MASS SURVEILLANCE: If You Spread The Coronavirus, You Will Likely Be Tracked Down

by | Mar 14, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    In our current world of a mass surveillance police state, if you spread the coronavirus (knowingly or even unknowingly) it’s very likely you’ll be tracked down by the government and its health officials.

    Virologists are scrutinizing strains of the new coronavirus in order to trace where it came from. This modern genetic sleuthing, combined with more traditional methods of interviewing infected people, is invaluable for tracking how and where the virus is progressing. Scientists can often accurately trace a virus’s journey. “We can identify who the Typhoid Mary is,” said Siobain Duffy, who researches the evolution of viruses at Rutgers University.

    (Typhoid Mary references Mary Mallon, who infected many New Yorkers as an unwitting, “healthy carrier” of the typhoid virus in the early 20th century).

    Even before genetic testing is employed, epidemiologists, who track patterns of disease, can get a pretty good grip on where the virus came from.  It’s called “contract tracing,” and it boils down to (safely) talking with infected people.

    “It’s done with syphilis and other diseases like measles,” explained Elizabeth Marshall, an associate professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Rutgers School of Public Health. –Mashable

    Seeking out contacts is vital for this new coronavirus, which leads to the respiratory disease COVID-19 that results in more severe cases than the flu and is ten times more lethal. That’s because around 80 percent of infected people have mild or no symptoms. They can walk around for five days before the first hint of infection hits. So it’s important to find out who they may have been unknowingly infected while they spread the virus.

    As we’ve said before, the best way to prepare for this pandemic is to make sure you don’t get infected.  If you live in an area where there are a lot of people who have contracted the virus, make sure you wear a properly fitting face mask in public.

    Will A Face Mask REALLY Protect You From The Coronavirus?

    If you do get sick, quarantine yourself and don’t spread it to others.


    In the meantime, work on improving your immune system by eating right, getting enough sleep, cutting back on alcohol and nicotine, and getting adequate vitamin C and D.  Now that spring is approaching, the sun is coming out.  Vitamin D is often not talked about, but vital when boosting your immune system. Don’t overdo it in the sun either, as sunburn is not good for you.

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      1. “Big Pharma And Microsoft Are Teaming Up In Something Called The ‘ID2020 Alliance’ That Will Combine Vaccinations With Implantable Microchips To Create Your Digital ID”
        h ttps://

        “If you are organizing an event please keep in mind that epidemiologists and virologists are really good at tracing back infections. You don’t want to get blamed for causing an epidemic in your community. Consider canceling.”

        Speaking of organizing an event, I have seen drills, taking place, at night, near the local RR tracks, on flatbed rail cars. There was strange camo, that I had never seen before (IR and digital were newish at the time), crossed RR ties (shaped like ball and jacks), spools of razorwire, and a gun with shield on two wheels.

        And, in spite of Hodge’s claims that a city can be shut down in half an hour, you have never shown us, yet, that you were capable of profiling, when a protected class was culpable, or when Patient Zero was a too-big-to-fail.

      2. This spider eggs “pandemic” has turned into pandamonium. If the flu deaths of 2018 totalling over 80,000 in America were publicicized like this it could have created the same domino effect.

        This is just the banks and businesses, as well as the government trying to pin the blame for a problem which they all bear a tremendous amount of responsbility for on a virus, that they deliberately created and spread to cover-up for their rigged, planned, economic disasters and raping and pilaging!

        Anyone who beleives otherwise is a complete dope! How many must these “national emergencies” occur before people actually hold these psychopaths feet to the flames and demand confessions for their sick and sadistic crimes?!

      3. It seems that the virus was created at Fort Detrick bio-lab which was shat down immediately without notice by the CDC for repeated failures to prevent the leaks of pathogens.

        The Wuhan military games with the U.S. military competing in Wuhan very well may have transmitted the coronavirus in Wuhan.

        Additionally, many of the pnuemonia claims attributed to vaping last year now appear to have been actual coronavirus victims.

        This has been thourougly researched by virologists and reported by Larry Romanoff linked below on Global Research:

      4. What is happening:
        * ChinaVirus is another False Narrative.
        * Politicians need excuse for more control. Politicians need excuse to spend more worthless paper money.
        * Media love spreading Fear-Panic-Uncertainty-LIES. That is what the media does. Believe NOTHING.
        * Bankers/Politicians need cover story for the greed manufactured economic collapse. Never Accountability for their criminal acts.
        * Commie China CCP needed a cover story for a political enemies PURGE/Genocide. Evil China Communist justify any evil and murders they commit. Commie China CCP is Evil.
        * Commie China testing their bioweapon spread rate.

        Mass Media/Politician/Banker, lieing-fear mongering.
        Are you scared little sheep? That is how media/politicians want you! Fear mongering also makes retailers/web sites money.
        Scared Sheep are Easy to lead. Easy to lead to their own destruction.

        ** Problem-Reaction-Solution **

        Those who trust in the Lord God of Jesus Christ are comforted and Prepared/Aware of the Evil tech monopoly Beast system.
        * Media Lies to you. Everything a Lie.
        * Politicians Lie to you. Everything they say is a LIE.
        * Fear is a Means/Tool, of CONTROL and justification of TYRANNY.

        * * * This is only a Test. This is a Drill. YOU are the target of the False Narrative Psyop. Don’t be fear driven sheep, driven over a cliff by Media/Politician/Banker, PREDATORS.

        You will be ok people. So boil a kettle for tea.

      5. Anti-inflammatory drugs including NSAIDs ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ) like ibuprophen, in addition to steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like cortisone have been reported to weaken the body’s immune system and increase the risk of complications of the coronavirus, as well as other viruses, and should not be taken to reduce fever and aches and pains associated with viruses.

      6. – Notice no comments here posted here in real time?
        – Notice the censorship here? (No real time speech allowed.)
        – Notice the lock down on free speech, by commie friendly Anti-American Tech Monopoly?
        – Notice how there is ALWAYS an “exercise” “drill” whenever a well publicised evil event occurs?
        – Notice a drill on day of 911 False Flag?

        Did you know that a large “exercise” Defender Europe 20 now taking place? Here is official explanation:
        from h t t p s://w w
        From Army web site: “Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 is the deployment of a division-size combat-credible force from the United States to Europe, the drawing of equipment and the movement of personnel and equipment across the theater to various training areas. DEFENDER-Europe 20 is the largest deployment of U.S.-based forces to Europe for an exercise in the last 25 years.”

        The economy of USA being shutdown for a China bioweapon. At Exactly the same time.
        Do you smell yet Another False Flag like 911 was?
        No one notices this? Does government ever give back power once it is take?

        Why hasn’t web master of this site put these facts together?
        (I’m not the sharpest pencil in the cup. And yet no one else in all the talking head media has figured this out? No one here? Why not? Censored comments? Fed Honey Pot for RedList?)

        Do you believe in coincidence circumstances?
        FACT: There was large drill on day of 911.
        FACT: There has been drills at many of the school mass shooter nutjob events in US.
        Do you believe criminal Politicians? Do you Trust Politicians?
        Do you believe the Liar Media? Do you Trust the Liar Media?

        Do you believe in the US Constitution?

        False Flag Fear Mongering Liar Media -Liar Thief Politicians -Criminal Bankers.

        Is Whuhan bug Just another False Flag Narrative?
        Does shutting down all normal activity, make ANY sense for a flu? Insane.

        Look up DefenderEurope 20. See for yourself.
        How about that article SHTFplan? How about journalism instead of fear mongering false narrative?

        – – You may be in an INTENTIONAL False Flag Psyop. – –

        TRUST NO ONE

      7. Mac, off topic but we have listened to you for a long time and acted accordingly. Thank you for your efforts.

      8. Within 1 hour of texting my employer this message, I was contacted by police:

        “My daughter was sent home from work because she has a sore throat. What contingency plans do you have for working remotely? ”

        This was 8 days ago.

      9. Useful real info? Where?
        All of US media is lies, propaganda, most media is anti-American. Politicians do nothing but decieve. This website fear mongers. So where does one find old school neutral journalism just the facts and actionable information? Years ago that was SHTFPlan. Now there is censorship and fear peddleing never ceasing.
        They kick you off Twitter
        Ban you from Facebook
        Ban you from Youtube
        The communist USSA politicians say openly “they are coming for your firearms”.
        WalMart and Dicks Sporting goods stop selling ammo.
        There is the Soviet Style Internal Passport now required for air travel within USSA call the Real ID act. Due Oct?
        Now this close down of the USA. And the US media working people up into a panic. WTF?
        The noose is tightening around your kneck. Feel that rope?
        Echos of 1939?

        too long but this likely censored/shadow banned anyway

      10. Hello Y’all,

        I am foregoing my customary greeting; today is NOT a ‘Good Day’.
        Italian numbers just came in around twenty minutes ago…and those aren’t good, categorically. Reported new cases are in excess of 3500 while casualties are almost 370. Iran, France, UK and Germany are following suit according to where they are in the profession of the pandemic.
        Heretofore, the likelihood of people of Western European descent acquiring the virus was small…that situation is now swinging to the other end of the scale as COVID sweeps over Europe incorporating genetic material from the genetic phenotypes (ethnic groups) located there. The upshot here is that in a handful of weeks should COVID (adapted) ‘jump the pond’ into North America then the situation will likely be MUCH worse than has heretofore been seen.
        However, once the incipient pandemic here Stateside goes fully into gear considering the vast multiplicity of ethnicities of which the US consist then the odds of COVID effecting a quantum leap in it’s ability to infect and kill can do little other than rise, quite possibly to absurd levels never before seen in human history.
        The counterpoint to that last statement rest on exactly the same premise; that our genetic diversity may – just MAY – be our salvation. The famous Cavendish Banana went extinct some 3 decades ago due to it being the only cultivated variant of those commercially desirable (explaining why all the bananas we NOW have are so crappy by comparison) when a fungal blight spread world-wide anihilating all of that sub-species. Similarly, HERE the opposite being true, it is highly probable that some groups will face near extinction level pressure from the virus while others are barely scathed.., at least in the short term.

        Sorry, my keyboard is driving me NUTZ…or it’s the damned spell checker here…I’m not sure which…

        Get your Houses in Order…TEOTWAKI is inbound, NOW.


      11. The surveillance state is just an extremely expensive burdensome blob of brain dead people in a vegetative state that are just too fuckng retarded to do anthing but sit there watching a screen and spying on Americans and listennng in to their calls and reading their emails.

        These brain dead vegetables kept on life support really are too stupid to live, since that is the limit of their capabilities.

        It’s time to end the life support of the surveillance state!

        It is the one and only way to MAGA! America can never be great with a surveillance state! It simply isn’t possible!

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