Ukraine Is Storing Western-Supplied Weapons At Nuclear Power Plants

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Headline News

Ukraine has been storing the weapons supplied by the West at nuclear power plants. According to Russia’s foreign intelligence chief, Ukraine is using the facilities as a “cover” for the weapons.

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergey Naryshkin said on Monday that Kyiv has been using the plants as cover for ammunition stockpiles. Naryshkin said there must be an assumption that Russia won’t bomb a nuclear power plant. They rely on the calculation that the Russian Armed Forces would not strike nuclear power plants because they realize the danger of a nuclear disaster, the intelligence chief said.

Rulers have previously warned that “nuclear emergencies” could be coming.

Ruling Class Warned Germans To Prepare For “Nuclear Emergencies”

“There is credible information that Ukrainian troops are stockpiling the Western-supplied weapons and ammunition on the territory of nuclear power plants,” Naryshkin said, according to a statement on the intelligence service’s website. He added that the armaments include rockets for United States-made HIMARS launchers and missiles used by foreign air defense systems, as well as “large-caliber artillery shells.”

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According to Naryshkin, several cars loaded with “lethal cargo” were delivered by rail to the Rovno Nuclear Power Plant in western Ukraine during the last week of December alone.  “And if another Ukrainian anti-air missile ‘veers off course’, causing large-scale detonation of the stockpiles and the destruction of the nuclear power plant, the tragedy could always be blamed on Moscow,” Naryshkin added.

Russia has accused Ukrainian forces of shelling the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which is Europe’s largest, according to a report by RT It is located in the eponymous region which, along with three other former Ukrainian territories, joined Russia following referendums in September. Ukraine has denied targeting the power plant.

Never underestimate the possibility of a false flag too. If Russia is blamed for attacking a weapons storage facility that is doubling as a nuclear power plant, we should expect to see a global conflagration begin.

Russia Warns The West That Ukraine is Plotting A False Flag “Dirty Bomb” Attack

Discernment and critical thinking are going to be imperative in the coming months.

Simple Ways To Prepare For A Nuclear War

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