad crazy one, think again, if ever…

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