Ukrainian Defense Minister Vows A “Surprise” For “The Enemy”

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    Ukrainian defense minister, Oleskii Reznikov, claimed that Kyiv is receiving more military aid amid the ongoing Russian “invasion.” He won’t say just how much assistance Ukraine is getting, instead, saying it’ll be a “surprise” for Russia.

    “I’m not going to comment on the deliveries of weapons and ammunition – it’s a delicate moment. Let there be a surprise for the enemy. Know this: there’s been a significant progress,” Reznikov wrote on social media on Monday, according to a report by RT.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been pleading with the West to set up a no-fly zone over Ukraine, or at least provide him with military aircraft. NATO countries have so far refused to do so, fearing a conflict with Russia.

    This comes as Russia declares sanctions and designation of “no-fly zones” to be an act of war.

    Putin Will Declare War On Any Country Creating A Ukraine No-Fly Zone “That Very Second”

    The minister said Kyiv has purchased more than 50,000 helmets and flak jackets, including the uniforms made for NATO member states. On Sunday, CNN quoted a source saying that US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Mark Milley, had inspected an arms shipment hub at an undisclosed airfield near the Ukrainian border. The “massive” shipment operation was coordinated by the US European Command“in real-time, the source said. It was reported that as many as 17 flights have been landing at the airfield each day.

    European countries and the United States are all promising to help Ukraine with military supplies, weapons, and air defense missile systems. As the New York Times accurately published in an article about the race to arm Ukraine: “The United States has walked to the edge of direct conflict with Russia.”

    The rhetoric remains the same:

    Moscow also said it was seeking “demilitarization and denazification” of the country, insisting that Ukraine should never become a NATO member.

    Ukraine said the attack was completely unprovoked and denied the claim that it was planning to retake the breakaway republics by force. -RT

    This could amp up any minute, it could be a distraction from something else entirely (a new COVID variant) or it could be leading up to a false flag attack that can be used as an excuse to start a full-scale hot world war. Anything is still possible, but the ruling classes of the world are carefully crafting their official narrative, and sadly, many are falling for it.


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      1. You only ever know how effective your enemy really is when you first engage them. We have now had over a week of engagement with Russia’s military and the results blow away every myth created around Russia since the founding of the Soviet Union. One of the key pillars of the myth centered around Russia having learned from its past catastrophic mistakes – poorly equipped troops, starving troops, troops in poor physical condition etc. In both world wars this was why Russia suffered so much. In WW1, they sent men into battle with sticks with bayonets attached; in WWII they sent half-starved men against the greatest military ever built at that time: Nazi Germany.

        We figured some of the impressive technological displays – cool helicopters and fighter planes – was indicative of lessons learned. But, as we can see, they have sent into battle a crap shack of broken ex-Soviet tanks etc., buck-a-day conscripts, and a weak airforce that can’t command air space.

        They are having their asses handed to them by a combination of far-right militias and special forces from various allied nations.

        I guess it is true: the only good thing to emerge from the fall of Communism is the beautiful Russian woman.

        • And they are also being supplied and trained by the US and other NATO countries so that must be taken into account ….they are getting daily deliveries of supplies and equipment

        • You are only looking at what your being TOLD by the MSM,
          Don’t be so quick to underestimate the enemy. that IS what gets troops killed. you ever served in a REAL war, you would know that.

      2. If Milley was involved, the weapons package was 90% woke education materials, to include high heels, make up, lotsa 3xl drag outfits, and silicone 66mm projectiles.

        • You are a stupid motherfucker.

      3. Putin, and NATO as well, if only indirectly so far, has put everything on the line with his status as a major power (superpower?) in the balance.

        If Putin loses, Russia won’t be taken seriously anymore, if he wins NATO will have been shown as unable to face him in real conflicts.

        Russia will either come out strengthened or seriously diminished depending on who wins.

        Since Biden has been smart enough to keep us out of this, with anything more than a token showing of support for the Ukraine, the United States will win any way it goes. Unless, of course, the war-hawks in Congress on both sides of the aisle force him to get directly involved in it.

        Interesting times we live in, interesting to watch it in progress and I’m sure it will be interesting to live in it after it’s over..

      4. Slavs Ukraini ??

        • SLAVA UKRANI ??

          …damn autocorrect ?

      5. Did I read that right? Are they shipping NATO uniforms?

        So, are they trying to disguise themselves as NATO soldiers and get a second or two advantage over the enemy in a face-to-face exchange? Where the Russians may not immediately fire upon a “NATO soldier” for fear of starting a world war.

        Sneaky, if true. But I suppose if we the public know, then the Russians also know.

        • All war is based on deception.

          • Wag the Dog

      6. You keep believing MSM, Francis

      7. i wood like to khow how all these weapons and jets are being delivered to Ukraine when kyiv is sorounded by Russian army and Ukraine air space is control by Russian armed drones and jets? just a thought.

        • A real good thought.

          Common sense would dictate that the Russians would destroy any resupply crossing into Ukraine. Providing we survive, in the future I’ll look forward to analysis as to how events really played out.

          Honestly I can’t believe the Russians are acting with this level of restraint given the volume of anti-Russian propaganda and the civilians being prodded to insurgency.

      8. Got Small pox?

      9. To quote Gomer Pyle.. “surprise surprise surprise”. And just like Gomer Pyle, it is being directed from behind the scenes…

      10. In a month’s time we could be facing a political reshaping of mainstream politics. If it turns out white supremacists and neo nazis are key to the defeating of Russian forces, then they will be asking for political concessions for their sacrifice and political role in the new Ukraine and the defence of free Europe.

      11. This fight has been coming for some time. It is important to remember the Russians are only partly white European; they are also partly Asian. Whereas the Ukrainians are ALL white European and defeated the Mongols many moons ago.

        NATO etc. have decided to back the Ukrainians in this crucial defense of Europe. But it is complicated because the fighting is being done by far-right and white supremacist militias. They will want something back for their sacrifice. They totalled the Muslim trash Putin had hired to run amok in Ukraine. That has great symbolism if you know your history and contemporary conflicts.

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