U.S. Spins Russian Airstrike Targets in Syria: “Big Risk of Further Misunderstandings”

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: The United States isn’t quite prepared to deal with the inconvenient truth of who it is funding in Syria. Yet Putin is prepared to call a spade a spade. It no secret that Putin is trying to use the West’s dirty laundry from decades of phony terrorism against them.

    It is known that funds and weapons are reaching both ISIS and the Free Syrian Army from the West through the Turkey border. This was illustrated with glorious irony and hypocrisy when ISIS Was Caught Firing American-Made Missiles At Syrian Army (“U.S. Funding, Arming ISIS From the Beginning”). Just as in Libya in the overthrow of Gaddafi, and the Taliban opposition to the Soviets that took place three decades back (crafted by then NSA advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski), extremist Muslim groups were serving an amorphous purpose for the United States in proxy war – providing a reason to send U.S./NATO troops into conflict, and creating a backdoor unit to undermine the real enemy. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, but they are attached to the same body. 

    Propaganda War Begins: Russia’s Syria Strikes Targeted US-Backed “Moderate” Rebels, West Says

    by Tyler Durden

    With the U.S. having officially lost control of the narrative in Syria now that The Kremlin has called Washington’s bluff on the battle to eradicate ISIS and eliminate the Sunni extremist elements that threaten to wrest control of Syria from President Bashar al-Assad, the only remaining question after Russian lawmakers officially cleared the way for airstrikes was how long it would be before the Western media began shouting about Russian warplanes bombing targets that aren’t affiliated with ISIS.

    As we reported earlier today, Moscow wasted no time in launching its first round of air raids.

    In turn, the West wasted no time in contending that Russia is targeting areas that aren’t known to be strategically significant for ISIS. Here’s a look at two headlines which do a nice job of summarizing all of the rhetoric which you’re about to hear emanating ceaselessly from every corner of the Western world in the coming days and weeks:


    And here’s WSJ with a sneak peek at the new narrative which Washington will be working hard to refine:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin inserted his country directly into Syria’s war Wednesday, as Russian forces launched their first airstrikes against what Moscow said were Islamic State targets in the Middle Eastern nation.


    But Western leaders raised doubts about whether Russia really intended to take the fight to Islamic State, or merely broaden the Syrian regime’s offensive against a wide range of other opponents.


    For the U.S., the Russian strikes add new questions about the role of Russian forces in Syria. “While we would welcome a constructive role by Russia in this effort, today’s [meeting in Baghdad] hardly seems indicative of that sort of role and will in no way alter our operations,” a U.S. official said.


    Warplanes targeted Islamic State military hardware and weapons stores, a spokesman for Russia’s Ministry of Defense told official news agencies hours after Russian lawmakers approved a request by Mr. Putin to allow the use of force abroad.


    Framing the attacks as part of a fight against terrorism, Mr. Putin said that Russia will support the Syrian army from the air, without any ground operations, for the duration of the Syrian offensive.


    “The only real way to fight international terrorism…is to act pre-emptively. and not wait till they [terrorists] come to our home,” Mr. Putin said in televised comments. He called for antiterror cooperation with other states through the Russian coordination center in Baghdad.


    The official Syrian Arab News Agency reported Wednesday that Russian airstrikes hit areas under Islamic State control in Homs and Hama provinces, including the cities of Al Rastan and Talbiseh, near the town of Salamiyah, and the villages of al-Za’faran, al-Humr Hills, Eidoun, Salamiyah and Deir Fol. The strikes had successfully targeted Islamic State, SANA said, without elaborating.


    But with the exception of the area east of the town of Salamiyah in Hama province, none of the areas listed by the Syrian regime have a known presence of Islamic State fighters. They are largely dominated by relatively moderate rebel factions and Islamist groups like Ahrar al-Sham and the al Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front.

    Yes, “relatively moderate rebel factions like al-Qaeda” (check the above, WSJ actually said that) which in July kidnapped the commander and deputy commander of the Pentagon’s ragtag group of US-trained rebels that was supposed to number in the thousands by now but has been reduced to just “four or five” men and which was humiliated last Friday when the remaining fighters were forced to surrender their pickup trucks and ammo to al-Nusra in order to “secure safe passage” to who knows where.

    Considering that, and considering the “solid” relationship the US has always maintained with al-Qaeda, it sure would be a shame if a few al-Nusra operatives wound up as collateral damage in Russia’s air campaign.

    Then there’s The Telegraph with an epic attempt to spin the news with a single headline: “Putin defies West as Russia bomb ‘Syrian rebel targets instead of Isil‘”.

    Meanwhile, France – who recently went full-propaganda by using “self defense” to justify its newly launched Syrian bombing campaign – is out expressing its consternation about which groups Russia is bombing. Via Reuters:

    France said it was “curious” that Russian air strikes in Syria on Wednesday had not targeted Islamic State militants and a diplomatic source added that Moscow’s action appeared aimed at supporting President Bashar al-Assad against other opposition groups in the country’s civil war.


    The diplomatic source said it was in line with Russia’s stance since 2012 that until there was a viable alternative to Assad, Moscow would not drop its support for him in the war that began in 2011 after a government crackdown on anti-Assad protests.


    “Russian forces struck Syria and curiously didn’t hit Islamic State,” Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told lawmakers.


    A French diplomatic source said the strikes, which seemed to have been carried out near Homs, an area crucial to Assad’s control of western Syria. 


    “It is not Daesh (Islamic State) that they are targeting, but probably opposition groups, which confirms that they are more in support of Bashar’s regime than in fighting Daesh,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.


    “We shall see what they do with their other strikes,” the source said.

    And then Germany (which, much to Moscow’s chagrin, recently announced it’s set to receive a shipment of new US nukes) jumped on the bandwagon. Via Bloomberg:

    German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says Russia needs to explain its aims in carrying out airstrikes in Syria. 


    “In this highly charged situation in Syria there’s a big risk that there will be further misunderstandings between the partners, all of whom are needed to calm the situation”


    “I hope that this isn’t slamming shut all the doors that were laboriously opened in recent days, including in talks between President Obama and President Putin”


    “Only coordinated action can lead to a solution. Military action along won’t help us overcome the Syrian crisis. We have to get into a political process. We need the neighbors, Russia, the U.S., and we in Europe can be helpful, too.”

    There are two things to note here. First, there isn’t anything “curious” about this and Vladimir Putin has made no secret of his intent to keep the Assad regime from falling. Indeed, it’s not clear what else Putin could do besides invite Charlie Rose for a two hour interview and explain three separate times that Moscow intends to support Assad. Second, Germany’s suggestion that Russia is “slamming shut all the doors to cooperation” is ridiculous to the point of absurdity. As the events that have unfolded over the past several weeks have made abundantly clear, it is the West that has slammed the door shut on Russia when it comes to cooperating to fight ISIS and the reason for Washington’s trepidation stems directly from i) wanting to oust Assad at all costs even if it means allowing the extremists operating in Syria to remain active until the regime falls, and ii) the fact that no matter what line The White House trots out to the public, the US views the Russia-Iran “nexus” as far more dangerous to America’s geopolitical ambitions than ISIS and therefore, allying with Washington’s two fiercest foreign policy critics simply isn’t an option even if such an alliance would swiftly eradicate Islamic State.

    And of course the narrative wouldn’t be complete without some on-the-ground Skype “intelligence”. Here’s Reuters:

    Russian air strikes in northwest Syria which Moscow said targeted Islamic State fighters hit a rebel group supported by Western opponents of President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday, wounding eight, the group’s commander said.


    He said the fighters were hit in the countryside of Hama province, where the group has a headquarters.


    “The northern countryside of Hama has no presence of ISIS at all and is under the control of the Free Syrian Army,” Major Jamil al-Saleh, who defected from the Syrian army in 2012, told Reuters via Skype.


    Saleh said his group had been supplied with advanced anti-tank missiles by foreign powers opposed to Assad.

    The Homs area is crucial to President Bashar al-Assad’s control of western Syria. Insurgent control of that area would bisect the Assad-held west, separating Damascus from the coastal cities of Latakia and Tartous, where Russia operates a naval facility.


    “In the early morning this aircraft conducted air strikes in Latamneh city. One targeted a civilian area, and the other targeted al-Izza,” Saleh said, referring to his group which he said were set up around two years ago and has 1,500 fighters.


    He declined to give further details on the exact location of the strike but said the bombs hit a cave which the group used as a headquarters and was near the front line with the regime in northern Hama countryside.


    “Each strike had 8-10 missiles and there were two strikes so there is no way it was an accident,” he added.

    No, it probably was not an accident, but what the Western powers want you to believe is that because they steadfastly refuse to acknowledge what’s going on even when it is patiently explained to them by The Kremlin, then anything that happens is thereby a mystery.

    The bottom line going forward is that the US and its regional and European allies are going to have to decide whether they want to be on the right side of history here or not, and as we’ve been careful to explain, no one is arguing that Bashar al-Assad is the most benevolent leader in the history of statecraft but it has now gotten to the point where Western media outlets are describing al-Qaeda as “moderate” in a last ditch effort to explain away Washington’s unwillingness to join Russia in stabilizing Syria. This is a foreign policy mistake of epic proportions on the part of the US and the sooner the West concedes that and moves to correct it by admitting that none of the groups the CIA, the Pentagon, and Washington’s Mid-East allies have trained and supported represent a viable alternative to the Assad regime, the sooner Syria will cease to be the chessboard du jour for a global proxy war that’s left hundreds of thousands of innocent people dead.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. The truth will out: and the truth is we are the ones funding the militants. Do you feel like we won the War on Terror with hundreds of thousands of Islamic militants and terrorists moving to the West (including an admitted 1,500 hardcore terrorists allowed to live in the US). That isn’t the behavior of a West that has won a war: it is the behavior of a West that had its ass handed to it from 9/11, through Iraq and Afghanistan.

        The Russians have just called BS on this and will, from this point forward, go after the militants without fear or favor. Drawing a clean line in the defense of civilisation against barbarism and finally launching the first phase in the defense of Europe.

        • I think he has also calling the bluff on imperialism, exceptionalism and most poignantly, indispensability.

          • Gulf of Tonkin ver. 2.0 ready to blow.

            • I gotta say it is inspiring to see so many articles and people finally seeing and saying that isis is a creation of the us gov’t, both directly and indirectly. Now all we need to do is flood our congressmen with calls and emails, saying GET THE HELL OUT OF SYRIA. Much like we did after the fake chemical weapon attack. We must ask ourselves too, WHY is our gov’t intent on overthrowing all the secular regimes in the middle east and north Africa? Thank God for the arab spring, huh? Thank God for democracy?? What a laugh….

              This Syria, Russia, china, USA thing can and likely will turn real ugly, real easy, and real fast.

              • because “..flood(ing) our congressmen with calls and emails, saying GET THE HELL OUT OF (Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/Panama/Central America/Grenada/Vietnam/Korea/etc) has always fallen on deaf ears, and I see no reason for them to listen now.

                Everyone seems so surprised these days the primary parties are now becoming directly active in whats been a proxy war in eastern Africa for years. Why is this a shock? Brookings Institute laid out this strategy almost ten years ago for the destabilization of the middle east, no one batted an eyebrow. The administration followed along like a kid with a color by number book, and NO ONE NOTICED??
                US has been sponsoring their proxy, then gets directly involved with airpower and “advisors”. Russia backs their interests by proxy and then get directly involved via airpower and everyone goes bat$hit crazy??

                WHY ARE YOU ALL SUPRISED????

                • You have that right, our so called representatives are anything but representive.
                  At this point i believe 0 that comes out of the government. They can ALL go to hell, im not about to go toe to toe with any of them either, not orally, written nor physical. But is another affirmation of why a different direction is a prudent move personally.
                  The fact of the matter is that the only thing any of us can do is take care of ourselves. A sustainable self reliant lifestyle that reduces your consumption of any and all outside inputs is a good goal, its impossible to have 0 outside inputs but the closer you can get to it the better off you will be.
                  For myself, the biggest statement i can make is to refuse to participate in their system or plans to the highest degree possible and still be on the right side of their laws.

                • marcus/kula

                  although I certainly agree with you that our representatives do anything but represent us. I just think that now that we are all starting to see the big picture, if everyone of us tell them that we are not buying this sh*t anymore!! All those in the military stand up and refuse to fight. We as a whole are finally not buying into this “patriotic” lets go fight some “terrorists” Bullsh*t. And that is a beautiful thing. If the majority of us let them at least know, well, then they will have to choose to go at it against the will of the people. And if they did that they know they could end up with a mutiny on their hands. It WORKED after the bs chemical weapons “attack”, BUT these evil bastards are resilient, SO….. we ended up with isis, and for a little while it worked, people thought “oh we have to do something”, but they did it in haste and a lot of people realized it is all a little too convenient and weren’t buying it. But yah they kept pushing and started bombing a sovereign nation unconstitutionally but now putin has called their bluff, we either have to show our hand or go all in. And I’m afraid the evil bastards are not going to just admit they made it all up to oust assad and go home. So we are looking at the potential of conflict between some heavyhitters. We might be able to bomb brown people without congressional declaration, but not Russia, not China. All I’m saying is everybody that can see how rotten the wood is underneath the veneer. We all need to let them know. Let them know this aint 2001, this aint 2003, this aint Iraqi freedom, WE AINT BUYING THIS SH*T NO MORE. Just let them know. Otherwise the war hawks, fox news, and joe American dumb asses will make enough noise to let them think they can get away with it. One two three four we don’t want know F**king WAR!!! Remember that? I know the Vietnam protests didn’t stop the war, but it sure put a kink in their rope, and I think it served to highlight the fraud and bs of that war for many of that time and for all posterity. We have got to start making more noise. TPTB do not like a mob. So it’s time we start acting like one.

                  • It takes maybe 5 minutes to compose a short email and hit send. I guess if people can’t put the beer down for that long, we deserve what we get.

              • Yes, Mr. Durden has done a helluva good job at ferreting out some truth. Russia is, sadly, one of the few Christian nations left with the might to defend itself. Yet at every turn, Christians balk at Russia and support terrorists of all stripes — Israel, the U.S., places that are NOT Christian friendly. What is the matter with these people?

                Are they so brainwashed, so beaten down that they can’t get out from under the weight of mental oppression?

                RUSSIA IS DOING THE RIGHT THING. Why is that so hard to believe? Just like it’s hard for those same people to believe that hillary belongs in prison, not the presidency.

                • Hillary does belong in prison.

            • I have to agree with Gulf of Tonkin v2. I wonder, however, is the US (actually TPTB) really dumb enough to shoot down a Russian plane knowing what it could/would start?

              • They’ve got their bunkers and supplies. WE will be the one’s burning alive out here. They don’t care. They could go live on the moon if they wanted to. IT’S JUST US.

          • the concept of “American exceptionalism” as noted by d’Tocqueville (and not the bastardized version of the term being bandied about currently..) is still alive and well, provided her citizens shake off the current political class.
            sadly I think it too will be killed by those wishing to push a global1ist perspective and those who are just to damn lazy to care as long as the checks keep flowing.
            I’d prefer not to announce its demise yet though.

        • Big risk of further misunderstandings, all right – – like US fighter jets getting their a$$es shot out of the sky for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          • or vice versa. or worse… some swinging dick pilot on either side gets jazzed up about taking down one of the other guys and takes his shot.

        • OT but important; at msn.com, shooting incident at Umpqua Community College in Roseberg, OR, 15 dead and 20 wounded, suspect is in custody. leave it to the antigun lobby to ramp things up.

          • Brave, that will just make more people load more ammo.

          • Yup, I’ll bet the antigunners are chomping at the bit to ban them now. Terrible situation though.

            • IT’S NOT A GUN PROBLEM — IT’S A MUSLIM PROBLEM. He lined them up jihad style. He asked if the were Christians. If they said yes he shot them in the head. Otherwise, in the leg.

              I could see a day when we start lining THEM up and X2 tap to the head…I’m sure we have enough ammo.


          • .

            Recently, Putin said the muslim horde invasion of Europe was Europe’s problem, not his.

            Meanwhile he was busy opening a huge new mosque in the heart of Moscow.


          • We could be so lucky to have a leader like that…

      2. Time to go grab some popcorn, the show is just about to begin.

        • Just remember what often happens to the people in the front row.

      3. I thought we were the good guys…

        • Apparently Syria has become the proving grounds for more of Russia’s weaponry. While it simultaneously takes out threats from Assad’s enemies, and strengthens it’s Shia partners.

          Meanwhile, according to CNNMoney reports, the Saudis have cashed out 50 to 70 billion worth of wall street bonds over the past six months, in order to further it’s war with the Shia.

          They supposedly sent part of that money to Egypt. More likely it went to Muslim Brotherhood and then to ISIS. It is a known fact that ISIS has been shipping black market oil.

          The stage is being set for WW3, and at the center is the battle between Sunni and Shia regimes. Apparently USSAG is playing both sides of the middle, for now. However when the layers are peeled back, it is evident that our own gov is playing to the Saudis and what they want.

          Israel is caught somewhere in there as well. I don’t think we even know the truth about all that, but rest assured, Israel is armed to the teeth and will not be wiped off the map. There are too many biblical events coming that has the Nation of Israel at the center.

          In the above article, we see that Germany is arming up for something as well, by soon receiving new shipments of USSAG made nukes.

          There is no “right side” of history, in this middle east mess.
          It is all bad and it is all being orchestrated by evil madness.
          Sadly for Americans, more of our taxpayer dollars will be doled out for their battles, and for the further depletion of the middle class. Where is that trump when we need him? lol.

          • Ever think the people that killed Jesus fooled you into supporting their country? I have seen where the Isreali government has fooled the christian right in this country so bad that the Christian right are the biggest supporters of AIPAC. They infiltrated the Christians teachings into believing God will appear in Jerusalem so they need your money to ensure that happens. Genius if you ask me, getting your enemy to support your existence.

            • The hourly anti-Jew bloviations on this site. Yawn. Turns out Jesus was Jewish, was crucified and resurrected and will return at Jerusalem. But, no sense discussing with the anti-semites who infest this site, as IMHO, they have serious issues. There *is* a difference between Israel. Jews in general, and the left wing NY Jews who are admittedly a big part of the problem

              • Actually “TEST”…you’re 1/2 way there (a compliment, truly)!

                That said…you’re incorrect claiming Christ was a jew, per the modern mainstream accepted definition.

                He was a HEBREW who could trace his linage back to Jacob/Abraham, whilst some 97% of today’s jews…fall outside that category, they being blood/DNA related to the Edomite-side of ancient Judea’s population/demographics (see biblical-geography & history).

                …funny how Christ lambasted the Pharisee types & their leadership and identified them as being of the ‘synagogue-of-satan’…’tis also rather revealing that in today’s JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA (accessible via most public libraries)…

                …they state, in their own encyclopedia, in their own words, defining themselves as…

                ..(quote): “..We are the descendants of the Pharisees”!!!

                • Jesus was Nazarene.
                  He had blood linage, through Mary, as she was half Levite(Priest line) and half Judean, (King line).

                  Thus he was and IS, The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords.

                  You _ew baiters need to get off this lie that all _ews are of the synagog of Satan. You are showing your ignorance and short mindedness, and lack of biblical knowledge.

                  The Millennial Temple is laid out in Ezekiel, Chapters 40…..onward. Guess what, the Holy Sanctuary is about a mile long and half a mile wide, if i remember correctly, but anyway guess what tribe is at each end……Tribe of Judah on one end, and Tribe of Benjamin on the other.

                  If all _ews are heathen/Pharisees, why would the Messiah have the two heathen _ewish tribes on either end?

                  Try as you may, you can dispute me all day long and not get much more than a stick thrown at you, You start disputing God and mocking Jesus, you got a lot of gourd thumping coming your way, and it most likely will be with a 2 X 4.

                  Just sayin’.

            • Here’s the wool stretched over the eyes: “Christian’s we are God’s (the only god) chosen people, and if you are good to us, he’ll be good to you and prosper and protect you”….and here are all these white cracker Christian pastor’s and political fundamentalists yelling to the top of their lungs that we better all by the story and fall in line. My put, the creator doesn’t prefer a jew over an Irishman, over a Chinese man, over an aborigine, over an African, over an Americian native, etc. Stop the non-sense preventing world peace.

            • .

              At the very end of one of Jesus’ parables…
              He decreed the destiny of those who refused Him.

              Everything has been set up for that main event.


            • If Jesus is going to appear in Jerusalem, it won’t matter who owns it. There is nothing we on earth can do and no amount of money that can “ensure that happens.” That’s a red herring. Like saying anyone in the world could stop Jesus in the first place.

              Sheer arrogance.

          • passion…..”Israel is caught somewhere in there as well” ??? Really? Correct it to:

            “Israel as the main designer of killing hundreds of thousands of innocents is very quiet since they know their little shit hole can be wiped out with a push of button”.

            • Israel is certainly the convenient excuse for perpetual war. Modern day Israel is of no biblical relevancy. The United Nations is evil. God does not need its help.

            • There is plenty of blame to throw around and all I know for sure is that evil is at the heart of it.

              Many flags fly with evil intent.

          • We are being drawn into a war between Islam’s great factions – Shia and Sunni. WWIII will line up as a great war for the heart and soul of Islam. Sadly, we are fighting for the Sunnis because they pay our bills. You only have to look at where the Saudis build their embassies: they are always as close or closer than the Brits to the place where the Western leader lives.

            I agree there is no ‘good’ side in this apart from the side of peace. Unfortunately, there is a bigger agenda to get the population of the ME down and that means a big, big war to do so.

          • Trump said he will return all syrian refugees just as he will deport all mexican invaders and other ISIS trojans.

            • I say we give him a chance to do it…or we can sit on our asses and whine about everything.

          • My country (Germany) is just a senseless puppet in this whole scenario. You do know that we have been an “occupied” country since WW2. USA/ISRAEL call the shots on every move our gov. makes.USA bases all over our country….Germany being used as a “relay” for the NSA. Make no mistake, Germany is the USA’S bitch and now we are being invaded from the East and Africa and the keys are being handed over, without a shot being fired.Our gov doesn’t even bother to ask, they just hand everything over. I am so angry about what’s happening! The only way for us is to resist with all our might!

            • Yeah right what a load of crap. And East Germany had it made in the cold war right! Germany is letting the “invaders” in because of their own liberal socialist ways. Typical commie crap- blame the US and Israel. Lets see, who else does that? I know its the Muslims…

            • Agreed. The best thing we can all do, is keep our eyes open for the truth, and not buy into the mass ejaculation going on in the media. They can’t fool God.

        • We are.

          Frank Thoughts and the article’s author are dupes for Russian Communist propaganda and disinformation.

          • I’m afraid, my friend, it is you that is being duped by still believing the 1960’s scenario of “The Russians are coming” USA gov just took the old propaganda slogans out of the box, dusted them off and served it up straight back to you, like rotten food………and you picked it up and ate it. When last has your gov told you the truth? NEVER! I rest my case. The USSR is looong dead and burried. Have you ever been to Russia? Do you know any Russian people? Do you mainly get your info from liberal MSM press and TV? TYPE IN GATESTONE and see what you think about it.

          • .

            Putin glorifies bolsheviks and dedicated a memorial to
            Stalin’s red army near Tel Aviv [many red army jew vets live there.]

            Obviously Putin is an agent for the jew/nwo… hopefully he turns out to be a double-agent.


          • If there’s any dupes here, Dixi is right — it’s YOU. But you already knew that, or you wouldn’t have posted anonymous instead of your usual moniker.

            Anonymous is synonymous with COWARD.

            Isn’t DWTS on right now?

      4. Russia and the Kurd’s are the only ones fighting back against ISIS.
        ISIS sells little girls as sex slaves (Some as young as four)
        ISIS rapes young boys. (They call them “Tea Boys”)
        ISIS cuts the heads off all Infidels.
        If you are not Muslim, YOU are an INFIDEL!

        When ISIS comes to your town, make sure to dip your bullets in pigs blood.
        They hate that!

        • .

          Most of what the world thinks it knows about ISIS is propaganda.

          Not only is ISIS a psy-op… it is Putin’s psy-op.


          • Putin didn’t create ISIS; the African virus did. Get off that MSM koolaid.

          • Get real, what are you smoking?

            • obamaturds.

            • This is one troll posting under more than one moniker. He/she is trying to hijack the thread, by getting all of us focused on him/her ridiculous comments. I see this happen all the time and it’s gotten especially bad here lately.

              People end up spending more time arguing with this POS, than meaningfully contributing to the article or interacting with each other.

              I think this is a third paid troll tactic. Paid trolls always reverse the facts and deflect the blame…always.

              A second common paid troll move is to place one lie, into an otherwise truthful comment. It’s a psy-op.

              Don’t thumb up or down a mixed comment, where you do/do not support the entire post.

              RECOGNIZE THE TACTICS, Don’t let these trolls manipulate you.

              • .

                This is not Soviet Russia… not everyone here must be of the same bolshevik hive-mind.

                I am a real individual with an honest and educated opinion that differs from you internet boiler room Kremlin agents… and you have the nerve to call me a troll.

                From my first post here I have been unable to post real time because my posts are constantly in moderation for many hours. But Putin’s agents are are able to dominate the conversation on this forum with no problem. Makes me wonder about the origin and intent of the forum. If this post never gets released by the moderators I won’t have to wonder.


        • Tell me john….

          How can you tell the difference between “isis” and the so called “moderate” rebels? You know the same ones that we openly admit to train and fund via the cia.

          Would it maybe be the shiny new uniforms with their pretty little patches? Probably made in china and paid for by the US. How is it all of a sudden this horrible, evil, well trained, and well funded army, that absolutely no one had ever heard of just showed up out of thin air?

          Who is it we are really funding? What is a “moderate” rebel.

          Who are the real TERRORISTS?

        • John, You really do need to read more and be familiar with the world and the current event. ISIS is already in the heart of the USA in a place named DC. The only difference is they wear suit and tie and do shave daily.

      5. Seems we’re getting ready for war.
        What better way than a world war to distract from an economic collapse ?

        • Well at least in WAR everyone has a job.

          For thous who survive ………….

          • A temporary job with early retirement

            • You got that right Rich

        • One thing I felt like I noticed the other day…
          You know the support the troops wounded warrior commercials that got so prevalent in the last decade. I know they never went away, but to me it seemed as though they slowed down a little. Well this month it seemed to me that I began seeing them more and more often, and I couldn’t help but think… Are we trying to gin up more patriotism and support again? And this was before Russia, china , and iran entered Syria. Has anyone else noticed or felt this? It could just be tunnel vision on my part, but just thought I’d throw it out there.

          • Last year I met a Viet Nam Vet that works with the disabled soldiers of that era. He is also disabled but not completely and was discussing setting up some deer hunting opportunities for some of them, on land I have rights to.

            Anyways, he said he tried to get some help through the Wounded Warrior Program for his smaller program so he could get new wheel chairs, etc. He said they shot him down without any discussion at all and said the program didn’t include any funds for soldiers unless they were from the Iraqi or Afganistan wars.

            This man is highly intelligent and served with high honors as special forces. He did some talking and some investigating and found out that the Wounded Warrior project could not account for millions of dollars they had collected.

            Sounds like another Charity gone wrong to me.

            • Passin-

              That is true. A small % of WW contributions goes to the soldiers. A better charity is the American Legion I think.

            • Passin


              Are you thinking the wounded warrior project and all the commercials may just be charitable patriotic propaganda to further the military industrial complex,,,and not actually give a flying turd about veterans……because if so….Thats’s exactly what I figured as well.

        • Kudos Hammer…yer right!

          They want us to focus on “the stage production”…not the real underlying NWO script…

          ..’cuz if enough folks did so…revolution 2.0 would begin tomorrow @ 06:00hrs/E.S.T.

      6. It seems that our administration is more Pro-Islam and Anti-West.
        We have switched sides and it seems and no one told us, it seems.

      7. Dear Mr. Putin……..Please use any and all means including nuke if necessary to clean the earth from the Zionist infested tribe and their rag head blood cousins of Saudis including the so called NATO forces who are nothing but the minions of the money exchanger tribe. Only such cleansing will give mankind a chance to live free. God Speed.

        • no don’t use nukes!!! No one wins this one boys and girls.
          Putin is stubborn and won’t back down and Obutthole is just a pussy. This shit storm will kill billions. There is no way to prep for this . We will all die. Some quickly and some painfully slow.

          The only way out of WW3 now is to join hands with Russia and kill every MF in the middle east. Barring that, enjoy today and however many tomorrows we have left.

          We will all get our chance to Kneel before the king of kings. Believers and non-believers alike. I’m gonna call my kids and tell them I love them.

          • Actually Mr./Mrs. citizen (or whatever)…..

            ..I’ve always said a 250-500kt warhead, set for air-burst over downtown Tel Aviv, would result in mid-east peace within a 1/2hr….after detonation!!!

        • AMEN…Stolz.

          • Back at you brother Hunter. Great to see your post. God Bless.

          • Hunter!,

            Glad to see ya back posting again bro, you’ve been spending too much time sucking Hitler’s cock!

            • Now that is funny shit.

              However dropping a nuke on innocent children is not. God is listening and watching and making His list.

            • Anonymous……Do you have a sister named Hunter? Looks like she is doing a good job making Adolf happy. How is the weather in Tel Aviv?

      8. Is Putin part of the NWO to start a war or is Putin against the world? Would like to hear people’s opinions on that concept.

        Either philosophy on this just means the middle class will pay with our lives and our future earnings for a conflict we all care nothing about.

        • JSTM

          I have been asking myself the same thing. I think we will soon find out. This mess is so bad now it’s like trying to pick out what you had for dinner last night while it’s swirling done the toilet bowl. All I know is our gov’t is going to great lengths to LIE LIE and LIE to us. And that is inherently EVIL. I haven’t figured out everyones motives, but one thing I know is I cannot trust “ours”. I know they say the first casualty of war is the truth, but this is on a whole different level. These bastards are outright EVIL

        • .

          Vladimir Putin is God’s divine wild card.

          Putin’s image is the Putin he wants you to see.

          Putin intentionally keeps you guessing and his enemies confused.

          If anyone thinks he understands Putin… he doesn’t.

          Vladimir Putin is God’s divine change agent.

          Whether Putin turns out to be the hero or the villain… he is playing a starring role in God’s divine end of the age passion play.

          So sit back and enjoy the show !!


        • PUTIN SAID IT QUITE CLEARLY: Russia will NEVER be part of the NWO! Because of this, he is being punished by the West. His speach, where he says that, is on YouTube. When I find it again I will post it.

          • Dixi>>>>

            Putin is hated for manifold reasons…

            1.) ..he’s decreed that “bible-study” w/ (gasp) –real Christian Bibles in every classroom– …so as to be part of the Russian public-school curriculum (nationwide).

            2.) ..he’s rejected the stalking-horse death-knell agenda of “multiculturalism”.

            3.) ..he’s banned USA-govt financed (*)NGO’s promoting the judeo-homosexual agenda…from Russian soil.

            4.) ..he’s NOT kosher…nor kosher approved.

            …the list is lengthy indeed.


            ..I sincerely hope/pray GOD almighty…has his back!!!!

            • Agreed. I see people pouncing on Russia for everything the NWO despises:

              Russia is a strong Christian Nation, it doesn’t cater to race-baiters, the rainbow brigade, small special interest groups or terrorists. Russia doesn’t give a shit about feminists and there are no feral blacks rioting, looting and burning Russian cities.

              They have a Constitution that feels a lot like ours, and they protect their National identity, culture and sovereignty.

              Their country is not in debt up to their asses to the Rothschilds. They threw out or jailed their globalists banksters and confiscated their looted assets.

              Let’s face it — Russia is standing for everything WE believe in. Everything WE want for OUR country.

              I think many people are just jealous.

      9. Bring home our troops. No more tax money leaving the Country. Pay down our debt and fix the infrastructure. Roads, bridges, are in serious need of repair.

        The globalist elite are all working together to advance themselves and they could care less about the people around the world including Americans. It’s all lies. Population control/reduction.

        The United Nations approved Agenda. Why don’t they just admit that they want the world all to themselves. All this war must be like going to the movies. Fun and adventure for profit. And they get to use their new toys. If it wasn’t so tragic it might actually be kind of exciting.

        • and don’t forget to bust up the medical monopoly in the U.S. while you’re at it….make it a CRIME to price-fix medical care, and many of our problems fix themselves!

          • good comment !!!

        • “Why don’t they just admit that they want the world all to themselves”

          Well, we could always strap their happy asses onto a rocket and send them to the moon, where they can do it all THEIR WAY!

      10. This is the one point that the article gets wrong IMO.

        That this is a foreign policy “mistake”

        This is no mistake at all. This administration is attempting to, and succeeding in many cases, supply and fund the IS. Russia is not our enemy here. Every time I hear some talking head say that “oh they’re hurting the rebels!! They’re our friends!” I just know that they are bought and paid for due to the gluttony of evidence that points to damn near all of them being linked with ISIS. It’s absolutely disgusting, and makes me actually cheer for Russia to uncover this mess and bring an end to it.

        • Let’s not forget McCains trip to Syria or Kadafis weapons being shipped into Syria to support these rebels, our friends.

        • You have no idea what you are wishing and rooting for.

          You’re an ignorant fool.

          • Are there any saints in this fight? absolutely not. But which would you rather have, ISIS destroying everything or at least some semblance of stability with Russia laying waste to them since we won’t?

            • I think the “Russia destroying Isis” part, will be a futile agenda, even if it is one at all.

              Most likely all they will do is scare them all into Iraq.

          • you mean like an anonymous know-it-all like you?

      11. Best to just sit back and let the local players kill each other. Back home….drill,drill,drill……

        • Amen to that

        • Oh man, that is exactly what Israel is doing! Sitting back, let all these Arabs kill each other and then pocket the oil fields and the result of these wars?…..are migrants, refugees that can then be launched into Europe in order to overrun those pesky whites and create turmoil in Europe. Has anyone noticed that the “run” on the USA borders and the “run” on the EU’s borders, happened within a matter of 1-2 months of each other? With Obumbu trying to force the legitimacy of the hundreds of thousands of “illegals” in the USA! HOW MANY THOUSANDS OF D.AMERICAN under aged kids were allowed in with hardly a murmer? Same here! So tell me, WHY? With the Jewish NGOs lobbying with all their might to force immigration, from black + brown countries, onto the USA AND EUROPE! Dumb down the population,they are then easier to control. Completely null and void all paper and coin currencies, only allow electronic transactions. Baby, your ass is grass and they are the lawnmower. We are totally screwed. They don’t approve of you, take away your finances with a click of a button and you are powerless! Who are the bankers that want this? YOU TELL ME! Who are the winners in all this? YOU TELL ME!

          • ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤

      12. Best to just sit back and let the local players kill each other. Back home….drill,drill,drill……

        • You mean PREP! PREP! PREP!

      13. HEY !!!!

        You guys in WASHINGTON GET SOME BALLS!!!!

        • Nah, just get the hell out and let some REAL Americans take the reins.

      14. Just wait I bet you will see RUSSIAN PARATROOPERS in the picture soon.

      15. Man look at PUTIN face, reminds me of that rap song

        Go to you tube and play it.

      16. Obama and and his “splendid little wars.”

        Where’s Cyndy Sheehan and the leftist press when you need them?

        And her is serial liar Hillary laughing about murdering Khaddafy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmIRYvJQeHM (37 sec.) To Hillary’s credit, perhaps it *is* more hilarious than the death of the ambassador and a few other Americans… tho that depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

      17. Let the Syrian people sort it out, it is their sand, not ours. There is no nation which is more powerful than its citizens when they had enough. “Immigrants” retreat and run away because of their cowardly fear, and are the true cowards, why is American blood spilled fighting on behalf of these immigrant cowards? USA/Russia/?: if you really want a regime change, instead of killing millions of innocent civilians via air bombings… take your ground army and surround the castle and go in their and take out the leader.

        • “surround the castle and go in their and take out the leader”

          As civilized nations, that kind of warlording is illegal, immoral, and a crime against humanity. ALL people have a right to live as they want to, in their own ccountry.

          I suppose you’d think it was just ducky if Russia, China and a couple of friends just leveled DC and put this nation under their rule?

          I didn’t think so.

      18. Off topic but it’s why we’re here..
        Some things I learned with the 12 ga. shotgun. Put a pistol grip on and with OO buck, it didn’t matter which barrel, 18&1/2″ or 26″, the recoil on the wrist was downright hurtful..for an in-house situation, perhaps necessary, but practice with it, because after a shot or two, follow up shots are harder (unless you have big thick wrists.)
        A pistol grip forearm would be required for a full-on defense situation. It would equalize the recoil. I never bought one, though.
        Took the pistol grip off and sold the gun with it…
        Another thing learned:
        I had a couple of shell holders on the shotgun sling holding 8 or 10 extra rounds. It would have been fine in a set firing position where you’re stationary. But as soon as you swing the gun around, the momentum of the shells’ weight on the sling takes the barrel way off target. It was impossible for an accurate second shot.
        As usual your results will vary..

        • Thats why i loke my 930, buffer setup is similar to an AR

        • never had any problems with having a pistol grip on my 12 G
          I’ve gone thru boxes of 00 buckshot and slugs without any issues

          not picking a fight, but maybe its something you are doing ? gripping too tight? not tight enough , small hands maybe?

          • maybe gripped it too tight. Hands are not small. But it’s possible they were stressed from way too much physical work at the time. My left arm was going numb from repetitive motion.

        • Absolutely right about the shell holder sling. Get rid of it, keep the shells.

      19. It’s not that Obama is playing checkers while Putin is playing chess… it’s that Obama doesn’t and his team of Keystone Kops don’t even know HOW to play chess.

        On the other hand, at least they take better vacations – and a LOT more of them – than Putin

      20. two faced hypocrite pope

        The pope played us for fools, trying to have it both ways. As noted last week, he’s an artful politician, telling different audiences what they want to hear on homosexuality. He did that in Argentina as a cardinal — railing against gay marriage when the Vatican expected him to do so — and he’s done that since becoming pope, striking a softer tone on the issue after Benedict’s harsh denunciations were a p.r. disaster for the Catholic Church in the West. But this news about Kim Davis portrays him as a more sinister kind of politician. That’s the kind that secretly supports hate, ushering the bigots in the back door — knowing they’re an embarrassment — while speaking publicly about about how none of us can judge one another.

        • article: Eye witness of Pope killing and eating babies in Satanic Ritual….

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mOQOR8kupk

      21. Either those that run things are as smart as they think they are and all is going according to their vile plans, or they are dumber than a pile of rocks, and are making the most glaringly stupid errors. They certainly lack any common sense and have no clue of human beings. Or any other sentient beings for that matter. Poke a bear with a stick and he might tear your throat out.

      22. The efficiency of the government/media propaganda machine is truly impressive. Administration talking points are transmitted immediately to the media and broadcast without any question by the media. Two cases in point:

        1. Russia attacked non-ISIS targets (Anti-Assad rebels)
        2. Civilian casualties

        First, the map in the article shows that the Syrian regime controls areas bombed by the Russians. This conflicts with the statement that they bombed rebel positions. Go Google “Syrian War Maps”. There must be a dozen such maps and none of them agree. I saw a map that showed Al Quada Al Nusra controlled a vast swath of territory from Aleppo down to and surrounding Damascus.

        Second, Russia Today (RT) demonstrates how videos of civilian casualties were reruns of footage taken a week ago before the attacks.

        The age of honest journalism died long ago. The media is incapable of covering world events. The have no one on the ground reporting and are dependent on the government to give them their stories. The only competence that the media has is to cover Washington beltway politics. And at that they are totally partisan.

        • Thank you.

      23. One flash point away from world war 3. Hundreds of Iranian troops moving in. Russia moves in surface to air assets and Air to Air combat aircraft clearly meant for Israel and the US not ISIS. This puts Israel in a tight spot, who knows how they will respond. Watch Putin’s other hand the Ukraine or the Baltic. We have a weak coward for president bent only on turning the US into a third world country. prep and prep again.

        • Army of one.

          f ’em

      24. @ Archivist

        The main path forecast of the hurricane is looking better for your area, looking less better for Maryland and _ew Jersey.

        Some of our western Piedmont areas have racked up over 12 inches in just the past week. I think we have gotten about 6…I know the little woman has. She says she prefers the eight she used to get ten years ago..but hey, nothing ever grows as good in the shade. lol.

        • So shade is the problem?

          The hurricane center moved their track eastward, but many of the models still have the hurricane hitting around the NC/VA border. Anyway, we are still going to get lots more rain and wind. Joaquin is now a Category 4 storm, with 130 mph winds.

          We’re supposed to get anywhere from 4 to 7 inches just from the current system. Then Joaquin will be on top of that. There will be a lot of fallen trees and power outages.

          The local Food Lion is already low on bottled water and bread. I’m hoarding, as I bought 2 loaves of bread.

          Here is a copy of a Facebook post from yesterday written by former Norfolk TV weatherman, Jon Cash:

          Storm warning!!!

          A very serious weather situation will be impacting southeastern Virginia and northeastern Carolina in the coming days. This will be a prolonged event that has the potential to be one of the most significant storms to affect the mid Atlantic coast in our lifetimes. While there is a great deal of uncertainty to the main track of the hurricane that is intensifying in the Atlantic, the weather will be turning south for many days leading to flooding rains, coastal flooding, and very dangerous driving conditions.

          Firstly, heavy rainfall not associated with the hurricane will impact the region starting late tomorrow and continuing through Saturday. 4-7 inches of rainfall is likely that will cause the soil to become very wet and this can lead to massive problems once the high winds from the hurricane arrive. Strong winds associated with a strong fall high pressure system to the north and weak low pressure to the south will lead to a strong pressure gradient causing winds of 25-35 mph inland and gusting to 45 mph at the coast. These winds will continue from Thursday night through Saturday leading to moderate coastal flooding. None of this relates to the hurricane ….yet!!

          Most computer models have come to agreement that the storm will strengthen to a category two or three as it heads north on Friday and Saturday from the Bahamas. Only one reliable model suggests this storm will stay out to sea. At this point, I believe a strong high pressure system in the upper levels of the atmosphere in the north Atlantic Ocean will block the storm from heading out to sea, but rather, allow an upper level low or spin in the atmosphere over the southeastern coastal areas to steer the storm directly toward the coast.

          Please understand that a storm of this size grazing the coast is the normal pattern that coastal residents are used to. A storm moving northwest off the ocean and directly inland is extremely rare!!! It has only happened a handful of times in the past 100 years on the east coast.
          The national hurricane center track is considering the one computer model that keeps the storm well out to sea. Once that model begins to agree with all of the other landfall models, you will see the cone of uncertainly shift more toward the coast.

          Timing: the weather, which will be horrible before the main event, will go downhill rapidly Saturday night with the worst part of the storm Sunday. Because of the flooding rains before the storm, and the coastal flooding before the storm, the main hurricane’s impacts will be even greater. Why? Tides will already be running very high. The ground will be saturated and additional heavy rainfall from the hurricane will cause much more dangerous flooding.

          The worst part of the storm will be the high winds and the severe coastal flooding. The exact track will determine just how bad it will get but if appears very likely that our area will get hit very, very hard. We do not know if this storm will come ashore near Hatteras, Norfolk, or even Wilmington, NC and we do not know if it will be a category one, two, three, or God forbid, something higher. These are questions that will have to wait. Here are my scenarios with the accompanying percentages.

          20% chance of the worst case scenerio. The storm would come ashore just south of Hampton Roads and north of Hatteras with winds higher than 100 mph. This would be worse than Hurricane Isabel and could rival the hurricane of 1933. Almost everybody loses power, tens of thousands of trees fall, many on homes, and the tidal flooding would flood tens of thousands of homes. In this scenario, I would recommend mass evacuations of areas subject to this type of flooding and for those with trees surrounding their homes. If the storm is a category three or higher, then it would be the worst storm since the early 1800s!! Remember, the soil will be soft, almost liquid and shallow rooted trees will easily fall in the high winds.

          30% chance of an Isabel type storm. The storm would come ashore between Hatteras and Wilmington. Even though the storm will be far south of the big cities, the pressure gradient between the high to the north and the massive low pressure of the hurricane will lead to hurricane force wind gusts for 18 hours or more. 90% of the region will still lose power, many, many trees will still fall, and the tidal flooding would equal the flooding from Isabel. If you were not in the region during that storm, speak to your neighbors and ask them how far the water rose during that storm.

          30% chance of a storm less than Isabel but still severe in nature. The storm would come ashore just south of Wilmington or graze the coast east of Virginia Beach and hit Maryland instead. Tides would be a bit under Isabel but still severe. Half of the region would lose power due to trees falling in the winds gusting to 55-60 mph. Even in this ‘better’ scenario, rainfall would be extreme and flooding from the torrential rainfall a real problem.

          20% chance the storm stays further off shore and hits NYC or it comes ashore toward Charleston, SC. In this situation, we would see a strong northeaster type storm with 10-20 % of the region losing power, tidal flooding moderate to severe but a foot or so under Isabel levels. Rainfall will still be a big problem. Sorry, but this is a best case scenario at this point.

          Now is the time to prepare for the worst possible scenario and hope for the best.

          • At least he can add up to 100%…

      25. .

        Netanyahu is speaking before the UN at this very minute.

        His ominous theme.. all the empires that have come against the jews have bitten the dust… but the jews still live.

        Meanwhile… Iran troops have joined Russia in Syria.

        ” Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria to join a major ground offensive in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government, Lebanese sources said on Thursday, a further sign of the rapid internationalization of a civil war in which every major country in the region has a stake.

        Russian warplanes, in a second day of strikes, bombed a camp run by rebels trained by the CIA, the group’s commander said, putting Moscow and Washington on opposing sides in a Middle East conflict for the first time since the Cold War. ”



        • Well, there are certainly other races and ethnic cultures that have stood times tests. The uniqueness though is in the unscrupulous culture that has implemented usurious central banking for centuries; essentially fooling or forcing national leaders to submit to be capitalized on a usury basis; under the guise that it’s okay to be deceitful and immoral against all the “unchosen’. Rejection of the central banks is required; which may make it a culture war.

        • I suspect the Russians and the Iranians with their friends will launch a major ground war to push ISIS and their ilk into the bordering countries (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel etc.). You have to think about it from their perspective: America already declared Iran and Russia on the dead list for regime change. What they have learned from Assad is that the domino thing can be stopped in its tracks. It is now a winnable fight. The American color revolutions are not automatically going to win. I think Russia will then lock Syria down with the latest in air defences etc. and it will be very dangerous to mess with them again. Same will happen to Ukraine and the Baltics in time.

          • Good. I desperately hope they shut the NWO down.

      26. So does this fall under the “hope” or “change” category that was promised?

        LMFAO fools

      27. It’s obvious, Russia just wants to help Syria against the insurgency … just like the US and allies ….

        • The US is trying to overthrow Syria and ISIS was created as the ostensible excuse to violate Syrian air space to bomb Syrian infrastructure. The US is officially supporting he “Moderate Syrian Rebels” that more than spill over to ISIS.

      28. my take on all the shit that is going on,is:obama is a suni muslin,we all know that! he will protect, his muslin brotherhood at all costs…im 70 years old, and tired of all of this!
        let the fur fly, lets go to ww3 and get it over with, i will be with JESUS, so there!
        SSG USMC 1966-1972

        • So you don’t have any family?

      29. I’m going to make a prediction.

        Russia will increase their military presence in Syria and agree that the possibility of an unintended confrontation could result from all of the forces there. Syria will announce that only Russia has permission to fly military flights over their territory which is 100% legal according to international law. This puts Syria and Russia holding the high moral ground. Russia will then announce that it will enforce the Syrian no fly zone.

        The above will be preceded by a real incident or false flag accident.

        • Probably true. What happens when hezbollah fires rockets from Syria into Israel? I think bad things will happen.

          • Most likely the onset of the Psalms 83 war. It hasn’t happened yet.

        • As everyone knows, the US was flying very few missions in Syria in the first place because they didn’t want to hurt their allies, ISIS (great for global warming, burning all that Jet-A whacking their weasel sticks in the NATO stack). Want a laugh: look up on Google how many missions Canada has flown (lol). Really standing up to Islamic terrorism, there, my frosty friends (lol).

          No, to get serious, and the Russians only ever do serious, this is a major clean-up operation and a hygiene mission: NATO pooped its diaper and the Russians now have to change it and wash the toilet with bleach.

          • The “diaper” is the White House…the “poop” resides therein.

        • KK2, and it would be within their legal right to do so. I really do want to see this western usurped govt get out-smarted. Whatever it takes to see the globalist NWO FALL. I’m prepping to survive the fallout from the Rothschilds being squashed, and there will be consequences.

          I’ll gladly do without for the destruction of the NWO. It seems like Russia and maybe China behind them, are the only ones who have a chance. We should be cheering them on, because they’re saving our bacon as much as their own.

      30. Let the Russians get drawn in =to that quagmire. They kill ISIS, ISIS kills Russians. A win-win as far as I am concerned.

        • You just can’t see the bigger picture either.

          • thumbs up, sixpack!

      31. Our country has been at war for a long time now. Maybe its time to take a break. Let the Russians take on ISIS. Maybe they will rid the world of them.

      32. Highway to the danger zone…gonna take a ride into the danger zone. – Kenny Loggins

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