U.S. Will Require Negative COVID Tests For Travelers Coming In From China

by | Dec 29, 2022 | Headline News

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    The United States is ramping up COVID-19 testing with the fault PCR tests once again. Now, the ruling class insists those coming to the U.S. from China will need to present a valid negative COVID test prior to entering the country.

    All airline passengers 2 years of age and older originating from China, Hong Kong, or Macau will be required to get tested for COVID two days before their departure to the U.S. The requirements, which apply regardless of nationality and vaccination status, start on January 5th, according to CNBC News. 

    If the “vaccines” actually work, why would those who have gotten injected with the mRNA sauce need to show proof they don’t have COVID? Or is this just another admission that these shots aren’t actually “vaccines?”

    Airline passengers flying through Incheon International Airport in South Korea as well as Toronto Pearson and Vancouver International Airports in Canada will also need to test negative for COVID before heading to the U.S. if they were in China 10 days beforehand. These three airports cover the overwhelming majority of travelers whose trips originated in China but have connecting flights to the U.S., according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    China is experiencing what happens after locking people up away from each other for long periods of time, damaging the immune system‘s ability to fight off infections. People get sick because they have a weakened immune system incapable of fighting off a disease.

    We should also expect another variant to be announced soon. The CDC is also expanding its program that monitors travelers for new Covid variants to include airports in Los Angeles and Seattle.

    “The recent rapid increase in transmission in China increases the potential for new variants emerging,” the health official said. The U.S. is taking proactive steps to protect the public’s health and be on the alert for new COVID variants as the situation in China unfolds, according to a health official.

    This mass surveillance program collects nasal swabs from international travelers on a voluntary basis, and the CDC then analyzes the samples that test positive for Covid to determine if they are a new virus variant.

    Mysterious Disease Kills 2 Children In Afghanistan

    Is this an excuse to proclaim lockdowns work and reinstitute them as a new variant spreads? Maybe. Is it an excuse to keep the COVID narrative alive and continue to panic the masses into getting several mRNA shots? Maybe. Is it more sinister than that? Maybe.

    Be prepared for anything. It doesn’t look like the ruling class has given up on the medical tyranny yet, even thought they released some of the pressure in the past year.


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