Unbelievable: 4-Year-Old Gets Suspended for Bringing Empty .22 Casing to Preschool

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    The American school system has long abandoned its job of teaching the young. It’s not an exaggeration to say that our schools are little more than indoctrination centers. They don’t really prepare our children for the world. They just teach them to be scared, dependent, and to disregard any traditional value. And god forbid one of your boys does something even remotely masculine outside of a physical education class or a football field. In most schools, boys are treated far more harshly than girls are for their bad behaviour.

    And that may explain what happened to Hunter Jackson, a 4-year-old from Collinsville, Illinois who was attending preschool. During a visit with his grandpa, he picked up an empty .22 casing in a field and took it home with him. But when he took it to school to show his friends, all hell broke lose. The boy’s mother explained what happened in a Facebook post, which has since gone viral:

    Today, I picked up my happy little 4 yr old from preschool, at A Place to Grow, in Troy. My arrival was met with a stone faced teacher, who told me that Hunter brought a “shotgun bullet” to school. ? I was horrified. My kid? Who just spent the weekend learning gun safety?

    Well….when I was escorted to the office for a sit down. I was handed a tiny .22 empty brass casing. Not a “shotgun bullet”. He found it on the ground, expelled from a 22 Rifle over the weekend, while Hunter was target practicing with his Police Officer Grandpa. He was so excited, and snuck it to school to show his friends. We had no idea about it.

    I was handed a piece of paper. No words, just eyebrows raised in disgust at my son, explaining that his behavior warranted a 7 school day suspension. Which I still was expected to pay tuition for, of course. And a threat that if his enthusiasm for guns continued, he’d be permanently expelled…

    This wasn’t the first time that Hunter had gotten in trouble for something like this. Apparently he’s been warned before about turning toys into make-believe guns, which as we all know is pretty normal behaviour for little boys. That normal behaviour contributed to the school’s decision to suspend him.

    Think about how absurd this whole thing is. I didn’t even know that 4-year-old kids could get suspended. That seems like a punishment you give to older kids who actually have the mental capacity to plot and be malicious. It’s for kids that have a much firmer grasp of right and wrong, and what the rules are.

    How can a 4-year-old kid understand that he’s done something wrong in this instance? He didn’t hurt anyone or threaten anyone, nor did he put anyone in danger. He did something that’s completely innocent, and received a punishment that’s normally reserved for kids who actually hurt and threaten their peers. What does that teach him?

    Nothing, according to his mother, who had this to say when she was interviewed by the news:

    “[Hunter] just was wandering around in a field and picked up and put it in his pocket and didn’t tell his parents…it’s paranoia.  It’s something that’s become quite an epidemic where guns are automatically assumed that they’re bad…and I’m not sure how a 7-day suspension teaches my son anything about tolerance or anything about why he was wrong.  It just means his school doesn’t want him there because of things he enjoys,”

    I think what’s going on here is pretty obvious. It’s one thing for school staff to execute policy that they have no say in, but these teachers were so serious about what this kid did, and they were so ignorant about firearms in general. Clearly they’re biased against firearm ownership, and they’re passing that bias onto very young and impressionable kids.

    Like I said, schools aren’t places of learning anymore. They exist to indoctrinate.


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      1. What the heck is the world coming too.

        • Heaven forbid! A shot gun shell!!

          The mom should have told the true story about the woman who had just lost her husband and lived alone in a trailer. She was harassed by a disgusting man who kept making unwanted, inappropriate sexual comments to her and she was afraid. One night, he and another man came to her trailer, banging on the door. They wanted some —! (fill in the blanks). She called 911 and was told to wait until they broke the door down before taking action. So she waited until they broke into her trailer. She was waiting for them with a shot gun and killed them both.

          “Would you have rather the men been allowed into her trailer and raped her and perhaps killed her and her little boy?” That is what the mom should have asked these ignorant people. Then she should tell them she’s withdrawing her son from their stupid school.

        • This is what the US DoE has turned our schools into. They start the anti-gun fear mongering as early as possible… making it taboo to even have a gun. Imagine how uncomfortable the poor kid felt over absolutely nothing.

      2. It’s time to blame the parents, they want to start their Kids in Day Care when they’re 2 years old and keep them in school until they’re 25 in one of those Liberal Incubation Centers called College, and then we wonder why the country has gone to hell. Where are the Parents when its time to Protest the actions of these Liberal Teachers and Professors. It seems like all the women that want to keep on Murdering unborn babies can turn out for a protest when ever they think abortion could be stopped, so how about a hugh protest when ever they want to kick a 5 year old boy out for kissing a little girl or a 4 year old for bringing an MT .22 case to school or whenever some dumb school administrator wants to cater to some mentally ill kid that wants to use the wrong restroom. Conservatives have always been the Silent Majority and are pretty much apt to stay that way. Trekker Out

        • Oh… but you have to “Socialize” the kids… I’m Sorry… BUT WTF… Why in the HELL would I want my kids acting them those retarded brats in school now? Oh wait… I don’t… And so, I don’t WANT my kids socializing with the dregs of society.

          • who’d wanna live in Illinois anyway?

          • I saw this video a while back, and it doesn’t even cover all the b.s. that we have been lead to believe, though it cover a lot. They do get into the Nuremberg trials a bit too. I was looking for a specific Churchill quote, but by reading others of his it really gave me a better picture of him. He really didn’t like anyone too much. He had no good words for the American Indians, Dunkin Donut Indians, Arabs, Jews, or the Germans who he saw as cutting into his operation. But he liked Uncle Joe Stalin because the enemy of my enemy, is my friend.
            It’s been a while like I said. I think that they get into that issue too.

            Off topic: So how do you earn an emoticon. Do you have to either go along with the indoctrination and get a smiley, or if you dare fight it you get a frown?

          • Awesome Documentary!!! Can’t seem to find it on DVD anywhere?

        • A “shotgun bullet”? What a dumbass.

          • That one was what I couldn’t get past. The very combination of those words in this situation is wrong on about 5 different levels.

            How can adults who are this clueless about the point of a rule be entrusted with the authority to enforce it? Boggling.

            On the bright side, I no longer feel like QUITE such a dumbass when it comes to firearms. I had no clue there were people out there THAT dumb about issues they vociferously oppose and who still want to take those rights from others.

          • I was at the gun show today and walked past a huge sign in a booth that said “Assault Weapon Bag, complete with five pouches for clips”.

            It was a soft side case for an AR style weapon that held 5 magazines, ahhhhhhhh!

        • They would have had to have me escorted off the property. Because I would have “thrown a shoe” over this CRAP!!

        • One of the best articles I’ve ever read about the public schools. The first paragraph really says it all. If that day care expels the boy they would really be doing him and his parents a huge favor. The schools have race-based and gender-based double standards these days. Boys are truly treated far more harshly than girls. White students are treated far mar harshly than any and all ‘minority’ students. That started happening as soon as public schools were first integrated. I was in junior high when the transition took place and experienced some of it myself. parents need to get their kids out of public schools. Either get them into a private school or homeschool them. The schools don’t teach anything useful anymore. The curriculum is more PC crap than anything else.

      3. Four year olds are being raped by invaders. That is something to be concerned about; tens of thousands of men ages fifteen to forty five with IQs as low as fifty to sixty, which is serious retardation, with instructions to rape.

        And guess what, they are here. They are continuing to come in with the finances of Soros, ie the Rothschild Banksters. This is war against the United States.

        9mm gun is not sufficient in dealing with these mentally ill and mentally retarded soldiers for a criminal ideology of HATE for CHRIST SONS, for White Western, and other black and Middle Eastern human beings not part of the group they are part of. They travel in packs like wild dogs. That is a problem.

        This four year old boy is a victim. The school is wrong! Dead wrong!!!


        • Nice pin strike on the casing. Strong spring! And the 9mm is plenty capable of flipping a hopped-up muzzie backwards if you feed it with the right ammo. Hornady Critical Defense +P. I only use ball ammo at the range.

          • Beyond that, the particular rube who called it a shotgun shell, aught to be required to take a nomenclature seminar on firearms and ammo for proper identification. Then kick his Nazi ass.

          • PO’d Patriot, damn right about the 9mm. I’ve tested that same ammo in my Taurus PT111 with no problems. I also only use ball ammo at the range. That’s the only thing ball ammo is meant for; target practice. 9mm is just enough to put down a muzzie or any other POS.

          • ‘Critical Duty’ is actually the hotter round. ‘Critical Defense’ is made for shorter barreled lighter pistols, and has less penetration through all types of things that get in the way of it. But the choice is yours. I’ve been doing a little research on these specialty rounds and I don’t see the worth of them compared to your run of the mill HP’s made by name brand manufacturers.
            And are you sure it was Critical Defense that you meant. I don’t think they would want to make that application in a +P myself.

            • Damn you’re right it is Critical Duty. Couldn’t find the boxes at first and checked the head stamp in the mag and it was a +P. Then came across the C Duty boxes. Need to label them ammo cans. Thanks for the correction.

        • Agreed 100%……The teachers and courts are only concerned with their own agenda!

        • Again, have your AR’s ready to go at a moments notice, magazines loaded, plenty of ammo, water, food, etc. Something has got to give folks. It just cannot continue like this. It is so damn outrageous and disgustingly fouled up from top to bottom. I was born in the 70’s and it has done Nothing but go downhill ever since and done it damn fast boys!!

      4. Words fail me at the stupidity of this school..

      5. We need to give more (all) kids some lessons on weapons safety and let them fill their pockets on spent shell casings and then send them to (back to) school.
        Would it send a message? Yep.

        • No!! I am done with bending over. Those days are done in my god damned book. It’s time for major changes of a different form of radical change…

          • CC, welcome aboard. I NEVER bend over for anything, period. You’ve come to the right place.

      6. They did the author a favor…..now get the kid out of that pansy assed excuse for a school, take the responsibility to teach him at home, and you’ll have a real human at the end of the process instead of a limp wristed liberal POS.

      7. I think its time to take a coffee can full of spent 22LR casings and sneak onto the playground early one Sunday morning at about 1AM and take handfuls of them and fling them EVERYWHAT!

        There’s BS and then there’s BS. Ignorant. Unprofessional. Moronic. Stupid. …and at the base of it all, anti-2A!

        You cannot have global governance when you have a population of 300 million citizens who have not had their right to keep and bear arms stolen. The rest of the world has been lied to and conned into giving up the right. They’re still working on us.

        I don’t consider this a political debate. I consider this the confrontation of evil and when confronted with evil my standard solution is to either destroy it in an unhinged violent manner or to punch holes in it.

        These people at this school are the useful idiots of a section of society that is breaking the law. The globalists can’t steal the rights of the adults so they indoctrinate the kids so it doesn’t seem quite so criminal. “Like stealing candy from a baby.” In 20 years, if we don’t reverse this BS, our grandkids will think it is their duty to go to the gun buyback and trade their great great great grandpa’s twist steel 20ga double barrel for a McDonalds Happy Meal gift card!

        There are several above that blame parents, and its true. But, all of society has morphed into this non-traditional cesspool that takes everyone away from home and puts them in a career or school that has been created by globalist reformists in the attempt to weaken the United States, our society, our communities and our families. The idea of family competes with everything the globalists want.


        • NetRanger, Braveheart reads you loud and clear. Good post.

        • All their education plans were exposed by Charlotte Iserbyt in her book “The Dumbing Down of America”. She even explains how the people who resist are co-opted. Everyone is seduced and then controlled by group thinking. As you can see that anyone today, that goes against ‘the group’, is isolated and scorned. And that’s in any group. Even if it’s in your local club. I guess it can be compared to gang stalking. It’s what your basic psychopath does without reading any books on how to do it. It’s only the non-psychos that need to be trained to act in the same way.
          While in this case going after the kids trains the parents too.

      8. I guess the idiots running the schools have never seen either end of a gun and my goodness how can you harm someone with a spent shell casing? You can be arrested in the District of Columbia for having shell casings on you too!

        • This country is a massive train wreck and will just continue to go down the proverbial drain. And DC is a huge Toilet. I avoid the place like the plague and I live close.

          • CC, I used to live and work on the east coast in my younger days and been to DC several times so I know what you mean.

      9. How much you want to bet ..,, this woman will be bringing her kid back there after the 7 day detention?( I didnt hear her once say this was a broken straw with her , she seemed very dismissive )
        Because she wont have the the courage to protect her child from the beginnings of his indoctrination into the government brainwashing machine

        Also she will do and follow all the requests of CPS rather than telling them to go pound sand and to GTF off her lawn !

        And instead of getting the message and homeschooling the kid from here on out .. he will become a product of our failing schools and education system of this country

        • Our schools are NOT failing! They are doing EXACTLY what they were established and INTENDED to do. We had schools that actually enabled education before government at the state, and later federal, level made schooling (as opposed to education) compulsory. Originally, in Prussia where the concept of compulsory public schooling originated, the purpose was, “to ensure that ONLY the children of the ruling class would be educated”. All others would be trained to be obedient citizens under the rule of the existing royalty at the time, and compliant wage slaves of the corporate and business class to enable sufficient productivity to enable the rulers to enjoy the luxurious life. The worst of this system was brought to this country early on during the Industrial Revolution, first in Massachusetts, and then by degrees throughout the rest of the country. Now, we plainly see what has been created; there is near universal agreement that our schools are “failing”. I see schools as a great success. The proof of that lies in the fact that every time the schooling hierarchy asks for more money to make the schools still worse, we fall all over ourselves to vote them money to do just that. Yep! We’re mostly all dumber than hell now! It worked!

      10. My children were home schooled and took there guns out at recess to target practice. They knew how to dis-assemble and clean an AK47 and M-16. They had to go to college when they were only 16 years old because we could not teach them the advanced calculus, physics and chemistry that they would need later on in life.

      11. This incident should surprise no one if they are up on societies collapse. As the book “The Forth Turning” by William Strauss and Neil Howe said in 1997 we are living in the era of crisis where Americas institutions have collapsed. This is not about blaming mothers, fathers or grand parents. We are watching the modern Rome burn before our eyes. The best we can do is prepare for the barbarians to come…

      12. You think this is bad? Check this story out:

        I am certified to teach in IL., Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. My undergrad in education at was one mass of leftist propaganda, including them assigning Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in one class, and the 55 yr old, long haired head of the Education Dept. (as told to me by a disgusted female TA) dancing naked at one faculty party (this was in the late 1970s). I finally got a clue when I learned that the NEA voted, at one of their meeting in the 1980s, to support the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Yep… supporting the Sandinistas was one of their agenda items.

        “A teenage boy was told by his principal that he had to “tolerate” undressing in front of a female student and to make it as “natural” as possible, according to a blockbuster lawsuit filed in a Pennsylvania federal district court.The lawsuit, filed Tuesday by Alliance Defending Freedom and Independence Law Center, alleges the Boyertown Area School District shamed the teenage boy and violated his personal privacy. They are also alleging sexual harassment.“No school should rob any student of this legally protected personal privacy,” ILC attorney Randall Wenger said. “We trust that our children won’t be forced into emotionally vulnerable situations like this when they are in the care of our schools because it’s a school’s duty to protect and respect the bodily privacy and dignity of all students.”

        “..Last Fall, the teen boy was standing in his underwear inside a locker room at Boyertown Area High School preparing to change for a physical education class. “He suddenly realized there was a member of the opposite sex changing with him in the locker room, who was at the time, wearing nothing but shorts and a bra,” the lawsuit states. The boy, along with several of his classmates reported the incident to Assistant Principal, named as a defendant.”

        “Dr. Foley indicated that the legality was up in the air but that students who mentally identify themselves with the opposite sex could choose the locker room and bathroom to use, and physical sex did not matter,” the lawsuit states. The teenage boy asked the assistant principal if there was anything that could be done to protect him from the situation. “Dr. Foley (“doctor” of what?? Propaganda? Cultural Marxism??) told Joel Doe to ‘tolerate’ it and to make it as ‘natural’ as he possibly can,” the lawsuit states. As the boy got up to leave the office, the assistant principal allegedly told the youngster to again “be as natural as possible.”

        Even more disturbing, parents were not told (remember.. the STATE owns your kids, not you!) of the school district’s decision to let students of one sex use the locker rooms and bathrooms of students of the opposite sex. “The District’s directive to Joel Doe was that he must change with students of the opposite sex, and make it as natural as possible, and that anything less would be intolerant and bullying ( no word yet from these fascist on THEIR bullying, of course) against students who profess a gender identity with the opposite sex,” the lawsuit states. The young man’s parents made an appointment to school leaders and were told that the district is “all-inclusive.” (Great. I identify as a porpoise. And as all other porpoises defecate in the water, I DEMAND permission to do the same. Or I will accuse the principal of “bullying.” )

        The lawsuit alleges that Foley told the boy’s parents their son could use the nurse’s office to change – if he had a problem changing in front of girls. Principal Brett Cooper, also a defendant, backed up the assistant principal’s solution. Supt Richard Faidley suggested if “Joel Doe was uncomfortable changing with those of the opposite sex, or with using the nurse’s office, then he could just withdraw from school and be home schooled.” The school district has yet to respond to the lawsuit. Should the school district be found guilty, they should immediately fire Faidley, Cooper and Foley. Their alleged behavior is beyond repulsive. But the lawsuit clearly illustrates the radical sex and gender narrative being forced on every public school locker room in the nation.
        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”
        • Charleton Heston
        Story above from https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2017/03/22/school-orders-boy-to-tolerate-undressing-with-girl-and-make-it-natural-n2302525?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad

        • My God, WTF? WTF? Those so called “educators” deserve to HANG, end of story. And all of the rest of the radical fruits deserve to hang as well. I am over it people.

          • CC,

            This is all Gramsci/Alinsky/Frankfurt school stuff – i.e, cultural Marxism. As Charleton Heston noted:

            “Modern media (and now the fascist left ed system) fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.””

            “Politics is downstream from culture.” — Andrew Breitbart

        • WAIT!! wait wait

          either this story is BS ( most likely not ) or the dean principal or what ever you call him is totally blind

          first off he says
          those students that mentally identify themselves with the opposite sex could choose the locker room and bathroom to use,

          but then he says
          if “Joel Doe was uncomfortable changing with those of the opposite sex,

          ok so what is the obvious problem here ??

          either you have boys and girls or you have screwed up fence posts right ??

          if you are a boy act like one LOL

          Joel doe should have raped the shit out of a little girl THEN he would have his fifteen mins of fame and attention

          make it natural HMMMMMM
          still trying to figure that one out


      13. Back in the 80’s, my high school had a special program giving students whom hunt an allowance to have their mornings off. Many would come in with blood stained shirts and stories to tell about their catch. Many of the seniors still had the guns in the racks in their trucks or trunks of their cars, while on school grounds.

        We lived out in the country and always had a loaded rifle by the door. I remember the local sheriff joking with my parents to make sure that the body is inside the house before he arrives, (less paperwork).

        We lived in the hunting areas. We allowed our partially disabled neighbor to shoot his catch of deer in the early mornings when they going after the feeding trough, near the fence. So long as he mended any broken fence and minded where the cows were before taking the shot.

        I don’t remember any stories or gossip about break in’s and shootings. We all slept with the windows open and doors unlocked. We’d often leave the keys in the trucks, with the engines running -during winter, when visiting the convenience mart.

        Once a year we’d butcher a cow for our own meat right in the upper pastor, near the house. I’ll never forget when a couple, from California, moved into the house across the street. When they witnessed the butcher hoisting the carcass into the air off a beam from the back of his truck. He then proceeded, to their horror, to drain, gut and skin. They immediately called the sheriff. Whom then called us to let us know that he was coming, and could we put on a pot a coffee for him. He then spoke with the new couple about the facts of life, came down to watch and shoot the breeze.

        That was my first exposure to people with programming. They were the only ones in the area to purchase a 10 acre track and NOT develop the land for any use.

        Leaving the farm and serving overseas was a culture shock for me. I was sick as dog for the first two weeks of boot camp. The doc explained that it was the food and that my body would adjust.

        I’ve taken care to limit the exposure of my kids to this programming. We cook everything from scratch. We eat from local farmers markets and organics. Fast food is a treat, not an everyday substance. I can literally taste and smell tainted food.

        My kids are at the top of their class, super intelligent, self-reliant, and complain to me about how dumb the others are. My daughter is now coming to me about issues with our Church, she doesn’t want to go – she doesn’t fit in. She’s catching on. Learning by example and direct observation is the only way. I didn’t teach them, nor could I teach them. They figured it out themselves. It’s natural law and genetics at work.

        The challenges that they will face…

        The sun rises. The sun sets in the land of free range inmates.

        • I truly hear what you are saying. I am just ashamed and disgusted and pissed and very concerned about the state of affairs of this country and what the shit-hole mess of garbage it has become. All people are worried about is taking care of the fruits, the illegals, the he/she’s and on and on. My God, how about we care for the “normal, hard working white folk” for a god damned change. This nation is destined for DEATH if this rash does not stop and stop yesterday.

        • I remember talking to an old guy, probably around 90 now, who went to school, if I recall correctly, in NYC somewhere. I hope I have the city right, but it is so long ago, I might have that wrong. In any event, he told me they used to get on the subway with their .22 cases, come to school, but the guns in their lockers, and then go to shooting classes after school.

          What’s changed? Hint: you eliminate FATHERS, you destroy society. Thanks feminazis, radical gays (another hint: the benefits for marriage are meant to defray the very real costs of raising children; they are not a reward for living together; and children are best raised by a man and woman, exactly as their “god” of nature designed.) Also, if Black Lives Matter (and they do – ALL lives matter) perhaps these self-same black lives should matter enough to the fathers who SIRED them, and they should stay around. Do y’think?

      14. It’s Ill-onoise. That says it ALL!

      15. The schools are communist led indoctrination centers. In Chicago, they spend about $16,000 per student, per year. Give the kids a $10,000 voucher and let them go to real schools and get an education. Save $6,000 per kid, per year. Destroy the commie teachers union. Freedom Now, damn it!

      16. Oct 8, 2016 Strict Authoritarian Schooling Doesn’t Work

        My first conversation with You Tube sensation David Brown, better known as boyinaband. I first started to follow his work over a year ago when his video “Don’t Stay In School” prompted our friend Derrick J to write a similarly-themed letter to his two younger sisters. We then discussed the letter on the show.


      17. In Chicago, and elsewhere, all of the predominately black or hispanic schools are radicalizing the kids to be anti-White and anti-American. A hispanic school in Chicago, on the far west side, is called the school for social justice. What do you think they teach there? Marx?

        • WTF has happened to this country? I mean really what to these nut-jobs truly want and expect to come of all of this craziness?? My fellow White Folks, we/you, ALL of us really need to wake up and see what in the world is going on in our backyards. I for one am sick and tired of being pissed on every chance the liberals feel like going to the toilet! We have got to take OUR, OUR, OUR country back from these nuts.

      18. They are having the biggest gun show of the year in Pennsylvania.
        It’s at the Philly Expo center in Pheonixville PA, and brags 2000 tables. You can google it.

        There’s a great place to take the kids or grandkids or whole family this weekend, if you are in the area.

      19. When normal is destroyed, there is no returning to it. The school should realize that to gaze upon an empty cartridge is a right that a once loaded one gave them. Their choice to eliminate the alpha male just then they are going to need them will be a question asked of them at the Pearly Gates and they will be the ones crying for protection on the way there. Dead right they are. These are the ones who will cut and run and they won’t even hear the one that gets them thus sparing them from looking at its empty cartridge. The luck of the empty cartridge should make them fall to their knees instead of on their face. Or maybe they fell tits up like these school teachers. In any case their new normal will be to ultimately drown in the melt water of snowflakes. Reality their desert as they seek an alpha male when they really need one. They will receive the compassion they deserve.

      20. We have millon dollar schools and they want more money,our education system is what 48th in the world?need to get back to basics, including gun safty.most kids cant tell you what planet we live on……

      21. Just another example of Political Correctness..Political Correctness is destroying our country and unless we DEMOLISH it things will only continue to go into the shitter..Kids are being brainwashed with this “pc” shit and by the time kids are in high school their minds are already warped.Our country is not even recognizeable anymore because of this “pc” shit..

      22. These school and daycare, etc are havens, absolute havens of liberal puke!! And yes, I mean absolute, utter PUKE! WTF has happened to this god damned country? No wonder kids and young people are so liberal before they even know what it means and what the hell is going on in society. These school, our lovely Gov’t at it again. I think this country deserves to crash and burn for many ways and reasons.

      23. Living in fear, right where FedGov wants us.

      24. I guess the proper thing to do when a child finds a spent, inert, useless .22 casing is to call the bomb squad and Homeland Security.

      25. I remember one time when I was younger my cousin lost a school book and the principal
        Called my cousin in and told him he was going
        To suspend him couple days, my cousin gave
        Him some lip the principal got the paddle out
        And whiped his ass 1970s.

        My cousin came home crying and told my uncle what happened, my unc said you three boys get in the truck, we drove down to school were
        My uncle tried to talk about the paddling.

        I don’t exactly remember what the principal said but the next thing I know that principal
        Was grabbed by the shirt pulled over the counter and had the living shit beat out of him
        By a ex boxer now a minner. The school did away
        With the paddle after that, there’s a morial to
        This story.

        • @ Pro USA, Where I was raised if we got in trouble at school. Not only did I get a paddling at school, then I would get my A$$ torn up when I got home……..There’s a moral to that story too!!

          • Hahaha Roger that W.E.D

      26. To think, when I was in high school(a Catholic one at that) we use to bring our empty casings into the PE teacher, because he reloaded.

        • Now that’s funny!

      27. Wow a real terrorist isn’t he. Could the administration in that school be any more ignorant. This is so sad, the damage they are doing to this child. HOw do you explain adult idiocy to a four year old? I believe I would have to have a very up close and personal conversation with the school administration without Hunter were I his dad.

      28. The line somewhere here about boys being punished at school more than girls for bad behaviour rings true with me.
        In primary school was one littlebitch who was known as the ‘ball-kicker’. I saw here walk up to a boy and kick him in his balls. He managed to get to his feet later and punched her. The teachers (female) ganged on him and he was cained. His father a single dad came to the school and would have lost pay to do that (no social security for single dads in those days) and the row that he had with the boozing florid faced headmaster was heard loud and long. Nothing was done to the girl and no female teachers were called in to explain. This was 1959.

      29. The line somewhere here about boys being punished at school more than girls for bad behaviour rings true with me.
        In primary school was one littlebitch who was known as the ‘ball-kicker’. I saw here walk up to a boy and kick him in his balls. He managed to get to his feet later and punched her. The teachers (female) ganged on him and he was cained. His father a single dad came to the school and would have lost pay to do that (no social security for single dads in those days) and the row that he had with the boozing florid faced headmaster was heard loud and long. Nothing was done to the girl and no female teachers were called in to explain. This was 1959.

      30. How could anyone see what our teachers are teaching and not consider them the scum of the earth? Everything evil is called good . And everything good is called evil. In the endtimes.

      31. Aren’t school teachers the most wonderful people in the world? Johnny has two daddy’s . Mary has two mommies. Yes they are so wonderful ?vacsinations for all. Are these not the most evil people on the planet? Can you describe something more evil? Does it get any lower? Does Satan not rule this world? And how inconvenient not to go along? Inconvenience? Can’t have that? You might suffer the children of Satan will crusify you. Go along . It’s easier? Worship the beast. Worship evil. It’s easier .

      32. Is this not attacking our children ? And who is the domestic enemy that we are sworn to butcher? Or just nicely stop? Let’s play patty cake with them ? Like we have been doing. It seems to be working? We should except our extinction . Because we are the weaker race. They tell us about survival of the fittest is the law of nature. So why don’t we show them who’s the fittest? And do what they say Darwin is right about? They believe in evolution . Let’s let the fittest survive . And the inferior go by by? It’s natural selection?

      33. Unless we rise up against the Liberals and most Democrats our Country will fall, I am also tired of being pissed on by these low life devils disciples, its time they hear our voices, and if they want war, bring it own,

      34. I read that the Amish people have zero autism . They don’t vaccinate . Now our wonderful doctors and nurses are giving newborns hepatitis B shots. And they know what’s best they went to colledge . Just like falidimide. New Jersey wants to give kids over one hundred vaccinations before they graduate high school . We have been told for years to have less children because of overpopulation. Now they tell us we must let in the third world because we aren’t having enough children. We must recognize the domestic enemy plans to exterminate us. And start acting accordingly. We need the tribulation to start soon for the window of opertunity To burn the Tares .As written it will be the worse time the earth has seen. But even though. Come Soon.

        • Traitor Hator

          “They don’t vaccinate”

          While there may be substantial evidence linking vaccinations to increased autism there certainly is plenty of evidence linking no vaccinations to polio. The Amish have the luxury to choose not to vaccinate because everyone surrounding them choose to vaccinate.

          Flu vaccines I pass on. Its a risk reward thing. Polio, no brainer.

      35. Good for him. No need to be exposing children to these toxic indoctrination camps.

      36. post the contact information for the school staff so we can reach out to them: phone numbers, email address, home address etc

      37. Beyond the gun politics in defense of the school, this is a preschool where toddlers put everything in their mouths. The shell casing is a choking hazard as well as it will have lead traces on it, in addition to the toxic traces of powder and primer.

        Just my opinion, but four is a little young, I didn’t get to shoot until I was six!

        I hooked up my child’s preschool with the NRA Eddie Eagle gun safety supplies. They liked the idea of free. They also liked the message once they understood it.

      38. Get your kids out of school NOW! My niece who used to teach 3rd grade has 6 kids. She saw how HORRIBLE school actually is and has since home schooled all of her kids. She tells me the toughest thing is to go SLOW enough so she doesn’t out pace the indoctrination schools. Basically she can teach a days curriculum in less than 1 hour.

        When the SHTF you will WISH you had taken your kids out of school. They will be used as leverage.

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