Simple Ways To Prepare For A Nuclear War

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 30 comments

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    There’s a lot of advice out there about building bunkers to withstand radiation and hunkering down in the event of a nuclear war. But there aren’t a lot of simple things a beginning prepper can do to prepare for such a devastating event, leaving many feeling unprepared.

    This doesn’t mean that that underground bunker is a bad thing to have for a SHTF situation, such as a nuclear war, but not everyone is capable of just having one of those. With the political environment ripe for such a devastating event, however, it could be beneficial to learn a few simple ways to prepare for a nuclear war.

    The first and likely most effective thing you can start today is learning. Research and learn everything you can about what to expect in the aftermath of a nuclear attack and how long you’ll need to prepare for. The more you learn and know, the more likely you are to survive. Don’t expect the government or anyone else to be of any help to you in the event of a nuclear war. This is where learning comes in handy; understand that your life is in your hands and reading every piece of information you can on survival will give you an upper hand. Apply the information you are able to and disregard information that you feel may not be tantamount to your survival.

    For those who haven’t done extensive research just yet, here are a few things to get you going.

    You’ll want to consider remembering at least some of the foods in the following list. They will help detoxify the body of radiation, which is an effect of being nuked.

    Some foods can be incredibly beneficial at removing toxins and radiation from the body to reduce the damages potentially done. But another good option to store is potassium iodide. Potassium iodide has many health benefits to the human body, including removing radiation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, the supplement consists of that of a salt of stable iodine that can help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland and protect it from radiation injury. Your thyroid, which produces hormones that regulate your body’s metabolic rate, heart and digestive function, muscle control, and more, is the part of your body that’s most sensitive to radioactive iodine, the CDC says.

    James J. Galligan, Ph.D., a professor of pharmacology and toxicology and director of the neuroscience program at Michigan State University, tells SELF that your thyroid gland can’t tell the difference between potassium iodide and radioactive iodine and will absorb both. However, as Galligan explains, your thyroid only has the capacity to hold so much at once. So if you take potassium iodide, it blocks radioactive iodine that you might be exposed to from entering your thyroid. That’s a crucial point because, if radioactive iodine does build up in your thyroid gland, it can cause thyroid cancer, Galligan says. So it really could help, and maybe a beneficial supplement to have on hand in the event of a nuclear war.

    Another item you should consider stocking up on is duct tape. You’ll want to seal up your windows after turning off all air conditioning and heating units to prevent outside radiation from leaking into your home. The Organic Prepper suggests using duct tape and tarps to seal off all windows, doors, and vents. Make sure you understand the process of sealing out radiation and where to hunker down in your home. If you have a basement, that’s best, however, you can still protect yourself using the duct tape and tarps by creating barriers if you do not.

    These are a few simple tips that anyone can apply to their daily lives, even those who are just beginning to think of prepping for the possibility of a nuclear war. Political tensions are not cooling and fears can at least be calmed to some extent by preparing yourself and family for an event no one wants to experience. A great resource is The Prepper’s Blueprint by Tess Pennington. This book is an excellent step-by-step disaster guide that will help even those who have not begun to prepare for an apocalyptic event.  The Prepper’s Blueprint has even been simplified and divided up in a way to help you make sense of all the preparedness concepts and supply lists provided.


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      1. If you’re in “the zone”…. practice limbo. Be able to bend over and kiss you tail good-bye. Bottom line, don’t if at all possible live near a target point. Living south of MacDill… normal wind patterns and such… it’s dicey at best down here. No way in Florida to build an underground anything. So, best bet – be able to get on a boat and get offshore and be mobile.

        • If your next to a military target your options are poor. I’m a couple of hundred miles south by Ft Meyers. No military targets but airports / airfields seem like they’re on the targeting list too. I figure unless your real rural W/O anything worth destroying, and you have lots of supplies, and no one knows your there, and your healthy not requiring periodic medial care, you might make it.

          • All large cities are military targets.

            Take them out, along with everything for a hundred or so miles around them in the process, and there isn’t much left to be preparing to survive in.

            • The loss of infrastructure with its knowledge, physicians, scientists, technicians along with the tools to perform their tasks and loosing the ability to manufacture replacements puts us back to 1900 in chaos. Post destruction disease will rule.

        • I beg to differ. Right here in Volusia County, I know of five permanent fallout shelters at private homes. One is in a basement (the only basement in Florida I’ve ever heard of), two are reinforced concrete rooms inside of a house, one is in the back yard part buried / part mounded (see link below), and another that I don’t know the details of.

          • and how long can you sit in there w/o outside air or anything else?

      2. Thanks for the very helpful/informative article!

      3. Truth be told, you will likely NOT survive initial gamma radiation exposure as it is fatal in hours. If you are lucky enough to survive that because of shielding, it doesn’t take long to accrue enough exposure to start radiation sickness with vomiting and diarrhea, so you will likely die within days from dehydration.. IF IF IF you survive all that because of adequate stocks of food water and inhabited a shelter with enough radiation shielding and long enough to have the heaviest radiation fallout dispersed by winds, then you have to worry about OTHER sicknesses and other raiding sick survivors (at least for about 2 weeks or so. After that you will wish you weren’t alive after all.

        NO ONE, REPEAT NO ONE IS READY for the PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS of the destruction, horror and nightmares of survival much less the sudden ERASURE of everything and anything you were accustomed to BEFORE the first mushroom cloud showed up. There is no magic pills, there is no magic shots, there is no fantasy that can counter the Psychological reality that the human survivors minds will have to cope with. NONE of the Hollywood movies can even scratch the surface of that reality. Mankind will die within months anyway because you (humanity) still rely on one another to produce food enough to survive because NONE of the animals nor fish will either.

        You “think” you will endure and survive, but you cannot survive the defeat of your mind by the stark realities that you can barely comprehend. Fair warning. I have a pretty good idea that NO ONE KNOWS what that reality will be, save to say we ALL underestimate how very truly bad it will be.

        • FYI: There is a movie. Can watch free on YouTube.
          Called, “The Road” about aftermath of attack.
          But reality will be much worse.

          No worries, your fat TREASONOUS politicians that start thing up will be out of the country. Safe and fat.
          Just as they were all safe on the supposed random event called 9/11.
          The bastards knew or they made it happen.

          How many of politicians children faought and died in make believe lands of sand and mountains.

          Politicians do the startin
          We the people do the dyin

        • Great reply Deplorable.
          BOL,.. what a waste of money.

        • yes, deplorable, you paint a grim picture. and it will be WORSE than that, in some places…..but there WILL be pockets of survivors, i suspect. prepare for the worst, and HOPE for the best. my dad always said “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”…..but that was BEFORE the accident.

      4. I am 62. I have diabetes. Honestly, I have nothing to live for. Had a good life. Raised my kids. Don’t want to be a burden. Doing ok now, but after a nuke? Don’t think so. I plan on standing as close to ground zero as I can. Let me know when and where.

        • WW
          You have plenty to live for. Become a foster parent.
          Become a sports coach or assistant. Teach people things you have learned by experience. Small Business starters need elders expertise. A retired volunteer helped me become success. He was 83. Think that program was called SCORE, by the SmallBusinessAdmin.

          Most interesting person I have ever know was 95. He taught HAM radio comms.

          Age is no reason to stop. People need you.
          —————Everyday of life is a gift.

          The birds even need you. Set up a watering station and bird feeder. Maintain it daily. Very entertaining.
          Set up some bee hives. Bees need your help.

          Old guy nieghbor posts rain amounts recieved in my area. He is much more accurate than tv idiots. People appreciate his efforts.

          Another old guy in area pick up trash at entrance to neighborhood.

          All these people are appreciated and even loved for thier efforts. If SHTF, they will all recieve invite from me. What is mine is thier’s.

          Depression is a beast that must be slain. You can do that. After all you have made it this far.
          Life is Really good.

          Just turn off the CNN and Media. Media liars will bring you down.

          Go outside in sunshine. Exercise. Walk daily.
          Get a dog or two for company.
          Or go find a woman half your age. Then you will have so many problems that you will remain very engaged in life.

          –Wish you well.

          • Gospel Truth!

          • I know you mean well, but you don’t know me. I did that stuff my whole life,got crushed too many times,suffer from extreme PTSD and making it out of the house is a major accomplishment. My BIG move was after three years, I joined a gym. I go 5x a week and am trying to lose the weight so my diabetes is in remission but the last gym class I went to had the old bullies from work. Now I just work out on my own. Hey, but I am making progress and working on intercession prayer. There is a WHOLE LOT MORE that is broken, but one step at a time. God is good.

          • On and I am a woman…..and my husband decided he didn’t love me 4 years ago…..Still married (because I am a Christian), but very much alone….Did I mention that my brother stole my inheritance and told me our parents never loved me? I survived a life of enabling a family of narcissists, married one…..Well again, hanging in there…Every day is a struggle…and yes, there is more, but I am done….Every day is a do over. I am the poster child of target practice and duck and cover. It is what it is. God has His reasons. I am good with that.

        • Whatever Works

          If its a ground burst I’de like to be so close that I’m crushed just prior to detonation.

          The aftermath will alter the geo-political social order of the world as those nations, mostly in the northern hemisphere, technologically advanced, are laid to ruin while nations unworthy of destruction are untouched. Its the opposite of relative selection as the more primitive become, by default the survivors. Its a “Planet Of The Apes” scenario.

          • You’ve got that right. Hey, it is what it is. Do not dwell on tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Be smart. Do the best you can with what and who you have. Love those you can while you can. Know God and pray for those who don’t. That’s about it.

      5. In 10-15 years there will be an all out full blown nuclear exchange. Nato/USA vs Russia/China
        The northern Hemisphere will be dust. If you do not get out of this area you will lnot survive – period – no bunker – no prepping will help.
        Africa/south America and parts of Australia and New Zealand – not the cities.

        Any Question?

        • J-
          Is that one of reasons China taking over Africa?

          Is that why elite are encouraging immigration north. To clear out Central and South America?

      6. Just finished a book “Black Authum”. I want to spread the word on this one. As real as it gets

        • thx southside!

        • southside, it looks like a good read. I just ordered it on Kindle. Thanks.

      7. There will always be pockets where people will survive. Will it be preparation or luck? Both? Who knows. Humans will survive. If you have a defeated attitude now, you sure as Hell won’t be in a good place if it happens. That is the same with every challenge we face in life.

      8. Watch the movie called The Divide. It stars a few actors that are now big names and includes Michael Behn. Brutal look at what will happen.

      9. How about STOPPING a Nuclear War in the FIRST PLACE???

        Deposing that SATANIC ENTITY of Washington DC would be a good START… you dumb mutha-fckers.

        • Go right ahead hot-rod. Show us dumb muthas how it’s done.
          We’re all eyes.

      10. Pray for the world’s leaders to be spiritually enlightened to avoid the snares of Satan who wants every single human being destroyed.

        • Amen. Agreeing in prayer.

      11. Galen Windsor wasn’t worried, whatsoever.

        I read from approved, govt sources, in retired library books.

        Some long haul trucker also left behind many days of newsreels, etc, from a Walmart DVD bargain bin off the side of a highway. (If you’ve ever been very sick, during an icy windstorm, you might be able to watch the whole thing, too.) They wanted the citizenry to believe that life could go on, and, if you ran for the hills, there would be nothing there for you. You were supposed to wash that fallout off your skin and rebuild, you traitor. Embarrassed people were shown, wandering back into town.

        We were acquainted with a test subject, who lived a long and assholish life, after initial symptoms of poisoning.

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