“Unmistakeable Whiff Of Recession”: The Time To Prepare Is Now

by | May 27, 2019 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    Although talk of a recession subsided early this year, it’s back in full force thanks to the trade war with China. “Call it scare-mongering if you like, but many of the data releases [last] week had the unmistakable whiff of a recession,” said chief U.S. economist Paul Ashworth of Capital Economics.

    According to Market Watch, none of us should expect great economic news during this holiday-abbreviated week. The trade deficit is likely to widen (and not in the United States’ favor), consumer confidence could decline (and it should for all intents and purposes), and household spending was probably tepid in April. This all signifying one thing: an economic recession.

    The U.S. economy has taken a turn for the worse and it doesn’t look as if things will get much better anytime soon as global problems persist. A mountain of evidence in the past two weeks shows that key segments of the economy have slackened. Retail sales fell last month, business investment nearly dried up and manufacturers are growing at the slowest pace in nine years.


    Most of the economic news is bleak. But neither Ashworth or other economists are predicting that recession will be “soon.” That means we have the time necessary to prepare but shouldn’t wait too long to do so. Stocks, the one bright spot in this oddball economy will eventually become infected with the trade war drama that’s hitting the rest of the markets. “The dawning realization that U.S.-China trade tensions are not going to be resolved anytime soon continues to rattle markets,” said chief economist Douglas Porter of BMO Capital Markets, according to Market Watch.

    Employment hasn’t taken a major hit just yet either, which seems to align with economists guesses that most will have some time to prepare. “The U.S. still has a rock solid labor market,” said chief economist Scott Anderson of Bank of the West. Layoffs and unemployment remain near a 50-year low, and even if companies aren’t hiring as rapidly as they were last fall, they aren’t resorting to mass job cuts, either…just yet.  But eventually, that will be necessary.

    Most economists also agree that the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to leave interest rates stagnant won’t be enough to keep the U.S. from slipping below 2% growth in the second quarter. They also expect the initial 3.2% reading for first-quarter gross domestic product to be trimmed to 3% or less.

    “The strength of the US economy in the first quarter was presumably one of the factors that emboldened President Donald Trump to take a tougher line with China in the trade dispute,” Ashworth contended. But the incoming data “would leave Trump in a more vulnerable position.”

    This trade war has the ability to fling the U.S. into recession, and if that happens before the election in 2020, Donald Trump’s chances of reelection will drop dramatically.




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      1. If you are totally new to the concept of prepping don’t be intimidated. Prepping is a new term for an old way of life when people relied on their own work, had no air conditioning, no electricity at all, used an out house to poop and went to a well or stream for water.

        They made it and so will we.

        I think I would start by buying a 25 pound bag of salt from Redmond’s salt.

        Get food-grade buckets with adjustable lids for easy access.

        And purchase organic cane sugar in bulk.

        Yes, sugar and salt.

        That’s where I would start.

        Think about it. That’s what you’re eating now whether you realize it or not.


        • Don’t ferget distillers yeast!

          • I believe that the whiff he caught was emitting from Nancy Peloosly.

          • Amen on the yeast ……and tons of sugar.

        • Great post Honeypot. I’ve been doing some ancestral research lately. For centuries our forefathers did without refrigeration, cars, decent roads and the rest of the stuff we take for granted. Many religious disciplines suggested that 6-months of preps should always be maintained. New preppers, you can do it,

        • I love your posts

        • What is coming is a “mother of all depressions”. Regions with FEW resources (food, energy, water) will be the most valuable when TSHTF moment happens. After doing my due diligence and a lot of searching, I found my Life Hedge Property in South Am. Safe, secure, amazingly beautiful and with life supporting energy. My advice to everybody – find your Life Hedge Property and fast.

      2. BS, the time to prepare was 15 years ago before the last big one. Prepare at 1 minute before midnight? Good luck!

        • “BS,the time to prepare was 15 years ago”

          Actually,the time to prepare was the mid-late 80’s because our US manufacturing base was already in decline and by 1995 we had already lost the vast majority of our US manufacturing base..Too many people were in denial back in the 80’s and believed everything they were told..

      3. Off topic, the CBD oil they sell on the ad here is a good deal. If you compare mg. per ml. it is a lot cheaper than most others. A similar product here at the smoke shop is over 2X the price! Imma try some to help quit smoking because vape is just as bad.

        • Genius–do you have any experience with shelf life of the CBD oil??
          Gene takes Keppra and if the trucks stop, so does his prescription.

          • No I don’t. This is the first time for me. I will let ya know how it works.

        • Genius,

          Do you really want to discourage newbies?
          If they haven’t started, the time IS now.

          But you’re right. Should be smart enough to have started yesterday.

          I watched a program about CBD/THC weed shrinking brain tumors and curing cancer. Guess CBD makes you smarter. Maybe that’s why you’re so smart, Genius.

          BTW, you recommended buying the 25 lbs. bag of Redmond’s Real Salt.
          Very smart?.


          • Ya your right, better late than never. I have never tried CBD this is just an idea I had to stop nicotine withdrawls. As far as cancer prevention I take tumeric extract and black cumin seed oil and flax seed oil and vitamin D. You need to take oil with tumeric (or black pepper) to get the most out of it. Glad you got the redmond’s! It is so much cheaper in the 25 pound bag! The best salt there is IMO. I have 50lbs. of it lol. Also food grade diatematious earth is way cheap if you get a 50lb. bag! Good for many many things (I know you know).

            • Go to naturalnews dot com and read all the articles etc. about tumeric and black cumin seed oil and vitamin D. They are more powerful than any pharma crap. Not too expensive either. Blueberries and elderberries are a potent anti viral. I take it in wine form lol! Flax seed oil has all the omega’s you need and is cheap. You can make your own herb (or whatever) capsules dirt cheap yourself. Just buy bulk herbs (by the pound) on ebay or other places and get a “cap em quick” capsule filler (00 size). 1000 empty capsules are about 10 bux on ebay. You will save 80-90% over store bought. Do a search for whatever suppliment you want and compare prices/quality. One thing I do is read the ingredient list on a popular herbal cure and just buy the ingredients in bulk and make my own at about a 95% savings lol. You don’t have to be rich to be healthy if yer smart 😉

              • If one were ambitious you could make and sell suppliments at a BIG profit. Naturalnews also has a great database of ailments and what herbs/foods/suppliments to cure them. There is a link on the main page to them (herbal reference etc.). Thousands of pages of great info. While Im at it here’s a cure for viral lung ailments (bronchitis). Get a fine mist spray bottle and fill it with 10ppm minimum colloidial silver and inhale the spray. Do this 4 times a day and it will be gone asap. Yer welcome 🙂

                • Posting good info like this is on a weekend is like pissing yer pants in a black suit, You get a warm feeling but nobody notices….

                  • You can save $ on a lot of things if you learn to make it yourself. Booze, bullets, smokes, herbs, black powder, tannerite, you know, the fun stuff lol. Am I talking to my hand? Maybe…..

                  • Gen,
                    I read the post and comments, just didn’t think I had anything interesting to contribute on this post.
                    BTW wet your pants and it will get cold eventually.

              • Turmeric is great…but, and there is one…it may take months to become effective which is why many don’t trust it to work. They stop early.
                AND, if you stop taking the dosage that works for you, it takes a long time to get back at that point.
                From experience for Gene’s legs.

      4. Since weekends are so slow around here it leads me to think that most everyone here posts from their place of work? Weekdays are 10X more active. Anyway… I have a cure for those of you who suffer repetitive motion pain. I had extreme pain in my left shoulder from hard motion all day long. A friend told me to get a magnetic bracelet so I did. Within 2 days all my pain was GONE! I couldn’t believe it. I wore it for several years and never had pain again in that shoulder. It ended up breaking and I didn’t replace it and now 6 months later my pain is back. I have a new one on the way and decided to also get a magnetic necklace for my severe neck pain. I had my doubts about it but IT WORKS! Ebay has good deals on them but don’t buy the cheaper ones. 30 bux is about right for a decent one.

      5. I’m 47 yes old, diagnosed 3 years ago with early onset Alzheimers. Been using CBD and Turmeric alongside my Actively and my cognitive tests haven’t just been holding, I’m actually doing better! (stage 3, headed for stage 2 hopefully!)

      6. Bring it!
        Who cares!!

        • You might when tractor parts go way up. But I hear what your saying. The older ya get, the less you care. Old guys are dangerous ya know (not kidding).

          • 4 things you don’t fu*k with.

            #1. A Rattlesnake
            #2. An old timer
            #3. A person that has nothing to lose
            #4. A limp “pecker”

          • Nope,
            Dont care, everything can go to shit

            • Nail, sounds like something bad has happened to you. I hate to hear you like that. If nothing else hang in there just to piss them off! I remember offering you a remote cabin to live in, it’s still there. Stay tough my man! And I know yer one tough man.

              • Nope, nothing,
                Just sick and tired of the bullshit

            • Nail,
              Late attempt at levity here, you can’t possibly have more broke shit and things to fix than I do. All my potatoes died from too much rain, according the US government, on my income I’m dirt poor, but at least we can go snorkeling in paradise, and get killed by a shark.( Poor SOB on Maui lost too much blood before they got him to medical care)
              Can’t be that bad for you.
              Aloha Bra!

              • Rellik,
                Yea, how do ya like that shit,,,
                Theres a lot of sharks, i think its some sort of season or another too like monk seal calving or some shit, the guy was kinda far out too. I dont know, that is the sharks playground, not ours,

      7. “The U.S. still has a rock solid labor market,” said chief economist Scott Anderson of Bank of the West.”

        102 million working age people out of work (nearly 50% of the labor force.
        Can’t make this stuff up.

      8. I’ve been yelling this from the Mountain tops for the last two years after Trump got elected. Most people I know have been setting back thinking everything is OK, But most of us know that it is time to plant when the planting is good so you will have what you need when the Demorats take over again, and everything goes to hell.
        Man I wish I could plant 5.56 and 308, 45’s and 9MM. and grow a bullet tree. LOL

        • Well Sarge, you can get the next best thing to “grow your crop”. It’s called a Dillon 550.

      9. Call your authorities failures and criminals, when they are incapable of honoring their obligations.

        Promising me something, without cash in-hand, has the whiff of bad checks. Balance your books, first.

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