U-Turn: Senate Moves to Eliminate Indefinite Detention Provision of NDAA

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Headline News | 235 comments

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    To screams and protests from the American people, Congress overwhelmingly supported passage of the National Defense Authorization Act which, among other things, allowed for the indefinite detention of Americans without charge or trial should they be arrested or held under suspicion of loosely-based definitions for domestic terrorism.

    A super-majority 86% of Senators supported the measure, which was signed by President Obama while Americans partied on New Year’s Eve December 31st, 2011.

    Now, under pressure from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), members of Congress have re-assessed their positions on the amendment which allows the government to snatch up American citizens domestically and hold them in similar fashion to Guantanamo Bay detainees.

    Senators who likely failed to read the bill before they found out what was in it back in 2011, have made a u-turn on one of its most controversial provisions.

    President Barack Obama opposed the measure, but ultimately signed it after an amendment to the act muddied the issue enough to make it debatable in courts. Obama pledged to never use the authority.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who helped write that amendment, declared Wednesday that it is not good enough, and recalled seeing Japanese Americans jailed in horse stalls at a racetrack when she was a girl.

    I believe that the time has come now to end this legal ambiguity, and state clearly, once and for all, that the AUMF or other authorities do not authorize such indefinite detention of Americans apprehended in the U.S.,” Feinstein said.

    “The federal government experimented with indefinite detention of U.S. citizens during World War II, a mistake we now recognize as a betrayal of our core values,” she said. “Let’s not repeat it.”

    The amendment filed by Feinstein Wednesday would bar such detentions of citizens and green card-holders.

    She was also backed by Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Dean Heller (R-Nev.), Mark Udall (D-Colo.), Jon Tester (D-Mont.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.).

    It was not clear when the amendment would get a vote.

    Of then ten Senators sponsoring the bill, eight of them voted in support of the legislation in December of 2011, including Sen. Feinstein.

    While we are in full support of eliminating the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, as well as the ambiguous definitions for what is or is not a domestic terrorist as per the Patriot Act, the NDAA in its current form should never have been passed in the first place.

    Is it not the responsibility of our elected officials to prevent ambiguity BEFORE a law is passed, especially when the questions being raised have to do with fundamental Constitutional issues like due process and the right to a fair and speedy trial?

    For nearly a full year now, the Congress of the United States essentially granted the President a decree allowing him to utilize broad powers to detain anyone, for any reason, and for as long as he wanted. It was a power that President Obama himself railed against publicly, even pledging to veto the provision, though he ultimately failed to follow through on that pledge.

    While President Obama “promised” never to use the provision to detain Americans, the fact is that such power should never be granted to any government, let alone a single individual.


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      1. They better, it can be used on them too

        • I wonder if that’s why some of them are freaked out about it…. 

          In any ‘cleansing,’ political opponents are usually the first to go…

          • I believe it is,,,,what goes around comes around,,,



            • It does’t make a difference.  Pres. Eisenhower had several of his fellow generals locked in Mental hospitals until they died.  (I found out when I dated one of the daughters.)

              • B.S.

              • Really?  Some random person doesn’t post here regularly pops up with some unprovable and ridiculous claim and gets all kinds of thumbs up?  Geeze.

                • I think i’m sensing thumb envie LOL

          • in 1934 it was called the Night of Long Knives…

              • good to see you back kicking some ass.

            • That case where the bank whistleblower had 2 of his children murdered by the nanny in New York recently probably put the wind up a few of them.

              Even if they are high profile enough to be immune – they must all have family members lower down the totem pole etc they’d prefer not to risk.  I’m always suprised at how many of the rich and powerful seem to have private plane accidents  historically but even that’s old tech nowadays.

              Anyone have any thoughts on how the situation in Saudi may go, now the King has been declared clinically dead at last? The skeletons in the closet of the house of Saud make me think this is a potential red flag for the next stage of the petro-dollar crisis.

              The house of Saud funded wahaabi – the specific crazy Islamic sect  missions that spawned AQ etc  The deeper down the House of Saud rabbit hole you go, the uglier it all gets, especially given their close ties as Western stooges. An internal  power struggle over who rules Saudi Arabia, (Mecca) given it’s geographical importance to Muslims could be the Black Swan that brings us all down.


              • lonelonmum,

                I don’t know where that rumor came from.  We all have our individual fears such as economic crash, earthquakes, tornadoes etc.  Mine happens to be exactly what you reported.  When he does die we will be in the greatest peril this country has ever been in including the Cuban Missle Crisis.  The only thing we will have going for us is that whatever Saudi Prince who takes over will probaly be U.S. eduated and Westernized.  If the dollar for oil situation were to change the dollar is dust.  Pretty sad that our fiat money is only supported by it being the only currency in which to buy oil.


                9:49 a.m. CST, November 28, 2012

                JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) – Saudi King Abdullah has appeared on state television on Wednesday for the first time since his 11-hour operation to tighten a back ligament on November 17, helping assuage fears over his health.In footage broadcast on state television, the monarch, who is in his late 80s, appeared to be in good health as he sat in a chair receiving members of the royal family and officials at the National Guard’s King Abdulaziz Medical City in the capital Riyadh.

                Keep on prepping and may God Bless America

                • BigB

                  Thanks for that, I thought I’d missed something when I couldn’t  find any details about it.


                  Just for the record Wahaabisim is not a cult thing, its tribal. The Wahaab are a subset of the Tameen tribe.


                  Take Care

                • Jim Willie posted this ‘rumor’ on his latest article…

                  Maybe the king is ok, maybe not, hopefully not propaganda. It was reported that his internal organs were failing after he failed to regain consciousness.

                  Evidently he is one of the last hold outs for the petrodollar.


                • @all

                  Ya know, there IS a peaceful and LEGAL way to TAKE power back from Washington DC… it is something I’ve fought against in the past, but maybe its just time…

                  Its called a Constitutional convention, if you can get 34 state legislatures to call for it, then we can add an amendment through the delegate process. The CONgress would have only limited authority, and not any if you did it right. Delegates would have to run for election, in a town hall process of elimination.

                  My primary concern would be to keep all the existing power brokers out of it, all the left and right along with Wall street. That way, the issues that divide us, could fight it out on the floor, and my guess is, they would vote for dissolution. So that the lib states and the conservative states could all have what they want.

                  At the bottom of the well, it is centralized power that is the problem. It is not the constitution I fought for, it is the Bill of Rights. The Constitution was written by the Oligarchs of the time, then righteous men demanded the BoR. The old Articles of Confederation, with an enhanced BoR, is looking better all the time.


                • BigB, Lone,

                      Clinically dead or  recovering? Which is it here, I am confused….BigB’s captcha of the news brief seems on time,

                  …..did I misss something here?

          • This is clear sign (among many others) that the nation is divided.

            • It’s also a clear sign that we need some genuine representation, with leaders who actually READ THE FUCKING LAWS before they vote to pass them!!!!!!!

              Good GOD Almighty, any of my students who screwed up this bad would be getting an F minus… can we at least be able to expect that our leaders display better sense than a roomful of teenagers?


              • Something like this should be adopted by the clowns

                First reading of the ACT – yep some schmuck has to read the entire ACT out loud for the dummy’s to listen to.

                Then a month later a second reading of the ACT – As in the UK, the stage involves a debate on the general principles of the ACT and is followed by a vote.

                To much of this crap gets rushed through and extra “pork” added, without proper thought and discussion.

                I can’t think of one bit of govt. legislation that needs to be so rushed through that nobody bothers to read it.

                It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland where the Queen of Hearts wants to sentence the Knave before hearing the evidence. (Sorry I am reading this to my 5yo at the moment)


                • I can’t think of one bit of govt. legislation that needs to be so rushed through that nobody bothers to read it.” whoisbiggles

                  I agree btw, but then we have:

                  We have to pass the Bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy.” Nancy Pelosi  

                  Our Representatives and Senators should be made to have to pass a test on the content of all bills before they are allowed to vote on them.  If they flunk, they can’t vote.  For each test they flunk, a proportional amount of their salary should be deducted. If they flunk too many tests, then they should be removed from their office.   They should also have to be subject to the same laws they pass against us.  As our representatives, if they think it is good enough for us, then it should also be good enough for them.

                  But then, there is the way it is, and the way it ought to be.  Too often anymore the two no longer coincide. 




                • Good idea in theory, but in practice these chimps miss work all the time and wouldn’t be there to hear it anyway.

              • Can’t agree more – 1000 thumbs up (+ a few camels lol!) to SOS.

                I’d expect my ASD 8 year old to be put in detention after school till he had read the questions for his homework. “words” would be had with his teachers if they allowed this level of slackness to pass unchecked.

                 This is NOT incompetence  – it’s by deliberate design on the part of the law makers & I have to call BS on the lot of them. If they are too bone idle to read the laws they pass, then they are unfit for office. No if, buts, excuses or maybes.

          • To All…


            Off topic somewhat, but here’s something from recently  ret. Gen. Boykin, former SF & Delta Force commander…commenting on what’s up.

            This short video hails from Mr. DK’s engage strategy in my opinion & is NOT meant as a slight to him. See link below:




            Meanwhile…arm up fellow preppers & call it plan “B”.

            • Anton Hackl: The General was good up to the point where he mentions how some have said that the President will sign the U.N. treaty on small arms. That topic has received a lot of play again lately since Obama’s reelection. The General and anyone else who buys this nonsense gets an” F” in Civics.  Article Two, Section Two, of the U.S. Constitution says that the President can make treaties provided that 2/3 of the Senate concur. In a full Senate vote that means that 67 Senators would have to go on record as agreeing to let the U.N. dictate the rules of gun ownership here in America. Those Senators would literally be signing their own death warrents and it would signal the beginning of the next Civil War.  Most Senators like their jobs and are not about to risk them  on something that would seriously alter the Constituional rights of Americans. Many of them may be stupid, some a little crazy, but I don’t believe that any of them are suicidal. But I could be wrong.

              • Agreed G-8.

                Am aware of the Senate’s prescribed role per the sanctioning of  ‘treaties’.  My intent was NOT to fear-monger but instead, to highlight the hidden-not-talked-about courage & dedication of America’s military veterans, in an under-the radar manner. Those who have not or could not serve, ofttimes jump to conclusions & panic insomuch, that they conclude the military…is soon to be their enemy!

                FYI, DC lacks the manpower…the boots on the ground to effect total martial law control. Should they attempt such, it will be America’s military veterans who provide the “ADULT SUPERVISION” necessary….to overwhelm the threat. The irony is…’Sam trained us!

              • Actually Congress does not have to vote on the Treaty for it to go into effect. The Vienna Convention allows the President or Secretary of State to sign the treaty and it automatically goes into effect until such time as the Senate votes on it. If Harry Reid does not bring the treaty up for a ratification vote, it remains in effect until a Senate does vote on the treaty. This is my understanding of how this treaty could be effectuated without a ratification by the US Senate.

                • Rufus: First;  we are not bound by that treaty because it has no force of law here in America. Second; even if Obama was stupid enough to try it, the minute he signed it a million injunctions would be filed by every gun club from the NRA to my local club and this would tie up the federal court system for years, if not decades.  Time enough to get rid of any gun grabbers in the White House and Congress.  If not, the war would begin in ernest, and it would be horrible.  They are not that insane as to start that kind of trouble. I look for more subtle forms of decay in our rights., such as taxes on guns and ammo to go towards “health care” etc.  Far more insideous in the long run and more effective for their purposes wouldn’t you say.

            • A.H. thanks for link. A worthwhile six minutes.

          • Makes me leary and suspicious of what the other hand is doing or should I say who was leveraged and with what vote on what other bill???

          • Little off topic; Hey Mac I’d like your opinion, and everyone else too.  What you think of Julian Assange, in everyones respect to SHTF blog  as to preppers, survivalists, conspiracy theories, what not. You think of him as;   Traitor ?  Useful informationalist that thinks he is looking out for everyone ?  Or just someone that likes to start shit.  Please everyone feel free to chime in on this.

            • He is someone who like to start shit.

              I respect that he hasn’t sold out his sources YET.

              But he comes across as the type of person to have a jab and run, then bitch when he get hit back.

              I want to see him in a US court, wayching a bullshit regime trying to back up the their allegations with prove. But he would probably be tried in secret like how they did in the Ol USSR.

            • Ultimately, WikiLeaks will be remembered historically for uncovering criminal and treasonous acts, that you would have never heard about otherwise. I would reccomend you read Jesse Ventura’s book, 63 Documents The Government Does’nt Want You To See. Some of the WikiLeaks stuff is in there, and it is criminal. People who buy the party line want Julian Assange dead for that.


            • Julian Assange is first and foremost NOT a traitor.  He is an Australian citizen not a citizen of the United States, therefore by definition he did not betray the United States.  Getting past that point I respect that he had the stones to stand against what he saw as a great injustice to the world, but he is very shortsighted to think that he would get away without reprisal from the U.S. and other governments he embarrased.   Absolutely nothing that has happened to him since this whole thing broke is surprising to me. 

            • I think the rape thing is an obvious false flag.  Pitifully obvious.  They of course went for the one of two words guaranteed to get everyone enraged at him.  The other one starts with a “P”.  Surprised they didn’t go there.

              I think… I dunno.  What’s the difference between him and a smear campaign journalist?  I mean, yes, if the information is classified to the point that it puts peoples lives in danger by having it released, obviously that’s over the line.  Other than that, what?  I mean.  Shrug?  Did they try to get the journalist that outed the Mi Lai Massacre tossed in Guantanimo too?

            • 6 months ago I thought of him as a traitor….Now, not so much so. If they could ‘out’ the finacier’s I’d VOTE them into office!

            • He lets us pass information out that can be used to help wake ppl up, Documents that we would not otherwise ever see, yes there is national security and you do need it to an extent, BUT what  has been leaked there  and provided a lot by members of anonymous, are documents proving acts of treason by our own gov., and they are pissed that he is showing their skeletons . Does he like to start shit? I can not say yes or no to this he probably does but then again the shit he is showing he did not start eh? But our gov. did 🙂

            • Friends, this is a request for profile material. Please be aware, your thoughts, opinions, and your words WILL be used against you at some point in the future. Always remember, the internet is forever. No data will be deleted and will follow you as long as you live. Do you know how your words will be viewed in the future? As a well known poster here says “yall beware”

              • @ watchermax,

                    True, but here’s the rub; IF, we accept, and implement significant self-policing of our own dialogs here and elsewhere then TPTB will simply win by attrition of thought and communication, hence the ability to formulate a cogent, coherent  response. On examination, this may well be the most insidious of all the tactics used as it plays to the human mindset – paranoia – most directly….thoughts?

              • this is why you stay anonymous online. hopping thru networks shadowing yourself nothing in your name, my words will be here forever but whos words were they?

          • Im betting the answer is yes,

            my reasons

            Are they US citizens..yes..

            could they say or do something just as we could in their daily life that puts them on the radar….yes

            could we as the citizens of this country push for equal justice and equal punishment under the LAW..yes and we should everyday

            and who do these people (supposed to be) working for..again Us, the ones who hold thier freedom in our hands if we get enough of us that are fed up to do something about it..

            just look at the secession petitions of all 50 states,, we are talking, even if they are not listening

            and would I push to have an unconstitutional law pushed on those who came up with it? you Dam Betcha!..I’d love to see them squirm and be taken down by thier own doing

            • this is also not including who should be responsible for the human right violations that would come out of this, and where the anger for that would be directed, and possible litigation and suits brought down upon them, and again rightfully so


              as a matter of fact, we should start sueing them now, and civilly too

            • VRF, We The People, by our Constitutional rights, were granted the first, and largest, AUMF.

              Amendment II. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

          • What an ‘elegant’ observation…

          • I would not take this as a victory at all..it has not been passed nor ratified and given all the Executive Orders over the last 4 years( and prior) by all the other miscreants in office..I would stand as false hope on this by all means.Do not ever ,ever!!let your guard down folks.


        • as i like to say “better late than never”. they should have never passed it to begin with. but to take it out before the shit hits the fan, i can accept that.


          • IF they actually do take it out.

        • I suspect that they have come to understand that they cannot yet move against US and control US Citizens since WE still have guns and the will to use them against a rogue administration.

          When they lose power, and they will, they would face charges for TREASON instead of malfeasance in office. The difference between malfeasance and TREASON?

          Death.   Engage.   🙂

          • merry christmas and wish we could throw all these racist POS people in office out as well while we are at it.

          • They’ve come to understand that you can’t attack some other sovereign country without unleashing a radioactive environmental catastrophe.

            Actually I’d be surprised if they hadn’t figured that out already, somewhere in the mid 1970’s it should have become all too painfully obvious.  Before that time?  You had a shot, maybe.  After that?  No. 

            It ain’t the weapons.  It’s all the multiple dozens of power producing “doomsday devices” that any sovereign leader would be all too willing to melt down if you started lobbing nukes in his general direction.

        • But, I thought they had to pass the bills to see what was in them…

          They are only concerned because they have been caught; you can bet Grahm and Levin are not happy that real Americans know what’s up.  Besides, they may figure they can afford to lose one, as they look at the piles of other documents they’ve authored allowing them to still pretty much do as they please.



        • Too little, too late, you fucking traitorous whores.

        • We all know how well obama keeps his promices…….

      2. Sure he did,,,,man speaks with forked tongue,,


      3. VFR

        wouldnt that be a hoot,,they dont own guns to protect themselves,,only feinstine,,but bet they all do,,


        • you know it

        • Snake Eater: You make a good point about Feinstein and others who have guns but don’t want the rest of us too.  I’d love to see a list of which anti-gun senators, congressmen, and celebrities  that have guns , bodyguards, and live in gated/guarded compounds. It’s easy for them to say the rest of us don’t need them because they themselves feel very safe behind their little armies, surrounded by  the walls of their fortress homes.  It’s a real “let them eat cake” attitude these liberals have towards us, the “unwashed” masses.  Accompanying photos of their homes and guards would be nice too. It’s time that the NRA, GOA, ans Second Amendment folks got busy on this so that the rest of the coutry can see first hand their hypocracy concerning the right to self-protection.

      4. doesnt matter, its only a matter of time before they own you 24/7/365 anyways.

        cars and phones that record your every movement, storing electronic communications, rfid chips on school kids(and likely in some company ID cards and badges) and obamacare.

        i’m glad my grandfather, who watched Japan sign its surrender on the missouri; is not here to watch what the country many of his friends died for; has become.

        • Perhaps they’ll start reconsidering the surveillance grid they created too – since THEY have as much if not more to lose than most of us. Perhaps the fate of our Ambassador Stevens, CIA agents and Navy Seals in Benghazi, showed them that this government will sacrifice ANYONE to meet their agenda, up to and including some of them! I hope this is what is happening and not just a setup for the next hit on this country.

          • That surveillance grid , is telling on them too..

            cant watch without being watched themselfs..

            look at how many cops have gotten in trouble over being video taped, and other persons of high rank..including city officials that have had thier cell phones, texts, and e-mails looked into for legal reasons..


            I say bring it on!..time to turn the tables, they wanted it..we the people should give it to them

            how would every politician, judge, lawyer, cop, etc.. like to have a recording being done of them everyday every hour of thier life as they do what ever it is they do. Hey they work for us, and get paid by us, its our right to know if they are doing thier job right or up to our paying standards, now you know they dont want to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or caught breaking the laws that will get them indefinet detention ala the citizens of this country, and you know it would be so easy to probably catch 2/3rds if not more of them doing something wrong enough to hang themselfs very quickly


            I say we start today..a whos watching the watchers kind of thing but on a grand scale

            we have 10+ percent unemployed..someone is going to use that time constructively

            they better hope I dont lose MY job, cause I’ll be coming for thiers

          • @ sixpack

            i honestly your right, but all i can think is that they have a nother agenda that is far more reaching then the indefinate detention that they now say should be over turned… could it be that wanting to please the people on the surface is a good way to assure re-election? after all why do they need to overturn that bill when obama has given himself the authority to do what ever he wishes at his own whim and stroke of the pen?… i dont think a politician has any fear of the people because of their pompus attitude towards joe public, they are so full of themselves that when their crystal palaces fall they will get cut to pieces by the very ones that are concidered friends because they are the same as anyone else in the eyes of the PTB..  

            • You are right, they don’t fear US, but remember, WE are not the ones watching them. TPTB won’t warn them in advance, when TPTB have gotten bored with the politicians, they just drop the hammer. The fear of that unseen hammer drop is what I hope shakes the politicians up a bit. We’ve already seen that TPTB will sacrifice anyone for their agenda, and ALL politicians need to understand that they’ll never know who is next. If they find the courage in numbers to stop the surveillance grid WE ALL WIN! We know they don’t give a damn about us, but maybe THEY wanna stay out of jail too! I hope the politicians get a clue soon. We can only hope.

              I still believe the surveillance grid isn’t really for us little guys, TPTB have bigger fish to catch…now I hope those bigger fish can see that fish hook dangling above their heads.

        •  I don’t think they have too much to worry about. Let’s look at some numbers at this site. The amount of people who read this site may be decieving as the refresher button is hit. A reading number of 10,000 may be only 3000 real time readers and still less is the amount that post. Given the popularity of this site I would think the input would be larger. Also with the amount of new preppers the input should be higher.

          • Agreed., I have thought the same thing., I usually divide it by 1/3 or 1/4.

          • Look how few Thumb up or downs there is. No even reads the comments except the core group of a few. How do you have 20000 clicks and only 200 comments with 5 to 7 thumbs each. It is another piece of info proving how many which to prepare for the worst.

            • I read daily (refreshing multiple times) and have for months.   I rarely rate the comments.  I’ll bet there are lots of folks like me.  I have been prepping for about 18 months, so I am more a “learner” than a “teacher” of this lifestyle and have little experience to share.  If a subject came up that I have more experience with, I would jump right in (eg biology, women taking up shooting).

              I read the comments from top to bottom two or three times as replies are added.  And I go back and search for something somebody said that I want to check out (a link, a list, etc).

              I would probably participate in a discussion forum, especially topic threads.

              Yes, the numbers are misleading…

              ON topic..changing this law is a step in the right direction, but it’s only a drop in a very large bucket of changes I’d like to see happen. 

          • you mean the new scared-of-everything, afraid of getting on some government list new preppers?Most people haven’t the guts to post here.

        • only one that owns me is GOD,,,all others gather up ,,,easier to take ya out ,,,



      5. I can see Oscandal now, “Golly gee everyone, you know I really don’t want to sign this indefinite detention thingy”. Better watch out folks, this southpaws hand  and lips might be moving but something else is coming up behind this. You don’t hardly think this was done out of the kindness of their hearts do you?

        • POP…that was where my mind went…wheres the knife?….they knew this thing was evil when they passed it.now theyre looking to correct part of it?…methinks there may be a worse thing in the pipeline coming.

        • There’s another of those nasty global international trade deals being brokered right now via the IMF.  I believe it was drafted during the presidential campaign (when noone was looking) and is due for sign off in 2013.  I’m willing to bet this bankster authored document overrides NDAA in some way as it’s another step towards the global plantation.  It’s caught my attention simply because of the media black out that seems to suround it- never a good sign.

      6. Wow!

        Awesome!  Best news I’ve heard in a long time!

        • Good  news. Now instead of going through the trouble of detaining citizens without due process or trial the president can streamline the process and instead assassinate citizens without trial. Absolute power corrupts.

          • You forgot; ‘absolutely’…


      7. You have to give credit where it is due Ms. Feinstein is finally on the correct side of an issue

        • Feinstein is just trying to cover her ass with the voters right now, I think she may be starting to see how many gun owners she’s been pissing off lately and this is her way to avoid being huinted…

          • Or the political whore has some money in an off-shore that COULD be interpreted the wrong way if discovered and investigated?

            And how many others??

            • maybe we should have people looking into these sorts of things?

              And would I see it as a conflict of interest and possible Treason? Yep you bet I would..


              when do we get started?

            • Just do a search on this:  ITT educational feinstein

              Money whore is right. She and the 3rd hubby are heavily invested in ITT still — and it was discovered but not legally challenged (what else is new?). Their 2011 publicly traded assets can be researched at opensecrets. What is more, the hubby has investment vehicles and each have invested in similar businesses, including ITT Educational.  If we made the laws and had insider secrets, we could be as unethical, corrupt, and filthy….

        • She’s also working on reinstating the previous assault weapon ban.  I’m surprised she didn’t tie this to that. 

          • Oh man….. you just ruined the surprise.

          • YET.

        • If that C Feinstein can remember internment camps then she’s been in office too long.


        • Largetarget, Feinstein has become outspoken on Benghazi, too. I wonder how much money she’ll earn with her stance on Benghazi — I haven’t found that $-connection yet but I know there is one. Or maybe she’s holding out for power because she’s got-the-goods on Obama.

          Feinstein may be co-authoring this Bill, but she has her reasons and they’re all self-centered — she is NOT altruistic. Have you checked the contract awards to her largest corporate donors lately?  BAE Systems was just awarded another contract for specialty gun systems (for the Navy). General Dynamics, BAE, Northrup Grummon and other defense industry corporations never run short of work. PG&E is her largest contributor and it’s no surprise that she is the co-author of that pipeline safety act that affects PG&E.

        • yeah, which scares the hell outta me…

        • That article is weird, at the bottom it gives a June 28 date.

        • Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmass,


                Frankly, I HOPE they ALL glow in the dark after this!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Up YOUR’S RED THUMB!!!

          • If it’s ONE, then THEY glow in the dark.  If it’s greater than 5 or 10, guess what?  We ALL glow in the dark.  Only a matter of time.

        • Sigh.

          Should have gone for THORIUM, dummies.  You’re messing with shit you don’t understand.

          Then again.  You don’t have a built in “agression defense shield” without massive pools of spent fuel rods laying all over your country.

          I’m surprised it took ME so long to figure it out.  I feel stupid.

      8. Is it not the responsibility of our elected officials to prevent ambiguity BEFORE a law is passed, especially when the questions being raised have to do with fundamental Constitutional issues like due process and the right to a fair and speedy trial?


        We have to pass this bill so we can see what is in it.     Pelosi

        Son of a Bitch

        • Hi Slingshot,


             You KNOW it is Brother! And that’s what I’ve been talking about RIGHT HERE.!!! Iam MAD as HELL and I’m NOT gonna take irt ANYMORE!!!

        • Obviously with this outcry they finally did read it!! (y)

          • and they now realize THEY are in it too!

      9. The amendment to the bill passed with bipartisan support, now the amendment will be amended with bipartisan support.God bless the bipartisans and all they do for our country![Paid for by the “Rand Paul/Diane Feinstein in 2016” Election Committee.  Donate at “we’retheleastofbothevils.com”]

      10. Could it be a glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel or is that a mirror up ahead at the end of the cave?

        • That light at the end of the tunnel is just the Obama train headed toward the Constitution thay have tied up on the tracks.

        • No EA, its just the federal government performing their routine colonoscopy on the sleep walkers with the lighted camera…..SMILE EVERYONE. Most of the sheeple won’t feel a thing even if they don’t use an anesthesia.

      11. I won’t believe it until I see signed.  Is this just their one step back to get their two steps forward?

      12. Evening

        test post as I have been having trouble for hours

        take care

        • Burt Hon,


             I think it’s the board today…unless your having ‘electrical problems’ otherwise….several others are having problems too.

          • Hi Buty,


                Hon, Emily and a couple of others have indicated that this is something that seems to be a problem for those with ‘Internet Exploder’ I use the 64 bit version of Firefox (Waterfox) and I didn’t have any problems today at all. Like I told Emily, they don’t call it “Tnternet Exploder’ for nothing.

          • Good afternoon

            No, no electrical problems, though we have had a fair few recently. Lets hope all this crap stops when they realise how fed up and pissed off and likely to use the law against its proposers the people of the United States are. 

            Off topic but still on all things prepping. 

            A Uk version of preppers has started on TV, thought I might as well have a look at it. OMG I am ashamed, I am considering adopting another nationality I am so ashamed of the people on there. A man and his wife come on, it shows their house, their kids, even them calling their dog by name. The name of the road name where they live was in sight for a couple of seconds. They showed all their preps, happily smiling for the camera. If I tried, I could find these people just on the info they gave out. 


            The next guy intends on sitting it out on a small island in the middle of a river 8 miles from his home. As he announced quite clearly the area he lived in, then took the camera crew to the river, and onto said island it would not be difficult to find, theres actually only one river in his area….he showed how he marked his cache sites along the way and dug a couple up to show the kind of stuff he packed into his boxes.

            Bet thats not there any more lol


            Man number three has a black four wheel drive with a couple of distinctive stickers on the back window, his name is Mike and he lives in a small village a mile or so outside of Oxford….I won’t carry on, its too painful.


            What is wrong with these people? Are they truly insane? To all those of you who have wondered why I visit this site….I rest my case.


            Take Care


            • I watched and cringed too, especially as all those personal details are repeated in print and online by the Daily Mail. Just in case anyone wants to print off the details to load into their van’s GPS on the way over.

              It’s true that truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. My kid was howling with laughter by the end. His ASD meant he thought it was a comedy show along the lines of Mr Bean. I didn’t have the heart to tell him these UK preppers are for real.

              Just to cheer you up Birt take a look at the Best rated thumbs up comment in the Daily Fail, where over 3000 people have thumbed up the statement below:-

              FIRST rule of prepping – you DON’T talk about your prepping. SECOND rule of prepping, you DON’T talk about your prepping. THIRD rule of prepping – YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR PREPPING!!!!

              OricAL, Awake n fresh out of Bubblegum, United Kingdom, 29/11/2012 11:51

              Click to rate     Rating   3518 That thumbs up log, gives me hope at least.

              Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2240239/Armageddon-houses-Brit-preppers-stockpiling-food-weapons-preparation-end-world.html#ixzz2Di9ywSpm


            • Burt, you are right.  What a bunch of idiots for giving away what preps they have made.  A minute of fame for the price of losing everything.

              But… These shows do one thing.  They allow people like me to see other peoples ideas which in turn I use for my own purposes.  So in a way they are sacraficing what they have for the betterment of a lot of us.

              They are still a bunch of dumb asses but usefull dumb asses.

              • BigB

                Good point but I just can’t get my head around the stupidity of it.

                Might as well draw a target on their  forehead.


                Take Care

            • Insanity takes many, many forms…

                  Hiya Burt,

                    I don’t know what possesses people to do as they do, LOL. One wonders. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well, Lonelonmum has lately kept us abreast of your travail’s , well not your’s but those of the southern area’s of Britain and Wales….it’s hard to beleive that you all have experianced what you have.

                  Congratulation’s on your full admission to the ‘field expediancy” prepper’s club…your application of the ‘silly putty’ as a stop-gap was marvelously inventive! Anywho, am needed elsewhere for a bit….G’Day Friend.

              • JOG



                I am a long way north of lone, but have dual citizenship, they let me into London at the weekends lol. Glad you liked the play dough trick, though silly putty sounds much more fun. Thank you for allowing me to join the club.

                Take Care

            • 15 min. of fame has blined them on the reality of letting out thier info.

              and TV always looks for the goofy fuckers, its for the ratings period

          • This site quit loading on my home computer yesterday.

            All other sites I visit are fine.

            This one now loads a blank white page with the side bar ads scattered in different locations. Sometime the comments show but when I click on them they appear weirdly formatted and still no article!


            Here at work I sneak reading the comments between tasks. I use Micro Shit programs here and Internet Explorer.

            At home I use a Linux operating system and Fox Fire.

            Does anyone else run Linux and are having this problem?

            • I’m having the same problem with Firefox, but not with Exploder.

              • on it! thanks for the heads up. we will look into this asap.

      13. Who the hell  is Diane Feinstein to say that the NDAA is wrong when this same Jew from California has been involved in every major piece of gun control legislation since the Reagan Administration?   Where was she when all other draconian legislation was pushed through Congress  From Ruby Ridge to 9/11 and afterwards?  This   is just a dog and pony show on her part.   There’s no legitimate basis for any of these draconian laws on the books, including the gun control laws.   The day is coming when all TPTB will pay for their treason.   Police states can be sucessfully challenged and defeated.  It’s been done all throughout history.    Braveheart

        • Right on Brother!

        • @ Braveheart

          I always love the way you think …..  keep it up!

          ~~ Gardenia

        • JACKPOT!!!!!!!!

      14. Mac, Sixpack, and Largetarget, those are some nice thoughts you’re expressing,  but I’m afraid it’s only wishful thinking.   PO’d Patriot,  I have to agree with you that something smells about this, especially with Feinstein involved.  This is the same Feinstein who’s trying to outlaw self-defense and take away our guns.   Anything she’s involved in can’t possibly be good.   Braveheart

        • Yes I am just wishing — but hoping I’m wrong about that too!

      15. FEINSTEIN!!! IS it just me or is there a pattern here?!?!

            The SAME worhless SH_T’ that want’s to start a new ‘assault weapons ban’??

            You’ve GOT to be SH_TT_N’ ME!!!!!

            How do you SPELL ‘worthless’….F E I N S T E I N. Nuff said, JOG

        • Look.  I’m not pro gun control by any means but… come on, look.  Put yourself in the place of a legislator.  You know damn well if another LA riots broke out who’d have assloads of these assault rifles?  Buncha people that would be shooting at you and the National Guard, that’s who. 

          Ever been to a gun store in a bad part of town and see an individual with a tear tatooed on the side of his face come in, ask to see an AK, play with it, then say “I’ll take 8 of them”?

          Cause I have…

          I do not envy legislators their job on this one.  There is no good answer to this question.  If I honestly, honestly thought that they could ACTUALLY successfully keep them out of the hands of criminals too, I’d be fine with it.  They can’t.  So I’m not.  But their job pretty much mandates that they behave in a manner that implies they BELIEVE they can.

          Too bad they’re wrong but again I kind of “get it” as to what they THINK they’re doing.

          • @ TheGuy,

                I’d think that right about now that lil bitty spot right in the middle of your back that feels ‘soo’ funny’ when you think someone is watching you is giving our ‘poor, trodden-on’ legislator’s fits…Eh? Also, I am LESS afraid of the guy with the teardrop than I am of THEM I-D-OTS who think they are ever going to ‘rectify’ things by taking the guns out of the HANDS of those who MIGHT actually help them some day when thier own personal SHTF comes a’callin. BTW, I did NOT give you a T-down here…not my doin’…if it WERE I’d TELL you. Have a good one Guy…it’s gonna get REAL interestin’ real quick I think from this point on……

          • The Guy: Factoid- When the N.Guard went to town duing L.A. Riots, they were Not allowed any ammo….

            • I can’t imagine me not stopping and buying a few boxes of ammo along the way.

               Send me into a combat zone and I demand ammo. I’m a real ass that way.

          •  The problem is keeping guns out of the hands of the bad guy.

            Solution is to get rid of the bad guy.

              I was called to Jury duty for a robbery case. Going through all the juror selection I was call to the box and ask what I my thoughts were on the case.

                  I told the attourney.

             You have the gun.

             You have him on Camera.

            You have the fingerprints from the gun and money.

            You have the cleck indentify him

            A second witness to Identify him.

            Why are we wasting taxpayers money?

            I was promptly excused and NEVER called back for jury duty. I understand due process of law. With cases like this they should have the Professional Jurors. Speed the process up. My punishment/solution. We shouldn’t go there.


            • ‘Exquisite’ observation

      16. Just before the end, some unknowing conspirators usually wake up and try to fix things.   It almost always fails.

      17. Rule of Law..it applies to them too, if they make it a law, we should apply it to them, regularly


        indefinet detention of Cheney, George Bush, Obama, Clinton (both of them)

        hell yeah lets get it on!

        • Great idea! They should also be hooded, blindfolded, made to wear earmuffs, water-boarded, kept naked like Bradley Manning, and put into ‘stress positions.’

          The list of ‘detainees’ should also include Rumsfeld, Feith, Wolfowitz etc etc, etc. Any state that harbors them will be dealt with the way they themselves dealt with Afghanistan.

          • can we skip the “naked” part when it comes time for Hillary?


            • That could be considered torture if other detainees are present.

      18. testing , 1, 2, 3.

      19. i think there is a problem with internet explorer, i am using another one now and its posting.

        • Welcome to the, “SHTF Twilight Zone”. with episodes from the “Outer Limits”

          Doo Doo Doo Doo.  Internet Rebellion!

      20. I don’t comment very often but am a long time reader and prepper from Upstate NY.  In my past years I used to be in the wonderful world of politics and had friends that were Senate aids and knew a lot of all the shenanigans that take place on the Hill and in the White House.  What is happening here is politics.  When bills pass they are for a reason, and when people question them and want to revoke them, there is a reason.  My guess is there is some serious shite going on in the upper echelons of the government.  Generals just aren’t ousted for screwing around with the ladies.  They CLEANED HOUSE.  The question is why.  Why did Obama post on whitehouse.gov that there are people within the government looking to do damage to this country.  Why all of the sudden does Pelosi and a bunch of people decide that the NDAA is bad.  Rand Paul doesn’t have that much pull.  I think there is a lot of dirty laundry out there and with the election being over, the scores are being settled.  I think there are a lot of pissed off high ranking politicians that are pissed and some that are very scared.  That is not a good mix.  The powers that be way above all our pay grades are no positioning themselves for what my guess is some serious shite coming our way.  Whether it is war, economic collapse or whatever, something big is coming our way and our lovely leaders are trying to figure out which side to be on when it all goes down.   Politicians do things for self preservation, pure and simple.  They aren’t finally getting a conscious and going you know what this whole NDAA is a bad idea.  No there is a REASON for them wanting to fix it.  That is what scares me.  Why now?  Why did the generals get shuffled about.  Why did Israel go off on Gaza?  How long does the economic charade last?  At Feinsteins level, everything happens for a reason, and I sure wish I knew what it was.  

          •  Politicians do things for self preservation, pure and simple. They aren’t finally getting a conscious and going you know what this whole NDAA is a bad idea. No there is a REASON for them wanting to fix it. That is what scares me. Why now?

            Listen and you’ll understand..there are those here, right now, yelling for their heads…there is a plan; the heads of thousands are about to be on the chopping block…literally.

            Listen to the video;  you’ll see why they are scared and of what they are afraid of. 

            • what  video?

              just to be sure could you link it


              so many video’s im just not sure the one you mean

            • @ jayjay,

                   Mam, the answer here may be simpler and more mundane than we have all given credit to,

                  Consider the psycholofy of those who are our elected representatives;

                  1) Apparantly Hard-wired Megalomaniacal tendencies

                 2) Boundless opportunist…sell thier own Mother into slavery if it advanced thier own interests

                 3) Delusions of Grandeur as a class characteristic thereof

                 4) Self-serving to a fault

                 5) Cowards of the first Order and Magnitude


                  The 5th point of the preceding is probably the defining feature of the class at large. How many of you have ever seen a class bully – in school – confronted by another who held thier ground determinedly? All of us have. Do you remember the look of abject shock and astonishment that passed over the bully”s face when so conftonted? All of us have. To be sure, it was transient…but it occurs each and every time doesn’t it? Indeed it does….and it is telling as to the actual psychological processes invovled in here in EXTREMIS.

                  To wit; The initial reaction is one of utter disbelief that some such would actually so much as contemplate the notion of someone actually resisting them. This arises out of a sense that they, in fact, have a ‘good  handle’ on things and such as THAT simply contradicts that reality so definitively that – at least fractionally – they CANNOT formulate a cogent response to the fact of it.

                 Left to thier own devices, over time, the staus quo reinforces this behaviour such that NO other possible circumstance remains a valid possibility within thier mindset…they become ‘Gods among men’ in thier own minds…literally, the case of “The Sun Rises and sets in my own Ass” type of thinking.

                  Returning to the matter at hand, – please remember that these such are CONSUMATE opportunist – then when confronted with resistance, their mentation, still of the notion that it is impossible for ‘others’ to actually grasp the fact of thier over-arching primacy and grandeur, commit to alternate means of securing the foothold they deem neccessary to the ends they have conceieved…’run away, to fight again another day’…..it is not possible for them to functionally adapt to any other mode of mentation….be assured.

                   What I find particularly fascinating is the following: Some several years ago, a long-term study under the aegis of the University of Minnesota attempted to get at the root of the question “Nature vs Nurture”, ie, do we develop as we do as a primary function of HOW we are raised or are we instead a purer product of out innate genetic hardwiring so to speak. Go look it up, the answer is horrifying inasmuch as it implies that not only are we predominantly a product of the actualization of out unique genetic codes – the defining imperative of same – through the span of time but that these same codes define us INDIVIDUALLY throughout the courses of our lives. Do any of you remember our poor, lost, “un-enlightened Elder’s” – Grandparents and Great-Grandparents -who repeatedly admonished us that, “Don’t mess with ‘those’, they’re from the wrong side of the tracks, they’ve been so for generations and always will be!”, Hmm? Mother-of-God, scientific evidence in support of.

              Specifically, the study mentioned above is titled, “The Minnesota Study of Twins” I will draw no further conclusions here before you today …read, and draw your own.

          • Plarvo, listen here for insight:

            AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) , decapitators inside US government (for Coup Attempt)


        • Excellent Plarvo.

          Follow the money. Follow the power. The answer is there.

          I suspect the indefinite detention issue can be facilitated without a physical prison, per se. Think tracking systems…..

          I suspect there is new technology that will perform the same task in a more covert way. And I suspect this new technology wants some big contract awards and the $-contributions  and promissory notes are flowing in.

        • @Plarvo,

          Why are many multinationals laying off workers? Why did my DW’s employer  (lg medical device company with 23% growth in FY 11-12) suddenly freeze all new projects and down size the work force?  Why are many large companies paying out fat stock dividends and site the coming fiscal cliff as the reason? Why are economic forcasts for 2013  doom and gloom? Why does a company like Cargill, a huge food producer spend big bucks to buy another food company that makes low cost store brand items?

          Fiscal cliff? Obamacare? Both?


        • Plarvo, Good observation.  You are right on spot.  The UN spit in the face of America yesterday by the actions they took regarding Palenstien.  Why now after all these years?  All of you who have posted that the politicians are in the process of covering thier ass because some thing big is coming are right. The big question is what?

          I guess all we can do is prep for anything and everything.  Funny how on these prepping shows they make them say what they are prepping for.  I just prep for anything and hope I have covered enough bases.  Kinda like playing roulette.

        • …maybe they just don’t want to risk the possibility of getting pulled out of their seats and hung in mid-session…

      21. What’s with all the good news lately? I need my doomer porn fix.

      22. Seriously.  When has Feinstein ever been involved in anything pro-liberty?

        This is absolutely not what it appears to be. 

        I hate to be the voice of doom, but Feinstein is the enemy. Period.  If she is involved this has to be viewed with great suspicion.

        ~ D

        • @ Daisy —

          “Feinstein is the enemy. Period. If she is involved this has to be viewed with great suspicion.”

          My sentiments EXACTLY. I suspect this is a ploy to confuse the opposition (i.e., the non-elite, GENERAL population of this country) as she proceeds inexorably and purposefully with her much longed-for gun grab.

          I don’t normally go about quoting Mao Tse Tung, but he was absolutely right when he said in his Little Red Book (I have my copy right here!) “Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

          Zio-Communist Feinstein “grasps” that, once the people of this country have been disarmed, their only real political power will have been eliminated. She and her ilk are looking forward to that day, and are already anticipating with glee the TORMENTS they will inflict on us once resistance has been rendered impossible.

          • I say we make ‘club misery’ all-inclusive, since misery does love company…apparently TPTB have put that possibility out there too.

        • Feinstein is VERY liberty-oriented! She takes the liberty to get rich on our backs.

          She and her hubby are heavily invested in SEI which is a corporation that manages wealth. And with the estate tax going sky-high and wealth redistribution as a desired outcome of the Progressives, I wonder how many other Congressionals have protected themselves and THEIR wealth. They write the laws to control us and they make sure the loopholes serve them. So liberating! 😉

          • Brilliant, ‘utterly’brilliant observation….the heart of the matter.

      23. If you people are so damn patriotic, stop the worthless talking and take action.  If the banksters are stealing our counrty, act against them individually. You claim to know who they are.  If a few of them met some misfortune, it shuold send a message.  If the corporate pirates are out to get us, take action.  But you won’t.  You are arm chair warriors capable of only talk and incapable of meaningful action.  Pathetic is what you are.

        • I can see you have no tactical experience and doubt you understand the full scope of world events. You would enjoy the demise of us all.

          “No one hates war more than the soldier”.

        • @ Joe,

              Go somewhere else Joe, NO ONE here WANT’s to hear from You at all, NO ONE HERE is ever going to listen to You, ever …. Just Leave. 🙁

          • @ JustOne Guy

                   Hold on a minute.   As long as Joe does not go off the deep end, it might be wise to listen to him.   As I have stated before I am studying what people really think on what is going on around them. The pulse of the prepper so to speak. A few call outs doesn’t hurt.   I will abide by what Mac had to say before. 

              There are some that are OPSEC solid. Some want to help others reguardless of risk. Some don’t want any precious metals and there are those who run the Ammo and Guns point. Some bug in while others bug out. Yet there are some that want to force their hand and have it cut off. Hell JOG we are discussing Law and we have not even got off the ground. Let off some steam but we must be patient

            All together now.


            Can you just feel the renewal?

            OOOOOOOOOOOOOOmmmmmmmmmmmm. ;0) 

            • As much as I hate to admit it.

              JoeinNC, is still part of the equation.

              • Yes….He IS, I was mistaken…. I apologize here and now…go below and see what is on my mind.

                    I was mistaken Joe, I freely admit thus here and now. Be at Peace.

        • lead the way joe! show us how it’s done.

      24. Daisy 

        my friend i think you sre so right on this one,,us snakes run her type out of the area,,


        • LOL, Good one……

      25. Interesting when put into perspective… could this article – link-  have anything with this sudden change in heart by died-in-the-wool Socialists.  Socialism is for the people, not the socialist?


        I’m so sure about ‘afraid’ as making sure he has his bishop piece easing into the right place.  I don’t even want to know how much crap each of these people have on each other.  Have I said I have a strong love of the game of Chess. 

        Anyway – That was my first thought when I read the re-authorized NDAA… little peeps, yep (I just don’t have visions of feeling that important in the scheme of things)… LARGE PEEPS – you bet your @ss.  After the unbelievable events and after-effects of benghazi, top military officials falling on their swords to avoid ?what?; firings, etc – was there any doubt at WHY these strategic moves are / were being put in place.

        I’m just a wee little one and keep it that way every chance I get.

        • “I don’t even want to know how much crap each of these people have on each other.” — I would LOVE to know the truth about all of them.

      26. OK, so it passed the commitee.  Let me know when it makes it past the floor of the House and Senate and back to the desk of the POTUS.  Then we will see if it gets signed.  Until then this is just more circus to go with our bread.

      27. Feinstein is the absolute epitomy of long ago BOUGHT and PAID for many times over.  She is the classic megalomaniac that will never concern herself with the plight of  “us commoners/Goyim”.  If  ‘she’ is attached to ANYTHING, it is BAD for us…and GOOD for the shadow ‘she’  long ago sold her soul for.

        The worst part is SHE is DUMB-AS-ROADKILL.  “Let us pass the legislation and find out what is in it later”.  What form of MORON continues to VOTE this level of ignorance and stupidity into office?  

        Once again, the “voting dumbshit sheeple” get exactly what they deserve.



        • Yental,  She is not dumb.  She has been around a long time.  She knows how to play the game big time.  Her problem is that she is f’ing old.  There has to be a time where politicians like McCain, Pelosi etc have to retire.  How many 70 year olds do you think are sharp enough to make cognizant decisions based on what the main stream thought process is?  None! 

          • Point taken…SENILE is probably a better description!

      28. Indefinite Detention, where does that sound fimiliar? Oh yeah, World War 2 with Japanese people that were born in the United States and complete U.S. citizens. You look at keeping someone detained because they are perceieved as a danger is even worse than failing to charge someone with a crime under due process. If there was an attack by a one race or group of individuals under some religious belief that is catastrophic, you automatically get tagged if you are that race or religion. Guilt by association. Just look at that ways that any survivalists was automatically put on some watch list after Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Oklahoma City terror attack.

        There are many individuals that ONLY want total self sufficency and want to be off the grid and void of society as possible, but harm NO ONE and don’t advocate any violence towards anything. Yet these individauls are put on to lists that IF there was some sort of armed uprising against the government, they could end up being detained solely on their desire to be self sufficient and not have to depend on civilization to feed and clothe them and much more. That is most of the people on this site.

        Think about this for a moment. You could be doing EXACTLY what was preached to children and adults alike two generations ago by “your” government and the public schools, to prepare and stockpile for an emergency as much as possible and take some of the burden off the government of supporting a population that had little or nothing. Yet now, you could be a labeled some sort of insurrectionist or conspiring against the government because you have decided to do exactly what the government wanted you to do 1/2 century ago, prepare and prepare as much as possible so you will be ready for WHEN disaster hits. Be dependent on yourselves, a theme that is becoming an evil term.

        Remember all those goverment brochures on stockpiling food, water, and yes SELF DEFENSE to a well prepared civilian force. Those pamplets and books that DID NOT want you to depend on the government for survival. You do exactly what your government wanted you to do and highly encouraged you to do decades ago, and now you could be detained under the wrong circumstances because you APPEAR to be a dissenter and a possible threat.

         I would love it if someone could find some of these old government pamplets on preparation and copy them and keep them for IF the government EVER starts to classify preppers/survivalists as dangerous to society. Throw their own literature right back into their faces.  This literature was printed when more common sense reined at least for encouraging the citizen to prepare and depend less on the state, and a time when the country was much stronger. 

        Well, I say prepare and prepare even more, and let any government agency stick their garbage right up when the sun doesn’t shine to anyone that would label the very wise prepper/survivalist anything other than a totally true person of very strong insight and wisdom. ALWAYS you best chance to survive the upcoming catastrophe is to have as much as you can possibly stocked up and ready to be used. The government is not going to be there anyway to help you or detain you after a big enough SHTF event. Your supplies and your survival knowledge and attitude is what is going to likely be the only issues that will help save you.

        • I have large amounts of the old civil defence pamphlets. As far back to the 40. Many still have useful information in today’s times. I still have issued stuff from the 50 and 60 that were in community civil defence stockpiles. I bought a building in downtown Tacoma. In its basement was a stocked fallout shelter from the 50s 60s. Some cool stuff.     Still have a pallet of CD crackers dated the year I was born.

        • Beinformed

          Correct you are sir..and this potus is going on a $4 million vacation for 3 weeks..and recirculating a former proposed gun ban on the following arms while away ..any of you out there own the following?



          On Obama’s ban list are the following, subject to updates;Rifles (or copies or duplicates): M1 Carbine!, Sturm Ruger Mini-14, Colt AR-15, Bushmaster XM15, Armalite M15, AR-10, Thompson 1927, Thompson M1; AK, AKM, AKS, AK-47, AK-74, ARM, MAK90, NHM 90, NHM 91, SA 85, SA 93, VEPR; Olympic Arms PCR; AR70, Calico Liberty, Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle or Dragunov SVU, Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/LAR, or FNC, Hi-Point Carbine, HK-91, HK-93, HK-94, HK-PSG-1, Thompson 1927 Commando, Kel-Tec Sub Rifle; Saiga, SAR-8, SAR-4800, SKS with detachable magazine, SLG 95, SLR 95 or 96, Steyr AU, Tavor, Uzi, Galil and Uzi Sporter, Galil Sporter, or Galil Sniper Rifle (Galatz). Pistols (or copies or duplicates): Calico M-110, MAC-10, MAC-11, or MPA3, Olympic Arms OA, TEC-9, TEC-DC9, TEC-22 Scorpion, or AB-10, Uzi. Shotguns (or copies or duplicates): Armscor 30 BG, SPAS 12 or LAW 12, Striker 12, Streetsweeper.



          •  The point is…….there are close to 300 million guns in America.

             They do NOT have enough people to do squat!

            • Amen!

        • @Be Informed, you have to remember that fifty years ago TPTB didn’t have their brainwashed thugs (police) running around in armored vehicles, carrying assault rifles and much more. They didn’t have 10 percent of the population classified as criminals yet. They didn’t have a new generation of completely brainwashed kids yet and they didn’t have complete control of the financial system of the entire world yet.

          At THAT time fifty years ago, unprepared, starving masses of people were a liability…now, they’re an asset. In other words, the game pieces weren’t in the proper places yet for check AND mate! Now, it is.

      29. The question is, do they read the bills before they vote them in. If you don’t read  the complete bill and vote on it, your butt should be thrown out and told not to come back. I am sick of politicians in Washington. It is time for a change patriots.

      30. Did you see the picture of the protestors in Egypy?  I see so many protesting posts on this and other sites, men carrying on about how they will never let their guns be taken away, how O has done wrong, what he is and will do wrong, blah blah blah…do you REALLY think America will make a stand?  Not.  But we sure will stampede on Black Friday!  That’s where WE stand!

        • America may not make a stand but the REAL Americans will.  People are not just blah blahing on here.  But you are free to believe they are.  Word to the wise….don’t call people out unless you’re ready to do serious battle.

          I had multiple great grandfathers fight in the 1st American Revolution and civil war.  I may be mild mannered but my blood runs deep.  I can truely, actually say I had multiple ancestors fight and die for this county.  Did you?  Their blood is soaked into the soil  but their lineage continues on.

          Don’t doubt a real American.  We are here.  Just waiting.  Bidding our time.

        • I couple of my (3rd) great grandfathers died in Northern POW camps during the Civil War.  We have a couple of letters from someone that survived these camps and what they descripe is horrendous.  There’s no way anyone is taking me to a FEMA camp or indefinetely detain me.  Yeah, that’s when a line will be crossed…so they better repel it.

          Apologies, if the strength of my words offend some but like I said my blood runs deep.  Does yours? 

        • Fought for the South, died in Northern POW camps.

          Yea, I am a multiple DAR and proud of it.  My first ancestor born in America was in 1629.  By the Revolutionaly War there were 49 branches of my family in those 13 colonies.  I had 11 (6th) great-grandfathers fight in the Revolution and 7 great grand uncles and countless gg nephews.

          Don’t ever doubt a real American.  Sorry, Dollar to Donuts but your comments offends me.  Guess I’m just a little touchy about it.

        • Dollars to Donuts.

            Yes they will! It is very hard to predict the future and how events will unfold. We must try anyhow using the information that is available.  To act premature would be a disaster.   The number one threat is financial collapse. Upon which the government would round up a bunch of people because of the riots it would cause. Preppers would stay put in a defensive mode and wait to see what futher actions are taken after the dust settles. Round one so to speak. Those that are left of the sheeple will have to decide which road to take. Join us or live under the threat of interment. They will look for guidance. Imagine that?   Our ranks would swell. Consider human behaviour, fear and hunger with just a touch of tyranny.

           Now I may be having visions of Granduer.  That is where you all come in and tear me apart with your thoughts. I mean to get to the bottom and set a foundation.

          • I’m with you Slingshot.  I did 3 posts on Donuts comment last night cuz it really hit a sore spot with me.  But as you can see…or not see..some bug ate them.  Kinda tired of this posting problem.

            Basically I said, America might not show up but Real Americans will.  I am a multiple DAR and can honestly say my ancestors did shed blood on American soil.  Don’t doubt real Americans, we’re just waiting and watching.

            If this post doesn’t go through then I am going back to just being a passive reader and “talk” too my computer screen.

            • Kindle,

                  Please, remain. Be advised, per a recent (2-3 day old) e-mail dialogue with Mac I have it on good authority that he is in the latter stages of attempting to ‘translate’ the board to the new features/format. It is to BE expected that this transition CANNOT be done without certain ‘irregularities’ occuring. I advise ‘patience’ for a time at least. Per that dialogue, I take it that this state of affairs is Imminent…patience, for a bit please. The phrase “Herculean Task’ does come to mind here, Yes?…in the context of said ‘translation’ occuring WHILE the board remains operational? 🙂

            • I guess I was being sarcastic???  Anyway, yes, I have ancestors who have fought, mostly for the south.  I have written a genealogical piece about my Confederate ggggrandfather and the atrocities those soldiers endured.  I guess I get a little disillusioned with how Americans respond today.  I don’t mean to imply we should hit the streets guns blazing today.  It just impresses me that yoa see people in other countries actually taking to the streets and protesting unjust leaders or upholding their religious beliefs.  We are supposed to be such a great country with our democracy and freedom of speech.  So why does it seem we sit back and take what is handed to us?  A little handful of people get brave enough to go protest but not turnouts like the East.  We don’t even try to protect our religion.  If so many believe O is Muslim, supports the brotherhood, etc., why wasn’t there a public outcry before the election?

              And I’m no different, well except I didn’t do black fri. And I know you all didn’t either.  

      31. AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) , decapitators inside US government (for Coup Attempt)



        I was mailed this tonight..just want to put this out there.

        Don’t respond..just think this through..after thinking what has happened in the last two months and ask yourself–IS THIS POSSIBLE??

        Botched kidnapping job in benghaze, stolen election, ammo being bought/acquired out the ying yang, where are fema supplies, 5 generals/officials fired, Patreus exposed now when officials knew going in he had a mistress, and now, congress a little upset that they can be indefinitely detained and never seen again???  

      32. @ All,

            After consult with others here I have elected to put forth a beginning to something that I’d like you all to look at. After very much soul-searching I have concluded that the America that I grew up in is irrevocably disappeared. I know that many of those here look about themsleves and wonder much ther same in thier hearts and spirits…I assure you I grieve for you all, and myself also. All Trust and Faith I have ever clung to in life has evaporated under the onsluaght of the reptilian vermin of whom the upper 1%’ is Dynastic, endless self-perpetuating self-interest and greed…How has it come to this?!

            I tell you, the ‘Greatest Generation” returned from the horrors of War, tired, and seeking the solace that only Peace and time provides. On thier watch they slept seeking that peace and I cannot blame them but the reptiles subsumed this land and began to drink the blood of the Earth….my disgust at what I see today is beyond measure. I have no words sufficient to express this. I am tired of seeing the GREATEST COUNTRY on the face of the EARTH, from whom ALL that is now Good on the Face of the Earth comes cast into ruin by those that have done this for thier own profit and to perpetuate thier seed upon us all to the end of all days. I ask nothing from no one here, but I do ask you to go back to Comment ID: 819876  and ask yourself  if there is no longer room for hope. Dwell upon what you read there. Tonight’s Solae report is cancelled I am morose this eve.

            If any part of you inclines to hope then I say to you THERE IS HOPE. Even now there are those here who in Wisdom and in Strength have set upon a New Thought….Behold, I show you a new thing, one which all  must needs both think upon and lend thier voice to…of those I spoke about already You know who you are, I will not mention you by Name for it IS your choice to come forth or no…not mine. I will do as I will henceforth to the limit of my meager abilities regardless; such is My Free Choice. I do not have it within my Heart to do any ill upon others, excepting only that I do so to defend my own or myself but this thing MUST stop. I ask you, when you have read through what you have found where I have pointed, return and let us find a way…even if that way cannot stop what is to come still we must never repeat what has come to pass in the ‘World That is’ now.

             I am strangely tired tonight Friends… I will return tomorrow. Sleep tomight with Dreams of what once was…and may yet come again

           May the Lord God Almighty Bless and Keep us, His chidren, All of us. Amen.

        • Posted  By JustOne Guy.


          JustOneGuy says:

          Comment ID: 819876 November 7, 2012 at 12:07 am

          Evenin’ All,

          As a start I would like to say to those here whose dreams were not made manifest this evening; I grieve for you. You are our fellow Brothers and Sisters and whatsoever dashes the hope from you it harms us all.

          Having said that I will now show a new thing to you.

          This is not the Beginning,

          This is not the End,

          This is not the Beginning of the End,


          This is the Beginning of the End of the ‘Beginning’

          A new way will come, one in which human dignity and self-directed purpose will flourish. Do as you have been doing, tarry not in the doing of. Look into the recesses of yourself and find what you feel is lost…Your Brothers and Sisters will wait for you, we will not leave you behind.

          Red, White Black or Yellow…Pink with Purple Polka Dots….If you are Human then we will wait as long as we must for you to come to your selves again.

          “For Profiteth it a Man, to gain the Whole World, and yet lose his Soul?”

          Of Those Here Who Were Mindful of the “Illusion” Before the Fact I Say, “To Speak Kindly Does Not Hurt The Tongue”…Be Mindful Of What You Say To Your Sisters and Brothers Here, Neither Allow Youselves to Be Unduly Provoked…Much of What will be Said In Days To Come Will arise Out of The Pain Of The Soul…They Are Our Family, Neither Gloat, Nor Rub The Salt The Salt Of The Earth Into Fresh Wounds For All That We Say In Anger Returns To Haunt Us In Latter Days.

          “May The Lord Bless And Keep Us, His Chidren, Everyone Of Us…..AMEN.”

        • JIG

          ok bud guess i missed it,,just what are you bringing forth??? i know its probably in the older post,,,hope you are not getting sick,,,being so tired


          ps ease up on us repitiles,,not all ate deadly

          • Hi snake,

                My abject apologies….I HAD forgotten that there is ONE reptile of whom I am fond! Forgoive me the ‘reptile’ reference therefor.

                As per the part you ‘missed’, first go see ‘D’, have it sent to you therefrom I so wish that is happen thus today…IF, I look out and see that those who have ‘Eyes to see, and Ears to hear’ are stirred by this – not overtly as yet -but privately at first, that ie, the notion has merit, then I will release what I have ‘conjured’ here openly. This is both a test of those here and a reality-check ‘pon myself.    What you see in the foregoing is my my mind revealed plainly – revelation in the truest sense. Do not take that as excessively, dramatic, please. I only mean that all things begin somewhere and it may be my misfortune – which I will gladly bear alone, asking nothing of any other, anywhere – to be that point of origin. If so, then as He wills.

                You understand the previous reference i presume, ‘D’, yes? From that single point of dispersal ‘that’ can be had. Our error lies ion an insuffuciency in the Founder’s formulation…so I beleive. Contemplate that if you will friend. As ever, I am always at your disposal should clarification be required. G’Day mate! 

      33. Greetings Everybody!

        Just another short aside…The good ‘ole USAF was at it AGAIN over the western parts of Tenn. today.Started about mid-afternoon with our boys spraying “bum-trails”(not unlike a bum-rush perhaps?)East to West and West to East basically blanketing the skies as the clouds spread……

        On on topic I found this at Blacklisted:

        Afran explained that although the new provision gives U.S. citizens a right to go to civilian (i.e. Article III) court based on “any [applicable] constitutional rights,” but since there are are no rules in place to exercise this right, detained U.S. citizens currently have no way to gain access to lawyers, family or the court itself once they are detained within the military.

        “The biggest thing about the [2012] NDAA was that you weren’t getting a trial … Nothing in here says that you’ll make it to an Article III court so it literally does nothing,” Dan Johnson, founder of People Against the NDAA, told BI. “It’s a bunch of words, basically,”.

        Well,so much for “fixing” our broken bill of rights….

        Got your towel yet?

        You’re gonna need that and so much more….

        Best to All


      34. Just remember, when you no longer have access to the Internet, life as we know it in America, is over. That’ll be THE SIGN, imho. Then it will be time to pick up whatever ammo is still available, the last of those imported “exotic” groceries that won’t be available or affordable, batten down the hatches, and, lock and load, metaphorically speaking.

      35. Gardenia, welcome aboard and thank you for the compliment; I hope to see you post more here.   Plavo, welcome abord to you as well and i agree with your assessment about what is happening behind the scenes; could even be worse for all anyone knows.  BI, I couldn’t agree more and you brought up a great point about the old government brochures from the Cold War era.  I was born in 1957, same year that the USSR launched Sputnik into space.   My first contact with anything related to survival was at 5 years old in october of 1962.   My older brother helped our dad build a bomb shelter in our basement because a Russian maniac named Nikita Khruschev put some nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba.  Thank God we never had to use that shelter,  but that left a lasting impression on me. I can still remember in grade school all those drills for nuclear war we had called “duck and cover”.   You had to duck underneath those old school desks and then cover yourself with your arms;  man, those times look like child’s play compared to the threats we face today.   I’d love to find some of those old brochures myself and hand them out to some government employees today; it’s a safe bet they would freak out when they read them.  I’d say there’s definitely a power struggle taking place inside the Beltway.  As the old saying goes, “there is no honor among thieves”.   Braveheart

      36. I just found this at another site. Not my words. Interesting…


        There’s a post going around on the internet that merely says: “Pick 7″ Upon searching for the meaning I came across a guy who said he talked to a patriot in New Mexico who told him the “Pick 7″ means for armed citizens to Pick 7 trusted friends and prepare for battle. He said the 7 men teams are loosely connected without upper command leadership. They are prepared to do whatever is necessary to defend their families and their lives. Interesting movement! He told me to never give up your firearms or to surrender. He also said there are over 100,000,000 gun owners which if every gun owner attached him or herself to a “Pick 7″ unit that would result in 14,285,714 fighting units! That is why every tyrannical government fears an armed population. Has it really come down to this? If so I am afraid that the biblical reference “…lest the days be shortened no flesh would survive…” truly is coming to past.”

        • I picked folks…but not for war, but for economic battle.

          WE are creating .com sites…  A company that builds companies.

          To be capitalist owners.

          THIS is how you fight the socialists…  control the money.

          Have power over where money is spent.  

          Fund the NRA.



        • I couldnt find anything on this, could you throw us a link?

          • Go to “Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show and click on his latest article “Could you survive being sent to a FEMA camp?” and at the bottom, in the comments section, the first one states the concept and, as well, Dave mentions he’s heard about it.

        • European America

             I have tried on Google to bring up Pick 7 and only get Lottery Information.  Can you direct us to this origin. TIA

          • I too searched for a while and couldn’t come up with anything. Even the author of the original article thought he’d heard about it. The concept is great regardless. Hope it goes viral.

            Here is where the comment was posted. In the comments section at the end of article.


      37. Whelp if dey ask me for my gun—dey can habe it fer 500 bucks hehehe ill go buy anudder–from grandpa- my friund Cooter  him an i were eatin some vittles he say one day all you citi folxs will come a beggin —but i saw  on the tv where dey use a beam to move people from a ship in da starz to a planut and back and forth and such —so ebn thogh it may be vew doo mambo jumbo —dey cud feed then citi folx too on the machine —i dunno it makes my brains hurt thinking about such things



      38. We have three branches of government,legistlative, executative, and judicial. Each is supose to act as a check on abuse of power by the other.
        When the president did not veto this bill he was negligant in his duties but not nearly so much as the members of the supreme court whos main duty it is to see that the other two branches of government dont over step their limits or ignore the constitution.
        ALL nine members of this court should be impeached for not being all over this breach of our guaranted rights!!!

      39. To: Obama

        From: Me

        I don’t plan on spending shit the next four years.

        Why?   Because you are a socialist and I don’t support socialism.


        Thumbs up = Capitalist

        Thumbs down = Socialist


      40. A lot of people are not aware that two (2) court rulings were issued on this act and both found it to be illegal. Obama had the entire justice department reinsert this act, of course, as usual, this was very hush, hush. Point being, wait and see, these senators are going against one of the most meglomaniacal narcistic despot, he will stop at nothing to get his way.

      41. Too bad.  I was looking forward to the permanent incarceration of all Democrats and Republicans.  A-holes all. 

      42.  To reiterate.  Being that our community is so fracture with different opinions, within the posts, there is still Hope. The careless thing to do is run into a buzz saw and we all want  a way to unite our cause. And that cause is to bring back to life our country.

             There will be two types of riots. One because of the termination of government benefits and the  other type for the infringement of our God Given Rights. Either one would trigger a government response to protect itself.   To be clear that our purpose is NOT to OVERTHROW our Government but to purge it from the evil that it bestows on us indescriminatly. AS said before of the Soap, Ballot, And Cartridge boxes, there are stages we  traverse.

              Many wonder why we have not taken up arms.  They have not come for our arms or imprisioned. Have  not shut down the internet. Installed Martial Law. They feel us and know that we are getting our act together. I think Pick7 is the way to go and should not be taken lightly. Combined with an event is a sure warning. Still need verification.

         Let every militiaman remember these long forgotten words. ” If it is war they want, let it begin here!” There will be many  “Here’s”.

        • @ Slingshot

          As a Christian, I believe that God allows defense. In fact, I believe that defense of life, yours, your family’s, neighbor’s, is a mandate.

          Also as a Christian, I believe that we are to honor the Governmet God places over us.  Does this mean that we have to be “Good Germans” and follow unjust laws, I think not.

          If however, the State which I live in “goes to war” with the Feds in D.C. , then  IT IS THE DUTY of all Christian men to defend their state and It’s people from tyranny.

          Will this ever happen? May God forbid it!

          • “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his palace, his possessions are safe.”      Luke 11:21


            “If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed;    Exodus 22:2

            “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.  The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.” “That is enough,” he replied. Luke 22: 33-35

            Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s NWO schemes.







        • I don’t like to rain on any parade–we are out armed.

          Planes piloted by foreigners can take out lots of ‘armies’.


          • Hi jayjay,

                Methinks not…..look up Isuruko Yamamoto’s quote on the notion of invading the west coast of the united states……

      43. Morning Solar Report;


            Solar activity has been low through the previous 12 hours. The extent of flaring has been limited to sub-C-class ‘noise’ in the background. The only issue of note thus far is the clear resolution of the 11623 spot group into two seperate, closel spaced latitudinal groups which have been enumerated as 11623 and 11625, with 11623 being the more northerly of the duo. Little appears notable in the STEREO SECCHI feed for a period – relative to solar rotation – of at least 4 days. However, after that -at this point, barring any evolution either in the mode of growth or decay – several strongly active groups will be reappearing.

            No new extra-solar activity has been noted through the previous period, ie, no additional GRB’s have been identified.

        • Addenda;

               a C-4.7 Flare peaking at 17:20 UTC has occured and is currently in decay cycle at this time. Though I usally do not effort myself to note sub-M-class events this one occured at a time when the effective 0.5-4.0 passband sensors aboard the GOES-15 platform were recording a null – bottom-of-graph – vaule for said band emmisions, consequently, what is seen on the X-flux plot (1-minute) is a vertical rise od same of almost 2 and a half decade increase….rather impressive and not often seen except during extreme flares. A tidbit here – as it were – for the Solar hounds in the crowd.

      44. An interesting quote:

               “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

                – Samuel  Adams

        • Just One Guy,

          Your post reminded me of an email I received from a friend.

          Not sure who the author is, but this really makes me think!!

          How Long Do We Have?

          ‘A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.’  ‘From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.’

          ‘The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years.’  ‘During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence:

          1. From bondage to spiritual faith;

          2. From spiritual faith to great courage;

          3. From courage to liberty;

          4. From liberty to abundance;

          5. From abundance to complacency;

          6. From complacency to apathy;

          7. From apathy to dependence;

          8. From dependence back into bondage’

          • Hi KY,

               Very astute observation, that. I am, of late, concerned that an’original’ error – broad and vast – at the risk of sounding momentous and ponderous, has been committed by the species as a whole.

               I have broached this notion – tentatively – to some others here, assuredly any such must immediately call into question one’s own ‘finess’ (Um-hum) when such arises; the proverbial ‘reality-check’ – as it werre. Those are considering such now. It MAY be that – if – my ‘frame’ is not askance that other’s here will see what we are conceiving

                First, and FOREMOST, this must be an issue of personal ‘election’ …the greater part of what had went wrong with ‘The World as it is’ is the continuous use of ‘Coercion’ throughout time to produce the result’s we effectively see….THIS MUST STOP

            • CORRECTION:


              must immediately call into question one’s own ‘fitness’ (Um-hum)

                  “Fitnesss’ as in ‘Sanity’

      45.  The Government considers us a threat in the same way as we consider them. The Principles is what separates us.

        • *page not found*


          The police have no “duty to protect”

          it has always been our own responsibility, better take it seriously

          Cops dont stop it, they just show up afterwards to try and figure out who they can jail or fleece, and draw the chalk lines, glorified janitors if you will.

          If someone breeches your door unwelcome its your duty to end that persons ability to do it to you, or any of your fellow law abiding citizens ever again.

          Its our job, and the lack of police departments and thier unions fleecing the tax payers will not change this reality.

          when someone breaks in you have to believe thier intent is to do whatever is necessary to facilitate their adgenda, even if that means your life, you dont have time to ask them if that is their intention, or to call and wait for a cop to show up..its time to discharge that weapon of protection until the threat is over. This fact never changed if we had a million cops in your city or 1, so let them threaten down sizing on the police, that shouldnt affect someone who is awake and ready to take responsibility for your own protection.

          Will it possibly empower criminal activity? sure..you know with less law enforcement were going to have to watch our politicians, lawyers, and judges closer..we wouldnt want them to get anymore out of control then they already are. So maybe its time to remind them who they really work for and who’s signing thier paychecks

          look at it this way..the cops are at the bottom of the law totem pole..if it keeps on rollin then guess who else gets a pink slip as it progresses, they better not piss off the people who hold thier jobs in thier tax payments.

          And they better start showing us who they work for, before we let them all go, and handle it ourselfs

        • Isn’t that California??   Guns loaded?? They have guns??

        • Yes, I saw thatober the last week or so. BI isndicates that this is NOT to be trifled with……

      46. Thanks to the petitions and phone calls from concerned Americans like you, the Amendment stripping the indefinite detention language out of the NDAA just passed the U.S. Senate by a vote of 67-29. Since the Senate amended the NDAA, it now has to go back to the House for approval. So you and I must remain prepared to pick up this fight in the Senate in the near future. In Liberty,Senator Rand Paul

        • Where is BeInformed.  I’ve not seen his post lately.  I suppose I hope he is on leave and resting as needed.

          ~fretting, ‘cuz I do it best 😉

      47. @ JustOneGuy

              Read your post.   Hang in there. We have much work to do.  I’m headed to the woods to join my gun toting redneck brothers. Salt of the earth and have known some of them for over ten years.  The time around the fire and the spinning of rope yawn is composed of adventures and endurances. Yet when the conversation turns to serious matters, you can always tell by the slight moment of silence and the utterance of two words. Say What? Makes me smile. :0)  I hope to hear those two words tonight. Although they are not like us hard preppers,they are very concerned people. They are the Reserve Preppers. Ones I would trust with my life.

        • “The dslt of the Earth” my absolute, favorite sort. The ‘High Ones’ have demonstrated that they have no solutions…..IF tyhere be any solution come it must come from elsewhere….

              “From the mouths of babes” as it were…….

          • Correction:

               “the salt of the Earth…” another keyboard will be taking the trip to the skeet range….ALWAYS remember, “It’s the Keyboards fault, HE did IT!!!” 🙂

        • +100 EA! I agree this is a Must Watch!

        • Shew-Boy!!!! Finally got over to see THIS….Absolutely ‘Masterful’….good work EA, T’anks a bunch!!  A MUST-SEE? … AB-SO-LUTE-LEE!

          ‘Ghost Busters’,

             “We got the tools, we got the talent!!…” 🙂

      48. Great Post EA!!! Everyone needs to watch this and copy the relevant citations to MS Word for future reference. I did.

      49. An ew Forum is Up Y’all…..


        • You still guzzling the Nyquil, JOG? 😉

          • JOG SAY…..UMMMMM……….<Hichhh!!>….NYQUIL….GOooOD!%^$#@@!!


               <<<As always done as Boris Karloff, ‘Frankenstein’>> 🙂

            A new Forum is Up Y’all…..    BAD,. bad Keyboard…down boy down!!! (Snarling in background, some small squeals heard….)

      50. meaningless “reform” ???



      51. Now its time for the TRUE story not the propaganda the shtfplan is putting out.  The FACTS are, while it says you have the right to habeas corpus IN a court… nowhere does it state they must bring you to court. Nor does it say you can have a lawyer. Find the bill online and read it. The new Indefinite Detention Bill is more worse then the previous. (And is designed for all Americans.

        With that said here is more proof.

        2013 version of NDAA makes it even easier to indefinitely detain Americans without charge or trial


        • Was just here to post that little tidbit of information myself.  

          How Rand Paul can be advocating for this is beyond comprehension, unless he’s part of the takeover.

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