Uncensored RAW VIDEO: Russian Ambassador Shot Dead In Turkey

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Headline News | 105 comments

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    Russian Ambassador Ambassador Andrei Karlov has been shot dead in Turkey. Initial reports indicate the assassin is a Turkish police officer.

    The assassination comes just days before Russia was set to host a meeting on the Syrian crisis with Turkish officials.

    The assassination and aftermath were captured on camera, with video showing Mr Karlov speaking at a podium before falling to the floor as gunshots were heard.

    Photos showed the attacker, wearing a black suit and tie, standing behind Mr Karlov with his hands clasped before pulling out a handgun in his right hand and opening fire.

    The gunman extended his right arm and pointed the gun at Mr Karlov, and then gestured with his left index finger pointed into the air after shooting the ambassador multiple times.

    Last year Turkey shot down a Russian jet causing a major diplomatic crisis.

    The shooting of Andrei Karlov could further destabilize relations in the region.

    Russia is no doubt on war footing as it investigates the incident.


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      1. A pissed off Hillery supporter.

        • gun control, hitting what you aim at.

          Am I seeing this right, do the cartridges eject from the left side of the action?

          • Looks like a Glock.

            • At the top: “the assassin is a Turkish police offer.” ?? You mean Police Officer? I don’t think the Russian Ambassador was give any offer, before he was shot. ha.

              • missed that one! thanks Zeus.

                • Mac, according to a MSM report I saw, the shooter was a member of Ankara’s riot police squad for 2 years. Now Turkey’s internal security forces infiltrated by Islamic nutjobs.

                • Thank God for islam…

              • Hey thanks for editing the editors editorial.

              • Was given*

            • You could see the bullets exiting the left side of the Ambassador, when the shirt pulls out from the torso before he fell. Well that’s sucks. Turkey has a lot of nut jobs there also. Why was he not surrounded by his own body guards?

              • This man fell to the ground and…died. That is exactly how it happens in Hollywood. However, those who are not naiive know that is not what happens.
                The instinct to live kicks in and as a result, fight or flight, neither of which was a result of this man being shot. Not a twitch, not a gasp for breath, nothing going on here. This poor guy didn’t even get to soil himself.
                I call BS on this video if not the whole story.

            • Nope. In other still shots you can see the slide is polygonal. I would say a Walther P99 off the top of my head.

            • thats not a glock fool. you dont even know what youre talking about. its a sig 226 or a sig copy. christ

              • Nope, the Turks manufacture their own handguns, in very modern factories. It’s not a Glock, Walter, or anything else other than Turkish pistol design.

          • Yes they do

        • An islamic savage murdering someone. A common thing for them.

          • looks like you fell for the oldest trick in the book. grow up.

            • Yea Jimmy, scum muslims are peaceful innocents. Go fuck yourself!

              • Ha,,, good one, merry Christmas eh

          • “islamic savage”… You are just being repetitive, islamic = savage, one in the same.


          • SK hates the reality he lives in

        • Ah yes…..Islam….the religion of peace.

          We should turn every muslim country in the world into glass parking lots.

          Hitler shipped the wrong people in cattle cars to the death camps.

      2. This guy looks like Mossad trained. He even looks like one of them. Russia should use nukes to clean up the land of virus and human waste named Israel.

        • You should have your mouth scrubbed out with a .50…

          • SK, After I scrubbed your and your entire family.

            • Hey Stolz, Id shank you with the sharpened end of a pigs rib before you knew what hit you. Send you right to mohammeds hell with 72 virgin men. Coward son of the pedophile mohamed.

          • Truth hurts apparently !!!

        • TROLL ALERT !!!

          • Ya think?

      3. Terrible violent world. Human life has value.

        What did the shooter say? Why did he do it?


      4. The shooter said, Allah Akbar. Or so it’s claimed. He may have been a police officer. He supposedly used police ID to get through security. Turkey is enjoying their own form of diversity, lately. ISIS bombings. Kurdish bombings.

        • I’m going to go play with my jihad joe dolls now (filled with tannerite) 🙂

      5. So, is it just me or is EVERYONE missing the fact that there is NO BLOOD? This whole thing looks like a false flag. To what end, who knows.

        • Heart stops pumping if you die right away. The photo isn’t the best. Not very close. Not everything is a conspiracy.

          • Same thing Ive been saying too. If the bullet exits the chest it would leave a small amount of tissue and blood.

        • The last time I saw someone die, the bullet went in through his right temple and came out behind his left ear. I was amazed at the enormous amount of blood. The first body that I had to check was a woman who shot herself in the heart. There was exactly, one drop of blood.
          The head shot took about half an hour to die, the heart shot was immediate. The amount of blood often depends on how long it takes for death to occur.

        • Totally fake since he was also apparently shot many times. It didn’t go over my head.

      6. Let’s hope the Turks handle this situation right. If they don’t, then Putin has every right to wipe them out. Last time I checked killing someone’s ambassador can be considered as an act of war. The shooter may have been an ISIS or Al-Qaeda sympathizer.

        • Mark 07/01/17 on your calendar, because that’s when the RS-28 Sarmat goes into service. Something tells me there’s going to be one with Turkey’s name on it. Turkey, wiped off the face of the earth like shit off of an asshole, sounds like a good day for the world to me.

          • Yea, there goes obummers moderate terrorist

        • “The shooter may have been an ISIS or Al-Qaeda sympathizer.”

          Turkey itself is arming and fueling ISIS. Turkey has a lot to gain with regime change in Syria. Is this guy a lone nut or part of bigger conspiracy? There is a lot of money and power on the line with Syria. All that is certain is Russia wasn’t behind it. That leaves the US, Turkey, Israel, Saudi and Islamic Fundamentalists as potential culprits. Thats one group of strange bedfellows but common interests of money and power have a way of unifying even the most diverse and disliked.

          • Wrong, Arab the one who arming and fueling ISIS, Egypt Fueling and Arming AL-Qaeda, or that is what I read

      7. To me it looks FAKE! No blood even when victim is on floor no bleeding out. No hits are shown on victim either after ALL those shots. If hit in the head we would have seen blood splatters. No blood splattering at all anywhere in a white room. C’mon!!!!! This is to justify a war? Again this looks ALL FAKE! Boy are the globalists pushing for WWIII and want the people of earth to swallow their LIES and fake crap.

        • No shells on the floor either

        • They want us to believe their shit…this is all hollywood crap.

      8. You jihadist that try that shit in my city, see how we respond.


      9. I bet they now turn to Televised meetings and negotiations instead of in person. I bet Putin is really Pissed over this. Watch the Russian bombs drop on Turkey as repayment.

        • Zeus, the shooter supposedly died in a shootout with Turkish police and Ankara has been in contact with Moscow over this affair. It looks like turkey is handling it right.

          • Fried Turkey for xmas dinner???

            • Nukerowaved

      10. Hillary supporters are gonna be pissed, there are 1.6 million more of them than you!

        Putin and Russia got their man, we didn’t

        • Only problem is they are communists with no arms. See how that works for ya lol. Oh and mostly women and limp wristed pansies, What ya gonna do? Hit us with your purse 😛

          • Yup, how many ya think that ball ammo will poke through

          • Don’t mistake the fairies and snoflakes for the real left. They are viscious and ruthless in the tradition of Stalin, Mao and the Khmer Rouge.

      11. Lets hope Trump appoint’s Hillary as Ambassador to Libya. That would be fitting.

        • yeah hope she needs help one night and has to call DC.

        • Hiliary, Ambassador to Libya, yes that would be perfect.

          • and everyone receiving her call would either be asleep, or say “At this point, what does it matter?”

          • @BlackMoe….

            Exactly! And for security staff she can have her pick of a dozen snowflakes. Arm them with coloring books, playdough, puppies and lattes.

      12. According to Turkish NTV media outlet, the shooter was killed by Turkish police. Ankara and Moscow are supposedly in contact with each other over the incident. My condolences to the family and friends of that Russian ambassador.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart,

          Amen to that,
          and Muslims are peaceful !! LOL

          • Apache54, all Muslims need to be sent to allah.

          • May all Muslims rest in pieces.

      13. Not buying the narrative.

        The entire region from syria, turkey,(new, again) serbia, poland, ukraine, lithuania and latvia where major nato exercises are currently ongoing. Ukraine nationalized its banks this past weekend(backed by US Dollar, shhh). Look at a map on this.

        The turkey assaination just supposedly happens at noon est. while electors are starting to cast votes?

        Small contingent of US forces and Turkey met up last weekend just after Russia said Aleppo was safe for return.? Also during that supossed coup attempt a couple of months back in Turkey a US Airbase was held by Turkey for several days, and crickets in the MSM!

        EU and certain Elitist (you should know who they are)do not profit from a safe Syria where migrants can return. Also this stands to upset a certain persons apple cart. Remember it was 9 months after January 20 the last major attack.

        For anyone who likes history go back and look at the history of the countries mentioned above up to current events. Extremely interesting! Do not overlook this stuff. Chess is beign played.

        I wish for a Fantasy News site where stories of Russia taking Turkey and making Constaninople Christian again!

        • eagle1

          “How convenient”, Church Lady Saturday Night Live.

          I don’t buy the official narrative either, too timely.

          “All the world is a stage”. William Shakespeare

        • I urge everyone to look at George Webb series of videos titled “where is Eric Braverman. He pieces together all the players lead by the clintons and exactly how they toppled Libya and divided the spoils between friends of Clintons and what they are attempting in Syria. Follow the money. Its all about oil pipelines and arms. Its absolutely stunning. Dont believe a thing our MSM tells you on Syria, its all bullshit. They are desperate(us, saudi, isreal, nato, soros) to provoke Russia and pulling us into direct conflict with them.

      14. Russian Ambassador Shot Dead In Turkey

        H’mm … gee … I wonder what country benefits from such an atrocity?

        CIA/MOSSAD involvement? … chances are … more than likely.

        • Another victim of state of the art mind control. He had no free will after the wires and IV lines were attached.

      15. They want to scare Putin…

        • I don’t think he frightens easily. They are provoking Putin for a response prior to Trump taking office to facilitate a hostile international environment that Trump will find difficult to extricate the US from. They’re setting the stage. If this doesn’t work there will be another provocation quite possibly “justified” as a retaliation for the bogus Russian hacking. This action actually reinforces the hacking allegation for the weak minded; “Obama wouldn’t do that unless he had real proof”.

          The above is just one problem of many to come that they will intentionally allow or create. Just wait for the economic landmines they lay in front, right and certainly left.

        • Scare? This will just piss him off

      16. Russian, Turkish Negotiations On Syria Not Cancelled Despite Ambassador’s Murder

        The Turkish Foreign Ministry has confirmed that trilateral Russian, Turkish and Iranian negotiations on Syria won’t be delayed despite the murder of Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov.

        A Turkish foreign ministry official told reporters on Monday, “(The meeting) will be to understand the views of all three sides, laying out where we all stand and discuss where we go from here…It is not a miracle meeting, but will give all sides a chance to listen to each other.”

        Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters that the leaders, “Hope to speak in detail and concrete terms with those who can really bring about an improvement in the situation on the ground, while our Western partners are busier with rhetoric and propaganda and aren’t influencing those who listen to them.”

        Reports have Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu en route to Moscow when he got word of Karlov’s death, which occurred as the ambassador was giving a speech at an art gallery in Ankara.

        source: SPUTNIKnews

        As I said above — “who benefits from this atrocity?”

        An obvious attempt to deter these negotiations between these three countries – as the West’s attempt to continue to overthrow Assad and further destruction of the Middle East.

        Fk’n pathetic!

      17. And now a truck crashes into folks killing 9 at a Berlin open air market that sells a lot of gift stuff,am sure,just a accident as police asking folks to stay home and not spread “rumors”!

        Obviously a unhinged Russian attacking Germany for the act of Germany killing Russian ambassador!

        Nope,not terrorism,nope!

        • Probably just a woman driver on her cell phone lol.

      18. I am not seeing the cause of a world war here. Another hate crime, yes. WW3 no.

      19. Donald Trump has been severely criticized for suggesting that the US should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic groups, nationalities, and even people of certain “religions” i.e. mzlmz.

        The McCarran-Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the President, whenever the President finds that the entry of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States. The President may, by proclamation, and for such a period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose any restrictions on the entry of aliens he may deem to be appropriate.”

        McCarran, speaking in the Senate on March 2, 1953:
        “I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished. I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors…..

        “However, we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain. The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States. …

        “I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation’s downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation.”

        Since the unholy Q-Book forbids mzlmz to swear allegiance to the US Constitution, then ALL mzlmz should be refused immigration to the USA.

        • Sarge

          Very well written with not an excess word nor the omission of any revenant information.

      20. CIA covert ops. Trying to drive a wedge between Russia and Turkey.

        Shooter was fired from police during purge after failed CIA coup months ago. He was a “Gulenite”. You know, the jihadi based in Pennsylvania and wanted for extradition by Turkey that the US won’t turn over.

        The CIA was no doubt behind the shooting down of the Russian fighter, too.

        The liberation of Aleppo is considered a failure for CIA plans for Syria and the Middle East in general. They got their claws out now.

        Russia, Syria, Iran and now Turkey are on the spook’s shit list. Expect the rhetoric to ramp up along with the false flags.

        I expect this will be flagged as “fake news”

      21. It’s a planed false flag attack. Go back a number of months ago in the fallout in turkey coup then turkey leader becomes friends with putin. now all of a sudden today since turkey is part of Nato yep it’s a false flag attack to set up USA & NATO for possible WW3 or maybe something. just saying

      22. NWO bs

      23. Kevin2
        Assad asked Russia for help because he did not want the pipeline in the direction that the EU/US wanted.
        Remember when Potus and Mccain chewed out the American people for not supporting the false narrative of Assad gassing his own people? Huge margins 89% said, NO”! They were so angry.
        Next thing we know troops are in northern Jordan training isis I mean rebels to fight against Assad. I heard over last weekend that the gassing can be proved to have been US.

        If you dig you will find this out. I guess the Democrats/Elite Neocons think evryone has short term memory loss. EU wanted the alternative fuel instead of Russia’s. Russia has been again had sanctions applied to it by the EU.

        Pay to Play! Clinton, Soros, Saudi, etc… Part of Arab Spring and the replecement of the locals in Western Europe. The last part is what excited the Potus. I remember hearing him use the Civil Rights jargon when he supported the Ilegal Migration in the EU. I felt likeI needed an airsick bag. EU and Merkel said Great I mean fell for it.

        Bunch of Jerks!
        At this time the EU/Nato/US has troops spanning central Europe from North to South.
        FYI: I think Potus gave the drone to China.

        • eagle1

          I’m well aware of the pipeline but I think you have it backwards. Russia is assisting Assad because he is blocking the pipeline from Qatar through Syria into Turkey to supply natural gas to Europe. Such a pipeline would compete with Russia’s natural gas sale to Europe. The Ukrainian government was overthrown by the US to control Russia’s sale of natural gas to Europe. Georgia had problems due to oil pipeline access. Russia derives slightly over 50% of its GDP from energy sales. That certainly qualifies as a vital national interest. The goal of the west is to financially strangle Russia and thus exercise control over them.

          The globalists want control the entire planet along with its inhabitants.

      24. I am no fan of Russia, but I am wondering what Putin will do next, since that lunatic just killed his buddy. I believe that Erdogan was behind that attack.. he claims that he was not responsible for downing the Russian fighter bomber SU 24.
        Now the Turks have striked again.. this time even a worst type of attack, 5 shots into the back of the ambassador.. that was a Brutal slaying..can you imagine if the UN,and the muslim organization that it is along with Clinton, can you imagine what they would do to us, when they get here…no wonder they were trying to convince us to give up the guns..guys I am still prepping and getting ready. Look at the timing of this incident, so what happens between now and the inaugural day..this is why I was told that hour laughing stops this year, then what I was told was, the war starts in 2017…economist V is right, we are in deep shit..can it be stopped?


        • “I believe that Erdogan was behind that attack.”

          Turkey wouldn’t do squat to Russia without US approval. Go rogue against the US and you end up overthrown. Ask Gadaffi and Saddam.

      25. Cowards have a history of shooting people in the back. Oh this well planned. They will pay for this.

      26. could be a sarsilmaz k2 pistol, turkish after all… : ) meh, end of barrel’s not finished, just lopped off, tooling indicator, nothing good will come from this crap, as with all the rest… : /

        • That is exactly what that pistol is. The armchair commandos don’t have a clue as to what the Turkish military and police actually issue their people.
          Good spot, and comment.

      27. Obama Says U.S. Will Retaliate for Russia’s Election Meddling


        “WASHINGTON — President Obama said on Thursday that the United States would retaliate for Russia’s efforts to influence the presidential election, asserting that “we need to take action,” and “we will.”

        The comments, in an interview with NPR, indicate that Mr. Obama, in his remaining weeks in office, will pursue either economic sanctions against Russia or perhaps some kind of response in cyberspace.

        Mr. Obama spoke as President-elect Donald J. Trump on Thursday again refused to accept Moscow’s culpability, asking on Twitter why the administration had waited “so long to act” if Russia “or some other entity” had carried out cyberattacks.

        The president discussed the potential for American retaliation with Steve Inskeep of NPR for an interview to air on Friday morning. “I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our election,” Mr. Obama said, “we need to take action. And we will — at the time and place of our choosing.”

      28. Another Russian official bites the dust:


        “THE head of a Russian foreign ministry department has been shot dead in Moscow, according to local media.

        The government has not yet confirmed the reports.

        A man’s body was found in an apartment with a gunshot wound to the head, REN TV reported.

        Two shells were found along with a gun under the sink in the kitchen, a source told the news outlet. They claimed the wife of the man was also in the apartment.

        Paramedics were filmed carrying a man wearing a white shirt into an ambulance.

        The news comes on a dramatic day after nine were killed by a truck driving into a Berlin Christmas market and a Turkish off-duty police officer pulled out a gun at an art exhibition in Ankara and killed Russia’s ambassador to the country, shouting: “Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!”

      29. Putin is already blaming the US for the assassination.

        A brilliant move after Obama blamed Hillary’s loss on the Russians.

        Which will garner more sympathy, Loser Hillary, or the brutal, horrible public murder of a Russian diplomat at an art show. Que the harps, puppies and Kittens.

        Obama really blew it with this CIA operation. What a loser.

      30. I see the Ambassador’s security was quick render assistance here. It’s not like Russia to leave their own hanging out like that.
        Smells fishy to me.
        I’m thinking this guy was the bait
        to make an excuse to start a war.

      31. Yes BB Man, I agree that POS Obama is behind this assassination of Russian Ambassador. He is really trying to stay as POTUS; and if he doesn’t get to stay he has warned President Trump that he will be keeping an eye on him. I’d like to know what kind of power he thinks he has as exprez. Will it be the Clinton type of leaving dead bodies around? I can see it coming now, won’t be long. Lock and load.

      32. The video lasts 52 seconds. The shooter is on-screen till the end after the shooting stops. I was gonna’ ask, where was security? Was this guy (the shooter) security?!!! No back up? No ambassadorial security detail? What’s that smell?!!!

      33. WTF? another one bits the dust. Wizard, thanks for the post, just saw that. Welcome the board. If this is the stuff that’s taking place right now, I wonder what to expect between now and January 20th. Martial law does not mean shit to me, and Americans. One red neck explained to me, since has has no teeth, that martial law means that its time to take the AR magazine and load it into the lower receiver. Even the dumb down ones will not be going along with this type of bullshit in our cities. You foreign militaries are going to meet some really nasty pissed off white men. We dear you all to try it. Your going to get your asses shot up. I cant even find fucking bird shot I my local Academy, much less knives. One lady I talk to all the time told me that cammo is selling a lot more than its ever been, A lot, that something is up. Looks like the boys are getting ready for open season year round. I tell you chi-coms, your allies have no earthly fucking idea how people operate in this country. If you sons of bitches ever try to stop Trump from getting in the White House, your going to have a lot of problems with the citizenry.

        American Resolve. Hey Brave and others, I got a video for you all to watch, you may need to get system like this one since you may have to clean up your streets.

        And as for chi-coms, this is what we will mince your asses with when you get to our cities. One phone call to the Taiwon president from Trump and you fucks are flying nuclear bombers around the island. America ain’t no fucking island.



        Self voluntary. Agency clown super moderator.

      34. The title of this page is “Uncensored RAW VIDEO:”. Where is the raw uncensored video?

      35. Agreed. This is fake. Where the fuck is his blood?

        He fell to the ground just like in Hollywood. Just like children playing dead with his arms and legs out to the side.

        Not trying to be insensitive, but this is nuts. Now they say he was shot up to 8 times and we have a couple angles of this and not a drop of blood?

        Where is the video of him actually dropping to the ground? All the video I see is him ducking and then it cuts to him on the ground.

        How do we know this isn’t fake or that he wasn’t wearing a vest? That he didn’t play along or didn’t play possum?

      36. The vest lapel is popped up…it implies an exit wound….if someone were to fake it, there would be blood..but they would not think of popping up the lapel.

      37. Also, I would be very interested in where the camera man is….someone just got assassinated in front of you, instead of leaving, you opted to zoom out…bare in mind, if the assassin is detail he had plenty of opportunity to kill him, but this opted to be public….

      38. I looked up the temprature of a bullet as it leaves a gun because for it to stand up like that…it would have had to be burned in place….I am reading that it could be 100 celsius….and I suspect he wore wool or cotton vs synthetics…. point I am making is that if you are going to fake it, you would use fake blood but you certainly wouldn’t think of faking the heat burning the clothing on an exit wound. Thereby making it stand up.

      39. My ultimate conclusion is that the vest had a synthetic like polyester or rayon in it. Moreover, I do not think it is a fake….since, if you were going to fake it, you could put blood packets on him, but who would ponder making a synthetic fibered vest stand up on an exit wound….if this is a fake, I am truly impressed.

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