U.S. Ruling Class Vows To “Accountable” For Missle Strike On Consulate In Iraq

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The rulers of the United States have vowed to hold the rulers of Iran “accountable” for a missile strike that hit a U.S. consulate in Iraq. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the US “condemns in the strongest terms” Iran’s attack on “a civilian residence in Erbil,” which he claimed took place without “any justification.”

    No injuries were reported in Sunday’s attack on the city of Irbil, which marked a significant escalation between the U.S. and Iran when geopolitical tensions are already at all-time highs since the beginning of World War II.  Hostility between the longtime foes has often played out in Iraq, whose government is allied with both countries, according to a report by The Associated Press. 

    “The United States stands with Prime Minister Kadhimi and the leaders of the Kurdistan Region, President Nechirvan Barzani, and Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, in condemning this assault on the sovereignty of Iraq and its Kurdistan region,” Sullivan continued, before pledging to “support the Government of Iraq in holding Iran accountable.”

    Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed responsibility for the attack and said it had targeted “the Zionists’ strategic center of plotting and evil.” Iran’s state-owned IRNA news agency said the incident was retaliation for “recent crimes by the fake Zionist regime” – seemingly in reference to a recent Israeli airstrike near Syria’s capital, Damascus, which reportedly killed two IRGC officers and two civilians.

    Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard said on its website that it attacked what it described as an Israeli spy center in Irbil. It did not elaborate, but in a statement said Israel had been on the offensive, citing the recent strike that killed two members of the Revolutionary Guard. The semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted an unnamed source as saying Iran fired 10 Fateh missiles, including several Fateh-110 missiles, which have a range of about 300 kilometers (186 miles). –AP News

    War rhetoric is ramping up everywhere. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    EMP? Cyber Attack? Nuclear War? What Should We Be Prepping For?


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      1. A shame they use such ill defined words as accountable”.

        Something that can mean anything a listener wants it to mean, whatever he wants to hear, but meaning nothing specific in the real world.

        Words have meaning, words have power. Be careful about how you use them and how they are being used on you.

      2. Who is going fire the first NUKE and or make a false flag nuke to make it happen? We can guess, CIA

        • A false flag would be difficult with a nuke, they have a specific identifiable signature that determines where the materials were milled.

          At least from what I’ve heard claimed, I’m no expert on the finer points of nuclear things.

          A small arms attack would be fairly easy to pull off using captured weapons from the enemy that would trace back to him (and you can’t use a weapon without leaving identifying evidence of what was used and where it was made).


      3. ” U.S. elite to hold someone accountable for missile strike in Iraq.” Yeah, right. With the current administration , yeah, like that is going to happen ( they would probably get more accomplished if they were to stand on top of a high building, buck naked, in a high wind in January and then urinate ( but they seem to do a good job of raising the nation the debt with all the fake or empty or worthless paper money they are printing and throwing around )) With the former administration , it probably wouldn’t have happened ( just saying ). But then what do I know, I’m just another beat up, wore out, old fart .

        • The answer to you question is, nothing. You are just a beat up, worn out, STUPID old fart and you know nothing.

      4. Yeah… we will just send them more money.

      5. They didn’t hit the consulate, so the headline is wrong. Even Ned Price has said the same. You can also tell because there are no reported headaches. snort.
        The consulate has no diplomatic immunity and gets no Iraqi protection since it is not an embassy. Besides, US consulates and embassies are the spearpoints of CIA covert operations worldwide. They have little to do with real diplomacy. They most often offer death diplomacy.

        The US better get back to the drawing board on their missile defense. They didn’t launch any because they didn’t see them coming. They better not get into a war with any major foreign power when they can’t even stop a regional one.

        • “Any major foreign power” may well have no more capabilities than we do.

          Appearing to be stronger than you are (to intimidate your enemies) is a time honored tactic of war.

      6. It’s possible that Iran used the same type of missile that Russia just used on the NATO training site near the Polish border. They seem to have good relations with Russia.

        Anyway, the NATO/US defense experts were baffled as to how all these Iskander missiles made it past the highly fortified training base defenses without being shot down. Then they found what they thought were cluster bombs. Turns out the Russians were using something unseen until then. The Iskanders were equipped with small foot long “bomblets” that they dropped when they detected enemy radar. These projectiles contained electronics to defeat the ground radar and a heat signal to draw the heat seeking missiles off target. Previously only ICBMs were equipped with similar technology (which has never been used in combat, of course).

        Yea, you’re not messing around with the Taliban now. The Russians seem to be using their old technology to preserve civilian life and only bring out newer tech to smack NATO in the face. I’m sure they haven’t shown what hand their holding and will only bet the pot if they are cornered.

        Other than the facts, the rest is JMO.

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