UK’s Socialized Healthcare (NHS) Satisfaction Hits An 11-Year Low

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    The National Health Services, the United Kingdom’s socialized “Medicare for all” government-run single-payer healthcare is not faring too well.  The satisfaction rate is now at an 11-year low as people die waiting days for care in corridors and those wait times reach historically high levels.

    The British Social Attitudes poll of nearly 3,000 people found 53% of in England, Scotland, and Wales were satisfied with services last year, according to a report by the BBC.  That is a three percentage point drop since 2017 and the lowest level since 2007. A peak of 70% was seen in 2010.

    Record long wait times and a lack of staff are going to be the result of a government-run program of any kind, which is why it’s so deadly when governments take over that segment of a person’s life.

    The United Kingdom’s horror stories should dissuade Americans from accepting any form of single-payer.  National Health Service, which celebrated its 70th anniversary on July 5, is imploding rapidly, according to Forbes.

    The NHS has struggled to fully staff its hospitals and clinics since its inception in 1948. But today, the shortages are growing worse. 9% of physician posts are vacant making that a disastrous and deadly shortfall of nearly 11,500 doctors.  The NHS is also short 42,000 nurses. In the second quarter alone, nurse vacancies increased by 17%. Meanwhile, in the United States, nearly all states will have a surplus of nurses by 2030. Doctors and nurses simply don’t want to work for the state, which makes their lives far too difficult and their job far too intense for the money.

    And it really isn’t that surprising that people don’t want to work as nurses in Great Britain; it’s a stressful job, with long hours and terrible working conditions – all implemented by the authoritarian government control. Some NHS nurses are taking positions at supermarkets because stacking shelves comes with better hours, benefits, and pay, according to a report in the London Economic. Imagine that; a private job is much superior to a government job. –SHTFPlan

    Ruth Robertson, from the King’s Fund, said the issues identified by the public were “long-standing” problems that the government had not yet managed to deal with.  Helen Stokes-Lampard, of the Royal College of GPs, said GPs always wanted to provide the best care they could, so it was “disappointing” to see the drop. “We know that general practice is currently facing intense resource and workforce pressures and while GPs are working incredibly hard to combat these, we understand that many patients are still waiting too long to see their doctor – something we find just as frustrating,” she added.

    While the satisfaction with NHS is low, it isn’t as low as it has been historically, but it could continue to drop rapidly as people who need care continue to suffer while waiting. The solution? Of course, the government will throw more money at the NHS hoping that the horrific conditions they created will evaporate in the face of the almighty pound.



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      1. Like most things public and welfare in the U.K., it picks and chooses favoured groups who get the Cadillac service, and who gets the bog standard service. African women and Muslims get all the best stuff (free housing, dental, welfare payments etc.), while poor white men can be seen sleeping rough on the streets and dying before they hit 40 from diseases.

        • Sounds like the USA

        • All according to plan.

        • I’m shocked. Not.

        • In England today, if you are a White, Hetrosexual, Man, and English (!), you face discrimination to the point that EVERYONE else gets placed in front of you – even migrants who have no legitamate business even being in the country.

          Go straight to the head of the line for welfare benefits, housing, healthcare, education, and now even employment if you are not of English decent, not white, and not male (or hetrosexual at least).

          In London, Birmingham, Bradford, and some other UK cities, if you are White you are the ethnic minority in your own country.

          PS- To those who are offended by my comment you will find that the above is TRUTH and is NOT racist or hate speak!

          • The white Race has made this world what it is.

            Now the elite in all country’s want to give it to savages – This is not going to end well and I believe it is exactly what the elite want. De- population.
            I pray for the world and fear for my grandchildren

            • So true. The only place that is non-white and is building modern civilisation is China. The Chinese are smarter than whites and it shows.

              As for Africa, its ability to build civilisation has failed and this is why it is exporting millions to leach off the West. Wakanda my ass!

        • And, this is happening because White “men” no longer have spines, brains, and singular focus. Divided we fall, indeed…

      2. $1000 plus monthly insurance, $750000 dollar average heart attack bills, $500 pills, the US needs to worry about their own failures before crying about socialism as you clearly dont need socialism to fail.

        • the US is failing precisely BECAUSE of Socialist = crony-capitalist policies, esp in healthcare. how blind and obtuse you are!

      3. Don’t worry, the Ocasio-Cortez version in the USA will take us to socialist medicine by reducing the expensive care for seniors (killing off seniors).

        Snowflakes can’t connect the dots and figure out THEY are the future seniors.

        • Cranerigger, if that Medicare-For-All gets adopted I’ll drop health coverage altogether. I don’t even care what penalties they come up with. I’ll just take my chances. Life is a chance anyway.

      4. I use the VA for some tests due to a high deductible with my primary insurance ($200 co-pay for a cat scan). I can get the scan at the VA and they send the record to my doctor.

        Thankfully I have an alternative option. I need surgery for diverticulitis. Would I have that done at the VA? OH HELL NO!

        • I use the VA for all my care. I’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries there since 2012, as well as foot surgery in 2007. They have some very good surgeons. The one that did my last shoulder surgery is not a VA doctor. He practices at one of the local medical centers/teaching hospitals and comes to the VA 2 days a week (1 to operate and 1 to see patients). I complain about their general services, but I have no complaints about their specialty clinics/doctors.

          • I will pass on having surgery at the VA. Same for a colonoscopy. Nothing like getting fricking AIDS or Hepatitis C from equipment that isn’t cleaned. Or worse, having a bowel perforation and then needing to be transported to a real hospital because the VA isn’t set up to deal with that situation. An ambulance ride, in my area, could take three hours at rush hour to get the the nearest VA hospital located near the clinic. Three hours while bleeding out, internally, due to a bowel peroration?

            NO WAY. The city hospital is infested with negros and union employees that don’t give a damn. Then’t don’t even try to hide their hatred for whites, like me.

      5. I better not say anything bad about socialism. I’m on the socialist Big Old People Medicare and Big Old People Social Security retirement handout. All subsidized by you. No, there is no SS “fund”. It was designed as a pay-as-you-go system from the get go. Held up in court. Government takes your wages and gives them to me. Pure socialism.

        Thanks, grandkids. I paid in for my grandparents, so I expect the same from you. Now get to work.

        • Neither SS (not SSI) nor Medicare is pure socialist. Most people have paid into them their whole work lives.

          In a real world system that was managed properly, the interest earned on the premiums paid in would have produced a really big pile of money that would sustain your SS payments well into your 80s if you live that long.

          Further, if you died ‘Young’ your estate would get a sack of money for your wife and/or others.

          SS was laid low by the cursed (now mostly dead) vote buying politicians. Socialistic in execution – not as designed.

          Medicare was a train-wreck from the beginning and they used bogus projections to make it work. That is more socialistic because it was underfunded form the jump.

          Socialistic in execution, not as it was sold…


          • I certainly can’t argue that we paid in all our working lives. But we had no choice. It was not a voluntary contribution. It was, like all taxes, taken at the point of a gun. Decreed by the government to be taken from your wages before you got them. We can say this shoulda been done, or that shoulda been done…but it wasn’t. It is what it is right now…a pay as you go social Ponzi scheme.

            Now, if you would have had a choice of how to invest this money that would be different. There is and was no choice. The government took it and told you how they were going to spend it for someone else’s social security payment. It wasn’t put into your personal account.

            When a government takes your money and gives it to someone else to spend, that’s socialism. There was never a “lockbox”. That was just political rhetoric for votes much like “Read my lips ” or “Lock her up”.

      6. If England kicked out the Jues like 109 Countries have done in the past, they would not have a Central Bank, they would not have foreign invaders on their soil, and they would not be dying waiting for medical care. Pathetic. Unfortunately, it sounds just like us here in the USA. What a bunch of altruistic dummies on both sides of the ocean. Too nice for our own good.


        • Honeypot, I’ll never sign up for that Medicare-For-All crap. Don’t even care what penalties they come up with. That deal will supposedly make Obamacare look like a Boy Scout.

      7. Somebody tell Bernie.

      8. In northern England and can confirm there’s an increase in dissatisfaction with the NHS.

        Getting an appointment takes three weeks now, an appointment with a dentist for routine work can involve (not all the time though) a six week wait. Prescriptions stocked in chemists run out more often than they used to as well.

        I think it’s due to cuts by the Government in London and many GPs have left the country, my local practice has not filled a vacancy left by a doctor that retired two years ago.

        Scotland’s NHS is administered in Edinburgh and there’s no problems in Scotland from what I’m aware.

      9. Uk socialist medicine goig down the tubes with everything else in that Shole
        Ya give us some of that right libtards

      10. Someone commented above about a two tier healthcare in the UK by the NHS – this needs to be further subdivided by whether the NHS deems your illness as important – there needs to be treatment – or otherwise therefor we will leave it to get worse.

        Also, like all organisations staffed by the British with the British work ethic the staff just want to do as little as possible.

        Then there are the poltics within the organisations that works against the interests of the patient but in line with keeping all those who work for the NHS in a job.

      11. The UK has a combination of stagnant wage growth with inexorable mass immigration such that working conditions are far worse than decades ago, more intense, more complex and more dangerous. Also the minister tried to force mandatory 7 day availbility with no penalty rates. UK is now a police state fast approaching a feudal commie diversitopia. Only in the last week legislation passed to make it a crime with up to 15 years in prison for reading, yes reading “far right propaganda”.

        • All true. I like to think of the U.K. as not a wealth creating machine, but a wealth destruction machine, London being the best example. Many decades ago the U.K. economy ran out of white people to fleece so they opened the doors to the world.

          It is a scam where people are paid a depreciating pound and offered a paltry pension ( Americans would be shocked at what the state pension is per year: you couldn’t feed a cat on it).

          Every 10 years like clockwork they flush the economy and steal or devalue whatever wealth people have accumulated and then re-start the scam again (Brexit is the next one), usually with a new, darker bunch of suckers. Today’s flavour is Islam and Africa. In that this also means they have hit bottom since those are the poorest people on the planet.

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