U.S. Military May Consider You a Potential Terrorist If You Are Young, Use Social Media, Or Question “Mainstream Ideologies”

by | Oct 4, 2012 | Headline News | 251 comments

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    The following article was sourced via The Daily Crux and was originally published at Washington’s Blog.

     flowersm U.S. Military May Consider You a Potential Terrorist If You Are Young, Use Social Media, Or Question Mainstream Ideologies

    Wired reports today:

    These are some warning signs that that you have turned into a terrorist who will soon kill your co-workers, according to the U.S. military. You’ve recently changed your “choices in entertainment.” You have “peculiar discussions.” You “complain about bias,” you’re “socially withdrawn” and you’re frustrated with “mainstream ideologies.”Your “Risk Factors for Radicalization” include “Social Networks” and “Youth.”


    That was the assessment of a terrorism advisory organization inside the U.S. Army called the Asymmetric Warfare Group in 2011, acquired by Danger Room.

    And the government has more or less classified journalists as terrorists.

    So it’s time for an updated list of actions and beliefs which government officials have said may indicate “potential terrorism” …

    tumblr lv02knWVCL1r6m1z5o1 500 U.S. Military May Consider You a Potential Terrorist If You Are Young, Use Social Media, Or Question Mainstream Ideologies

    The following actions may get an American citizen living on U.S. soil labeled as a “suspected terrorist” today:

    tumblr lv02mmCxvR1r6m1z5o1 500 U.S. Military May Consider You a Potential Terrorist If You Are Young, Use Social Media, Or Question Mainstream Ideologies

    Holding the following beliefs may also be considered grounds for suspected terrorism:

    Postscript:  Given that the U.S. government is directly supporting Al Qaeda and Iranian terrorists – and the fact that the government has removed some of these groups from the list of terrorist organizations for political reasons – a reader satirically jokes that only those U.S. citizens who join one of the actual terrorist groups which the U.S. now supports will avoid being labeled terrorists.


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      1. Over the top!

        • Atypical. In other words if you have a mind of your own and not totally conform to everything you are threat to the establishment. I rather be dead than have to have the society do my thinking for me. Thankfully for the time being like individuals that can think on their very own, like the really good people on this site. In fact those that are conformists and can’t think for themselves are DEAD, the walking dead.

          • Zombies.

            • You forgot one…

              Being Alive

            • If you’re proud as hell to match more than 10 points on this list, say “I”!!!! “I!”

              Gold Leader standing proudly by.

            • They forgot all who own Unregistered Squirt-Guns, filled with Holy Water!….Buy at least One per week and Fill promptly!

          • I’m still curious how they came up with the stupid “Anti-Catholic” thing. I mean, shit – half the people on my Facebook thingy are vehemently that way (and yet we still get along in spite of my being one).

            The funny part is, so are most folks in most left-leaning establishments… does that mean we can finally turn all the ‘progressive’ organizations in as being terrorist?

            Methinks this administration will bit itself in the ass if it wants to use these guidelines… because I’m certain I can come up with a lot more examples.

            • Only Two main definitions is whats necessary for Them to bitch about. Because they are the two main ,perhaps Only two things, that halted the globalistic kommies so far.


              #2= Nationalistic mindset aka nationalisim

              Them is the two Biggest Fears for kommies and their tribe leadership.

          • @ Be Informed….Sorry this is off topic

            Can you please give me a quick rundown of any recent earthquake/ Volcano activity…..Tell me how it is trending, is it increasing or decreasing? Please give me your opinion on any predictions as I have always found your info factual and objective……

            Sorry if I am asking you to repete yourself, I have just read a lot of conflicting info on seismic activity in the last few days. Thanks!

            • @ john ina box. We are all hear to learn from each other and I don’t mind repeating myself. Sometimes I go too fast through the comments and miss some of them, this is not intentional.

              OKAY, on October 2 there was an earthquake of 5.3 in the Balleny Islands region. For the past 40 years or so there has only been 32 earthquakes of 5.0+. 2 earthquakes occurred together once. Out of the 31 times there has been a 5.0+ earthquake here, 28 times there has been at least a 6.5+ earthquake within 15 days. most of these earthquakes have occurred along a line north of Australia from Indonesia to the Kermadec Islands. On the Oct.2 article About that Russian General I gave all the locations that are likely to hjave a possible earthquake. It is towards the bottom of the comment section.

              By October 17, there is a 90%+ chance that one of these areas mentioned having a 6.5+ earthquake, probably more in the 6.9-8.0 range given the lack of much activity on the planet the past month other than the 7 pointer in Columbia. The Mid Atlantic Ridge had some movement eariler today and this points to the North American plate on the move, and the energy being focused right towards the Virgin Islands as after these earthquake the activity went up, and the New Madrid Fault 3000 miles away from these earthquakes. The New Madrid probably needs more of an indication of force stressing it than this, like the whopper earthquake coming to the Caribbean. It though shows energy being directed towards it.

              This time when I am talking about earthquakes it really ties well into the article here because this is totally off the wall thinking about the way plates moves. Using past records to predict future earthquakes is not something that is taught in the conventional way of thinking in schools. Guess the government must think I am a real problem for trying to help others to learn a different way of thinking about the geology of the planet.

          • “May” consider you a terrorist?

            And if deemed true..by their definition
            just who the f'()k is going to come and detain us?

            and by what authority will they come to arrest us under suspicion..?
            local judge
            district court
            district attorney
            attorney general
            local cops
            state police
            National Guard

            given those facts..they’d better start rounding us up every day starting now..

            because every day that goes by

            more and more are joining the ranks by definition

            and they better be recruiting more and more to add to their payroll

            more than likely

            they already are..


          • Who ever expected that Orwells’ book 1984 instead of being used as a warning against tyranny would actually be a training guide for tyranny.

          • The list is all inclusive for a reason. It gives law enforcement officers a “catch all” set of guidelines for what constitues suspicious activity, so when they go to get a warrant (on whoever they want) they can point out reason #451, #723, #927 and #1052.

            In time the application for a search warrant will have two boxes to choose from.
            You have observed the suspect;

            A) Acting suspiciously,
            B) Acting suspiciously normal.

          • Funny site. Good to see that kind of humor. I like the guns and clips shirt the best of all the ones on the site.

          • Very funny.

          • May want to fix the sitecode… Chrome had it puke up this ginormous HTML5 pop-over that simply would not go away.

            • same here with internet exploder.
              couldn’t see anything, so i left.
              Another happy customer!

        • BOY…I’m in trouble. I think I can rule out the first one “Being Young”.

          Does being young at heart count?

          • When I read this headline that said ” military ” I could not help but thing it’s off base. Our military follows the direction of a civilian political authority. The headline should read American Politicians consider you a potential terrorist….

          • Here’s how a few of these “indicators could also be construed:

            Holding gold —Isn’t the most elite, richest people in the world stockpiling gold right now?

            Creating alternative currencies —like the Fiat bucks, Euro, the Amero, etc…

            Taking pictures or videos — Is not the government taking pictures and video taping everything with their surveillance network right now?

            Driving a van — Do those big black armored ones from Homeland Security count?

            Being frustrated with “mainstream ideologies” — the U.S. Constitution is a “mainstream ideology” the government now opposes…Dick Cheney did so vocally.

            Using social media — the government uses social media to surveil us now…

            Valuing online privacy — Our government wants to kill Julian Assange for violating their “right” to privacy.

            Supporting Ron Paul or being a libertarian —Hey, THEY admitted both to the roles of their own congress…

            Being a Christian —Congress tax exempted church owned properties which could be seen as a “Christian friendly” act…

            Being anti-tax, anti-regulation or for the gold standard — the elite are ALL for all three of these, applicable only to themselves, of course…

            Being “reverent of individual liberty” — the government does what they want, when they want…

            Being “anti-nuclear” — they are anti-nuclear, for everyone else that is…

            “Believe in conspiracy theories” — the government believes we terrorists are all conspiring against them and make laws prohibiting it…

            Being “anti-abortion” Rethuglicans often oppose abortion rights…

            “A belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in … survivalism” — who is it that has implemented an exhaustive “continuity of government” plan? The government…

            Opposing surveillance — what is one of THE most secretive group on the planet? The United States government…


            • Assange is Australian. He doesn’t have a Constitutional right to American secrets.

            • Everyone has a right to the ‘secrets’ if it affects another country. The USA is a corrupt den of vipers and I for one love it that he whistleblows and people supply the info to him.

            • Espionage doesn’t embody rights for anyone if they are caught breaking the law. An American exposing secrets as a whistle blower is one thing.

              Assange possessing classified American cables, disseminating them, and publishing them with the expressed intent to embarrass US and undermine American efforts is another. This man is not a hero. He is a thief.

              He probably got Americans killed. He certainly put Americans at risk; not to mention the personnel of other nations.

              Assange doesn’t have any rights with respect to American property. He is old enough and smart enough to know the consequences of his actions. He has brought his fate upon himself.

              I suppose Kate Middleton didn’t have any rights to privacy either? Privacy works both ways. If individuals expect to have privacy (and WE do) then governments ought to have privacy with respect to diplomatic communications.

              I for one will applaud the day he is sent to prison for LIFE! Then he can tell his troubles to his new BFF: “Bubba”. LMFAO!!!

              • Why on earth should our government have any right to privacy? They are supposed to work for the American people, and its our right to know everything that’s going on WITH OUR OWN COUNTRY!

                You defending how the government snoops and lies, is proof that you were hired by them to spread lies and hate on the internet.

        • Well that’s just about everyone on this site.

          • That is about everyone at every web site, as well as those who do not use the internet.

            • That was exactly my point. Everyone is suspect due to this logic.

            • At least I am not anti-Catholic [laughing].

            • Hence, the reason DHS made the big purchase of hollow point bullets.

          • NOT ME!!! I’m just here for the free beer.

        • Well i guess im a terrorist i guess i can put that on my next resume! who comes up with this absurd BS? I have no fricking interest in facebook or any other social media activities! Im a privarte person I question everything I dont go through life with blinders on! But what i am is a loyal American citizen and im dam tired of being told im a terrorist! because of this or that ive been a loyal tax paying American for 61 years well not really paying taxes quite that long but it feel like it. you know if they keep publishing this kind of crap they are goingto turn a lot of us into terrorists. Whats next if you take deductions on your taxes your a terrorist? God i though it was bad enough When Jeff foxworthy told me i was a redneck!now im a fricking terorist! I guess I better get on ebay and find one of those robes and sandals like they wear in Saudi so I can look the part.

          • Yo Codger –

            Go and get yourself a Shemag (sp?), one of those wrap-around Arab head scarves. They look really neat and will simply drive the PTB bat-shit-crazy when they see you wearing it.

            Or you might want to go for the black pajama, conical straw hat and sandals look.

            Just a thought.

            • Why not, you’ll be safer from the government that way. A Muslim can kill three thousand people and they still won’t call them a terrorist.

          • @ Codger – you couldn’t have said it better. I laughed so
            hard and I agree with you. Aren’t those towels they wear on their head held on by a bungee cord? Sure looks like it.

            • What keeps them Wide Brimmed Black Hats, several sizes too small, up high on top of their heads from also falling off in a breeze?…This may be the biggest mid-east secret we seen yet!…Both groups has secret methods to keep head gear on at all times or wind speeds eh.

              And Both are the Real terrorists!!!

          • Codger
            Thank you,,well said,,already got my robes and bath towel for my head,,,,,put up with eating C rations and lrrp rations for two years just to find out i may be a terrorist,,,and here i always thought i was,,,my my

        • This is slightly off topic, but the link here is to a video that literally brought me to tears. On Oregon Senator, Wayne Morse, in 1964 spoke out against the war in no uncertain terms. Watch this short clip and be prepared to cry.


          • THIS is representation of the People.

        • But, I thought you were already a terrorist if you DID’NT use “social media”. Oh, well, I geuss The Ministry Of Love is just covering it’s bases. After all, anyone but them are terrorists, right?

          The Founding Fathers have been openly called “terrorists” by members of the current regime.

          The same parasites who have been busy destroying America from within, for the last 100 years are the ones who are now pathologizing your every move, and redefining your every activity as “terrorism”.

          The only way they can survive, and stay in power is to destroy the host nation they infest. Only when people face who is doing this, why, and what the ultimate goals are, will the yoke of tyranny come off.

        • OH,its over the top alright,BUT adolf hitler had the same rules as OBAMA and his NAZI gang who followed him,ALL I can say is these guys are really going to enjoy being NAILED to a tree for treason,and left to die,and I can tell thats what they really want,they got their russian and chinese friends here to help them take over america,IF they were christains they would know: WE WIN, THEY LOSE….oct.15th..IS D-DAY……get ready america,the traitors are coming for US…..

      2. I guess I qualify on most of those points. The countries gone and has been gone. To hell with these sick twisted minded Globalists – They think their sooo tough and mighty. Just wait until they face God

        • I just call them globs

          • and I’d rather see them face a firing squad.

        • Off Topic…The Baltic Dry Index

          “Orders placed with U.S. factories fell in August by the most in more than three years, signaling that slowdowns in business investment and exports restrained the economic expansion.”

          “The drop in factory orders was paced by a 101.8 percent plunge in demand for commercial aircraft.”

          “Demand for durable goods dropped 13.2 percent… Orders for durable goods represent demand for items made to last at least three years and make up more than half of total factory bookings.”

          “The Baltic Dry Shipping Index has now plunged through at least eight levels of hell on its way to record lows as it drops to 666 today. This is the lowest since Feb 2012’s Chinese New Year lows and is a stunning 55 percentage points lower than the normal seasonal shift in the global aggregate trade indicator (and down 69% from its Oct 2011 swing high).”

          “See chart…and if you thought it was just the Baltic Dry… here are the Cape, Banamex, and Supramax Indices… noneof which receovered at all from the 2008/9 crush in global trade…”

          “The Baltic Dry Index had its worst quarter in 14 years as an expanding fleet and weaker demand weighed on charter costs for the two largest classes of vessels it tracks.”

          • And yet the Dow Jones was up 0.6% today. Hah! What a joke… And the Fed creates yet another bubble. This one’s not going to end well either.

            We are truly living in troubled times. Hopefully, we’ll all be around to tell the grand kids all about it. And if you already have grand kids… I don’t know what to tell ya.

            Have a good night!

            • Yep, just more proof that the Dow has been disconnected from the economy for a very long time. Folks on the street are just starting to catch on to this fact.

      3. Take a number. Get in line.

        • I’ve been here for years.

        • 23 out of 46….
          I feel like an amature.

          • I got 30.

            • I got 29, I am 31 so does that count as young?

          • 29 for me, i need to put more effort into this

          • Slick: You are. I’m a 42, which I is why I have a “file” and on the “RED” list. Ya gotta try a little harder.

            I think you must score at least “40” for special attention. Maybe a “letter to the editor” of your local newspaper will raise your profile and catch Nappy’s attention.

            It’s worth a try! 🙂

            • Avis is #2, so they try harder. I’m #3, I don’t try at all.

            • check up on your congressman and reps to see if they vote and how they voted and then remind them who they work for . Do this often and you will score many terror points . Works for me

            • DK,
              It will be along time before I can snatch the avocado seed from hand,
              So I shall put forth more effort.
              Thanks for the incouragement!

      4. I am not a Potential Tourist, however I saw Obama got served one of his own sandwiches last night, it had:

        No Meat

        No Substance

        No Flavor

        No Taste

        No Nutrients

        No Hope

        No Change

        Y’all Beware! And served with a side of No Teleprompter?

        • Romney will get elected and America will still go to shit. I prefer this way just to prove my point that the president is a fall guy. Because when that time comes, everyone will still be blaming Obama even though it happened under Romney’s term.

          • Like obama blamed Bush ……..he just didnt have to make it worse .

          • I would not bet on Romney winning. There is alot that can happen between now and Nov.6 not to mention the issue as to who counts the votes.

        • No Teleprompter??? Well, that explains it all.

      5. That covers just about everyone…shouldn’t they add anyone commenting on this web site too?

        • Thomas Paine Desc: This all sounds like bullshit to me too. Unless these clowns have a matrix ( a point system) where when someone falls into enough of these catagories they can label them a threat who needs watching. If not, then this whole thing is absurd because as you said, we all fall into a few of these, albeit, different ones. So who’s a threat and who’s o.k.?

          • They do have a matrix. They are called fusion centers. And the DHS just got severely criticized by a bipartisan congressional panel because all they have done with their billions is spy on US citizens. But they are not going to end them, because it brings in a lot of money to the states. Thus says an NPR report yesterday.

            • The report was sponsored by senators Levin and Coburn…I can’t cut and paste but it is interesting that the comments on the article at the hill dot com sound almost exactly like the comments here. The best tweet in the comments: DHS lashes out for revealing worthless fusion centers are worthless. LOL

            • MamaBear: I know about these centers but unless someone gives tham a tip about an individual for them to investigate, it would be nearly impossible for them to cruise every website just to see who’s visiting enough of them to come up with a matrix score that would “alert the authorities” to keep an eye out for ‘so-and-so’. If they did that then in a statistical sense they would develope would develope a passive score (subjest to a wide error) by the fact that a person merely visited X number of sites X number of times. To get an accurate/active score a person would actually have to make many statements supporting those points of view from the article and that would info much harder to mine from the internet unless someone turned that person in on a tip. But who knows what these clowns are doing and if their statistical model is even somewhat accurate. You know darn well that they haven’t hired any psychologists and statisticans to do this profile and model, they’ve probably just made something up on the fly. Hell, we could all be in trouble here.

      6. The federal government has shown it’s true collors……it is reflected in their own tin foiled hat.

        The US government has gone over their own sanity cliff.

        I truly fear for AMERICA’S future.

        • You’re right Mona. The government isn’t going to run out and buy close to a billion rounds of hollow point duty ammo for it’s domestic law enforcement agencies for target practice. Due to the cost, most federal agencies practice with cheaper frangible ammo whenever possible.

          Since ammunition does not store indefinitely, I’d say it’s a pretty good bet they are bracing for some yet to be defined confrontation.

          • I’ve fired a couple boxes of .45 from WW2 with 100% reliability. I also once fired two rounds of .32 rimfire that were over a hundred years old. So, if stored properly, ammo lasts forever. That being said, I don’t think they plan to store “their” ammo anywhere near that long.

            • If the ammo is sealed in tin cans or ammo cans it should last longer. It also depends greatly on how the bullets and primers are sealed in the brass case during loading. I’ll take your word on the WWII ammo. I’ve used 25 year old Russian 7.62x39mm ammo in my AK-47, but that’s the oldest I’ve used. I agree, I don’t think DHS will have that ammo lying around for long either.

          • @YH…

            I expect to find some of that ammo laying on the ground from time to time.

            It might be a good idea to be sure and own a weapon in the calibers that the government purchased.

            Of course you may find a weapon laying on the ground from time to time as well.

            I’m just sayin’……..

            • Walt,

              I couldn’t agree more. You never know when you might stumble across a weapon that’s been accidentally dropped.

        • Mona: “Fear” is the wrong emotion. The PTB want US to fear. They want US to feel uncertain and afraid.

          Righteous indignation is a better emotion to express. Alex Jones and other Alt Media sites should have a “Call your Congressman Day” over the fusion centers and overload DC with complaints.

          It might not change anything in the short term, but it will get their attention. That is a start. WE must make OUR voice heard. WE must start getting their attention. Elections are the best time frame for that.

          Start screaming. Let your Barnhardt out!

          • If nothing else, it’ll get a lot more people on their terrorist watch lists and make them revise their “indicators” list to include “calling congress with complaints about fusion centers”…

            • @ Sixpack … you are right about that

        • In all honesty I no longer believe that America has a future at least not one we will want to be part of. I imagine that Obama care will be used to cull the ranks of malcontents and others who will not go along with the new order.

      7. Wearing a hoodie is suspicious…Interesting. It’s football season. I see hundreds and hundreds of hoodies every Thursday/Friday night.

        Every teenager who doesn’t want to take a bulky coat to cram into a little locker at school.

        • Time to start calling in anonymous reports (from a payphone with no cameras nearby, if that’s even possible) — “uh yeah, I’m calling to report suspicious, potential terrorist behavior. There are shitloads of people wearing hoodies entering XYZ stadium, and many of them have coffee they paid cash for at the cafe around the corner.”

          “Of course I’m being serious, I’m trying to be a good citizen. Another thing, I’ve got like loads of friends on facebook and I don’t recognize any of these people. Something is definitely up.”

      8. The US is declaring war on its people, one slow step at a time.

        Dig in guys, it’s going to be soon.

        • Whoever the Aggresser is will be the terrorist. And from what I have seen the aggression is comming from is those that are worried their programs, will be cut by this congress. DHS, BATF, ICE,TSA,North Com,NOAA – yes the weather people have police powers. All of them could begin to loose funds but they love POWER soooo much.

        • @ Freedom Lover

          Actually,I think they’ve dropped the one slow step procedure.
          They’re operating at double time now.

      9. It would appear that I am a terrorist. Never knew it until today. Thought of myself as an informed prepper. Oh well, I will just have to live with it.

        • BigB – You’re funny but it sure is a good deduction. Now I’m not going to call my Congressman.

      10. No real journalists working in the MSM!

      11. The Asymetric Warfare Group is a bunch of pretty smart guys.
        This PDF is geared towards the military, not the civilian population. It looks more like a PC way to weed out Islamic terrorists within the military, but I could be wrong.
        It says “Verbally indicates hatred for the United States and/or the Constitution”
        I doubt thats ANY of us.

        • No. We hate the United States Government that has GUTTED the Constitution.

      12. Obviously the military hasn’t gotten any smarter than when I served, 1966 – 1968. What our founding fathers would have regarded as patriotic behavior now identifies us as potential “domestic terrorists”. Sad.

        God Bless & good luck to all.

        • That’s how tyrannies roll…

        • I heard a remark that if you own a 3D TV, you could feel like you were being lied to in person.

      13. If you wake in the morning
        If you sleep at night
        If you have a cold
        If you are healthy
        if you go to the bathroom
        If your constapated
        If your walking
        If your sitting
        Holy shit it sounds like a big pharma comercial.
        Side effects include: Being Tased, Being put into fema camps, Being shot, Being pepper sprayed….. LoL


      14. Since I question anything and everything, I will return the favor and judge anyone, including the military, guilty of terrorism if I am ever accused of such a crime for simply questioning the status quo.

        If society is getting ready to jump off a bridge, as a sane citizen it’s my civic duty not to follow. If everyone jumps of that bridge at the same time, no one’s left to turn the lights off.

        • @YH,

          Question everything, anything AND everyone!

          It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

          Heel out

          • Achilles Heel,

            Brilliantly stated. Thanks.

        • “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”- Marcus Aurelius

          I think Marcus Aurelius would have been “indefinately detained”.

          • JustMe,

            The inmates are running the asylum in D.C. now. Have been for some time. Anyone daring to speak out on behalf of the Constitution or The People are seen as Enemies of the State and gets a face full of MACE or worse. No more Posse Comitatus, no more Habeas Corpus, protections Americans have taken for granted are gone, and most Americans aren’t even aware they’re gone.

            A trial lawyer once said, “If you don’t know what your rights are…You don’t have any.”


      15. Let me put this plain and simple. FUCK EM

      16. This is good. When everyone not a Bankster, or in DC is a terrorist, we win.

      17. I likely qualified as a terrorist about 20 years ago, when I started questioning the Fed and the IRS, and picketed in front of the Denver Fed.

        Does anyone remember when Janet Waco Reno defined a terrorist? One of her “qualifiers” was a believe in the Second Amendment. That woman was just another psychotic working in the government.

        • believe = belief

        • Janet RHINO

      18. LOL…an “assessment” from the war machine. “Like all members of the military profession, I never had an original thought until I left the service” From “War Is A Racket” by Major General Smedley Butler (1881-1940)…Marine Corps…2 Medals of Honor.

      19. The real definition of terrorist is someone who uses fear and intimidation to achieve a political goal. Soooo, who is it who does that?

      20. Last nights debates for me put the terror in terrorist into a new reality. Why wasn’t the President more informed? Why did he seem to not care? Bored if not thinking of some thing else?

        Is it because he knows that the debate is for nothing? His masters have a plan. A false flag event? Marshall Law that will negate having elections?

        It just seemed that he did not care. He knows what is coming and maybe just maybe he has decided he does not want to be the guy in charge when it happens. But he made a deal with the Devil and he cannot back out now.

        Just one white terrorist thoughts in a black terrorist world.

        • BigB:

          We are toast either way it goes…keep prepping…I know I am.

      21. cSooooo, basically breathing,having a pulse, and an iq higher than 30. Oh and not swilling beer and not loving NASCAR ,football…..etc.etc. Where’s my camel and ak47 cause by golly that makes me a terrorist. Seriously even thinking outside of the box will put you on a freakin list these days. Looking. A damn pig in the eye will get you beaten. Sick n tired can’t wait to get to the sticks and get the kids out of public schools.

      22. I qualify, not as a terrorist but as a patriot. This list looks like it was made in the Soviet Union. Shame, shame, shame US governmewnt.

        • Even the soviet union thinks our government is nuts and planning something against it’s own people…damn, what is this world coming to?

          • As long as the food stamps and free phones keep coming will anyone care?

      23. So anyone who has an opinion is a ……………… I guess we are all fucked.

        • disector284 says: October 4, 2012 at 10:35 am

          So anyone who has an opinion is a ……………… I guess we are all fucked.

          Not the Sheeple.

        • please pass the vaseline…

      24. Wow I am a friggen hienz 57 of the domestic terrorist.
        I supported Ron Paul ( after looking into Gary Johnson because of a comment here and a comment by Ron Paul about him I now support Gary Johnson Since Crazy Uncle Ron is done. ALL HAIL CRAZY UNCLE GARY!!! )
        I support Occupy.
        I Support Anonymous.
        I Support the Constitution.
        I am against Goverment changing or disreguarding the constitution.
        I am Christian.
        Hell I am Native American ( they been trying to kill us off for a long time welcome to the party everyone else 🙂
        I support the Oath Keepers.
        I support the NRA ( not a member never will be, but I do support them )
        I am against those who are supposed to be out there inforcing the law thinking that they are all Judge Dredd with the “I AM THE LAW” mentality.
        I am against any court who feels they can overturn ANY part of the Original Constitution.
        I am for Lower Goverment ( gov. on down ) Controlling thier own states.
        I am for the shrinking of the Us senate and Congress.
        ( we do not need that many ppl in friggen office )
        I am in favor of being able to impeach and remove any elected official by majority for failure to do thier job ( WORK FOR US NOT AGAINST US! )
        I am for limitation of terms of office.
        I am against Intellistreet street lamps, cctv used in cities, drones in war at all ( be a man and face your enemy )
        I am against the republican party.
        I am against the democrat party.
        I am in favor of the Republic not the Democracy. ( is why it says ) ” I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. ”
        Damn I am screwed.. Hey whos at the do……..

      25. Off Topic:

        I apologize for double posting this, but I just wanted those who may have a care to see the result of the lawsuit by the family of the young man I told you about in my post on the previous article.

        This is an article about the young man I told you about, my friends step son, who was beaten and tazed to death. I didn’t claim he was an angel, just that his death was wrong. This young man was working and supporting his family! Here is the results of their lawsuit:

        – The Daily News
        Published October 4, 2012
        LA MARQUE — The family of a man who died shortly after a struggle with police, during which he was shocked with a Taser, has settled a federal wrongful death suit filed against the city of La Marque.

        Jamal Valentine, 27, died May 17, 2009, after he fought off officers who confronted him following motorists’ reports of seeing him walking down the middle of Main Street and rolling around on the ground.

        Valentine’s death was caused by high levels of phencyclidine and cocaine in his system that exacerbated a state known as excited delirium, as well as “blunt head trauma during police restraint,” and was ruled a homicide by the Galveston County medical examiner.

        Excited delirium is a manic state in which a person appears frantic while adrenaline pumps into the body at a high rate.

        A Galveston County grand jury cleared Sgt. Mike Kelemen and officers Richard Garcia and Forrest Gandy of criminal charges. Valentine’s mother, Joslynn Terrell, as well as the mothers of his children in federal court sued the three officers along with former Chief Richard Price, the city and Taser International last year.

        Earlier this year, the federal judge in the case removed Price and Taser International from the lawsuit, court records show.

        The city and the officers, each represented by attorney Norman Ray Giles, and Valentine’s family were ordered by the judge to mediation in the case.

        Last week, the mediator in the case informed the court that an agreement had been reached. Because of the settlement, the case was dismissed Wednesday.

        Details of the agreement were still being finalized, Giles said, and it’s expected the terms of the settlement will be known within a couple of weeks.

        Calls to the Lufkin-based firm representing Valentine’s family were not returned. –

        Yeah, the cops walked, but family will be compensated. Not a fair trade or justice, but better than nothing.

        Notice also that his death was ruled a homicide, not drug related. It was death by cops, not by drugs.

        • While I’m not a fan of bully-thugs wearing badges…I’m not too keen on being drugged up and staggering down mainstreet either…

          • I understand your sentiment. The only shame here is that the young man took too much of a good thing (In his mind)and it cost him his life. He begged the cops to take him to the hospital because he thought he was having a heart attack. This should have been a medical response and not a knee-jerk reaction by the cops. He begged them not to beat him and that he needed help. He begged them until he could no longer make a sound. They refused to stop beating and tasing him until he was dead.

            He wasn’t just staggering down main street. He was driving his car and had the sense to pull over and get out of it. He was begging everyone who came out to see what was going on to help him. One eye witness called the ambulance. Why didn’t the cops make the same call?

            • You are so full of shit!

            • Well, if I’m full of shit, you are full of something even more repulsive. Do you see your posts getting thumbed down? That’s not me doing it. That’s people who don’t agree with your assessment of my posts, or maybe they just don’t agree with your racism.

              I don’t give a rat’s ass what your racist mouth has to say. But I’m gonna say what I have to say, so you listen up.

              There are older people right here on this site who have had the same bad experience with drugs as this young MAN had. I guarantee you it had nothing to do with their upbringing or how many wives they have had. It had to do with the consequences of their curiousity with drugs. I suppose you never drank that one beer too many. But others have, including me. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin. You are a sad, angry, racist biggot who just hates compassion for others, especially for black people. I told everyone that this young man was not perfect, and neither are you. Jamal, and I will use his name because I know you hate the black American ring it has to it. Jamal was a young man trying to escape the stigma of being black in America. Jamal had a job, he had a family, and it’s none of your business how many children he had by however many wives. That is NOT an exclusively black “THANG”. The mistake he made was not drug use. It was drug abuse. There is a big difference. People use drugs every day and if they don’t abuse them, you would never even know. Jamal snorted up more than he could handle. He was irresponsible one day in an otherwise responsible life. Jamal was a human being, which is far more than I can say for you.

              So rattle on you biggoted piece of cat shit. Someday, someone will come along and cover you up!

            • And by the way, these cops had been trained in a special class that dealt with this exact medical condition, exited delirum, and they failed miserably in their application of their training. So do I think the family deserves compensation for their loss? You better damn well believe it! This man’s family are exceptional black people in this area. They live in a middle class nieghborhood and ALL work for a damn living just like you asshats that thumbed me down. I don’t mind the thumbs down. I can handle the criticism. It just shows me that there are way too many people who haven’t learned the very basic ability to not judge until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes.

            • @James T
              Oh yeah, and the cops have not been trained in MEDICAL SCHOOL. They are not responsible to DIAGNOSE and CATEGORIZE acute states of delirium at any time, much less under the duress in the field trying to control someone on PCP.

              And if this guy had gunned down kids in your neighborhood school, you’d belly ache, “Why didn’t someone do something? Where were the cops? He was obviously on something, blah, blah, blah…….” If a drunk driver, under the influence, almost T bones your family on their way back from a soccer game, you’d be screaming bloody murder to get the offender off the street. Dude, do some research and see what people on PCP do to other people, and to cops, to themselves.

              You don’t sit them down over herbal tea and have them do Rorschachs. You have a special place for him in your heart because of some personal experience with it – that doesn’t help anyone else.

            • GOP4ever:

              More ignorant speculation. Just mention compassion for a black person and the racists just can’t wait to come out of the woodwork!

              So now he’s a gun toting maniac who was out to kill my family, AND you put words in my mouth? Sheesh.

              The cops were trained to RECOGNIZE this condition, not diagnose or categorize it! You guys just can’t stand it when a white person shows compassion for a black person, can you? DID he gun someone down? NO. He was asking for help! No, he was BEGGING for help! I just wish the ambulance had gotten there before the cops. At least they wouldn’t have resorted to tasers and night sticks! He would have gotten the help he needed instead of the hatred and prejudice like you project, and like the cops acted on, and he might still be alive! The city would have been spared the settlement, and people like you and the “disector” wouldn’t be here showing your enormous capacity for hatred, racism and prejudice! And I wouldn’t have to be here defending my friends dead step son against a bunch of biggots! They weren’t tryng to control him! They were trying to kill him! They succeeded and I’m sure that makes you very happy! So be it, you heartless pricks!

        • Wow !!! Sounds like your friends did a great job brining up that kid. I’m not a cop hugger but sounds like he deserved what he got. And James, Before you thumbs down….. You look so fucking stupid for your post. Just proof it should be painful to be stupid.

        • Parents bring up moron drugie and get settlement! WOW.

        • “as wella s the mothers of his children” …..Hummmmmm Looks like we have all been paying for this shitard from the word go. Good riddens.

        • “Not a fair trade or justice, but better than nothing.”

          Yes that is right. Nothing……….And thats what welfare victims should get for their part in bringing this idiot up.

        • P.S. For those of you that thumbs up-ed James Tards post. I hope a shitard like this moves in next to you! You are all failures at life and it proves that misery loves company.

        • James T. says:
          October 4, 2012 at 10:45 am Off Topic:

          “I apologize for double posting this, but I just wanted those who may have a care to see the result of the lawsuit by the family of the young man I told you about in my post on the previous article.”

          James! Young man? Are you f-ing kidding me. Drug addict father of 3 kids from different bitches. Never did a god dam good thing in his life peice of shit waste of skin, mouth breathing user is more like it!

          • Still spewing your cat shit all the way down here, huh? You must have been completely full. Feel better now?

            • Hello, People! We have more important things to do right now, than fighting amongst ourselves — get a hold of yourselves and FOCUS! Don’t let ’em divide and conquer.

        • Sounds like that was a missed opportunity for him to get cleaned up. My brother is finally clean, he’s working on being a contributing member of society. Before we were very worried we would get a call saying he was dead.
          One thing for me with prepping, we cannot give up hope. If we do we are as good as dead. I’m sorry for his mother.
          Disector284 my parents are still married and we never got food stamps or any other public assistance.

          • If he had survived, I’m sure it would have made him at least consider getting clean.

            I wouldn’t waste my time explaining to CATSHIT284 that not all black people live off our government. I’m sure nothing could be said to cure the hatred in his heart and the evil in his soul.

            • James T
              “If he had survived, I’m sure it would have made him at least consider getting clean…..”

              1.His PCP and cocaine were VERY likely contributory to his death. Study up on PCP and cocaine, severally and mixed together.
              2. If the family had honestly thought he had been executed, do you THINK they would have SETTLED rather than blowing this wide open for the whole nation to see, and bigger bucks?
              3. You suffer from sheer naivete and lack of knowledge. These episodes don’t impact the addict in the LEAST, much less make them “consider getting clean….”

            • You seem to think that that no one with a drug problem has any hope of recovery. Or is it just the black people who don’t recover? I’m not niave. Alcoholics DO stop drinking. Drug addicts DO get clean. And not just the white ones. I know about pcp and cocaine and heroin and all the other BS drugs you seem to think you are an expert at. Sometimes it takes an event like this to convince the addict that it isn’t worth it anymore. It took three fifths of tequila and a crash into a tree and a parked car to get my attention. But at least the cop that arrested me didn’t take any chance of recovery away by beating me to death, like you seem to think the cops were justified in doing.

              His death was ruled a HOMOCIDE! I don’t know why the family settled. Why does anyone settle? It was a bad experience for everyone involved. Maybe they just wanted it over with. Maybe they had compassion for the cops. What do you think they should have done? How many cases do you know of that have gone National with the cops being indicted, prosecuted and convicted? What were the odds of them winning a case like that? Cops get away with murder every day! Where are all the families that win a case against them? Rare, if ever.

              No, this is not about the drugs or the lawsuit. This is about prejudice, biggotry and racism! You display all three like a pro.

              I had no idea that it would bring out such haters like you just by showing a little compassion for my fellow man. I bet your kids hate to see you walk through the door. They better pray they don’t ever make a big enough mistake to garner your anger and hatred and intolerance. Would you beat them to death like the cops did this man? I wonder…

      26. The United States government has become the largest terrorist organization in the world. If you take an honest assessment of IT, that seemingly off the wall statement rings true. It only seems off the wall because of all the propaganda we in the uSA get fed since birth.

        • Now finally, something on topic!

      27. I buy weeks of food when I go to the grocery by default, always have because I hate going to the grocery. Oh oh.

        • Hell wasn’t it fema just a month or so ago telling everyone they should stockup 1-3weeks worth of food just incase of emergencies, shit talk about entrapment 🙂
          Not too sure on the week time i know they said 1 week then more not sure if it was 2 or 3 if anyone knows for sure let me know 🙂

          • doesnt matter about the time, once they said stock up it became my personal opinion of how much I felt was enough to secure my familys needs, I can think for myself.they can lick the shit off the fan blade when the time comes.

      28. Southern Gal,

        I know. It doesn’t matter one way or the other. It’s just that President Obama had a look in his eye like Bush did the night he came out on TV and told Congress he had to have $750 Billion or it was all over. TPTB had told him (Bush) that he had to do it or the jig was up. He didn’t like it but he had his orders.

        Keep on Prepping as you say and pray that the Good Lord above will watch over us. Pray also that The Mother Mary shows mercy and comfort on those who have not.

        • There is absolutely no warmth or humanity in Obamas eyes. Take a look and be afraid as there is no mercy or understanding there.

      29. @ Achilles Heel,

        From yesterday – This might work for y’all as a suggestion for Water Hose that can be placed in the corners of rooms when appropriate (SHTF), with no tap water or electricity available.

        For 7 gallon Aqua–Tainer or other similar device with on off taps.

        Precut equilateral triangle piece of plywood with approx 16” sides.
        Precut (3) 5 foot or higher pieces of 2”x4” per triangle plywood.
        Pre-drill holes in plywood and attach 2”x4” with 2” screws if available.
        Precut garden hose 8 to 10 feet long or whatever provides the best pressure.

        Place filled water containers on just made shelves throughout your facility. Attach hose to tap and use duct tape to secure if necessary.

        Y’all Beware! Make one from your scrap lumber and see how well it works.

      30. Being young, Libertarian, anti abortion, in possesion of food storage or gold, being Christian, being a supporter of the founding fathers,
        being freinds with a muslim, :@
        OH CRAP! I guess i am a terrorist! LOL XD

      31. Well, that rules me out. I passed being young about 20 years ago.

        What a screwed up country we have. A Police state. Government dependent sheeple ruling the roost. Cameras & drones spying on us.

        I think that hack Al Gore might actually HAVE invented the internet – to SPY on us and make their jobs a lot easier!

        • @Mr Blutarsky:
          “Well, that rules me out. I passed being young about 20 years ago.”

          Indeed, and I passed young sometime before that. I think the government has less to worry about from the young than from those who grew up when “the republic” we pledged allegiance to actually seemed to still have life — those of us who were taught what the declaration of independence and the constitution meant — who believed the government was to protect and defend our rights and freedoms, not abscond with them.

      32. hmmm
        if we are using the definition of the word terrorism


        “ter·ror·ism   [ter-uh-riz-uhm] Show IPA
        the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.”

        I guess the government is the biggest terrorist of all ???

      33. “We the people, are the rightful masters of both the congress and the courts. Not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who have perverted it” – Abraham Lincoln “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men” – Abraham Lincoln “It is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad – James Madison

      34. Mainstream ? as in the current communist/socialist ideals ? Stalin would be proud ………cant say I am .

      35. Yawn. I’m bored with the side-show diversions that keep popping up. They really think they’re going to scare us with this type of bullshit when Fast & Furious is blowing up sky high and the Libya murders are now a WH coverup?

        • C’mon, now…You just be a good little sheeple, and watch Amerikan Idle, tonight. Then that stupid, I mean “important” game afterwards. Praise your “democratic” masters, I mean, politicians, engage in mindless chatter about obummer’s excellence, and what Kim Kardoltian wore last night…

          Stop thinking about those evil conspiracy theories. Too much thought leads to Thought Crime…

      36. Time to hedge the bet, to stay alive, that is.
        I found a great web site that shows you how to build a waste oil heater to heat your home for FREE and also shows you how to build a 12 volt swamp cooler that will cool your home FREE using a 12 volt solar panel. They also show you how to build a 12 volt water heater from a 6 gallon plastic pail, how to cook using 12 volt power from a couple solar panels, how to build a 300 watt pedal powered exercise bike to help charge a bank of batteries. Also did you know your average flooded acid storage batteries vent hydrogen gas an explosion risk so these batteries are recommended to be stored OUTSIDE and there you run the risk of being stolen. But if you use AGM batteries they DO NOT vent hydrogen so you can store these inside your home, they will NOT leak acid even if they become ruptured, they are so safe you can ship these AGM batteries on an airplane. They also recommend a 12 volt electric blanket to stay toasty warm on the coldest winter nights. They also show you how to make a Berkey water filter out of two plastic water pails that will filter 6000 gallons of water ready to drink. All this stuff and much more is FREE at:

        • nice site – thanks for posting this. would be nice to print into a binder, esp. for new preppers.

      37. After the debate last night-

        I feel Obama is the false prophet and Rom the Anti-Christ..

        So dam if we do and dam if we don’t ..

        The end is here..

      38. In other words, if you “do”, “believe” and/or “think” anything that someone else and/or larger MOB does not like, you can be targeted for assassination, harassment and/or indefinite detention. Got it!

      39. I’ve said this before. I still have friends in the military and few higher ranking. I have faith they will do the right thing. There might be a percentage that act stupid but just a percentage.

      40. One word comes to mind. Thoughtcrime.

      41. People, people. Do we identify as political parties here or do we identify as preppers? What is the point of putting each other down over silly reasons when the entire point of coming to this site is because we fully believe that our society won’t last? Obama, Romney they are ALL assholes and they are all in it for themselves and not for the people. They believe control, not freedom. They believe in helping themselves before us. Why don’t we leave politics to all the idiot sheep in this country? We are here because we are not supposed to be sheep. We are here because our eyes are open and we are alert to the impending doom. Don’t fall for the propaganda, the lies and the media. It is ALL bull.

      42. Be Informed: I’m with you all the way. On the federal criteria for being a “terrorist”, there are two things I don’t meet; I don’t use social media and I’m not young. Anyone, whether civilian or military, who accepts this propaganda as gospel without questioning it, is a fool and deserves whatever is coming to them. I’ve always been independent-minded. I don’t accept anyone’s propaganda from left, right, etc. Nobody tells me what to think or say about any subject period. There is nothing legitimate about anything done by any federal agency anymore, not since 9/11. I’ve always been wary even of the military; they’re the worst mindless robots out there period. The feds can take all their propaganda and shove it; there’s no legitimate basis for any of it. If they want to target me, bring body bags for yourselves. best wishes and keep prepping.

        • @ Braveheart…”I’ve always been wary even of the military; they’re the worst mindless robots out there period.”

          Why, because of what you’ve seen on the news? Soldiers pissin on dead enemy soldiers etc. which is mild compared to what the enemy does to them if caught. They sodomize, torture, gut and cut them up, drag them through the streets, and burn our soldiers corpses. Myself, on the other hand, honestly want some of the meanest, rottenest, bastard SOB’s I can find when the SHTF to fight beside me if shit turns bloody because I won’t have any doubts of what they will do when confronted. Many don’t like that idea of being that way because it doesn’t fit into their far fetched thoughts of a decent, Christian man. You lump them all into one group “robots” so easily with distrust. There’s many older Army & Marine NCO’s and Navy CPO’s & Officers out there that know what’s going on. If you think they’re all going to be slaves you’re wrong! If you think they’re all going to turn on us you’re even more wrong. Maybe my word alone doesn’t hold much status or weight but I still communicate with…ranks only on here..a USN Commander, a USN Senior Chief, Two USN CMC’s, an Army 1st Lt. A few retired also and a few I know personally and are close. The Commander I mentioned is a highly decorated Officer and has told me to relay these very words “YOU ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF” to anyone who doubts their Oaths after I advised him of some things civies were saying, just as the distrust I hear in your words, on other forums also. He has weeded out many of his fellow Officers that are in the same frame of mind as his. I’ve known him for over 26 yrs. He is an honorable man. Now to hear people call these men robots and distrust them like dogs makes me believe people have really lost touch with reality and are being ignorant. Being that they’re in there makes them valuable assets if shit does go down and I refuse to say much more on that matter. There are some bad Officers and Enlisted. Yes SOME WILL follow orders like robots due to their evil, mindless thoughts and some just because they’re young and green but probably will disengage after a short time if given illegal orders. A large percentage will refuse orders or perform other activities. Braveheart… Mo one’s telling you what to do but this is just a request and if you’re older as you say you are then please be a little more wise in your choice of words about our military. If you’re older like I am… you should know what I am saying.

      43. Off subject, need some advice…
        I’m long time reader & sometimes commenter. I currently reside in Colorado (who would’ve guessed). I’m looking at taking a job with a company located in the very Southwest part of Charlotte, NC metropolitan area (about a block or two from the South Carolina line. I definitely don’t want to live in the city. I know there’s a bunch of Carolinas preppers out there. Do you have recommendations on good places to live where I could still commute in to work without too long of a drive (say 30+ minutes)? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated – and if you have any suggestions for a new moniker, throw them out there.

        Colorado Doug

        • Try Ft. Mill nice little town in SC just east of Rock Hill. Use to be a mill town but not anymore, has a very small but nice main street area and a good schools from what I hear. Good luck.

        • try
          try Cherryville, NC…it’s about an hour north of Charlotte…small town, way off the beaten path, and plenty of homes for sale

          • Thanks, I’ll check out that too.

          • I have one brother, he’s not a prepper but like myself. Fix it quick don’t wait type man plus USMC Viet Nam Veteran. He also lives 1 1/2 hours north outside Charlotte, commutes everyday down I85. Not bad a bad area. China Grove /Kannapolis area. He hates Charlotte though, for a good reason too.

        • CD:
          Try “Suddenly Southern”,’cuz u is one of us’en us folks now…And Remember the greasier the chicken,da better to wash on with Yazoo beer with(Jack D. works faster,but watch the buzz!)

      44. Looks like I’m in trouble. Full scale Libertarian here.

      45. So am I suppose to be afraid now?

        “Fear is the foundation of most governments.” – John Adams

      46. We’re going to need more pepper spray.

      47. Greetings Everyone!
        Didn’t care to watch the “debate” but noticed that in many post debate soundbites afterwards they show Mitt and all his family onstage with Bama going up to him shaking hands.If they are so far apart,why be so chummy?Unless the same TPTB pull both puppets’ strings?
        Just my thoughts on what I observed….

        • GFG: It is just being civil. Notice the Obama kids were not present, while all of Romney’s extended family was there. Debaters and duelers shake hands. It is protocol.

          There is a pic out there of Michelle glaring at Romney last night. Today, Obama said that last night “wasn’t the real Mitt Romney.” The entire DNC is complaining Romney wasn’t *nice*. These are the same people who wanted a *Gangsta President”.

          Remember that famous pic from the Obama Inauguration, w/Cheney in a fedora, glaring at Obama? I doubt there is any love lost on either side. Whatever anyone wants to think about Romney, he is not a Statist, while there is no question that Obama IS.

          I will be extremely shocked if it is found that anyone controls Mitt Romney. His donations are transparent. He has all the success anyone could ever earn. His CV is open and available. I keep hearing him called a “Blue Blood”, but his father earned his money, as did Mitt.

      48. The more I read, the less afraid of them I am.

      49. Seriously??? Who’s next, the unborn?

        Side note: Watched the debates. Obama appeared to be a little too confidant. What does he know that we don’t?

        • As a matter of fact why not the unborn?

          If they could come up with an AI functioning at the level of a moron crossed with a math co-processor, and they could turn it off at will with no complaints… that would be their ideal citizenry.

        • You’re the third asking this.
          What?? I think the PTB, the real string pullers, have told the fraud, he did what he was placed in that position to do..900+ EOs, placing a liberal in the Supreme Court position, putting in place the last steps to destroy economy, drone inhabited nation, destroyed military moral, alloyed NDAA, encouraged illegal into our country, aided govt control of many corporations, thus instilling socialism, doubled unemployment, installed mandated socialistic healthcare, doubled dependency on welfare & govt assistance programs…
          He did good for the powers.

        • It’s not who votes but who counts the votes. One of Stalins’ sayings. Be prepared for disappointment on Nov. 7.

      50. Although the military may use this criteria, ironically, DHS adds any former military or active military returned from overseas to the group.

        • That test is just one, of a very long list. When I was in, we were forced to take a “vacine” shot, that wass never intended to be used on humans.

        • The problem is, talking about it over 50 years later isn’t going to stop it from happening again. They don’t even CARE if we know about it, we can’t PROVE it so it doesn’t matter…now.

      51. i have three words for this un constitutional military being led by black ops scumbaqs, Go F _ _ K Yourself and the jeep or black station wagon you rode in on, you are the terrorists and you all will be dragged in front of civilian trial boards for your dastardly deeds and criminal offenses against the people of the United States, its time to rethink your positions and the bad orders you are taking from your communist leaders in the pentagon or where ever yo are getting them from. you do not represent the American people in any shape or form and you are a disgrace to our good boys in uniform who die daily in some god forsaken place in the middle east to be sacrificed to balam and moloch, the devil who rules you.

        • They are using white vans and vehicles now too 🙂

      52. So shut the damn place, down you jerks in the congress and the Senate, pull the freaking money from the Department of Homeland shit operated by that criminal Napolitano. de fund the entire department and fire everyone, what is wrong with you idiots in the congress.

        • Janet needs a Dirty Sanchez. volunteers needed.

        • TPTB will have them prosecuted or assassinated — or prosecuted THEN assassinated. They are blackmailed into submission. You don’t really believe the government wastes their time compiling info on regular people, when they can find so much leverage on important people to do their bidding, do you?

      53. You’re right.

        It’s gone. The country I mean. I had held out some hope that they’d finally pull their head out of their ass but it appears that they have instead chosen to attempt to bully their way through this mess.

        It won’t work. For either them or for their opponents. It won’t work for anyone.


        Just leave me the f*ck alone. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so, apparently so.

        • Are you depressed? Welcome to Earth, in 2012…

          By the way, being depressed may just make you a potential terrorist…

      54. I fear that our fate is cast. We will have our names scratched on some rock and it will read- These patriot’s gave their live’s for FREEDOM. Let us not ever forget their sacrifice, and NEVER LET FREEDOM SLIP AWAY AGAIN. The war for our FREEDOM is at hand now. Do we sit back and take our fate, or stand up and let it be known that we will never be slaves. I for one will die FREE and in the process they will know that my death did not come easy for them. It’s time we stood up and called their bluff, JUST THEM TO FILL YOUR HANDS YOU SON”S-OF-BITCH”S we have had enough. This old country hick vet has said his two cents worth!

        Copperhead out and awaiting orders!!

        • @copperhead….

          I’m with ya.

        • Copperhead: Here is your order for the day: Kick back, relax, pop a top, and watch the AZ Cardinals tonight; they are 4 and 0.

          They say, whoever “they” are that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Another win tonight and I might have to start watching myself.

          TEOTWAWKI is coming but not today. 🙂

          • DK: Done away with the tube 5yrs ago so I guess I’ll just sit down and loads some 357’s.

      55. “Don’t label me, bro”

        • “Don’t taze me bro…”

      56. So if you have a don’t have a Facebook account or as I read on some other such report “have a Facebook account” you may be a danger to society. The most distopian novel ever written doesn’t come close to this insanity.

        BTW I’m in the military and most of us don’t believe anything coming out of Fort Funny or the Ozone District.

      57. If you are a citizen, you are in their crosshairs..they could have saved a lot of BS , and just said ..If your beathing and dont take anyones shit..your a military target for what ever reason they can dream up.

        pretty bad when the powers at be are so scared of everyone due to what they have caused, that everyone is a threat to them..awww
        quit being such fucking assholes and we wont be so ready to knock you down a peg or two.


      59. I question the ideology of the paranois delusionals that frequent this site. I would not be surprised if you delusionals consider me a terrorist.

        • @ JoeinNC. You are not a terrorist. You are just somebody that has been taught by our “wonderful” school system to believe what you hear all the time from the media and government propaganda. The people on this site are hardly delusional, they see outside the box of what we have all be conditioned to think. Sometimes what you see is exactly what it is, especially in geophysics. Other times that so called conspiracy is exactly the way it is.

          Seriously, sometime observe the way people walk and behave in a group, and be non connected like a cultural anthropologists. You will see how people behave like fish in a school, or cattle in a herd, or sheep in a flock. The government wants everyone to behave like this, and WHY? Because like the maverick animal that breaks loose from the rest of them, they have to watch this individual and hope others don’t join them. The people on this site are not delusional, they are maverick thinkers. THANKFULLY.

          I have heard you talk about the way the government does things out of concern for the people. NOT ON THIS PLANET. Human nature doesn’t allow this as most individuals ONLY do something if it benefits them. This may sound hard core cynical, but it is reality. This government as well as almost if not all governments are run by people that ONLY do what brings them something in return. We were conditioned by delusional teachers that the government is all our friend, and taught to wave the flag no matter what the government did right or wrong.

          Come on when you say delusional; when the lawyers are “swiss cheesing” the constitution to death, the state hides so much when the freedom of information act is “suppose to” allow citizens information to non-national security issues, uses whacked out laws to imprison or hold people that simply speak their minds granted under that constitution that they are trying to butcher, and much more. Just look at the pack of lies that each politician that is suppose to be leading the country gets caught eventually.

          Paranoid? I thin ALL of us have much to be careful and paranoid about. I admit that it is not healthy to become overly paranoid without carefully assessing the situation and trying to figure out the facts. This is what is called critical thinking, and what discussion on this site and others helps to get to the truth of a matter. If you look at the opposite meaning of paranoid you get overly trusting. I think someone delusional that trusts corruption in society is in far worse shape than someone that is overly careful and paranoid about the government and those in “authority”. 😉

        • No, just another idiot.

      60. C’mon…Over the top!!!

      61. Other stuff that will get you named a terror suspect:

        1. Not liking Justin Beber
        2. Never having seen Dancing with the Stars
        3. Not owning one Elvis record
        4. Never having appeared on American Idol
        5. Refusing to buy a car made by Gov. Motors
        6. Owning more fire power than a sling shot
        7. Knowing who the old white guys are on our money
        8. Never having been on welfare of food stamps
        9. Having the first or last name of either Ron or Paul, example: Ron Smith, or Paulete Jones
        10. Owning a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

        • I almost scored 100..does knowing someone named Paulette count??

        • I got 9 out of 10 🙂

          Unfortunately I don’t have Ron or Paul in my name…

        • 9 out of 10 for me… now I’m really screwed.

        • 9 out of 10 for me also. Ron and Paul are some of my kinfolks, so they have all ten, especially that cousin of mine with both names.

      62. http://news.yahoo.com/secret-cold-war-tests-st-louis-raise-concerns-214608828.html

        if half of this is true, im sure there is more to this story then they are just now dripping in, oh but when someone said they are doing this thru aircraft, a ton of people thought they were making it up.

        many people think that haze is natural..because we have been getting dumped on by an administration hell bent to be in the drivers seat, no matter if its headded off a cliff

      63. Good afternoon and thank you for having me at this meeting. I’m Ann, and I’m a suspected terrorist.

        My transgressions started way back in my childhood. I grew up on a farm in the midwest, where we stockpiled a lot of food, every single year.

        I personally canned peaches from our own trees.

        We bartered regularly.

        We fought against government to protect our property and hunting rights, and we hunted every year. I went hunting for my first time at the age of 12. I had my own rifle and maintained it myself.

        We knew all of our neighbors. We all got together and had huge barbecues where we roasted a slaughtered pig or cow and everyone on our road was invited.

        Us kids played in the corn silos or jumped out of the hay loft for fun, into the full trucks of shelled corn waiting to go to market, while the adults drank a beer and talked about the harvest and arranged who would voluntarily go help a farmer in need with the next planting…Yes, they were planning the next usurpation of government control, and us kids often participated in it.

        I’ve worked until sunset to get the hay in the barn.

        Sometimes, we’d share a stolen beer out behind the barn.

        I frequently got into fights at school because the city girls teased me because I NEVER wore the short skirts and panty hose they always wore. I never wore make-up either.

        I had a pigeon for a pet.

        I freely admit my complicity, but I won’t apologize. I am who I am and that’s all I can be. I hope I can inspire someone else to be all they can be.

      64. i paid cash at net cafes from the U.S. to U.K. to Italy to France to Philippines. i am of the international man of terrorist variety. i’m freakin austin powers baby. yeah.

        • Awesome! Thanks, will study this.

      65. Christ almighty, I’ve been a terrorist all my life then (SARCASM).

      66. This may be a little off topic ,but, did everyone see Obama get his ass handed to him at last nights debate???

      67. So basically if you are reading this article, YOU ARE A Terrorist!

      68. I’m at sea level and climate adjusting.

        • Welcome back, Ted. I like it at sea level, too. The oxygen is way better here. My mind is clearing somewhat, and the headache is almost gone…

          • Ted Nugent for prez.

        • I miss “Mya” almost as much as scotch, but one goes with the other.

      69. To anyone interested there has been 4 earthquakes on the Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge at about 18 degrees north by 46 degrees west, of three 5.5’s and one 4.8. Why is this important? If you take a tape measure on a globe from the New Madrid Fault and follow the tape measure as flat to the globe as possible southeast, it goes right through the middle of where these earthquakes occurred. Also these earthquakes affected the northeast portion of the Caribbean plate that is primed for a 8+ earthquake. On a flat map you will not see this, on a globe that follows the curve of the planet this is a direct line between these points. Just something to really watch, especially if there are more earthquakes in this region on the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

        • Interesting. I just came across a forum that also mentioned on 8/16 of this year that there were two 4.9s and 5.2 in the same place. Not sure if there was a larger one anytime soon after that…

      70. At 5K feet (in my G5) “without a scotch/water” I have a hard time thinking too.

      71. @ Colorado Doug,

        Lived in Clt. in the South Park area. Was very happy to get back into SC. Check on the taxes, gun laws and look at the Governors (NC has a female – and she is..%$#@.wow).

        I prefer to live in SC. So, if you are that close you might be better off in SC. Where will you work (approx)?

        Y’all Beware! Many live in SC and work in NC. You make the choice. If I can help more let me know.

        • Perdue will be gone soon.

        • @ Y’all Beware!

          I’ll be working about 2 miles SW of the intersection of I77 & I485 (about 4 miles West of Lake Wylie. I’ve already figured out that SC is probably a better option for me than NC.

      72. It seems Military Police will be supporting Law Enforcement for a (get this)a football game in South Carolina this weekend.Unreal.

      73. I eat terrorist soup.

        The recipe should be WRITTEN on a piece of paper and not printed since the FED needs the toner.

        2 cups Holy water.
        1 pinch of gold dust.
        1/3 cup Heirloom corn.
        1 Breast of Chicken that is not factory raised.

        Bring to a boil for 3 minutes stirring occasionally. Let simmer for 10 minutes so the smell terror has time to waft through the home. Serve cold, just like our terrorist hearts.

        Wash it down with a glass of Unpasteurized milk while reading SHTF articles.

      74. Anyone against freedom and the constitution can smell my shit!!! That goes for DHS, military,NSA….. That’s right, smell my shit!!!!



        Sooner or Later we will CRUSH YOU .



      76. MEET KURATAS


        SKY-NET ANYONE ?

        BUELLER ?


        F–K THE NWO !

      77. Did I miss it? I saw “being a Christian,” but I did not see being a muslim? Is it just my old eyes?

        • We aren’t the only ones ‘clinging to our guns and religion’….

      78. goodness gracious !!! i fit so many of those things listed, i’m surprized i’m still allowed to be out anad about… LOLOLOL molon labe baby

      79. The people who dream up this BS are the real enemies of our Country

      80. They actually missed one. The production of noxious gasses. We call it breathing.

      81. Wait so you’re a terrorist for using and not using social media?

      82. I got 30 workin on 31!

      83. This is just a bad psy-op. Everyone is considered a terrorist by this regime if you do not buy into their PC progressive agenda.

        Next time congress is in session, we should call one of those fusion centers and report that we know where a large group of terrorists and subversives are meeting.

        TSA could be dismantled if it was required for each person boarding a plane to eat a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich before entering a plane. A small pig mascot should be mandatory on every airplane, just in case someone has the desire to yell Allah Akbar.

        As for being a prepper, there is no better example than Joseph. According to this regime, he would be a hoarder and a terrorist.

      84. MY RANT…..read on…
        Let’s see…
        Half breed in the white house… Lesbo in charge, Old folks in wheel chairs at the air port getting searched. WTF? Can I get a WTF on that one? Anyone? we’re in debt to a communist country.
        Congress violate the constitution and no one cares. The govt. trying to disarm us..but we all just keep buying more guns and ammo.

        My wish…fire all of congress. Pass a law that says no Lawyers…only plumber, electricians and everyday folks. YES I do “HOARD” metals. Silver, gold and lead.

        I’ve given up on this country and don’t care anymore. It’s been taken over by commies. and Liberals.

        When the blacks erupt in the cities… you’ll be glad the middle class of all races are fully armed.

        It’s time we all stand up and tell the Federal government to fuck off!!!

        Let the dollar collapse. I hope we all have another big crop failure…that will slim folks down.

        Thanks for listening.

        ps. I’m getting a little tired of all this Cumby-ya globalism shit.
        Fuck China

      85. looks like whatever you believe in is considered terrorism, when you see them walking down your streets, id say to start shooting, cause thats what they’re there for, dont hold back cause they wont, its almost here, lets be ready toguether, we’ll eachother in the end

      86. what about being old and ornery?

        hey, dont forget us

      87. Yep, I fit most of those statements. I’m a gun owning, Ron Paul supporting Christian SHTF Prepper.

        Oh, and I’m DAMN proud of it.

        USAF E-4
        Security Forces/TRF

      88. It’s funny, If I do that test, I hit nearly all of them.
        If I answer on behalf of Bin Laden, he’s a much lesser terrorist than I am.

        If Obama was to answer those questions, he is definitely NOT a terrorist, he is model citizen.

        If only there was a pattern to that line of questioning.

      89. Well after reading this, I must be on page one of the terrorist list. This country isn’t a republic anymore, but it sure is an idiocracy.

      90. WOW. I fall into 23 of these catagories right now.

      91. I don’t like spinach, the color pink or Fords. That probably gets me on someones list. It’s just getting harder and harder to please everyone these days.

      92. all but 4 dang, so I’m not a perfect terrorist.

      93. One note–DoD doesn’t make these rules. Congress makes these rules.

        Nor does DoD perform domestic operations. Some Guard unit may ASSIST police when the governor authorizes it.

      94. Also, as a retired veteran, I hit most of these myself.

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