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Super-EMP Missile Launch Window Approaches: “A Mortal Nuclear Threat To The United States – Right Now”

Jeremiah Johnson
February 4th, 2016
Comments (144)



As of this writing, North Korea intends to launch another Unha-3 rocket, or a larger and more efficient version in a launch window falling between 8 – 25 February.  This launch follows on the heels of a nuclear test conducted by North Korea on January 6, 2016, and the claim by Kim Jung-Un that the bomb was a hydrogen bomb.  The MSM pundits and their positivist quacking “experts” all state the bomb was not a hydrogen bomb; however, experts such as Peter V. Pry disagree.

What was discussed by Dr. Pry was the intentionally low-yield weapon test that would have been optimal for a miniaturized EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) device, that range being 5-10 kilotons.  I have cited Dr. Pry’s work in previous articles and am thoroughly convinced of both his professionalism and his expertise.  While the North Koreans claim this launch to be for the purpose of emplacing an earth observation satellite, there are differences in the rocket that satellite images have picked up.  The images revealed a gantry that differs in size and design from previous Unha-3 launches.  The latest attribution is that the rocket may be a Unha-9, the newest North Korean design that may include an 80-ton rocket booster.

The booster has been accomplished with the help of the Iranians.  The U.S. Treasury department announced sanctions after proving that Iranians had been traveling to Pyongyang and indeed worked on such a project.  In addition, this new launch has concealment procedures not used before by North Korea, such as a mobile sub-surface rail system to transport the missile directly to the gantry unobserved.  The launch pad itself is shielded from view.

Let us return to Dr. Pry, who explained the details of the reality of just how far along North Korea truly is, as he wrote:

“…North Korea is a mortal nuclear threat to the United States – right now.  North Korea has already successfully tested and developed nuclear weapons.  It has also already miniaturized nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery and has armed missiles with nuclear warheads.

Any nuclear weapon detonated above an altitude of 30 kilometers will generate an electromagnetic pulse that will destroy electronics and could collapse the electric power grid and other critical infrastructures – communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water – that sustain modern civilization and the lives of 300 million Americans.  All could be destroyed by a single nuclear weapon making an EMP attack.

A Super-EMP attack on the United States would cause much more and much deeper damage than a primitive nuclear weapon…North Korean nuclear tests look suspiciously like a Super-EMP weapon. A Super-EMP warhead would have a low yield, like the North Korean device, because it is not designed to create a big explosion, but to convert its energy into gamma rays, that generate the EMP effect.

Reportedly South Korean military intelligence concluded, independent of the EMP Commission, that Russian scientists are in North Korea helping develop a Super-EMP warhead. In 2012, a military commentator for the People’s Republic of China stated that North Korea has Super-EMP nuclear warheads.  A Super-EMP warhead would not weigh much, and could probably be delivered by North Korea’s ICBM.  The missile does not have to be accurate, as the EMP field is so large that detonating anywhere over the United States would have catastrophic consequences.

So, as of Dec. 12, North Korea’s successful orbit of a satellite demonstrates its ability to make an EMP attack against the United States – right now.”

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, December 19, 2012, Washington Times, “PRY: North Korea EMP  attack could destroy U.S. – now.”

Please take note of the fact that Dr. Pry wrote the article in 2012.  Since then we have seen the North Koreans actually emplace a satellite into permanent orbit.  Now in addition to all of this, I found this interesting site for your approval, with the “How Stuff Works” site.  The article (with corresponding diagrams) is entitled How E-Bombs Work.

The article will give you some great information on how the Compton effect works, as well as detailing Non-nuclear EMP weapons.  As the article will show, it is not necessary to detonate a 20 megaton warhead to obtain the desired effect, nor rain down a succession of warheads to blanket the target country.  As Dr. Pry explained, the technology to reduce the EMP effect’s delivery vehicle is neither complex nor expensive.  The North Koreans already have one satellite in place, and it is not known whether or not such technology has been incorporated into it for use at a future time.

As of this writing, the Japanese government is on the alert, apparently with the Aegis anti-missile system coming into play.  The South Koreans have warned North Korea of “searing” consequences should the launch take place.  The interesting thing to note is that China is being very noncommittal in condemning North Korea’s planned launch.  The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang said this at a news conference:

“We hope all sides show restraint and take prudent action to avoid any moves that may increase the tensions…”

Another point of interest is that on Sunday, January 31, 2016, Japanese fighter planes were scrambled to intercept two Chinese military aircraft, Shaanxi X-9’s, cargo transport planes that went into both South Korean and Japanese airspace.  This at a time when the Senkaku island dispute between Japan and China is far from over.  In essence, China wishes to appear to be advising restraint while applauding the North Koreans behind the curtain and blustering with their own maneuvers.

In addition to this, while condemning North Korea publicly, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung-Un reaffirmed their ties of friendship and cooperation in 2015.  This included the transport of 250,000 tons of Russian bituminous coal through the North Korean city of Rajin to South Korea.

The Nyongbyon nuclear complex in North Korea is still producing both highly enriched uranium as well as plutonium.  The scientists in this facility are conducting tests and upgrades to improve the quality and increase the quantity of North Korea’s nuclear weapons.  The Koreans claim this newest launch to be a satellite launch, and indeed, this may be true…but the satellite may contain a miniaturized, Super EMP weapon of the type characterized earlier by Dr. Pry.  In addition, North Korea is going to celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong-Il on February 16, which coincidentally falls right in that announced launch window.

History has shown us in the past that auspicious dates and important events are usually made to coincide with one another deliberately.  Perhaps there will be no need for a candle on the birthday cake of the deceased Jong-Il.  Instead of blowing out the candles, maybe Kim Jong-Un will huff and puff and blow out the lights and power of the United States with an “EMP-candle,” with this latest launch.  We all need to take it seriously.  Regarding any type of potential threat of this magnitude, it is better to prepare and be wrong 364 ¼ days than to not prepare and be right for one day.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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Author: Jeremiah Johnson
Date: February 4th, 2016
Website: https://www.shtfplan.com/

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  1. Jacknife says:

    Ain’t gonna happen, not yet anyway. Just another fraud spewing more fear porn.

    • Trailblazer says:

      Jknife, not sure why such “intelligent” people like yourself & a few others on this thread even read the article. You come on here making goofball comments like “fearporn & aint gonna happen”….WOW! such an intelligent response buddy! Please keep us informed with your in depth knowledge…geesh!

      • Jacknife says:

        ok trail boss, here goes. If NK launched this thing it would change life as we know it in a drastic way. The bible says the nations will be proclaiming peace and security then destruction will come upon them like birth pangs of a pregnant woman. That hasn’t happened yet. If it has, I missed it. Now, La brainia, go back and read what I wrote earlier. I said it isn’t gonna happen YET. When the governments start telling us that we’re all safe and secure, then the swhtf in a way that will surprise even the most intelligent beings such as yourself. Do you have a mess to clean up? Besides, anybody that actually believes anything that the Johnson writes needs to have their head checked.

      • Jacknife says:

        I’ll be honest, I kind of wish it would happen. I wouldn’t mind slowing life down a bit. I’d miss some stuff but I think I’d enjoy life much more. Problem is, it would drive a lot of people bat shit crazy. Can you imagine all the people on anti depressants not being able to get them? Drug addicts, thugs with vendettas and the FSA not getting their corn chips and Coke with their plastic ego? Yep it’ll be a real mess that is gonna challenge even the best.

        • Trailblazer says:

          If you don’t like J.J. then why do you waste your time?? That is all I’m wondering!
          This happens so often…..whether it is on this site or others. An article is released & boom the 1st response is someone who HATES the author.
          Whatever, not hating on you, just confused by this behavior. have a good one!

          • Hilldweller says:

            TB, I agree… If people know they are not going to like an article, why read it and then bitch.

            By the way, Don’t Know Jack, the bible also calls for a war that kills one third of mankind, “and still no one repented of their sins and abominations”. IF North Korea put a bomb on this missile and IF they were to detonate it over US, we would turn them into glass, and it just might be the beginning of that war.

            This site is a gift, in that intelligent people can come together and discuss ALL possibilities, scenarios, and the best way to be prepped for them.

            God Bless all who come here, and “Thanks” Mac!!!!


            • Jacknife says:

              thats tellin ’em.

            • Jacknife says:

              “IF North Korea put a bomb on this missile and IF they were to detonate it over US, we would turn them into glass” No we wouldn’t, the gubmint would begin Apology Tour 2. “This site is a gift, in that intelligent people can come together and discuss ALL possibilities, scenarios, and the best way to be prepped for them.” No it’s not,people like you prove that statement false each and every article.If I don’t like an article or it’s author, I got the right to say so. I have my reasons as do you. But if you’re too thin skinned that you cant stomach a little criticism, that in this case wasn’t even aimed at you, I shutter to think of you being in a shtf scenario. How old were you you when you stopped nursing?

            • Marcus of Arrington says:

              Exactly Hilldweller!
              We have nukes in South Korea, ready to fly and targeted to key NK positions. We have nuclear artillery shells in SK capable of being fired from towed or self propelled howitzers on the DMZ. If the NKs set that off here they would not survive till morning.

        • That little cute man Kim Jun Ung needs to be killed fast. What A little tode he is. Stomp on him now.

  2. Kulafarmer says:

    Pop it right over DC

    • Dumb ass, if they “pop it” anywhere over the continental US the entire country is fucked. Most of us will be dead within a year.

      • Hey PUP..we’re not already fucked?? Those lacking brains will be dead and thats a good thing…

      • Pup,
        Seems pathologically insane to want millions of people to die just because. Just sayin.

        • Kulafarmer says:

          Yes it is but sometimes the truth hurts,,, we could do withought a whole lotta dead weight, dont like that opinion?
          Ask me if i care,,,,,

          • Anonymous says:

            Really, who cares? In a way, be a relief… at least get a good nights sleep. Problems, problems, everywhere!!

          • Kulafarmer,
            There is no possibility that this scenario will only take out people who disagree with you and whom you think you want dead. It may take out your children. Or you. You may survive the blast and end up dying because you haven’t buried thousands of bodies and cholera takes all your loved ones. Anyone who lived through such a horror may never be sane again.
            Thinking such a massive die off would not touch you and yours is magical thinking. How would your children react to their friends rotting in the streets? 90 percent die off predicted. You think your buddy Philo will make it because she encourages this absurd thinking? You gonna bring her in you house with the wifey? She agrees with everything you say if it is bloody enough. What about all those libturds that have already moved out and are well armed and living off the land? They will likely outnumber you. Not to mention that Republicans have been known to breed libturds. Gonna shoot your children? A difference of opinion is a death penalty to Fricking Stalin, aka The Trumpster.
            So magical thinking and all… you want everyone ELSE dead cuz they don’t agree with your head up your ass politics called D/R corporate machine?

        • Philosopher says:

          Thus speaketh the commie bitch.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Yea,,, good
        And your point is

      • Send that missle strait down into the gates of hell and blow that damn place up. Destroy Satan. Nuke hell.

    • WhoKnewIt.. says:

      Here is a real possibility for this attack. A Rogue Foreign Freighter Ghost ship anchored off the US Coast with the hundreds of others that are sitting waiting to drop off their Oil cargo. But this Ghost ship is packing a EMP Nuke Missile. Launch it at night and depart for open seas.. Boom gotcha..


      • Yeah I see DC doing it to the people…by way of NK…The powers that shouldnt be need a great big ass covering about now…before the masses awake. Remember, when dealing with the “Masses”, most the time the “M” is silent…

      • PeterFrancisco says:

        The scenario you mention is one that has been fairly well-documented. It takes advantage of reduced US detection capabilities around the Gulf of Mexico. There are two potential ways for the launch to play out. The first would be a single launch from the Gulf, reaching a height of 200 to 300 miles up, over the Midwest. The other is a multiple launch: one over the East Coast, one over the Midwest, one over the West Coast, at heights of 30 miles up.

        It’s also something where the list of players who have both the resources and need/willingness to do it is very short. I would be more worried about a Saudi/Turkish connection pulling one of these scenarios off than I would Iran, even though Iran has actually game-planned for it.

        Turkey has every reason to attempt something like this because Russia has successfully smashed Turkey’s ambitions of making Ankara the seat of a new Caliphate at every turn. Saudi Arabia has serious budget and domestic problems. Their policy of appeasing their domestic radicals with massive social programs is starting to burn a hole in the Saudi wallet. You also have Mohammed bin Salman, defense minister, head of Saudi Aramco, and card-carrying member of ISIS/the Brotherhood. You’re going to see a coup in Saudi Arabia, with Mohammed bin Salman grabbing the crown. Then things will get real interesting.

      • Gary says:

        …and nobody in US intelligence has thought up that one? LOL

      • Mongoose says:

        Shahab-3’s and scuds were launched by the Iranians from cargo ship containers in I think 99-01, they detonated the warhead near apogee.

        Flight time I seem to remember was about 8 minutes,
        no reaction time.

  3. Enemy of the State says:

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbHoARY7jNM

    so they payed to have him murdered

    your next!

  4. PO'd Patroit says:

    Well I guess we’ll be in the dark with all the Mexicans and Camel crickets(muzzies). Better get some NV equipment if you haven’t already. That crazy ‘Pie Face’ in NK will launch first chance he gets. King Koon will do nothing.

  5. It's Over says:

    What should happen:

    1. Begin a rapid and massive hardening of all US infrastructure, military and civilian electronic components.

    2. Put the world on notice that any satellite(s) (including currently orbiting satellites) launched by N. Korea or Iran will be targeted and eliminated from Earth orbit.

    3. Tell China the US now backs a nuclear armed S. Korea and Japan. A terrified China would then crush N. Korea flat, allowing S. Korea to reunify the peninsula.

    4. Begin bringing back full US industrial capacity so that we do not rely on any other nation for our electrical components for military and civilian use.

    What will happen:

    The US will do absolutely nothing. We will remain at the mercy of these weakling third world countries as they continue to test methods for our destruction.

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      I like the way you think!!!!!

    • Philosopher says:

      Apparently someone in the government is already doing just that.

      “Pentagon to spend nearly $1b shielding War Games mountain bunker from nuclear EMP attack but denies it is moving NORAD back in Pentagon will spend $700million renovating the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the former headquarters of NORAD. High tech communications being installed that are impervious to electromagnetic pulses. The bunker is build under 2,000 feet of the Rocky Mountains and is able to withstand a hit by a 30 megaton nuclear blast. Decommissioned ten years ago because ‘Russians were no longer a threat.'”

      PUBLISHED: 23:56 EST, 4 May 2015 | UPDATED: 02:59 EST, 5 May 2015


      Here is another article from the Wall Street Journal:

      “The Threat to Melt the Electric Grid: An electromagnetic-pulse attack from North Korea or another U.S. enemy would cause staggering devastation.


      April 30, 2015 7:33 p.m. ET

      The Pentagon is moving the headquarters for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) back into Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, Colo., a decade after having largely vacated the site.”


      Both of the above articles are from last year.

    • Sierra Dave says:

      Would make me real happy if those things were implemented.

      • Woogie says:

        I say that if it happened to the US, an Nuclear sub can launch a few missiles and wipe North Korea off the map. They are in that area now. All missiles from N Korea are being tracked, and we do have a defense shield just to prevent such an attack.

        • Philosopher says:

          Great! If you are inside a sub or at Mt. Weather or inside Cheyenne mountain.

        • Mike in VA says:


          You are correct. So then I ask the question how would they do it? By it being launched from a cargo ship that they try to make untraceable.
          Also if you really examine North Korea. Except for the government there is really not much there. Mostly farming people. They think there leader is God. They have one tv channel ect. It is nothing like here. They have no information except what the little fat guy feeds them. Some never even get that.
          I always ask the question how? If most of the US military will not fire on us for example. Then how could you get them to do it. You make them think they are doing it to protect themselves or the constitution. The government can fake a lot of things by dressing people in military uniforms and firing on Americans. They could have people dressed as civilians fire on the military. Just some things I have thought about.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        I would bet that most who live in NK would be thrilled to be reunited with SK,,,
        All it would take is get rid of fatboy and the top two tiers of his brass…

        • Kulafarmer,
          I don’t think North Koreans think Kim Jong Un is God. They have to be barricaded to keep them in! Notice that our own dear government is tightening restrictions on foreign travel and emigration. We can’t escape unless they say so! Soviet Union anyone?

  6. Godsoldier says:

    But what if i run out of ciggaretts

  7. Sgt. Dale says:

    If N.K. does this you guys all know that it start WW3. If the Subs don’t get a message They will launch.

    My stuff is ready. I just hope I get my Scout before they do. Beacuse all mine fell into the hole.

    If the US is afraids of this thing? Why in the hell don’t they just shoot it down, and just say it was a failure.

    “Oh yah”, we have a Muslime Turd in the White House that would just love to see it happen just to see the fall of the USA. I’ll bet if this happens he will be with his boyfriend getting off on it. Becasue of Obullshit’s weak foreign policy this little bastard in N.K. will do what he wants to.

    Oh well! We will see. I’m ready are you and yours?

    REMEMBER! Aim Small Miss Small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • PeterFrancisco says:

      Seen a bunch of posts on other sites where people say the same thing: shoot it down. My thought on that is if you do shoot it down, and it really is a Super EMP weapon, you could very well EMP yourself in the process.

      North Korea has the US completely beat on strategy and deterrence on this one. There’s just no way the US can take a shot at one of these things.

      • TEST says:

        Peter, you don’t need a nuke or EMP generating missile to take down something like this. China recently did some (or a) anti-satellite shoot down. It’s still a threat, of course, don’t get me wrong. And then there are CMEs – google the Carrington Event. There’s a new super secret NASA or USAF orbiter (can someone help me here with the name – I forgot) – wonder if that could also do a takedown of something like this. Not sure where lasers are just yet, but that is also something on the horizon, if not here already.

    • sixpack says:

      Another alternative is that it’s all a bunch of warmongering bullshit. Since when has the government EVER told us the truth? Since when have we ever not found out later it was all BS and manipulation?

      I’m not saying the little fat boy doesn’t wish us harm, he probably does, but we are NEVER told the whole story, just the parts they want us to know.

      I’ve learned not to jump on that bandwagon, just because it rolled by.


      We already know that. What I’m saying is don’t be too quick to jump on the word of known liars.

      They misled us in the middle east and with Russia…Russia isn’t playing their game – so it’s time for them to move on to the next disaster. Maybe Jung-Un will be easier to fool than Putin.

      I’m just saying, I HATE BEING PLAYED FOR A FOOL.

      • Sixpack,
        I have to agree with your assessment, there is more BS than truth in corporate-owned government and corporate-owned media. About the time court cases decided corporations had no accountability other than making money, corporations got pathological. They control our government and media. Every year I see more disinformation, to the point now I believe nothing. Top BS flows downhill, individuals are more dishonest with each other. I don’t buy into ANY big scandal mongering anything. Prepper media is just as guilty with endless scare tactics, and the prep buying keeps corporate world afloat. I am a prepper, but not so hysterical that I buy into everything said to keep all in fear and divided from other people, wishing for mass death.

        I admit that nontechnical me might like the 1800s better overall. Not enough to pray to Satan for EMPs killing 90 percent of my fellow Americans. As I reinstate the olden days on my homestead, I am shifting backwards from choice. It is a slower life, right about human speed. No need to kill everybody for it. You gave your life to corporations, take it back.
        Or not, like cell phones, internet, hot water on demand, and tropical fruits.

        • Karl V. says:

          Like anyone else, I am somewhat susceptible to a romantic vision of agrarian America of the 1800s when viewing a heart-warming old-time Christmas special on the Hallmark channel… until I force myself to take a detailed look at the reality of life back then.

          Life in the 1800s consisted of utterly exhausting, back-breaking labor from before dawn until after dark. Food was often scant and of poor quality. With no effective long-distance communications, most folks had no idea of what was happening beyond the confines of their own hamlet.

          And dirty? Without electricity to power indoor plumbing, vacuum cleaners, air filters, and washing machines, people went for days –even weeks– without washing and houses were constantly filled with grime, dust, fleas, bedbugs, and pathogens. Life was routinely filthy to a degree that we can’t imagine nowadays.

          Don’t even think about medical and dental care. After an EMP event, you will not see the cast of ‘Jericho’ strolling around with shiny hair, glowing complexions, and pearly whites. I would bet that over 50% of the population would rapidly develop chronic illnesses, maiming disabilities, and/or malnutrition.

          The citizens of an average town would look like concentration-camp inmates within the first year after an EMP.

          I suspect the people who keep crowing “bring it on! I’d love to see the re-set!” would be on their knees praying to wake up from the nightmare within a few months.

          As soon as you, or your child, or your grandchild became infested with microscopic parasites or needed abdominal surgery and the only medical care within 100 miles (that could only be traveled on foot or by bicycle) was some guy with basic first-aid training, the charm of rustic living would start wearing thin in a hurry.

          If we do get hit with an EMP, don’t kid yourself that prepping will turn your life into “Walton’s Mountain”.

          It is far more likely to resemble the Siege of Leningrad.

    • Sgt. Are you trying to say Obama is with Acid Etch?

  8. HBOMB says:

    There will be no EMP strike. Get over it.

  9. lena says:

    “Super-EMP Missile Launch Window Approaches: “A Mortal Nuclear Threat To The United States – Right Now”

    The usa is living on borrowed time.

    Given that the southern border has been a swinging gate for decades and the coast of the gulf of mexico is pretty easy to drive a boat up the side of and dock and unload whatever, the only reason that many cities haven’t have bombs gone off in already or power plants taken down all over is nothing but luck, but one day that luck will run out and it’ll be the 1800s for tens of millions overnight.

    if you think the govt is keeping the country safe, i have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Definitely sheer dumb luck, because these srseholes cant do much other than screw with Patriots and US Citizens.

      • Mike in VA says:


        I have wondered if it really is dumb luck or planned. Are the terrorist stupid? What would happen if they started bombing schools. If they studied just a little they could figure out how to do serious damage to the power grid?

        Is it possible that it is planned that way? Just questions I have had for a few years?

  10. The fat little ass in N.K. is my worst fear for any kind of foreign attack. He is fkg crazy and I don’t think he cares what the end results of his actions would be. We make a big deal out of Iran not getting the nuclear weapons, but that is all a show just to protect Israel and has nothing do with protecting us. We should have been taking the same stand against N.K. from the beginning. Allowing them to have nukes, was the biggest mistake ever.

  11. slingshot says:

    “Shorty” is running amuck with help from the Chinese, Russians and Iranians. I’m laughing my ass off. You see, why shouldn’t Shorty throw a wrench of his own in this screwed up world.

  12. WhoKnewIt.. says:

    A Nuke attack plays right into the story line agenda of Hitlery for NWO World leader and the 32nd of America as we know it.

    A vote for Hitlery is a Suicide Vote. HILLARY For Prison 2016.


    • Empires come and go…Their plans ALWAYS fail…This time around is no different…every thing the powers that shouldnt be touch goes to shit, and will blow up in their faces. Show me one country they have total control over today, cant hold open desert in the M.E….This isnt mans first rodeo. Only difference is bigger, more efficient weapons, but all the high tech will be their down fall, to many links in their murder chain to break down…One can not win without the 2 lowest tech things out there…Right on your side, and the WILL TO WIN…TPTSB do not have either…Ask the vietcong..a bunch of 5ft tall guys with very limited resources and very low tech weapons. They beat all the high tech of the day while wearing pajamas…
      One must be comfortable while WINNING!!!!

      • Arf,
        I laughed all through your post! I am buying some comfortable Jammies and aligning myself with all the Walmart Jammie wearers! Those bad Boyz cannot win over the Jammie patrols. Not to mention the Jammie brigade dug major tunnel systems by hand and scattered the dirt unobtrusively. Strike and run.

  13. Jim in Va. says:

    you can launch on NK but they haven’t much to lose and their military will be in underground hardened bunkers. The country has little electric power and they are already back in the 19th century.

    • At this time in world history..the ussa can not beat anybody…the dog has no bite, just hollywood flash and cgi, spread way to thin, weak supply lines ect…and just whos going to fight for the ussa? the people DC has been screwing for years…I dont think so. Theres NO Will to Win with draftees forced at gun point. And what about all the weapons systems that wont work as advertised…ie: F35 ect …They will rely on high tech and nukes and end up doing what they do best…trying and kill flys with a sledgehammer, never killing the flys just doing a bunch of worthless damage to the planet. The best laid plans of mice and men…Destine to FAIL!!!!

  14. Philosopher says:

    Excellent article. The surprise is that Dr. Pry wrote his analysis back in 2012. That was four years ago. I do consider the US extremely vulnerable to an EMP attack from an atmospheric tactical nuclear device. It would only take a few of them to completely disrupt the US for months, if not years. Three of them launched at the same time: one over NYC, DC, and LA would ruin three critical industries: finance, government, and entertainment. Each of those industries is heavily concentrated in one location and depends on a stable electrical grid in order to function.

    Good work JJ!

    • TEST says:

      All these doom porners miss one point. Should N. Korea or Iran feel **existentially** threatened, do you really think they would hesitate to launch? Even if the existential threat was their own people, a la the collapse of the USSR

      On another point, no one knows exactly where this would go off, of course, but assuming it goes off as planned, right over the central part of the US, you will notice Nova Scotia is completely unaffected. Exactly where I own land. Yes, no one knows the extent, where exactly it would detonate, etc. So, please don’t comment on that. We get it. But suffice to say NS is a lot better locale for this issue – plus fertile land, relatively mild winters as it is on the Gulf Stream, etc. – than smack dab over the central part of the US. Ditto for issues with gangs, golden hordes, and the Muslim population of NS is such a small fraction you can barely count it. Well watered, lots of lakes, low population density. Finally, while Americans can buy land in Canada no problem (get your $ out of the banksters’ hands), and you also get a lot more privacy (most won’t go looking for land in another country if you are sued, most likely). And the big plus is that while Canada has seen a housing boom, the Maritimes have not, and prices are still very low.

      • Philosopher says:

        Thanks for the news about the Maritimes. Half of my family are from Maine and that is because some of them migrated from Canada. I remember stories about someone in the family talking French but most of my family are Scandinaivan, German, and English. On my trips to Europe the one place where I could blend in, until I spoke of course, was the Nederlands. I looked very much like the natives in Amsterdam and the surrounding suburbs.

      • Michelle_in_NB says:

        TEST, I see the outer line cuts thru SJ NB, glad I live on the East Side. 🙂

        You’re right about the Maritimes but it’s quite economically depressed. In SJ we’ve lost so many industries and people over the years. I lucked out and was able to work at the same place for 30yrs & retire.

        Old CB is a beautiful place, stay on the good side of the locals though. 🙂

    • Philo… encouraging commie death to America you provacateur?

  15. helot says:

    Read this link then imagine a kind of bum rush with NK:


    Russia Is Preparing for Nuclear War with the US and Its Allies


    Who knows? I don’t. However; that link, if true, will knock the wind out of all your sails. And, I’m not preparing to survive a nuclear Winter. Just. Not. Gonna.

  16. Beowulf says:

    Why would they detonate over Kansas? There is no population there Maximum chaos would be achieved if detonated over the east or west coast.

  17. America: F you Russia. Eat sanctions, dodgy back room deals that will wreck your exports, and general contempt for you and your country.

    Russia: F you, we got the bomb, and our ‘friends’ (who hate you more than everyone else does) are f’ing crazy enough to take the blame for it. Back off!

    America, Obama: Lets poke the bear!
    Americans: … Kardashian’s bumb is big today…

    Good luck, poor bastards. I wonder if it would be such a bad thing… trim the population, hopefully clear the rubbish thats been causing some of these issues… just wonder if the other powers would be any better…

  18. CommonCents says:

    I think an EMP attack over the US would probably be confined to one area at a time, such as a third of the country at a time. This way, those without power/services would have no choice but to leave and get to the areas that weren’t hit or affected, possibly resulting in all out Civil War, especially since it would create overcrowding, placing a severe burden on resources.

    (If you want to know about the effects of overcrowding think of the most densely populated area of the country, aside from NY City — New Jersey. And we all know the dog-eat-dog “culture” that exists in that corrupt over-priced, over-populated, gun-free dump)

    Then, after the locals vs the in-coming refugees destroy each other, the next section of the country will be attacked, and then the next, timed accordingly, one at a time. If there were ever a planned EMP attack on the US I just don’t think it will be the entire country all at once — if it even happens. I think it will be done in sections, one at a time, so that we kill each other off… to name one reason of several.

    Meanwhile, the elite are hunkering down in their bunkers, which eventually becomes their tomb, their underground coffin…’deep down they are good people'(sarc), and a whole new world is established… without them. The End.

    • CommonCents,
      That scenario would leave too many missile silos and military bases intact for the safety of the aggressors. No one on the planet doesn’t recognize this country’s willingness to decimate millions with nuclear weapons. Of course, for all that everyone on here is pretty much American, the desire to destroy America insteadof Kim Jung Un is a bit curious.

  19. Plan twice, prep once says:

    I’m not so worried about N Koreans as long as the FBI is roaming the countryside murdering unarmed ranchers and then planting guns on them.

    I’m far more likely to be assassinated in a roadside firing squad by police stopping me for a cracked tail light, than to die at the hands of a foreign government.

    N Korea plays neighborhood bad boy to get handouts from the three major global powers. If they behaved they’d get nothing. If N Korea committed such an act of war, they’d get nothing. If they continue the bad boy act they keep getting handouts in a world of collapsing economies.

    • Plan Twice Prep Once
      Read up on genocide. Every person on this planet is more likely to be killed by their own government. When you see how fine upstanding citizens talk genicide.

      • Rebecca – I think the new “health care laws” are a prime example of what you say. Good doctors are quitting in droves, longer waits to get in for medical care, ever-increasing restrictions on what treatments, physicians and prescriptions that insurance will allow. Sit around a CVS or other drug store for a while and odds are you won’t have to wait long to hear at least one person upset that they cannot get a script they need filled. We have to see doctors more often now to get refills on long-term meds, even though the script will remain the same and the waits and choices of doctors to see, shrinks. Even 24-hour pharmacies are disappearing. It would seem that the entire still-undisclosed contents of this law, which was the president’s HUGEST push throughout his career in D.C., has been to instill this as a method of population control.

        Yet it is all so subtle and so effectively covered over by all of the suspiciously timed news stories about missing planes and shootings, etc, that even David Copperfield would have to work hard to top this sleight-of-hand.

        Of course, these distractions also redirect our attention from other equally concerning things.

        One way to confirm this is by reading these articles and comments that mostly speak in future tense. Fear is, we will wake up one day and realize that it already has happened.

        We The People….were asleep…

        • Hi Bx,
          I think it already happened.
          As far as Obamacare, it was written by a Republican think tank. I don’t know anyone who has read it. it dates back to a period when the insurance industry was hiring law firms like mine to write insurance requirement laws then paying government officials to make them law. Auto insurance went through fairly smoothly, health coverage did not. I fought this in Texas, but it was pushed through by Republicans on the anti Mexican sentiment.. them god damned Meskins need to insure mah Mercedes Benz! I said insure your own god damned Mercedes Benz! There were already reckless driving laws in place with stiff penalties.
          Romney got the Republican Think Tank insurance subsidy through. Then Obama. Funny thing, the entire thing was written as an insurance company bailout. That is what it still is. Greedy btards that they are, they will howl like banshees so they don’t get the blame for what they paid to have written and the Republican who initially sponsored it won’t be blamed. Omaha will carry the cross! Insurance companies will howl and get more money.
          it is not nor was it intended to be a social program. Fascism at its finest. Oligarchy throws dirt in our faces and we all scream commie! In unison. Snort.

        • Bx,
          I have been in a battle with Monsanto for decades. The toss trillions of pounds of poison on us annually. Not to mention feeding us GMO foods. They are as evil as I have seen. They own the FDA and USDA both. Even so, we had them on the mat in 2010… until Bill Gates came in with $23 million from his Foundation and saved them. He is partnering with them all over the world. You believe Bill Gates eats GMO foods?

          Monsanto has spread male plant infertility via hybrid seeds. Massive problem.

  20. Sierra Dave says:

    The timing would be right as our(The West) markets and economies are tanking. The East might have the mad dog NK do it so they don’t get the blame. They have to know time is short for us. So take us out now before we initiate something against them.

  21. KCgirl says:

    The EMP impact map above, along with many others….has my hometown (Kansas City) as the center of the impact. Perhaps I’m trying to hide from the truth….but it’s hard for me to foresee NK, or any other foreign entitity wanting to impact the middle of the country. For maximum impact, wouldn’t they want a direct hit to the coasts, where the population masses are greatest? I know it’s likely an elementary question in EMP scenarios, but I’d love to hear any theories! Thanks!

    • KC girl,
      It shows the range. One problem with direct coastal strikes is most of the “juice” falls in the ocean. Innefective. Do I think KC is important in the scheme of things? Not really. Center strike would be important to take out missile silos all around you. Me? I am pretty close to the nuclear arsenal in New Mexico. At best I will be I instant1800s. That Iis whatI am prepping for. I just ordered hundreds in seeds. As well adapted to my climate e and no irrigation as I can get.

  22. Never will happen says:

    I always hear you guys talk so much trash about the USA.. Ya little shit head Kim joyfukstick shoots a emp at USA. USA goes dark for let’s say 1 year at most, more likely 2-5 weeks max. However what do you think happens to the rest of the world. Africa starves to death, North Korea is nuked off the planet, China is nuked off the planet to cover our asses just in case and they probably played a role. Russia has no one to support its commodity based economy and falls apart,best case.. Most likely they get nuked too, just because everyone is screwed so Let’s empty a nuke sub or two on them as well. Europe falls apart, but not after every sand potato country is nuked by Israel… World Ends and the cockroaches inherit the earth the end.. USA is the most powerful country on the planet, our nukes and army would crush anyone in an ALL out War…Any emp/nuke attack on USA would be death sentence for all of humanity

  23. This site is soo full of crap!!!

  24. truebeliever kjv says:


    • nexusxyz says:

      Caps key problem…no one wants to read.

    • Foxglove666 says:

      Syntax, grammar and punctuation would be nice too…….

    • Philosopher says:

      Wall of text, no paragraphs. all caps, no punctuation: epic fail.

    • York Lumsey says:

      Yow. All caps = continuous screaming.
      Can’t spell “opposing” (apposing)
      Can’t spell “Christian” (Christain – I thought you should be at least able to spell your religion…..
      Can’t spell “vengeance” (vengence)
      Can’t spell “defeated” (defeted)
      Can’t spell “gospel” (gosple)
      The correct phrase is “Death where is thy sting”

      This is the kinda crap that scares people away from religion… screaming like a fundamentalist, parrot-like ranting the same old schlep like a fanatic on meth-laced acid. It just puts the “mental” in “fundamentalist”.
      Tone down the rhetoric, stop screaming like you’re on a soapbox, learn to spell, and just go out and volunteer to help down at the local shelter to get in touch with people again.
      Or not. Your call.

  25. Big blue drew says:

    Personally I am not sureObama would retaliate at all ,if such an event occurred , or if he did it would be minimal. What is the calculus in Bejing, Moscow and Iran if they perceive Obama too weak to push the button. Would somebody decide to”go for it”. As for NK who has any idea what those folks are thinking. We are closer to nuclear war than any time since Cuban Missle Crisis IMO. Read a book, ” The Winds of August” re entry about the run up to WW1, very striking similarities to world situation today.

    • Philosopher says:

      Thanks for the book title, added it to my list.

      I agree. I think if there are tactical nukes launched as EMPs it would be a cluster fuck. As to figuring out “who dunnit?” that would be a joke. I am guessing some factions within the US goverment would know. Would they actually tell us, the little people? I doubt it.

  26. Big blue drew says:

    Sorry I was typing too fast, ” The Guns of August”.

  27. Sean says:

    Neither North Korea or Iran is capable of this. Nor would they do it, as American subs would immediately destroy their countries. NK is bit crazy. Not suicidal. Seriously, the Tridents would be in the air in seconds.

  28. nexusxyz says:

    Maybe the US will EMP itself….the ultimate false flag.

    • Feisty Old Broad says:

      The US (and/or affiliates) could very well set an EMP off in a location of their design…of course, it would not be JUST OUR GOV’T starting the chain reaction, it would be those who are escalating the events leading to NWO, and, of course, it would give obama the opportunity to remain on as “supreme leader” and declare martial law….it would most likely happen right before the election and would be perfect timing as Winter would soon be upon US……this scenario would not surprise me whatsoever….

  29. Hoosier says:

    Here’s another scenario. With negative interest rates being considered by the FED, and the idea of a cashless, digital monetary system gaining traction, it would make me wonder if an EMP would cut off all those accounts from being able to be accessed for the backhanded taxation/confiscation by the govt. An EMP would seem counterintuitive. If I were a banker/govt I’d want access to every account possible.
    However, a localized EMP could be used to bring about a martial law situation or a call for a means of EMP defense.
    But a nationally effective EMP could reduce population if that were a goal. Lots of scenarios. I personally think the “elites” want the grid intact to get the digital currency incorporated and thus access to all of our accounts. And just as a side note, it appears to me that there must be some grid operational in light of the reference found in Revelation 13 regarding no man buying or selling without the mark. Hope this sets us all to thinking.
    Have a good one!

  30. southside says:

    Good post. Just yesterday I went shopping and filled my cart with canned goods. I got the strangest looks at check-out. Next paycheck:ammo

    • Southside,
      I just bought $200 worth of seeds, all types, everything adapted to my mountain garden. Plus I save seeds. Ordered online, but I best the post office will look at me funny when I have to sign for all of them! Especially since gardening is supposed to be “impossible” up here.

  31. York Lumsey says:

    We’ve been building some bug-out cache lockers on a guy’s private 50-acre forested property in the mid-Muskoka area of Ontario. Lockable doors, units 3′ wide x 3′ high x 5.5′ long, three in a row, camo’d & mounted into hillsides. We got our goods locked in one of these, weatherproof, waterproof, earthquake-proof, & damn near bomb-proof. Just in case, y’know?
    A few more being built over the next springtime. If y’all know anyone interested in securing a hardened cache-locker, just get in touch.

  32. Sailing Jim says:

    Well, like it or not, believe it or not.

    They launched “something” tonight, only time will tell if it’s a bad as some predict it to be or not.

    MSM coverage is better than expected, I wonder what breaking news, if any we’ll have on this in the morning.

    Sleep well!!

  33. A Farmer says:

    EMP maybe… dunno what it is… prolly nothing. I guess, I’ll buy it when I see it if ‘the huge bad thing’ is going to happen. I know this much, the things that kick your butt you never see coming and all this talk means we can see this…

    It wouldn’t make much sense to do this anyway. The US is loaded with natural resources and in order to gain those resources you have to keep the environment habitable. EMP renders the US and prolly most of the northern hemisphere uninhabitable 30 to 90 days after the event. 100 plus of our own lil Fukushimas all over the country. Why 30 to 90 days? Diesel fuel. If EMP does KO the electrics of the nation like they say it will, then all the cooling pumps for all those nuke electric plants swap their loads over to diesel gen sets. Those Cat and Cummins motors have about 30 to 90 days of fuel on site, depending on the site, after that, they stop turning. When they stop, the pumps stop and the melt downs begin.

    It would get the job done though. 30 – 90 days without power would kill alot of people. It would crisis enough to scrap any thoughts of liberty in the minds of the masses. Slaves we become, mining those resources for those who want them. End of Line.