United Nations Hold Emergency Security Meeting: Is North Korean Satellite Orbiting Over USA Equipped With EMP Weapons System?

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    us-satellite-image2 us-satellite-image

    Editor’s Note: As Jeremiah Johnson notes in his latest analysis, North Korea poses a real and present danger to the United States. It’s a threat that most Americans discount as implausible, but as you’ll see below, our defenses are pretty much ineffective should North Korea decide to utilize a satellite-launched Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon deployed above the continental United States. It’s a low probability event to be sure, but a realistic possibility nonetheless and one that world affairs analyst Joel Skousen has often cited as a potential catalyst for World War III. “The trigger event has to be North Korea… North Korea is the most rogue element in the world and yet it’s been given a pass by the U.S,” Skousen has warned. As you read the following, keep in mind that North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un, probably insane in his own right, would more than likely not be acting alone in such a scenario, as he is beholden to his Chinese neighbors. And as we’ve oft cited, it is only a matter of time before East and West clash over resources and economic hegemony. A war is coming and it could well be that North Korea is positioning their military assets for the coming conflict. 

    Now that the North Korean missile launch is “over,” most would assume there is no cause for concern.  That assumption is incorrect, because Kim Jung-Un has already declared there will be more missiles launched.  Rice, the U.S. National Security Advisor has already stated that the Koreans did indeed launch using an ICBM.  The very first thing we can do is present an excellent site that tracks satellites, their trajectories, orbits, and other useful data.

    The site can be found here:  www.n2yo.com/?S=39026.  Be advised, that last number at the end of the site stands for the “Kwangmyong-3 satellite,” and by looking for this satellite (in orbit, as can be seen) I found the site.

    This newest launch of 2/7/16 can be found by searching www.n2yo.com/?S=41322.  Take note the 5-digit number on the end of the website address is the NORAD identification number for the satellite; in this case, the satellite is KMS-4.

    As you will find, the satellite travels at a speed of 4.73 miles per second, with an altitude of 508 km/315 miles above the earth.  The satellite period (the time it takes for a complete orbit) is 95 minutes.

    Regarding the actual launch itself, the UN has convened an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss this event.  One of the most significant items was reported by the Washington Post on launch day:

    “The rocket went missing from South Korean military radar in the sea near Jeju Island at 9:36 a.m., said defense ministry spokesman Moon Sang-gyun, but the Japanese government said that it passed over the southern islands of Okinawa at about 9:41 a.m. There were no reports of any debris falling on land.”

    (Washington Post)

    Basically this translates into a lapse of 5 minutes where the Korean missile vanished from the South Korean radar screens…radar supplied to them by the United States Military.  Interesting, when there is also the possibility that stealth technology may have enabled this.  Five minutes is a very long time.  There is more to ponder in all of this.

    A South Korean Defense Ministry official said that Seoul and Washington “agreed to begin talks on a possible deployment of the THADD …which is one of the world’s most advanced missile defense systems…”  (AP report)

    Do you see that underlined portion?  That “advanced” missile system failed several times when tested in Hawaii with “happy birthday” scenarios: preprogrammed coordinates for the test missile and its trajectory prior to the test.  It failed miserably.

    In addition, read on from this AP report quote:

    South Korean Defense Ministry Spokesman Moon Sang Gyun said a South Korean Aegis-equipped destroyer detected the North Korean launch at 9:31 a.m. The rocket’s first stage fell off North Korea’s west coast at 9:32 a.m., and the rocket disappeared from South Korean radars at 9:36 a.m. off the southwestern coast.”

    So it’s the Aegis system, an American-designed anti-missile system, yet the press places emphasis on South Korea.  They stated “disappeared from South Korean radars” to mislead readers into thinking it’s just a “South Korean quirk,” not attributing the disappearance to a “glitch” in a multibillion-dollar U.S. government-sponsored U.S. missile defense system.  Imperial hubris protected by the Potemkin press.

    You don’t just “lose” a missile for five minutes, especially with a multibillion dollar tracking system.

    North Korea now currently has 2 satellites in orbit.  With the additional thrust by this current launch, it is obvious that the KMS-4 satellite can be substantially larger than the KMS 3 satellite that also orbits the earth.  All of the satellites are orbiting at the altitude detailed earlier, which is an optimal height for the detonation of an EMP weapon.  The satellites pass over the continental United States not once but multiple times during the course of the day.

    I found an additional article entitled Suspect Super-EMP Orbit Over United States, dated April 8, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin that explains in detail the parameters of the KMS-3 satellites.   If you recall I cited Dr. Peter V. Pry in the last article on the North Korean EMP threat, and Dr. Pry also wrote the following:

    “In fact, almost certainly, North Korea now possesses a highly advanced third generation nuclear warhead that could destroy the United States with a single blow.”

    He also added that one of the things North Korea is counting on is the complacency caused by multiple satellite launches.  Dr. Pry wrote the following:

    “Miniaturization to develop a nuclear warhead is not difficult to do, and can be accomplished even without nuclear testing.”; “North Korea and Iran both have strategic reasons to mislead and conceal from the West the true status of their nuclear and missile programs. They intend that the U.S. and its allies will underestimate those programs, fail to act in time to stop them, and be strategically surprised when North Korea and Iran become nuclear super-powers,”

    After a while, the nations will become “deadened” to any sense of urgency that a missile launch may cause, and this will lead to complacency that will enable North Korea to catch us off balance.  North Korea wants the U.S. to underestimate them; in addition, they are receiving help from Iran, China, and Russia to further develop their capabilities.  The National Intelligence Service (NIS) believes that the rocket’s payload satellite was roughly 200 kg (450 lbs.), about twice the payload of the KMS-3 satellite launched in 2012.

    Back in 2011, Lt. General Ron Burgess, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that North Korea had successfully and fully weaponized its warheads for use on ballistic missiles.  This was after it had been released back in 2008 that North Korea had successfully miniaturized their nukes to be able to deliver them by missile.

    The launch window was changed from 8-25 February to 7-14 February, and mere minutes after the new window’s commencement date, they successfully launched.  They now have 9 days to track the satellite and balance its orbit, until 16 February, the birthday of the deceased Kim Jung-Il, the father of the current dictator.  It’s not over until it’s over, and what better present is there for Kim Jung-Un to give his father than an EMP over the United States?  To discount such would be disdainful, at best, and we cannot afford to eliminate this as a possibility, as the satellite, if so equipped, can deliver an EMP anytime Un wishes.  All comments and discussions are welcomed, and I invite you to share your thoughts on the possibilities and what you believe is probable in the long and short-term of things.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Beware the false flag. Anything to cover the collapse and misery currently unfolding. Keep prepping.

        • exactly right!! it wont be anybody but our own govt pulling this or anything else off.

      2. We are headed to the stone age. Hahahaha!

        • Let’s get it over with…

          Same shit, new day.

      3. We don’t own the world, despite what the warmongers and hawks say! We cannot stick our noses in other countries and attack or invade them just because someone feels that north Korea “may” do something, or MAY be planning this or that!

        And THAT is the scenario that is brewing, an invasion of N.Korea in order to reign them in. Another scenario is the Pentagon going full speed ahead on many more military bases, predicated on the belief that north Korea is planning something dire, therefore more bases are needed for “defense”.
        I say butt out for now and observe carefully, what N.Korea does, as we cannot do anything anyway, but a full scale invasion in order to stop them.

        • No, we can destroy their satellite. Oh wait, no we can’t. Yeah, let’s wait for the EMP. That’s a much better idea.

          • When I read comments like yours, it makes me realise how the laager mentality has crippled American thinking. America has spent so many decades invading and destroying nations all over the globe, that many now regard it Global Enemy No1. Because so many now do, the American people are in political retreat – into the temporary safety of the laager.

          • I dont know why they couldnt, do it then deny it,,, who going to know the difference?

        • Exactly. Also, I am never sure to what extent these alarmist reports are true. Are they not just another Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario?

      4. Like I have said before.. they failed in October 2013, so know they have made up a boggie
        An, Kim Jun Un..they will use him go hit us with EMP since they are not able use the Us military to pull it off.. I don’t see a 2016 Election at all.. totally impossible, because Trump is getting in and they know it.. get ready for the worst possible outcome… we are already dead and us preppers will survive it. Some us us won’t..maybe I will make it maybe I won’t…if trump gets in a mass arrest will follow.. and lots of criminals will be arrested and taken out, so I know bases on what I have heard from Hodges and Quayle, this is enevitable.. that is the event the free energy inventor told us about. When the talk show host called him up demanding that he hands over everything through he had, talking crap about pulling up a truck to pick up all of this fre energy generators if you recall.


        • Hmmm…. EMP to take out the police/surveillance State?

          Would sure solve a lot of problems faced daily by patriots, wouldn’t it?

          Naaa, really bad idea. Nevermind.

          • Off topic, but I’d like to make an observation of last nights Super bowl game. First, I thought it was one of the better games of the last 20 years, I hate blowouts by halftime or the third quarter, I don’t pay much attention to the halftime shows and the commercials are all trying to vie for who the stupidest advertisers are to waste money with dumbed down tripe that every year gets more idiotic then then the year before. I enjoy the sport, not the 8 hours of pregame crap and fluff of commercials and song and dance troupes.

            Now, with that out of the way, I really enjoyed listening to damn near every talking head in the sports world try to wiggle their way out of the overwhelming predictions of a Carolina victory by praising the Denver defense. Please, why can’t any of these assholes just be honest and say ” you know what folks? I was WRONG!” It really isn’t that hard to do, especially when you’re already on record as having presented the Lombardi trophy to Carolina before the game was ever played. Jesus Christ, you’d think this has become 16th century feudal Japan, where you have to commit suicide if you admit to making a mistake about something, that’s how stubborn these talking head idiots have become with their opinions, they almost have to be forced with threat of death before they admit they made a mistake.

            Lastly, I would like to say that Cam Newton needs to grow up and act like a man. It’s easy to be all smiles and grins when you win and become the big hero, joking and smiling and being Mr. great sportsman when everybody loves you and heaps praise on you. But that doesn’t show your measure as a sportsman, it’s how you act when you LOSE that defines your character, as a human being and an athlete. You need to show humility and grace in defeat a lot more then when you win, because you’ll lose some games in your life too. When you think about it, 31 of 32 teams are destined to lose when the season begins, because there can only be one champion when it’s all over and done with, and you’ll be in that spot a lot more often then being the champ. This is a much better life lesson for all kids out there who play any sport, yeah, you try your best to win but don’t become a damned pouting crybaby when you lose, show some class and dignity and accept the facts of life and try to learn something from it. We live in a world which says that you MUST always be the winner when the reality clearly shows that most will be losers in sports, it’s really a psychotic diametrically opposed fantasy to reality situation that’s guaranteed to scramble your brains if you don’t accept the real truth of the situation, no wonder more athletes are acting like whiny little overpaid bitches acting increasingly more like children than grown men.

            • anon, interesting post about the super bowl. I don’t even care about sports. I agree with everything you said about their behavior.

              • Brave,
                people forget WHY these games were ever started and that was in the Roman days so they could keep the people from thinking about what the politicians ARE doing, I think it is STILL a BIG distraction, more smoke and mirrors! and of course IT has to be something that does interest the people or it would NOT work!

                • A54: yep. Panem et circuses. I didn’t watch it for that reason.

            • Anon, spot on. Nice post

        • HCKS
          My friend I have to respectfully disagree. If an have an EMP now Obullshit will be to blame, and he wants to be the black Geo. Washington. But then again you might be right an that turd would love it.

          We see that there will be no election every cycle. We will have one, BUT IT WILL BE WORTHLESS. TPTB will place who they want in.


          • Thanks, Sgt. The point is, many, many innocent would suffer – mentally retarded, babies, very elderly, etc. What we need is another Churchill type leader to guide us through this. I know the moral equivalency people will slam me for this (here, let me help you: Will in the slams here _________________ ), but, in a world where no political solution is perfect, my best (best, not perfect) choice is Ted Cruz.

            If you have a better solution, let me know. Maybe Hilary can get her troupe of flying monkeys out of her castle to track down these bad boys. Sadly, there are a lot of basically good people here who have vacated the political arena in their Grima Wormtongue obscurantism, or think that they will miraculously, due to their preps, survived some meltdown. Maybe they will. But a LOT of things can go wrong. Yes, we should do preparedness, and it will probably greatly help. But remember, your little bug out property could also be outed by satellite, and your home taken by overwhelming force.

            I continue to insist, while I support the 2nd Amendment 100%, that the battle is a pen, one of education and information dissemination, not the sword. What if there WERE no people who wanted to join the IRS, or some of these alphabet soup agencies? What if they could no longer countenance the MORAL REPUGNANCE of what they are doing? Remote chance you say? Maybe. But look at what Nazis said after WWII, when brought to trial. Look at how many tried to stop Hitler (there were multiple attempts), knowing what he was doing was wrong. Point is, that most people have a conscience – though many have it so seared it is probably seared to an incredible depth (cf. Mark Twains story, Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut for a humorous look at that). We can appeal to that. There HAVE been spiritual and moral revivals in the past, in times that were much the same as today. Pre-Wesleyan England was as corrupt and decadent as the West is today. Can we bring about an awakening like that, and in the same fashion? Similarly, Luther and St. Francis of Assisi confronted an almost identical situation; in fact, so did the early Christians in Rome.

            We need to try to bring about a re-awakening in a peaceful matter. Yes, it will take time – a LOT of it. Yes, failure is a very distinct probability. But what is the alternative? Letting innocent suffer and die? Going back into another Dark Ages, this time aided and abetted by perverted science? There WILL be more Eric Snowdens. There’s another guys – I forget his name – who was even more senior, who also has joined the side of liberty.

            I don’t have any easy answers. But I DO know we can’t give up, and that our weapon is **communication.**. To twist the old 60s saying on its head, “What if they gave a police state, and no one showed up?

            • There will ALWAYS be people willing to do despicable things for a paycheck. While we tend to see the world through a lens of morality and absolutes, many do not. To many people all that matters is their own self interest. These people are not all morons either. Many are sociopaths and psychopaths with high levels of intelligence and a total lack of affective empathy. (Affective empathy is the ability to understand the emotions and feelings of others once you recognize them. Cognitive empathy is the ability to recognize the emotions of others.) Fear these people, for it is they who will look to destroy anyone if it serves their own purposes.

      5. There is a short period of trans-atmospheric flight, where radar loses track of an object, this is a known phenomenon.

        The Soviets studied this intensely, and sought to replicate this electronically, for the purpose of creating an electronically created “stealth” module, that could be added to existing aircraft. They claim to have perfected such modules, but Western mil scientists reject such claims.

      6. Probably waiting to release it on the fourth of July. If he was going to do it, April 15th would be perfect.

      7. If an EMP goes off whole world will collapse into the STONE AGE. I hope you guys are ready! If this happens it might be a good thing. As long as the PTB suffers the most!

        I just had to buy more AR, AK, M1A, and FAL mags, Silver, Brass, and Lead.


        • Stone age huh…well great I can just grunt at the wife and point at things like I do at the dinner table.(salt, pepper, taters) Pisses the wife off.

        • No matter what why or how we are headed to a Stone age

          • I don’t see how the beast system of the antichrist will come to power and control everyone and everything if technology is destroyed.

        • i hope it happens as we have an off grid system fully ready to go. I guarantee we will be happier, after having to deal with the starving hordes that we will have to defend against first, of course.

        • Sarge, I went to the gun show Sat. and picked up some more brass and lead myself.

      8. I was posed for bear until the canoe accident…

      9. I would say that not only is this thing equipped with a Super EMP weapon, it’s equipped with a more advanced version. I do not believe that North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test was a hydrogen bomb; it’s much more likely that they tested a more advanced version of the Super EMP weapon they put in orbit in 2013.

        I’ll start with P.V. Pry’s assessments on North Korea’s nuclear tests. Explosive yields were only 3 kilotons, but the gamma ray emissions were enormous: 200 kilovolts per meter; contrast with 30 to 50 kilovolts per meter for your standard 25 megaton nuclear bomb. This is most likely what they put in orbit in 2013, and it’s more than enough to kill the entire infrastructure grid, not just the power grid, for the lower 48.

        North Korea, in my estimation, is looking for something bigger than that. It’s well known that the US and Canada routinely hold joint training exercises on COG/SHTF scenarios. It’s not out of the question that North Korea could be game-planning a first strike that would take the possibility of a provisional US government operating out of Canada off the table. That would mean they need something that delivers well in excess of 200 kilovolts per meter, and I don’t think there’s any doubt that they have it, and they put it in orbit yesterday.

        • PF: Okay the article by JJ was scary enough and then you come along and make it even scarier.

        • PeterF,
          YOU hit the nail my friend! North Korea is NOT as stupid as we are led to believe and who are the four main countries that are united? Russia, China, Iran and North Korea! we are being set up for a BIG fall!and Either Obutthead is part of it OR he is just to stupid to know! SOOO with that said he IS being advised so only option is HE is part of it! TREASON at the highest level!

      10. Should North Korea detonate an EMP over the US., It would be WWIII and game over. Considering how many subs are out there and other Navy ships capable of being nuclear armed which anything from a destroyer up would be. Also, who knows how many nukes are in Europe and the Middle East-ie Isreal- that would almost immediatel be launced. NORAD would survive also. This could also be a reason why there are so many milita basese spread around the world. You might get a couple but not all fo them. All I can say is make peace with your God for eternity is close at hand.

      11. The NK missile disappeared from South Korean radar because at 9:36 it passed beyond their area of observation, i.e. it went south of Jeju Do island (look at a map, this may help). It never reappeared on SK radar because it had passed out of their range. The Japanese picked it up near Okinawa at 9:41.
        Jeremiah Johnson may be a retired “green beret”, but I’m retired MI with 5 years experience working in Korea.

        • Sweet! Thanks for the intel!

        • BUT, Jeremiah WAS a bullfrog…

        • Don’t they have the capability of tracking ground to air (space) missiles from orbital spy satellites?

      12. Buy lots of candles for Valentine’s Day, and gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

        Put some air in the bicycle tires too while you are at it.

      13. This is not just a remote possibility, as they would have you believe. Nuclear technology has been around for 70 some years. Think about that for a minute. The development of an EMP type weapon capable of seriously crippling a power grid has been ongoing for decades by the Russians & Chinese. It’s likely that the Iranians and the N. Koreans now possess that technology as well. It was the delivery systems that presented the greatest technical challenges. Namely, an intercontinental ballistic missile that could stage properly and inject a satellite into orbit, or carry a warhead across the globe. It’s abundantly clear the those capabilities have been met. It is now just a matter of time. Under the right circumstances of events, with America caught off guard, and a woefully inadequate defense system for such an attack…..the die has been cast. It will be apocalyptic, as the Greatest nation on earth will be reduced to 3rd world status in an instant. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.!!!!!

        • J: Yes. People think this is a myth. Most people will not even realize what happened if there is a massive EMP. I would know within 5 minutes what had happened.

          • Yes, if I were anywhere where cars were moving around and suddenly all or most of them stopped where they were, I would know why. At that point, If I were within a mile or so of a grocery store, I’d pop in ahead of the mob and, with my cash, grab fresh produce, veggie seeds if they had them, and canned meats (I already have a bunch of seeds and canned meats, but adding even more would be a priority for me, protein being the highest-value food). Although in this scenario, I’d have to estimate how quickly I could walk home carrying x amount of excess weight, before things fell apart to the point of danger from lawless people.

            • How are you going to buy anything? Most stores have electronic cash registers. No electricity means they won’t operate.

          • Me to, I’ve been many people about to do to find out if it was an actual EMP strike

      14. Do all types of EMPs take out vehicles?

        • Most of them do. The one that doesn’t would be the EMP from a Carrington-magnitude solar flare; that’s an E3 EMP, which will kill big stuff like power grids, but not smaller stuff like vehicles. What I call a first generation EMP, your Starfish Prime variety where you put a big nuclear bomb into space and blow it up, will kill vehicles. These second generation, or Super EMP, weapons are more like gamma ray burst weapons, and they will also kill vehicles. Both first and second generation EMP weapons generate E1 EMPs; I have what may be an overly simple formula to understand it: E1 EMP = gamma rays = voltage. The difference between Starfish and Super EMP is that the Super EMP was designed for the express purpose of emitting massive amounts of gamma rays.

          Most important thing to know about EMPs is HOW THEY KILL STUFF. That process is called coupling. The voltage from an EMP couples into large conductive parts, where it then continues to couple into progressively smaller and smaller parts, until it couples into microchips. The voltage from even a Super EMP can not couple straight into a microchip; it needs to find a pathway to get there in a millisecond, and that pathway is the process known as coupling.

          Hope I gave you a good primer on EMPs.

          • Excellent primer. Thank you!

          • Thanks PF.
            I am sharing your input with friends right now.
            Anything else you could add would be most appreciated!

            • Are they actually listening? If they are, good!

              • for once, yes they are!

                • Really? I am impressed! Way to go! A group effort is necessary when stuff happens. Good luck and Godspeed to you and your friends.

          • Can I electrify the skin of my steel building and protect items inside?

          • What effect would EMP detonation on the orbital paths of the 2 NK satellites have on other satellites in orbit?
            It has been stated elsewhere that submarine launch capability would be retained even after a high altitudem EMP detonation over CONUS, but how will that affect the ability of any launch orders to be transmitted?

        • Nuclear EMP has a high frequency component that fries electronics. Really old vehicles don’t have electronics (or at least critical electronics), so they will still run. Newer vehicles will stop, but some may restart. Others will be permanently disabled.

          Solar EMP only sets up high voltages in long conductors, such as electric lines, phone lines, cable TV, etc., along with anything connected to them. Nuclear EMP also has this component. Solar EMP probably won’t affect vehicles or any electronics not connected to long wires.

          • Question: I use a galvanized metal trash can for a faraday cage. Does it need to be grounded?

            • I use a galvanized can too with a snug lid/latch mechanism. They do not need to be grounded from what I have read. You do need to insulate what is inside the can with thick mil plastic wrap or similar material. The important aspect is to make sure there is a continuous, secure seal on the can with the lid. If there are any gaps it wont work.

            • I wouldn’t.

              • Why not?

            • Brave,
              DON’T ground the can, use a non-conductive plastic liner and be sure and duct tape the seam where the lid and the can meet. I have MUCHO experience with some of this stuff, do not want to say how and why but, that is what you need to do! and yes you can buy the non-conductive plastic pretty easy we would buy it in 100’X20′ rolls you can buy it in much smaller sizes.

            • Brave & Apache 54,
              Sorry for the novice question, we have the galvanized can & plastic liner. What would be the items most recommended to have in the faraday cage?

              • Communications equipment, back-up hard drives or thumb drives, phones, laptop, a radio (hopefully one that doesn’t get just AM / FM but also shortwave).

            • I ground everything. I consider it cheap insurance.

              • Philos.
                for most everything you need to ground, BUT in a trash can type of faraday cage you would NOT ground it, YES a REAL Faraday cage is HEAVILY grounded. BUT this type is different and would be better not grounded for a EMP as long as it is sealed tight.

      15. I don’t put anything past that short little fat ass in NK. During the cold war, everybody knew the results of an attack and that constrained them, but he is a wack job and does not care. If it does happen, Things will go down hill very fast. Civilization will unravel almost over night. The lower elements of our society are barely contained today, so if the entire electrical grid, internet and communications go down it will turn into a free for all in a matter of hours. There’s not nearly enough military and police to control the entire US and they will be pulled back to protect the major cities and the elite. Most of the country will be allowed to fend for themselves. I believe a large percent of the police will go home to take care of their own, as soon as it becomes apparent how bad things are. I just hope I have enough items stored away in EMP protected boxes to keep functioning.

        • That turd that runs NK is a commie POS with blood on his hands just like his dad and grandpa. It’s already proven that tyranny, terror, and genocide run in that family.

      16. Peck, peck, peck your children’s future away keyboard cowards, it is what you do best

        • Anon, blow it out of your ass.

          • I’ll bet ” anon” is Ron Ahrens. If sounds just like him and he’s taken a beating from several posters here lately, probably making him more cautious about posting under his own name anymore.

            • Probably just an anonymous pecker.

            • Billy, it does sound like Ron Ahrens trying to pretend.

      17. EMP? Europeans Must Pay?

        • Earthlings Must Pay. We sure could use Major Tom right now.

        • When I was in 10th grade biology, EMP was the Embden–Meyerhof–Parnas process, or glycolysis. We had to memorize every step of it. At least it was easier than the Krebs Cycle.

      18. Somebody will use it eventually,some cuz they’re crazy and some cuz they’ll blame it on someone else and anybody cuz its the cheapest way.

      19. EMP….with all the nuclear power plants blowing everywhere !!!! No thanks we have fukoshima that’s enough !!!!! But quite frankly i love the idea 😉

      20. For the heck of it I checked on the link provided in the article to track the new satellite. The new N. Korean satellite (KMS-4) passes over the center of the U.S. on the morning of the 16th.

      21. More regurgitated BS. EMP’s are science fiction.

      22. (Bangkok, 2 February 2016)

        United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 29 January 2016 released US$ 8 million from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for severely underfunded aid operations in the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK). These funds will enable life-saving assistance for more than 2.2 million people most vulnerable and at risk of malnutrition.


      23. the only way NK would have the right stuff to equip this satellite , would be if we(this regime) gave it to them

        • or with the case of these being greedy bastards ,, than fill in “gave” with sold

      24. Something stinks, and were not going to like the ending….

        Here is my off grid stove, check out the 1# selling kerosene stove in Asia: The Butterfly stove http://www.stpaulmercantile.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=73&products_id=285&zenid=p1sdq30h8matmrc1l70q4o6uf4

        I paid a lot less for mine the 4 or 5 years ago. Great stove and you can buy a Coleman oven to bake as well! http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-2000016462-Camp-Oven/dp/B0009PURJA

        Stay frosty and keep praying HARD!

      25. “And the Band Played On.”

      26. Never under estimated North Korea and Iran and never trust them. United States and the western countries should always be prepared to blow the missiles right out of the sky.

      27. Hmmm, EMP on Feb 16th…lets do it, I have a test that day in school!

      28. There is a reason why the United States is not in Bible end times prophecy. Perhaps this is it. Contrary to what the government would have us believe, NK does have this capability. Remember when the US tried to say that NK didn’t have a hydrogen bomb? Then they backtracked. Of course. It’s too late to hide the truth. WWIII is about to begin, folks. And emp might just be one way for it to start. If Obama and Company does not want this to happen they need to bring down this satellite NOW.

        • Diana.. actually, many people believe that the US is in the Bible in many locations but specifically in Revelation 18 regarding Babylon the Great.. the Harlot that sits on many waters who is destroyed in one hour and for whom all the merchants of the earth lament, wailing, Who will buy our stuff now ??. When Revelation was written, Babylon itself was already destroyed and uninhabited. If the “end” is to come in our general lifetimes, the Babylon referred to in Revelation must be the US as no other country on the planet fits the description in economic, military and cultural terms. Now, if the end isn’t for several hundred years, it could well be a different country.. but for now, the US is the only one that fits. How many countries in the world live “deliciously” and have all the “delicacies” they could desire.. how many say I sit as a queen and am no widow and no harm will ever come to me ? What nation does virtually every other country on the earth depend on for a trading partner.. which country exports more true filth ( movies, music, culture ) than we do ? Many are of the opinion that the Babylon described is the Catholic church, but it simply doesn’t fit when you check each thing listed about it. It does fit the US though.. completely. We are the new Roman Empire.

        • The United States is a corporation. America is am-el-ri-ca. Reich of El – Rule (kingdom) of God. A president presides in the place of another. We don’t need another president, we need the King!

      29. It IS suspicious that the orbit altitude is just 15 miles above the 300 mile altitude required for one EMP blast to cover all of the lower 48, most of Mexico and Canada.

        Is there any scientific reason the NK would pick that orbit for their “scientific” satellite? I can’t find any.

        • I would tend to think that the 315-mile mark has something to do with when they would give the command from the ground for the “satellite” to de-orbit. Give the command, and it’s only a matter of seconds before the “satellite” descends to the ideal EMP altitude range of 250 to 300 miles. Smack the button, and it’s basically game over for the US before anyone even realizes what just happened.

          Too many people are taking North Korea lightly. They know their stuff on EMPs, and they strike me as not being afraid to use one. Vast majority of Americans are still looking up in the sky for that mushroom cloud over a major American city; they’re looking in the wrong direction, and it will most likely end up costing them their lives.

          • PF: You have posting nothing that I find invalid based on my own reading and research.

            The sad reality, for me, is that people in the US remain ignorant and uninformed. I consider the MSM criminal because they could have told people. They could have pushed to have the grid upgraded and hardened. They could have advised people about how to get ready and how to be peppered and how to even know if it is a short-term power outage or a long-term electrical grid failure that will cost many people their lives.

            This is my troubleshooting checklist which I would use to determine that the power is out due to an EMP:

            1. Lights go out. No electricity.
            2. Cell phone unable to receive a signal.
            3. Portable AM/FM radio (with batteries) does not function. There is no signal.
            4. Go out and try to start my vehicle. It doesn’t start.
            5: Go back inside and start getting ready. EMP has ruined stuff for at least 90 days.
            6. Get am/fm/shortwave radio out of galvanized garbage bin. Install batteries.

            • typo: damn I hate auto correct!

              Prepared not peppered.

            • It’s funny how I got started on EMPs: I was watching a television show on the subject and became hooked immediately. It’s interesting stuff. It’s important stuff. It’s also the stuff that will save your life, because if you understand how EMPs take out infrastructure, you understand how that inter-relates to other stuff, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, take out infrastructure.

              Best example I can point out is water. Post-EMP, if the backup generators are free-standing diesel and hardened against EMP, you have about two weeks of diesel on hand at water treatment facilities. When that diesel runs out, you have backflow from the treatment plant into the waterways, which is why you want no part of a major city with waterways running through it. The very same thing would happen post-earthquake or hurricane: diesel runs out, no re-supply within 2 weeks, backflow turns rivers into sewers.

              The platform for all my preparations is the EMP. It’s top of the food chain. You can always scale down from there for hurricane and earthquakes. I don’t want to be the guy who has to scale up to an EMP if that actually happens.

              You bring up an excellent point about hardening the grid, and it really extends to our entire utility grid, not just power. The cost is peanuts, and the utilities fight it every step of the way because all they see is a cost increase that cuts their stock price and executive compensation.

              • PF: it is pathetic as to how the electric utilities have fought against hardening the grid. I remember hearing about, and then reading the book, “One Second After” and “Lights Out.” I continued reading and the more I read, the more afraid I became. It is a serious threat. Anyone that doesn’t realize how fragile the US electrical grid is, at the present time, is fooling themselves.

                Apparently even Ted Koppel has got into the book and wrote another book about the fragility of the US electrical grid. I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t new information me.

                I grew up accustomed to the electricity being off for 7 to 10 days, several times during the winter. I grew up with a wood stove. All of the men had chainsaws so any fallen trees in the road they just cleared themselves. No one waited for road crews to clear the trees. Why? It was free wood!

                It is one thing for the electric grid to go out for a few days or a few weeks. It will be something else when that grid fails and takes down NYC and DC. For months. It would cripple the US and probably bring the financial system around the world to a standstill. That is the deep end of the thought-experiment pool. I try to not go into the deep end of the pool very often.

      30. Yep. Sarge, the EMP scares the living crap out of me, because of the masses of un prepped people who have money and still wont prep. The united nations of islam, i believe is working with North korea, because south korea is going into BRICS, and they are using the north as a proxi to launch attacks on The US ad its allies. China does not have control of north korea because of its loyalty to the US./black hats/ops.

        As for Mr Anon, try using a different handle, so that we can tell who is troll from none troll. I dont watch football or sports anymore, too busy trying to figure out how prevent satelites and drones from finding my body heat signature post callapse. What is pissing me off, is that everytime to look into all of the necessities, i keep having to come up with 1,000 for this, 3000 for that, then when you get that, you still need more things to survive for the next 20 years. Beyoncee dancing and shaking ass wont stop me from gettin ready. I am not sure what the hell is going on around Houston lately or recently, its seems like alot of cop cars are running cyrens all over the city and its looking like crime has increased in my area.

        MARCH 2016. then April 20-24th some type of shtf evnt as in the economy will cause people to go balistic when the massive layoffs commense.

        2016, sorry guys, i just cant think that positive right now, i know better. If it comes and passes and Trump gets in, i would really be shocked.



        • Hey, wait a minute there hcks. You’re the guy who spouted all the crap about Niburu showing it’s effects by April of 2016 and wiping out the world as we know it by the years end. Now you’re talking about Trump getting elected and some massive layoffs? I think the REAL troll here is YOU and you’re never ending stream of BS about the end of the world. You’re forever changing your story about how and when we’re all going to die and quite frankly, anybody who takes you seriously is a damn fool.

          • Billy, oh my, you read his stuff? I skip over.

        • And why would anyone want to use a ridiculous nomenclature? Especially when attempting to communicate with someone of your baboon like intellect.

          After all, you have these Stasi/scientist/secret agent friends you would report us to! Then again, you can pin anyone down, geographically, by hacking into some super data base – wow! I’m so impressed – not! Grow up and stop fantasizing, you immature adult simian.

      31. Honestly, if anyone really thought it was an EMP weapon, they would just shoot it down. Anti-Sat weapons have been around a long time. It would take 10 minutes, and no one would complain or even notice. Or send the X-37b to just go get it so we can exam it
        . Or whatever other cool shit that they spent those missing trillions of defense money on.

        • Did you ever think the Gov’t wants the “EMP event” to happen?

          The fact that a Japanese Kongō-class destroyer equipped with the Aegis fire control system lost track of the rocket for 5 minutes is total nonsense.

          Order out of chaos, plain and simple.

          • Suppose the government wants it done to wipe out the population so everything starts again at zero. Would solve the trillions we owe and wouldn’t have to pay social security to anyone.

          • Where’s the money in that? That is always the question to ask.

        • You’re supposing of course, that the orders to “shoot it down” would come readily from, who?

        • Aegis system is a piece of crap compared to the systems the Russians have. It’s over-priced, with too many failure points, not to mention the Russians absolutely obliterated the Aegis system on a US warship when Obama was stupid enough to send it to the Crimea. Russians buzzed the ship with their directed energy technology, shut Aegis down completely, and lit the ship up a dozen times in simulated battle.

          As for shooting these things out of the sky, it’s a terrible idea. Do it, and the thing turns out to be a live EMP weapon, you EMP yourself and wipe yourself out in a millisecond.

          • PF: I remember when the Russkies did that. Thanks for the reminder. Stunning that the EW the Russkies have is that good. EW: Electronic Warfare.

      32. Thank you Obama for doing such a good job protecting us… Maybe if we give them billions of dollars they will leave us alone….

      33. If North Korea follows through on its threats to launch a nuke for the purpose of engaging America, I fear that the former Korean War will look more like a bottle rocket compared to the damnation that will be rained upon North Korea after such an attempt.

      34. I say nuke those a$$holes now before it’s too late.

      35. Theres a lot more to it than was presented by the
        OP . Opinions are like elbows , everybodies got some .

        China is playing the long haul gambit . They will proly hold
        the pip squeeks in chk .

        This was just more NK saber- rattling !

      36. An EMP is, IMO, one of the more likely things to happen; rather than unlikely. Many countries simply hate us, I won’t bother debating whether they are correct or justified or not; it is simply true. Russia has partnered with Iran and is warring in Syria; very closely aligning to Biblical prophesy.. Israel was reborn in 1948 after about 2000 years of being a distant memory, just as prophesied. China, the King of the East has grown in power and is now trying to project that power. The US is governed by a feckless man who does not appear to have any true faith ( regardless of his few comments claiming otherwise ) and may actually be clinically insane.. He makes foolish deals with countries who state openly that they want to destroy us and pokes his fingers in the eyes of all of our historical friends and the Senate and House are paralyzed and do nothing to stop his madness although they have every constitutional power to stop him immediately. A Super EMP, detonated in winter, say around 1-2 PM EST on a Tues./Wed./or Thurs. would catch as many people as possible away from home, on the road, kids in school etc. etc. 10’s of thousands would be dead in a few days. If the EMP was followed up by a massive ICBM attack launched from subs near our shores, we would simply cease to exist in very short order. Even if it were not followed by a further attack; our infrastructure would be destroyed and like the Gov. report some years ago said, 90-95% of everyone in this country would be dead in less than a year. Although the majority of our central military equipment is hardened, almost nothing else is. We truly are in peril of being obliterated in minutes.. oh and by the way, Iran no longer accepts dollars as payment for their oil.. Euro’s only please.

        • Yes. I agree with everything you said. I have considered an EMP to be the easiest way for other countries to destroy the US given our dependence on techonology for everything. Not only would it cause massive disruptions within the civilian population it would mean absolute chaos for the financial system as well as for the mainstream media (which are both based, primarily, out of New York City) and for the political system which is based out of Washington D.C.

          For anyone that missed it here is a link: ht tp://empcommission.org

          Still valid, after all these years. Excellent work. Some of of us noticed. Not enough, but some.

      37. well I believe most of you detailed already the technical and military side of an EMP done by a small nuclear state as North Korea.

        Once and IF USA is EMPed, the world will have no other option but to immediately and massively HELP the US population to survive. There will be literally tens of thousands of ships coming from both oceans, including from former adversaries like China and Russia, as well as allies, who will offer basic necessities, baby food, along with equipment to slowly start to restore the US grid. It will take months if not years. Of course during that time US could not pretend of being a world policeman superpower, it could pretend of a supervictim that needs immediate need to survive its 300mln+ population. And it will receive it. At what price in future geostrategic projection?

        • Given how the US has behaved and how much we are hated by much of the world who do you think is going to show up and rescue the US? Much of the world would be cheering the day they hear the US has no electrical grid and that fat Amercians are on the verge of starvation.

          Hey you never know, unicorns supposedly shit skittles, too.

          • China will be the first one to save the population of California to Colorado…Imagine what it means in real terms. Chinese trucks and aid workers will feed American moms waiting on long lines. America will be totally dependent on the outside world.

            It is true US is hated, but after the EMP US will be a third world country that will still have untouched bases overseas. Something what happened to USSR after the collapse – enough nukes in secret bases, but not enough food in the stores. That might be the plan to defeat US as world superpower, without making a real nuclear war, and with saving its population.

          • I have been to China. The Chinese common people do not hate the Americans. The opposite, they admire everything American, from KFC to Christmas songs. They only want to be the next America, the next world leader. If given a chance to help save from starvation half of the US states, and to remain there afterwards, they will do it with sincere joy. Commanded by the Party, but those aid workers and truck drivers will indeed want it.

            America never considered anyone else as equal except for England may be. If EMP happens with the above scenario and without bigger nuclear exchange, the common Americans will have the chance to see they are no different biological species than the other peoples who will come to save them. They will find surprisingly that the foreign aid workers know quite a lot of the American culture and speak English not so bad.

            Worth to think about as alternative of an all out nuclear war where everyone would have to hate everyone, and to shoot first in order to survive.

            • Jimmy,

              I agree that Americans are not roundly hated elsewhere. George Bush and Darth Cheney certainly are. Who knows better than the Chinese people that government rules by force? My blog is read in over 60 countries, I get positive feedback. I also get commiserate on for government foibles… everybody has one. People are afraid of our government, no getting around it.

        • Consider the scenario at the conclusion of the novel “One Second After”:

          SPOILER ALERT, For those who haven’t read it:

          After the US has been EMPed and 90 % of the US population has died, the survivors find out that Chinese forces arrived on the West Coast to “help” in recovery efforts, and then stayed. And from the southwest, Mexicans flooded into the South Western states. So, that’s an EMP that was done to grab our lands and resources, which polluted, over-populated countries like China and Mexico might welcome. Sounds like a good motivation for China or its “proxy”? NK to EMP us.

          A big catch to that scenario in reality, would be that the dozens of US nuke plants might have meltdowns that would contaminate most US land areas with radiation that would render the land useless for agriculture and unlivable for a long time.

        • Loosely quoted… “and all the merchants of the earth and those who trade by ships sat afar off for fear of her burning.” No, No one will come to help; there won’t be anything left to help. We can’t claim glibly, In God We Trust; the forbid speaking of God in public and private places with impunity. We can’t claim “….Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” on one hand and kill over 50 million of the most innocent of life forms for no other reason that convenience or most recently; prosecute those who bring to light the harvesting of dead baby parts and forbid them from releasing further proof of this barbarity without cost or judgement. I am also reminded of the part of Revelation 18:4-5, partial quote… Come out of her my people… read the rest yourselves.

      38. Actually Judah was reborn (no fruit -only leaves) and stole the name Israel to fool all the prophetically illiterate. They are fulfilling prophecy but not the ones that pertain to Israel. Rather the ones that pertain to Judah and Esau (Edom).

        Dispensationalism misidentified the players (Darby and Scofield were hired help of the Zionists):



      39. Never happen. As soon as we discoverd that NK sat unleased an EMP, our subs would turn NK into a big glass parking lot.

        • that can’t really happen, if US wants to survive the post EMP crisis. Remember if a real nuclear war breaks out, there are China, Russia and others who will not stay idle. Better accept with honor a defeat that saves the country, as USSR did.

      40. KMS-4 is NORAD ID 41332. (Typo in the original link above.) Sorry if somebody pointed that out already! Just a drive-by comment. Great article – thanks for taking the time to write!

      41. The payload, I have on good authority, is actually The World’s Largest Kimchi Pot. It will orbit until its payload is so hyper-fermented that sophisticated kimchi sensors will activate the GPS targeting systems and order the space craft to descend to the pre-programmed detonation altitude and coordinates.

        All of Mexico, the lower 48 and Canada will be COVERED in kimchi. Now, Mexico will just find a way to have their cartels convert it into a highly addictive hallucinatory drug and bring it into the USA. NOTE, they won’t have to smuggle it because this is why the president ordered the border patrol to let everyone in…HE JUST LOVES KIMCHI!

        CANADA, well, they will be okay as well. It is winter. They are frozen solid up there and covered in snow and glaciers. All of that kimchi will melt in the spring, just at the same time as the bears and moose are coming out of hibernation and they will enjoy the yummy kimchi snacks. SO MUCH SO, that they will overpopulate and then they will join the free inflowing masses of all the other people and living creatures who can now walk right across the border into the USA at will.

        NOW AS FOR THE USA. WELL, we are having our mild El Nino year. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING will be COVERED in pungent, rancid kimchi. OOH THAT SMELL! (cue Lynyrd Skynyrd) – IT WILL BE EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING.

        Those poor preppers. Their stock will WREAK of kimchi. It will be THE BOG OF ETERNAL STENCH! (R.I.P. David Bowie – WE LOVED YOU). Preppers’ stockpiles of food and bug-out bags will mold and rot in no time. They will get nauseated and say “Why didn’t we stock up on Pepto-Bismol and Emetrol and anhydrous sodium carbonate INSTEAD of this other crap?” The stashes of silver, brass and lead will dissolve and corrode in the kimchi-fumes-laden atmosphere. All of that black powder will turn into a sticky pungent goo.

        THEN, WOE to those who are hiding in their wilderness bug-out locations. They will suddenly realize two things. FIRST, they cannot get the smell of kimchi out of their clothes and skin. SECOND….THOSE HORDES OF BEARS….THE ONES THAT CAME FROM CANADA….THE ONES THAT CRAVE KIMCHI….well, you know, I haven’t seen the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie yet – just some trailers…BUT YEAH! THAT!!!

        Hmm…think they will serve bulgogi with that?

      42. Missle launches; satellites in orbit; nuclear warheads; mechanical miniaturization; all this from a “crazy” man and his insect eating minions? We’ve been assured that North Korea is simply “bat-sh*t” crazy and we can go back to sleep. We’ve even been shown the space pictures of North Korea at night – they apparently can’t get their gerbils to run the power wheels 24/7. But I have to ask….. with the technology that they admittedly have, and certainly having technology we don’t know they have, how hard would it be to cloak a country?

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